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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 17, 2019 11:00am-11:35am +03

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as are refusing to disperse riot police are slowly trying to push them back the aim is to get them out of the city center the police fear that if people are to stay in this area they could be looting and damage to property many zimbabweans blame president government for economic mismanagement soaring inflation rising food prices and growing unemployment they say they want an end to their misery and to be heard every road leading into iraq is good police stops they have thousands and thousands of people that are stopping people come come from all we asked for was just an hour. they're marching along nelson mandela of a somewhat of much of a can of kind of being in a position of opposition to parliament it doesn't last for more than one hour but the critically it has been stopped much of harare city center was unusually quiet on friday shops and businesses were closed many people stayed home fearing violence president says fixing the economy will take time and that zimbabweans need to be
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patient but it seems for some patience is running out. and zimbabwe's main opposition leader says that is m.d.c. party backed down from anti-government protests to avoid bloodshed we don't want to . be blood in the street want to walk on. to there is a crisis we're going to resolve the crisis and so the united nations is a government to stop its crackdown on peaceful protesters. state authorities have a duty to ensure people's rights to freedom of expression and to facilitate and protect the right to peaceful assembly in addition we urge the senate when reviewing the maintenance of peace an order bill which is passing through the parliament now really urge them to protect the essential democratic freedoms of
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peaceful assembly and demonstration by ensuring the bills compliance with the zimbabwean constitution was about was economy as mired in the worst crisis in a decade the price of almost everything is ballooned inflation last month doubled to 175 percent the cost of a loaf of bread has almost doubled and the top of butter costs now around $17.00 violent protests broke out earlier this year after a sharp price hike in fuel there is a shortage of water and power with widespread blackouts that can last up to 19 hours a day and $5000000.00 people are in need of urgent food aid with half of them on the brink of starvation cheaper than there is an assistant professor of african studies at wellesley college in massachusetts she says the harsh response by the police has emboldened the opposition to continue with protests. i think that the government is going to continue the a strategy of using violence against protesters so what i think what we've seen
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this afternoon is an indicator of what we should expect to hear overnight in the past the government has been very good it abducting people and beating up people during the night so i dissipate that we hear reports of that tomorrow but i also think that they've just emboldened the opposition to demand more protests so if they had allowed the opposition to protest today for an hour or 2 hours or whatever the opposition was demanding and you for whatever reason the opposition had had leuer 10 hours i think the opposition might not have been as much of a to continue planning protests around the country so what i've heard is that the opposition is now planning to have a protest on monday in la you and around other cities in zimbabwe so i think the opposition is feeling very strong that they need to continue sending a message to the world that look this is a government that doesn't allow us to protest and when we do go out to protest they respond we you know
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a heavy handedness we unjustified violence i think the problem is that both sides have their own interests so they are up a little parties so you know the they have to choose a particular language i think the president has not been gentle when in his head calls i think what he was trying to do is to sort of give the leading opposition. a meaningless position to say we met and so now you should tell your supporters to back down into stop demanding things from us whereas i think the opposition is also asking for a lot what they are asking for is for the president to completely step down so i think they have to meet each other halfway and so now i think the president is definitely in a one a because he is a security forces behaved very badly today i mean some people were really badly injured there's a woman was on the streets you know for a very long time and people are saying she's in critical condition. as of now i think it's up to the president to go to the opposition and say look we can't keep
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having people on the streets we have more blood and i had so what can we do to work together and i think the opposition if the. general when and if they're really doing this for the people then i think they should come back with you know demands and say look this is what we think we need for us to work together here with the news on al-jazeera still to come it both spreads to a new province in the democratic republic of congo as the outbreak continues to spiral. pacific island leaders are blasting australia for its stance on climate change. and india's cricket coach is given a new lease of life when have all the details a little later in the sport. the us isn't giving up its chase of the iranian oil tanker held for $43.00 days in jail brought to the department of justice has issued a warrant for the ship's arrest bus the vessel is now preparing to leave gibraltar
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by sunday after supreme court judges in the british territory ordered its release a new crew is on board and the supertanker is being given a new name it will now silence of the iranian flag after its registration was switched from panama as andrew simmons isn't just brutal. heading towards this renamed the registered ship $44.00 days after she was seized off the coast of gibraltar for identification systems still saying grace wong destination the mediterranean. as you can see there's nothing on the flagpole now the problem am flag has been removed apparently iranian flag will eventually arrive and down below there's no signage whatsoever to indicate what name this vessel has it is the adrian daria there was grace wong but no sign of it now and the navigation systems all of them indicates that it's still growing swonk so in
