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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 17, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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and this is it once has reflected the infrastructure problem. the drainage system is not working and the emergency readiness of the government is not supposed to be. used to be volunteer groups who would move in to help. the former government used to harass them and was struck their work and accuse them of acting illegally. now at least the volunteers are on site and they are not being harassed but this is not enough the government will be required to do some emergency work to see people whose houses are being destroyed. a lot of people have died in the last couple of days. out of unprepared mess for this kind of flooding homes have collapsed on top of the people i heard that a whole family had been killed and so on and so we are urgent issues for
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one of the things which also might lead to a. 2 problems in the peace process we got 4 in the new mountains in the blue nile. the. sea rebel movement themselves have these small boats flexion now there are so many of them. but they also have demands smooth this is this is a one on with telling these any government will find if you do it ok let's just stay with these live pictures coming to us from that signing ceremony in khartoum if you're just joining us here on al-jazeera sudan's army and the protesters have signed the final power sharing deal in effect building the way forward paving the way for that transitional administration to a civilian led government have a morgan is our correspondent joining us live here on al-jazeera out of khartoum so
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so many issues that they've got to deal with and i guess deal with quickly because whether it's you know this this tilting process from being mainly military towards being mainly civilian and then wholly civilian inevitably they will have a honeymoon period. yes indeed people are expecting that but one thing we have to know peter is that people of sorts of sudan the protesters and the activists who have been leading this revolution say they do not have basements they want to see things change and they want to see it as soon as possible already some of them have been having doubts about this agreement that has just been signed they're saying that because the military will be leaving for the 1st 21 months then they were pollution is not complete others are saying that because the executive council will be run by the opposition coalition as well as 2 thirds of the legislative assembly then all their demands all that they've been asking for and protesting for over the past 7 months
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will be achieved but the question is how soon can they do that and which one will they tackle 1st there is the issue of obviously the economy which sparked the whole revolution in this number but there are also other issues like just as an accountability to major demands that have been very high on the list of demands of protesters over the past few months then there's the issues such as our guests that's the issue of health the issue of education the issue of infrastructure that the civilian government or rather the transitional government has to basically deal with over the over the next coming year years and weeks so the question is how soon can they produce that change and that is what people on the streets are saying that they're waiting to see they want to see if the deals that they've heard that the has been signed if the demands that they have been asking for will be met because if it is not been they're ready to go back out on the streets and protest once again for the change they want here but thank you so much we'll talk to you soon i'm sure in the meantime just to sum up what we've been seeing in the past 45
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minutes or so these are the latest pictures there we go the moment of signing various visiting dignitaries presidents prime ministers the looking in on what's going on the as we turn the page constitutionally and politically in sudan the country is now starting its next chapter a transit. awards civilian rule it won't be wholly civilian rule from the get go i e from tomorrow when the new prime minister starts picking the people that he will work with in theory what we should be seeing in a little over 3 years' time is multi-party elections which will then translate or mutate rather into being wholly civilian rule sudan is just like the rest of africa the median age in this was kind of what it was talking about the median age across that region is 19 years old those are young people who really really really want
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change we've seen it how those protests over the price of bread turned into a civilian uprising defined i guess in its earliest stages the 1st 345 weeks of the relatively quiet protests on the streets of the capital city khartoum defined in one sense at least by the way that the military regime as was at that point simply could not react it was clear that the military didn't know what to do so they got rid of the people who had been running the country people who will perhaps still yet be asked some very serious searching questions over what they did and how they did it when it was wholly and simply a military regime those questions of course will be asked at some point in the months perhaps the years perhaps the decades still to come in the history of saddam but that's the latest coming to us out of the capital city of khartoum the capital city of sudan rather khartoum we'll keep across all the developments of course and
