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gas go around in the streets of portland in the bars and so on but these are more or less isolated incidents that have not resulted in the sort of massive clash that many here had feared of course many people here also mindful of the. the the violent mass slayings in in el paso and in dayton and in the the role of rhetoric from the white house that many people say may have sparked that president trump has managed to insert himself in this debate rob tell us more about that yes indeed he spoke via is preferred medium twitter early this morning saying major consideration is being given to naming and teeth and quote organization of terror portland is being watched very close closely hopefully the mayor will be able to properly do his job that spared
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ted wheeler a democrat here in portland now the leader of the proud boys joe big see was very pleased with president trump's twitter noting that it drew attention to and t.v. and he said that was what we wanted to do all along we wanted to cast and in a bad light and it's of course very notable that the president in his twitter said nothing about the neo fascists and extreme right wing organizations reserving all of his condemnation for the anti fascist groups many thanks for brunel saad live in portland oregon let's bring in brian levin and of in california he is the director of the sentence for the study of hate and extremism and california state university brian what do you make of the president's tweet. like many tweets i don't know what to make of it all we don't have
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a domestic terrorism law so perhaps he could annoying. the dodgers world champs the bottom line is we don't have a domestic terrorism law we have a domestic terrorism definition but it's not legally operable now and i think that there is very much concerns about labeling broad grassroots movements and by the way and tiva has been involved in 900 suspected crimes over the last year and a half but it's a dispersed movement it's not a group so calling it a terror group is a bit of a stretch because it's a movement your moreover we have seen $42.00 crimes against conservative or make america great supporters over the last year and a half so there certainly are crimes but they tend to be dispersed and disorganized and i think you'll see chapters are autonomous and vary from city to city and most of the time they're about boisterous confrontation even sometimes physical job but
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most of the time they are not terribly violent but there's a violent sliver one last quick thing we've had 00 fatalities committed by and teeth and hard left extremists over the last 2 years just this year alone we've had 26 white supremacist extremist homicides in the united states which is more than all the extremist homicides from all of last year so number one is not a group of though there are individual characters' number 2 no fatalities but i do think as as as a political season percolates up that we might see violence coming from them but the white supremacy is far far bigger more coalesced an organized or a broad give me a quick and say because i want to move the conversation or what you think the president was doing then was was this tweet aimed perhaps out of the faithful ahead of the election. that may very well be because for those of us who are analysts in the national security community yes we have our eye on the hard left
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but bottom line is the biggest most prominent extremist threat facing out of states right now are white supremacist far right and there are others that are percolating up ok so should that be legislation that allows to mystical denies ations to be designated terror groups. and efficient what are the implications of that for civil and civil liberties i think there are significant implications for civil liberties if even before we have any legislation we're taking one group which which by the way has had a criminal predicate but it's not a group or say rather is a movement so if it's not a group that makes it harder to have some legal definition the other thing is violation of civil liberties we want to make sure that black lives matter and peaceful immigration protesters who are who are pro immigrant are not targeted as terrorists and infiltrated there's a big civil liberties concern and i tread lightly before going on to any new legislation until we get some congressional hearings on this but some of these
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right wing groups you talk about i mean surely that there's busy reason enough to cause to find them as terrorist groups. well sure our out of waffen division has predicate violent acts and they're a cole less small group and there might very well be some colas small groups on the left but the bigger risk is from actually loners or small cells and not these groups to begin with but yes if we can find groups for instance like rise above movement does a criminal predicate we're or some other groups. possibly so but i could very say i'm very worried that in this highly politicized environment that these laws if it acted could be used in a way to violate civil liberties on either the left or the right but the right is the biggest risk right now and that's where the fatalities have been although going forward who knows very volatile political season and we see hate crimes of political violence rise going into these kind of seasons but still to pry many
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thanks indeed for being with us there brian levin and in california the u.s. president is condemning the democratic congresswoman's rejection of an israeli visa as a complete setup rashida played said that israel imposed unacceptable conditions on a request to visit family in the occupied west bank israel had initially banned and fellow congresswoman ellen obama because of the support for the b.d.s. global boycott movement that's critical of israel's policies and palestinians cleave had requested a visa to visit a grandmother. who was a preacher managed to go there when i had to deal with the room for her to make the rounds. you know like my grandmother said i'm not your preserve there are no you are my 3 minutes and i don't want a man your age you don't come here to come is my country my granddaughter and there's a road out is there a state abraham has been to meets the u.s.
