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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 16, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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have to remember that his own ambassador to united states ron dermer just last month said that this visit would go ahead there was a bilateral visit by u.n. u.s. representatives just over the weekend dozens of them at which both the house minority and majority leaders republican and democrat advocated for this visit to go ahead we've had response from hush roee the veteran p.l.o. figure who is part of the preparations the planning of this visit she said that it's an outrageous act of hostility against the american people and their representatives saying that israel is trying to obscure its human rights violations there's also criticism from pro israeli voices saying that this will damage the bipartisan nature of the u.s. israeli relationship going forward elizabeth warren the u.s. presidential candidate said that if this was the case that it would be a shameful and unprecedented act ok perry fawcett with an update from west to respond thank you let's take to dan arbel he's a scholar in residence at the center for israeli studies at the american university
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is joining us via skype from rockville that's in the u.s. state of maryland dan albo thanks for being with us on al-jazeera how do you explain u.s. president recommending to another country to block entry to 2 u.s. citizens let alone 2 u.s. members of congress. i see it mostly as a dangerous intersection between american politics as you know. and i think that mr little you know the insurgent a bar or you know true representatives well more into lou is just to cater. trumps policies and entitle democrats liner which of this is very dangerous in which israel's going interests of insurgents of the political game you know and israel develop all as your correspondent it undermines the long standing by of course the relationship between support of the united states and ready israel as israel's becoming it political football between republicans and democrats just
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so how does an animal play that game then how does he balance is really ties with the democrats. against has claimed he has got that alliance with donald trump administration and trump unself he's got a lot of years of a very big problem there and of it's creating the even deeper problem with the democratic party and its contents constituency in the united states i mean where do you say the rest is really a rare move by netanyahu and the israeli government because as we know israel many times and often hosts u.s. delegations including senators and representatives. that's not correct it is roe that you know that is you know the state the fact that representatives of learning to leave are not lawyers they're very irish medics with some statements along with . the b.d.s. a little bit the boycott of those roles and with a lawyer or a lawyer or those comments which are in the border town of anti-semitic still
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israel i think is stronger of mature enough to deal with critics and allow them to endure and show the country and i think dialogue with them rather than the not a lot of little things but is it really because the prime minister is that really there because the prime minister has said that israel is open to quote all criticism but not calls for a boycott switch to harm the state so doesn't sound like israel as ready to have any sort of constructive dialogue with anyone that it believes criticizes the states so this is a contradiction in the act right now which there seem to be taking and what the ravisher state in the past clearly there's a contradiction there and it's very unfortunate that the prime minister has had to make this move and take such a decision which i believe will have a great consequences for us israel relations for years to come we thank you very
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much for speaking to us on our bill thank you have a good. phil heads on al-jazeera why a trade dispute between saul and tokyo has roots in both the distant past sounds much more recent times details in a moment. hello again welcome back we're here cross parts of china things can be wet down towards the south but also warm and sunny up here towards the north and that's really going to be the trend as we go to the weekend as well so on friday we're gonna attempt a few with plenty of sun at 38 degrees ching hai a nice day as well at 35 but as we go towards saturday the rain down here across the south really begins to develop pushes a little bit more inland for joe it is going to be rainy a few as well with the tempter there of $36.00 degrees while the rain is going to
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be very very heavy across parts of central and western india over the next few days we're going to be watching this very carefully because out of this mass of clouds we could be seeing rain totals for a 72 hour period of over 602700 millimeters of rain quite extensive across the region so widespread flooding could be an issue down here towards hyderabad we're going to be seeing $31.00 degrees few there bengaluru with rain at $28.00 and by the time we go towards saturday a lot of this rain starts to really dissipate but up towards the north though delhi is going to be seeing some rain as well with 31 degrees and here across the gulf we are still seeing our morning a relative humidity quite high getting better throughout the day but here on friday it is still going to be a bad day in terms of the heat index reaching into the mid to low forty's but $39.00 is our expected high with abu dhabi at about $38.00. in an exclusive series of documentaries i was born into
