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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 17, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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to marty there are 2 things there would be minimal as i said was that india is committing to a shoe being a bilateral issue one that should be resolved by law actually he repeated what they mean government has been saying that india is standing by the similar agreement in that was signed back in 1972 and in that sense try to lead to rest any pakistani apprehensions of his apprehensions about india walking away from resolving the issues and treating the issue as a bilateral issue so there was there were there was a regeneration there. if you look at it all or all the impression of the indian and doesn't try to give was that walks the chinese ambassador and the pakistani ambassador said before him was actually not the accurate picture of what happened inside the meeting he also said that if there are any fears that the chinese or the pakistanis may have about any action so to say that india might be planning in pakistan i've missed me then there was no such thing india is not planning any such actions just yet and this is something that india's foreign minister also clarified
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to his chinese counterpart earlier all in all the indian our officials are pretty happy because at the end of the day there was no official statement there was a meeting that rather that meeting did not take place bought because there was no statement and they believe that the influential members of the united nations security council stood by india they're pretty satisfied as well right and i'm told the whole issue of of the human rights of the people of india of mrs administered kashmir is one of the key issues india had promised prime minister movie in fact it promised to be to gradually lift the restrictions on the region and its people what's happened. well what we've seen is restrictions have sort of these in a vehicle civil lines in srinagar in india administered. this is the area where the who's who live in downtown which is where we've traditionally seen protests. we've
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learned that perceptions have not yet been easy how ever will the chief secretary of. again in india institution has said that the restrictions will be eased from 2 more onward to tomorrow land lines opening according to the chief secretary however again not a phone connection or internet and on monday schools would open government offices have sort of functioning the chief secretary said that this is promises we still need to keep an eye out on how and what these these restrictions are going to be easy as that happened we also saw hundreds of. gather to protest against the indian decision after friday prayers and later in the evening we saw that to the police officials had arrested 2 members one has been placed under house arrest and one has been detained and these politicians are from the congress party which is the leading opposition party in the country so. india administered kashmir that these 2 leaders were placed one on the house arrest and one under detention
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which the congress party has called a number of people to democracy and said that the these arrests act to the widespread arrest of the government has already made in this in this area and that sort of shows there that they though don't have respect for democracy or do not bore the about civil liberties. in new delhi thank you very much. that the u.n. security council has tried to resolve the kashmir issue for decades have been multiple resolutions the most important one requires a plebiscite to be held to determine the population's a legion so either india or pakistan but that was supposed to happen on the condition that pakistan who supported feiss in kashmir would withdraw india was also required to reduce troops to a minimum level and new delhi was asked to ensure all major parties in the kashmir region were involved in government affairs but in the 1950 s. india distanced itself from holding the vote because it said pakistani forces never
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left and kashmir has remained it is easy territory ever since right now we can speak to saturn and do me is a resident fellow at the american enterprise institute is joining us from washington d.c. thanks very much indeed for talking to us. how significant is it the fact that the u.n. security council has had before it for the 1st time in almost half a century the very issues of disputed kashmir and furthermore the fact that they couldn't even seem to agree on issuing a statement urging restraint on both sides. you know i mean let me start by saying that there is tremendous domestic pressure of course in both india and pakistan to come out of this being seen as victors i would say that from a pakistani perspective it's probably significant that the u.n. did mention it as you said this is not something that has come up before the u.n. security council in any way shape or form for many decades so the fact that it was mentioned at all sort of if nothing else counts a minor p.r.
