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pakistan is marking its independence day but prime minister imran khan has also declared a day of solidarity with the people of kashmir he's traveled to pakistan and ministered part of the territory to address politicians there tensions have been on the rise since last week when india affectively annexed the part of the territory that it controls and according to the governor in the india controlled part of kashmir restrictions on freedom of movement in the region will be eased after india's independence day on thursday he also admitted that some people were injured while the police try to contain protests millions of kashmiris have been forced to stay indoors for a 10th straight day without working phones television or the internet but some advantage of a joins us live from software bought in indian administered kashmir so iran contra arrived just a little bit ago what do we know about what he's going to be doing today. rochelle he's taking and bringing the message of solidarity with the fish communities hair tools are provided by exxon administered kashmir he's going to be speaking to
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politicians off the logistics of assembly and disaster by that but he's also been meeting leaders of the hoary a conference the separatist fighters because the rich who call themselves the freedom movement for a freakish minute he's been meeting them he's going to be going inside your family and telling people that pakistan stands with the kashmiris on both sides of the line of control resist specked at the tell them that pakistan does not accept india's annexation of a disputed territory and pakistan is going to be utilizing all its efforts and try and get the international community on board with its message that what india has done is a unilateral steps and it is in contravention of everything that pakistan and india had agreed upon by law actually around kind of the in the lead up to iran comes and i will have you heard from the foreign minister sharon was praising who is our what an emergency session of the united nations security council on the usual specially of pakistan and says that it is an illegal move and it is going to push this region
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into turmoil and chaos and this in the takes its decision but what else can you tell us osama about these for struction so as we said it's been 10 days where people haven't been able to communicate even with what their other family members. absolutely richelle we've been speaking to family members there's about 35000 kashmiris who here is refugees from the other side who are stranded there people who've sent their families to synagogue and you respond just you can do a father a few hours ago was telling us that if he sent his daughters on summer holidays to srinagar and haven't been able to hear back from them for the last 10 days he doesn't even know if they're alive so that's the kind of uncertainty and anguish that people are living in there haven't been able to get in touch with them and their reports that are coming in from indian administered kashmir are off roofs and cracked sounds hearing from the pakistani side things that you know there is fear
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that there are human rights violations that are being carried out and all of the the statements that we've heard from the indian side saying that these restrictions are going to be eased some of them have been used in the last few days on the moment on the muslim holiday of evil other people who are some people who are allowed to leave and pray in their local mosque nars congregations are also banned there is a still a ban on people gathering outside of their homes a curfew is in place and what is more difficult for people in this day and age of connectivity is not being able to get in touch with their loved ones people not being able to go out and seek medical assistance some people have been saying that they have to ration up on things like baby formula for a few hours restrictions or so it is a difficult situation here on the other side of the line of control people have been telling us that they believe that india is holding hostage girls 1000000 kashmiris against their will and i know some avenge of aid with the latest for us there thank you. china has condemned protested hong kong's airport as near
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a terrorist acts after 2 men from the mainland were beaten by demonstrators on kong's airport authority says it's now secured an injunction to stop protesters from disrupting operations planes are flying again after thousands of demonstrators flooded terminal buildings causing mass cancellations of violent confrontations on tuesday when riot police moved in with the tongs and pepper spray on kong police have. media saying recent violence is unacceptable. the home police have always facilitate peaceful and orderly protests over the years but the extremely radical and fallen acts have certain the crossed the line and not to the most severely condemn. the police. to all citizens in hong kong that we would take steps to bring to justice thank you. and pride is live for us right now at the airport and hong kong so rob how are things playing
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out so far today particularly compared to last night. that's right richelle well we have a few hours ago as of a few hours ago these new restrictions have come into force there is a sports injunction and a few hours ago these security checks went up on all of these entrances and on this particular one which you can just ask paul to zoom in here there is an ongoing tiff here between a few very angry protesters who realized just how strict these restrictions it means that basically there are security now checking that you have a valid id or a passport and also a ticket a reason to travel or reason to be here if you are clearly a demonstrator then you are just not allowed in and people being turned away people think it's very unfair because they believe there was an agreement even though there was this court injunction that stops demonstrators getting to certain areas
