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used its name with generosity and achievements oh the final agreement includes a transitional period lead for the 1st 21 months by the military and for the remaining 18 months by a civilian from the opposition coalition it also includes members for an executive council nominated by the f.f.c. and they will also have control of 2 thirds of the seats in the legislative assembly. but the coalition that has negotiated the deal has other challenges some of its own members have refused to recognize the agreement saying it doesn't address the core issues of conflict in the country other members say bringing peace will be one of the top tasks of the transitional government. at the issue of war and peace is one of the most important priorities of the coalition and we work to tie the issue of peace to the issue of democratic transformation because we believe in the right to live in peace we believe in the rights of the martyrs of the displaced people and. we affirm that if she made
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a name for comprehensive peace in all areas of conflict. on the outside the whole people celebrated the hope for a new phase in sudan's history but with cautious optimism the signing of the agreement on saturday may mark 7 a landmark on the road to civilian rule but many sudanese say it's not the end of the revolution they say the struggle will have succeeded only when the military hands over power and justice and accountability begins. more than 250 deaths have been recorded since the start of the protests in december with at least one who would tend to kill jews in the military raided the pro-democracy sit in that army headquarters which had become the symbol of the revolution would be the next step we are waiting for is the justice for the plight of the nautilus before power is handed to the civilians and before the economy improves justice for those who sacrificed their lives so that the whole country can be happy but we haven't been for the past 40 years. we don't expect the road ahead to be easy but hope to reach
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the end together the things people lost their life support the demands must be met it's a 1st step and that's what we're celebrating not the end of our revolution. on the day of the signing hundreds arrived in the capital from us but where the protests began in december before spreading across the country the chance reflected their optimism about the dance future but also included minded to the new transitional government that they are ready to keep the flames of their revolution burning till all their demands are met he morgan al-jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera. this person takes aim at anti-fascist movement as it faces off with far right protesters will tell you what have action he says he's considering. and why militias former prime minister najib razak is in court to face a 2nd fraud trial. the
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seasonal showers popping up once again across malaysia we'll see some heavier rain just saving its way across borneo in sioux central and southern parts of the philippines as we go on through the next couple of days so much of southeast asia seeing some rather lively downpours for indonesia it is set to stay dry and find lots of clear skies here but there you go with a huge rush of showers popping up across a good part of malaysia push a little further north is not too bad for the philippines on monday but the wetter weather will set in as we go on through choose down the line of sundry downpours moving their way into northern sections of borneo will see a few showers into the malay peninsula into somalia but again it stays dry and sunny across much of indonesia on sunday to cause northern parts of australia but the cloud the west the weather will ease its way through the bite into that
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southeastern corner where it remains the cold cold front will make its way through temperatures will be on the slide once against the melbourne and adelaide at around 11 degrees celsius nice else is the cloud and the rain making. sway him across the fall southeast non-self just for hope the chance of some snow too over the other the mountains it warms up as we go wanting to choose day nobody gets up to 40 degrees. rewind returns with a new series. i'm planning updates on the past amount using documentaries one. rewind continues we've grown by will compare the onion the onion the sweet it's hard to feel that. we're holding number for your nose to the 2 state solution today it is still barely
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possible on al-jazeera. and watching out to 0 let's recap the top stories right now at least 63 people have been killed in a suicide bombing at a wedding reception and kabul the taliban has denied responsibility of the president says the group cannot escape blame for the attack anti-government protesters in hong kong have gathered for one of the city's largest rallies and close to 2000000 people marched in june for live pictures there victoria park there's a demonstration that has been approved by police. thousands of people and they bangladeshi capital are homeless after a fire swept through
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a slob began on friday evening and a poor area of deaths have been reported. it is likely to face shortages of food fuel and medicine if britain leaves the e.u. without a bracks a deal that's according to government dock. events leaked to the times newspaper they also show ports could be jammed for up to 3 months the documents describe the effects is not the worst case scenarios but the most likely outcomes is a prime minister boris johnson says he is prepared to leave the e.u. on october 31st with no deal and while the u.k.'s opposition leader jeremy corbett has been rallying support for his plan to become caretaker prime minister and avoid an exit the head of the labor party wants to hold a no confidence vote in boris johnson and then a snap election so i go has more from bolton. as mr corbin addresses the labor party activists to members in the northern town of bolton he does face one of the biggest political challenges of his career and that was his idea that he
