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tv   Whos Killing The Elephants  Al Jazeera  August 17, 2019 11:33am-12:01pm +03

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most americans have brought exposures and firearms to any hof of all adults say they grow up in a household with guns 44 percent of someone who's been shot most government has said that they use weapons for protection reynolds reports now from needles a small town on the california arizona border. needles california sizzles in the mojave desert where summer temperatures top $49.00 degrees celsius and the meandering colorado river provides a little relief it's a conservative gun toting trump supporting town at the edge of liberal trump loathing california where new more restrictive state gun laws have recently gone into effect that's rankled locals so much that the city council took the unusual step of declaring needles a sanctuary city we kind of want to get their attention with the sanctuary city.
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the shooting range is just across the river in arizona where gun laws are much more lenient californians who want to purchase ammunition here are subject to expensive restrictions under california law gun shop owners say the rules don't make sense because if there's a will there's a way if they want to get it they will across the u.s. states that have tightened up their gun laws in response to crime and mass shootings find their efforts effectively neutralized by neighboring states with lax gun rules the teenager who killed 3 people at the gilroy california garlic festival in july used in a k 47 style semiautomatic weapon purchased legally in nevada he wasn't old enough to buy one in california the research is pretty clear that states with restrictive gun laws how many rower gun homicide rate however
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that doesn't stop people from still traveling interstate with farms taking and weapon that's legal in one area to another state were illegal because we don't have border tracks from state. officials in needles want an exemption from state laws so that residents can buy bullets in arizona they say it's too inconvenient to buy ammunition in the nearest california gun shops which are hundreds of kilometers away they also want pistol packing neighbors from arizona to be allowed to carry their weapons openly when visiting needles which is prohibited they don't want to unload they don't want to leave their weapon at home to come over here and eat. the messy patchwork of state laws is another reason why gun control advocates say congress needs to change gun laws on a nationwide basis robert oulds al-jazeera needles california.
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but official autopsy has determined that jeffrey epstein's death was suicide by hanging the u.s. france who took his own life in his cell in manhattan on awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges 55 african elephants are killed each day for the ivory the illegal trade is being discussed in the wildlife protection conference in geneva campaigners are calling for sanctions against vietnam which is accused of being a hub for ivory trackers as ever he would records running wild and free for now at least while elephants aunt on the verge of extinction more countries could lose their herds altogether destruction of habitat complet with people over land and poaching threaten the elephant down a back street in hanoi the capital of vietnam the floor of a timber plant is strewn with elephant ivory the result of illegal poaching part from here but traded in. where it's possible to buy pretty much anything using your
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pose. one man told an undercover investigator from a group campaigning against the illegal wildlife trade how he's able to open his container full of ivory inside a customs compound standing next to officials who are supposed to stop him campaigners say more needs to be done to tackle the traffickers in vietnam which has become the global hub for the illegal trade we think there are compelling reasons to use these noncompliance proceedings against so we are calling on all sides parties and world governments in this month to begin these noncompliance proceedings against vietnam with a view that if significant progress is non demonstrated. that they should be slapped with trade suspensions vietnam is under pressure to reform its practices and has bowed to do more. the have been modest increases in elephant populations in kenya malawi in uganda but losses in tanzania mozambique and the democratic
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republic of congo complex with people a habitat loss is a problem but so too is poaching that's despite the $989.00 international ban on the trade in ivory there are estimated to be about $400000.00 elephants in sub-saharan africa it's also estimated $55.00 african elephants are killed for their ivory every day that's $20000.00 a year there is a long standing debate about whether i've restock should be sold or whether that would provide the kumba but the illegal trade campaigners say wildlife crime is worsening but more needs to be done before it's too late and he would al-jazeera just ahead in sports ashley bassy takes another step towards reclaiming the top spot in the world rankings.
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was. the. when the news breaks. when people need to be hired and the story to be told we might do to about it we had died last week in mexico you know with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports we committed going to the. life of the section al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the real world when documentaries and delight news.