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a very ordinary japanese family. shows 5 different stories. i am just too excited to focus on anything else right now from 5 different countries it was really rude. but i was supposed to leave. with the one journey no one in my family has ever been to mecca this is a joyful occasion the road to has an al-jazeera. all over again the top stories on al-jazeera according to his release an iranian oil tanker seized off its coast by british royal marines last month the vessel was suspected of violating you sanctions by shipping world to syria but the court ruled
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the restrictions no longer apply. israel has decided to block a visit by u.s. democratic congresswoman. omar this weekend the decision comes after the u.s. president said israel would show great weakness if it allowed the visit by the muslim politicians. several people have been killed in an exchange of fire between indian and pakistani security forces across the line of control in kashmir pakistan 3 of its soldiers died alongside 5 indian soldiers and denies that one of its soldiers were killed osama bin job aid has the latest from was off for bad in pakistan administered kashmir. pakistan's military has confirmed that 3 of its soldiers died in what it calls unprovoked shelling from the indian side on the line of control the dividing line which separates pakistan and india pakistan and india have been ratcheting up tensions in their war of words since there are more these
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government decided to revoke the special status of the region of kashmir approximately saying that not just a soldiers but civilians have also been caught up in the crossfire a number of them have been killed houses have been damaged as well as vehicles and this is happening as pakistan's prime minister visited pakistan administered kashmir just 24 hours ago saying that pakistan has intelligence that india is planning something he did not elaborate what it was but he referred to what happened in february where there was an attack an indian side and india blamed that on pakistan this is happening obviously of the backdrop of india's independence day on the 15th of august pakistanis are marking it as a black the across the country there have been protests inside pakistan and outside of pakistan as well where pakistani leaders have gone to high commissions and embassies of india one of one such large protest happened in london where the
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advisor to the prime minister also went the reason was that he told media that he wants to highlight the human rights violations that are being committed on the indian side of the border because it has been 12 days that india has not lifted its blockade on the kashmiri people pakistan insisting that 12000000 kashmiris are being held hostage by indian forces where they're not allowing any movement any congregation or basic telephone and internet services and child for her has more from new delhi. the indian government is not here to fishing responded to the news of ceasefire violations however one indian news agency has quoted an unnamed indian official and said that a cease fire violation occurred box on. i limited the ceasefire across the line of control in the sector in general in ministered. the agency adds that the official has told the agency that 3 fourths of the soldiers were killed as the indian i mean literally it is but denied the killing of 5 indian soldiers if 5 indian soldiers
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have been killed there are some states the indian officials would have to respond and this could possibly be an escalation to what we are witnessing in the region right now and that is tensions between india and pakistan to quote high level the countries have been in high alert since the indian government decided to abrogate section $370.00 which is a special status that the state of jammu and kashmir had and gave it a certain autonomy. i've not unless i'm alone is a senior lecturer in international relations at king's college london he says residents on both sides of the line of control are familiar with violence. well unfortunately firing across the line of control is pretty depressingly common phenomenon so i wouldn't read too much into it because both sides have huge huge artillery stockpiles and positions i think that there is a huge lack of trust on the part of the kashmiri people and and more importantly
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because india jailed a number of the sort of moderate pro india politicians and the leaders of the political parties there are really no intermediaries between the muslim majority population of indian citizens in the kashmir valley and the indian state and that i think that the lack of. the ability for representation to be to be part of this process is also going to be very concerning in terms of economic development moving forward the u.s. president donald trump is urging china's president xi jinping to go to hong kong and meet protesters to diffuse the crisis he made the comments on twitter after video emerged of chinese security forces near the border with hong kong beijing insists they're there for routine exercises meanwhile china's ambassador to the u.k.
