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tv   Fighting Slavery From Space  Al Jazeera  August 16, 2019 12:32pm-1:00pm +03

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yelena and her colleagues have used this database to calculate the u.s. government's expenditure on soviet style weapons. since 2015 until 2022 pending the new will spend or $2200000000.00 us dollars what do you know about the roots how weapons from balkan countries go to the middle east they go through turkey jordan co-write qatar and saudi arabia ok and so that's all u.s. allies u.s. allies exactly exactly yelena had been investigating a plane they departed from riyadh put 5 days earlier which she believes carried weapons to the middle east. you can see tongue fight where there are the words that this plane took several times and you can see places such as r r ion in qatar exactly and also has flights number mark which is very specific for the planes that
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are actually transporting military goods. this is footage of the plane yellow not tracked it has been loaded with crates at least 20 u.s. military flights have left this airport in the past 6 months. and when we arrive at the airport we to see a plane. this is one of the busiest airports when it comes to playing such as this one. is from the same airline and i have been investigating various really is pretty nuts it's just in the middle of a traffic junction. there are weapons there are there problems. there is this huge fights that are happening in surrounding it all they need is there the. flight data proves that the majority
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of these companies planes from reoccur go to keep u.s. bases in the middle east. from their weapons can be funneled to syria. this ng the largest pentagon supply of weapons for syrian rebels is bulgaria through the e.u. is poorest country that's a change in fortune. big areas arms factories fell quiet after the end of the cold war but the wars in iraq afghanistan and syria brought new demand. factories where we opened a new production lines added to supply weapons to the world's most fragile regions . we have come to bulgaria to find out more about the weapons the u.s. government buys for its syrian allies. so what is home to state arms manufacturer
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v.m.s. that. it is also with france's no we it was killed in june 2015. the ems that has been struggling to modernize and now we use fatal accident wasn't its 1st incident. a series of explosions rocked one of the company's plans in the time before the contract is a rival there were no casualties but production shut down for over 2 months. when we contacted v.m.s. that to find out more its management declined to speak to us. 2 leading trade unionists did agree to meet but did not want to go on camera not just the workers are refusing to talk to us but even the local t.v. station what we do know is that the workers a. huge amount of pressure if v.m.s. that fails to complete an order their bonus is
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a cut was growing international demand for weapons the pressure is on to supply as false as the company can produce. we follow in the we use footsteps his training partner mike doherty had told us the fatal ammunition was 30 years old and we want to see if we can find out more. vs average where the training took place just over there it's where no real die but we can stop because it's a militarized zone. instead we have to the warehouse that stores its ammunition. it's where the big explosions took place. we're told to leave immediately this. is really for you to shoot it in case if you insist. we stopped to film in a nearby village instead to expose. local residents here with fact it by the
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explosions was so big that some houses in this village had to be evacuated. the local police arrived within minutes. they order us to follow them to the station will be a question i'm threatened with prosecution. it is clear that the authorities don't like any questions about bulgaria's arms exports. but one person did manage to proof that weapons. varian journalist illyana gay tonnes of a. arrived in aleppo as fighting intensified in 2016. syrian government forces had almost cleared the rebels out of the city. in a desperate bid to defend their positions opposition forces responded with a barrage of artillery and rocket propelled grenades. and the syrian regime
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retaliated with air strikes. hundreds of civilians were killed in the crossfire. the suffering biljana witnessed was on full gettable. it was constant firing. day in day night. one of the rockets cell phone next to us over a mother a child there were big heads in front of me. a local journalist took billionaire to a house that have just been vacated by the owners for a friend. this is truckers from the giro this is the basement which was used by jihadists to saw huge. a test of weapons this weapon manufactured by a. with a country of origin. when local people realise that i came from
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bulgaria the 1st question i got was this why are sending quote balls to queue us here in the. after publishing his story an anonymous source directed illyana to a large online stash of hacked documents. taken together they proved that hundreds of flights had transported weapons from balkan states such as well gary and serbia 2 conflict zones. many were paid for by the pentagon. at least you have any idea of who the perpetrators are among the papers where and uses certificates a kind of contract between buyer and seller the buyers must confirm they will not transfer the weapons without informing the seller they are vital tool to stop the global spread of weapons according to the documents the and. special
