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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 15, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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the numbers says to if it's men died in the gunfire and car bomb explosions iran's president is criticizing the united states for its military buildup in the gulf hassan rouhani says foreign forces aren't needed because gulf states can protect the region american and british warships started joint naval patrols to protect shipping after iranian forces seized the british flag the oil tanker last month at the age of 4 all talks about establishing a new coalition in the persian gulf and sea of all manu going to be practical no doubt that it won't help the security of the region there is no need for the presence of foreign forces to provide security in assad because more from to run. but it's the 1st time president rouhani has addressed reports that israel may be participating in this u.s. led naval coalition in the region which the united states says is to guarantee freedom of navigation in the gulf and president rouhani said that the idea is a little bit taking part because of the security is absurd and that if israel was
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able to provide security it should do so in its own region you also said that wherever israel has a presence it causes insecurity terrorism and massacre but he also said that iran is willing to establish relations with neighboring countries and says that the u.s. goal in the region which is those discord and newt money he said that coastal countries are fully capable of providing security and stability in the region there's no need for foreign troops now the context for this is that the united states unilaterally pulled that 2015 nuclear deal last year and impose sanctions on iran and in the last few months there have been an increase of tensions with drones shut down tankers mysteriously attacked the united states and its gulf allies then the iran of course iran has denied that but also iran seized a british flag after the united kingdom seized it raining 10 gibraltar now this coalition only has 2 countries in it the united kingdom and the united states and that's because european countries are still trying to salvage a 2015 nuclear deal and they feel fear that any presence of troops in the region
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would jeopardize that do in fact germany has refused. join this coalition because they say everything should be done to avoid escalation european time president has announced salary increases and tax cuts after voters turned against his austerity policies the market friendly president told 15 points less than the center left candidates alberto fernandez in sunday's primary the vote serves as a preview for the general elections taking place in october machree said the package of measures would relieve the pockets of argentinians argentina is currently in a recession and poverty affects one in 3 people send us rather has more from want to sirees. the size of the government's defeat in sunday's primary elections surprised everybody in argentina but it shocked the government of president notice your machree it's taken them 3 days to respond mostly to the subsequent collapse of
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the argentine peso was against the dollar on monday which lost up to 30 percent of its value and also affected argentine stocks and shares in markets in both wall street and in one of cyrus. addressed the nation saying he was story for his brusque reaction on monday blaming the voters for voting what he said was the wrong party and not having faith in his policies he said he hadn't slept and he was still reeling from the size of the defeat on sunday among the measures announced an increase in child benefit in pensions an increase in the minimum wage a freeze on wages for 90 freeze on fuel for 90 days and they did in general more measures about to be announced in the course of the next few days this for starters to try to calm the markets now all watching and waiting to see how those markets respond to the government's response to what was a very convincing defeat in primaries on sunday waiting to see the what happens where they can recover in time for the presidential elections at the end of october
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still ahead on al-jazeera a top trump administration official visits london with encouraging words about a poster breck's a trade deal but back in washington the democrats say not so fast. a solar and wind powered mission to save the world teenage activists gratitude bird set sail across the atlantic to highlight climate change. hello again to welcome back here cross parts of china things ability much better pretty appear towards the northeast we're seeing a lot clearer skies and. the winds have died down since what we had seen earlier in the weekend but we are going to see some very heavy rain across much of the southeast that is going to continue and we're going to see hong kong at 32 degrees over here towards for joe a little bit warmer at 36 but to the north temperatures are climbing so for one
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expect to see 36 degrees here on thursday and 38 degrees by the time we go towards friday now over here towards india we have been seeing a lot of heavy rain across much of central india flooding has been a major problem in this is our next round of rain that we're really interested in and very concerned about because just last week we saw some very heavy rain leading to flooding as well as casualties across much of the west so we're going to be watching this area start to make its way towards the west from thursday as well as into friday in some of these occasions we could be seeing anywhere between $3400.00 millimeters of rain just and the next 72 hours down towards the south though it is going to be off and on rain for tonight as well as bengaluru carola the rain is going to continue for you as we go towards friday and then here in the gulf we are going to be seeing a lot of humidity over the next few days visibilities will be coming down so for doha expect to see $38.00 degrees for us over here towards our dubey attempt are about 41 degrees.