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floated about of the last few days that he wishes to become a caretaker prime minister take the country elections and even campaign for a number of bricks it a referendum he says that this is the best way out of a no deal bricks it which could cost the country in much deeper turmoil than it is already facing however that idea has a big problem in and that is that it is on able to go on the support with members of the conservative party the party currently in government members of the party who are against bracks and certainly against a no deal bracks it actually do not see that to happen the idea of having missed a call been is nick as a caretaker leader it does not appeal to their sensibilities they would always rather stick with the status quo rather than risk that also the. opposition party the liberal democrats. said that she does not want to go into any kind of deal with
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mr coburn but is open to any of the names from the labor party or to all the names that have been cast in one from one senior politician from the conservative party. politician but one of those political wrangling is continuing the clock is still ticking and there is less and less time in which to formulate some kind of plan in order to prevent a new deal breaks it from happening and that is the risk that all these politicians who are against such a scenario are battling against and whether they'll be able to do that without doing a deal with mr coleman is a noble thing altogether iran's ambassador to the u.k. has defended renaming an oil tanker held for 6 weeks and. tehran says it's not a tactic to avoid sanctions yes department of justice has issued a warrant for its detention but the vessel is preparing to leave after a supreme court judges in the british territory ordered its release. more than
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$25350.00 people are stranded on a humanitarian rescue boat off the coast of malta viking vessel is offering to buy to aid groups including doctors without borders but it hasn't been allowed to dock at ports in italy and malta as on board are rescued over the past few days in waters off libya. the indian government says simple more restrictions and indeed a minister in kashmir on sunday curfew and communication blackout has been lifted and some areas restrictions have been tightened at other parts as jamil has more this is what much of srinagar has look like for nearly 2 weeks to schmear he's unable to move around the largest city in the region and communications completely shut down. indeed administrators say some phone lines in the valley were reconnected on saturday with more due on sunday you have all so well. why didn't. some functionality in the least by.
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the. phone users in srinagar had buried reactions. i think it's a good thing that. these people are facing a lot of issues. but for some the worst restriction is on freedom of movement. shakes i hear there's been teaching his niece and nephew at home since the shutdown began he says not being able to move around has been severe but. the kids are stuck inside this school have been charged in 3035 years i haven't seen restrictions so. my sister has only 2 kilometers of b. and i don't know her situation. despite the promise of
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a lockdown being loosened some are protesting in other ways mirrors have set up their own barricades in this neighborhood to stop armored personnel carriers from entering they would have a way to go to we've put up these blockades so the police won't be able to come here in a risk they try to few times. the police are trying to come here but the people are resisting we've managed to keep them away many times acts of defiance even as the indian government says it will take a wait and see approach before lifting more restrictions in the region as jamil al-jazeera new delhi and an ambulance driver has been killed by rebels and shan state of volunteer rescue workers reported to have been fired on as he tried to escape fighting between ethnic rebels and government forces rebels have been fighting for decades for greater autonomy on thursday they killed at least 15 people enter an attack on a military college the 1st of its kind on a major urban center. argentina's treasury minister has resigned after
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a week of economic turmoil triggered by the surprised if the president rate so mark in a primary poll nicolas stooge of the day has led i.m.f. loan negotiations and employment austerity measures last week mockery poll 15 points behind the center right candidate alberto fernandez ahead of general elections and october markets reacted strongly with the peso ending the week 20 percent lower against the dollar. former malaysian prime minister najib razak a set to return to court for the 2nd of several trials of all the money allegedly stolen from estate investment fund is accused of using his position to obtain funds total length 5 $150000000.00 between 201120141 slave report from kuala lumpur. he was once considered untouchable but former prime minister najib razak now faces the 2nd of 4 trials this time to answer $25.00 criminal charges of
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money laundering and abuse of power in relation to more than half a $1000000000.00 that prosecutors say was stolen from one end of the state investment fund he set up in 2009. not job is already on trial involving the transfer of $10000000.00 from s.r.c. international a form a subsidiary of one m. de into his personal accounts he has denied any wrongdoing saying the money was a donation from saudi arabia most of which has since returned allegations of nuggets involvement and losses at one end d.b. surfaced when he was prime minister but he was cleared by the police at the time and that then attorney general the case was reopened when a new government led by mahathir mohamad came into power in may 2018 or represents a fulfillment of for example. an arab. electoral promise to the voters of malaysia then. go to the bottom.