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congress one's grandmother. it's been over a decade since i had seen her granddaughter. she has visited the occupied west bank in 2006 the grandmother has been ready to welcome she said she wanted to pick figs with her but that's not happening anymore. we would have loved her to come we started preparing her favorite meal everybody in the family and neighborhood was anticipating her visit. israel has granted that she did a permit to visit her grandmother for what they called a humanitarian visit during which a shouldn't be promoting boycotts against israel palestinian who were organizing the official part of the trip said they don't personally visit she even decided not to come and appeal officials we've spoken to commended her decision so that her family. she should only come with dignity we refuse the israeli dictation policy or preconditions it's her right to come visit it's not a favor from anyone these sentiments were called by many palestinians with seen
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many of them posting on social media saying that she does shouldn't come under what they call the humiliating conditions now if you from her grandmother's house there are military checkpoints she could have seen them and shown them to the world that they are scattered across the west bank limiting palestinians access tension has been high since india stripped kashmir of its autonomy last week cutting off communications and imposing a security lockdown some of those restrictions have now been lifted. the reports from new delhi this is what much of srinagar has looked like for nearly 2 weeks to smear he's unable to move around the largest city in the region and communications completely shut down. indeed administrators say some phone lines in the valley were reconnected on saturday with more due on sunday we have also opened up. some functionality in at least 5.
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all the. phone users in srinagar had buried reactions. i think it's a good thing that. those people are facing a lot of issues. but for some the worst restriction is on freedom of movement. shakes head that's been teaching his niece and nephew at home since the shutdown began he says not being able to move around has been severe but. the kids are stuck inside this schools have been charged in 3035 years i haven't seen restrictions so. my sister has only 2 kilometers of and i don't know her situation. despite the promise
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of the lockdown being loosened some are protesting in other ways have set up their own barricades in this neighborhood to stop armored personnel carriers from entering they would have a way to go to we've put up these blockades so the police won't be able to come here in a risk they try to few times. the police are trying to come here but the people are resisting we've managed to keep them away many times acts of defiance even as the indian government says it will take a wait and see approach before lifting more restrictions in the region as jamil al jazeera new delhi. well both india and pakistan claim kashmir as their own territory pakistan's military has warned that it will respond if india uses force and the pakistani government has announced that it will set up a kashmir desk in all pakistani embassies around the world al jazeera as a suburb in java has more now from the zapper about in pakistan administered kashmir. in
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a meeting which was attended by pakistan's intelligence chief the director general of military operations as well as the stakeholders in pakistan administered kashmir on the foreign office the pakistani foreign minister came out saying that pakistan is going to be establishing a new desk which will be in touch with all its all of its embassies across a world capitals i can think that it is pleased with what happened at the united nations security council because what it shows is that ishmael is not a bilateral or an internal matter of india as india has been trying to portray it and there are multiple united nations security council resolutions which have been passed on this issue and having got to a the consultation the close or consultation after $65.00 after $165.00 shows that this is an international issue and the international community should play its role the foreign minister and the military spokesman also saying that pakistan is concerned about intelligence reports that india is planning a false flag operation according to the pakistani military something which happened
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in february when there was an attack in india and india blamed it on pakistan and then carried out some cross border movements and this is something that i just answered that it fears and it is going to be taking all the necessary steps to tell the world about the steps that india is taking is well as the plight of the prime minister coming out earlier saying on twitter that he welcomes the session of the united nations security council and the stalled people interest me that he will be the ambassador to tell the people of the world what is happening in indian administered kashmir according to pakistan millions of people are being held hostage by the indian government as the curfew as well as restrictions on too many . are still in place. human rights activists are accusing syrian government forces and their russian allies of bombing camps for internally displaced people more than 100000 syrians have fled fighting in it live in the last week it's syria's last rebel held province just a warning you may find the pictures chappelle's reports to stopping.
