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tv   Siham Ben Aissa The Thread  Al Jazeera  August 15, 2019 6:33am-7:00am +03

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is wavering politicians in general love to use a problem to a vote so i like him trying to solve problems check the boxes move on i hope that's what happens now but i'm not sure. the president of the american farm bureau federation described the trade war as a body blow to thousands of farmers trade not aid is a familiar refrain here but without a resolution the us is farming states may be facing a different landscape. and a gallacher al-jazeera ames iowa. teenage climate activist press a turn back has set sail on a voyage across the atlantic ocean taking a message on global warming to the united nations in new york a 16 year old is making the 2 week long crossing on missions yacht accompanied by her father and 2 crew members sun a gaggle has more on this now from plymouth where began her transatlantic journey. the preparation had been tough but greater to him berg is now undertaking the
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journey of a lifetime at the solemn english port of plymouth the racing yacht the mallets year to a professional crew and her father awaiting them all the challenges of the atlantic ocean for at least the next 2 weeks despite all the technology designed to make this a carbon neutral journey there is little luxury and even less previous ie this teenager who has become a beacon for so many young climate crisis activists now prepared to brave the challenges of the open ocean in the hope that her message will be heard and understood right it didn't trip across the atlantic is expected to take 2 weeks she aims to be in new york for the next month's un climate action summit but the crossing won't be easy organist is peak hurricane season off to new york the book says she'll travel by train and bus to canada and mexico she also plans to attend
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the annual un climate conference in santiago chile in december and talk bird is doing this despite the criticism and the vitriol she has experience from climate change deniers i'm not concerned about what's reactions what i'm concerned about is whether we we will do something or not whether the people in power will react and act with the necessary force it's taken the determination of 116 year old schoolgirl to spark call for global movement and work has been urging politicians do something more than say the right words but to put it into action as well all over the world message of taking action has resonated with young people like scarlet and francis their worry that the older generations do not understand the crisis the planet is. facing you say i don't have direct democracy they can directly control the composition of the legislature to get the creeks across but we
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can't do. to decided to strike from school it was bowed and something we haven't seen before in the u.k. the parliament has declared to plummet so much to see but this isn't neatly binding there's no option proposed to reach to be carbon neutral by 2050 target which is already too late according to the fire and. the vessel will also be collecting essential data such as measuring the temperature of the ocean to assess how much carbon is being absorbed but it is a journey fraught with risk but with the effects of climate change already being felt across the globe it's one this teenager believes is worth making. al-jazeera live in southern england. on the program. bangladesh arrive a centuries old tradition floating fons an effort to combat the effects of climate change and a former world number one is pushed in the early rounds in cincinnati having actual
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next. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar oh we're going places together. now farmers in bangladesh face a constant battle to keep that land from being flooded the low lying country home to the world's largest river delta is especially vulnerable to rising sea levels as a result of climate change as a town of a child reports from the raj for some farm is a saving that crops by reviving a century old system of floating farms. low lying bangladesh is on the frontline of
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climate change its farmlands facing constant floods erosion and salinity to combat these farmers are using rafts which remains afloat for a period long enough to grow vegetables there's a lot of problems during high tide this area get flooded with little water remains during low tide this is why we're using floating beds to grow vegetables floating platforms offer up to an additional 40 percent of arable land creating opportunities for poor lentulus farmers aquatic farming a century old practice in bangladesh that almost disappeared is making a comeback with limited resources and threats of climate change people here are now starting to appreciate the importance of and by mentally friendly traditional cultivation systems. can earn around $2.50 for days more. views are going to put allies on these seeds then keep them in a shaded area to mature later we plant them in the floating bad it's natural for us
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and sell them and ready in the markets farmers generally do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides using this method so there's a greater demand for them it's out of all of the bus on these plants and vegetables are from the floating beds farmers bring them to us by boat so we think carry them again and boats and sell them a serious bizarre. this year floating seat beds have been used on 290 hector's appears to pose marshall an area there are now around 50000 people involved directly or indirectly in this type of farming in the district in the nearest afterward with. this method of farming it's getting really popular and it's now practiced in at least 15 to 20 other districts farmers are making a good profit. many poor bangladeshi farmers have now been given a financial lifeline by turning back the clock and relying once again on a traditional farming technique to protect their livelihoods and which are very.