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will win for pakistan but if you look at it substantively i would have to say the indians would be quite pleased to 1st of all the fact that this was just a consultation it wasn't a more sort of serious sort of meeting and then secondly the fact that the pakistanis seem to have only got the support of china and obviously china is a very significant country but there doesn't seem to be any appetite whether it's from the us or russia or france or any of the other major powers to really get into this dispute at this time well and so far as sort of a certain segment of internationalization of this is concerned so you're going to respect my point are i say that this seems to be quite pleased with this in new delhi right just saying that the major powers don't seem to want to get involved with the chinese are the ones who pushed for these consultations to be held and furthermore the chinese laid on the table as as after the meeting exactly what their interests is is in the kashmir region because of course they control and know
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them part of the territory. but that's my whole point there's only one power the chinese are the chinese significant of course they are the 2nd most powerful country in the world but if you look at the bulk of the sentiment if you look at what we're hearing from other global capitals there doesn't seem to be an architect but this would be a much more serious situation if it were if the chinese were joined by other major countries we have not seen that sudden and what about the news the iran has had a telephone conversation with donald trump it was remember when when was making his visit to washington the the 1st mention of donald trump offering his his services as a mediator came up some suggest that might have been what precipitated this whole crisis however the fact that he's had another conversation with donald trump and remember that there are only going talks about afghanistan in which pakistan plays
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a significant role doesn't that give him rank and leverage perhaps to bring in the great power of the united states. it's certainly possible we have not seen any evidence of that since trump's gaffe in the white house when iran one was visiting last month so far the statements we've seen from that from washington seem sort of stick to the traditional u.s. position which is that kashmir is something that india and pakistan should resolve bilaterally now of course privately i'm sure that there would be sort of all kinds of diplomatic work going on between the u.s. and both india and pakistan but the official u.s. position has not changed the president of course is quite unpredictable you never know what he might say but as of now i don't see any change in the u.s. position and i don't see any likelihood off the u.s. wanting to jeopardize its relationship with india over this matter right well i'm just bring you the latest line we're hearing that that telephone conversation
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between a man can and donald trump apparently president trump told the pakistan prime minister that it was important to india and pakistan reduce tensions and and that the medium for doing this is through true dialogue i mean that sounds very much as a president trump if indeed this is to be believed is taking the indian position. well it's not just the indian position but that's been the u.s. position for at least 20 years you know since the kargil conflict the u.s. of course like to see this resolved as would many other countries but the u.s. does not feel that they're getting involved or they're playing a mediating role are is going to sort of lead to that resolution but it's certainly something that would give the indians much more sure than the pakistanis and i think that for pakistan the sort of you know the issue really is that there's very it has a very weak diplomatic hand if you look around the islamic world to the saudis
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haven't supported them the u.a.e. has supported india a lot of that has to do with the economic disparities between the country but the pakistanis can take sort of from 2 issues one is the fact that any it was discussed at all and secondly that this has got a lot of global attention you know the fact is that we are discussing this at length on your channel and i've been on many many other channels over the last week so it's certainly true that the kashmir issue has been internationalized in that sense in the media sense but in terms of pakistan's diplomatic effort at least at this stage you know 10 days after india's move that does not seem to have paid very many dividends satin and do him a really good churchy thank you very much indeed. we've got a lot more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including a u.s. congresswoman rejects israel's offer to visit her family. spreads in the d.r. see 2 people test positive after traveling from the epicenter of the outbreak. and
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in sports one of the biggest names in u.s. major sport has a lucky escape after his plane is involved in a crash. and iranian super tanker that was seized by british forces last month is preparing to leave gibraltar by sunday the supremes court in the british territory ordered its release on thursday a new crew is on board the ships got a new name and it's sailing under the uranian flag after its registration was switched from panama under simmons has more from off the coast of to process. its $44.00 days now since the super tanker was seized grace warm as it was known then but to look at it now there are no names anywhere on the ship and there's no iranian flag bearer panamanian flag was removed black paint was put on all the markings and then there was another lot of the ship was leaving and we heard the
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radio communications between the port and the captain of the ship the anchor was being lifted and then the reverse happened for no explanation whatsoever other than further radio communications in which the captain was given permission to put a platform at the stern of the ship to actually put up a new marking and also he got permission to leave he was asked when he was leaving and he got permission to leave on sunday evening whether or not that's observe the could easily be another communication of any time the ship is free to go. it's named as. adrian. the all the indication systems we've looked at still neighbors grace warm and the destination is a mediterranean no release of any destination from any source right now to both a government is adamant that iran's claims that they're free to go anywhere.
