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china is prepared to send the security forces if necessary but i don't think biting is anywhere near that yet and it would be just that. there is a pro-government rally happening elsewhere at home but this is just one of 3 happening. in the saudi coalition and yemen has ordered separatists or took over aid in last week to withdraw their forces from the port city back separatists have repeatedly said they won't leave the capturing of the city created a rift in the coalition which has supported yemen's internationally recognized government. monitors director of office of foreign affairs at the southern transitional council in new york he says the southern separatist forces are the only group that can protect the interests of the people of. the southern transitional council right now is the. only security force over there that's actually. protecting the people all their aspirations and they are compelled
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to act i mean the legitimate government is. incompetent i mean and how many countries does a president a prime minister ministers of a government govern a country from another country. the lack of services as you know caused a a a ready. burst of what was already labeled as the worst ameritech many tarion crisis to even to syria even more. the. the people have spoken out the people have came out and they are pressing the only actors in the only ones or actually protecting the the people. who act. france is calling for an immediate end to the bombardment of the
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last rebel help province in syria a suspected russian airstrike and it led province on friday killed at least 14 people russian warplanes are supporting the 4 month offensive by president bashar al assad's forces their campaign has killed an estimated 935 syrians many of them women and children more than 100000 have been forced from their homes. still had on al-jazeera. by rights groups in zimbabwe are accusing the police of using excessive force to disperse protesters. and u.s. congresswoman explains why she rejected israel's offer of a visa. however we still have some really heavy rain just around the gulf of thailand across
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a good part of thailand northern parts of somalia lots of cloud showing up on the satellite picture here in the south of thailand 100 $72.00 millimeters of rain in 24 hours and more heavy showers well that came from the west the weather will nudge a little further north with a line of showers to across northern parts of borneo just slide in their way up into the philippines over the next that seeks evolution is not as bad as it has been recently but still some lively showers in the heat of the day they will crop up but for many a good deal of sunshine as well barely a sunshine there a little further south will see a tempest in kuching around 32 celsius 30 to 40 cancer as well and that sunshine makes its way down across northern parts of australia but southern areas of australia a little more clout are rolling in particularly across the southwest into southern parts of doubly where we've seen some lively showers along the spells of rain here recently cool enough as well at least for the time being 12 celsius in adelaide right pushing into that western side of it to report very well system right now
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will slide its way through melbourne goes from 16 celsius to read 11 degrees on monday says don't think a little cool over the next couple of days and very wet tasmania. all i'm counting the cost to india one of the biggest defense spending is in the world but let me emerging superpower rampant security purely on imports plus the young people tap into the world of sports and streaming services we are used to pay t.v. killing off leash for. counting the cost on al-jazeera new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera provides.
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to watch al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now and it's defense ministry says one soldier has been killed along the disputed line of control with pakistan it's led me in pakistan for carrying out mortar attacks on villages around which story this latest escalation comes 2 days after several soldiers from both sides were killed. thousands of pro and anti-government protesters are turning out for rallies and on call and they are the 1st major demonstrations since the airport was shut down after china mobilized security forces at the border a chance and. sat him right a coalition in yemen has ordered separatists or took over 18 last week to withdraw their forces from the port city but the u.a.e. back separatists say they won't leave. the u.s.
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is continuing to press for the detention of an iranian oil tanker health for 6 weeks and her department festus has issued a warrant for it to be seized but the ship is still preparing to later alter by sunday after supreme court justice in the british territory ordered its release a new crew is being assembled on the super tanker has been renamed adrian daria it will now sell under the iranian flag after its registration was switched from panama john hendren has more from washington d.c. . the british government says it has ended this seizure of an iranian ship injured . that was alleged to be violating international sanctions but now the u.s. government has filed this in court here in washington d.c. this is a complaint that alleges that iran is violating u.s. sanctions after the united states pulled out of the 2015 nuclear deal in 2018 the u.s. reinstituted a series of sanctions and added some others and the u.s. government is now saying that iran is violating bank fraud money laundering and aid
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to terrorism sanctions the u.s. institute it is far back is 1977 the united states government says that iran was using shell companies to disguise where this oil was coming from it used the u.s. financial system in violation of u.s. sanctions laws and it says that confidential informants have said that the oil on that ship was destined for syria that's a violation of u.s. and international sanctions and it says the iranian government used falsified papers to allege that in fact that oil came from iraq when it came from iran it also says that the iranian government turned off the transponder on that ship that would alert other ships as to where it was it various times so the u.s. government now wants to seize that ship and once it to be forfeited the big question here is will the british government help the u.s. by seizing this ship will interpol be involved with the u.s.
