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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 18, 2019 1:00am-1:33am +03

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since its foundation when they wrote in the constitution that black people are free but they couldn't live here. going to the 1988 in the ninety's when the white supremacy movement was kind of bridge bred here was a breeding ground for white supremacy movement and to the top 10. that terrify it was a list of the southern poverty law center put out the top 10 that terrified 2 of those people were from portland then you fast forward to the max killing where white supremacy killed 2 man and stabbed another person and just last year larnell bruce a black man was run down so and killed by white supremacy. but portland also has a reputation of being a very liberal very progressive city so is there an element of the right wing and the a fascist group trying to sort of put a thumb in the eye of a city that has that reputation as progressive portland is very progressive there are a lot of groups liberal groups different groups urco immigrant refugee native american
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urban league that are fighting against racism and hate and trying to make portland a welcoming unifying place and i think that these are the right groups see that the right wing groups see that their freedom or what they believe their freedom their white power is being taken from their i call it the last stand of the white man. very quickly sam we've got about 30 seconds left just characterize these right wing groups who are they where do they come from what it what do they want why i think they're mostly white men and they come from the rule areas there are some from portland a lot of them don't live here a lot of them are from throughout the country and they come here and they see this is ground 0 for like i said what i call the last stand of the white man there are other people from different races that are among these groups but i think it's they they see their freedom of speech that's what they say but they're their power and their their their supremacy being stripped away and. i see people of color religion
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different religion standing up and saying we're not going to stand for hate this is our city this is our home and you're not going to bring that hate and violence in our city and love will win in the end sam thanks very much that sense sacks of the no hate zone a local organization here in portland now. come all it's some potentially good news some of the organizers of this group of this rally have recently toned down their rhetoric one of them a leader of the proud boy says he was visited by the f.b.i. after the dayton and el paso shootings and he's since urged his followers to be more moderate a number of other leaders have been arrested and for involvement in a violent incident here in portland in may so if there is a large police presence and they're able to control these 2 disparate groups the neo-fascist and the anti fascist perhaps the day will go without violence we're
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hoping so yeah and an eye on it for you and keep reporting for show we'll be back with robert oulds in a few hours time in poland thank you. grab a break right now though when we come back a hit on a saudi oil field as yemen's heard the rebels launch another try to time. but we will also. today we tried scorpions worms and antics they were all very. a bug life could eating insects actually help the fight against climate change. how we had no shortage of right across southern parts of china over the past few days i'm afraid we are hanging on to that very wet weather as you go through the next few days not a cloud showing up on the satellite picture this is the same in the southwest of
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china's united province there where we're seeing some very heavy rainfall in places of a past few days we had around 700 millimeters of rain and that has led to the widespread flooding that we see here the showers long spells of rain before they do continue as we go through sunday well we're crossing to hong kong into taiwan taiwan may turn a little brighter a little tries to go on into monday but out west the weather still in place across the southeast coast many southern parts and it's the northern areas of vietnam showers too low the wet very wet weather also affecting the northeast of india if you can see this big bulge of cloud just blossoming there around bangladesh into the northeast of india and this is the same in kolkata at the moment again some big downpours here and flooding concerns set to continue quite a rash of showers as we expected this time of year up across central and northern plains off in the still very wet just around the west and dances well into the northwest is a little drier than it has been a race and into the fall of the west of india
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a loss of dry but pakistan. looks to me it sounds ugly and scares people from america's high streets to mexico's on the wound 3 points for the seaside and who controls the other side people in power follows the smuggling route and test the ease of acquiring untraceable weapons on american soil the weapon that was designed for war and it took you about 5 minutes to buy at. america's grounds of arming mexico's cartel on al jazeera congressman are you interested in stopping crime.