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terms of maritime law this vessel really has no visible identity i think easy to believe the media has been. if they look at the it then midway through friday afternoon came and i looked there was a transmission from the radio system on the bridge here to the port authority is asking for permission to leave that was granted but the anchor which was being in the process of being lifted suddenly went the other way and then came this radio transmission leading up to. the us sunday evening we should do but leave nothing. while this supertankers time still political messaging has been moving at a pace the iranian foreign ministry saying that it could sell its oil to anybody anywhere in syria needed boil and energy it wasn't going to syria in the 1st place
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you know so but there was a response from the gibraltar government saying that look at the facts that have been evidence it was going to syria not to be put to the cole was a written assurances by iran that it would not go there. what about the movements here at sea local media is reporting that 6 new crew members they may be offices that are said to include a new skipper are on their way to gibraltar and are likely to arrive on sunday which could fit the impression given by the radio exchanges between the port of the ship must be said the u.s. appears to be continuing its appeal to seize the tanker let's go live now to washington officer is john hendren has the latest for us john. this is a complicated story about an alleged effort by iran to move from iran to syria
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and as andrew simmons ably reported there the british government in your brawl to release that ship after concluding it would no longer go to syria the iranian government is said it never intended to go there but it could if it wanted well now the u.s. government on friday filed this this is filed in the u.s. district court in washington d.c. and it's a complaint saying that iran has violated u.s. sanctions as you may recall that 2015 nuclear agreement with many countries involved which the u.s. abandoned in 2018 after the u.s. pulled out of that the u.s. reinstituted old sanctions but dating way back to the 1977 added some new and so now the u.s. government is saying that what iran did in transferring this oil violates bank fraud laws money laundering laws and aid to terrorism laws all of those are under a u.s. law called the international emergency economic powers act of 1977 that the u.s.
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alleges in this claim better run try to use shell companies it tried to use the u.s. financial system all to transfer that oil and then a confidential informant says indeed that oil was destined for syria that iran disabled transponders on that ship those are transponders that ships use in international waters to tell each other where they are and ships of that size are required under in all international law to use those so according to the u.s. iran has said that that ship loaded up oil in basra iraq when in fact that was a falsified paper that in fact it loaded up oil in iran and that it was destined for syria so all of those things combined are being alleged in this u.s. allegation that iran violated laws. laws that try to restrict what iran can do in profiting from its oil industry and in aiding the islamic revolutionary guard corps
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that was aiding syria in this case of the us wants to seize that ship and it wants to forfeit both the ship and the $1000000000.00 worth of oil on it john many thanks indeed i was there was john hendren there live in washington thousands of women of march through the streets of mexico city demanding justice for 2 teenagers who they say were raped by police officers. on occasions of lead to outrage over the high rate of violence against women in mexico the 1st case involves a 17 year old who says she was raped by a group of policeman days later another teenager accused a police officer of raping her in a museum 6 office of have been suspended as possible the investigation the retrial of woman from el salvador who gave birth to a stillborn baby and was then charged with his murder has entered its 2nd day the case of evelyn hernandez to an international attention she was raped and delivered a stillborn baby in
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a public toilet saying she didn't know she was pregnant the supreme court overturned her initial 30 year jail sentence and ordered a retrial all salvator a strict laws on abortion and women who have miscarriages are often accused. the u.s. president is calling democratic congresswoman russia slaves rejection of a setup after she declined an offer by the israeli government to visit her family in the occupied west bank israel had initially banned her and fellow congresswoman . from making an official visit because of the support for a global boycott movement to leave requested a visa on humanitarian grounds to visit her grandmother promising not to mates but to make any political statement. it was pretty traumatic to go there when i had to deal with the state of israel and somebody to me they were asking. hey you know like my grandmother said i don't think you're free is a very i know you are my dream manifest and i don't want to come back here to teach
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you don't come here teach come is my country my friends are going to so proud it leaves relatives in palestine say they support how moved. the she would be the mushroom the bloom the seed the loafer she does visit to her homeland is under conditions we reject that it's for she does right as a palestinian to come and visit if family in country or for muslim jordan in washington. on friday put out a statement saying that her initial decision to accept a visa on humanitarian grounds in essence was undercutting the very reason why she chose to run for the us congress to stand up for the rights of those whose rights have been oppressed she said that she could not live with herself even though she very much had wanted to spend time with her 90 year old grandmother and with other members of her extended family this prompted an immediate response from the israeli interior ministry which accused the leap of