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of the airport they believe the agreement was that in their own designated area here in the arrivals hall where protesters could go to when they did there is but there's only several 100 people here and as we've seen their friends aren't allowed to join them so that's a rather think they realize there is a catch to this and they are certainly not happy the airports view is in position is. look we've been tolerant we've had 2 days of these protests we're an airport we need planes in we need planes out we need passengers to pass through here safely and as we've seen from the chaos of the last couple of days that just hasn't it hasn't been a safe environment well it does seem as though their patience is worn thin they are allowing these protesters here to demonstrate still but they're not allowing the numbers to grow to the 10s of thousands that we saw the same time yesterday and 2 days ago on monday what about this time late afternoon as we saw the basically the
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airport ground to a halt all flights were canceled going out of here the the departure boards were basically all red with canceled on it and that is the position now so people are allowed to protest here but they are being restricted in reality i think if you can we know from social media that people are just photoshopping their tickets and putting it on your device and quickly showing it and then once they get in here you swap into your black shirt and then you join this the airport knows that is happening but what they don't want to see it that kinds of tens of thousands that have created the kinds of chaos that we've seen over the past couple of days michel tyner standing that there are plans for a huge protest on sunday potentially 500000 people that's what the protesters are saying is there any indication so far what the final straw might be china's side. everybody keeps looking
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anxiously northwards as i'm sure china looks anxiously southwards just wondering yes what what is it what is too far what is china's red line we saw the storming of the parliament beginning of july that wasn't the red line the closing of the airport that wasn't the red line i think china will be happy at the what it seen here today the airport running again and i think it has to be said from the protesters point of view we probably weren't going to see the thousands anyway this wednesday after 2 days of these mass protests here it's almost over they've made their point and i think there was a danger of losing some public support by closing the airport in a way the authorities have probably done this movement a favor because there were a lot of very angry residents. travelers passing through hong kong who who whose travel plans were disrupted and so on and also people here i think have been shocked by the kind of violent scenes that we saw here especially directed towards
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people from mainland china that this wasn't what the movement started was meant to be all about so i think some respects people are happy to see this phase of the movement over but as you mentioned the weekend is coming we going to see another mass demonstration and sadly these protests do seem to involve more violence i think the position from the government here and still from mainland china behind them is that the police are still able to control the situation even if it does mean sadly having to use more force which is what the fear is this coming weekend ok rob mcbride with the latest from the airport in hong kong rob thank you. running president hassan rouhani has criticized the united states for building up its military presence in the gulf rani says gulf states can protect the region and foreign forces are not needed as the u.s. and u.k. launched an effort to increase security after iran seized a british flag bessel last month let's go now to us a big who is in tehran so what else is rouhani saying.
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well it's the 1st time is this dress reports that israel may be involved in this u.s. led naval coalition in the region which the united states says is to guarantee navy freedom of navigation in the gulf now president rouhani said that the idea that israel would be involved for its own security is absurd and that if israel was able to provide security should do so and its own region he also said that wherever israel has a presence it causes insecurity terrorism and massacre but he also said that iran is willing to restart initially establish relations with islamic countries and neighboring countries and said that the only purpose and the goal of the united states in the region was to sow discord and new money and he said that the coast of countries are fully capable of providing security and stability now the context for all this is that the fact that the united states unilaterally pulled that 2015 nuclear deal last year and impose sanctions on iran and also in the last few months
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there have been increasing tensions with drones shut down tankers mysteriously attacked which the united states and its gulf allies blame iran for iran obviously deny that but also iran seized a british tanker after the u.k. sees an iranian tanker near gibraltar now this is important because 20 percent of the world's oil passes through the straits of her most but right now this u.s. led naval coalition has 2 countries in the united states and the united kingdom and that's because the european countries are trying to salvage this deal and they feel that any presence of troops in the region would jeopardize that deal in fact germany has refused saying that everything should be done to avoid escalation of a live press in tehran thank you very much. mike read said asylum seekers from central america seeking a new life in the united states a racist remarks and recent match shadings well not to tear that castro went to say it out or as in mexico to see why they're not having 2nd thoughts. for new york us
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steel last week's massacre in el paso made her no less determined to reach the united states a mother of 2 from cuba is number 15060 on the waiting list of migrants wanting to enter from sudan what is she says the dangers she's a scaping are far greater than the mass shootings north of the border i'm 100. we've always been at risk always in danger but when we try to cross this stop us $125.00 migrants from central america south america and africa are currently staying at this church run shelter in sudan as many have been here waiting for months the pastor says since the shooting u.s. border agents have nearly halted the slow trickle of asylum seekers at the international bridge. everyone is nervous about the situation to see how the shooting has made things slow or. and each day of waiting brings its own