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government tried to seize that ship right now that ship has been freed off the coast of gibraltar and all of those open questions remain. 8 people are dead after a fire at a hotel in ukraine's port city of odessa that broke out early saturday morning and dozens of firefighters to get that fire out on to us is a popular seaside tourist destination police have opened a criminal investigation into possible fire safety violations rescue relief efforts are ongoing and flood hit areas of india heavy rain is continuing to drench coastal regions in the west and south the number killed is risen to 244 nearly half of them in the southern state of kurla 1200000 people are sheltering in emergency camps and more heavy rain is expected for many parts of the country over the next few days the united nations has urged zimbabwe's government to stop its crackdown on peaceful protesters that's come after riot police shoes tear gas and baton to break
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up a protest over the rising cost of living. state authorities have a duty to ensure people's rights to freedom of expression and to facilitate and protect the right to peaceful assembly in addition we urge the senate when reviewing the maintenance of peace and order a bill which is passing through the parliament now. really urge them to protect the essential democratic freedoms of peaceful assembly and demonstration foreign suring the bill's compliance with the zimbabwean constitution friday's demonstration had been banned but large crowds the 5 police and harare param a toss of reports from the capital. what was meant to be a protest over the economy turned into chaos police in zimbabwe had bad the demonstration saying they were expecting violence alleging some opposition supporters were armed
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a high court judge dismissed an application by the opposition movement for democratic change to overturn the ban opposition leaders didn't called off the march but some of their supporters were defiant saying they had a democratic right to demonstrate in a show of force right please remind people what happens in a country with a history of brutally silencing voices of dissent flyby no one to 100. 1000 boys not free where are we going as a country we're suffering we're hungry we can't afford to send our children to school. was it but every time the police disperse the crowds some of them kept trying to come back some opposition supporters are refusing to disperse so riot police are slowly trying to push them back the aim is to get them out of the city center the police fear that if people are to stay in this area they could be looting and damage to property many zimbabweans blame president was government economic mismanagement soaring inflation rising food prices and growing
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unemployment they say they want an end to their misery and to be heard every road leading into iraq is. police stops they have thousands and thousands of people that are stopping people come come from all we're asking for was just in our oath they're marching along nelson mandela of being somewhat of much of a can of kind of being in a position a petition to parliament it doesn't last for more than one hour but it could simply it has been stopped much of harare city center was unusually quiet on friday shops and businesses were closed many people stayed home fearing violence president says fixing the economy will take time and that zimbabweans need to be patient but it seems for some patience is running out how to. main opposition leader said his m.d.c. party backed down from anti-government protests to avoid bloodshed we don't want to raise people's lives by continuing to confront the other because there would be
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blood in the street but we don't want to walk on. to there is a national crisis we can resolve our crisis and that is what so. and mexico a series of rapes of legibly committed by a policeman has provoked a mass march in the capital. allegations against the police are adding to the long running outrage over the high rate of violence against women in mexico 6 policemen have been suspended in connection with the rape of 2 teenagers 117 year old says she was gang raped. an autopsy has concluded that financier jeffrey epstein died by hanging him self in his jail cell in the us millionaire who was found dead a week ago who was awaiting trial in new york for sex trafficking 2 guards have been suspended and the jail warden given another job for failing to prevent the
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suicide following epstein's previous attempt he been convicted in a separate case of soliciting prostitution from an underage girl. israel has carried out air strikes on armed groups in the gaza strip according to local media palestinians say the strikes on saturday hit farmland in central gaza israel claims 3 rockets were fired into israel a day earlier from the gaza strip. the us president is condemning a us democratic congresswoman projection of an israeli v says a quote complete set up she has alleged that israel had imposed unacceptable conditions on her request to visit family and the occupied west bank israel had initially banned her and fellow congresswoman omar that's because of their support for the b.d.s. global boycott movement that's critical of israel's policies of palestinians sleep had requested a visa to visit her grandmother. it was preacher man had to go through what i had
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to deal with this in 3 hours from hitting me they were asking. him you know like my grandmother said i don't think you're free as a bird there are no you are my dream man if that's true and i don't want you to come back your feet you know don't come here to come is my country my granddaughter and there's a crowd of slaves relatives in palestine say they support her decision. she will do the most rule the boomers you know for she does visit to her home land is under conditions we reject that it's for she does right as a palestinian to come and visit if family in country. has more from washington d.c. on friday to put out a statement saying that her initial decision to accept a visa on humanitarian grounds in essence was undercutting the very reason why she chose to run for the u.s. congress to stand up for the rights of those whose rights have been oppressed she said that she could not live with herself even though she very much had wanted to
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spend time with her 90 year old grandmother and with other members of her extended family this prompted an immediate response from the israeli interior ministry which accused the leap of a centrally trying to well play the visa application process for political gain here in the united states the israeli government recently enacted a law that bans those supporters of the b.d.s. movement or boycott divest sanctions movement from visiting israel or the occupied west bank but because of her status as a member of congress and because she had promised that she would not discuss politics while in the occupied west bank the interior ministry had decided on thursday to give to leave a visa to visit her family. conservationists estimate 55 african elephants or kill for their ivory every day and much of it ends up being trafficked through