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these are the top stories say historic day. as the country's ruling military council and civilian opposition alliance signed a power sharing deal in the capital khartoum a landmark agreement will now be used to guard the country to a transitional. tens of thousands of people in hong kong and taking part in pro and anti-government rallies supporters of the government are using hong kong together as their slogan the demonstrations also took place on the other side of hong kong in congress. now u.s. president is condemning a u.s. democratic congresswoman's rejection of an israeli visa as a complete set up where she to sleep said israel had imposed an acceptable conditions on her request to visit family in the occupied west bank the full story is that israel had initially banned her and fellow congresswoman because of their support for the b.d.s. global boycott movement critical of israel's policies on palestinians slayed then
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requested a visa to visit her grandmother on compassionate grounds. it was pretty traumatic to go through when i had to deal with the state of israel and some of the demands they were asking me. here you know like my grandmother said i love that you're free is a very i know you are my dream manifest and i don't want to come back here age you know don't come here to come is my country my friend down the road. so that's rashida to leave him has this report now from the family village in beit or else why she met the u.s. congresswoman grandmother it's been over a decade since the year had seen her granddaughter there she the last she has visited the occupied west bank in 2006 the grandmother has been ready to welcome her she says she said she wanted to pick figs with her but that's not happening anymore. we would have loved her to come we started preparing her favorite new
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everybody in the family a neighborhood was anticipating her visit. israel has granted that she did a permit to visit her grandmother for what they called a humanitarian visit during which a shouldn't be promoting boycotts against israel palestinian who were organizing the official part of the trip said they don't host personal visits she even decided not to come and appeal or fish and we've spoken to commended her decision so that her family. she should only come with dignity we refuse the israeli dictation policy or preconditions it's her right to come visit it's not a favor from anyone these sentiments what are called by many palestinians with seen many of them posting on social media saying that that she does shouldn't come under what they call the humiliating conditions now if you meet that is from her grandmother's house there are military checkpoints she could have seen them and shown them to the world that they are scattered across the west bank limiting palestinians access. u.k. opposition leader jeremy coleman is rallying support for his plan to become a caretaker prime minister and to avoid an ordeal brags that the local party m.p.
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plans to replace boris johnson by defeating the conservative government in a vote of no confidence german addressing a labor party rally in bolton today near manchester in england north. yes well it's perhaps no accident that mr coleman has chosen specifically bolton bolton as you mentioned a town just outside the city of manchester but bolton has traditionally been a labor. of place where there has been plenty of labor support but there has been over the years an actual simulation or spilling away from the labor party from paris well bolton itself in the bracks referendum vote to leave and as a result people here seem to be a little bit well we're not taken with the arguments that mr coleman has made so
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while he may have support here amongst the labor party grassroots supporters in the members within the wider area itself. we need to be haemorrhaging just to give you an example in the european elections this year at this town mostly voted for the bracks policy and what mr corbett is proposing. become a caretaker prime minister in order to stop the kind of bracks it that the bracks party. which is what it wants really which is a no deal of very hard line which many say would be a disaster for this area but he hasn't so far managed to wind up with any more support from within from without his own cabal and certainly members of the ruling conservative party are not in agreement with that and would really rather stick with the status quo rather than have him seen as the british prime minister. that is sonia gaia go in bolton thank you sonia. human rights activists are accusing
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syrian government forces and fair russian allies of bombing camps for internally displaced people 100000 syrians have now fled fighting in it live in the last week which is syria's last rebel held problems just a warning some of you may find the pictures in this report from anderson and chapelle disturbing. these people have already fled fighting in syria but tragically it's still caught up with them in this case at least 18 people were killed in a suspected russian airstrike on a camp for internally displaced syrians. the attack in the town of hasse killed at least 6 children their mental bodies pulled from the rubble including a baby whose umbilical cord still attached to its mother elsewhere in the town of the white helmets volunteer force say another child was killed in a government strike which injured 20 others. this seems are a daily occurrence following the collapse of
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a cease fire agreements between government troops and rebel factions earlier this month with a broken ceasefire in a so-called deescalation zone in southern is live has seen many broken agreements and fierce fighting between rebels and government troops backed by russian airpower . together government forces have made their for this advances north into it. tens of thousands of syrians have been forced from their homes and have moved towards the turkish border in the last week alone human rights campaigners say the offensive which began in april has claimed more than $900.00 lives a quarter of them children as human rights watch calls on the u.n. to assign blame to those attacking hospitals the un's regional humanitarian coordinator for the syria crisis told al-jazeera the situation is only getting worse. on a daily basis for the last $100.00 days as being 1st strikes ground offensive on hospitals and schools and markets on this edition areas creating an absolute i meet
