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tv   India  Al Jazeera  August 16, 2019 8:32am-8:58am +03

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the key tactic from from beijing to to allow the hong kong authorities with their 4 support to to try and control the protests. but thousands of south koreans have held an anti japan rally in seoul it took place on the 74th anniversary of the end of japanese colonial rule and to japan protests have included renewed calls for an apology and compensation for women forced into sex work during the 2nd world war has also been growing in south korea over the growing trade dispute between the nation's south korean president lee in said he'd gladly join hands if japan wants to resolve the dispute through talks so high that has more on the dispute which is as much about the past as the present. the songs about the brutality inflicted on what's called conflict remain liang see what she's on as she listens to her own story and that's of the 10s of thousands of women forced to work in japanese military brothels during the 2nd world war this latest bronze statue has
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arrived from the u.s. and they represent comfort women from korea china and the philippines the circle here is completed when the gap is filled despite the artistic displays the comfort women say they have yet to receive closure to their ordeal still waiting for an official apology from japan's prime minister. comfort women is a creation of the japanese they claim to want on their own voluntarily to make money servicing the japanese soldiers what an incredible life i'm $92.00 it's a perfect age to fight or save an apology from the prime minister a sentiment felt by 88 year old kim jong at 13 years of age she was forced into labor by the japanese. actually question my new look at the fact they give us half a piece of bread to eat we were slow hungry we ate all the grass and not all metry we lost our hair we slept with our shoes on for fear of air raids above our heads
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we were slaves denies it i'm furious they must give us the truth and repair a ship. japan says it settled the dispute under a $965.00 treaty by offering south korea $500000000.00 but south korea just banned the fund last year saying it was flawed. decades of distrust between the neighbors has spilled on to the streets these protesters one japan to apologize to the women there also demanding japan lifts its restrictions on exports of high tech materials vital for the south korean industry japan cite security concerns south koreans think it's retaliation for the war time labor dispute it if it's not japan we're against but the government hasn't apologized to the forced workers and the sex slave victims instead it digs deeper into their rooms with their economic a tall tree moves but refused to use japanese products. as south korea
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celebrated 74 years of independence from japanese colonial rule president in called for talks to end the trade dispute a chance for the us allies to make amends with its past and present ah the. jersey. well compulsory rubbish recycling program has started in one of the largest cities in the world shanghai china is finding people and businesses if they don't follow strict rules on saving what they used to throw away when he has more. throwing household waste away in shanghai is a lot more complicated than it used to be rubbish has to be sorted into several categories including wit and dry it's not optional it's an order from the government and it seems to have caught on quickly. this garbage recycle rule is great for both citizens and the country we're used to it as not trouble for us at
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all it's like when i'm cooking i automatically separate the kitchen waste and other waste it's a habit now at sit times people take their separated waste to bins that have been placed in communities around the city the contents of then collected and taken for recycling composting or incineration for power generation businesses also have to abide by the new laws if they don't they could be fined up to $70000.00 the motivation behind a program like this would be applauded by most but there was also a sense that the government has missed a step out and that not enough emphasis is being placed on educating people how to reduce waste in the 1st place in 2014 china declared war on pollution it's made significant gains particularly with air pollution. but with rapid economic expansion came a boom in consumerism growing waste problem which is the government's next target it wants a standardized nationwide rubbish sorting system to be in place in the next 6 years
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and shanghai is seen as the big test the city's residents produce more than $22000.00 tons of waste per day among the contributors is china's growing love affair with food delivery services which is now a $70000000000.00 industry experts agree that education could be improved but the new initiative is a significant step china is still coming from. a culture where people are still going see littering on the street. from. like littering on the streets literally putting stuff in the bin but in the right bin that's a big jump. for people right now the test will be when the novelty wears off and the volunteers keeping an eye on the process and no longer there for now the government is serious about tackling china's waste problem and people have no choice but to follow the law when hey al-jazeera shanghai. nasa scientists and
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engineers are flying over greenland trucking melting ice it's been accelerating in greenland during the past decade and this summer has seen 2 of the biggest melt so far scientists say both warmer air and warmer water eating away at greenland causing it to lose billions of tons of ice daily we are literally watching the greenland ice sheet disappear right before our very eyes and this is having an impact all around the planet we all share one ocean a 1000000000 tons of i thought here raises the level of all the world by now this is happening today and the question is how bad is it going to happen here. the new american. he has.