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poor southwest bangladesh and therefore the sport with peter marion thank you very much there's been nothing to separate champions league holders liverpool and europa league chelsea in the europa european a big you put in super cup final liverpool eventually winning 54 on penalties the match was refereed by stephanie for a part who made history as the 1st woman to refer major european men's final both sides had plenty of chances through the opening half hour of the match but it was europa league champs chelsea fresh off they for rushing in the premier league season opener who scored 1st through all of you giroux in the 36th minute champions league winners little ball hit straight back after the break through saudi or monitor level the game it stayed that way through 90 minutes but mani scored again early in extra time to put liverpool ahead but a penalty by georgina level things again the game going to a shootout with the red saved chelsea's 1st attempt to win their 1st trophy of the
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season. accident investigators say that football a 1000000 seller was exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide before his fatal plane crash in january the argentine was traveling from the french city of non to cardiff to join up with these new club when the plane crashed into the english channel carbon monoxide poisoning can cause a person to lose consciousness the body of the pilot has not been found but the report says it's likely he also would have been exposed. that dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide were found in a millionaire's body raises many questions for the family how he died is going to be determined at the inquest but the family consider it is now necessary for detailed technical examination of the airplane to take place at the family and the public for air safety reasons need to know. how the carbon monoxide into the
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cabin future air safety rests on knowing as much as possible about this issue so the family call on the air accident investigation branch of the ministry of transport to salvage the record wreckage of the plane as soon as possible without further delay. this confusion surrounding the rematch between funny joshua and the ruiz jr with rue is now claiming it will not be in saudi arabia the mexican world champion said on instagram that the fight will be on he's back in the u.s. will he be charged should back in june to claim the ib if w b a n w b o heavyweight titles joshua's promoter eddie hearn disputes this and insists that the symbol 7 fight will definitely be in saudi arabia he says the rematch cause was signed before the 1st fight and there really is a will honor it. signed a contract with us that he was absolutely over the moon with that gave him the opportunity of a lifetime he will 100 percent on
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a bad contract he's choices to have a legal battle that could put him out of boxing for years or to the friendlies belts for a lot of money against the guy he has already beaten there isn't any doubt he will take the fight. women's tennis world number one is being pushed hard by a russian opponent alexander assassinates in a 2nd round match at the cincinnati open after winning the 1st set in a tie break she went on to lose the 2nd it's now 41 in favor of the japanese in their deciding food sets and from the current world number one to a former top ranked player romania's simona halep was in big trouble against rushes xander over after dropping the 1st set 63 halep fought back to take the 2nd 75 for a grueling 2 hours and 4 minutes she completed the victory i earlier there was a battle between former world number ones french open champion ashley body was up against maria sharapova straightly and winning this one in straight sets. then on
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the men's side it was a bad day for 2014 u.s. open runner up kane issue korea of japan he lost out to his compatriot a year she had to win this year it was a straight sets victory for the sheoak. and another high profile player said goodbye early in cincinnati on wednesday greece's stefano states across crashed out of the hands of germany's young leonards through football number 36 stuff coming out on top of the 606076. rain is washed out the opening day of the 2nd ashes test between england and australia at lord's meanwhile rain also impacted the 1st test between sri lanka and new zealand in go all through lankan spin burkean and then on giant dominos of the ball he would take 5 wickets in total on a successful day for him personally he was captain came williamson as one of his victims up for a new route while it was a bitter day for former captain ross taylor he was 86 not out of new zealand 203 for fire before rain stopped play. that's all the sport back to london marion thank
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you very much peta well that concludes the news hour but i will be back in just a couple of minutes with much more of the day's news for you see very shortly. we're talking about ivory poachers who have decimated populations of elephants in africa they almost always ship the ivory out of a different country from where it was poached because that's where you start your search to look in the wrong place this radiocarbon dating method tell us their trade ivory is legal or not then we have
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a place we can focus law enforcement on to take those out and perhaps choke the source of the ivory from centering the network take no at this time on n.z. a myth. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current events that matter to al-jazeera well if we cannot have palestina my government was suddenly not allowed britain to control the french palestine would be an outrage but then we need to find another solution before we come to blows over a century ago britain and france made the secret deal the change the shape of the middle east and so. now we can draw on the. psych's pekoe lines in the sun on just.