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you can get more on that story on the web site al jazeera dot com we'll wrap up all the day's other top stories when we come back on the other side of this break. hello we've got plenty of sunshine across a good part of south america a loss to clear skies there across brazil a little more cloud around a year ago i just around the river plate and it's thicker area that will bring some cooler weather into what is there is as we go on through the weekend for saturday 17 celsius bits and pieces of re pushing across the river plate how much is way further north which as we go through sunday will pick up a cool way in the from the south only 11 degrees at that stage meanwhile temperatures hang on around 17 celsius there for santiago further north the sunshine continues through much of brazil
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a few showers up towards serene i'm towards the guyana we'll see some showers too just driving their way in from the atlantic as we go on through the next couple of days is pushing into the caribbean ahead of that another very cloudy to central parts of the caribbean now these 2 they will both make their way further west with so some wetter weather coming into central america rain just making its way into the windward islands stretched across the league which as we go on into sunday i want to show as well sir possibility for jamaica at that stage there are some lively showers pushing in across the central plains of the u.s. lots of cloud here just spilling out of central parts of canada it looks pretty wet around the great lakes on saturday. whether sponsored by catalona. well if we cannot have palestina my government was certainly not allow britain to control the french palestine would be an outrage but then we need to find another solution before we come to blows. over
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a century ago britain and france made this secret deal that changed the shape of the middle east and so. now we can draw a map. sikes pekoe lines in the sand on all just. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera line from the 10s of thousands of people in hong kong are taking part in rallies that today protesters both for and against the government are out on the streets we have reporters on both sides of the story 1st . who is with the pro-government side in the cities tamar park the people who were here by and large told me that they were mainly here today to decry the violence
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that they were extremely scared about what could happen what's going on full day here in hong kong you had also on the stage for example representatives of the taxi drivers representative of the financial community were talking about the law says they haven't cured since all this started under thomas is that an anti government rally in. what was certainly entirely peaceful has now turned into something altogether different this is what happens i'm afraid having seen this on previous weekends again and again and again different retest is coming that over there is a play station the monk called police station and the protesters have gathered outside the entrance to that there's probably 2530 place in full riot gear came day in really in the entrance to their place building india's defense ministry says the soldiers being killed along the disputed line of control with pakistan the ministry is blaming pakistan for carrying out mortar attacks around the town of red jewelry
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several soldiers from both sides were killed 2 days ago. meanwhile leaders in indian administered kashmir say they've started to lift some restrictions imposed a new 2 weeks ago when the region was in effect annexed they say the easing of the lockdown includes the reconnection of phone services in some areas this comes as pakistan's special committee has announced they're setting up a kashmir desk in all pakistani embassies worldwide osama bin jade has more now from suffer about pakistani administered kashmir. in a meeting which was attended by pakistan's intelligence chief the director general of military operations as well as the stakeholders in pakistan administered kashmir on the foreign office the pakistani foreign minister came out saying that pakistan is going to be establishing a new desk which will be in touch with all its all of its embassies across the world capitals i can think that it is pleased with what happened at the united nations security council because what it shows is that ishmael is not
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a bilateral or an internal matter of india as india has been trying to portray it and there are multiple united nations security council resolutions which have been passed on this issue and having got the consultation the closer consultation after $65.00 after $165.00 shows that this is an international issue and the international community should play its role the foreign minister and the military spokesman also saying that pakistan is concerned about intelligence reports that india is planning a false flag operation according to the pakistani military something which happened in february when there was an attack in india and india blamed it on pakistan and then carried out some cross border movements and this is something that pakistan says that it fears and it is going to be taking all the necessary steps to tell the world about the steps that india is taking israel as the plight of the prime minister coming out earlier saying on twitter that he welcomes the session of the united nations security council and the stalled people interest me that he will be the ambassador to tell the people of the world what is happening in indian
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administered kashmir according to pakistan millions. people are being held hostage by the government the curfew as well as restrictions on communication are still in place. ok let's go to new delhi. with the latest. we spoke to an official in ministry of defense in india and he says that one indian soldier was killed today in what he called ceasefire violations committed by pakistan he said firing began this morning and is still going on literally fire is still going on and he said that pakistan's clear day before the pakistani 5 indian soldiers and yet another cease fire violation was incorrect he described it as sounds like this is clear now in addition to that indian officials today have also said that the easing up on restrictions in kashmir valley however most of the restrictions that have been. also in the administered kashmir but in kashmir valley conditions are still very poor as far as connectivity is concerned at least some