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a centrally trying to well play the visa application process for political gain here in the united states the israeli government recently enacted a law that bans those supporters of the b.d.s. movement or boycott divest sanctions movement from visiting israel or the occupied west bank but because of her status as a member of congress and because she had promised that she would not discuss politics while in the occupied west bank the interior ministry had decided on thursday to give to leave a visa to visit her family and weather update backs him on al-jazeera then cathay pacific flies into hong kong's political firestorm as the airline c.e.o. resigns over the protest control to see. a look at why people are taking their lives in their hands trying to cross into the u.s. through scorching heat. and rail madrid have already signed want to go back to go
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this summer but they might be off to another we'll hear from a coach a little later in sport. hello there still more rain across southern sections of china fairly persistent and we've seen some pretty strong downpours as well clear skies as you can see as we head further inland that is where the hot dry air will be so were 38 degrees celsius on saturday the same across in shanghai across the south this is where the rain really extends all the way from frankie right the way across towards taiwan now in shanghai the temperature not as hot on sunday but that's really because it's in cloud in the 4 calls elsewhere very little change still some very heavy amp assistant rainfall down towards the southeast we've got more plasma pushing across into northern areas of borneo clear skies across southern sections of thailand
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vietnam but that does come with the rain really throughout the weekend and what you will notice further to the south is actually the cloud on the rain pushing further to the north as we head into sunday so should be a dry couple of days into a k.l. in singapore 32 celsius there we could of course have an offer you shall from the storm but for the most part we won't be seeing the persistent rain that is still across in much of india now and for the next 24 we can see some heavy rain again across into rajastan northern go drought not as bad across is that western section and then as we go through sunday the rain very heavy further to the east andhra pradesh addition also to pull and very heavy rain across into bangladesh. the weather sponsored by qatar and. trust is fundamental to all our relationships we trust banks with our money talk to us without really. stop what it is to trust in a world to buy out. as more want to citizens and to trust by these complex piece of
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code the question that comes up. and we trust. the 1st of a 5 part series great question of the neutrality of digital. trust me i'm an algorithm on a job. with a big breaking news story can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions in your ear you're trying to provide the best most accurate up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off air on things thinking that you realize even witnessed history in the making.
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and i get is going to have you with us avery and for the good here in doha with the news hour from al-jazeera headlines there been more protests in kashmir of india's move to revoke the region's autonomy the un security council is how the emergency session to discuss the crisis but the closed door meeting didn't lead to a diplomatic breakthrough. riot police and zimbabwe have used tear gas and batons to disperse disperse hundreds of demonstrators are full court ruled against a planned opposition protest by the one people have been arrested for rallying against the wiser. cost of living and iranian tank seized by british forces last month is preparing to leave gibraltar by sunday supreme court judges in the british territory avoided the release of the grace one a new pru is on board the ship has a new name. the abode of virus has spread to
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a 3rd province of the democratic republic of congo the 1st 2 cases have been confirmed in south kivu doctors say the 24 year old woman and her baby contracted a bill in beni in north kivu considered the center of the virus outbreak they then traveled 700 kilometers by bus to be wanga in south kivu where they tested positive for a bowl of milk and web reports now from nairobi. the 2 new cases a woman and the child other 1st cases in the south kivu province the woman died on tuesday and was subsequently identified positively as an abode of patient now her journey began in beni which is the epicenter of the about her outbreak which started a year ago he traveled by bus and then my boat she traveled through 2 densely populated urban centers firstly the city of goma on the north shore of lake key which has a population of about 2000000 and we 1st saw a bowl of cases there last month and she traveled by boat to the city because of
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you on the south shores of lake kivu we haven't yet seen any apolo cases there and if you travel to a remote village in south kivu province now this is more than 700 kilometers from where the bowl outbreak started about a year ago more than 800 people have died since then in spite of a very effective vaccine and some recently reported successes of drugs used to treat patients if they caught it early enough it's clear that the government still struggling to control the spread of this about the bird outbreak. is a lecturer a molecular virology at lancaster university he says the risk of regional spread is high. the situation is not any different than other part of the country as well because many of the cases all are under determined under undetected therefore the chances that disease is still in the areas where there has not been reports is pretty high and especially in this case where 2 patient i've been. waiting in the
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country for a while from where the disease has been reported before they are highly likely for catching up this infection because in this particular white house it will know it is highly infectious and it can very easily transmit from any contaminated sources to any person who got in contact with when we talk about ebola like disease which is highly infectious and endemic in the country not only just picked up you takes on the vaccine would be a solution the challenge is bit more complex there's a relatively lack of community engagement overall commitment lack of ever notice at least $32.00 people are missing feared dead after a boat capsized in late keep 2 more than 70 passengers were on board the vessel the eastern shores of the democratic republic of congo emergency services in south kivu province so that at least 46 people were rescued 17 c.