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and have a look among civilian population we're very concerned we've had more than 100 incidents on schools and health clinics alone and that has a massive displacement in fact there's been more than 500000 displaced men's that have taken place what is going on at the moment is really a failure of the political will the international political will to implemented really a ceasefire or a peaceful solution on the ground that would take into account the fact that there is millions of children women and families caught up in between and that is really what is happening right now including the attack that we saw on friday the syrian opposition coalition is calling on world leaders to stop the bombing in its lead and what they call the systematic displacement of people living there but no one has come up with a formula for a solution and help how does here. now the rebels in yemen have launched their latest drone attack across the border into saudi arabia and in doing so set fire to
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a natural gas plant several drones targeted the shave off oil field the state owned oil company saudi aramco describes the fire that was limited and says production hasn't been affected the saudi energy minister there was accused of trying to disrupt the world's oil supply top with more now from the yemeni capital sana'a. according to the hole the spokesperson says that the carried out the biggest operation deep inside saudi territories we have used 2 key draws that have crossed over 1100 kilometers to the east side of the kingdom and they have targeted this. oil field which is just. 10 kilometers from the borders of the. according to the whole of these later. he says that sends also
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a message to the united states to stop their attacks there on. the saudi war on yemen and also that the he says that. the saudi arabia's initiated its war in yemen order to secure itself that it should have done it with securing yemen's security 1st he also mentioned the all citizens so the stay away from the saudi. buy to strike as the promising of more vital and also. harmful after saudi arabia. now in mexico it is becoming increasingly popular to go to a restaurant maybe order a plate of insects what some call the inside ancient traditions are being mixed with modern flavors now trying to entice new customers to what is really an environmentally friendly type of cuisine you can want to see this one man or rapper
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reporting are from mexico city. around the world there is a growing demand for insects as food and why not they're high in protein and have a minimal carbon footprint compared to many other foods. it's worth considering the positive environmental impact we could generate if we all replaced one meal a week within sacks think about. it's a very healthy option. this kitchen in downtown mexico city specializes in edible insects and the restaurant's owner. couldn't be more excited about the growing demand for bugs things from the mosquito they never come off the tree so they have these taste like the beets from the really nice. the recipes it was restaurant the house of tacos or a combination of ancient indigenous tradition and modern mexican flavors the end results are dishes like and larva grilled and garlic and so long true sauce or fried stink bugs served with
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a side of the taste is actually quite good but i handle says there is still a long way to go for insects to become a staple food instead of picking up the. grasshoppers. farmers spending money on a bus decides the government is spending money on pesticides and it's like they're losing money and they're losing i mean a possible income. for most people in central mexico eating bugs is totally normal and vendors seem to always have new recipes to offer but we were all selected and today we tried scorpions worms in an egg they were all very good. around the world the edible insect industry is projected to be worth $1200000000.00 by 2023 mexico hopes to provide an estimated 30 percent of the world's edible bugs because. mexico is home to hundreds of species of insects that are both edible and nutritious some
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of it stranger than others like this scorpion but add a little salt in line. delicious. so whether you want to help fight climate change by eating less meat or you're just curious maybe bugs should be the next item us had to the grocery list. mexico city . and come out santa maria these are the headlines on al-jazeera historic day in sudan the country's ruling military council and civilian opposition alliance signed a power sharing deal in the capital khartoum this landmark agreement will now be used to guide the country through a transitional period a deal that sees a new governing council including both civilians and generals who will lead the country towards elections and civilian rule more from our correspondent morgan. the
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deal signed today between sudan's ruling military junta and the opposition coalition known as the forces of freedom and change is being hailed as a landmark and the beginning of sudan moving towards a civilian rule but some people in the opposition coalition are not happy the armed groups known as the sudan's revolutionary front have said that this deal is not complete and does not represent them and there's not include anything about were refugees and the displaced people and the sudanese communist party one of the biggest opposition parties has also said that this deal is incomplete and that they were volution should continue and has called on people to continue with protests. the headlines tens of thousands of people in hong kong have been taking part in both pro and anti-government rallies supporters of the government they're using save hong kong together as their slogan counter demonstrations that were taking place on the other side of hong kong harbor in march as they're still demanding government reforms and more democracy. right wing groups in the united states are