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are again time for sports or his. thank you very much barcelona have made a nightmare to their league a title defense of the champions went down one nil away to take bilbo there with captain ianal messi who was ruled out fit until this last boss that had won all their season openness since losing intimate moments yet one nail to begin their 20082009 campaign. around madrid will be without eden hazard for their opening game on saturday against a set of ego after he suffered a high injury cost rail of madrid $165000000.00 following his summer move from
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chelsea and their spending might not be over with rumors that brazil star newmont could return to spain from p.s.g. with a modest no name is not a real madrid player i have just said the important ones are those who want here. they've been going to their english premier league clash against southampton on saturday with a major goal of keeping crisis reds number one i listen to it was injured in their opening day win over knowledge and now back up keeper andrea is a serious doubt 35 year old andy gan find a sort of term a cover could make his debut at riana had been injured during a bizarre incident as liverpool celebrating winning the super cup against chelsea midweek when we were all together supported jumped over something was traced by some security guys slipped and. kicked his ankle.
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crazy so yes it was blown. yes we have to see we're going to say this now and actually bhartiya has taken another step towards reclaiming the top spot in the world rankings go straight in and has booked her plays in the semifinals of the w t a premier event in cincinnati but it wasn't an easy match against her opponent molly yes the current top seed fought back from a set down to eventually win 57626 love now she has a chance to return to the world number one position if she reaches sunday's final. cricketer and the 1st test between sri lanka and use in india is in the balance of following day 3 in goal the day began with sri lanka 122-7470 replied to new zealand 1st innings of 249 the home side were eventually bowled out
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for 267 the sri lankan spinners then to control to leave the kiwis or 98 for 5 but then an unbeaten 63 from what links steadied things of for the black caps new zealand and in the day on 195 with 7 that in need of 177 with 3 wickets remaining. on day 3 of the 2nd ashes test was heavily disrupted by rain england did manage to come back a little after being up bowled out for 258 on day 2 resuming on 341 australia were 844 before rain stopped play day one had already been a washout the aussies lead the series one nothing. we're pretty positive we'd need to call it straight out by lunch i think tomorrow i mean it's 90 overs for the next 2 days in. which for both teams has been enough to bowl each other how isn't it.
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there is certainly hope for both sides because that could be quite an interesting intriguing game left in this test match with that we've lost so much rain so yeah i mean our bowling unit is a means to to get the next 6 wickets by lunch for us as a sides of a batting well giving ourselves a chance to possibly think about winning the test match i think that's what we're i mean if you play every game to try and win it one as 2 days ago the odds are probably against it from both sides point of view of it is still a chance i mean a normal thing if i have a good session bowling the other can force result if we think we have 2 good sessions batting we think we can force a result. india have reappointed ravi shastri as their coach the former all rounder was one of 6 applicants including the likes of tom moody and mike hesson where there was speculation that india would look to someone in new following their surprise semi final exit from the world cup in the end was given an
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additional 2 year term. one of the biggest names in u.s. malta sports a day. junior had a lucky escape but off to his private plane crashed on its way to a nascar race that was traveling with his family in tennessee when his plane rolled off the runway and caught fire after landing and had his wife a baby and the 2 crew old escaped uninjured the 2 time daytona 500 winner is one of the biggest names in the sky having won 26 races before retiring in 2017 and i got close to the point a 1st person i came in contact was mr on or he was going on his back but of course his injuries to. the. family and their staff will be taken care of that i'm going to his injuries but he was of our fine didn't appear to have been. caught surprised living life that was totally conscious and alert so. unless it is full for me i
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will have more later on so many thanks sammy had to update your just a few moments and i was in syria that's it for me thanks for watching i'll see again by fire. an estimated 100000 lives cruelly ended over a century ago. a distant past not to the descendants of the sultan. a tale of colonialism and racial supremacy unravels in the quest for justice and recognition of the sacrifices of tribal people in the middle of. the skulls of my people a witness documentary on al-jazeera. a society's progress is dependent on the quality of its experts being eat more and find professionals