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amount to nothing other than political messaging and they say that they have won over this whole issue of the e.u. sanctions on syria the chief minister has communicated with all institutions now statements being put out the evidence has been passed on to the you that this was a successful operation to defy an attempt to breach. the brother of the afghan taliban leaders being killed in a blast at a mosque in southwestern backus town it happened in the town of could in the troubled baluchistan province that's a region seen regular violence in recent years. was the younger brother of the high but. at least 4 more people were killed dozens of others were wounded so far no one's claimed responsibility. the u.s. democratic congresswoman rashida says she will not visit her grandmother in the occupied west bank despite receiving permission from israel israel's interior
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minister says she would have been allowed on humanitarian grounds if she agreed not to call for a boycott on israel whilst there but the congresswoman maintains she won't be silenced and treated like a criminal israel's deputy foreign minister said she'd be banned after lobbying efforts by president trump. from washington d.c. . the u.s. president donald trump has not commented sense the michigan congresswoman marsha telly has decided not to go to the occupied west bank to visit with her grandmother and other members of her extended family on friday to put out a statement saying that her initial decision to accept a visa on humanitarian grounds it doesn't was undercutting the very reason why she chose to run for the us congress to stand up for the rights of those whose rights
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have been oppressed she said that she could not live with herself even though she very much had wanted to spend time with her 90 year old grandmother and with other members of her extended family this prompted an immediate response from the israeli interior ministry which accused a leap of essentially trying to play the visa application process for political gain here in the united states the israeli government recently enacted a law that bans those supporters of the b.d.s. movement or boycott divest sanctions movement from visiting israel or the occupied west bank but because of her status as a member of congress and because she had promised that she would not discuss politics while in the occupied west bank the interior ministry had decided on thursday to give to leave a visa to visit her family is involved the riot police have injured protests as who
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are complaining about the high cost of living running battle started in the capital harare after the high court dismissed an opposition attempt to overturn a ban on the demonstrations very much asa has more from harare. what was meant to be a protest over the economy turned into chaos police in zimbabwe had banned the demonstration saying they were expecting violence and making some opposition supporters were armed a high court justice. it's an application by the opposition movement for democratic change to overturn the ban opposition leaders then called off the march but some of the supporters were defiant saying they had a democratic right to demonstrate in a show of force pride please remind people what happens in a country with a history of brutally silencing voices of dissent. in boys not free where are we going as a country we're suffering we're hungry we can't afford to send our children to school. but every time the police dispersed the crowd some of them kept
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trying to come back some opposition supporters are refusing to disperse so riot police are slowly trying to push them back the aim is to get them out of the city center the police fear that if people are to stay in this area they could be looting and damage to property many zimbabweans blame president was government economic mismanagement soaring inflation rising food prices and growing unemployment they say they want an end to their misery and to be heard every road leading into iraq is good police stops they have thousands and thousands of people that are stopping people come come from our. food was just in our whole thing they're marching along nelson mandela of a somewhat of much of a can of count as being in a position of opposition to parliament it doesn't last for more than one hour but the principle of it has been stopped much of harare city center was unusually quiet
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on friday shops and businesses were closed many people stayed home fearing violence president says fixing the economy will take time and that's the need to be patient but it seems for some patience is running out. so to come here and. people are taking their lives into their own hands trying to cross into the us through school temperatures. tank and get the best sounds from around the world gathering but inside us. india's cricket cage is given a new lease of life son and will have the details installed. hello again welcome back we are cross parts of turkey we have seen some thunderstorms
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brewing in the afternoon across parts of the black sea you can see those clouds right there we're going to start to see those systems making their way a little bit more towards the east towards the caspian but down towards the south in syria we are looking at temperatures into the mid thirty's beirut at 30 degrees in jerusalem here on saturday at about 29 degrees few a little bit further towards the south into kuwait city temperatures are a little bit cooler than what they had been we expect to see 43 degrees as your high on sunday well here cross the gulf last few days been quite humid in the morning but going to see some better conditions as we go towards saturday a little bit drier not too much though 43 degrees are expected high as we go towards mecca though it is going to be a warm day at $45.00 but over towards that we do expect to see some a nice conditions few with a temperature of $25.00 degrees and then very quickly across parts of southern africa we are dealing with some clouds and some coastal clouds here across much of the cape eastern cape as well durban is expected to see a high of 21 degrees with winds coming out of the south capetown