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movement has been easing in areas like civil lines which is where the who's who in srinagar live but many areas still are reeling under a very heavy impact of these restrictions that have been imposed by the indian government there is a hope however that over the weekend things perhaps would get easier for the indian government has again reiterated that it would be a step by step approach if we recalibrate constantly calibrate i beg your pardon on how much restrictions it would ease in. schools however should open on monday and government offices as well france is calling for an immediate end to the bombardment of the last rebel held province in syria a suspected russian airstrike in italy province on friday killed at least 14 people russian warplanes are supporting an offensive by president bashar al assad's forces 4 month long campaign started on april 30th has killed an estimated $135.00 syrians many of them women and children more than 100000 people have been forced from their
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homes this is the un's assistant secretary general and the regional humanitarian coordinator for the crisis in syria he says the latest drugs do represent an escalation in the war. what is really happening in the stories we're hearing from the humanitarian workers on the ground is a situation which is totally unacceptable on a daily basis for the last $100.00 days being 1st strikes ground offensive on hospitals and schools and markets on this edition area creating an absolute total i mean and have all come on civilian population we're very concerned we've had more than $100.00 incidents on schools and health clinics alone and that has a massive displacement in fact there's been more than 500000 this placements that have taken place many areas structed human tendency since cannot reach people from where they are need but also entire towns and parts of the villages have been
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deserted because we are scared and are running away for safety to escape the military offensive that has been continuing nonstop i hope that would be enough and want me to national communities not be lazy asian and most importantly really want to see is the station of hostilities taking place on the ground the basic rule of war to respect civilians has to be respected on the ground and the communist party in russia is rallying supporters before a council election in moscow next month which has banned opposition candidates the rally on saturday in the capital was all surprised unlike recent opposition demonstrations when riot police arrested hundreds and beat some with truncheons an estimated 50000 protesters rallied in support of the banned independent candidates last week. rescue and relief efforts are ongoing in flood hit areas of india heavy rain is continuing to drenched coastal regions in the west and the south the number killed has risen to 244 nearly half of them in the southern state of kerala 1200000
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people and i was sheltering in emotions the camps. israel's carrier air strikes on armed groups in the gaza strip according to local media palestinians say the strikes on saturday hit farmland in central gaza and israel claims 3 rockets were fired into israel a day earlier from the gaza strip a retrial is underway in el salvador of a woman charged with murder after giving birth was stillborn baby ethan hernandez says she was raped and didn't know she was pregnant when she had her stillborn in a public toilet el salvador does have strict abortion laws and women who have miscarriages are often accused of murder supreme court judges ordered a retrial after overturning her initial 30 year jail sentence an autopsy has found that jeffrey epstein hanged himself in his prison cell in new york the u.s. finance ear was awaiting trial in the city for sex trafficking allegations 2 guards have been suspended and the jail warden given another job for failing to prevent
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the suicide following a previous attempt by epstein he was previously convicted of soliciting prostitution from an underage. a member of one of the most famous american acting families pizza fonda has died at the age of 79 he was best known for starring alongside jack nicholson in the 1969 classic easy rider he was the son of back to henry fonda and brother of jane fonda but in a statement today said her brother went out laughing at his home in los angeles and being suffering from lung cancer. in mexico insects cuisine is growing in popularity ancient traditions are being mixed with modern flavors to open up this environmentally friendly cooking method to new consumers. reports now from mexico city. around the world there's a growing demand for insects as food and why not they're high in protein and have a minimal carbon footprint compared to many other foods. it's worth considering the
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positive environmental impact we could generate if we all replaced one meal a week within sacks think about it it's a very healthy option. this kitchen in downtown mexico city specializes in edible insects and the restaurant's owner and the risk element that couldn't be more excited about the growing demand for bugs takes from the mosquitoes they never come off the tree so they have these taste the beets we really nice. the recipes italy hundreds restaurant the house of tacos or a combination of ancient indigenous tradition and modern mexican flavors the end results or dishes like and larva grilled and garlic in so long true sauce or fried stink bugs served with a side of the taste is actually quite good but i handle says there is still a long way to go for insects to become a staple food instead of picking up the. grasshoppers.