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series of irregular sense can those not troops home and other properties linked to him and his family were raided last year police said they seized cash jewelry handbags and watches worth up to 270000000 dollars one m. is also being investigated in other jurisdictions including the us it isn't just those with direct links to one m.t.b.f. . been charged prosecutors in malaysia and the u.s. have filed criminal charges against to form a executive of goldman sachs malaysia is also going off to the investment bank itself which it helped to issue $6000000000.00 in bonds meant to finance development in the country the prosecutors allege money intended for $1.00 and was instead used on extravagant purchases including a luxury yacht by one of associates last month malaysian prosecutors charged not
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just stepson. a co-founder of a hollywood production firm with money laundering alleging he misappropriated $240000000.00 linked to one and. the malaysian government meanwhile is also seeking to recover $5000000000.00 worth of assets that it believes were bought with money stolen from $1.00 and. florence 3. as president donald trump says he may designate an anti-fascist movement a terror organization in one of the members of the movement as they gathered in the state of oregon to counter-rally by far right groups robber and also reports from portland. sporadic clashes between members of far right organizations and anti-fascists spread through the streets of portland hours after a far right rally concluded portland police declared a state of civil disturbance in the city. we estimate that there were approximately $1200.00 demonstrators at the peak of the demonstrations our team spent many hours
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monitoring the various groups as they gather splintered reformed and moved throughout the downtown core the day of tension began with a demonstration staged by far right groups led by a militant organization called the proud boys they were heavily outnumbered by. their supporters and peaceful protesters expressing opposition to far right groups a heavy police presence covered the area officer seized shields poles and bear spray from protesters many portland residents were upset that far right demonstrators came to their liberal left leaning city to cause trouble as far as somebody coming here and getting a group together just to fight al that's mascot a short time after the proud boys and their supporters arrived in the park tensions rose you could see that the groups of anti-fascist protesters have gathered here
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underneath this bridge to the other side there cross that greenlaw on the far right and neo-fascist groups have gathered there be kept apart by the police and the hope is that the police presence will keep these 2 sides from engaging in any violence police in riot gear ordered anti fun not to crowd into the streets at one point pushing the group back then abruptly the far right crowd beat a hasty retreat the proud boys and their supporters with through across a bridge which police closed off to prevent an teeth from pursuing and i think that what we need to do is continue to show that we are going to fight against these ideals of fascism and nazis as much if it takes president donald trump inserted himself in the affair tweeting that might be named an organization of terror but he . had no criticism of neo fascist or far right groups proud boys leader joe big was
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pleased by trump's message going to trump the present trends twitter he talked about earlier cities want to see but that's all we want we want to see really go out of the violence and dueling demonstrations are further evidence of a country deeply divided with a president who exploits those divisions in search of political gains robert oulds al jazeera portland an orphan baby to go on the made famous after it was rescued earlier this year in thailand has died it's a mammal suffered shock after eating plastic waste a cog her intestines and caused an infection only a few 100 to kongs are left in all of thailand. pick up the headlines now on al-jazeera early 63 people have been killed in a suicide bombing at
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a wedding reception in kabul the taliban has denied responsibility but the president says the group can't escape blame for the attack and you know we're not going to say the angst is a dad and the mother is a crying some people also lost their parents you can see with your own eyes what's happening in our country no one's telling me anything and no one wants to help i'm asking them please just let me see my son ones but they won't let me and my heart's going to explode sitting here what should i do every day don't know thousands of people in the bangladeshi capital are homeless after a fire swept through again on friday evening and dock us macor area takes several hours to get that fire out no deaths have been reported though some people were injured. anti-government protesters in hong kong have gathered for one of the city's largest rallies since demonstrations in june that drew close to 2000000 people who victoria park for a protest group by police there are rallying to voice their concern about china's influence in hong kong. israeli forces have killed 3 palestinians at the gaza
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border and injured another dozens of palestinians in gaza protested in the streets after the men were killed israel says the group was fired on after it tried to break through a border fence 2 and me and maher an ambulance driver has been killed by rebels and chance state a volunteer rescue workers reported to have been fired on as he tried to escape fighting between ethnic rebels and government forces the rebels have been fighting for decades for greater autonomy on thursday they killed at least 15 people internet attack on a military college. but the u.k. is likely to face shortages of food fuel and medicine if britain leaves the european union without a proxy deal that's according to government documents leaked to the times newspaper it also shows ports could be jammed for up to 3 months the documents describe those effects not is the worst case scenario but it's the most likely outcomes u.k.
