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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 13, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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on al jazeera. al-jazeera. hello and welcome to the sound is there a news hour live from doha i'm martin dennis coming up in the next 60 minutes all outgoing flights from hong kong's airport are canceled for a 2nd day as mainland china hints at serious consequences. the protests in indian controlled areas of kashmir against new delhi his decision to revoke its autonomy effectively annexing the territory. immigrants with legal status in the u.s. and now under pressure from donald trump's new policies. with the sport as boxing
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promoter says defend their decision to host a world heavyweight fight in saudi arabia plus andy murray singles comeback ends in defeat in cincinnati we'll hear from him in the next hour. so all outgoing flights have now been canceled again hong kong international airport this is the 5th day of protests there on monday a big demonstration shut down the airport which is the region's busy hong kong's chief executive kerry says weeks of antigovernment protests a damaging the rule of law she told reporters in the city in her words that it is seriously wounded and she warns hong kong will take a long time to recover from these violent demonstrations cold like. violence no matter if it's use. violence or condoning violence to push hong kong
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down a path of no return will plunge hong kong society into a very worrying and dangerous situation i believe that those who heard my words previously might have only half believed me but the situation in hong kong in the past week has made me very worried that we have reached this dangerous situation. with the 2 correspondents on the story who got robbed mcbride he's in hong kong and we've got. his in shen's and on the chinese mainland says hey let's go to rob rob what has brought about the 2nd cancellation of all outgoing flights. that's right martin well the announcement was made about 15 minutes ago here and we still have passengers arriving there been going past us at about to get some very bad news when they arrive at the check in desk because basically the check in desks are now empty we watched staff about half an hour ago started to basically close up
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shop with withdrawn from the check in. and yes any craft that have already checked in at the cross still taking off the passengers on the yes side will be going to see them but any craft that had been checked in yet well you won't be able to check in your flight has been canceled as you mentioned there a 2nd day running one of the busiest aviation hubs in the world brought to a standstill by the sheer weight of numbers of protesters who turned up there it has to be said the numbers are far less than yesterday monday when we saw tens of thousands of people take over this terminal there have been less people protesters turning up but there have been a crush of massive. right and rob what about the overall impact on the city given given that there is increasing increasingly tough language coming both from kerry lam and
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indeed from the mainland right i'm afraid we've lost mcbride our correspondent who is in the airport but as you can see from the live shot there is a very crowded situation people still turning out for these flights only to learn that their outgoing flights have been canceled and we'll keep a close eye on developments in the airport in the meantime though let's go to scott hired our correspondent who's on the mainland in the nearby city of shenzhen and scott what are people there basically making of the of the chaos as as it would appear taking place very close to them. syngenta is not that far at all from hong kong exactly behind me is actually the transportation hub you can even consider this is the gateway center and from mainland china into the hong kong territories and a very different scene from what we've seen with rob and what we've seen over the
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last several weeks and we spoken to some people here and they have a different point of view than those protesters obviously this is a selection but a lot of them are frustrated they say and angry that the central government from beijing isn't doing more to stop the protests in hong kong even focusing on the government there kerry lam's government and the police they feel as though those protests and stop as quickly as possible as you can imagine the very personal reasons we talk to some people who are traveling into hong kong they're worried about their own safety they're worried about their family safety so they have a very specific view of what's going on in hong kong less sympathetic if you will because when you think about what the people what those protesters are fighting for in hong kong are things that people here in mainland china don't have so obviously there's a different point of view on that but what's it saying here wishing jen to you know what we've seen over the last couple of days as you mentioned martine the rhetoric coming out from beijing has definitely ratcheted up you know there was even the term terrorist and some what some of the protesters were doing over the last couple of weeks could be seen as terrorism this coming from beijing you know we've seen
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you know the person who leads the office of the liaison office between hong kong and macau and the central government saying that he wants to crack down with an iron fist if he has to so obviously a ratcheting up of rhetoric but here the people in jail and you can almost say generally in mainland china have a very different point of view of those people who are standing behind rob at the airport there in hong kong and skull and also the chinese authorities have been giving visual threats i suppose is a way you could describe them demonstrations of the of the kinds of tactics that could be played in hong kong most recently we see these great lines of. vehicles. absolutely these over personnel carriers and thousands of paramilitary troops have come into the shin gen area it's actually they have been staging at an athletic field just outside the main part of
