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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 14, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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as you can imagine since the start of the syrian war the number of foreign tourists that venture here has dropped completely will the opening of this site encourage people back. yet this is no ordinary archaeological site it's one of can change the entire history of the world and even when they are late he tied to iran here on the side of the euphrates you're planning a huge nation on part and the week opening will be head next year in maine before today's from t. is divided the ancient city this is what archaeologists believe its walls may have looked like for generations these ruins have been hidden from view indifferent to the rise and fall of later civilizations and the war that still rages not far from here in syria the park outages here a car commercial the turkey syrian border donald trump says he will delay new tariffs on chinese made products u.s.
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president says he doesn't want to merican stupid a more for things like laptops smartphones and video game console during the shopping season before christmas a white house correspondent kimberly halkett has more. financial markets are reacting positively to that news coming out of the u.s. trade representative's office that there would be a delay in some of the tariffs put on chinese goods into the united states specifically when it comes to things like clothing toys even electronics now these are all things that americans buy and like to give as gifts during the busy december holiday shopping season now the president has been talking about this ongoing trade war with china and he says there is still optimism that this can be resolved that trade officials on both the u.s. side and the chinese side have been talking and he feels there is still room for a deal. you. know very.
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well. with the sticking points of resolving this dispute between the united states and china concerns about intellectual property theft and also currency devaluation the united states accusing china of just that also accusing china of not delivering on a promise to once again begin buying agricultural goods from u.s. farmers who have taken a big hit when it comes to selling things like soybeans and pork to china us so the president expressing some concern and frustration on twitter but still saying that he expects china to follow through on the buying of agricultural products expressing some optimism for change but critics here in the united states saying
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that the president sort of outward expression of frustration the fact that the u.s. trade representative's have dialed back or delayed tariffs at least until december and some chinese products means that the u.s. . may have lost its power in terms of negotiating that it has blinked if you will in this ongoing trade war and that the shift has now gone to china now having a stronger hand as the 2 sides attempt to try and resolve this dispute in ongoing negotiations farmers in the united states are facing their biggest challenge in decades as the trade war between the us and china continues in say prices are falling and demands for goods from china is dropped and the gallagher reports from iowa where the dispute has already cost the state an estimated $2000000000.00. io or is known as the tall corn state part of the american rural heartland where agriculture and food production dominate the economy so he beats have been exported to china for decades but the trade war is changing all that in july china placed
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a 25 percent tariff on the crop and stocks piled up prices dropped and i was farmers have been caught in the crosshairs you know corn and soybeans are 2 major crops that we've april has just returned from china as part of a soybean growers delegation like many farmers in iowa she's been hit hard we knew someone had been there when china something had to be done you know we don't like how it's going down because at the end of the day agriculture usually always takes it growers woes of being hampered by an unusually wet spring and as china deals with an outbreak of african swine fever the need for feed to make using soybeans has dropped several farmers have told us they feel trapped in the perfect storm there's reduced demand from china poor weather has led to a bad growing season and now there's a trade war with no end in sight there anyway farmers in iowa are keeping their heads above water is through government subsidies and many say they're on fairly
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distributed and simply not enough economist to say that federal aid is only a short term solution so the longer this trade war goes on the tougher things get now let's go on what do you do professor chad hart says aid is needed but a long term trade strategy would be better government support is coming here is a nice injection if you will of care shown a time that farmers are looking to pay some bills but at the same time too it doesn't address the long term issues of not having stable trade relationships farmers in our adjusting by finding new markets and planting alternative crops china is making similar boost importing from other nations there is a fear here though that the trade relationship between the u.s. and china may not. to be the same again you guys have filters like many in a state the president won comfortably in 2016 brian sampson is generally in favor of trump's approach on trade with china as the months passed though his confidence
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is wavering politicians in general love to use a problem to your vote so i'm like him trying to solve problems check the boxes move on i hope that's what happens now but i'm not sure. the president of the american farm bureau federation described the trade war as a body blow to thousands of farmers trade not aid is a familiar refrain here but without a resolution the us is farming states may be facing a different landscape head on to gallacher al-jazeera ames iowa the us attorney general has ordered the removal of the warden at the new york jail where financer jeffrey epstein was found dead 2 prison guards have been put on leave after his apparent suicide following a previous attack at the justice department has condemned serious irregularities epstein awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges at a previous conviction for under age for using an underage girl for prostitution.