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men were abducted went to merchant vessels came under attack in cameroonian waters in the gulf of guinea on thursday a port official says that 9 of the seamen are chinese and 8 the ukrainian. francis called for an immediate end to fighting in the syrian city of it lib the plea follows the death of a priest 14 people including children in an airstrike volunteers from the white helmets rescue group says that it say that it happened in the town of haas just south of the a group of people displaced by the violence was in the town when it was struck syrian troops have been on the offensive in and around it live since the end of april. as temperatures soar along the us mexico border asylum seekers face greater risks as they try to enter the u.s. in remote areas critics of president donald trump's hardline border policy say that they're pushing migrants to more dangerous routes of zeros heidi jocasta reports now from wells and you mexico. sand rocks and
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vast emptiness that she while one desert in the u.s. state of new mexico stretches hundreds of kilometers this is where groups of hundreds of migrants mostly families from central america have chosen to surrender themselves to the u.s. border patrol the question is why is a growing number of people choosing to cross in this hot and barren place last december a 7 year old girl died after journeying here more than 3000 kilometers with her father from water maula she was in u.s. border patrol custody her body temperature was more than 41 degrees it was a horrible thing that never should have happened. if the people hadn't been forced into the desert it would never michael sims works at the general store in the nearby town that had cheetah he says the u.s. border wall that guards urban areas and the greater number of border agents there
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lead migrants to cross in more remote places even so he says the migrants cause no trouble here he says trump calling this an invasion is wrong there was no invasion of people a lot of people say they came quietly they came. honestly as obviously is that good a few blocks away but neither and bob dens lawyers say they are worried about the number of people crossing so close to their home in those large groups who don't know how many of them are. criminals are part of a cartel coming through and trying to be part of that group to get into the country the married couple says like most americans who live in this politically conservative town they support trump's border policies so i feel he. is doing the best job he can do with what he's had to work with this is an ongoing problem that's been here for for years as the desert heat soars the number of migrants crossing the u.s.
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southern border has dropped to 72000 in july that's still much higher than previous years and the fear is more people will die in the attempt to castro al-jazeera antelope wells new mexico a spanish rescue ship with 100 $34.00 refugees and migrants on board remain stranded in the mediterranean as a political battle in room prevents it from docking 6 e.u. countries have offered to take in those on board after they were picked up off the coast of libya almost 2 weeks ago but the ship remains near the italian island of lampedusa after it was barred from docking by interior minister mateo so the he's ordered italian officials not to let people disembark. the chief executive of hong kong and lime cathay pacific has resigned amid controversy over stuff involvement in mass protests company's board said that group of the hold needed to be replaced because the airline's commitment to safety and security had been called into
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question china's aviation regulations are modded that staff who joined those supported protests be removed from flights through mainland this space earlier the company had said that it wouldn't dream of telling stuff what to think but 2 pilots were later sacked although the staff suspended well all the global companies are also getting caught up in the crossfire of hong kong's political crisis luxury fashion brands for saatchi coach and she felt she had been forced to apologize off to chinese social media users posted pictures of the brands t. shirts that didn't properly designate hong kong as part of china ryan patel is a senior fellow at claremont graduate university my colleague maryam the mozzie spoke with him earlier about all the ways the unrest in on kong is affecting companies you know the rules of engagement how to do business in china and in hong kong is changing now i mean there isn't a rulebook anymore and there is a lot of pressure because you really have 2 different consumer bases right you've got china you've got hong kong consumers on both sides and you have your employees
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so how do you really lay out for the hong kong businesses something that is not detrimental to your business as we've seen over the last 11 weeks has been this past week has been even more global attention and more pressure behind it so there is an effect that's already been going special the mom and pop businesses locally and the multinationals where they have to address this every day with their employees and how how to really react to this and to the consumers properly so they can ensue their products and services being still delivered on a on a on a high level basis. so you can always see this varies between from company to company but how how difficult is it for them or how do they make a decision like this is it purely based on. consumers and profit saw is it more about reputation. i actually i think the profits the last part of this because i think your mission and your goal pending on with a company is as you mentioned if it's a u.s. multinational u.k.