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vietnam campaigners are calling for tougher action as the illegal trade is discussed at a wildlife protection conference and switzerland and the hayward reports running wild and free for now at least while elephants aunt on the verge of extinction more countries could lose their herds altogether destruction of habitat complet with people over land and poaching threaten the elephant down a back street in hanoi the capital of vietnam the floor of a timber plant is strewn with elephant ivory the result of illegal poaching passed from here but traded in. where it's possible to buy pretty much anything using your phone number. one man told an undercover investigator from a group campaigning against the illegal wildlife trade how he's able to open his contacts in a pool of ivory inside a customs compound standing next to officials who are supposed to stop him
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campaigners say more needs to be done to tackle the traffickers him which has become the global hub for the illegal trade writhing there are compelling reasons to use these noncompliance proceedings against vietnam so we are calling on all sides parties and world governments in this month to begin these noncompliance proceedings against vietnam with the view that if significant progress is non demonstrated origin clee they should be slapped with treat suspensions vietnam is under pressure to reform its practices and has bowed to do more there have been modest increases in elephant populations in kenya malawi in uganda but losses in tanzania mozambique and the democratic republic of congo complete with people over habitat loss is a problem but so too is poaching. that's despite the $989.00 international ban on the trade in ivory there are estimated to be about $400000.00 elephants in
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sub-saharan africa it's also estimated $55.00 african elephants are killed about ivory every day that's $20000.00 a year there is a long standing debate about whether ivory stock should be sold or whether that would provide a cuppa but the illegal trade campaigners say wildlife crime is worth noting that more needs to be done before it's too late and the haywood is there are a member of one of the most famous american acting families peter fonda has died 79 year old is best known for strong alongside dennis hopper in the 1969 road classic easy rider it was the set of actor henry fonda and brother of jane father it was being treated for a lung cancer. stricken at the headlines right now on al-jazeera and his defense ministry says one of its soldiers has been killed along the disputed line of control it's blaming pakistan
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for carrying out mortar attacks on villages around the jury this latest escalation comes 2 days after several soldiers from both sides were killed while authorities and in administered kashmir say they've started to lift some restrictions imposed nearly 2 weeks ago when in the revoke the region's autonomy its arms about the lockout are raised at a un security council meeting on friday we're ready to address these issues in a manner that states who have normal approaches to international ties should address them. i'm innocuous via commit to to the same like dream and it's now for pakistan to make that commitment to stop terror to stop ducks the fact that this meeting took place. it is testimony to the fact that this is an internationally recognized dispute there was an effort to stop this
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meeting from convening and we are grateful to all 15 members of the u.n. security council for the green to having this meeting thousands of pro and anti-government protesters are turning out for rallies in hong kong they're the 1st major demonstrations since the airport was shut down and after china mobilized security forces at the border engines and saudi moroni coalition and yemen has ordered separatists or took over aid last week to withdraw all their forces from that port city the back separatists have repeatedly said they will not leave the capturing of the city created a rift in the coalition. they asked president as condemning u.s. democratic congresswoman rejection of an israeli peace as a quote complete set up or stated to leave said israel rather had imposed unacceptable conditions on her request to visit her family in the occupied west bank israel had initially banned her and fellow congress so many on omar that's
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because of their support for the d.d.'s global boycott movement and is critical of israel's policies on palestinians. so the headlines keep it on al-jazeera counting the cost its next. al jazeera. and. hello i'm come on santa maria and this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week. it is one of the biggest defense spending in the world but it doesn't imports you know if that's really the way for an emerging superpower to ramp up its security especially as
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tension over kashmir continues to rise. also televised sport but on which screen younger people are increasingly tapping into the world of streaming services not to mention a sports so where does pay t.v. face him is it still the savior of cash strapped sports or is it killing off the nation. and will take you to bangladesh to see how traditional farming practices are offering solutions to the modern problem of climate change. you have seen in the past few weeks the increasing tension between india and pakistan 2 nuclear powered neighbors. this was of course after india's prime minister narendra modi ended 7 decades of autonomy in kashmir we're actually not looking at that this way but rather india's defense spending because benny unrest over kashmir does give us pause let's go through this bit by bit the last time the 2 nations clashed a pakistani war plane blew up an aging indian mig 21 out of the sky one which had
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been updated with western technology modi has been criticized for delaying the delivery of new planes a deal to acquire 126 jets was about to be signed off back in 2015 but he cancelled the order instead he struck his own deal for 36 profiles with $8700000000.00 a deal which led to allegations of corruption the shooting down of the make there raise other questions about india's aging arsenal most notably because of the way india is seen particularly by the us as a bulwark to rising china but the problem is india isn't spending as much as china or on defense and probably with good reason it's got other priorities things like poverty reduction education and health care so let's pause there and think about india and china side by side on this defense spend now beijing's defense budget is huge $175400000000.29 teams and some analysts actually reckon it could be higher if
