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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 18, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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what the koan mucked up with us at present. was a mock the about little more than on. how much i don't know oh ho if you know what i'm going to most i didn't miss it at the yet not put the has a lot of you make this a sure. to mom i guess a sort of a feel. i'm not. the something for people. in june 1909 the government of prime minister saw the clean mad he was brought down in a military coup backed by and to dobie and his associates a new name was set to become synonymous with sudan for 3 decades of an ambitious army brigadier all modern and the she is a model as it was of our. i'll borrow than you did you with that up but you know
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that if you get out what that would be yes that would be the what. a couple of them will be. a lot of the minute up about to be had to be on the whole you know what and when i was leaving and it's not me and. when i went in was shouting can't hear you had to and it's be a god to dia. or you know sort of octo a one or slimy and duncan i've been a scotty and now you're a know it at him not here. well you got to get my hear in them i was an adult and have the. i'm. home i thought and the 2 obvious about it the lack of the ability to say you
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know when the vatican as. a simple rather ominous. the had a 2nd. had the. line the to be either. will be diet for obama. loss of suitable and use a bit of poppy without it to arrive if you had bob hope to see
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me have decent weather have a possibly what you say. country. you fancy a moment. but happiness 3. when a bit of time you are late on case we had a signal for one allison janney deposit to that we're still at that if i. can have that shit but that kind of how dare you me i'm a new me to. be here. why the low low under wily move. that i will be ok but i will do what i did most of. what all of us know a lot of. the have you. who i lost a lot but but but but but but but the larger lives old amana.
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and i already are you not but was never. that many of you as well as my films in. the marketing i did them for hosting a lot of bought up all. of their doom a deal where you had your buns in the yard to be elements of bought as in yunnan serbia but that. our lease somewhere between these 2 sides to rob he wanted people to believe the new rulers were really in charge while at the same time ensuring that the actual power elite with his own national islamic party this was a sleight of hand a deception between the palace and ultra b.'s more modest home. here give her the news of the company's dr nola mar a model is. not only is. it her because islamiah here but that her
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community given was ill. the coming one how to. put the fear that i me with this but there was no more of as a presidential palace became marginalized the real power base was it has an attitude of peace home and intellectual heart where the decision making group old across with down. good model of power that even more at a level driving down a bit of to one another little i mean. bob. or. that would you had in that article and how god. damn it that even highly all media only me until i was older can we watch after the elephant.
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along robbing. them of the holocaust the random i'd done. what i did then and i'm a gun. yeah power off a rival of equally and with all of what i. see as he walked that we. have no very little walk listening. to music has been had if you will be sure to remember but who have had good have the time been. let a. musician need. to have a painting for you very clear from. the old mara the many years of the sudan. before we though in
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fact. there was of the so the early hour. that a question i feel you have. for having. him . here more than a question. i will solve. starla are hard to her. and i fear. while many emerging islamic political movements beat a path to has an end to. his relationship with like minded organizations overseas
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trained. to laugh she has a gun where we are done in due to my use in the field will be daily. we did this with his he is let me move forces. and a. few must. allow one to lanham bitterly she has a. problem if so leave your animal. in the house ears with. the ilads with a meaningful and what sort of in a tone of the lady of about a little do i what they ought to let me do the one in which thing could a medieval him i was full of how could this sort of. it's i mean it so as many as this emotion would tell me why don't you. come out of shall be a lot of the one i live near tishman local holocaust anyone to talk about that had
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a catalyst. so out of about is it about then though do you go to one of the most that i can know if you. don't do it one. more time on one job. let me a pocket of that all that i should love that the doctor i leave. a lot of work to lay out of even my father but i can well i'm a father i made it up when you say all of that money i do know. where he met. you you know what i think of you. or you could have had i'm over that album your album over that will couple of. you has the tomorrow i'm in the muscle had been there so what you in one of our son had trouble and what how you come it must not have been hamas were fact. with a lot of fun with us a lot of have been awesome who are libby russia has a timely good i mean i'm in with a machine not absurd. listen
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i'm not going to slam you know now you know listen about the well listen. to much well listen here i was not involved with watch nothing you hamish mean how and. where will the party afridi are you most about with all of the oh well you got it up the whole article about the so what who lammy busy. mean so all is that what we later up at the loss of what i'm. assuming that you read that and you stuff about them coming in last saw him play larkin with what me. who are. alive and well i mean. a lot of your book is not all wrong she is something. i literally said when i'm on. the order of
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a band aid on. the money. with sudan increasingly coming under the international spotlight and to not be believed this was the time to take his message to the west he traveled extensively culminating in a visit to the united states congress. from a rival america. bothers him enough to work out more why don't you. go over to own a car wash warm our congress for one of the players want to have you have a lot. in the mechanics of them to have them to cuba. canada in my ear when i get american and mostly mean. what now a. fight if not all of them someone of his own that i'm the kind of shit that left
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there i had left that had been just really doing a movie so. little metallic. kind of early in my youth about it i thought well you know probably the how did you know when i like. we all do. you know i've gotten him through so many years i've heard him and i really. look forward really so that. there is about how to deal. with this way in a home. where the have. suffered a lot you know it's our. fuel not our. damn our toddler who were. in front of my standards at all to airports as to robbie was approached by hashem but the dean special forces commander of the sudan people's liberation army but the teen a karate black belt lunged forward with new feet and then also in the top of.