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the city here obviously you know and these images the video of this were carried on state run television so it wasn't as though this was secretly released this came from state run media so obviously this is a message that the central government wanted to get out now what's interesting is that there they cast a little bit of a fog over the top of why all these paramilitaries paramilitary forces and equipment are here they said they're going to be staging a very large exercise at some point very soon but clearly it sends a message we are just across the border from hong kong hundreds of paramilitary soldiers here as well as a lot of equipment so obviously that sends a signal though they say you know they're waiting to see how things unfold but obviously that's a signal to the protesters in hong kong right ok thank you for that live and shen's and mainland china very close to hong kong. the anger has overshadowed the muslim holiday of aid in the parts of kashmir under indian control hundreds of people
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protested against new delhi his decision to strip the region's autonomy effectively annas in the territory they march in the capital defying a security clampdown that's been in place for more than a week priyanka gupta reports from new delhi. it's the muslim holiday of either. the largest city in india the administered. under the tightest security in a week. or 10 prayers but only in neighborhood mosques. a peaceful protest followed. these kashmiris are angry at the indian government's decision to reform their autonomy. god in order there were 2 days which are festive and sacred and that's but this is not. we're just mourning in kashmir. the government says security restrictions are being eased in most areas
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in general and parts of. our policy is greater relaxation and great easing out so that people can come out and greet each other but at the same time we are keeping a watch on the situation if they are any mysterious elements who want to disturb peace we'll be tough with them. in new delhi me students meet the best of the holiday far away from home they say they haven't been able to speak to their families for over a week. to gather for a feast but their minds are on the events unfolding back home. this is the 1st time that you know we have not been able to walk or talk to our parents on important day which is not only. not only religiously important but culturally. well we have not been able to speak or more i'm not going to my family for 7. more some christmas
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trees and activists gathered in the heart of the capital determined to get their voices heard. there is anger and frustration among these questionnaire is a new delhi stunned by the extent of the communication blackout that stopping them from reaching their families especially in the muslim holiday of the government says these restrictionist are temporary but its impact can be felt on the daily lives of those cut off from the outside world. al-jazeera new delhi. is a senior lecturer in international relations at king's college london and he says the on going to speech is don't need attention if the international community. if kashmir is an exit would have fanatics in 1947 as it has that happened round about partition india did actually an excluded few of the princely states including the. princely states a jew general and and hyderabad kashmir itself was joined
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india through an instrument of atic station by the hindu maharajah at the time and that of course led to a conflict which eventually led to so of un intervention and call for a club that never occurred so pakistan is using the term. is i think using it to draw attention to the issue which slowly needs to needs to have more attention to it i believe that the international community and the un as a sort of embodiment of that would see this is an ongoing. international dispute but also a major. question of concern for the human rights of a particular people their people the question about annexation the question specifically about the united nations is that there are
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a number of acts and un resolutions that the international community and the united nations i think would return to if they want to to start addressing this conflict. the white house has unveiled another hardline policy angered reducing the number of people settling in the united states it will now be harder for immigrants who rely on government benefits including subsidized housing and food stamps to obtain permanent legal status is a white house correspondent it. as migrants come to the united states seeking a better life those who come legally sometimes rely on government benefits food and housing but that assistance may now come at the cost of obtaining full citizenship on monday u.s. officials announced those who come to the u.s. must be financially independent immigrants who need help from social programs may be denied so-called green cards or the ability to obtain work permits and even
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permanent residency president transit ministration is reinforcing the ideals of self-sufficiency and personal responsibility ensuring that immigrants are able to support themselves and become successful here in america the announcement comes just days after officials arrested hundreds of people in the u.s. state of mississippi hughes to working illegally in food processing plants the u.s. government says it's also targeting employers who hire such workers but so far none of the employers in the mississippi raid has been fined or arrested we just finished an investigation very similar in tennessee over $150.00 arrests 18 months ago where we now have an individual employer who's got a year and a half cents in federal prison for this effort we're in the middle of a criminal investigation this case will be pursued the raids have sparked protests in the united states critics say the raids are part of president trump's effort to
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marginalize minority populations this is ministration has directed d.h.l. to to conduct these raids as part of what i believe is this administration's campaign of terror. which is to make holes whole populations of people afraid to go to work the white house argues congress passed bipartisan legislation in 1906 to prevent immigrants from exploiting public benefits but the laws were enforced as congress has been an able to reform immigration law the trump administration says it's seeking to attract only the most self-reliant applicants the benefit to taxpayers is a long term benefit seeking to ensure that our immigration system is bringing people to join us as american citizens as legal permanent residents 1st who can stand on their own 2 feet who will not be reliant on the welfare system especially