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perception is validation we believe what you see but. we cannot see everything. we would like experiences of. the legacies of previous generations. with that testimony we. documentaries that open your eyes on al-jazeera. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera pakistan's prime minister has compared the indian government's ideology to. dress the assembly on the pakistani side of
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the disputed territory of kashmir dedicated pakistan's independence day to the kashmiri people and promised to respond to any indian aggression. police in hong kong a fire tear gas at anti-government protesters outside a police station the confrontation followed the airport returning to normal after 2 days of disruption to flights worldwide. iran's president says foreign forces aren't needed because gulf states can protect the region american and british warships are on patrol to protect shipping after a rain in forces the british flags oil tanker last month. senior u.s. politicians are weighing in on breck's as the october 31st deadline approaches the u.s. house speaker says there would be no chance of congress passing a trade deal with the u.k. if there is
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a risk of subsequent. unrest in northern ireland's nancy pelosi comments appear to contradict national security advisor john bolton he says a deal could be fast tracked through congress if britain needs that you or in sleep has the latest from london this is the 1st of 2 pieces of bad news for boris johnson the british prime minister. donald trump and by extension john bolton his security advisor both you know are encouraging the u.k. to leave the european union with no deal at all or another waving this carrot in front of the u.k. saying come on we'll we'll give you a trade deal quick is because we can. but the people have pointed out endlessly over the last few months it's not up to them study not to john bolton because it is a security advisor it's congress which has to agree a trade deal and as people have said repeatedly the congress will not support a trade deal and will block it if the good friday agreement
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a peace deal across the island of ireland is in some way imperils and whatever the u.k. says about a no deal brecht's it leave the border open the goods can come and go as they want to the european union has gigantic reservations about that. because it's actually on the help on behalf of the republic of ireland in that particular negotiation right so in that sense you can sort of see the your opinion whispering in one supposes here. nancy pelosi basically speaking for them but it does make it very difficult because the point is the holy grail for backseats is a trade deal quickly with the united states they need to see some immediate progress and if congress is now saying we don't know then it makes an immediate benefits look look look very very difficult to accomplish well donald trump says he will delay new tariffs on some chinese made products the us president says he doesn't want americans to have to pay more for things like laptops smartphones and video game console zz during this shopping season before christmas. the trade war
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is affecting farmers in the united states unions say workers are being squeezed by falling global demands and gallagher reports from iowa where the dispute has already cost the state an estimated $2000000000.00. io or is known as the tall corn state part of the american rural heartland where agriculture and food production dominate the economy so all the beans have been exported to china for decades but the trade war is changing all that in july china placed a 25 percent tariff on the crop and stocks piled up prices dropped and i was farmers have been caught in the crosshairs you know corn and soybeans are 2 major crops that we grow april has just returned from china as part of a soybean growers delegation like many farmers in iowa she's been hit hard we knew someone had been there when china something had to be done you know we don't like how it's going down because at the end of the day agriculture usually always takes
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it growers woes of being hampered by an unusually wet spring and as china deals with an outbreak of african swine fever the need for feed to make using soybeans has dropped several farmers have told us they feel trapped in the perfect storm there's reduced demand from china poor weather has led to a bad growing season and now there's a trade war with no end in sight there anyway farmers in iowa are keeping their heads above water is through government subsidies and many say they're on fairly distributed and simply not enough economist to say that federal aid is only a short term solution so the longer this trade war goes on the tougher things get now let's go on what do you do professor chad hart says aid is needed but a long term trade strategy would be better no government support is coming here is a nice injection if you will of care action a time that farmers are looking to pay some bills but at same time too it doesn't address the long term issues of not having stable trade relationships farmers in
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our adjusting by finding new markets and planting alternative crops china is making similar moves importing from other nations there is a fear here though that the trade relationship between the us and china may not. to be the same again you guys have filters or like many in a state the president won comfortably in 2016 brian sampson is generally in favor of trump's approach on trade with china as the months passed though his confidence is wavering politicians in general love to use a problem to have vote so i like him trying to solve problems check the boxes move on i hope that's what happens now but after. the president of the american farm bureau federation described the trade war as a body blow to thousands of farmers trade not aid is a familiar refrain here but without a resolution the u.s. is farming states may be facing a different landscape ahead and
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a gallacher al-jazeera ames iowa. the u.s. attorney general has ordered the removal of the warden at the new york jail were found in syria jeffrey epstein was found dead 2 prison guards have been put on leave after his apparent suicide following a previous attempts the justice department has condemned serious irregularities as epstein awaited trial on sex trafficking charges he had a previous conviction for procuring an under-age girls for prostitution. new details are emerging about how u.s. political fundraiser helped orchestrate a campaign against qatar in washington d.c. brady was one of us president donald trump's top fundraisers brody is accused of illegally running a multi-million dollar advocacy campaign to turn the u.s. against cats our campaign was allegedly funded by the united arab emirates our key date in that investigation according to new york times is a pivotal white house meeting president donald trump his chief of staff and his
