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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 33  Al Jazeera  August 17, 2019 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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they're. very. very very. nervous and there are. these j. brings legal cases against employers who use slave labor and reports them to authorities they try to get certificates from the employees that prove that bonded work is that i don't owe any money. you. know not only pardon just the you know. your home is a. desert without vs j.s intervention chandra bodies family could be enslaved for life when she or her husband dies their children can be compelled to continue the bondage. basic i get paid as a detaining. people and that it. will
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be up as you know a bit painting out about it by how it's not enough to talk about it what do i need to tag need to get home but i think it was long. ensuring their freedom is not that simple the matter still has to be hurting course . the adults in 10 children ascent to pack they've belongings into 2 trucks. with their future uncertain their families are taken to the district courthouse. satellites have long been used to map environmental. but using them to track
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slavery is new. so i'd say you could split them into 2 groups we've got the traditional soft light stuff have been put up by space agencies for many many years going back to the end of the sixty's 970 s. when nothing activity began. and that's the sort of the the modest resolution satellites. then you have a 2nd group of sensors coming more from the private sector. a big trend there is to go to microsoft lights so. much much smaller faster development times and you can have many on one launch. if we live we want you to pinpoint alpha kill and notice with more about that then we need to look at something like that if this is a high resolution they. couldn't they may she is absolutely amazing the detail you can feel incredible each one of the pitfalls. and the meter wide so we need to
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choose the right technology and the wife life in which way for our particular path but. equally important is the number of times a satellite passes over the same location the more often it does the more the sites can be monitored it lights going around the earth and the earth spins beneath it and you would cover the entire earth typically in something like a month so to go back to an image of the same spot again it'll be a month later and so you can have monthly snapshots of the suspected site if you put the 2nd satellite 180 degrees apart and they orbit like that and you can go twice as often a century with a radar satellite we've got to revisit round about 6 days a moment so it's a real improvement if you put a constellation of satellites in place in my. simply increases the the revisit time
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so you get to revisit time down to a day all or so. amazingly to me solutions than a dozen little tickling. the work is awaiting at the district court house they're tired and hungry. is a new study says little things suddenly lose rests smug mr. fish. the course will decide the fate of pommelled kumar his wife and daughter along with the other families tomorrow. if the owner of the kiln can provide records of their payments and a license they'll be taken back to his skill. in
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the detector specially in the brick and said. now what a converted migrant they're wifeless he had their free fists here and on the other hand the brickell owners did ask a few. 100 very old. comports to shoot tape if you threw you if your model neutered children had been home. and they employed is not a premium minimum reduce. you should be charged. particle their life and liberty but. the law of the paper dying if. they do not benefit or. what have you. the next day outside the courthouse the families awaiting for the verdict sitting in the same spot under the tree their faces being decided inside without any input from them
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on the beach the good news but still it says it lets out look at it now and it's not going to budge on me i'm not going. to be done here's our lovely in there we've been on the bed about a 1000000000. these are often migrant workers are often of a different ethnicity or even religious group they're not voters they're not really of interest to people in power above police the lead on this is almost always with non-governmental organizations in geos human rights groups. in future it's hope satellite images can be used as evidence to help workers prove a case they're often fighting against local corruption and apathy i think this could be very powerful in legal procedure proceedings and in court cases but not least because it's not just about being able to prove specific cases of enslavement
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but also by demonstrating patterns of exploitation and enslavement and this does that. the brick belt covers a vast one and a half 1000000 kilometers stretching across india pakistan nepal china and bangladesh it encompasses hundreds of thousands of kills and keeps millions in debt bondage. the area covered by what we call a big bell is huge there's no way from the ground you can count the. nothing in the british. about the numbers. but even with modern satellite technology it's a massive task. speeding up the mapping process is. to cover the entire area. during boyd has never been to the bridge and hadn't heard of.
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a few years ago now says the united nations goal of eliminating slavery by 20. machine learning is the digital key. to help reach that target learning. about intelligence and what we're doing with training the computer. in the computer to under found what to fly can an image so we give them. different types of different picture from different location and by each iteration . with them will. fly. trying them. the images that we haven't seen before and it won't. be. 95 percent with.
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in the location and maybe some identified. it's happening here. and the owners of the bridge have been in and out of the court room. the court decides in their favor they'll be granted a city if it could have released a key documents proving that they bonded labor is and did not owe the owners or contract to any money. they have been made and that's what they knew when it got me or them. in their home state of which how
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predicts the s.j. holds village meetings to help workers understand their rides and prevent future in slave meant but for some it's too late. to get out of them out. of the loop of. bubba shah and his wife xan a big grin slaved with a family of 12 even though they've escaped and returned home to pradesh they are not free on the believe in the gutter made me god be able to come out of begun. don't. think any of the 20 year will be nearly. all going to me to be going to about them from going to madiba. without the official release a ticket given by of course the bonded labor is a never free from a desk and have little hope of ever being paid any money. bubba and his family will
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pay nothing in the 3 years they worked at the kiln. back home and they still being pursued for their alleged debts. on the market was. a solid 30 minutes only on ventura loving economy like me to you but i got a bill or. order book from the owner of a minor to get out the vote but really golly but. as they don't have to release it you think it the owner has filed a legal case against them claiming they owe him the equivalent of $2000.00. i mean. finally back at the courts 2 of the b.s.j. workers have news. for.