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in the age of the modern welfare state which is so expensive and expensive frankly the new immigration policy will take effect in october but it's almost certain to face legal challenges in the courts can really help at al-jazeera the white house we've got a lot more to come on this al-jazeera al-jazeera news hour including antibiotics have saved millions of lives but find out why they're becoming less effective. and we examine the reasons behind venezuela's high rate of teenage pregnancy and in sports can england you bowl or help them turn things around in the ashes joe we'll have the details in just a short while. now argentina's president about to see a mockery says he'll fight for a 2nd term despite his defeat in sunday's presidential primary financial markets
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reacted strongly with the results with the press a falling more than 30 percent against the dollar the new reports from the capital . the day after his shock overwhelming defeat in primary elections prison. he said he would listen more he appealed to arjun science of patience for his policies to show results his address to the nation came after a day of emergency meetings firstly with the head of the central bank them with his cabinet. we've had a very bad day today we're poorer than we were before the primaries have been hit hard the dollar has gone up again with all the consequences that will have. the markets reacted to sunday's result while the government was still reeling the argentine base so lost one 3rd of its value against the u.s. dollar in the 1st few hours of trading stocks and shares in both wall street and one osiris took a pounding the argentine electorate has clearly rejected president makris neoliberal austerity measures while the opposition is offering solutions to
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argentina's problems but the financial markets are clearly said they don't like. that if the results of sunday's primaries are repeated in october and it would signal a clear 1st round victory for a birthday often and is. his vice presidential running mate is the former president cristina fernandez to kitchener and the markets return to her populism high spending on social projects and the allegations of corruption that still haunts her . it seems to me that i was in diners haven't learned much in all these years i think a hard god knows i was going to come back to the government which i think is bad news equally machree is a bad manager the karna me a bad man the economy we're better graduates and. can't believe devoted prefer crew a criminal a mob and didn't appreciate all the public work that's been done it's been a mad and i'm sad because this can be. the result and across latin america the
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right wing president of neighboring brazil one of the return of a left wing government in argentina could lead to another venice whale. we don't want to rajan time brothers. that. would happen if the results of the elections held yesterday are confirmed in the october. the size of the argentine government defeat is still being analyzed it is a difficult situation the voters votes was a pocket and the best of both. runs with the expectation of a konami care policy with a little over 2 months until presidential elections the argentine electorate must now consider which is to start clear opposing economic models will best result of the economic difficulties than shwe i know how to 01 osiris right let's speak tonight his chief market analyst at think markets u.k. joining us live from london what do you think the president. has actually done
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wrong i mean he advocated a policy of austerity and of fiscal responsibility which obviously the i.m.f. liked giving the i.m.f. a huge bailout just last year so what has he done wrong. thanks for having me i don't think he's done anything wrong in this particular condition because les just to remember one fight about anything which gave rise to this populism this particular stance is when every man is really trying to nail down on its fiscal reform and it's also introducing some other austerity mushers and we have seen this film over and over more recently over in europe remember what happened over in greece no matter who ever was good thing that will whoever was in control of the government they had the same problems same issues because from the i.m.f. perspective what they really like to see is that ok give me and who is actually voting to deliver who's actually going to cut down and then make more tough most
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take more tough measures with respect to their fiscal reform and also on the austerity front as well and i think this is what the current government has done but of course at the same time inflation is continues to rising countries' reserves or the debt of the 4 fifths of that is in different currencies and when a depreciation of the currency happens at a pace that we have seen today of course there are many different challenges for the country then so in the most immediate sense am i right in saying that the greatest fear is that argentina won't be able to afford to pay off some of its enormous debt and will actually default again. well the default swaps of increased the odds of ties you can really see them that way yes i think the enormous amount of investors are really thinking that. the country is likely to default and in the light of this one yes no one really want is interested to hold
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whether it's a 10 year on the whether it's a one century point rich argentina has issued as well but remember argentina has a long history with the i.m.f. with the 22 previous bailouts as well but what i am half would be very careful they don't want to see yet another episode what they have seen what happened back in 2001 when country came up with it and look for a bailout of 8000000000 which they did and then still the country and the default so in essence and the markets and the big loaning institutions they would prefer to have a mockery government back in in power come the elections in october rather than the the populous policies of the cristina fernandez to question who of course is running as a vice president with another finance alberto finances as the presidential candidate. anything curve review because the i am it is in our members'