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al-jazeera wherever your. tensions escalate over the disputed region of kashmir is pakistan's prime minister compares the indian government to nazis. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up on the program i. at least 5 tear gas at protesters in hong kong again but flights have resumed at the territories airport. a warning to the united states and
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its allies as iran's leader says it needs no help protecting the gulf. and teenage activists quest to turn back set sail across the atlantic taking a fight against climate change to the united nations in new york. welcome to the program we begin with the crisis in kashmir pakistan's prime minister has compared the indian government to nazis over its decision to revoke kashmir is autonomy imran khan says india's governing policy is anti muslim because of its hindu nationalist ideology. has more now from his offer a body in pakistan administered kashmir. he. was it was a holiday to celebrate the end of british rule and the creation of pakistan in 1947 but 72 years on this still the freedom of religion just that. the capital of the
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administered focused on. this mounting anger against the effective and efficient indian administered kashmir and frustration on the pakistani side of the divided territory. the situation would be resolved with words the solution is an action we stand behind pakistani army. the pakistani government has suspended create and transport links as well as downgrading diplomatic ties with bush we want more. these measures don't satisfy us. forces have besieged kashmiris for the last 10 days their lives are in danger we want to pakistan to take practical measures an army can only be expelled by another army kashmiris have made enough sacrifices. government leaders in is being pressured by both opposition politicians. to back their words with action prime minister. and
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a promise to do all he can he compared india's ruling hindu nationalist b.g.p. with nazis and said muslims were looking to the united nations to stop india violating basic rights. demographic shift and for the 1st time since the crisis began shared pakistani intelligence reports. we have information and we have had national security committee meetings the pakistan army has full knowledge that india has made a plan to take action and. mia like the action they took and. according to our information they have made a more sinister plan now. not just me but the entire nation will fight alongside our military. prime minister says it will be his responsibility to take the message to the international community pakistan is already on. the un security council and while he was delivering that message in the
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building behind me across the country we're marking their independence day in solidarity with. even the police decorated their patrol cars with. alongside. people from all political affiliations in the capital islamabad said they want to remind the world of how india is abusing. independence slogans were chanted. and rallies held in tribal areas which used to be under the control of taliban a few years ago and said to be the largest pakistani flag made this year along with the slogan that says will become pakistan. many of these people are the descendants of tribal fighters who helped the military take control of what is now pakistan administered kashmir pakistan insisted there is no other solution than diplomacy but many pakistanis who took to the streets otherwise those on the. pakistan administered kashmir. or china has now called on the un security council
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to me how the situation and in administered kashmir the strait lockdown that is set to go from thursday though the phone lines on the internet will reportedly remain as jamil has warned us now from new delhi. the lockdown remain tight on wednesday in srinagar the largest city of in the administered kashmir. security forces are keeping most people off the streets those who do venture out when they have to complain continued restrictions make it hard to get around anybody. anywhere i go there's the security forces they don't let me go through i didn't want to go to the store to buy something but they won't let me even go there. it feels like to do. a series of interviews and made them his fans will be in prison in new delhi social activists who have recently returned to the capital from indeed administered kashmir told reporters what they saw. they say the park trail by
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several indian media organizations of calm in the kashmir valley is untrue. that is a set amount of accurate reporting happening it's us of the government would like us to make it seem like that the only p.r. agency and on there the value of the odd agents out there calling themselves the best are the best are in fact they're not. they say the indian government's locked down and communications blackout is counterproductive to solving the crisis because it is basically radicalizing the population marginalizing the mother elements who are now in jane and looking at that it's $46.00 because they were trying to get work that we can trust the indian government but now they have been jailed and so prominent kashmiri civil servant turned politician shaath bessel is now under house arrest he was detained at the delhi airport and sent back to srinagar vessel has spoken to al-jazeera several times and is highly critical of india's policies on kashmir saying india's strongarm policies were hurting kashmiris trust and faith in