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prime minister boris johnson says he is prepared to leave the e.u. on october 31st with no deal or your headlines keep it on al-jazeera more to come rewind is that next. well 6 of our biggest strengths that we talk to the normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gate waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead i mean really is it the world's meet to get to washington d.c. 2 hours to get on joyous and rest central bankers about the same time or more importantly why those 2 cultures north and south america. very important.
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hello and welcome to rewind and come on santa maria here in rewind we delve deep into the al-jazeera documentary archive to bring you some of the best and most influential programs of the past decade as well as news of how the stories of moved on since jerusalem it is a holy city to all 3 major abrahamic religions jews muslims and christians that co-existed within its walls for centuries but it is only the jews who lay claim to it as their exclusive capital and that is a position that's been given added force since donald trump came to power in the united states and in the face of international law recognize the city as israel's capital as well as announcing he would relocate the u.s. embassy there from tel aviv and in recent decades israeli settlements have been springing up in east jerusalem previously recognized as palestinian it is a process that has been developing for many decades but in 2009 jackie rowland went
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to the front line of what can only be described as a battle for the right to live in a city that is the beating heart of the holy land from 2009 this is. holy man. jerusalem the forto that dreamt about and worshiped and for hundreds of years the most recent conqueror was israel it's captured the eastern part of the city in 1967 bringing the whole of jerusalem on to its control in defiance of international law . since then israel has been working with determination to weld the 2 parts of the city into its eternal indivisible capital by building houses for jews and destroying houses belonging to our ups.
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israel's object is nearly complete within a year or 2 if no one intervenes the invisible line dividing jerusalem into jewish and arab paltz will be erased. the palestinian village of sichuan clings to a steep hill side a single voice of the old city in the valley below lies al gore style neighborhood it's a setting resonant with meeting for muslims christians and jews. listenable it is situated in the most important one of the most important areas in jerusalem right next to the walls of the intensity situated why were the temple mount is is observed very very close so it is one of the most important areas in journalism and maybe maybe in the entire war so the israeli authorities have plans for. they say
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the houses in these narrow alleyways were built without permits they want to flatten the whole neighborhood and tun it into open parkland all. 6 it's a tourist development plan that would wreck the lives of an entire palestinian community the municipality has slapped a demolition with this on $88.00 houses which would make $1500.00 people homeless. her or her. new so mahmoud is one of them he's the local him and he lives with his wife and children in a street proudly decorated with seeds from the old city. whiskey lendl in the in the n.f.l. 1000000000 age with donovan in the middle in a thought of he's. been in. the thought. of will that annoy low on
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a number little bit of the be on the lead at the haas you on the other mover this mean or you know you can lift me up thought i mean me and shake in. little hoss over the machine fill in the federal saw yet the. mayor of the saw. the neighborhood is changing dotted around the hillside houses away jewish settlers have moved in they built extra rooms sometimes extra floors but the chef doesn't recall any of these houses being demolished. at the same time a battle for historical the just a messy is on the way archaeologists a digging at several sites in east jerusalem with a clear political agenda to uncover evidence of ancient jewish life that would strengthen israel's claim to the whole city we haven't been allowed to go in and film what you think that is where this character arises in this present stage of
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archaeology here and so on which is archaeology behind fences and it seems they want to keep things under wraps to prevent people from from hearing it and what about you have you been able to get inside i can't get into any of these sites and barred from visiting though it seems that the antiquities authority doesn't want criticism i guess of their work. one reason for that the antiquities authority which is a state body has handed over some of the sites to a private organization called an ad which is run by israeli settlers. who runs the national or has taken the interpretation associating with fragmentary names when in durban it has maybe at a corner store a very tired protest so that really history for them begins with and when in fact archaeological remains can be directly associated with very bitter almost nonexistent. so there's a definite conflict of interest there between their role as stewards of the ancient heritage and their role as people who want to actually dispossessed would have been
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in since the world. meet one such settler area a king. armed only with a motor scooter and a crash helmet he wants to evict palestinians from east jerusalem and replace them with jewish families he's on a crusade to extend jewish ownership over the whole of the city. if i would compare it to an onion if we haven't the onion the. heart and this is the temple mount this is the city we'll trying to put a layer of more live in order to protect the heart of the onion because it was a time when we know what is up and then when you try to cut the onion usually feel in your eyes and our aim is to not to get to this situation of. too after you because somebody is trying to cut.