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interests to the current working and to make sure that the current current government the levers and from the government perspective they need to make sure that the populous pro party doesn't come in power because the more fiscal reform or austerity measures they're going to apply it will only give more popularity to the populace i even left meant and it is a very our decision when it comes to any political party is in charge of this situation because it's very easy to go out and then say ok we're going to do more spending we're not going to listen to i.m.f. blah blah blah but in all reality that is not possible because when you are taking money for i.m.f. it comes with certain conditions and i.m.f. does dictate to a large extent how you would really perform with your fiscal policies name thank you very much indeed for talking to us live from london. thank you but israel and
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supreme court has stripped the immunity of 3 opposition politicians who've been accused of treason they're among 18 people facing charges of rebellion against the government a battle for control of venezuela between the president and the opposition leader one guy joe has been playing out since january why don't we have launched a campaign with backing from the u.s. and more than 50 other countries to become president. the rates of teen pregnancy have been dropping for decades around most of the world but a lot in america they're higher than the global average and that's especially the case in venezuela where the u.n. says one the in 4 babies are born to teenage mothers today is a boat has more now from caracas on how this along with the economic crisis is taking its toll on the public health system. life has not been easy for powell among ga in the past year she lives in one of the largest employers that aca she's
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14 and already has a one year old son just some better see a demo i got pregnant when i was 12 the baby's father left and now i'm living with my mother but it's not easy because i have 3 other siblings the economic situation is difficult for all of us. now trying to get authorization from the venezuelan government to get a job in a supermarket she says she's struggling to feed her child every day. my biggest fear is that my son won't turn out well to be a good man i know that if i don't work he will grow up in poverty like i did. paula is not alone according to the united nations population fund around one in 4 babies in venezuela is born to a teenager. the country has the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in latin america the country's political and economic crisis has cost reproductive health standards to deteriorate even more. neighbor jennifer is 17 she has an 18
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month old son. i got pregnant because we grew up without the means to take care of ourselves i did not know i could have a baby and contraceptives are too expensive and we cannot afford them caring for our children is difficult i don't want my child to be undernourished like so many others. hyperinflation makes it difficult to buy food and medicines contraceptives are out of reach that's why people line up in front of this and every day clinics like this one receive lots of donations from abroad are not why they can provide accessible contraceptives to the population this device for example is about $150.00 on the street while here it costs only for the problem is that sometimes they don't have enough dr embry says that prices is having an impact and that more and more young people are coming here looking for help in order to hang on that we're giving away what we have and it's
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a lot working with the health ministry but now we're out of contraceptive pills on the streets they cost $10.00 times more and the people cannot afford it earlier this year the united nations launched an emergency program focused on the prevention of violence but that also provides assistance in reproductive health. venezuela has very progressive laws and had several programs to protect and empower girls the problem is that now the programs are underfunded and without resources we are focusing on giving away contraceptive education and prevention. says she would like to go back to school one day and become an astrologer but pursuing a dream is not easy in venezuela these days public services have collapsed a lack of education and rep healthcare are leaving goes exposed to unwanted pregnancies that add up to the difficulties they already endured.
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coming out here on the news hour we'll have the weather with jenny in just a minute and also coming up a new clear mystery in russia where a missile test went wrong people are demanding out since. the u.s. is scaling back its endangered species which helped to save its famous bald eagle and the grizzly bear. installed we hear from the boxing promoter who's taking a world heavyweight title fight to saudi arabia. head of the chuckle song cross that this is the next while watching very very closely i look at it on the satellite a massive cloud you can see here the sensor is what we have the the clear area skies and it is really now bearing down into western areas of japan so it's key you
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should this going to really start to feel these outer feeder bands of this storm system this is a continue through wednesday and we've got winds right now it's about 83 kilometers an hour gusting to around 100 kilometers an hour now the good news with this if there is any is that it's not actually expected to strengthen much more than what we've got now but that doesn't mean to say of course this is an significant storm because with winds sustained at about 8085 kilometers an hour coming on shore there will be some significant storm surge that is of course when the winds literally push the oceans on to the shore we could be seeing a one and a half to 2 meters and of course we also see some big accumulations of rain with this on the winds are strong enough to really cause some damage as well it's expected to make landfall through wednesday mostly into thursday now at this point is when it does look as if it's going to come ashore in the daylight hours so that of course is always very good news but a very powerful storm continue to keep you very updated with.