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the indian government. house arrest comes as the governor of india to minister to schmear such a pall mall it says restrictions will be lifted following indian independence day celebrations on thursday but phone lines and the internet will remain blocked in the kashmir valley meaning many areas were main cut off from the rest of the world says jamil al-jazeera new delhi. china says the protest movement in hong kong has reached me a terrorism it's called for the soul of the law to be used to restore order in the territory riot police of once again faced off with protesters firing tear gas at hundreds of pro-democracy demonstrators and callin on to abdel-hamid reports now from hong kong. they had gathered for the festival of the hungry ghosts when offerings are made and items burned for ancestors but even this ancient chinese ritual couldn't escape the current turmoil
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a group of protesters burning notes printed with pictures of poco chief executive kerry the police chief and several other officials they were near a police station and started beaming laser pointers at the building. was big nord warnings to stop police pursuit on the street 1st a show of force police said nancy. but the protesters remain defiant. he's out with a new phone call on and just to. match the pain. in this. weekend that. came to tear gas. standups like this one are happening the a nearly daily basis in different parts of the things they say and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight actually was each day that passes both sides seem to be
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more and more into. in their position. to go for taishan in a neighborhood came as the city's airport was returning to normal after 2 days the disruption that have caused more than $70000000.00 airport authorities were granted a partial injunction to prevent protesters from occupying the main terminal again only travelers with valid air tickets could get into the building but some protesters were allowed to continue to sit in it at this intimated area of the arrival hall and here to part of the anger is directed at police chinese officials have condemned the confrontations that broke out the jews in the as near terrorist acts. and hopeful good christians have described the protests as extremely radical and violent acts that cross the line but alice doesn't agree she has been watching the confrontations unfolding on the streets from oh we are born and we
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don't want to see portishead teenagers and. you know just a. cares i think crazy it did happen and do something then or do something to slow down but they didn't listen to the hometown people. after a few hours this protest fizzled out but the political turmoil has consumed toko and everyone here is expecting more chaos in the days to come but at the city who called. the u.s. says it state the concern that chinese armed forces gathering at the border with hong kong has issued a travel advisory a caution to visit has millions of people have been affected by the months of protests there not just inside the territory either the effects are being felt in mainland china especially in the city that links to hong kong scott reports from there and chen's and. the primary gateway from mainland china into hong kong she
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ingests a constant flow of arrivals into. parcher many people here are concerned about the protests in hong kong from both sides of the border with canada so what if what hong kong is not safe anymore that's why i am coming back my family was one of my safety the protests to cost inconvenience to local people i hope it will end soon jim and the protest post made an inconvenience to local people i hope this would be ended soon this is too bad for the image of hong kong syngenta received a great deal of international attention earlier in the week when state run media aired video of columns of paramilitary vehicles and soldiers pouring into the city there due to hold according to the government a large scale exercise soon their deployment clearly meant to send a message to the protesters the father of china's reform and opening movement 41 years ago. to launch his economic reforms it was also his idea for the one country 2 systems approach that's being heavily tested just across the border in hong kong
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. the economic impact from the hong kong protest now in their 11 week is being felt in chin gen as with elsewhere in mainland china its stock market had seen negative numbers since the protests moved to the hong kong international airport but there was one standout chin jen airport shares soared it's the closest major airport to hong kong and during the closures this week some flights were diverted there to continue turmoil in hong kong could make syngenta more attractive to airlines and passengers the airport just received approval to expand allowing it to nearly double its yearly passenger numbers to 80000000 so while the view from syngenta into hong kong remains the same the impact from what's happening across the border is be keenly felt.


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