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these people have already fled fighting in syria but tragically it's still caught up with them in this case at least 18 people were killed in a suspected russian airstrike on a camp for internally displaced syrians. the attack in the town of hasse killed at least 6 children their mental bodies pulled from the rubble including a baby whose umbilical cord still attached to its mother elsewhere in the town of the white helmets volunteer force say another child was killed in a government strike which injured 20 others. this seems are a daily occurrence following the collapse of a cease fire agreements between government troops and rebel factions earlier this month with a broken ceasefire in a so-called deescalation zone in southern it live has seen many broken agreements and fierce fighting between rebels and government troops backed by russian airpower . together government forces have made their furthest advances north
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into it. tens of thousands of syrians have been forced from their homes and have moved towards the turkish border in the last week alone human rights campaigners say the offensive which began in april has claimed more than $900.00 lives a quarter of them children as human rights watch calls on the un to assign blame to those attacking hospitals the un's regional humanitarian coordinator for the syria crisis told al-jazeera the situation is only getting worse. on a daily basis for the last $100.00 days as being 1st strikes ground offensive on hospitals and schools and markets on this edition areas creating an absolute i meet and have a look among civilian population we're very concerned we've had more than 100 incidents on schools and health clinics alone and that has a massive displacement in fact there's been more than 500000 displaced meant that have taken place what is going on at the moment is really a failure of the political will the international political will to implemented
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really is this fire or a peaceful solution on the ground that would take into account the fact that there is millions of children women and families caught up in between and that is really what is happening right now including that attack that we saw on friday. the syrian opposition coalition is calling on world leaders to stop the bombing in italy and what they call the systematic displacement of people living there but no one has come up with a formula for a solution and or should help out as here. young migrants stuck aboard a rescue vessel off italy's coast have been allowed to disembark off the deputy prime minister on the tail salvini bowed to political pressure 27 children a jungle adults were transferred to a patrol boats and taken to the italian island of lampedusa they were on a ship belonging to an aid group for 2 weeks along with more than 100 other migrants salvini agreed to let the miners come ashore following a demand from prime minister she's happy contact meanwhile more than 350 people are
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stranded on another humanitarian rescue boat off the coast of malta the ocean viking vessel operated by to aid groups including doctors without borders has not been given access to ports in italy or malta those on board were rescued over the past few days in waters off libya sam turner is the head of mission for libya doctors without borders he describes the conditions on board and the trauma that these people. facing. our team onboard our medical team have conducted over 100 consultations already and they've seen a large number of people with injuries both nonviolent from the time that they were fleeing danger in libya but also violence related injuries where people have been struck with guns or were beaten with sticks starved or had hot or liquid or long and. it was extremely clear about all of these people on board the ocean biking right now is that they have gone through a traumatic experience both during their time in libya and over the course of their
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time at sea many of them were at sea for days before being rescued by the russian biking now they've been stuck on board for over a week and are clearly left in limbo without a clue as to what's going to happen next and the libyan coast guard has intercepted 4 boats carrying more than 270 migrants in the mediterranean they were picked up in separate rescue operations off the coast of tripoli they were given humanitarian aid and medical aid before being taken to detention centers in tripoli all of them were planning to make their way to europe we're going to weather update next here on the news hour then the mammoth job of saving elephants new moves to combat the illegal trade in ivory. add a little thought the lime. delicious. to stomach a scorpion to go to a mexican restaurant serving up insects plus p.s.g.
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provide an update on what a star forward name will stay at the club. hello there plenty of scout at the southeast of the united states but take that into florida and also into georgia and the carolinas as actually some flash flood watches in place for the next 24 as but a wet day sunday into the northeast new york. with a high of 28 celsius but very nice out on the west coast 26 degrees in los angeles on sunday but what we have got the rain is through the upper midwest this a line of range. in the way gradually east wood so clearing such you know monday and a nice day along the east coast very warm in d.c. with the high the 35 degrees celsius now the carrier been fairly mixed with. thunderstorms starting to kingston on sunday expect to see
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a shower or thunderstorm generally multi about across into much of cuba but whether rain is having become a more extensive is way to guatemala and into southern areas of mexico united just sitting off the coast every dog mass of rain and that is a potential system keeping a very close eye on that even if it doesn't develop into a tropical storm what it will continue to do is do some very heavy amounts of rain particularly along these coastal areas so again we could see some localized flooding and such a mudslides on flash floods as well but 24 is your high school city on monday. prominent figures of the 20th century. influenced the course of history. that did not get enough of the above to be. considered but he was the biggest dog on the. the prison and the president came together to.