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has accused foreign forces of being behind the protests in hong kong no foreign country should interfere in hong kong's internal affairs urge those foreign forces to respect china's sovereignty and security immediately stop interfering in hong kong's affairs stop interfering in china's internal affairs so conniving violent offenses. this should not misjudge the situation on goal down the wrong path otherwise they will lift the storm only to drop it on their own feet thousands of south koreans have held an anti japan rally in the capital seoul it took place on the 74th anniversary of the end of japanese colonial rule japan protests have included renewed calls for an apology and compensation for forced sex workers during the 2nd world war anger has been growing in south korea
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over the growing trade dispute between the 2 nations south korean president and said he would gladly join hands if japan wants to resolve the dispute through talks . sara hire us has more on the dispute which is much as much about the past as they present. their songs about the brutality inflicted on what we called conflict women. see what she's on as she listens to her own story and that's of the 10s of thousands of women forced to work in japanese military brothels during the 2nd world war this latest bronze statue has arrived from the u.s. in the represents comfort women from korea china and the philippines the circle here is completed when the gap is filled despite the artistic displays the comfort women say they have yet to receive closure to their ordeal still waiting for an official apology from japan's prime minister. comfort women is
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a creation of the japanese they claim to want on their own voluntarily to make money servicing the japanese soldiers what an incredible lie i'm $92.00 it's a perfect age to fight to receive an apology from the prime minister a sentiment felt by 88 year old kim jong un 13 years of age she was forced into labor by the japanese. question minute was at the factory to give us half a piece of bread to eat we were slow hungry we ate all the grass in a dormitory we lost our head we slept with our shoes on for fear of air raids above our heads we were slaves denies it i'm furious i'll be must give us the truth and a parade. japan says it settled the dispute under $965.00 treaty by offering south korea $500000000.00 but south korea disbanded the fund last year saying it was floored. by. decades of
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distrust between the neighbors has spilled on to the streets these protesters want japan to apologize to the women there also demanding japan lifts its restrictions on exports of high tech materials vital for the south korean industry japan site security concerns south koreans think it's retaliation for the board time labor dispute but if it's not japan we're against but the government hasn't apologized to the forced workers and the 6 leaf victims instead it digs deeper into their rooms with their economic tall tree moves but refused to use japanese products. as south korea celebrated 74 years of independence from japanese colonial rule president in called for talks to end the trade dispute a chance for the us allies to make amends with its past and present ah. a disease or. a compulsory rubbish recycling program has started in one of the
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largest cities in the world shanghai and china is fining people and businesses if they don't follow strict rules on saving what they used to throw away when he reports. throwing household waste away in shanghai is a lot more complicated than it used to be rubbish has to be sorted into several categories including wet and dry it's not optional it's an order from the government and it seems to have caught on quickly. here that this garbage recycle rule is great for both the citizens and the country we're used to it as not trouble for us at all it's like when i'm cooking i automatically separate the kitchen waste and other waste it's a habit now at sit times people take their separated waste to bins that have been placed in communities around the city the contents are then collected and taken for recycling composting or incineration for power generation businesses also have to
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abide by the new laws if they don't they could be fined up to $70000.00 the motivation behind a program like this would be applauded by most but the result so a sense that the government has missed a step out and that not enough emphasis is being placed on educating people on how to reduce waste in the 1st place in 2014 china declared war on pollution it's made significant gains particularly with air pollution. but with rapid economic expansion came a boom in consumerism a growing waste problem which is the government's next target it wants a standardized nationwide rubbish sorting system to be in place in the next 6 years and shanghai is seen as the big test the city's residents produce more than $22000.00 tons of waste per day among the contributors is china's growing love affair with food delivery services which is now a $70000000000.00 industry experts agree that education could be improved but the
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new initiative is a significant step trainer still coming from. a culture where people are still going see littering on the streets going from. on the streets literally putting stuff in the bin but in the right bin that's a big jump. for people right now the test will be when the novelty wears off and the volunteers keeping an eye on the process and no longer there for now the government is serious about tackling china's waste problem and people have no choice but to follow the law when hey al jazeera shanghai. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera according gibraltar has released an iranian oil tanker seized off its coast by british royal marines last month the vessel is
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suspected of violating e.u. sanctions by shipping oil to syria but the court ruled the restrictions no longer apply andrew symonds has more from gibraltar. the grace one of will be on a voyage to somewhere we don't know but certainly not syria. they have given the gallant tea to the authorities here but there will be no delivery of this like crude oil to syria furthermore this ship has been reflagged it is now iranian own completely proven as far as the authorities here are concerned and without that destination of syria involved it is free to go right away israel says it will block a visit by u.s. democratic congresswoman. omar under an anti boycott law politicians who are both plan to visit israel in the occupied palestinian territories this coming weekend
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the prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the visit would harm israel earlier the u.s. president donald trump said israel would show great weakness if the visit was allowed to go ahead. india and pakistan have exchanged fire along the line of control in kashmir. 3 of its soldiers and 3 civilians were killed along with 5 indian soldiers india denies that any of its soldiers were killed it's the deadliest incident since new delhi revoked indian administered kashmir as autonomy last week the us president donald trump is urging china's president xi jinping to go to hong kong and meet protestors to defuse a crisis he made the comments on twitter after video emerged of chinese security forces near the border with hong kong beijing insists they're there for routine exercises. thousands of south koreans have held an anti japan rally in the capital seoul it took place on the 74th anniversary of the end of japanese colonial rule and to japan protests have included renewed calls for an apology and compensation
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for forced sex workers during the 2nd world war and both sides have imposed trade restrictions on each other over the headlines a road. that's next. this is panama in central america. oh most the famous kind of mud canal. a shipping corridor which connects the atlantic to the pacific ocean. was.