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a little bit warmer a few at 20 but plenty of sun across much of the interior with her 25 degrees here on saturday may be getting a little bit cooler on sunday but johannesburg a very nice day for you at 21. it looks ugly and sounds ugly and scares people from america's high streets to mexico's on the wilds we control the seaside and who controls the other side people in power follows the smuggling route and test the ease of acquiring untraceable weapons on american soil the weapon that was designed for war and it took you about 5 minutes to buy it moves you to america's guns arming mexico's cartel on al jazeera congressman are you interested in stopping crime. we're talking about ivory poachers who have decimated populations of elephants in africa they almost always shipped the ivory out of a different country from where it was poached because that's where you start your
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search looking in the wrong place this radiocarbon dating method tell us their trade ivory is that people are not then we have a place we can focus law enforcement on take those out and perhaps choke the source of the ivory from tantrums and take no at this time on al jazeera. let's have a look at the top stories here and they are jazeera news the crisis in indian administered kashmir has been the subject of a un security council meeting for the 1st time in almost 50 years the 5 members failed the 15 members failed to agree on
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a statement over the dispute the region has been under virtual lockdown for 12 days after new delhi revoked its autonomy the meeting was requested by china. and iranians able to seize by british forces last month is preparing to leave gibraltar at least by sunday this is green cotton. the british territory ordered its release on thursday a new crew is on board in the ship's got a new name. police in zimbabwe have beaten up demonstrators who were protesting against the high cost of living running battles started in the capital harare after high court judges dismissed an opposition attempt to overturn a ban on the demonstrations. the largest anti-government protests in hong kong have now started in the 11th week. demonstrators have gathered in a central city park to voice. china's control of the former british territory the protests were triggered in june but her presence law which would have allowed for
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the extradition of suspects to mainland china they grew into a wider revolt democracy and the resignation of the chief executive caroline hoda abdel-hamid has more. this is a rally attended mainly by student the banner here being power to people liberate home kong the revolution of our time we haven't seen any scenes of violence we haven't seen any police presence and actually organizers right at the beginning of this rally hold up under protest just to remain peaceful now the message coming out of here is slightly different the protesters wanting to reach out to the outside world mainly the western world and they have their sort of asking the u.k. parliament to say that china has breached the city no british joint declaration of 1984 which actually hammered the status of hong kong and the autonomy or
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relative autonomy aid has from beijing and it's also calling on the u.s. congress and the u.k. parliament to consider in acting some sort of legislation which would pave the way to impose some sanctions on some members of the government here they didn't name it but many would tell you that the basically they're talking about kerry lam the chief executive of hong kong and some other members of the government now called kong is gearing up for a weekend of many rallies and protests about 5 of them are scheduled you have people who will be all industries because they support beijing but the bigger rallies would be of the of the of the pro-democracy. protesters sunday is a key day thousands and tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people expected at 10 that rally of dorothy's have not given the permission for any
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marches citing the fact that there have been these scenes of violence unfolding on the streets well meanwhile the chief executive of hong kong's biggest airline has resigned after cathy pacific employees were sacked and suspended for taking part in the protests this week kathy's board said hold needed to be replaced because the airline's commitment to safety and security had been called into question china's leaders warned employees not to take part in the protests which closed the airport and grounded hundreds of flights. north korea has rejected further reunification talks with the south saying the suggestion is foolish a government spokesman in pyongyang made the announcement before the latest ballistic missile test the firing of 2 short range weapons into the sea of japan on friday is the 6 tests in the past month north korea says is angered by the south latest military drills with the
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united states president to mean jay in says the momentum for dialogue with the north is however still alive. each object i pledge to solidify the foundation so that we can successfully host the joint 2032 pyongyang lympics instant tool in the world is one korea by achieving peace and unification by 2045 which will mark the 100th anniversary of liberation. and one of the world's biggest capital cities will be moving soon if the president of indonesia has his way joker widodo is appealing to m.p.'s to back his plan to leave to carter is proposing a new capital in kalimantan that's on the island of borneo this is been debated for decades but with sea levels rise in jakarta could be submerged by 2050. at least 15 people have been killed in a series of attacks in northern miramar armed groups of launch rockets at an elite
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military college in shan state several soldiers were killed the northern alliance claimed responsibility for the killings and said it was responding to recent army action in the region ebola has spread to a new part of the democratic republic of congo the 1st 2 cases have been confirmed in south kivu doctors say a 24 year old woman and her child contracted the virus imbedding that's in north kivu they then traveled 700 kilometers by bus to. that's in south kivu and that's where they tested positive the mother died last there's a almost 2800 people have been infected during this latest ebola outbreak and more than 1800 have died larkham webb has more from nairobi. the 2 new cases a woman and the child other 1st cases in the south kivu province the woman died on