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operations command but the weapons and that up are in the hands of terrorists in syria. but she says the seller bulgaria bears responsibility to know when garia as a country. informant that our weapons and up in warsaw and in countries which are on that embargo we should stop our image at their exports. since their discovery the documents have been verified by international experts. so what is bulgaria's position on these exports. the government declined to come and so we turn to the only bulgarian official prepared to speak to us it is possible to say that is the best look at mice in the world stephan board and the chair of the co-president of the association of bulgaria and defense industries. of this world is possible to destroy tank
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on political because most of its members export arms to the middle east and he shows us some of the nice defense products they have to develop for private and government clients. we want to know if bulgaria is at fault when the u.s. special operations command or so-called passes the weapons on. as a member of the e.u. bulgaria is required to stick to the arms control treaties many of the contracts are fulfilled with the americans putting so as end user but it is known that the weapons are going to syria if you receive and use it for their country who is with a good reputation. it is impossible to say i don't like to see you sell you this it is not responsible for boy or country it is possible for the country who make
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this and use it you make the do you or the state who is good reputation after that say. much the have a job on. the hill is growing evidence that this flow of weapons is having unintended consequences. analyst have found heavy machine guns rockets and even missile systems from bulgaria and romania in the hands of ice. it is now estimated that over a 3rd of all weapons used by the group in syria and iraq women have captured in eastern europe. so are u.s. arms exports inadvertently empowering the terrorists. in london a group called conflict armament research carried out detailed analysis into how i still has obtained its weapons. are allowed i'm james bevan is the
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executive director. the vast majority of weapons a marked kalashnikov almost always on the left hand side of the receiver and they have a serial number. 7 spends much of his time in the middle east documenting recovered weapons. most have been captured by iceland battles from their enemies including weapons taken from rebel groups equipped by the us. to date conflict armament research has used serial numbers to trace 40000 items. is qana transfers have introduced weapons which they didn't previously have access to and that's a positive 1st for the air france attack of a city. this is an r.p.g. 7 launcher designed in 1940 s. but some of the rockets which they've acquired this tends to be through the u.s. trying and quick program of the tandem rockets which basically converts the 1940s
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weapon system into something that can defeat a modern tank so weapon that was supplied by the us government may well end up being pointed at u.s. soldiers yes absolutely serious blowback there are serious buyback. but not all of weapons were captured in battle a significant number were handed to iceland by friendly fighters from u.s. equipped groups says the missile from an anti tank guided weapon system its transfer history is production in bogus area gets transferred across to one of the syrian opposition forces is then diverted to islamic state we pick it up less than 2 months after i left the factory door once more it's a weapon manufactured in bulgaria by v.m.s. that bought by the pentagon by a private contractor if you supply weapons to non-state actors you have very little control over what happens to those weapons particularly in
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a situation like syria. our request to the u.s. department of defense for an interview was declined but we did get a statement saying america's partner forces are vetted and that the final use of the weapons list checked. meanwhile u.s. support for rebel groups in syria continues. and to defeat eisel america has chosen a new ally the president authorizes a partner defense to equip kurdish elements of the syrian democratic forces as necessary to ensure a clear victory over isis in iraq or syria. but kurdish rebel forces have their own territorial interests and a new front has opened in a region already fractured by womb. in a recent escalation to u.s. allies turkey and the kurds have been pointing guns at one another. and more lives are taken every single day. to spread of weapons is
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a global problem and even more so if exporting countries avoid accountability. it looks ugly it sounds ugly and scares people from america's high streets to mexico's on the world record holder to the side and who controls the other side people in power follows the smuggling route and test the ease of acquiring untraceable weapons on american soil the weapon that was designed for war and it took you about 5 minutes to buy a measure to america's guns arming mexico's cartel on al jazeera congressman are you interested in stopping crime. set in the discussions police in cape town has struggled to regain steadily down by examining the headlines now under president
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putin russia is making a push to engage explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire me but. it's almost 2nd nature and i also know what they see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera in an exclusive series of documentaries i was born into a very ordinary japanese family al-jazeera shows 5 different stories i am just too excited to focus on anything else right now from 5 different countries it was really really i wanted it but i was most importantly it was with the one journey no one in my family has ever been to mecca this is the joyful location the road to has an al-jazeera. i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents and this is mean.