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us. it's good news and do we need for these workers. they're all officially free from slavery and don't owe the kiln any money. was snapped modest someone who could see by the county coming up at about it they're estimating. there's more good news to come the release it if it gets granted by the courts entitle them to state benefits which could change their whole future. there's a provision in that bonded labor law that says if you have just been liberated from slavery you can have an immediate cash payment not a very large but enough to make sure that you have food clothing and shelter so that if you tried to run away from all your possessions run away from the place where you were working say a brick you'll at least be able to feed yourself house your family and so forth.
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it's 9 pm official photos and needed for the paperwork after that the families will be on their way home with some money in their pockets. this is the 2nd part of that grant is a much larger payment and the wonderful thing about that is that it's geared to being and to get you on your feet economically and i've been happily surprised and very pleased when i've seen how many of these x. slave families have built very solid businesses of all sorts. so as far as satellite dates are concerned there's an open skies policy so the soft lights see everything no nation can turn them off and so does nothing any nation can do about it if it was
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a joke. fighting slavery from space is becoming more and more effective as satellites multiplied and costs decreased. now i think our dream is it would be able to put up our own satellite to have our own anti-slavery satellite in space that we can use 24 seventh's to look for people in slavery and to help get them free that would be a very powerful and very beautiful thing. it's midnight at the train station in her shy people and the families are in boxing on their long journey. back to their villages it was to predation and to relatives they hadn't seen for over 3 years space age technology and slavery don't often go hand in hand but this usage satellite imagery is a real breakthrough in tackling one of the world's keepin secrets freeing many more people from the curse of modern slavery.
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millions of people across india miss out on medical but a hospital train is delivering doctors and hugs to those most in need one i want to east towards india is a lifeline expire on al-jazeera. ulead displaced children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence 10 year olds work his mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is the least you home an overcrowded refugee camp of 23000 people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home rewind
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returns with a new scenery i. am playing updates on the vast amount is a mass documentary this one. rewind continues with land grab i will compel the onion the onion the which is the heart of this is. the entity we are holding on by their fingernails to the 2 state solution today it is still barely possible on al-jazeera. the kashmir crisis problems an emergency session of the un security council as protests hit the disputed region.
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i'm sam is a band this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. riot police in zimbabwe used tear gas and bathrooms to break up protests. the iranian oil tankers seized by british forces more than a month ago ready to sail despite objections from the u.s. . and calls for more to be done to stamp out the ivory trade. now the u.n. security council has held an emergency session to discuss the crisis in kashmir but the closed door meeting ended with failure to even agree on a joint statement in d.n.a. and minister of kashmir thora to say they're beginning to lift some of the
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restrictions put in place nearly 2 weeks ago we begin with mike hanna in new york russia's representative pointed out he was born in the year the security council last minute to formally discuss what was listed on the agenda as the india pakistan question i was one on one to 71 so. i don't know we'll see sometimes it's better not to touch upon certain issues the meeting lasted just over an hour and in the absence of any joint statement china's ambassador outlined the position of his country alone the kashmir issue should be resolved to properly through peaceful means in accordance with the charter development security council resolutions and bilateral agreements this represents the international. community consensus.