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holding a rally in portland oregon today there are also set to be anti-fascist demonstrators countering the march similar to the one held in charlottesville 2 years ago the rallies been organized by a member of a group called the probable ways they described as a hate group but the southern poverty law center. here we. hear. you where you. always. want to read you the you are not going to hear. a drone attack launched by what the rebels in yemen has hit the show but oil field in saudi arabia the saudi oil company aramco says it caused a limited fire at a gas plant but did not impact production the kingdom's energy minister has accused the hope these of trying to disrupt the global oil supply you're out today with the headlines on al-jazeera people in power starts right now.
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it's well known that the united states exports billions of dollars worth of arms to its allies what isn't as widely understood is that many of the guns it sends in to those in the middle east are safe sure of munitions manufactured in eastern europe so how do the supply routes function and waves of the weapons go in the 1st of a special trip consequence to get into u.s. on sales giuliana rufus has been to investigate.
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we are a part. of your word here know that. you're controlling the. june 2007 efraim given rolly a 21 year old arms dealer from miami beach is negotiating a $300000000.00 ammunition for the u.s. plan to go on. his albanian contact caused attributes is secretly recording the conversation he wants to prove to the knows that the seller has links with organized crime. problem i don't have
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a choice government. the united states needs weapons for its allies in the wars in afghanistan and iraq. the guns must be kalashnikovs and other soviet style weapons it's what its allies are used to. speed is of the as. a year after the coup with give the rolly. tribute sky is dead many believe the albanian mafia silenced him to stop him from speaking about the pentagon deal gone bad. rise to a scandal that was supposed to change how the american government lies weapons to its allies overseas but the question is has it we set out to investigate just how these weapons find their way into some of the most fragile states on.
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this is david he used to be did rowley's business partner the story of how the 2 young amateurs from miami beach turned into international brokers was so incredible that it became a hollywood blockbuster. they supplied the pentagon with 40 year old chinese ammunition that was stored in albania board will you do business with us for what works with the chinese weapons when the us sanctions so they repackage the ammo to hide its origin. in 2011 after new york times expose a different oh you went to jail but the coos got away with house of mist. so you guys didn't really have a background in that you were just 2 young guys in their twenty's why did you get contracts to supply arms and you mean why did they give us the contract. well they gave us the contracts probably because we were very very competitive we were what
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they called the best value to the government. who says the wood oaks movie failed to tell the whole story he insists the pentagon you all along that he and his partner was supplying sent to chinese ammunition. his claim supported by documents that surfaced in court. they kept on taking deliveries i think like 3 deliveries a week of full aircraft loads of ammunition for like 4 or 5 months after they found out it was chinese. who says the pentagon was happy with the arrangements until the media got hold of the story how important was it for the u.s. army to get quick supplies operational necessity is a term that the military used when they wanted to say that they got to get this done one way or another and that meant that they were willing to overlook certain procedures and rules and safeguards that the administration had put in place. says
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it's this operational necessity that drives the u.s. government to employ private companies it allows them to be one step removed because a lot of these suppliers in central europe. the eastern bloc may not have great reputations they may have supplied other people you know that have committed atrocities if they only deal with u.s. companies who go out and then do their own deals and then the u.s. government could wash their hands and say well we didn't know where it was coming from that fast forward to 2015. americans supporting another war in the middle east but in syria it's supplying arms to rebels not 2 state forces. again the weapons us soviet style easy to use and so common in the region they're hard to trace if something goes wrong. when i still controlled territory expands
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u.s. supplies stepped up. i'm pleased that congress has now voted to support a key element of our strategy a plan to train and equip the opposition in syria so they can help push back these terrorists this is exclusive footage of what one of the pentagon secretive projects looked like. again the u.s. government uses private companies to train its allies were going to make. these men are highly experienced new fighters mike doherty and francis no we you know. they were in bulgaria to train on subjects so weapons that would be supplied to syrian rebels it seemed like a straightforward mission. but it would cost nobody you his life. my friends is no we you is survived by his wife and 2 young children.