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my policy in an alley might be a part of it i'll tell you my knee has been that of the well but of my mother's mama get out of the had been he let me out of the public. doesn't but about under my mother but we had. a kind of heather just one of us while obama sure to be some haven't got the one who are going to mill his own as would. cover if you got the money them accountable for money in the late american of so beloved by the dean be all about the other with the office a little more thought. in how the feel of have got even for you. behold i can think of them again both of us just as a nazi out of a moment. well the theme i thought of kind of the also of him i thought that while some of the kind of that come so our brain that he prayed for me as a friend and a belief that was short for my thoughts wasn't on the thought were working for us and what kind of paella. there was i forget what i say yourself
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that your father had been. for several days and to not be in a deep coma and for the next month suffered severe blackouts all his family could do was hope and pray that that is a good idea and i think. and the hostin who bob and i at the access you know bit of that walk along forget them she has an abysmal level when will he. let me ask them if i'm a better. well quite a lot of the images are from about how it is we're in a hut in the. adjoining this about 100. 50 feet long. you're going to see that. they should probably not a lot of them for could be some industrial power and a lot of living up to now i mean if you cut and that's enough
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a sin. or not because of you know a lot of kind of an a-z. out of congress or how would it end up here. about how it up and it had there been a lot a lot of. when you go into to i've know kind of with rick and if you have picotee involved and it can be hung along with. lanier corn when i was there to talk is i've been on all sort of core that i thought a minute up is i don't know how it has seen a sort of a lot with all the out. there that. the gulf war of 1991 and the arrival of american troops in the region was bitterly opposed by sudan. because what it. could have. come. as one. but
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i'm trying to show you. what's to come. with war raging in the gulf and to dobie and then bashir were united in opposition to the u.s. that coalition but before long cracks would emerge in their partnership. fly
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cats are airways and experience economy class like never before qatar airways going places together. millions of workers a big in slaved in the british jones of india what i want to east explores how satellite technology is now helping to set them free on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where everyone. well if we cannot have palestinian my government was suddenly not allowed britain to control french palestine would be an outrage but then we need to find another solution before we come to blows over a century ago britain and france made the secret deal that changed the shape of the middle east and so. now we can draw on the.
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psych's pekoe lines in the sun on just the. the leaders of the 7 most powerful economies in the world meet in paris this august for the climate crisis is high on the agenda. but trade with brics it on the tension with iran will be vying for their attention how much progress and i might follow the g. 7 summit on al-jazeera. hello again peter they'll be here in doha the top stories from al-jazeera antigovernment protesters in hong kong are marching into the night in one of the city's biggest demonstration since close to 2000000 people gathered in june protesters earlier had filled victoria park for
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a rally approved by the police there are now fears of confrontations with the security forces though the march through the city is not authorized the event is organized by the civil human rights front the same group that planned june's big rally organizer bonnie lee is calling for an end to the recent violence. we. also we hope that you will understand as well so they will not tell us what happened today they will bring us out so that no party gets. the bullets will be released to the. i still has claimed responsibility for an attack on a wedding reception which killed at least 63 people in the afghan capital kabul nearly 200 others were injured it is one of the worst attacks in the country this year afghanistan's president has called for an extraordinary security meeting to review and prevent such security lapses. thousands of people in the bangladeshi
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capital are homeless after a large fire swept through a slum began on friday evening and caused me a poor area and took firefighters several hours to put out no deaths have been reported some people were injured and investigation is now underway. gibraltar has rejected another u.s. request to keep an iranian tanker in detention the u.s. justice department issued a warrant 2 days ago after a court cleared the ship for release gibraltar says it can comply by e.u. law that had been held for 6 weeks the u.k. is sure jewel to leave the e.u. on or before october the 31st but according to government documents leaked to the times newspaper it is likely to face shortages of food fuel and medicine if it leaves without a break to deal with the report also says ports could be jammed for up to 3 months israeli forces have killed 3 palestinians at the gaza border and injured another dozens of palestinians protested in the streets of gaza after the men were killed and israel says they were trying to break through the border fence and were fired
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on by helicopter at the tank several rockets were fired towards israel from the gaza strip back to al-jazeera world i'll have the news for you in about half an hour i'll see that. mum. mum. mum mum mum mum. mum mum mum. mum mum. mum. mum mum.