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nelson mandela and. face to face. time to be a trusted news source wherever you are in the world he want to know what's going on . find out quickly. look at some prison. probably international everybody will learn something watching our country. we shame that we can be the best international and trusted source of stories that people actually can't find elsewhere and that's.
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good it's good to have you with us adrian for the good here and with the news from al-jazeera the headlines the scenes of jubilation in the sudanese capital khartoum after a historic power sharing agreement was signed between the country's military council and opposition alliance a sovereign council of 6 civilians and 5 generals one sudan for a transitional period until elections are held. the locked out of it did administered kashmir has begun to ease daily 2 weeks after india's strict the region's autonomy but india's defense ministry says that a soldier has been killed along the disputed line of control with pakistan's. right wing anti fascist demonstrators have faced off for the us city of portland oregon the competing rallies were watched closely by riot police who seized weapons made several arrests. a drone attack by yemen's who 3 rebels has caused a fire at a major saudi oil and gas field shub a plant is more than
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a 1000 kilometers from goofy controlled territory and northwest of yemen saudi oil company around co described the fire as limited and says the production wasn't affected the saudi energy minister was accused who these of trying to disrupt the world's oil supply mohammed reports now from the evans capital sanaa. according to the hold the spokesperson says that the have carried out the biggest operation deep inside saudi territories we have used 2 key draws that have crossed over 1100 kilometers to the east side of the kingdom and they have targeted this aramco of oil fields which is just 10 kilometers from the borders of the. according to the whole of these later optimally he says that sends also a message to the united arab emirates to stop their attacks there on.
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the saudi war on yemen and also that the the saudi arabia's initiated its war in yemen order to secure itself that it should have done it with securing yemen's security 1st he also mentioned that the all citizens so the stay away from the saudi. bite will strike as the promising of more vital and also. harmful of tax on saudi arabia separatists in southern yemen say they won't leave the port city of 8 and despite demands from the saudi embassy coalition for them to withdraw they have left some key government buildings but say their forces will remain they moved into the southern port city last week locals marched in support of the separatists on thursday. crowds are expected to begin gathering in a few hours for another mass rally in hong kong but police have denied permission
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for them to march through the central at the center of the city says they saw crowds turned out for and against the government. and out there was a generational divide among those on the streets. now that they gathered under the banner of say phone call to denounce recent violence doing. protest and to show support for the police here into mar park just to china is clear but there's more than just that the crowd is mostly middle aged or older part of a generation that grew under british colonial rule and want to protect their lifestyle david chu works in the service industry he is one of 200 government supporters from to same neighborhood want to go to the south i absolutely don't accept the demands of the protest of us troops not what the general public wants not that the months can be managed they are all nonsense and excuses. was the
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people here are calling on the police to uphold law and order and blame protesters for divison outburst of violence. and we all love hong kong we all part of china will firmly believe that so i don't want this place to be ruined and thus i came back and support and do the rally i cannot take any violent demonstration that we can see as witnessed by so many young writers you know that fifa stating he is killing my killing my feeling oppressed who comes harbor and color t.v. son march with the pro-democracy protesters mostly young people who fear what they perceive as the growing influence of the chinese government in hong kong's affairs they feel their demands are being ignored and frustration is growing and should be such that if i keeps refusing to respond to i was patiently self very angry at the loss of emotion. in this society so i think that's why we come out is to
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let's just hope that they can respond to. part of the anger is also to his depletes whom they accuse of using excessive force but the protesters are under pressure for bringing chaos to districts these divisions threaten to take on a part between a generation content with the press. anyone that is worried about the future of it at the. let's hear now from mt 0 sandra thomas soon has more on how the antigovernment protests played out. the right place and only been here about 15 minutes and already they're getting back into their vehicles to go to where the protests spring up next this is the tactics of the protest as they bring big numbers thousands to a location like a play station police station is just down the road and they gather outside. some of them very few throwing eggs at the play station as well the police come out to the entrance of their play station and make their way to threaten tear gas but