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farmers spending money on a bus the size the government is spending money on pesticides it's like. i'm losing money and they're losing i mean a possible income. for most people in central mexico eating bugs is totally normal and vendors seem to always have new recipes to offer so we was like that and today we tried scorpions worms and any eggs they were all very good. around the world the edible insect industry is projected to be worth $1200000000.00 by 2023 mexico hopes to provide an estimated 30 percent of the world's edible bugs. mexico is home to hundreds of species of insects that are both edible and nutritious some of it stranger than others like this scorpion but add a little salt in line. delicious. so whether you want to help fight climate change by eating less meat or you're just
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curious maybe bugs should be the next item you add to the grocery list when heard about. mexico city. no let's wrap up this half hour of al-jazeera world news where we started it today is an historic day in sudan as various people there signing that declaration it is the beginning of a transitional period of a little over 3 years as we get to know the nitty gritty of the detail of that coalition administration they've signed the power sharing deal certain dynamics and realities of course will come into play over the next 3 years analysts saying that the civilian part of this transitional administration they have a lot to live up to they have promised very very big and also some analysts saying to us the military can't in effect be trusted the clues in the name it was of course a military regime what you've all what you're also looking at the success of international diplomacy the u.s. having pressurized saudi arabia and the u.a.e.
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to be more temperate and also the african union getting involved when it looks like the whole process is pretty much going off the rails up next one or one east i'll have the news hour when we come back in about 30 minutes and then. they are the voiceless and vulnerable force to work against they will millions of people are condemned to lives of slavery he didn't in remote areas behind factory walls and in brick kilns where abuse is common it's on advantage of talking on fanfare lining the economy like me to get a dog out of bill or a canal to fight against slavery is going into space we're able to say to the local n.g.o.s here's a brick kiln that we believe has all the earmarks of slave labor and $1.00 to $1.00
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east explores how technology is giving slavery nowhere to hide. there was more. water on. tap. the fight against slavery has a new weapon. the. 2 sides cornered leverage that. it is a lawyer working for volunteers for a social justice or vs j a local n.g.o.s fighting to free families from slavery
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and set another one if it be that according to cover. over 30 years the s.j. has freed thousands of people in northern india from slavery. today they going to a raid at taco bricks. for the kilns distinctive footprints can be seen clearly from space using state of the art satellite technology. what we can think of a chimney. typical of 50 to kill a cow dr doreen boyd is an associate professor of civil actions at the university of nottingham she points out the telltale signs of slave labor. what we're looking at full. building typically you know if i only will be living in order to the degree. you can see the smoke from the chimney that shows us that this is an active
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kale and both of labor being use all of the fitting. and i fear will be perhaps the prevalent focus playfully activity bonded labor for example happening in the killing. of the nuts and some of the food they're bigger. than the. i'm going to go into the big conference is to me 1st because. it's. from a covered congress backgrounder given commitments that we're going to. let it go to a good idea not a diplomatic yeah but if we're down. on the ground here in town or heard in this new fact that hamas and his wife fled to debbie a bone did work is at the kill. about me and i've been able to get votes from other women that roots a mother never mind about her own. money
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going to going to grant this is a very sobering talk about modern slavery kevin bales is one of the world's lead. experts on modern slavery whole families are in slave to do this work to. cut the mud make it into bricks and the very dangerous work of firing the bricks as well. i had spent several months in brick kilns and i had worked out very precisely the exact economics of the brick business and particularly the slave based brick business and that was important to understand where were these bricks going how were they were being produced how did slave holders make a profit we still however even after all that were good was done had no idea of how many recounts there were where they all were and so forth. he decided to fight slavery by joining forces with fellow academics like dr stuart mom i'm an
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observation specialist so using imagery from orbit around the planet a social scientists came to see us and this. is great that we've got this interest you focused on this observation. would you be able to see slavery. and so we said we don't know what the slavery looked like and for us at the stage it was completely new and i showed the satellite images that i had found of slavery spaces i showed them pictures that i had taken on the ground of people in slavery in those same spaces and begin to say why don't we do at least a pilot test which we did on the sugar bones unesco world heritage site in bangladesh looking at. fish processing camps that used child slaves and in that short pilot we discovered 5 unknown process in camps and here's the latitude and longitude you really ought to do something about it. following the success of the pilot study they tend their attention to one of the biggest uses of