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a top priority is to wide awake at new generation to study find new teaching methods are infusing thai students to become the agents of change taking them out of the classroom to solve problems in their local communities level education inspiring science timeline at this time on the edges if. they call this bleeding the tree. first substance the world is addicted to now at the center of a global trade war. it's latex in its purest form found in tires phones toothbrushes satellites or mattresses it is an essential element in daily life and so deep in the ivorian forest book goes from tree to tree scarring them for the precious liquid trump is imposing $200000000000.00 in tariffs on china the world's largest manufacturer of rubber goods china in response imposes tariffs on synthetic
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rubber the west produces while in the short term this is bad for african producers in the long run some hope the continent could benefit from this trade war but aware of the global trade war and despite falling prices at open calls rubber white gold at least for now. the kashmir crisis prompts an emergency session of the un security council as protests hit the disputed region. i'm sami's a this is al jazeera live from coming up. riot
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police in zimbabwe used tear gas and backings to break up protests. be iranian oil tankers seized by british forces more than a month ago gets ready to sail despite objections from the u.s. and taking aim against more restrictive laws we check out a californian city that declared itself a gun sanctuary. the u.n. security council has held an emergency session to discuss the crisis in kashmir but the closed door meeting ended with failure to agree even on a statement in d.n.a. administered kashmir authorities say they're beginning to lift some of the restrictions put in place nearly 2 weeks ago we begin with mike hanna in new york russia's representative pointed out he was born in the year the security council
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last minute to formally discuss what was listed on the agenda as the india pakistan question. i was going to 71 so. i don't know we'll see sometimes it's better not to touch upon certain issues the meeting lasted just over an hour and in the absence of any joint statement china's ambassador outlined the position of his country alone because many used to should be resolved to properly through peaceful means in accordance with the un charter development security council resolutions and bilateral agreements this represents the international. community's consensus the indian ambassador quick to argue that china was claiming consensus when none exists insisting that any resolution lies not in international mediation but in bilateral discussion as set out in the similar agreement reached with pakistan in
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1972 we are ready to edges these issues in a manner that states who have normal approaches to international ties should address them. and in our case we are committed to the same leg limit it's now for pakistan to make that commitment to stop terror to start ducks pakistan's ambassador made clear her country would continue to press for greater u.n. involvement claiming the meeting itself as a victory in this process the fact that this meeting took place is testimony to the fact that this is an internationally recognized dispute there was an effort to stop this meeting from convening. and we are grateful to or 15 members of the u.n. security council for the green just having this meeting. in recent days protesters
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gathered outside the u.n. building demanding greater international involvement in the crisis and calling on the u.n. to enforce its own resolutions on the kashmir dispute the lack of consensus in the security council a bleak response offering only the possibility of another 50 year wait before the matter is taken up again mike hanna al jazeera united nations the indian government says it will gradually end the communications blackout in indian administered kashmir but some kashmiris are wary of the promises being made to male has more from new delhi. anger spilled onto the streets of sri lanka following friday prayers nearly 2 weeks after india stripped the region of autonomy and imposed a communications blackout. hundreds vent to their pent up frustration at being unable to move in their own home shut off from the outside world. look at how many
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do go through if no prime minister or the sees everything is fine here then he should leave the curfew. the protest happened as indian officials in the region announced plans to ease restrictions imposed they said to counter security threats . connectivity which has been a blend of so. gradually east and. keeping in mind the constant threat posed by terrorist organizations in using mobile connectivity the organize their actions. this journalist who spent decades covering to schmear doubts the government's explanation so they can give whatever excuse they want to give it what it would they want to give and people. can be suspicious of it. but
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we don't know whether it's true or not whatever the truth it's aspiration is on display in. the indian government says some of its offices of already resumed operating in the region and schools will reopen on monday it also says it will gradually lift restrictions on communications say they'll believe that when and if it happens that the many these kasmir students studying in new delhi haven't been able to speak to their families back home for nearly 2 weeks. they're wary of indian government promises to loosen restrictions the delusions of the nation's lettuce family so you're hoping that it's happening where you actually have. you know our home is. my peer. while restrictions were relaxed for friday prayers which allowed for these protests . in the fish near valley seem aware of the plans to ease the lockdown all they