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a home. thank you so much well the world cup winning u.s. women's football team say they're going to court to fight what they call pay discrimination talks between the team and the country's soccer federation broke down on thursday the players are demanding to be paid the same as the male team they initially sued u.s. soccer in march but the 2 sides agreed to mediate the matter once the world cup ended last month the lawyer representing the players accused the federation of being determined to prolong discrimination u.s. soccer said the counsel for the players came with an unproductive approach barcelona superstar captain lionel messi has been ruled out of friday's opening
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game of the new league this season against athletic bilbao coach ernesto valverde says messi is unfit and will not risk his star striker messi injured his calf on barr says pre-season tour of the united states or so fans can still look forward to seeing new big money signings and griezmann and frankie do young in action although not former player neymar at least not for now. i'm fully focused on the team and with the players i have to play this match i don't need to worry about players the other team simply out of respect for other teams and players that don't belong to us and the team's name always with peris and jimmy and we will see what happens 20 time grand slam champion roger federer is out after a shocking 3rd round exit at the cincinnati masters rushes the world number 70 knocking the swiss out in straight sets $63.64 meanwhile australia's tennis bad boy nick kyrgios has been fined $113000.00 for unsportsmanlike conduct at the
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cincinnati masters he smashed 2 racquets and appeared to spit at the chair umpire after his match against carrick on of the a.t.p. is considering whether to take further action against the australian. in the women's tournament the french open champion ashley barty is through to the next round already dropped the 1st set to a net but the form. world number one payne back to complete 846-7575 victory against the a stony and. another former world number one and 7 time grand slam champion venus williams also had to fight from a set down to win donna vector which took the 1st set 62 but williams was able to take the next 2 set 6363 to progress to the quarterfinals in the cincinnati tournaments for the 1st time since 2012. 6 time super bowl champions the new england patriots are aiming for a record 7th league title with the new n.f.l.
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season kicking off in less than a month the pats will begin their regular season on september 8th against the pittsburgh steelers but decorated quarterback tom brady is warning against lofty expectations after their star titan rob gronkowski retired i think so much is him expect in the ball to be a certain place and be expecting him to be a certain place and i think the chemistry between a quarterback and receiver a porter back and a tight end is so important because you know it's all the anticipation and if you're waiting for things to happen in the n.f.l. you're too late australia are on top after the 2nd day of play at lord's in the 2nd ashes test against england the australians won the toss and asked the english to bat they were all out for $258.00 the aussies were $3041.00 at the close of play spin bowler nathan lyon took 3 wickets on the day and ominously for england thinks he and his team mates have much to improve upon if you look at today i don't think we've had the best. thing. is will be exceptional
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in this bill from coming. to you think it will. set the tone for the not. good enough for a long period of time but it's a good. the world paragliding championships are underway in north macedonia unlike many sports men and women compete against each other even at the highest level one woman taking on the guys is a pilot from the u.s. she's hoping to inspire the next generation of paragliders here's her story. hi my name is eric i am 45 years old it and i am a cross-country paradine a pilot for the team usa am actually german originally though i've been living in the states for 20 years so i fly 14 u.s. the views of a new high off the you can get high and high on the horizon drops and jobs and the views just laid out in front of you it is so beautiful. and like flying like
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a bird you have no engine just you and the wind and it's very quiet and actually. it's literally flying like a bird and who doesn't want to fly like a bird you have to have a pair of. harness you sit in a reserve parachute it's a good head that of course some solid shoes so it's a cumulative little bit with the course together it's a few $1000.00 where a lot of people shy away from that expense but then you can once you have your you can use it for many many years still the nice thing about paragliding i mean you need to be strong a little bit in the arms but it's not a huge difference between men and women in these sports except maybe for the weight difference at all times we're small and every spot to fly smaller wings is a little bit of a disadvantage because they're not as efficient but otherwise it's really a level playing ground so it's other women c.e.o.'s competing on the podium than there hopefully get inspired to us participate well that's all your sports for now