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slave labor in india according to anti-slavery international. the reason we thought he'd leave the book kill him it's surely to the. number of. the number of people that work in the film they tend to be working under forced labor so if we can actually. help more people than we could face if we focused on another type of flavored activity. the slavery from space project brings together earth observation scientists geography's social scientists engineers and computer specialists they watching 4000 miles from the raid unfolding at the brick kiln. it's estimated that up to 23000000 people are held in debt bondage in india and
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a 3rd of the children working for up to 9 hours a day come under. the school. chandra gotti has 4 children aged between $9.20 they all work at the brick kiln with her to try and make their minimum quota of bricks. the younger 2 often work at night so they can sometimes go to school during the day to get a better job. and i'm not interested in the treasury or persons who set up their own i. don't think the s.j. suspects 14 adults and 10 children are being forced to work as slaves here including pommelled kumar and his family. that it is not what i had done i got there but. my god i'm already going a man. takes a hard blow. but if you got any i'm a little auburn talk
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a little. bit if you got it there's not a bomb to get up and. your mother or. sister ever give up on a back this up but i'll fight. well you know some of the guys are going to write the men in red is chandran seeing a jem'hadar contract he brings the libraries from their villages in pradesh to the kilns turn i'm going to get the. job at boncelles that ever we're going to put in any movie but the. doctor look down and you can read again you get a few minutes i think it was harder to be able to get at them going to target to know and you gave me william meaning accommodating. and. got to be big so it's a legacy about who we're told by some of the perfect i'm going to. go
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to the living place to do is i'm old i'm bummed questions from last time i'm going to go. out of principle with. the bomb why does it not this is about. a passage. from the part of the prophet if it was not shot that's not a new meaning. by the minute but i'm going to get a. brick kiln on is have a legal responsibility to make sure that children go to school instead of working in the kill you know i need it i'm going to need i need a time painting got it. yeah got that money that i got it got that i got he got better welfare got me on it anyway and i thought of any of these a serious accusations against the kiln. he finally arrives at the kiln with
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a politician friend of the 1st. woman to come to her and. this is not right and so i work on. this. they're going to go to do it and they're both as a. listener on a 3 minute. round of them. tell them about this i've been to their home country morning argues that. they're going to determine better under orders to leave to use their mother or. indian national law requires that kiln owners have contracts with their work is that they paid fairly and records are kept of their payments. they hated vs j.j. i see once to make sure the owner of the kiln has he's paperwork in order. there are no longer required. of us in her. but
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her the manager listens and. these day brings legal cases against employers who use slave labor and reports them to authorities they try to get city pickets from the employers that prove that bonded work is that i don't owe any money. or time. using his or her own or. no not the only thing important is that you know. your home is not a. desert without vs j's intervention chandra about his family could be enslaved for life when she or her husband dies their children can be compelled to continue the bondage yet if i had to be at them better than i could basic i get paid for it as a detaining. people and that it. will be up by saying
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a bit painting out about it by house on the net about it by what do i need to drag and need to get home but indicate that i was wrong. ensuring their freedom is not that's. simple the matter still has to be hurting course like. the adults in 10 children ascent to pack their belongings into 2 trucks. with their future uncertain their families are taken to the district courthouse. satellites have long been used to map environmental change but using them to track slavery is new. so i'd say you could split them into 2 groups we've got the
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traditional soft light stuff have been put up by space agencies for many many years going back to the early end of the sixty's 970 s. but nothing to the 2 began. and that's the sort of the the modest resolution satellites. then you have a 2nd group of sentences coming more from the private sector. a big trend there is to go to microsoft life so. much much smaller faster development times and you can have many on one moon. if we leave you want you to pinpoint alpha kill and know a little bit more about them then we need to look at something like that if this is a high resolution they. couldn't they may she is absolutely amazing the detail you can feed head is incredible each one of the pitfalls and the symmetry and the meter white so we need to choose the right technology and the one in which way for our
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particular purpose. equally important is the number of times a satellite passes over the same location. the more often it does the more the sights can be monitored it lights going around the earth and the earth spins beneath it and you would cover the entire earth typically in something like a month so to go back to an image of the same spot again it'll be a month later and so you can have monthly snapshots of the suspected site if you put a 2nd satellite $180.00 degrees apart and they orbit like that and you can go twice as often a century with a radar satellite we've got to revisit round about 6 days a moment so it's a real improvement if you put a constellation of satellites in place it massively increases the revisit time so you get to revisit time down to a day or or so. yeah.