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the legs he's talking about a jewish settlements in silwan in the mount of olives and in russian a mood. israel is gradually connecting the settlements and the archaeological parks to form a belt around the old city. downey's item and this a lawyer who keeps a close watch on the settlements he's come to look at some apartments for jews that have been built in the palestinian neighborhood of job and. now there are as a rule 2 kinds of settlements in east jerusalem one kind are the settlements sponsored by the government and the other kind of settlements are ideologically motivated messianic settlements and you can see that there's one like that you see that really. knowing the difference between just because he stopped for what was it
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because i'm asking that we have a real public property here. it is like a child's coloring book connect the dots and connecting the dots is basically be an circle meant of the old city by a ring of settlements and a settler informed narrative in a public human. mussa is worried the people from the municipality have been back this time with heavily armed police to hand out more demolition notice me how the only one. in order was stuck. so so do we. know or yeah i do know for less than a year in. the i was the really well mess here in then. on the hilltop overlooking so one ism on the street built close to the spot where
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the disciple judas iscariot is believed to have killed himself judas betrayed jesus for 30 pieces of silver and treachery still looks in the valley. mohamed merah admits that for several years he conspired against his fellow palestinians he says israeli police coerced him into helping the settlers grab property in silwan they ran a simple scam 1st find a victim then make problems for him mother used to operate as a go between a con man who tricked bribed and smooth talked palestinians into parting with their property i'm sure mom or now or. some are rough but senator recordable agressor so. i'm sure she was running the shift at harvard so the offer to reassemble her after all of the name but we were sure
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a lot of the enabling what it was for more of sure my mom figure out under a scam. on the road again with the settler king another man trying to separate palestinians from their homes but he insists that he's working within the law. or go. live. in a very few franken from the co on top of the bible praying explaining. why young children. and well believing living in the language don't through the jewish nation and we are all for telling them but if not then go through them but the person we are arguing over and we can follow for national public the way to do
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it is by. finding their work in other places over the world. the teachers are understandably angry. king is inciting palestinians to leave their homeland a kind of ethnic cleansing different with of them put. back in our stand people are increasingly worried about israel's plans to demolish their homes and turn the neighborhood into a public park the municipality has sent envoys into the valley offering the palestinians alternative lands on the outskirts of jerusalem if they agree to leave their homes the people of a stun set know. decides to take their grievances to the city hall. the planning committee is in session these are the people who make decisions that
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affect the lives of thousands of palestinians living in the east of the city. the new mare of jerusalem told al jazeera that all committee meetings are open to the public and anyone can ask a question we decide to put his offer to the test the. we would like to ask a question we would like a resident of jerusalem to be allowed to ask the question or you are disturbing. no matter how careful. we started you came to our telephone i mean. it seems that the mass decision hasn't filtered down to his counselors in the end the chairman of the committee invited us to continue the conversation in his office . and i gently. if sarah and i had. had we had a whole movement of them a. lot of thought it could work and we have been badly with doing it that
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a kid can own let them so let's have a button and there's a big. button and some other shop but with nationality szabo but nourish. so we are. i don't. give a selfish kind of. this play and the under leo don't. let me be doing that i could go no one knows i'm so let's have a. race so for sure your. shake or missionary type of stand in with study from has overcome a conscience you know can cut that she should cut loose. to the north of the old city settlers have also established a foothold in the palestinian neighborhood of chef show raw they say jews bought land here before israel's war of independence in 1948 although local palestinians
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disputes that claim of ownership the settlers have gradually taken over several buildings sholay with a number of local economy. there was a labor of a corner of the. never. mind the national journal reputable. mcdo or. even a ballad through. now the settlers have their eye on 2 more palestinian houses which they say were built on land belonging to jews. the settlers have plans to build hundreds of apartments for jews on land where palestinian homes are standing now this land grab in chef sherif has provoked an international outcry led by the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton. what mrs clinton
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a doing she with the pope think criminal. she thought poking people but a criminal valve to our land they are building on our land if you legal. not satisfied simply with affecting palestinians from areas close to the old city area king has decided to boldly go into new territory beyond israel's separation wall this is generally off limits for israelis but not for irene came. just off the kalandia. checkpoint facing you know we know right now and. next day but we were caught in a car. and then off one would be i mean i mean all of them are neighborhoods or. we will feel the end of the road the building that belongs that is built on our
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land right now we can see the people building the illegal building along with them to jews on the left he claims that this land has been in jewish chance for more than 70 years for all of this beautiful palace on my lawn and the police not coming here they want to pretty don't care about what's happening here and when we are talking about illegal buildings maybe the best example because you have been the building it on jewish land and nobody is taking care of the it is why i call the area the wide east to hang on a moment this is. yeah this is on the other side of the wall it's your mother's side of the old sky city land when you know this is the 5th part of it we shall live exactly like where i live in mount olive. and yet the hateful are not going to cover the whole wedding she did not commit.