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by them both isis and the us of. the 2nd of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable family. the father the son and the jihad cartoon on al-jazeera. they are very anti jewish and they're very anti israel. donald trump welcomes israel's unprecedented decision to block the entry of 2 u.s. congresswomen. sam is a dam this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up cleared to sail gibraltar
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releases and the rainy and oil tanker the us isn't happy. watering down climate language pacific island leaders accuse a stray of forcing a robust response to the challenge. and where in the home of tango to see who's dancing their way to the top of the world championships. now israel has banned 2 us democratic party congresswoman from visiting because of what it describes as the boy calls activities against israel. to tell a would do to be in the occupied west bank and east jerusalem this weekend john 100 fold from washington d.c. . president donald trump's feud with congressional democrats just crossed
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international boundaries with 2 democratic house members planning a trip to israel in the occupied west bank trump urged israel to ban them from entry they are very anti jewish and they're very anti israel i think it's disgraceful that they safe said that they've become the face of the democrat party i can't imagine why israel would let them in a thursday morning tweet to that effect from trump is apparently all it took for israel to reverse its earlier position barring ill hand omar and rashida to leave from entering the country. israel's prime minister cited their support of a boycott of israel and we are not willing to admit into israel those who call for the boycott of the state of israel and act to be legitimized the state of the jews trump successful effort to pressure israel is the latest salvo in his battle with the squad for democratic women of color in congress. omar fired back saying it is an affront that israeli prime minister netanyahu under pressure from president trump would deny entry to representatives of the u.s.
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government trumps muslim band is what israel is implementing this time against 2 duly elected members of congress there's a long standing tradition in u.s. politics that however contentious things are at home u.s. presidents do not enlist allies abroad to target political opponents but trump has never been bound by conventional politics. the president has said the 4 members of the squad should go back to their countries even though 3 of them were born here in the u.s. that hasn't stopped crowds at his rallies from chanting send her back. the unprecedented ban on to members of the u.s. congress was widely condemned by democrats and republicans in congress alike by the palestine liberation organization this is. unacceptable it said that an insult to the american people even the pro israel american israel public affairs committee joined in saying in
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a statement that while the group disagrees with the congresswoman every member of congress should be able to visit an experience our democratic ally israel 1st hand with both trump and netanyahu facing upcoming elections the temptation to team up against a common adversary was apparently too great to pass up john hendren al-jazeera washington. after making his remarks about the congresswoman president trump began his 9th campaign rally of the year this time in new hampshire he narrowly lost the state hillary clinton in 2016 election and of the recent on the back of recent mass shootings in el paso and daytona president addressed gun violence claiming mental illness. we are working very hard to make sure we keep guns out of the hands of insane people and those who are mentally sick and shouldn't have gone way. but people have to remember however that there
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is a mental illness problem that has to be dealt with. it's not the gun that posed the trigger it's not the person holding the gun the iraq white house correspondent kimberly has been following the rally in new hampshire. donald trump once again pointed to mental illness and as the cause for so many about shootings in the united states and speaking to reporters out at his rally in manchester new hampshire donald trump said that his administration is working hard to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill he also suggested that it may be time for the united states to rebuild or build again mental institutions to help give those who are mentally ill support once again donald trump also brought up the point that it is necessary perhaps to take guns out of the hands of those who might be unstable
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the so-called red flag laws that he has talked about in recent days and weeks double troubles message here in new hampshire otherwise was was largely economic and this is what we expect all trouble will frame his reelection campaign on touting what he says is a strong economy creating jobs falter acknowledge there are many people in the united states who doug do not like him but he characterized what the 2020 u.s. election will look like basically it's a choice of jobs and a bigger paycheck or the alternative he says his democratic opponents he told his supporters here about chester you may don't like me but you have no choice but to support me. and the rainy and super tanker could set sail with any time out the gibraltar supreme court ruled it should no longer be detained a grace one was seized off the british territory last month its crew suspected of breaking even sanctions by taking or oil to syria iran has denied those allegations