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you take into account the acquisition of your equipment in contrast india's defense budget just a 3rd of beijing's coming in at 62000000000 however india has been rapidly spending money in the past few years to update its walky or at least in 2018 it was the world's 4th biggest spender. exactly what is india spending on well here are some of the big ticket upgrades currently on the way india wants to order $140.00 new aircraft worth $15000000000.00 and it's ask the likes of boeing and lockheed and saab to make a pitch i think 5 percent of the aircraft ought to be made in india as it steps up security in the indian ocean the governments in the market for 6 missile warships and other vessels with $2200000000.00 and washington one like this one that india is spending $5000000000.00 on buying russia's s $400.00 missile defense system plus another $5000000000.00 on helicopters warships and other gear but here are the thoughts of some defense analysts is it really in india's interest to buy equipment
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from the likes of the united states and russia to maintain an independent military style should it not ramp up its own industry as part of make in india campaign which really is pretty much been a failure so far remember india does have an independent space program for example and it's a successful one it's about to make a controlled landing on the moon so the money and the will to spend are both there so let's get some answers to some of these questions we've raised joining us on skype from chennai is arjun he is a senior aerospace and defense consultant for us and sullivan and it's nice to have you with us out of june you know i think about say india's space program which has been massively successful and it put a lot of money into it for it to be successful i wonder if defense needs to be sort thought of in the same way going to throw some more money into it. toiling a lot of money to do it is absolutely necessary. you know budget documents are in
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arc all the various indicate their votes ending effectiveness so you need to go beyond the quantum of money you don't need to enter defense and look at how much of the money is being directed towards capital acquisition and also look at the m. on the underspend that's there in the us by objects so if you look at the capital expenditure component of indian defense budget it usually haulers at around 3436 bust and judge and if you look at the understand it has been steadily increasing or the year us up so this sore points to the fact that there are deeper problems especially that stress big do procurement processes that needs to be corrected or. it's to become more effective. also if you need to get
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a new defense budgets and after all the revenue expenditure component the pensions and that go on for inflation you find that the rule of a while the past few years has not been all that much to be honest i just want to look at some specifics with you very near the deal for the with the original deal for the. jets i think it was $126.00 of them and the majority of them would actually be built in india. that's not happening and you knew think about narendra modi's famous made in india pledge which he wants the the 2 things don't don't go together. that's true to an extent but. you need to look at this in a couple of spit of the of the 1st question here is that are just using the procurement numbers to start a 6 from 100 grand is 6 is that going to affect the operation of the thick to this
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off the indian air force that yes op but up up i think that's just one part of the story here there's a lot of book here and that's going to be united up especially for eric clapton's in the future due to cater to all these deficiencies in terms of number of platforms addressing the 2nd part of your question jericho mug on whether it's in line with it make in india. if you analyze the detail up there is a clause that says that there is 0 there's an offset process but since the $50.00 sent off the contract value has to be invested in procuring defense. items for that so this is from an indian company you are going to want to bring a bit of geopolitics into this now and i'm going to leave kashmir out of it for now
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because i think that's a whole a huge issue on its own but just more widely you know i think the united states for example would like to see india as some sort of counterweight in the region to the likes of china that would involve again a lot of spending from india wouldn't it. bell exactly you're spot on gama if you look at shane used spending in the us military it's more than 3 days of work. and yes pants up but. and the u.s. is going to use india as a go and of aid in its ships extract she bought it to be capable of going to vent india has to foster back its arguments and reduce current obsolescence that its in its forces india can no art gone to china by a number of us but what it can do is it get modernized its forces
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that technology are one step knology that act as force multiplier is a trend that we that we see in global defense is that there is a lot of commercial off the shelf technology that's being migrated from commercial defense to improve operational efficiencies to improve into intelligence surveillance reconnaissance tactic in the books etc and india has a very poor fish and destry and a large number of technology driven small and medium enterprises that can be leveraged to deadlock this or fish taste defense systems that can multiply operational capabilities and at the same keep up costs and offer dependencies no and just pushing things out a little further india has this long held relationship with with russia going back to cold war times and now you have the purchase of the famous base 400 defense
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systems how does that sort of play into things further again i have to bring the united states back into it because of all the geopolitical tensions between all these players it doesn't border but for any nation especially india to create a dependency trap and it comes to your defense book your arguments. so it's a vice meanwhile yes sparky it's of light ice open and all busy the. so unself maximizing what it can get however. so india is going to be here sheesh defense market over the next 56 years it already it's 5 a lot more defense programs will be signed in the future and there's going to be a lot of competition between the u.s. and russia in the market and i think what the indian forces loyal is to get the best of all was. not being locked into
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dependency traps or gin it's been a pleasure talking to you thank you so much for your time. moving on now and they trumpet ministration unusually has taken a step back from imposing more tariffs on china they were due on september 1st but washington doesn't want to see price increases in the run up to christmas and i know it's meant finally that u.s. consumers are bearing the brunt of the trade war but the collateral damage from the trade war is also being felt globally chile for example regarded as latin america's most stable economy has actually seen a shop rise in unemployment and latin america editor listen newman has been looking at the impact from santiago. for nearly 3 months 55 year old. has been going out every day looking for a job the joins the queue of disemployment agency hoping like the rest to secure