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she actually let her. run of the walk over the. top and then they are all here for a welcome. home how did. you got. it with. what you have the. us about. this land has been fought over conquered and lost many times the greeks the romans the muslims the crusaders just some of the armies who did battle here who owns jerusalem becomes a matter of historical interpretation. even in recent times the land surrounding the old city has passed through turkish british and jordanian hands the occupying power sometimes issued land ownership documents to people living there and this is where modern day israel applies double standards it often accepts
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documents from previous rulers when they're presented by jews but not when they're presented by arabs. and so ari a king will continue his mission to remove palestinians from jerusalem and erase their history replacing it with a purity jewish narrative. and chef who so will continue his battle to save his home and his heritage from the settlers and the city planning. we're on and have a plan as this is far as how many jews or arabs living when even if true and i mean when the news about the finds a certain area as it was dental area it doesn't say whether it's going to be our houses or houses for jews this is up to the owner of the land to decide.
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we are holding on by our fingernails to the 2 state solution today it is still barely possible to reach out a political boundary and in jerusalem which will be both acceptable to the parties and viable after the agreement is reached we are very close to losing that if current trends continue for another 6 months or year or 2 years this all will be lost. many powers have dreamt about jerusalem it is israel's dream to crown the city as its eternal undivided capital that dream is now close to becoming reality. the government and the settlers swallowing up east jerusalem this is happening right under the nose of the international community yet hardly a voice is raised in protest. and that was holy land grab and i'm pleased to say joining us here in the studio is there as i would you know spent several months in jerusalem recently making your film or 2 got film in fact for al-jazeera jerusalem a rock and
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a hard place so if we think about these 2 films what's the difference between them and what's changed in that time or what hasn't changed even as many palestinians and even israelis probably would tell you that the situation in the city of jerusalem occupied you some that is has only got worse the wall that started at that time is now almost complete jerusalem is separated from its nearby west bank strategic depth hinterland so to speak there are more more encroachment on the old city in jerusalem and as i want to characters would would say it's almost game over for jerusalem but the main game over for many palestinians who i met through the making of this film they say our lives has become almost impossible in jerusalem you will find more and more use to meit's leaving the city to live in the suburbs of jerusalem and increasingly you'll find less and less palestinians in the city which is what many of the israeli settlers going to. dream really and what often
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surprises me and which i was confronted with while i was in jerusalem is that this settle organization is not something on the fringes of israeli politics it is the most powerful political movement in israel and not only that they have powerful friends in the united states you know yes sadly in many ways the palestinians are in a tight spot literally between a rock and a hard place saying saying is you mention it out we have got a clip from your film jerusalem a rock and a hard place let's have a look. this was a business for palestinians in jerusalem i remember. when i was a little kid i would come with my family this was the most expensive part of jerusalem it was an industrial zone as israel decides to build a wall that connects to street there used to be a street that connects with all of the friend communities in the east jerusalem they come they build their wood and they shut it and they see you out of no longer have access to your neighbors you no longer have access to you go to school you no
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longer have access to your work. we came down from the neighborhood that i live in good infrastructure the new u.s. embassy and then you drive down the 1st thing you get is a police station a border police that kind of clarifies from this point on we need to be in control and then you drive through a person never heard that because there's a settlement here there's so many behind us. you see there's good infrastructure there's lights there's sidewalks and then the entrance of the settlement and just after it ends there's no sidewalk. neighborhood and you really see the difference and the fact that nobody cares about the infrastructure from that point on because really it's about infrastructure for jewish population. so we see omar and so hard in that clip can you tell us a little bit more about them. the young christian palestinian from east jerusalem his family goes back to the 13th century so it's a man with roots for me and throughout the film you get to really go on this
6:45 pm
journey with who shows you that israeli occupation doesn't really differentiate between a muslim and a christian it differentiates against all palestinian and the story of omar really captured that and then we saw. it is an extremely atypical israeli the vast majority of israelis from a young age 16 years old above serve in the israeli army and in many ways and this is one of the issues we've also touched on in the film although the israelis interact with palestinians almost on a daily level they don't would you know the palestinians they are very alienated from them the only way they know them is from the other side of the gun where there are checkpoints or on a patrol such let's talk about jerusalem the city rather than when you've been striving to 2 people there the city itself when i think about recent history i think about donald trump's visits there the u.s. recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital and moving its embassy there i think its embassy there. that has
6:46 pm
a huge effect on the city and we're talking about the united states having in effect a not even the israelis in the past. indeed. the fig leaf that used to surround the role of the united states has really fallen for many years the united states describe yourself as an honest broker but with trump he says it as it is and what was convoluted and packaged in nice words before in the clinton administration or the obama administration it's now out there so for the palestinians very demoralizing and also of many arab countries many arab countries believe that the united is the friend of the arab world but the people on the street the people you meet in jerusalem will tell you otherwise and i would you a great to have you with us thank you so much thank you for joining us do be sure to check out the rewind page they were down to 0 dot com for more films from the series i'm kemal santa maria for the whole team thanks for joining us this either.