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around 500 refugees and migrants are stranded and the mediterranean sea despite being rescued by 2 aid ships ships have been at sea for 12 days waiting for permission to enter a port italy has banned entry and other european countries are arguing over who should take responsibility for settling the refugees. britain's former finance minister philip hammond says he's confident parliament can block a no deal bracks it or minister boris johnson has pledged to leave the e.u. by october 31st with or without a deal he's refusing to rule out suspending parliament to make that happen which hammond says would cause a constitutional crisis the speaker of the house of commons says he'll block attempts to bypass parliament in order to secure a no. scientists say they're a step closer to curing the bowl of virus trials of new vaccines are proving to be a success in the democratic republic of congo the latest outbreak there has killed 1800 people over the past year it's our cairo ports. good the 2nd
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largest a bowler outbreak in the world has killed nearly 2000 people in the democratic republic of congo in just a year now 2 out of 4 new abode vaccinations being tested are proving so effective they're being given to all patients in d.r. c on tuesday 2 people were given the all clear and released from a treatment center in goma officials with the world health organization which has been coordinating the trials hopes this will stem the spread of the disease but the timing of the treatment is vital those who received treatment early so within the 1st 3 days. the mortality rate with a good general. and maybe was around 10 percent comparison to those patients who got treatment late mortality rate for those due to drugs are 60 or respectively 66 percent so should the friends whether you receive treatment in
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the 1st 3 days or late the vaccinations work by attacking the bone a virus with antibodies and neutralizing its impact on human cells they were developed using cells harvested from ebola survivors ebola has killed at least 13000 people since 2013 bizarre and to say they're getting close to turning it into what they call a preventable and treatable disease and while it's difficult to eradicate completely with this medical breakthrough at least doctors hope to put an end to outbreaks that pose a major international health threat. and does it or. i'm richelle carey with the headlines on al-jazeera pakistan's prime minister is comparing the indian government to nazi over the decision to revoke indian administered kashmir autonomy iran han addressed the assembly on the pakistani side
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of the disputed terror. tory he dedicated the nation's independence day to the kashmiri struggle this maze. everybody is scared because we don't know what is going to happen modi has played his last cards and i think it is going to be very tough on him the internationalize the kashmir matter more the world is looking at kashmir and it's up to us pakistan to respond i'm going to take responsibility i will be the ambassador to raise the voice of kashmiris in the world china's condemn protests at hong kong's airport as near a terrorist acts after 2 men from the mainland were beaten by demonstrators on kong's airport authority says it's now secure an injunction to stop protesters from disrupting operations so planes are flying again after thousands of demonstrators flooded terminal buildings causing mass cancellations there were violent confrontations on tuesday when riot police moved in with the tongs and pepper spray
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the home police have always facilitate peaceful and orderly protests over the years but the extremely radical and fallen acts have surged in the gross to deny and not to be the most severely condemned the least prior to all citizens in hong kong that we would take steps to bring all cooper's to justice thank you ron the president is criticizing the united states for its military buildup and the gulf hostile rouhani says foreign forces are not needed because gulf states can protect the region american and british warships started joint naval patrols to protect shipping after iran and forces seized a british flag oil tanker last month. britain's former finance minister philip hammond says he's confident parliament can block a no deal breck's it prime minister boris johnson has pledged to leave the e.u. by october 31st with or without a deal he's refusing to rule out suspending parliament to make that happen which
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hammond says would cause a constitutional crisis the speaker of the house of commons says he'll block attempts to bypass parliament for the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera more news to come inside story as that next one. there's cas that's one of the wells busiest. bring trouble to a standstill china hands at serious consequences so with the disruptions sway public opinion on the demonstrations and with beijing's patience run out this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program. the protests a whole kong began 10 weeks ago sparked by a controversial extradition bill but they've evolved into why the concerns about democracy in the semitone of us chinese territory the city's lead warnings up both hong kong stability in danger it is one of asia's most important transport on financial hops and a mass sitting on a porch led to the consolation of flights business has a feeling the facts tourist numbers are down and the stock market fell to its lowest level in 7 months on tuesday. has more from hong kong. many passengers are still turning up tuesday evening at hong kong's international airport to learn that their flights have indeed been cancelled there maybe still here on the
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departure board but gradually this is all now turning red as it did indeed 24 hours ago when thousands of protesters came to this terminal and brought the departing flights to a standstill once again there was a call went out for protesters to come here but they didn't come in the same numbers but they were enough of them pushing trolleys many which got overturned here blocking the check in aisles to once again force the airport authority to cancel all of tuesday's remaining flights it has to be said that many of the protesters have now cleared out those trolleys are in the stacks many of those protesters it seems are now leaving the terminal having achieved their objective of bringing one of the world's busiest aviation hubs to a standstill for a 2nd day running but it does remain to be seen just what impact this has on public opinion there are a lot of very angry passengers in this terminal this evening the hope for the
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authorities here is that as we saw 5 years ago when gradually there was a public disenchantment with the whole pro-democracy movement that gradually this movement will the public opinion will be turned against this movement because of the disruption like this that it causes robert bright for inside story. home coast chief executive is warning protests against jumper dies in the city's safety. monahan siple it violence no matter if it's using violence or condoning violence will push hong kong down a path of no return we plunge hong kong society into a very worrying and dangerous situation i believe that those who heard my words previously might have only half believed me but the situation in hong kong in the past week has made me very worried that we have reached this dangerous situation.