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a museum or to live there and there's a little girl in. the work it's a waiting at the district court house they're tired and hungry. and you see. things suddenly lose west smugglers or. the courts will decide the fate of pommelled kumar his wife and daughter along with the other families tomorrow. if the owner of the kiln can provide records of their payments and a license they'll be taken back to the field. and . specially in the brickell. know what is good for mike there and
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their wife lives here near here and on the other there the brick owners there to finish and i do very i would. the courts too should take it seriously you know if your model neutered children had been found. and they implied he's not being a minimum wages. he should be charged. for taking their life and liberty but. the love of the papers i. do not benefit. but. the next day outside the courthouse the families awaiting for the verdict sitting in the same spot under the tree their faces being decided inside without any input from them in the freezer goodman but still it does it let's hope it's not let it down and it's not going to budge on me
9:38 pm
i'm not going. to be done here's our lovely in there we've been on that that about a 1000000000. these are often migrant workers are often of a different ethnicity or even religious group they're not voters they're not really of interest to people in power above police the lead on this is almost always with non-governmental organizations in geos human rights groups. in future it's hope satellite images can be used as evidence to help workers prove a case they're often fighting against local corruption and apathy i think this could be very powerful in legal procedure proceedings and in court cases but not least because it's not just about being able to prove specific cases of enslavement but also by demonstrating patterns of exploitation and enslavement and this does
9:39 pm
that. the brick belt covers a vast one and a half 1000000 kilometers stretching across india pakistan nepal china and bangladesh it encompasses hundreds of thousands of kills and keeps millions in debt bondage. the area covered by what we call the brick bell is huge there's no way from the ground you can count the. mapping the bridge will give the 1st hard data about the numbers and location of. but even with modern satellite technology it's a massive task. speeding up the mapping process. to cover the entire area. during boyd has never been to the bridge and hadn't heard of.
9:40 pm
a few years ago now her focus is the united nations goal of eliminating slavery by 2030. machine learning is the digital key. to help reach that target and she learning the. effect of artificial intelligence and what we're doing with training the computer. in the computer to under fire and what to fly can an image so we give them. different types of different picture from different location and by each iteration. with them will. fly. trying. the images that we haven't seen before and it will. be. 95 percent with. in the location and maybe from
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identifying. slave it's happening here. and the owners of the bridge have been in and out of the court room. the court decides in their favor they'll be granted a city if it could have released a key documents proving that they bonded labor is and did not owe the owners or contract to any money. they have been made and that's what they knew when it bunny . in their home state of the top predicts the s.j. holds village meetings to help workers understand their brides and prevent future
9:42 pm
in slave meant but for some it's too late. to get out of them out. of the loop of. baba shah and his wife xan a big grin slaved with a family of 12 even though they've escaped and returned home to top british they are not free on the believe in the gutter media got a lot of begun talking about going. to any of 100 of the you know what i mean l.a. are. all going to me to me going to law about them i'm going to get them out about . that old thing. without the official release it if it could given by of course the bonded labor is a never free from a desk and have little hope of ever being paid any money. and his family will paid nothing in the 3 years they worked at the kiln. back home they still being pursued
9:43 pm
for their alleged debts. on the market. but it's only on ventura loving unicom like me that got a bill or. order book from the owner of a minor to go down the road but really golly but. as they don't have a release a terrific it the owner has filed a legal case against them claiming they owe him the equivalent of $2000.00. then. i mean. finally back at the courts 2 of the b.s.j. workers have news. for. us . it's good news and do
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we need for these workers. they're all officially free from slavery and don't owe the kill 9 any money. was snapped modest someone who would see em up by the gun equipment up at about me they're estimating. there's more good news to come the release it if it gets granted by the court entitle them to state benefits which could change their whole future. there's a provision in that bonded labor law that says if you have just been liberated from slavery you can have an immediate cash payment not a very large but enough to make sure that you have food clothing and shelter so that if you tried to run away from all your possessions run away from the place where you were working say a brick you'll at least be able to feed yourself house your family and so forth. it's 9 pm official photos and needed for the paperwork after that the families will
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be on their way home with some money in their pockets. this is the 2nd part of that grant is a much larger payment and the wonderful thing about that is that it's geared to being and to get you on your feet economically and i've been happily surprised and very pleased when i've seen how many of these x. slave families have built very solid businesses of all sorts. so as far as satellite dates are concerned there's an open skies policy so the soft lights see everything no nation can turn them off and so does nothing any nation can do about it if it does object. fighting slavery from space is becoming more and more effective as satellites multiplied and costs decrease. now i think our dream
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is it would be able to put up our own satellite and to have our own anti-slavery satellite in space that we can use 24 seventh's to look for people in slavery and to help get them free that would be a very powerful and very beautiful thing. it's midnight at the train station in her shy people and the families are in boxing on their long journey. back to their villages it was to predation and to relatives they hadn't seen for over 3 years space age technology and slavery don't often go hand in hand to this use of satellite imagery is a real breakthrough in tackling one of the world's keeping secrets freeing many more people from the curse of modern slavery.