6:47 pm
rewind returns with a new series. of dates on the best account is a documentary. to. remind continues with the last try secret army of the cia 675 believe in the same way that their ancestors did living in the forest in the jungle and it seems like they're abandoned by everybody on al-jazeera. scholar and lawyer. thinker. and politician. radical and prisoner in a 2 part series al-jazeera world tells the story of one of the most enigmatic figures in saddam's turbulent history. whose influence is still felt on events in the country today. i'll to robbie's life and politics on al-jazeera.
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i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents and this is mean. by them both isis and us on. the 2nd of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable family. the father the son and the jihad part 2 on al jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome and peter w. watching the news hour live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the
6:49 pm
next 60 minutes. at least 63 people have been killed in an afghan wedding celebration in kabul dozens more are injured. thousands of protesters in hong kong. marching through the city posing a new challenge to local leaders and to beijing. thousands of people are homeless in the bangladeshi capital after a fire sweeps through a crowded slum. also ahead a shortage of food fuel and medicines leaked documents reveal the likely impact of a new deal breaks it. with the sport contest heads for an exciting finish and an upset in cincinnati the world number one novak djokovic knocked out in the semifinals but that's the action later this is how. it is one of the worst attacks in afghanistan this year a suicide bomber targeted
6:50 pm
a packed wedding hall in kabul on saturday night at least $63.00 people were killed and nearly $200.00 were injured most of the guests were members of the minority community the taliban says it didn't have anything to do with the attack but the president insists the armed group bears responsibility because it provides a platform for terrorists now earlier this month 14 people were killed and over 100 were wounded when a car bomb was detonated outside the police station of west kabul we'll have a live update in just a moment but 1st. as more. from a wedding how to hospital this is the aftermath of a saturday night celebration. a suicide bomber struck during a wedding in afghanistan's capital killing scores of people. yeah them and presented them all by the visuals and the explosion happened near the stage where
6:51 pm
the musicians were young people children everyone who was nearby was killed and the . the attacker set off the explosives in the men's reception area of the wedding hall witnesses say most of the guests were members of the minority shia muslim community. today no it's like i thought that over then there were a lot of victims around 1200 guests were invited to the wedding i was with the groom in the other room when we heard the blast i couldn't find anyone everyone was lying on the floor all around the hole and. earlier this month 14 people were killed in over 100 wounded when a car bomb was set unaided outside a police station in west kabul that blast and the wedding attack occurred in the same area. it comes during ongoing talks between the taliban the united states and other afghan groups on the future of the country a peace deal could include a withdrawal of u.s. troops if the taliban agrees to prevent attacks in areas it controls but as
6:52 pm
negotiations continue so have the attacks. katia lobos of the young al-jazeera correspondents out of bella's joins us live here on the news from kabul so shallow what a present ghani and the taliban's reaction. president ghani has tweeted saying he condemns the attack his heart goes out to family members he laid blame on the taliban saying that they provide a platform for such attacks to occur and he did order and extra security extraordinary security meeting with his ministers and top aides to prevent and review such security lapses now he is under a lot of pressure right now because there's a big celebration a national holiday tomorrow if independents stay a lot of people looking forward to that and then also this elections coming up in just over a month so he's under a lot of pressure to respond to this quite a strong and swift manner he laid blame with the taliban the taliban came out in
6:53 pm
a tweet they said we strongly condemn this explosion targeting civilians they said such barbaric deliberate attacks against civilians including women and children forbidden and unjustifiable so they also came out very strongly against this historically this group shia minority muslims in afghanistan have been targeted in this area historically by eisel now talking to people this morning outside hospitals talking to the word that they said at this point they don't care who was behind this they were really about finding out what has happened to their loved ones and making sure everyone was ok there was more than 1000 people at this meeting so at this point we had said 63 people have killed more than 180 injured but there are concerns that number could go up we talked to some family members this way i talked to one man who was actually in the waiting hole at the time of the explosion he said he fell to the ground when he stood up tables and people scattered on the ground he said i didn't know what to do i just grabbed her of the