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work as a housemaid a job that used to be easy to find but no longer nothing call about on me if i don't work i can't pay for my rent my bills my food without a salary how can i survive for me it's essential that the director of the agency says the number of chileans looking for work is skyrocketing you know. last week i was that employment fair before 85 percent of candidates were immigrants now it's 5050 that means that a lot more people are looking for this kind of work for the 1st time so we are trying to train in places with. the sharp rise in unemployment is just one of the direct consequences of the escalating trade dispute between the u.s. and china. the price of copper chillies main export has fallen 17 percent this year the value of the chilean piss off regarded as one of the most stable in latin america has dropped to its lowest level in more than 3 years making imports more
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expensive. chile's export based economy is particularly vulnerable to what it clown a missed call external shock so what affects its main trading partner china has a direct impact on our exporters. this is. the. price. they back to have. grown. up perhaps know when it's being well impacted by this crisis and the people that to see here tens of thousands of migrants have come here to chile just this year alone the majority of them from that is and they're here at the. the private hoping to get their papers in order so that they do the jobs that are becoming harder and harder to come by the world economy minister tells al-jazeera that he remains cautiously optimistic
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looking at you know how did the macro economic and from into fortitude of our economies will allow us to confront this a verse situation. but for how long is the question especially for people like the satellite any of that who cannot afford to wait for the trade war to end. well for the sports fans now and the english premier league is kicked off the 2019 it's fair to say it is the richest football league in the world it got there through a multi-billion dollar deal struck with pay t.v. channels globally not just in the u.k. and seeing the money roll in many other sports of sorts similar deals with the rich networks but at what cost many a losing younger viewers to east sports you might remember the $30000000.03 day fortnight world cup championship held in new york recently the winner 16 year old who beat $99.00 other players and walked off with $3000000.00 and every other player took home $50000.00 which is on par with what some golfers pick up just for
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turning up to a tournament and the average age of these players 16 melissa sensually for a video game competition which could be watched on you tube contrast that with an established sport like cricket that showpiece tournament was held in england and wales recently the i.c.c. world cup but the average viewership on sky sports a pay check was only about 600000 per game now when england made the final and it was broadcast on free to air t.v. $7300000.00 people watched what was admittedly an incredible final match against new zealand. and here's another example the recent fee for women's world cup which saw record audiences in france and england because the matches were on free to air networks it was seen as a huge success with the women's game finally getting the recognition if not the same level of pay for its stars but it's competition what's up in the likes of amazon and facebook and twitter sign more sports deals the landscape is definitely
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changing. but are they able to keep hold of the younger viewers who are frankly the lifeblood of the sport we're going to talk more with someone who's done some research on audience male mothers with us consumer research lead it and pear and alice is joining us from london nice to have you with us look we know viewing habits are changing streaming is where it's all that but when it comes to sports should these sorts of big legacies sports the cricket the formula one should they now be worried that these viewing habits are really going to affect them. i think you know viewing habits are changing we are seeing that it's been a decline in people watching regular t.v. channels across not only younger demographics but old along as well and there has been an increase in people watching through smart t.v.'s through that through their mobiles so i think these sports are going to have to be reactive to these changes one is doing it with the likes of a full on t.v. prior and i'm sure cricket will already be looking at doing it but i think you've
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got to be really castle not to that undermine your current audiences as well you know a lot of sports fans tend to be of the old see if you take everything off t.v. you'll actually end up damaging your sport as well is there a way to have the best of both worlds than a note you know for example in the united states some of the big sports basketball baseball in the light you know they're streaming on on twitter and facebook which is great for the younger generation can you do that and be on television and still make it all a success and keep everyone happy yeah i think you can you know i think this is a good mix of the american sports rights holders are really good example for the likes of the n.f.l. the likes of the n.b.a. what they do is they have these massive t.v. broadcast deals where the ending a lot of money but then they also have their and streaming platforms which consumers can access a much cheaper rate but what they basically do is they make sure that things are televised on t.v. are not shared on those platforms live so they're also protecting the major money
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that they're making through these forecasts deals but they're also ensuring that their content is still accessible to younger audiences who may become pay $56070.00 a month to access this through pay t.v. . good you've mentioned pay t.v. let's look at the pay versus free who had to have a cricket world cup was in england not long ago it was all on pay t.v. and there was a lot of criticism that you know kids couldn't necessarily get to see the cricket they didn't even miss they really know the cricket world cup was on and then you got the final played on free to air television but only because in many define no. can freeze or compete is that you know can you strike deals with the pay the pay groups. i think. if you're putting a level playing field because really compete they just don't have the budgets to do so but i think what's important is for right holders themselves to understand the power of free to us you know the women's world cup was on free to air and lots of