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calling the tension an act of piracy and or simmons reports from gibraltar. the grace warner and co of gibraltar its panamanian registration changed yet the iranian flag still not in place it's thursday the start of the 43rd and final day of its detention but a major legal twist on shore in the gibraltar supreme court had a judge seeming somewhat baffled and the crew on board wondering if they'd ever get away the attorney general's legal team had a plan to release the supertanker but only hours before that was supposed to happen the u.s. department of justice asked for the detention to be extended instead the case was adjourned for 5 hours a lawyer for 3 of the crew including the captain couldn't see any reason for the detention to continue we've taken advice from 2 q. sees in london specialists on sanctions and a criminal specialist for what we could tell them their advice was there was no
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breach of sanctions. as confusion spread from the courtroom grace one remained on her just as she has been since july the 4th 28 crewmembers on board 4 of them the captain and 3 officers were released on bail their passports were handed back ahead of the u.s. approach to the calls. made to the court was in session again this time the judge threw out the approach from the u.s. department of justice and granted the attorney general's request for grace one to leave gibraltar's waters the government's chief minister says iran had given a cast iron guarantee the. race war would not deliberate 2100000 barrels like crude oil to syria he hails the actions of gibraltar as a triumph maybe one of the most successful sanctions busts in history not just in the context of the serious sanctions by the european union because we've deprive the assad regime of $140000000.00 at today's value of crude oil and what would you
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say if all of the oil did end up in syria after all well there's a commitment in writing to say that it won't and it won't look good on the islamic republic of iran that said something in writing and then does the opposite. and so what iran had described as piracy and gibraltar along with the u.k. calls a major breach of e.u. sanctions on syria appears to be ending now as grace one prepares to leave gibraltar's waters all eyes are on the u.s. now to see what if anything can do to stop this iranian voyage hundreds simmons' al-jazeera gibraltar. south korea's military says north korea has fired 2 projectiles from its eastern coast into the sea they had an altitude of 30 kilometers and traveled 230 kilometers it's the 6th test in about 3 weeks earlier this month north korean leader kim jong il novus or similar launches he said venda
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tests were a warning to the u.s. and south korea over their joint military drills emotions have been running high in the pacific islands as national leaders debate climate change the prime minister of tolerant portably in tears in one meeting of the talks fell short of what many hoped for foreign brings together leaders of island nations from across the pacific nation. but negotiations to draft an official statements on climate change targets nearly collapsed twice pushback against calls for greater action in the discussions were said to be frank and fierce the talks took nearly 12 hours eventually reaching a reluctant agreement. just a while ago to valerie's prime minister and then they stopped wanting to shed some insight into their discussions we were exchanging fleury language not swearing but. but of course you know expressing the
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the concerns of leaders and i was really happy with the exchange of it was frank prime minister morrison of course stated his positions stated my position of the leaders we need to save these people the premise of tom actually cried in the retreat you know. the leader of dong actually shed tears in front of the leaders i understand the sensitivity to these issues particularly where we're standing and and and i showed respect towards that in my engagements it's not just about the strike is a commie. it's about. it's about how australia can continue to provide the support that we do across the pacific region when we have the biggest investor in the pacific's development and protection of any nation on the planet we invest 1.4 $1000000000.00 in the region every year that's the highest it's ever been under my
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government. joseph my own a calio is the head of the pacific region at greenpeace he calls the forum statement a monumental fabian and says feelings about climate change run deep in the pacific islands. it's very much extension existing to a lot of people will talk about climate change and it's kind of this far off thing that might happen whereas in the pacific it's our daily reality now it means that many of our communities are having to decide with it to be able to stay on their interest or homes will have to leave florida and i don't know if you can really fully grasp that until you can really feel the dread what it would be like to leave your homeland for you about the other thing is you know.


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