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actually deploy it the protesters move suddenly quickly the police come out in vans like base but as soon as they arrive protest is just disperse into the metro system . put going on to the next place it's a canteen mouse game these protests i'm place around. some of the world's most threatened species could be in line for better protection a global summit is being held in geneva where more than 180 countries are hoping to agree to a legally binding protections for vulnerable species a recent u.n. report on biodiversity warned more than $1000000.00 species of plants and animals are at risk of dying out or among the $56.00 proposals being considered the protections for penguins the and teaching mammal is hunted for its protective scales and used in traditional chinese medicine to man for shark fin soup is decimating global populations and pushing shocks guitar fishes and went fishes to
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extinction the e.u. wants the shark trade regulated to be made legal and sustainable but it's the plight of african elephants that's expected to dominate discussions but swan and south africa and zimbabwe want to open up a regulated trade in ivory but others argue that will only increase. illegal poaching is on a ghetto is secretary general of the conventional international trade of endangered species of wild and. she says there's been progress in stopping punching because millions a problem. in the studies that we have carried out under the mike program which monitors the legal killing of elephants we have noted that in some sites particularly in southern africa the populations have grown because they have put in the measures necessary measures more rangers vigilance of the sites however in some other parts of africa particularly in the north in the central and western
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eastern parts of africa we have noted that still poaching is increasing and continues so there are fears of course that the elephant population cannot be maintained if this poaching continues and this is why there's difficulties between various countries in africa to come to an agreement on the sale of ivory and whether to keep the illegal the ban on the sale of ivory in insight when you shut down one market or what we would call a destination country or a transit country we have problems because the international criminal organizations will move somewhere else so the permit system as far as we know of course there are issues of corruption is not really the problem in this case because it's illegal trade and therefore they trade without any type of system any type of permit. permit of course we are now looking more into doing what we call these which are electronic permits and using block chain to be able to strengthen that but at this at the same time this will not help with illegal trade because there it's really
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a matter of corruption in many cases of turning a blind eye to what is going on because of the millions even billions of dollars that are part of this trade and that criminal organizations are benefiting from. the united states is continuing its pursuit of the a rainy an oil tanker held for 6 weeks in gibraltar but the path of justice has issued a warrant for the ship's detention but the vessel is preparing to leave gibraltar by sunday after supreme court judges in the british territory ordered its release new crew members are on board of the supertankers also been given a new name it will now sail under the iranian flag after its registration was switched from panama of 0 center simmons's in gibraltar. there may be a warrant in place from the u.s. district court for the seizure of this ship and the full faith just of its cargo but it's had little effect on the slow pace of preparations some of the crew had used aboard to actually put stencils on the stone and paint
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in the new name adrian daria wall and the registration question that's the largest island in iran. there's still no flag flying it's expected an iranian war will arrive soon along with extra crew members offices 6 of them to be arriving on sunday including a new captain but right now whatever u.s. action is taken under the terms of their legislation and the sanctions they've imposed don't realize they can't be linked to the case in which this super tanker has been released so right now iran is of the opinion that it's vessel is free to save so on its right because the approach says any action from the u.s. under the terms it's been talking about seems to have no jurisdiction here so could
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there be a case at a late stage it's thought unlikely. russian opposition activists have staged a string of one man protest in moscow calling for free elections they also want charges against protesters to tame the recent ronnie's drops because large opposition demonstrations aren't allowed in russia the activists took tons holding protest signs to avoid further arrests have been weekly protests since last month after authorities barred opposition candidates from running in september's city elections one off from stop boston in moscow. what a 2nd week in a row people here in moscow thinking this is a story. that was not a c 3 piece suite this is the communist party the fact largest party in russia fair election but there clearly was not supporting the opposition candidate. the same election and this is where all these protests all these weeks i've been about personally the communist party is begging for one and
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the feeling this must go elections while the americans. are not interfering in their elections no matter where they have been shouting for 2 years the to interfere in their elections but there's still no evidence and as you watch the orchestration this process this is unacceptable on monday special session of the state council will be how to respond meanwhile your request by the opposition candidates who are far from these elections this race are they have been. a fine hotel in ukraine has killed 8 people at least 10 others were injured some of them critically by the place in the black sea port of a president. said that he would personally see to it that the owner of the tokyo stock. is punished at all from baby do going made famous after it was rescued earlier this year in thailand has died the sea mammal died after consuming plastic .


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