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markets and they got record audiences in so many of us when you're trying to get new fans into school whether it's the younger audiences or whether your news in your own right making sure that people can actually see your school and able to watch it is such a huge pots of it so putting it all behind pay t.v. and behind pay will is not the best thing for the long term safeguarding of the future of the school women's sport is really interesting you mentioned that the football world cup dubourg conses maybe need to take a punt there go yes we're going to actually go right in with women's sport and televise more and more of it and actually give because i'm the proof that will come through people will watch it if it's there they're going to watch it yeah 100 percent i'm a massive woman school and like women's football in general and so i really do think that broadcasters should take a punt with it you know it's still quite new it's still developing in a lot of the countries it's only become professional in the last few years that
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means that the quality of the football is getting better you know there is a real opportunity to showcase the sport which is not as tainted as men's 4 is you know there isn't that there's massive sponsorship deals there isn't you know all the issues that come with men's football you know the fact that it isn't accessible you have to pay so much to watch a lot of thought isn't that with women's football you can go to a match for relatively cheap you know in the u.k. in particular and you can go and inspire that next generation the u.k. is a really good example because the government has actually put it on the crown jewels list which means that it is going to have to be on free to as heavey for the facade of a future and i wouldn't be surprised if fisa tries or even you know. with champions league or with the year as they try to make sure that it stays are free to ask for as long as possible you know there is a competition in the form of sports much was made recently of and i don't know that much about it but fortnight the game which all the kids are playing in there was
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millions of dollars in prize money and people watching it people were going to see it live and it was huge i mean is that again another threat for the for the major sports i don't necessarily think it's a threat to legacy sports i think you know they can work in harmony with each other i think more so it's about making sure that sports are engaging fans of much younger age there's a lot of research out there which shows that people become sports fans between the ages of $8.00 to $12.00 whereas what we're seeing at the moment is that age group is becoming fans of the fords and they're watching on free platforms like you tube twitch a microsoft mix up so you know sports rights is like the premier league like the crickets i c c they have to make sure that they're making that content accessible enough that these young kids are able to go see football matches life they're able to play football all they're able to watch on t.v. because you know if force is so excessive all people are able to watch around the world for free that what you might end up doing is you might end up with
6:43 pm
a generation of people who you lose because that's what they end up watching instead of getting into all these biggest sports champions the thing is you mention it and this takes me on to the issue of illegal streaming and piracy 5000000 people apparently is to me it's we're watching champions league football on illegal streams is there anything that can be done about that really. i think you've got to look at it in that context you know an average champions league final gets between 352400 1000000 for you is according to usa so that 5 percent if you're spreading them out across the season is actually representing 1.4 percent of that entire universe so whilst i'm not trying to say it isn't a big problem it is but the likes of you a few have done so much in the last few years to try and combat it and it does seem to be a research is showing that in a lot of the markets that we survey the number of people who are watching pirated com content is reducing so there does seem to be a bit of
6:44 pm
a shift away from people trying to access this pirated content mode it's been great talking to you about this thank you so much for joining us thank you finally this week bangladesh with its low lying terrain it's unpredictable whether it is more vulnerable than most countries to the effects of climate change but with crisis comes change pushing some farmers to revive a century old system for growing crops something chantry reports from period for on bangladesh is floating farms. low lying bangladesh is on the frontline of climate change its farmlands facing constant floods erosion and salinity to combat these farmers are using rafts which remains afloat for a period long enough to grow vegetables there's a lot of the problem is during high tide this area get flooded with little water remains during low tide this is why we're using floating beds to grow vegetables floating platforms offer up to an additional 40 percent of arable land creating
6:45 pm
opportunities for poor lentulus farmers aquatic farming a century old practice in bangladesh that almost disappeared is making a comeback with limited resources and threats of climate change people here are now starting to appreciate the importance of environmentally friendly traditional cultivation systems where someone can earn around $2.50 for days more or man. the us are gunning for 2 lasers on the seeds been keep them in a shaded area to mature later we plant them in the floating pads it's natural for us and sell them and ready in the markets farmers generally do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides using this method so there's a greater demand for them. on these plants and vegetables are from the floating beds farmers bring them to us by boats we think carry them again and boats and sell them at serious bizarre. this year floating seed beds have been used on 290
6:46 pm
hector's appears to pose marshall an area there are now around 50000 people involved directly or indirectly in this type of farming in the district. this method of farming is getting really popular and is now practiced in at least 15 to 20 other districts farmers are making a good profitable one many poor bangladeshi farmers have now been given a financial lifeline by turning back the clock and relying once again on a traditional farming technique to protect their livelihoods and that is our show for this week but we'd love to hear from you can tweet or message me directly on. the hashtag a.j.c. or the e-mail address counting the cost down to 0 net. and you can visit us online as well and stuart com sash c.t.c. that takes straight to our page with individual reports links and entire episodes for you to catch up but that is it for this edition of counting the cost i'm canal
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santamaria from the whole team thanks for joining us news on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. rewind returns with a new series i i am playing updates on the past about using these documentaries it's one thing at. rewind continues with holy nandigram i will compel the onion the onion the sweetest part of the heart.