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we'll have more for you later. thanks very much earlier of course you can watch the al-jazeera news hour with me so rob will be back with more news on the other side of the break room to learn from me and the news team thanks very much for your time and your company. trust is fundamental to all our relationships we trust banks with our money talk to us without really personal touch about what happens to trust in a world to buy out. as more want to citizens of us by these complex pieces of code the question that comes back to. can we trust. the 1st of
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a 5 part series race question of the neutrality of digital that the trust me i'm an algorithm on a. we have a news gathering team here that is 2nd to none they're all over the world and they do a fantastic job and information is coming in very quickly all at once you've got to be able to react to all of the changes and al-jazeera we adapt to that. my job is is to break it all down and we help give you understand and make sense of it. what is resistance. to. in akra people are grabbing social and political issues by the horns. and thomas in creativity parody and protest to challenge and change ideas.
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a gun a controversial a witness documentary on al-jazeera. oh ok they are very very jewish and they're very erudite israel. president donald trump welcomes israel's unprecedented decision to block the entry of 2 u.s. congresswoman. example robin your geologist ever live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes cleared to sail gibraltar releases an iranian oil tanker and
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the u.s. isn't happy. also no freedom no money for food or fuel zimbabweans prepare to protest saying nothing has changed since the mccarthy era and russian pilots hailed as heroes after a flock of birds forces them to make an emergency landing. welcome to the program israel has banned 2 prominent u.s. democratic congresswoman from entering the country because of what's described as that boycott activities against israel. that they had planned to visit israel and the occupied palestinian territories this weekend both have supported the boycott movement against israel under israeli law supporters of the campaign can be denied entry now the ban comes after donald trump tweeted it would show great weakness if israel allowed representative omar representative to visit they hate israel and all jewish people and there is nothing that can be said or done to change their minds
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minnesota and michigan will have a hard time putting them back in office they are a disgrace and a short time ago donald trump also reiterated his stand. they are very anti jewish and they're very anti israel i think it's disgraceful the things they've said you have lists of this isn't just a one line mistake what they've said about israel and jewish people is a horrible thing and they've become the face of the democratic party so i did absolutely put out a very strong statement i think if you look at their language if you look at what they've said if i ever said it it would be it would be off horrible it would be a horrible month. to put it mildly so the things that they've said oh my are really what they've said is disgraceful so i can't imagine why israel would let them in but if they want to let them in they can but i can't imagine why they would do it
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well just 100 post poll from washington d.c. . president donald trump's dispute with democratic members of congress is just crossed international boundaries omar and rashida to leave to democratic muslim members of the house of representatives were both planning a trip to israel and the occupied west bank trump had tweeted on thursday that they should not be allowed into israel however the israeli ambassador to the u.s. had said weeks earlier that they would be allowed entry on thursday the prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu contradicted that statement saying that they would not be allowed because of their stance on boycotting israel in favor of that stance and israel has a new law that allows them to keep people out under those circumstances that was widely condemned across the u.s. political spectrum democrats some republicans even a pro israeli lobbying organization the american israeli political action committee
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said that that was a mistake that u.s. representatives should be allowed into israel president trump is facing election in 2020 netanyahu faces reelection in september and apparently the opportunity to combine against a common adversary was just too much for them both to resist. will president trump is by can new hampshire the state that handed him his 1st 2016 presidential primary victory and this is his 9th campaign rally this year a white house correspondent it is long for us in manchester new hampshire. event and of course we are expecting him to comment again we think the congresswoman that he's been so vocal about in the past few hours but what has he been to. walking about in the hall father he's been on stage. yes so far he has not commented on that controversy we expected that he might have we also remember one of his rallies early last month where the crowd began to chant against