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and home to a small but growing muslim community 0 2 2 2. ray henry works on the panama canal transit north so. i can let you know about that on . he is a member of the muslim community here and has been chosen by that community to undertake the has pilgrimage to mecca. with great anticipation ray is now waiting for his visa to come through on time. to the final to getting it done deal see
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i'm not going to have an attempt to dampen the scene tonight but i played a little to say. oh. my love interest also all sorts of. chances one of them off the. air. and i wanted to do it here on c.n.n. . and post the lower part of the central post i mean what i mean i see. and i stand. behind it i knew it was really rude. but i won't. support your. good night my fellow. small ball left. right. or wrong. well i started to inform of
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classes of boat a year ago. but a teacher left for the middle east and of in trying to do it on its own. and i got this book and. practice it in but basically. the books and got a decision so much different and you have 2 years in a lot of times worse sound of life in there and that. i don't really have it in my practice but it's a computer. i live up to. her yard. and street settle on was a lovely well. part of. a lot of lots of them it was really
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it's the 2nd was sitting around. that eternal come out. so much choice of her privilege. for. 6 months. honestly. to nothing to do of. the idea obviously did appeal at some point. but it was tainted by.
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overtures of racism from the. code that i received. and a lot of there it is the. media input. but i did get started reading flits the life of the prophet the symbolism beyond him. and seeing how much of extraordinary person he was. i guess about 4 years ago in the lodge meeting. with a muslim ball the least i did ask him muslims about the religion and i came to understand the true meaning of islam. and i think about 3 months after i took shahadah.
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the group was. i don't i mean you know. there for only a for myself. and i john muhammad and i thought in the internet i thought you know most. of the moments that i. remember a kid that are going through the course of your i mean it doesn't. work it's really like you but. even there for you now rather than i don't mean those in the in those yeah out of them or they're making another political. instability and they're making. fun of i love it when he's alone missing. income without. putting. up with what i paint the audience about will literally he also. both as it were literally he also really he was ok you know me. i think was
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like a new game a. bomb but again if i saw my made out and. done it you look said well you make it i made a vow i meet that action movie point the point made about get it all gay being a seal. your. sincerity that a loss on the. feeling like this. but i did and put us in that persona and i thought i saw and you know. 2 2 2 you see it but it was you know. the last. one up us. bitterly that.
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that i'll be on the 4th hour but. i don't expect. you to get excited. by your intercourse. i find myself sitting on the bush on the moon. never a criteria it was a type of personal crisis. so because of the. cooling off period. boris it is a certainty it is good to. see you. go i will be here.
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all day long not just because i didn't. miss like you. said although. everything is in god's hands not in my hands. i mean something that came up finally would like to echo is it time for you know for me was small it was kind of person that always is always inquisitive about things you never accept what you tell him because he has it bad he's always asking why and why and you know. this i can be a book if. it is that dangerous to. be careful of what you say. you plan to pull on stage i get i tell you that depends on the knowing. full. well what you say he. makes you know so why should you be
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negative. you have to be positive in everything you do but if. you listen you know english writing isn't just a place. to. put everything in a. thing but just for a life cover you. know. i'm sorry.
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so i can get some cash.


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