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threats outside the protective walls of the shelter juarez is becoming more dangerous violence between newly fragmented drug cartels is behind a wave of killings across the country that began late last year just as more migrants were arriving here in juarez $139.00 people were killed last month but the trouble ministration claims mexico is safe for migrants it's use that as justification to force people to wait longer in mexico and to return some to guatemala. regus carried her newborn from honduras she says she's fearful to be turned back. the difference is compared to the u.s. our country is much more dangerous a person will always seek with safer for their family. meanwhile the shelter in
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sudan what is is expanding to fit 100 more people under its roof in preparation for more migrants to be turned back into stay longer heidi jo castro al-jazeera is to the juarez mexico. still ahead on al-jazeera the family of a jailed saudi women's rights activist says she's been offered a deal in return for her freedom. and it was out of the control of beisel but now an ancient city is reopening its doors to the public. hello again it's good to have you back we are seeing dry conditions down here across much of central indonesia not a lot on the satellite image all the way up here towards the way see as well and that trend will continue as we go towards thursday for palu a nice day for you at 30 degrees now the heavy rain is going to be over here
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towards western indonesia and we think from thursday and into friday that rain really expands just heavier across much of the area call and poor rain for you as well with the tempter there of 30 degrees well for the southwestern part of australia we're going to be seeing back to back storms coming through and for perth you're seeing one of those fronts pushing through right now here the clouds on the satellite image the storm is also bring some very gusty winds sometimes of local heavy rain across much of that area now the storm is going to be pushing through as we go towards tomorrow and we're going to see a lot of rain across the bite winds will also be a problem right here but this is the next storm coming in from the indian ocean that one is going to be even stronger than this one and by friday it could be a big problem so we do expect to see it some thunderstorms with hail across the region pushing through perth particularly as we go from friday night as well as into saturday and over here towards parts of the new zealand things looking quite nice across much of the area for auckland at 13 degrees and if you close for christ church with a temperature of 11 degrees for you. from
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mother to daughter an ancient croft kept alive by a bustling matriarch. from start to finish. all traditions intertwined with new designs making this family's place unique into uneasy as rich couple st. the threats.
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are watching al-jazeera let's work out the top stories now prime minister is in pakistan administered kashmir where he's declared pakistan independence day as a day of solidarity with kashmiris there the indian controlled part of kashmir has been locked down for the past week since indian m.p.'s voted to affectively annex the territory by revoking its autonomy. iran's president has criticized the u.s. and u.k. efforts to build up a military presence in the gulf also ronnie says gulf states can protect the region and foreign forces are not needed engines have been high since the seizure. a british and iranian tanker last month. china's condemned protests at hong kong's airport as near terrorist acts after 2 men from the mainland were beaten by demonstrators planes are flying again after demonstrators flooded terminal buildings for a 2nd day causing mass cancellations. the family of saudi arabian rights activists . says she has rejected a proposal to secure her release from prison she was offered freedom if she
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recorded a video statement declaring she had been tortured in custody and so was arrested more than a year ago along with at least a dozen other women's rights activists rights groups say hazell and 2 others were held in solitary confinement for months and subjected to physical abuse and our national human rights lawyer toby cadman says despite reforms saudi women are still treated like 2nd class citizens i think one of the one of the things that we're also seeing is more and more women fleeing saudi arabia because of the draconian guardianship laws and various other group represents a number of side women who have sort of to flee from saudi arabia and you are asked these women how has the situation changed since this this great announcement of reform with women being able to drive and even being allowed to go to the cinema those changes have had no significant impact and even what we're seeing now is that
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the guardianship rules all supposed to be relaxed all removed within 3 months is that going to have any impact on women's lives inside review generally know that most women consider it will not because of the the cultural problems that are faced with women and even men who are trying to exercise fundamental rights rights that we take for granted in a society which is a brutal dictatorship farmers in the united states are facing their biggest challenge and decades as the trade war between the u.s. and china continues unions say prices are falling and demand for goods from china has dropped and gallagher reports from iowa where the dispute has already cost the state an estimated $2000000000.00. io or is known as the tall corn state part of the american rural heartland where agriculture and food production dominate the economy so we didn't have been exported to china for decades but the trade war