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minutes a new chapter for sudar the military council and opposition alliance have signed a landmark deal paving the way toward civilian rule. more mass protests in hong kong but this time on both sides of the political divide. on soldiers being killed along the line of control this new delhi says it's eased some restrictions in indian administered kashmir. and i'm lee a hearty in barcelona lost their opening game of the season and in germany in defending champions baron munich also have a day to forget more in those games coming up in sports. we begin with an historic moment in sudan. the military and protest leaders have now signed a power sharing declaration into law it will establish a 3 year transitional government and outline who will make decisions the agreement
9:50 pm
follows months of protests and killings and the military overthrow of the longtime president omar al bashir now under the deal a so-called sovereign council will now be created the military will lead it for 21 months and the civilians for 18 months the opposition coalition is due to formally recognize the choice of a prime minister early next week perhaps as early as early as tomorrow hiper morgan joins us live now from khartoum so the reaction there to people who've waited so long for this. yes indeed. though there would be mixed reactions people here at the venue where they groom and just has been signed about an hour ago already started they were chanting even before this agreement was signed and during and after their saying that they finally have a civilian government on the streets people are also celebrating but they're saying that they have cautious optimism just looking at sudan's record of implementing
9:51 pm
power sharing agreements and peace agreements they're saying that they're worried that the military council may delay the implementation of some of the clauses and therefore will hold on to power longer or would find a way to basically push the civilians out of power and continue maintaining control of the government until elections are held based on how they want it and who they want to see coming for presidency after the transition period is over so there is a lot of concerns from activists but there is thing that for the moment they will be celebrating the fact that after more than 8 months of protests they managed to get the military council to sign a deal with the opposition coalition to start a new period for sudan why did they come up with this idea that the military is in effect to towards being in charge for 21 months as they move towards that sort of 3 birthday period i guess within the civilian administration of the civilian part of the administration will then take the top seat at the table.
9:52 pm
well yes so this was this came after months and months of negotiations between the 2 sides especially after june 3rd when talks collapsed between the opposition and the military jointer had to be mediated by the by you and if european special envoy who was sent over the prime minister who's here today if the prime minister had to come to try to bring the 2 sides back to the negotiating table to try to work out a deal so it's a lot of effort from both sides and from the mediators to be able to reach that kind of middle ground that would eventually see what people hope would be the beginning for sudan but there are also concerns from from the from the people the protesters themselves who have basically been the reason why sudan has reached up to this point they're saying that they're worried that the opposition coalition that presents them is not united already one of the largest opposition parties the sudanese communist party has said that it is not backing the deal this sudan's
9:53 pm
revolutionary front which is the group of armed groups that is part of the opposition coalition are also saying that big do not support the deal that has just been signed so it looks like the opposition is not as united as the protesters who have given them legitimacy want them to be a lot of issues ahead of them to be a lot of issues ahead of the transition military council and the opposition coalition as saddam begins its transitional phase ok many thanks. ok let's take a look at how sudan reached this point where we are today protests over rising bread prices started in december of last year and quickly turned into calls for the former president omar bashir to resign he was accused of pushing up food prices increasing fuel and shortages through his mismanagement of the economy he's wanted by the international criminal court on allegations of crimes against humanity war crimes and genocide the protests grew rapidly in early april thousands of people took to the streets daily bashir finally stepped down demonstrations continued until last month calling on the military to hand over rule to civilians more than
9:54 pm
100 protesters have lost their lives during the push for democracy in. don. joining us on set keeping us company during this historic day for saddam a bill will have a life and a professor of politics at the institute for graduate studies he previously served as a diplomat at the sudanese foreign ministry mr l. offending can the military know not can the military be trusted should the military be trusted. in a chocolate answer is no but. a little i think 1st still a brit the fact that you have least this particular moment because we there was a warning that we would not get to this. place without a lot of disintegration of the state and i think a small correction about the casualties i think. quite to many more than 100 people