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the congresswoman omar send her back sent her back given the fact that she's foreign born as one of the members and the only foreign board member of the so-called squad on capitol hill the president got a lot of pushback for that because he did not discourage the crowd he later said he wasn't happy about it but we have not heard any of that from this crowd here in new hampshire in fact it's been much more measured in terms of its response to what the president's been talking about and as expected he's talking about the economy because he believes he has a very strong record here on the economy the unemployment rate here in his one of the lowest it has been in the state in its history so many people are celebrating that as well as the fact that the campaign is boasting of 20000 jobs created here so one of the strongest lines from the president so far has been because there are protesters here too there are many people who do not like donald trump also in the state so one of the lines to be at the most applause so far is from donald trump he
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said whether you love me or you hate me you have to vote for me because wages are rising you're doing better in your families that more people have jobs and so there seemed to be this big a lot of tension but it seemed at moment were almost every when i smiled a little bit with that because donald trump doesn't know how to work a crowd and he's working it right now and it seems that what he's selling is his message of a strong economy in a state that will be very competitive for him when he tries to win reelection in 2020 and indeed it may be something that pleases his base certainly that is appealing to kimberly but one of the other big issues that he may be addressing a we expect him to is obviously this is the 1st rally that he's been out since those shootings in el paso and dates in ohio and there's always a solution or a possible common to changes in gun laws and he might broach the subject deceiving . yeah and so far he has not and that
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might be because there are many people in this state that are particularly protective of what's known as the 2nd amendment or the right to bear arms in the u.s. constitution and this is a state that is made up not just of people who live in the smaller cities but also in rural parts and very protective of their hunting rights the president has sent conflicting messages on what he wants to do since the shooting that on 2 weekends not just in dayton but also possible left more than 30 americans dead he's been holding beatings at the white house trying to find some compromise signaling there may be room for a good person background checks trying to even take guns out of the hands of mentally ill people but perhaps because he has not talked about this so far in his speech he's either waiting to talk about at the end or considers that it may be too politically sensitive which are rather new hampshire voters and given the fact again that he so narrowly lost the state back in 2016 less than 3000 votes allowed
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it to go for hillary clinton he may be calculating that is just so sensitive you can't afford to bring it up for fear of risking even one single voter of course we'll continue to monitor that event with you from manchester new hampshire thanks very much can be counted. down iranian oil tankers seas of the coast of british mission marines has been cleared to sail again the u.s. state department has asked for the detention to be extended but the grace one was seized last month after being accused of violating e.u. sanctions by shipping oil to syria iran has denied those allegations calling the seizure an act of piracy untrue simmons home small from gibraltar. the grace warner and co off gibraltar its panamanian registration changed yet the iranian flag still not in place it's thursday the start of the 43rd and final day of its detention but a major legal twist on shore in the gibraltar supreme court had a judge seeming somewhat baffled and the crew on board wondering if they'd ever get
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away the attorney general's legal team had a plan to release the supertanker but only hours before that was supposed to happen the u.s. department of justice also for the detention to be extended instead the case was adjourned for 5 hours a lawyer for 3 of the crew including the captain couldn't see any reason for the detention to continue we've taken advice from 2 q. season london specialists on sanctions and a criminal specialist for what we could sell them their advice was that was no breach the sanction. of confusion spread from the courtroom grace wong remained on cut just as she has been since july the full 28 crew members on both 4 of them the captain and 3 offices were released on bail that possible $100.00 block ahead of the u.s. approach to the calls. made to the court was in session again this time the judge.


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