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the weather sponsored by qatar at least. trust is fundamental to all our relationships we trust banks with our money talk to us without really personal touch but what happens to trust in a world to buy out. as more want to citizens and paid for us by these complex pieces of code the question that comes up is inevitable can we trust our ace in the 1st of a 5 part series great question of the new product of digital that the trust me i'm an algorithm on a just. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told pretty remarkable due to the better we're died last week and crossing from mexico to the united states with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports of committed board of education but life it is exceptionally
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al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and light news. tougher to take a look at the top stories here. and this is the scene live at hong kong's international airport where all outgoing flights are being canceled again it's the 2nd day in a row thousands of protestors it as you can see have occupied the arrivals area now this is the 5th day that the protesters have targeted the airport. hundreds of protesters in indian controlled kashmir have defied a series curity lockdown in the city of sure they're angry at india's decision to
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revoke the region's autonomy effectively the nixing the territory. president mauricio macri has vowed to win a 2nd term despite his defeat in sunday's presidential primary the president plummeted as a result at one point falling more than 30 percent against the dollar. the russian government says radiation levels in the northwestern city of. vents spiked by up to 16 times after a rocket engine exploded at a military site the state's new clear company says 5 of its staff were killed and it happened on thursday when it's all calls panic with people by medical which is known to reduce the effects of radiation exposure the blast happened at a naval facility which tests ballistic missiles used by nuclear submarines correspondent now who's in moscow and details of this incident which happened on
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the 1st day of emerging quite slowly step what do we know what is the picture that we've managed to build up. well martin it's still very mysterious what exactly has happened on thursday in the north of russia at that that site in congo's only 5 days later as you just sat the city of 7 haven't has announced that there was an increase of 16 times the normal levels of radiation and the highest levels were actually measured at a kindergarten in that city and people were panicking and buying dean the government has been very very tight lipped about this just now the spokesman for president clinton passion of sad that the people should just rely on the what the government is announcing about this accident so far rely on the information that is coming out and also about deregulation levels he said that old state agencies are working to ensure the safety of all russian citizens but of course but people are
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remembering what happened in 1986 at the chatham at the china bill plant of course it's of a very different scale but at that time there was also an information blackout and a lot of people are now also online asking questions and they want answers from the government about what exactly happened in dates and how long did it take them before the russian authorities actually acknowledged that this was a nuclear explosion. well it took i think 3 to 4 days because on thursday and the announcement was 2 people died there's no radiation soon after that the local authorities in the congress announced and there was a spike of freddie ation to 2 hours but then a ready ation went back to the normal levels soon after that in the bay of the white see over there there was a suddenly a closure off any shipping in that area for whole months already raising questions of course so if ilke 3 they slater ferdie in nuclear so it is to announce that
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there was a small nuclear reactor on board that exploded in that missile and now observers are speculating that what the russians have been testing is this new skyfall missile that vladimir putin described as being able to fly from one corner of the globe to the other president trump actually tweeted about it he sat we are learning a lot from this accident and we have to same kind of technology but even more advanced. right steadfast and live in moscow thank you very much jenny harrison meteorologist is with me now and obviously alarm bells are going to ring because people do remember chernobyl don't they a nuclear explosion one of the weather conditions that would determine how dangerous this is in the how far the dangerous spread zacchaeus how far the deadly this actually gets into the into the atmosphere he said this radiation well i can actually show you a graphic martine this shows you what the weather is actually like at the moment
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now a few days ago it was a very similar story what you're looking at here is a map showing i suppose we took our eyes the bars it's to do low pressure and high pressure so sue the direction the winds and the strength of the wind so we've actually had high pressure in control and that means the winds are being very light across this entire region so not pushing anything in the atmosphere very far at all but not only that high pressure the winds going to clockwise direction so when you've got this do you move clear skies with no wins above this site for the missile actually took place then in actual fact what you end up with these winds pushing to the north to the northeast actually pushing whatever came up back towards russia anything that was up there for those few days it was actually going in that general direction right so that means countries to the west yet would have been safe would have been spared any of the dispersal of this material it's hard to say all of it isn't it but maybe most of it and certainly in terms of any really strong winds in the region this is the forecast that we're looking at now and in