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of the city we are holding on by our fingernails to the 2 state solution today it is still barely possible on al-jazeera. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. peter dhabi you're watching the news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes more mass protests in hong kong but this time on
6:49 pm
both sides of the territories political divide. one soldier has been killed along the line of control is new delhi who says it's. some restrictions in indian administered kashmir. sudanese leaders prepare to sign an historic power sharing agreement after months of rest plus. today we tried scorpions worms and they were all very. good eating insects hope the fight against climate change. and i'm only a hearty in both. their opening game of the season and in germany defending champion also have a day to forget more on those games coming up in sports. let's get going tens of thousands of people in hong kong are taking part in rallies in
6:50 pm
the territory protesters both for and against the government on the streets today pro-government crowds have gathered around tamer park in the central district say of hong kong together is their slogan their counter demonstrations are also under way on the other side of hong kong. marches they're demanding government reforms and more democracy we have reporters on both sides of the story in a moment we'll take you live to under thomas who's the antigovernment running but 1st let's speak to our correspondent abdel-hamid who is at that pro government rally for us here on the news what's the atmosphere like there and how big are the numbers. it's a very large showing of people here that. organizers should be quite satisfied of that now this rally is under the banner save hong kong and also a show of support to do police i spoke to several people here and they said that
6:51 pm
they were extremely worried about what's going on they didn't want to see any more violence on the streets of their cities it's not that matter about protesting or not it's a matter about how you're going about things i was just speaking to one lady she said we have a good life here we have democracy here and this violence is just going to tear this society apart this is certainly a lot of anxiety in the air when they say that there are people say that the most of the people here are coming as being probed i think they're more who are trying to protect what they have added a moment here in hong kong the life they have. made i also also several protesters what they thought about the performance of the chief executive kerry some of them said that actually she did some mistakes but those mistakes could be corrected some others actually should full support so was her is a completely different view from the a protest is who on the other side that down
6:52 pm
at the moment but certainly who ever you speak to you do get a sense that there is that sense of worry and certainty of the future is bringing all these people out to the streets here thanks very much let's go live to my colleague andrew thomas under we're getting these reports that some of the teachers in the territory have also joined the protest the demonstration movement does that mean it's getting bigger now. what we have these protests that go by sector occasionally and this was one for teachers. to rent to right and yet thousands still turned out for that the woman who i have just been watching has marched from apocryphally sham paul callan to the. the metro station behind me about a kilometer in the world tens of thousands of that again despite intermittent rain that came down throughout that process not protest was sanctioned by the place it was an official one it's now finished but you can see some protesters only a few 100 still hanging around here meanwhile though some of the protesters have
6:53 pm
moved on to another parts of cow loon to america and they're gathering around the police station there and already we're hearing in the last 10 minutes or so that the police there have raised the flag they do when they're warning protesters outside to clear or they will start using people start using tear gas so already we're hearing that peaceful protests here in one part of talent may be spilling into something more bottom elsewhere in cali there's another anti-government protests as well going on on hong kong island itself but you begin in about an hour and all of this before what demonstrators what protesters want to be a huge rally on sunday they're calling for everybody to come out and take part in one of these mass mass rallies and they're expecting organizers say about half a 1000000 people to take part in that one but the police of constrictive that protest to one part absolute capacity can only take about 100000 people so it's be very interesting to see on sunday what happens there when undoubtedly tens if not hundreds of thousands of people probably will spill out of that part that could be
6:54 pm
one certainly to watch on sunday very briefly pates and we've seen all these images of the security forces building up on the chinese side the mainland side of the border with hong kong the city of shenzhen but i've been asking because what they think of that and most protests are taught to think that is a block by beijing to try and scare protesters it is staying home they say they take no notice of it so and if security forces were ever to come in i don't believe it's going to happen but if they were they said what would you stay home and they will come out in bigger numbers than ever before they think that that would backfire spectacularly for beijing for the not expected to happen anyway and also andrew i think i'm right in saying that when it comes to the constitution if you will over the territory when it comes to security on the streets that stone to the hong kong government. stone to carry lamb and the people she works with it's got nothing to do with beijing. well be very careful because there are 2 different clauses in the constitution you're quite right that one of those clauses say is that only will the chinese military take to the streets of hong kong in
6:55 pm