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yes i'm giuliana she has agreed to meet us. we're joined by mike doherty no we use training. he was present when no we was killed. i was about 5 or 6 feet away and as he approached the launcher he literally raised the round and as soon as you started to slide it in and it detonated. and that's when everything just went white for me. instantly read all the shots errantly i was thrown into a concrete wall and you know the blast effect threw me back down against the ground and my hand was split down here and hanging in the other hand was had a big chunk of metal and then i just remember looking up and i saw our other colleague and his hand was hanging in his arm was use shattered or just tore up i started to to flip myself over to crawl and i start crawling towards him
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and i passed. the multimillion dollar pentagon contract to train and equip it was received by a company called purple shovel but it seemed to be insufficiently prepared for the task. and mike say there were problems right from the start of warning a contract happened very quick and there were a lot of things that we we questioned why are we not doing medical why are we not doing threat brief some things like that it felt very rushed i remember francis saying that it just crashed and it wasn't we really didn't understand the scope of what we were getting into. mike tells us the official investigation into what exactly happened in bulgaria seems to have stalled. it's still not clear what
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caused the missile launcher 2 miles functioning. did the u.s. government's urgency to supply weapons mean safety procedures were ignored once more there was until i would say over a year later that we learned that the ammunition was over 30 years old and over the last 30 to 40 years where was a stored what were the conditions during that storage and were they doing the right things to ensure that it was properly taken care of and that we don't know my can as suing the company i would request to travel to an interview was declined the company continues to receive u.s. government contracts it seems like the government just wants to put the layers over this contract for so people don't really know much about it so we can do things outside of the military that are maybe a little bit more shady and. meanwhile the kurds supply of weapons from southeastern europe continues. observers have
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noticed that a small airport in riyadh could croatia has become a major hub for the flow of oh i'm still the rules of the middle east. we have come here. to find out what type of weapons are used by the us government and how they are transported. because. rocket launchers you can spot a bulgarian rug missiles you can spot mortar shells. yelena is a member of the balkan investigative reporting network together with the organized crime and corruption reporting project they have spent 2 years tracking the pentagon's secret weapon shipments into syria we have set up a joint investigation this one was produced in serbia it's a chaotic a machine gun and up in the syrian battleground the us government publishes information about federal contracts online. yelena and her colleagues have used
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this database to calculate the u.s. government's expenditure on soviet style weapons. since 2015 until 2022 pending the new will spend or $2200000000.00 us dollars what do you know about the roots how weapons from balkan countries go to the middle east they go through turkey jordan. qatar and saudi arabia so that's all u.s. allies u.s. allies exactly exactly yelena had been investigating a plane they departed from reactor airport 5 days earlier which she believes carried weapons to the middle east. you can see tongue fight for there are the words that this plane took several town and you can see places such as r r ion and kata exactly and also to has flights number mark which is very specific for the
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planes that are actually transporting military goods. this is footage of the plane yellow not tracked it has been loaded with crates at least 20 u.s. military flights have left this airport in the past 6 months. and when we arrive at the airport we to see a plane who. this is one of the busiest airports when it comes to playing such as this one. is from the same airline yelena had been investigating various really is pretty nuts it's just in the middle of a traffic junction. there are they call.


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