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tuesday and was subsequently identified positively as an abode of patient now her journey began in beni which is the epicenter of the about her outbreak which started a year ago he traveled by bus and then my boat she traveled through 2 densely populated urban centers firstly the city of goma on the north shores of lake key which has a population of about 2000000 and we 1st saw a bowl of cases there last month and she traveled by boat to the city because of you on the south shores of lake kivu we haven't yet seen any apolo cases there and if you travel to a remote village in south kivu province now this is more than 700 kilometers from where the outbreak started about a year ago more than 800 people have died since then in spite of a very effective vaccine and some recently reported successes of drugs used to treat patients if they caught early enough it's clear that the government still
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struggling to control the spread of this about the bird outbreak. president trump has spoken about the recent mass shootings in the united states but he has a really responded to the criticism that his fall to easy to get a gun the white house correspondent kimberly hackett has been at the president's latest campaign rally i will never ever let you down that i can tell. speaking in new hampshire his 1st time before supporters since the mass shootings in dayton and el paso donald trump blamed the people he says are behind us gun violence there is a mental illness problem that has to be dealt with. it's not the gun the polls the trigger it's the person holding the gun we're going to have to give major consideration to building new facilities for those in need we have to deal absent from trucks message the suggestion of universal background
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checks something polls show a majority of us voters support truck narrowly lost the state of new hampshire in the 2016 u.s. election but he's fighting for it in 2020 boasting of creating jobs and boosting wages claiming any one of the democratic candidates running for president would change that a vote for any democrat in 2020 years a vote for the rise of radical socialism and the structure the destruction of the american dream so whether you love me or hate big they got to vote for me. no no no i don't have no idea but democratic protesters outside terms rally say he hasn't kept his promises in 2016 he pledged to hold opioid overdoses ravaging the state since taking office there's been just a modest reduction in deaths he promised new hampshire specifically is going to take care of the opioid crisis i'm sorry can you point to one thing came to us. in
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new hampshire trouble of adding 20000 jobs and dropping the state's unemployment rate to just 2.5 percent supporters say it's those numbers that will help trump win reelection in this politically divided state on his grip on employment. and. people hampshire recognized but trump's democratic rivals are challenging his record on the economy and making a big push for votes in new hampshire poll so a majority of americans are tired of donald rather wrecking constituting yet some 7 still support of the strong u.s. economy but reports of a looming recession could spell trouble for trump can really help al jazeera manchester new hampshire. where the gun control debate in the us is pretty much a cluster of cultures between rural areas where gun ownership is common and the big
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cities that are concerned about crime and mass shootings a survey by the pew research center reveals 30 percent of american adults say they own a gun whether the owners or not americans have brought exposure to. firearms nearly half of all adults say they grew up in a household with guns and 44 percent knows someone who's been shot most gun owners say they use weapons for protection others said they collectors all they use them for hunting has been to needles that's a small town on the california arizona border. needles california sizzles in the mojave desert where summer temperatures top $49.00 degrees celsius and the meandering colorado river provides a little relief it's a conservative gun toting trump supporting town at the edge of liberal trump loathing california where new more restrictive state gun laws have recently gone
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into effect that's rankled local so much that the city council took the unusual step of declaring needle's a sanctuary city we kind of want to get their attention with the sanctuary city. this shooting range is just across the river in arizona where gun laws are much more lenient californians who want to purchase ammunition here are subject to expensive restrictions under california law gun shop owners say the rules don't make sense because if there's a will there's a way if they want to get it they will across the u.s. states that have tightened up their gun laws in response to crime and mass shootings find their efforts effectively neutralized by neighboring states with lax gun rules the teenager who killed 3 people at the gilroy california garlic festival
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in july used an a k 47 style semiautomatic weapon purchased legally in nevada he wasn't old enough to buy one in california the research is pretty clear that states with restrictive gun laws how many rower gun homicide rate however that doesn't stop people from still traveling interstate with farms taking and weapon that's legal in one area to another state were illegal because we don't have border tracks from state to state officials in needles want an exemption from state laws so that residents can buy bullets in arizona they say it's too inconvenient to buy ammunition in the nearest california gun shops which are hundreds of kilometers away they also want pistol packing neighbors from arizona to be allowed to carry their weapons openly when visiting needles which is prohibited they don't want to unload they don't want to leave their weapon at home the color here and eat. the
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messy patchwork of state laws is another reason why gun control advocates say congo .


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