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let's bring in our guests from hong kong chris chang is a journalist and editor in chief of hong kong free press an independent publication in nottingham professor steve turned director of the china institute university of london and author of a morden history of hong kong also from hong kong joseph chang political scientist and convener of the project office a group of alliance for true democracy welcome to the program chris what are the protesters trying to achieve here i would put it best of 5 demands which they did save the past 2 bombs it was on the floor busy they'll want the protest got the courage to write it right then one or the process is to be released they want an independent investigation to audit events in their lives and how to be the 1st soccer coach mr steve why are they taking the protest now to the airport is it to
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put more pressure on the chinese government or its face to the pro-democracy movement. he demonstration movement through the airport i think is aimed at causing maximum disruption and therefore seeking attention and. domesticity in hong kong and china as well goldie now they have achieved that objective and is now moving into a situation that. they. on down and they may well be getting a. counter productive result we have to proceed on disrupting important. joseph disrupting the flights is it a move that could pay off or could potentially backfire with the anger among many people of other disruptions work to carry lerman ministration apparently is waiting
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for the kind of puppet of opinion to turn against a protestant as example democracy movement counting on the fact that by the nuns and disruptions may end other people or at least make the people tired of the campaign but at the moment people in general are sympathetic gate of the program opposition movement because of the and legit emergence of triad members on july the 21st in june are in new territories and the excessive police by the nuns and their violent captivates as seen by the television and so on are in the recent days so at the moment. the pro-democracy movement certainly still has the upper hand one can see the anger and challengers fee center by the journalists during the press conference given by receiving secretary of is very
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morning chris i mean we've seen this before in the umbrella movement in 2014 and then the movement was building momentum southerly the general discontent started to take the steam out of this movement is a something that could be repeated once again here i think the major difference between now $24.00 to 2014 possibly that obviously stating what occupies so that booty call cost way that. right now this process movement it's about moving every way today it will be an old ballroom could be another this shake so it's hard to it's for local residents to get tired of it although it's already a 2nd month with them it's coming but i do agree that at the airport it's a very fine line to walk how to don't send the tourists but also sued
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spread the message supports or it's so on process have been trying pretty well on monday to convey the message that they did not so well on tuesday and they will come up with one stone. steve now one of the main demands by the protesters is for chief executive kerry to step aside is this something which the chinese government is willing to negotiate do you think no no not in the foreseeable foreseeable future the chinese government and is is very unhappy with the performance of kerry in that. i think we are probably already and the stage where kerry lead may not be fully in charge of the situation you know hong kong but on the other hand it chinese communist party will not show weakness and make the concession or removing kerry lamb that to a party and bring
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a slap in the face it would not be tolerated when it is all and after a decent interval the chances that they will remove kerry land but they will do so at their own true thing and as their own unique and not as a concession to damage cynical civ i mean you've heard what chris has just said that the government is not going to cave in any time soon because it's going to be just a further embarrassment for the government but odd to think that if the government insists on putting her still in place that could just show the people in hong kong for the government in china or the communist party does not really care about the demands of the people. the communist party of china is concerned 1st and foremost about staying in power in china and not allowing any challenge to north florida economies. anywhere in the p.r.c.
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the successful therefore there is simply no chance that she can bring grow allow the demonstrators in hong kong to clearly wind against it how many whatever joseph are you the same here. probably so at the moment. the chinese authorities have clearly indicated a strong backing for kerry lamb and for her strategy of not polities not more concessions are strong crackdown on the proctor stirs and strong backing for the police. as we've spent waiting for the public opinion tide to turn it course of beijing respecting the business community has come out and strongly support the kerry land ministration i do agree with steve that chinese leaders do
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not want to be seen making concessions are to mars full moons and they are worried about the demonstration the facts are on other places on the national minorities for example you noonan china and the moment are the problem obviously is there are aging and the time he and the caravan and mr asian are not prepared to negotiate and not be paired to make any concessions and it has become a test of political will it's chris the protest movement has had an impact on the economy which is now facing recession is this something that could further rich shape the whole pro-democracy movement and the reaction from the chinese government. site. from the a concert see sexist same hong kong economy it's a very well paid one so it's hard to sell or actually courses. even if it's
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a kind that has so beat that it could be a major factor if you could be a good u.s. china trade war which caused me to troll it may not be protests maybe other factors may be housing so it's very hard to tell whether the economy don time will affect the perception of public or the protests reminding people of that in a recent poll 80 to say almost 80 percent of the interviewees agreed that the government should set up and the mission to look into what's happened since you have these 5 lives involved in the tri it's the here so even if the protest we've been stopped on the streets level there's still a lot of people on call that will think that the bond still has to be fulfilled because 80 percent it's hot in the society not fairly that what is an 80 percent
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it's steve but when you have saves dropping when you have people transferring the money overseas when you have. people pretty much concerned about what would happen in the near future.


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