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fact it's the same sort of story the winds are just going up to the east again pushing well to the north so no nothing it looks as if nothing else a few days has actually had any impact on those cities all those countries to the west in the south so anything that's up there should be coming back down into northern russia what is the point at which i mean this might be an impossible question to answer but what is the point of which sweden and norway can breathe a sigh of relief and say we're safe well it depends what was released i would say the amount that was released and the strength of the winds and if anything is going to change dramatically but for the time being we've actually got systems coming across in. in europe so they're pushing a lot of the weather a lot of the winds actually continue to push well away from northern europe and pushing everything on towards northern areas of russia jenny thank you very much. now and have saved hundreds of millions of lives around the world but they're increasing availability has led to overuse and that has made many of us resistant to these formally vital medicines now in kenya research as i say some antibiotics
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are simply not working catherine so reports from nairobi. this is a laboratory in nairobi run by kenya's medical research institute scientists are investigating germs and bacteria that cause diseases with a special focus on antibiotic resistance this problem initially was only in hospitals but now we are finding a lot of people who are in the community but by the time they get into the hospital they are very very sick. researches have concluded antibiotic resistance has been increasing for a number of reasons misuse of medicines including taking too much or not enough taking the wrong drugs also bad environment conditions at best infections in neighborhoods and hospitals and poor handling all packaging of antibiotics jaclyn see me is not aware of all those things. has been feverish is vomiting and has diarrhea it's a typical case of a sawmill
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a disease that kills $45000.00 kenyan children every year and resists most antibiotics in the market she took layla to a neighborhood chemist which in itself is a mistake in the most i took her to the chemist because she was getting worse i got some medicine this one and another one but she's not improving they did not test her they looked at her and i told them the symptoms and they give me the medicine there many chemists off cysts operating without license this woman told us not to reveal his identity. has no formal education in medicine yet thousands of people depend on her to help them when they fall sick. i did not finish nursing school but in 2013 a friend of mine taught me about medicine for 5 months i then worked with another pharmacist here for a while and when he had to leave i took over the chemist. doctors say and qualified fam assists contribute highly to the problem and here's why i'm going to
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a chemist here and i'm going to give the family says fictitious symptoms and see what medicine he gives me. the chemist i visit is registered and in a busy part of the neighborhood some of the symptoms i list suggest you rats will infection but the pharmacists don't question me much or even ask for any test results or doctor's prescription so i told them that i have a fever and my blue arguments pay me i can call them the medicine that i want some of these drugs can only describe as. backup to see me home as mother continues to medicate her hoping she'll get better soon and that even if she gets better whatever she's suffering from will not free car catteries al-jazeera nairobi. saudi arabia says it's offering his full support to yemen's government after southern separatists took control of the port city of aden crown prince mohammed bin soundman and his father king solomon met leaders from the u.s. and yemen the u.a.e.
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is now urging dialogue despite supporting the separatists who launched a major offensive at the weekend the saudi a morality coalition has been fighting yemen's with the rebels for more than 4 years. but meanwhile who's the rebels say they've launched drone attacks on an airport in saudi arabia international airport is in the south of the country there's been no confirmation of the strikes from the saudi government so far but it's the latest in a series of drone attacks by the who thing is in the past few months. and while all this is going on civilians have been displaced from their homes in yemen are living in increasing hardship aid is in short supply is who the rebels and the saudi coalition forces continue to fight al jazeera as mohammad. has been following the struggle of a number of families across the country. this year many victims of 4 are living next to graveyard 1000 kilometers from their homes fighting force them to move
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south from province to aden but now they face a different poverty and hunger they don't have the money to pay for the most basic commodities. that we consist of 11 families who have fled. we have found no shelter except this graveyard we are scattered between the graves as we cannot be our shelter. into plastic bottles which he collects from the streets he says it's all the way he can even attempt to provide for his big family. most days we even leftover food in the garbage i work all day to collect plastic bottles on the best days i end up with one or $2.00 so we ask for blankets and regular food aid. the united nations says more than 2000000 many families have left their homes since the war began in march 20000 here in sun are the south of people who are being displaced from their