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the indian ambassador quick to argue that china was claiming consensus when none exists insisting that any resolution lies not in international mediation but in bilateral discussion as set out in the summer reached with pakistan in 1982 we are ready to edges these issues in a manner that states who have normal approaches to international ties should address them. and in our case we are committed to the same leg limit it's now for pakistan to make that commitment to stop terror to start ducks pakistan's ambassador made clear her country would continue to press for greater u.n. involvement claiming the meeting itself as a victory in this process the fact that this meeting took place is testimony to the fact that this is an internationally recognized dispute there was an effort
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to stop this meeting from convening. and we are grateful for 15 members of the u.n. security council for the green just having this meeting. in recent days protesters gathered outside the u.n. building demanding greater international involvement in the crisis and calling on the u.n. to enforce its own resolutions on the kashmir dispute the lack of consensus in the security council a bleak response offering only the possibility of another 50 year wait before the matter is taken up again mike hanna al-jazeera united nations the indian government says it will gradually end the communications blackout in indian administrate kashmir but some kashmiris are wary of promises being made says to me or has more from new delhi. anger spilled onto the streets of sri
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following friday prayers nearly 2 weeks after india's stripped the region of autonomy and opposed to a communications blackout. hundreds vented their pent up frustration at being unable to move in their own home shut off from the outside world. look at how many go through if no prime minister or the sees everything is fine here then he should leave the curfew. the protests happened as indian officials in the region announced plans to ease restrictions imposed they said to counter security threats telecom connectivity which has been a blend of sort of. gradually. and restored in a serious manner keeping in mind the constant threat posed by terrorist organizations in using mobile connectivity blogger nice directions. this journalist who spent decades covering couche mir doubts the government's
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explanation so they can get whatever excuse. they want to give it what it would actually they want to give and people like you and i can be suspicious of it. but don't know whether it's true or not whatever the truth it's aspiration is on display in srinagar the indian government says some of its offices and already resumed operating in the region and schools will reopen on monday it also says it will gradually lift restrictions on communications say they'll believe that when and if it happens that the many these kasmir students studying new delhi haven't been able to speak to their families back home for nearly 2 weeks. they're wary of indian government promises to loosen restrictions on the delusions of the nations that will let us talk to family so we're hoping that mature lead time it's happening when it actually happens we're leaving for our home is. my peer
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jane. i well restrictions were relaxed for friday prayers which allowed for these protests . in the fish near valley seem aware of the plans to use the lock down all the knows that right now they can't move from live freely as camille al-jazeera new delhi. pakistan has held the un security council meeting as a diplomatic victory come on high there is in the pakistani capital they may be different in different gave. the outcome of the meeting of the un security council which. is concerned about the humanitarian crisis and also the fact that this is an issue that should be solved bilaterally and that this was something which started to issue between the 2 countries also important or nor did the progress on the foreign minister spoke of to. present gone friend by the pakistani ambassador to
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the united nations. in which he said they were indicating for addition that the awards of the people of kashmir it was being heard internationally the foreign minister also saying that if you should be lifted immediately restrictions should be lifted the leadership of major release so dead people find out their truth about the feelings of their people today now it is important in order that the pakistani prime minister made an urgent call to the u.s. president and. the united states about focused on. on this particular crisis or did important or nor the fact that the project on the military he said that india was trying to die would be a danger along the line of control and towards. an order to continue where did. in indian administered kashmir tension still remaining high today's developments in
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the united nations security council. and pakistan as a major diplomatic breakthrough. no longer a bilateral issue but one that needs international intervention the brother of the afghan taliban leader has been killed in a bombing in southwest pakistan. a remotely detonated bomb exploded as a mosque in the town of coach like he was the younger brother of how he was the last. group has claimed responsibility for the attack. riot police in zimbabwe have used gas and battens to break up a protest over the rising cost of living the demonstration had been by and large crowds still turned out in the center of harare how much us are reports from the capital. what was meant to be a protest over the economy turned into chaos police in zimbabwe had banned the
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demonstration saying they were expecting violence alleging some opposition supporters were armed a high court judge dismissed an application by the opposition movement for democratic change to overturn the ban opposition leaders then called off the march but some of their supporters were defiant saying they had a democratic right to demonstrate in a show of force right please remind people what happens in a country with a history of brutally silencing voices of dissent. in boys not free where are we growing as a country we are suffering we're hungry we can't afford to send our children to school. c but every time the police dispersed the crowd some of them kept trying to come back some opposition supporters are refusing to disperse so riot police are slowly trying to push them back the aim is to get them out of the city center the police fear that if people are to stay in this area they could be
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looting and damage to property many zimbabweans blame president was government economic mismanagement soaring inflation rising food prices and growing unemployment they say they want an end to their misery and to be heard every road leading into iraq is good police stops they have thousands and thousands of people that are stopping people come come from are all we asked for was just in our offering their marching along nelson mandela of a somewhat amateur having a can of count as being in a position of opposition to parliament it doesn't last for more than one hour but the crittur believe it has been stopped. much of harare city center was unusually quiet on friday shops and businesses were closed many people stayed home fearing violence president says fixing the economy will take time and that the barbarians need to be patient but it seems for some patience is running out. zimbabwe's main opposition leader says his m.d.c.
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party backed down from anti-government protests to avoid bloodshed we didn't want to it was like. there would be blood in the street why would one want to walk on. to there is a price we're going to resolve this and that is what so the united nations is urging zimbabwe's government to stop its crackdown on peaceful protesters the state authorities have a duty to ensure people's rights to freedom of expression and to facilitate and protect the right to peaceful assembly in addition we urge the senate when reviewing the maintenance of peace and order bill which is passing through the parliament now we urge them to protect the essential democratic freedoms of peaceful assembly and demonstration by ensuring the bills compliance with the zimbabwean constitution the us isn't giving up its chase of the iranian oil tank
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held for $43.00 days in gibraltar the department of justice has issued a.


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