a situation of national defense where hong kong china is under attack from somewhere else and that it's up to the police service here in hong kong to keep civil order all of the time but there is another clause in the constitution that comes later that says in the case of extreme civil to be civil disobedience or national unity break down then beijing can overrule what the hong kong government wants and they can bring in other people who are the security forces from elsewhere on the mainland so that 2nd course in some way is a bit of a contradiction of the earlier one son who denies that there are certainly talk of it in the media happening here there is a bit of concern among people but not as yet much most people as a site think it is a bluff because even if all paper in the constitution there is a possibility a way that beijing could bring in security force into hong kong the people here feel that would spectacularly backfired of beijing blood on the streets and that's what they think back could lead to because i think the protest is faced with chinese soldiers well that's where that could go that would be hugely embarrassing
6:56 pm
for beijing it would completely rip up any notion of one country 2 systems it will be extremely toxic particularly around the anniversary of communist party rule in china which is the 1st of october no expect something to happen here before then so they really people here the protesters do not think that's going to happen they think that would be a huge lose lose for beijing and a win frankly for protest as it would prove what they're saying the hong kong doesn't have autonomy under this want to country 2 systems rule it's part of china and china is increasingly also saying it's both already here under thanks very much . ok let's get more on another one of our top stories india's defense ministry says a soldiers being killed along the disputed line of control with pakistan the ministry is blaming pakistan for carrying out mortar attacks around the town of rod jewelry several soldiers from both sides were killed 2 days ago. meanwhile leaders in indian administered kashmir say they've started to lift some restrictions imposed nearly 2 weeks ago when the region was in fact annexed they say the easing
6:57 pm
of the lockdown includes the reconnection of telephone services in some areas this comes as pakistan's special committee has announced they're setting up a kashmir desk an all pakistani embassy is worldwide in a moment we'll hear from osama bin. laden pakistani administered kashmir for more on that decision 1st let's go to new delhi and our correspondent laura and what's the indian government reaction been to clearly what was the main talking point at the u.n. security council in new york. well 1st peter spoken to a senior official in the ministry of defense here in india and he said that one indian soldier had been killed in pakistan has violated cease fire yet again early this morning and the firing is still going on so retaliatory fire is going on as we speak in addition to that he said that he disputed pakistan's claim that in firing the day before 5 indian soldiers had been killed he described it as fictitious now
6:58 pm
you also spoke about restrictions that have. been imposed in the crush me rally in the administered kashmir and the government saying that it's easing restrictions that most of the restrictions thus far have been eased in jumble parts of india administered kashmir not as martin mean at least not here to still very hard to connect to people people's land line phones are also still not working the government said it would do it in a phased manner but it's not even sort of started yet remains to be seen whether the schools would reopen on monday or not me keeping an eye on that but connectivity in the valley still very poor now as far as indian government's response to united nations security council is closed or consultations yesterday is concerned indian government is largely pleased with it because there was no statement there was no outcome and they don't think much damage has been done and indian ambassador who spoke yesterday essentially tried to convey a message that his predecessors people who spoke before him of china and pakistan
6:59 pm
did not quite give an accurate impression of want to went inside that meeting and that was that people actually supported india stand that this is a bilateral issue whereas what india does with an article in its own constitution is india's internal matters overall india pretty pleased with the outcome of the u.s. the meeting until the moment many things let's go to a summit binge of aid who's in myself in pakistan administered kashmir india saying we easing restrictions are you seeing the reality about where you are. well i just met a boy who was saying that you haven't been able to speak for the last 2 weeks or so . actions were put in place so overall here the mood is somber i'm sure because people who have relatives on the other side have not been able to get in touch with them and with easing of restrictions the only happened where curfew has been released from relaxed in some parts where the people have not been allowed to get
7:00 pm
in touch with their relatives in the outside world to either online or internet this is a crisis which has been brewing for about 13 days now and pakistan's foreign minister as well as the spokesman for the ministry held a joint news conference a few hours ago. and it's concerned about what happened in fact the united nations security council of pakistan sees it as a defeat for the indian foreign ministry and india's push to keep it pretty clear as an internal bilateral issue focused on says that the united nations security council meeting after 54 years is testament that this is an international issue this is an issue where the security council is not part of not just wondered multiple resolution so a very different story from the pakistanis on this issue but something that is often to analysts on all sides is that pakistan has time and again said that india is planning a false flag operation an operation of something of the sort which would allow the
7:01 pm
indian government to come and attack by design administer.


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