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homes is as great as those in aden across the country foreign help has failed to supply enough aid to those so needed more 4 years of war has led to a credit card is off all the basic essentials. fled the fighting in a leader for some are his family have taken over this long deserted house his son is an appreciation to see his right eye but there is no money that the animal had there that i flew to war and who died or as the situation there has become unbearable especially after i lost my work i've also come here to treat my son before he loses his sight but i have ended up with no work and with no hope for a piece of future. as the pilot who later goes on despite a ceasefire that was signed last december more civilians are likely to be forced from their homes in search of safety and food and his family's long journey has
1:43 pm
brought them to this graveyard but they don't know how they will survive over the coming months without bob. somehow. people in northern syria are marking the muslim holiday against a backdrop of increasing violence government forces have been bombarding targets in northern hama as well as in southern province since last week's short lived ceasefire is in stark contrast to the festivities for syrian refugees who are living in security in southern turkey but as neve barker reports many still want to return permanently to their homeland. it is a time of solemn sacrifice. in a country that suffered 8 years of continuous war food supplies in syria's italy province of precious be for these animals will be shared among the community. despite the lack of sheep the ongoing conflicts and the continual. we don't want to
1:44 pm
forget our religious commitment. says the collapse of a short lived ceasefire last week the killing has continued. activists say rockets of barrel bombs have targeted villages in northern and southern. the syrian government backed by its ally russia is advancing on the last part of the country in rebel control. it's an all too familiar scene rescuers trying to reach the site of a recent bombardment and another victim. since april more than 800 civilians have been killed including hundreds of children 400000 people are homeless russia and turkey the countries that brokered last week's failed cease fire are unable to restore it. a few hours north of it in the turkish city of. eat holiday is being
1:45 pm
celebrated with ease and abundance the city has welcomed 500000 syrians it hasn't always been easy for turks new arrivals live side by side but unlike other turkey cities. was quick to realize that many syrians are here to stay and it's done an awful lot to integrate them for many syrians especially the young this is the only home they've ever known. but even here in the safety of turkey the syrian conflict casa long shadow. and stuff nasser fled syria 4 years ago with her son after her husband was captured by i still feel some. sadness in the event i remembered the past. my husband is syrians you just eat any more you won't be able to celebrate it s. not his fault. turkey office hope and opportunity for her son but end stuff
1:46 pm
still moves among her memories turkey will never truly be her home while the war rages on me the 2 will syria back out jazeera. senate is used to meet on tuesday to set a date for a vote of no confidence in the prime minister. the vote was called by his deputy met a.s.l. vini who says the ruling coalition is broken down mrs salvini leads the far right party which shares power with the 5 star movement it's thought he's hoping to capitalize on his rising popularity we've been early election party heads though have failed to agree on a date for the vote when they met on monday. but the fact that apart from the fact that so many ran away quickly and did not leave any declaration in parliament even started a government crisis outside parliament which is very serious and a constitution foresees any kind of crisis is opened inside aliment because all
1:47 pm
citizens have the right to know and for this reason there are debates in the chamber not at the beach so let's try and get to the prime minister and interior minister mr acting to the chamber. the u.s. attorney general william barr has criticised what he says were serious irregularities in the prison where convicted sex offender of finance or jeffery had signed died in an apparent suicide on saturday guards were meant to check on him every 30 minutes because of a previous suicide attempt as a waiting trial of a new charges of sex trafficking underage girls. laws are introduced in the united states more than 50 years ago to protect wildlife threatened with extinction event of a hold by the trumpet ministration and it's likely to clear the way for new mining oil and gas trading the endangered species that is credited with saving some birds and the animals from disappearing altogether our official reports. it's an iconic
1:48 pm
american symbol the national bird picked for its long life great strength the majesty and know could be under threat the bald eagle was just one of the things protected under the 1973 endangered species act signed into law by president nixon it's been described as the most essential piece of legislation protecting fish plants and wildlife in the u.s. supporters see it save the likes of the grizzly bear and the florida manatee from extinction but don't trump wants to expand oil and gas drilling and to do that means opening up the areas the protected species called home and no the white house has announced this to change the way the endangered species act is a plight it says it will ease the burden on landowners and make economic growth easier before only science could be used to determine if a species should be protected no economic factors will also play a part what i would hope is that each city each each community each state in the united states takes their own independent action to protect the endangered species
1:49 pm
that are found in their locality in a sense bypassing the federal system just as they're doing with the climate change that you ation where cities and companies and communities have taken climate change seriously even though the u.s. government appears not to be the change will be lodged in the federal register it takes 30 days before it becomes accepted policy 3 months ago a united nations report warned human pressures could push 1000000 species into extinction worldwide and it suggested protect. london bio diversity. under control. could be among those at risk from these new regulations. playing. down.