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multinational they will handle this differently you saw what happened with cas a cathay pacific c.e.o. stepping down which not something that without the protests that would actually happen you know you really have to think about your employees your consumers and understand what they want right i mean i don't think there's going to be a clear answer on either side but how do you really create a or rules and guidelines where people can force or pinion but still be in a way that doesn't affect the business i mean like i said the rules of engagement of business is now have changed in the in the climate that we've been living with you do have to address some of these concerns at the same time not trying to be too extreme to away from your values a series of rallies are planned across hong kong for saturday including one in support of the government on friday night thousands of students gathered in the central city park calling for the u.s. and britain to help with the fight for why the democracy teaches of organize the rally on saturday and one of the main processed groups plans i'm on last march on sunday al-jazeera is. in hong kong. to comb kong is gearing up for
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a weekend of many rallies and protests about 5 of them are scheduled you have people who will be on the streets because they simply want beijing but the bigger rallies would be the pro-democracy protesters sunday is a key day thousands and tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people expected to attend that rally authorities have not given the permission for any marches citing the fact that there have been these scenes of violence unfolding on the streets however ask anyone and they would tell you that they expect that some protesters would break away there is a bit of anxiety that we could see again. here in home. they have their resilience. making their voices heard.
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until they get what they want north korea is rejecting further talks with south korea and has fired 2 more short range missiles into the sea south korea's military says the missiles were launched on friday off the country's east coast it came after a government spokesman described the south korean president as impudent and said that into korean talks over south korea's president said the momentum for dialogue with the north was still alive despite worrying actions by pyongyang. i pledge to solidify the foundation so that we can successfully host the joint 2032 seoul pyongyang lympics and stand tall in the world as one korea by achieving peace and unification by 2045 which will mark the 100th anniversary of liberation. fiji's prime minister says the behavior of his surname counterpart is creating
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a diplomatic rift and pushing the pacific islands closer to china frank by me mariah was speaking to the guardian newspaper after leaders from 18 pacific nations spent the week meeting on the low lying islands of tuvalu they were hoping to produce a strong statement on climate change targets but again ca sions nearly collapsed twice and the resulting state that has been called watered down to vote as prime minister said that strongly a prime minister scott morrison was central to the disagreements. we were exchanging very much larry language not swearing but. but of course you know expressing the the concerns of leaders and i was very happy with the exchange of it was frank prime minister most then of course david is positions and i stated my positions of the leaders we need to save these people the prime minister of tom actually cried in the retreat did you know that.
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the leader of doma actually shed tears in front of the leaders i understand the sensitivity to these issues particularly where we're standing and and and i should respect towards that in my engagements it's not just about a streisand commie. it's about. it's about how strider achan continue to provide the support that we do across the pacific region when we have the biggest investor in the pacific's development and protection of any nation on the planet we invest 1.4 $1000000000.00 in the region every year that's the highest it's ever been under my government the gun control debate in the us is a clash of cultures between rural areas where gun ownership is common and big cities concerned about crime and by shootings a survey by the pew research center reveals that 30 percent. american adults say they own a gun whether their own as all most americans have broad exposure as
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a firearms they may hoff of all adults say they grew up in a household with guns 44 percent by someone who's been shot most governors set that they use weapons for protection rob reynolds reports now from needles a small town on the california arizona border. needles california sizzles in the mojave desert where summer temperatures top $49.00 degrees celsius and the meandering colorado river provides a little relief it's a conservative gun toting trump supporting town at the edge of liberal trump loathing california where new more restrictive state gun laws have recently gone into effect that's rankled local so much that the city council took the unusual step of declaring needles a sanctuary city we kind of want to get their attention with the sanctuary city.
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this shooting range is just across the river in arizona where gun laws are much more lenient californians who want to purchase ammunition here are subject to expensive restrictions under california law gun shop owners say the rules don't make sense because if there's a will there's a way if they want to get it they will across the u.s. states that have tightened up their gun laws in response to crime and mass shootings find their efforts effectively neutralized by neighboring states with lax gun rules the teenager who killed 3 people at the gilroy california garlic festival in july used in a k 47 style semiautomatic weapon purchased legally in nevada he wasn't old enough to buy one in california the research is pretty clear that states with restrictive gun laws how many rower gun homicide rate.


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