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is changing all that in july china placed a 25 percent tariff on the crop and stocks piled up prices dropped and i was farmers have been caught in the cross-hairs you know corn and soybeans are 2 major crops that we grow april has just returned from china as part of a soybean growers delegation like many farmers in iowa she's been hit hard we knew someone had been there when china something had to be done you know we don't like how it's going down because at the end of the day agriculture usually always takes it growers woes of being hampered by an unusually wet spring and as china deals with an outbreak of african swine fever the need for feed to make using soybeans has dropped several farmers have told us they feel trapped in the perfect storm there's reduced demand from china poor weather has led to a bad growing season and now there's a trade war with no end in sight there anyway farmers in iowa are keeping their
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heads above water is through government subsidies and many say their own fairly distributed and simply not enough economist to say that federal aid is only a short term solution so the longer this trade war goes on the tougher things get now let's go on what do you do professor chad hart says aid is needed but a long term trade strategy would be better than the government support that's coming here is a nice injection if you will of care action a time that farmers are looking to pay some bills but at the same time too it doesn't address the long term issues of not having stable trade relationships farmers in our adjusting by finding new markets and planting alternative crops china is making similar boost importing from other nations there is a fear here though that the trade relationship between the u.s. and china may not. to be the same again you guys have filters or like many in a state the president won comfortably in 2016 brian sampson is generally in favor
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of trump's approach on trade with china as the months passed though his confidence is wavering politicians in general love to use a problem to a vote so i like him trying to solve problems check the boxes move on i hope that's what happens now but i'm not sure. the president of the american farm bureau federation described the trade war as a body blow to thousands of farmers trade not aid is a familiar refrain here but without a resolution the us is farming states may be facing a different landscape ahead and agalloch are al-jazeera ames iowa. says he will delay new tariffs on chinese made products as president says he doesn't want americans to have to pay more for things like laptops smartphones and video game console during the shopping season before christmas turkey's government is encouraging tourists to visit an ancient city which was controlled by eisel fighters not so long ago in
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a far cry reports from car commission on the border between turkey and syria meters from turkey's fortified border with syria other ruins of an ancient capital buried for millennia this is car commish founded 3 and a half 1000 years ago once part of the hittites a neo assyrian empire. emerging from the earth sculptures of rulers and armies of recent excavations via talian and turkish teams have uncovered some of the finest mosaics of the ancient world and. each city in turkey has lots of its cultural heritage but this site is something different we have found layer upon layer of different civilizations including a village dating back to 6000 b.c. the site straddles the modern border 40 percent of it lies on excavated in syria a turkish military base now sits on top of the ancient acropolis it's still the
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designated active military zone but from next year it will be an open air museum the regional authorities are confident the area is now safe a few years ago this area across the border in syria used to be i saw the country the black flag flying high for all to see this part of southeastern turkey is the cradle of civilization its belief that car commercial is one of the places where i grew a culture 1st appeared but as you can imagine since the start of the syrian war the number of foreign tourists that venture here has dropped completely will the opening of this site encourage people back. yet this is no ordinary archaeological site it's one a can change the entire history of the world and even they too late he tied he had on site of the euphrates planning a huge national park and the weak opening will be head next year in maine. before today's front is divided the ancient city this is what archaeologists believe its
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walls may have looked like. for generations these ruins have been hidden from view indifferent to the rise and fall of late to civilizations the war that still rages not far from here in syria the fall couches here a car commercial the turkey syrian border soldiers are helping rescue and relief efforts in flooded areas of end heavy rain continues to drench coastal regions in the west and south the number killed is risen to $202.00 nearly half of them and the 7 say of carola around a 1000000 indians are sheltering in emergency camps fuel shortages are widespread in districts cut off from cities farmers in bangladesh face a constant battle to keep their land from being flooded a low lying country home to the world's largest river delta is especially vulnerable to rising sea levels caused by climate change. reports from poor
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some farmers who are growing their crops by reviving a centuries old farming system. low lying bangladesh is on the frontline of climate change its farmlands facing constant floods erosion and salinity to combat these farmers are using rafts which remains afloat for a period long enough to grow vegetables there's a lot of the problem is during high tide this area get flooded with little water remains during low tide this is why we're using floating beds to grow vegetables floating platforms offer up to an additional 40 percent of arable land creating opportunities for poor lentulus farmers aquatic farming a century old practice in bangladesh that almost disappeared is making a comeback with limited resources and threats of climate change people here are now starting to appreciate the importance of environmentalists friendly traditional cultivation systems some of you know john can earn around $2.50 for days more.