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
thank you it's time for the sports news though with my team thank you both seem promoted to eddie hearn has defended choosing saudi arabia to host the world heavyweight title rematch between anthony joshua and andy rooney's jr human human rights organizations have criticised the decision but is only focused on sports and says the negative publicity could actually help boost viewing figures. i think it's just not quite moment for the sport you know we can't be naive enough to think that
1:52 pm
boxing exists in britain and in the usa this is a chance to really change the landscape of the sport saudi arabia have invested in a make a fight but not for the 1st time you know they've invested in smaller fights to get themselves prepared for that some of which i've attended i'm not a politician i look at it commercially from a sports event perspective obviously they have a vision to change the perception in the the the why of the country through sport and he's very comfortable find out that he's looking forward to the experience but most importantly he's not worrying too much about the politics the line that we thought that he really must win for his career and it's a fight that i believe will be an awkward moment just for just in the past he did rumble in the jungle and through manila this will go down as another one of those so crazy to ok she's if you don't wear a massive mega fight has taken place at kerry all city have positives and negatives the world will be watching i think they knew when they signed this fights that they they would be blowback on them for going to saudi arabia you know the other sporting events that suffer the have suffered the same. criticism for going to
1:53 pm
saudi that this talk of the sports washing which the saudi government are accused of doing to cover what to say in those human rights issues but i think rightly as well. and that he heard and see this as a sporting event and an opportunity to go into new areas and don't see it as a political platform and he mary will not play singles at the u.s. open later this month he made the decision after losing his comeback much at the cincinnati masters david stokes reports. and a very back in singles action for the 1st time in 6 months no wonder he was keen to catch it all on camera. after a major hip surgery and such a long break the full world number one was realistic about his chances against richard gasket but despite slipping to 300. before in the rankings there were signs of the old magic which. was very put up
1:54 pm
a good fight throughout but perhaps not surprisingly in the end he came up short losing in straight sets of the. a decent return to action but although he plans to continue his singles comeback he did confirm immediately after the match that he would not accept a wild card for the u.s. open later this month. you know my legs were quite just felt quite heavy at the end of the match and. that's probably not going to change a whole lot in a couple of weeks one man who certainly isn't struggling with his movement this week is nick curiosity ah the little bit of elevation said special people in the city open in washington a couple of weeks ago and looks in great form the. of the up against italy's lorenzo sanogo the unpredictable australian as usual made sure the crowd got value for money affects his trademark between a shot of the help to produce what will surely be one of the best rallies of the
1:55 pm
tournament. was he may have lost that exchange but it was curious who have the last laugh. wrapping up a straight sets victory 7564 he's through to the 2nd round where he'll face russia's current catching of david stokes al-jazeera. cricket now in the ashes series regimes on wednesday with the 2nd test at lord's australia go into the game after smashing england by 251 runs in the 1st test in birmingham left on quick paula mitchell starc could return for the aussies as they chase a 1st series win in england since 2001 as for the hosts while they look set to give a debut to one of the heroes from the well cup win fast bowler for archer. was is especially america's 1st the. gist of our whole hopefully.
1:56 pm
sooner. and they can come in and do what i can carry america as a trade to. just really curious and. interested say how you guys he hasn't played much what book i read book cricket his time lot of what book cricket obviously a great temperament an incredible athlete but to screen is very different than what all cricket. players to him every night different than they were going to vegas james anderson or broad wykes been starts rugby australia's fight against their former star player israel folau is heading for court if a settlement cannot be reached soon a judge in melbourne has decided to his case for unfair dismissal will go to trial in february if mediation fails for now here's a staunch christian was sacked following a homophobic rant on social media but he claims he was punished on religious grounds he wants an apology $10000000.00 in damages and his 4 year contract
1:57 pm
reinstated. the discussions have been on for it's obviously a very intense matter and i'm no doubt those those discussions will continue but israel's very forceful at least use it and. it's truly strong at this stage to say that. the next commonwealth games is set to be the 1st major sporting events have more medals for women than for men that's up to organizes for the birmingham $22.00 games added women's t 20 cricket beach volleyball and para table tennis to the program it means there's now a $135.00 medal events for women compared to $133.00 for men. that is the useful for now how will feel later monti thank you for that and thank you for joining us for this al-jazeera news out there go away sammy will be here in just a minute.
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i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents and this is mean. by them both isis and us on. the 1st of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable simon. the father the son and the jihad. on al-jazeera. new leaders please children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are
1:59 pm
survivors of unspeakable violence. 10 year old his mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is the least you home an overcrowded refugee camp of 23000 people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home. to syria explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how reliable research influenced the course of history the cells that did not get enough credit for ending up but you want to be the big historical figure but he was mandela the biggest icon in the world the prisoner and the president who came together to end up apartheid in south africa nelson mandela and f.w.
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de klerk face to face on all just. protesters calls most flights at the hong kong airport to be canceled for a 2nd day as mainland china and said stereoscopes appliances live pictures here of the hong kong. this is al jazeera live from doha coming out. of all the. protests in indian controlled areas of kashmir against new delhi's decision to revoke its autonomy fact of the annex seing the territory. a nuclear mystery in russia where miss.


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