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national security advisor. reportedly told an associate that he spent most of that meeting talking about the middle east including telling president trump that cats are was part of a quote axis of evil but me who is a senior public policy fellow at the american university of beirut he says the campaign was largely unsuccessful but its discovery will have an effect it's. the reality though today if you look at the u.a.e. and you look at qatar n. washington and in the american political elite the countries are doing fine they're not the terrorist supporting wild islamists that the saudis and what ideas have tried to paint them as while the minorities and the saudis are really in a difficult situation in the u.s. with with congressional majority votes to prohibit arms sales to them and things like that because of the killing because of the lobbying they're doing because of
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the boycott of qatar and other things that they have done so to the bottom line i think is that the iraqis have not achieved anything by dealing with shady characters so it's going to shed more light through serious investigations on what the u.a.e. or the so it is or even the companies are doing and the united states i don't think the countries have much to worry about as far as we can tell while some of the other countries have more serious issues that they have to deal with that's really the core the polow quality of the people that they've been dealing with that is the biggest telltale sign. of the in affective nature of these kinds of campaigns syria state news agency is showing video of what it says are government forces moving into a strategically important town in rebel held in the province the capture of and it's a set to represent a significant advance by the army in the last rebel held province it's been
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bombarded for the past 4 months by syrian government and russian airstrikes the u.n. says at least 450 civilians have been killed others say more than 700 on the syrian observatory for human rights as a government war plane has crashed into the province accordance reports in pro opposition media rebels and hansei who have shot down the jets there have been no reports of the incidents in syrian state media so far. soldiers are helping rescue and relief efforts and flood hit areas of india heavy rain continues to drench coastal regions in the west and south the number killed has risen to 202 nearly half of them in the southern state of carola around a 1000000 indians are sheltering in emergency camps fuel shortages are widespread and districts cut off from cities. teenage crime activists gratitude has set sail across the atlantic ocean the 16 year old is headed for new york to
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attend the u.n. summit on climate change from plymouth in southern england a voyage on a 0 emissions yacht is expected to take 2 weeks also on board or her father to experience sailors and a filmmaker in the beginning i i mean my voice wasn't heard at all so many others and i just tried a different way. until i found some kind of method to and that made my voice heard and so i think it's of course it's individually for everyone and you just have to be creative and come up with maybe something new to do there's so incredibly many things you can do and says this is such an incredibly big global problem it needs to be tackled from every possible angle so you're going to go has the latest from plymouth. her message that she wants to
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spread what she gets to the united states is that she wants to make people aware of the emergency that is facing the planet and if there is one thing that she hopes to achieve it would be to get people to think about the conditions that the planet is facing so they in turn can put pressure on leaders but nevertheless this is quite a momentous situation for a 16 year old school girl who less than a year ago began her school strike and galvanized an entire global movement of young people who hope that they can also gets older people other generations to be able to consider the crisis that is facing the environment. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera our. prime minister has compared the indian
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government to the nazis over its decision to revoke kashmir as autonomy effectively the territory. india's governing be a muslim because of its hendra a nationalist ideology calling dedicated pakistan's independence they took which has been under a strict security lockdown for 10 days on the indian side there are fears india is trying to change the majority muslim demographic off the region. a lot of career between india and pakistan there is no fight going on but we are standing up to an ideology which is worse this ideology is the r s s ideology the parent organisation of the b j p modi is a member of it since childhood this ideology got inspiration from hitler's nazi party which includes racial superiority the us state department says it's deeply concerned by reports of chinese paramilitary movements along hong kong's border
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hundreds of armored vehicles have been. following growing unrest in hong kong on wednesday police fired tear gas at anti government protesters outside a police station but flights have resumed at the international airports iran's president is criticizing the u.s. for its military buildup in the gulf hasan rouhani says foreign forces aren't needed because gulf states can't protect the region american and british warships started joint naval patrols to protect shipping after iranian forces seized the british lines all tanker last month syria's state news agency is showing video of what it says are government forces moving into a strategically important town in the rebel held their province the capture of the sets represents a significant advance by the army in the last rebel held province teenage climate activists gratitude bird has set sail across the atlantic ocean the 16 year old is headed for new york to attend the u.n.
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summit on climate change from plymouth in southern england the voyage on a 0 emissions yachts is expected to take 2 weeks those are the headlines witness this coming up next on al-jazeera.
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