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know is that right now they can't move or live freely says camille al jazeera new delhi. pakistan has hailed the un security council meeting as a diplomatic victory come on high this is in the pakistani capital. there may be different interpretations about the outcome of the david meeting of the u.n. security council. china concerned about the humanitarian crisis and also the fact that this is an issue that should be stored bilaterally and that this was something which was started issue between the 2 countries also important or nor did the pakistani foreign minister spoke. press conference by the pakistani ambassador to the united nations. in which he said. indicating august on sport edition that the awards of the people of bush made was being heard
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internationally the foreign minister saying that. should be lifted immediately restrictions should be lifted that leadership of the bush major media needs so dead people to find out their truth about the feelings of the people of the day now it is also important in order that the pakistani prime minister made an urgent call to the u.s. president and. the united states about progress on and on this particular crisis what did important or nor the fact that the budgets on the military keep that already india was trying to die would be a danger along the line of control and towards august on an order to continue with its designs in indian administered kashmir tensions stand remaining high to day's developments in the united nations security. and progress dawned as a major diplomatic breakthrough. position that this is no longer a by lead to an issue that needs international intervention. but
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brother of the afghan taliban leader has been killed in a bombing in southwest pakistan haphazardly dog died after a remotely detonated bomb exploded at a mosque in the town of. he was the younger brother of habits all lost all desire there no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. riot police in zimbabwe have used tear gas and battens to break up a protest over the rising cost of living the demonstration and being banned but large crowds still turned out in the center of harare. falls from the capital. what was meant to be a protest over the economy turned into chaos police in zimbabwe had banned the demonstration saying they were expecting violence alleging some opposition supporters were armed a high court judge dismissed an application by the opposition movement for democratic change to overturn the ban opposition leaders didn't called off the
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march but some of their supporters were defiant saying they had a democratic right to demonstrate in a show of force right please remind people what happens in a country with a history of brutally silencing voices of dissent flag one of the words. in boys not free where are we going as a country we're suffering we're hungry we can't afford to send our children to school. but every time the police dispersed the crowd some of them kept trying to come back some opposition supporters are refusing to disperse so riot police are slowly trying to push them back the aim is to get them out of the city center the police fear that if people are to stay in this area they could be looting and damage to property many zimbabweans blame president was government economic mismanagement soaring inflation rising food prices and growing unemployment they say they want an end to their misery and to be heard every road
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leading into iraq is good police stops they have thousands and thousands of people that are stopping people come come from are all we asked for was just in our whole thing they're marching along nelson mandela of a somewhat amateur having can if they want to as being in a position of opposition to parliament it doesn't last for more than one hour but the principle of it has been stopped much of our. the city center was unusually quiet on friday shops and businesses were closed many people stayed home fearing violence president says fixing the economy will take time and that's the barbarians need to be patient but it seems for some patience is running out. so mom ways main opposition leaders says is m.d.c. party backed down from anti-government protests to avoid bloodshed we don't want to miss it was a lot. of work on the day because there would be blood in the street what would one
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want to walk on. to there is an issue of what price we're going to resolve this and that is what so and the united nations is urging zimbabwe's government to stop its crackdown on peaceful protesters the state authorities have a duty to ensure people's rights to freedom of expression and to facilitate and protect the right to peaceful assembly in addition we urge the senate when reviewing the maintenance of peace and order bill which is passing through the parliament now. we urge them to protect the essential democratic freedoms of peaceful assembly and demonstration by ensuring the bills compliance with the zimbabwean constitution the us isn't giving up its chase of the iranian oil tanker held for $43.00 days in gibraltar the department of justice has issued a warrant for the ship's arrest but the ship.


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