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of us are going to put allies on the seeds than keep them in a shaded area to mature later we plant them in the floating beds with natural for us and sell them and ready in the markets farmers generally do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides using this method so there's a greater demand for them it's i love the bus on these plants and vegetables are from the floating beds farmers bring them to us by boat we think carry them again and boats and sell them a serious bizarre. this year floating seed beds have been used on 290 hector's a predisposed marshall an area there are now around 50000 people involved directly or indirectly in this type of farming in the district. this method of farming is getting really popular and it's now practiced in at least 15 to 20 other districts farmers are making a good profitable one many poor bangladeshi farmers have now been given
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a financial lifeline by turning back the clock and relying once again on a traditional farming technique to protect their livelihoods. pitch poor southwest bangladesh. britain's former finance minister philip hammond says he's confident parliament can block a new deal prax it or minister boris johnson has pledged to leave the e.u. by october 31st with or without a deal is refusing to rule out suspending parliament to make that happen which hammond says because a constitutional crisis the speaker of the house of commons says he'll block attempts to bypass parliament. on the 1st anniversary of the joy bridge disaster in italy tributes have been paid to the $43.00 victims a section of the motorway collapsed during heavy rain causing cars to plunge into rail tracks below construction of a new bridge is under way city leaders are concerned the political crisis in rome will hamper completion to next year.
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pick up the headlines right now on al-jazeera pakistan's prime minister imran khan is marking his country's independence day in pakistan administered kashmir he's declared a day of solidarity with people of the region tensions have arisen since india revoked the autonomy of part of kashmir it controls and effectively annexed the territory and according to the governor in the indian controlled part of kashmir restrictions on freedom of movement in the region will be eased after india's independence day that's on thursday millions of cast mirrors have been forced to stay indoors for 10 straight day without working phones television or internet. china's condemned protest at hong kong's airport is near terrorist acts after 2 men from the mainland were beaten by demonstrators on kong's airport authority says it's now security an injunction to stop protesters from disrupting operations planes are flying again after thousands of demonstrators flooded terminal buildings
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causing mass cancellations or a violent confrontations on tuesday when riot police moved in with the tongs and pepper spray roman pride has the latest from hong kong. completely different see today at the airport hard to imagine that this i was a go was basically a war zone 2 hours ago very strict controls or points of access into the terminal security stuff now want to see your id they also want to see they got a valid travel documents anyone who's wearing a black shirt is on the particular screw to be basically if they think you'll kill you demonstrated they will try to turn you away iran's president has criticized the u.s. and u.k. efforts to build up a military presence in the gulf. says gulf states can protect the region and foreign forces are not needed tensions have been high since the seizure of a british tanker and an iranian tanker last month donald trump says he will delay
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new tariffs on chinese made products in the u.s. president says he doesn't want to americans to pay more for things like laptops smartphones and video game consuls during the shopping season before christmas. about $500.00 refugees and migrants were stranded in the mediterranean sea after being rescued by 2 aid ships the ocean viking vessel picked up more than $350.00 of them on sunday and monday european countries are arguing over who should take responsibility for them. there are the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera more news to come by tunisia is next. after 25 years of affording the world's waist china for the global cycling industry into chaos. the growing price of a grain of skies is resulting in change we bring you the story is that the shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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