9:55 pm
have been killed in the last 7 months i think the tally maybe between 500 to 9000 that. but the fact that we have reached this level and not gone the way for example of syria with the army for until the bitter end and also levy where it has an international intervention has to stop the killing. it is it is a blessing and shows that they have been restraint on both sides. and the fact. that they should this would take us to a positive in a positive direction i think the dynamics which will be put in place. where. the military is to be trusted or not. now the military is not the main actor but i mean political life is going to be
9:56 pm
a civilian government ok the civilian government key question of course they have a lot to live up to now. they do they do he has i think the people have been as i said waiting for this moment for a long time i was of people expect that next morning when the prime minister sits in his office things are going to change and of course. that's not not going to be the case simply also because the demonstration cell phone the brought this over the last 7 months have also grounded the state capacity down and economy has been. has been even leading eroded more and more. and the state capacity to intervene has been reduced so in order to get away i'll be in december. this will go to take a 4 and that's that's what the people have protested against because after the
9:57 pm
protests kicked off it seemed there was a point between say 4 weeks into an 8 month process and halfway through that process where there were so many variables yes and now if we look at what we're seeing today it is so significant and so historic it's not just luck on the one hand i guess it's actually really really good international and more local diplomacy coming together because the african union got involved and says actually guys chill we can work this out and also the united states signaled very clearly to the saudis and the united arab emirates look you've got to take a step back from this because you being up close and personal with with this situation is not helping anyone yes i think you are right i think the intervention of the african specifically. has actually played a catalyst role in that it gave the 2 sides a lead to climb down from that point the freedom and change forces were saying that
9:58 pm
no negotiation with the military after the massacre and military at the same time felt so. empowered that this they scrapped all the early agreements. then the intervention of the african union and. gave them away at least the stuff talking to each other the american intervention as you rightly said was very important even for straining the emirates and the saudis who were actually egging the military council in that direction and egypt was with them at the same time they realized at that moment that they will have to pay a price if they want to continue in this because america in sudan was not like in libya or other places because there is a very strong lobby on sudan which has existed during the last region and merely to do with the south is very powerful because it contains it contains an important constituency of trump himself if i dealer goals charity is the right wing
9:59 pm
so it's not it was not an easy place for them so who are these these factors but i think also the steadfastness and the unity of the people has also played a part we must leave it there mr elephant thank you so much for insight today so we appreciate your time thank you. tens of thousands of people in hong kong took part in pro and anti-government rallies today supporters of the government gathered round tom our park in the central districts of on kong save hong kong together was their slogan counter protest took place on the other side of hong kong harbor in cow lou much as they're demanding government reforms and more democracy. as night fell there was a tense standoff with the police in hong kong's desolate densely populated long cock district protesters threw eggs and this on lasers at the local police station but quickly dispersed once officers took to the streets to thomas is in calhoun joining us live here on the news and i guess it's all pretty much wrapped up for
10:00 pm
the day just walk us through what kind of day it's been. well it feels like that pizza but you never want to speak so you see it in these situations because things have happened very fast in today's hong kong when it comes to protests but yes there were 3 protests on the antigovernment and tea by using side on saturday 3 separate protests i was at one of them with tens of thousands of people who began to march in the pause in college and then will for about a kilometer or so a metro station and there was quite a writing during that march that may have dampen the protests 1st little because i'm usually in my experience most of the protests that is the vast majority of them seem to finish their protest when the place said they should finish it but some of them did go to the metro station and just the off aero side lights they came outside that most public place that you talked about thousands like thousands of them and chanted outside threw eggs at the place who gathered with brought here outside that play station and it was it a standoff about hoffman out in the place came out in vans in big numbers the
10:01 pm
protesters brand it was a small confrontation i did see a fire on get drawn in the. place took a far right out of some point there were bags of rubbish be.


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