6:54 pm
wounded i threw them in a car and i came to this hospital when we found him he was sitting on the ground up against the wall bloodshot eyes stunt another woman we spoke to as a mother she found out that his son was at this wedding his friends had said to her that he was critically injured that he was hurt with a nick injury another friend told. that he was hit with an almond tree she said his phone is off and she doesn't know how to find out his state a c. is even still alive here's what she told us you know we're not going to say the youngsters are dead in their mother's a crying some people also lost their parents you can see with your own eyes what's happening in our country no one's telling me anything and no one wants to help i'm asking them please just let me see my son ones but they won't let me and my heart's going to explode sitting here what should i do i really don't know. so heartbreaking from from that woman in particular it's just devastating the number
6:55 pm
of people sitting down outside the hospital waiting for information and it's some sort of fluid there's still so many questions about where some of these people i know the right. this is the deadliest attack since january 20th seeing the taliban . explosives laden and gillan's into kabul and decent it was it was we have to move the country people. were talking to people this morning with there was the wounded the woman thing just basic numbers are irrelevant at this point it's up 17 this is not for instance sons one. shot at thank you well the violence in afghanistan comes against the backdrop of talks between the u.s. and the taliban the 2 sides have been holding regular meetings in cas austins october as they try to end the 18 year long conflict talks between afghan officials and taliban representatives also taken place but negotiations are complicated by frequent attacks the presence of isolate for the aged fighters and a presidential election as we were hearing there from shelob ellison kabul planned
6:56 pm
for september let's talk now to obama so he's formally an advisor to president danny he was the president's special representative and afghan ambassador to pakistan he joins us on skype from kabul. it is not the taliban who was it do you think. when it does have the hard parts of. the inch t.v. if certain other cats have been playing then great. play. one more yet but they look like a park if you were still working very closely with mr ghani what would you be saying to him about his claim that the taliban are still creating the atmosphere the optics that leads to this kind of attack well there's no doubt the wadding environment in afghanistan provided a platform for me. and others for one and that's why
6:57 pm
we have done what you all would be. with people. in a way that we're not egypt by and operated and up on the thunder with you today what does this do to the talks about talks that we've seen taking place in the cat's a recap little doha. i think if anything they should strengthen our. whenever. we talk. in fact. not the 1st. 29th in. the un the us i live on top of. the violence in afghanistan in particular. a couple. should not be told to stop
6:58 pm
then he said. ok if it pushes the process forwards and it's a big if if it reinvigorates the process surely then mr gurney is not showing himself to a situation where he's got to engage directly with the taliban as a consequence of what's happened in kabul in the past 12 hours or so but despite what he's also saying about the taliban in the past 6 hours or so. yes but again. it's all going on in the taleban. government puts the whether the american forces. on the database that not in public in some other part of. the site and yet still continue. attacking the u.s. and parliament and yet the top. so that's an important nature of war
6:59 pm
and. peace means that while you are talking. the war was stopped all will continue are put into the but start. to continue with the hope that this will put an end. is he under pressure himself to be seen to be doing something of this kind of a psych i mean big attacks. we don't know what is the other the responsibility underside of the government that's what because the other party was. taking measures to prevent such attacks from happening. this was a major security lapse. and a. total. bomb coming into the city. not so much any part of kabul under
7:00 pm
a. tent and not noticing or not not sort of picking measure that up or eyes and that you can measure them taken place while they're going from happening to me and that pressure. to say ok we must leave it there. in kabul thank you very much leisure. antigovernment protesters in hong kong have gathered phone of the city's largest rallies since close to 2000000 people marched in june demonstrations still being torn apart for around the approved by the police but there are fears of confrontations with the security forces and some protesters have now become an unauthorized march through the city and the thomas joins us live from victoria park in hong kong and welcome back to news a key question clearly this was supposed to be the big one is it.


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