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long distance our model bashir was the public face of sudan real power really in the hands of the slimy thinker and enigmatic politician has tended to grab. both and bashir and has enough to not be were united in their opposition to american led intervention in the gulf 1998 this resulted in severe sanctions being imposed on sudan in the years that followed so then received a string of overseas visitors many of whom raised eyebrows in the west to share how or why i wish i.
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was. or. rather. do the. most kind of my life when i'm near my problem. elite's ramirez sanchez more widely referred to as carlos the jackal had taken part in several operations with an armed palestinian group in the 1970 s. and eighty's he sought refuge in sudan while wanted in france transiting in paris as robbie received an unusual request modo carlson are still gonna pull his you have a lot. of it in the war on terror that probably don't go. back . and of reality look to good to social so how can a guy as a regular bad as. a woman have this feel bad is managing. me journey barry's been. in the race. war while
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barbara. why are we wrong though. jealous or. resilient i mean bob and. fish food and. our women manual and. laser brain and now we know about them or jimmy cerny and. is that the ham told me to. me. because i am clueless to them and. i want to see that.
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with the in can understand them lacking like it is. and i refer. them to just about the powerful i'm happy. to hate and know. has only been dramatize issues and in. drama. carlos the jackal was sent to france in 1994 where he was in prison for some of bin laden arrived still simply as a businessman managing construction projects. my loving girl issue there. this will last me john. my wallet.
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will kind. of his mother was. the sheriff lug knowledge and wisdom of our boys for the well. as have a lot of them. look. i know my mad is a. little ben laden gun model for. the i got him out over the news but you work. for free or. you have to sue the. gobbler in the. west. surely sherrod and you. look at the whole godlessness saw how
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a lot of the whole bill. how a lot of the new that is hasn't actually arca very at least bothered me that late that must have meant that the rabbit hole with i'm a little hop what about the if at the top. i had a little have any. time at the door i let it out i left. in june 1905 and trouble was accused of plotting an assassination attempt against former egyptian president hosni mubarak who was on his way to a summit meeting in ethiopia. all of. or of all of them but.
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what i can tell you that. why if driving mind how we make our little invalid now we has a moment of was i'm a love my love oh get. see if you believe the driving with the the why do an islamic world leave for you and them to let alone who we. really could be a model for kind of them sick. of also living the zombie walk out with our the. these were extremely challenging times for the and bashir regime but one matters to doubt the issue of self-determination for the south had concerns and trouble since the 1960 feet the dyad bookman in guys or in the mechanic to robert
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hughes and also yeah them and have you know have been a kind of harbor in michigan of mine i helped them walk me home machine your body before obviously one well they don't like either of us we have they are likely to education us we'll have all our out with. should do highlight. that kind of how to be a good kind of. a rock who are. be what they are also have. where you do. not and. be. safe here where no matter resume. because you have. to look out for. which was the has are you looking now at this he fell and.
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the bottle by yanni is done for the war busy in that the. what i laugh michel i was sued and feedin was for that busy i mean i set up shop by the student union was goofy now even as he was of some of the meanest mutiny fashion and let in that he had happened to realistically young one to have beefed up a good mood for some awfully good. any time louis wouldn't think of was a good one this one 0 no not the father no longer john you were the one who foresaw the left lot on or is a thought on is hope and his. book crowbar such a bother more than not the most ardent would i love the din but though. a little here house under you know who says not to live an outcome wish i had a b.b.
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with me or. has an a to b. he was the arch politician who played his opponents he had the popular touch but he did sometimes miscalculate a plan to open up political parties in sudan backfired. now if you want your case check you know if you're. the man i hear from leave it till i commit to get past it because it's. up to the machine. and i get very economic blockade after 8 and you can't when asked they might carry on you know now you will at the height weight i might start a fight lackey. i hope so hey were you that were out of the in while the one. and joseph emerged a shorter latika another issue on the whole matter but enough so i'm more that old
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i knew my hand and walked anough to hell but reacted that. is only when there are more when you haven't is a killer to lash out and let me come in to read your part have presented to me. 10 members of al to robbie's own national islamic front wrote a memorandum openly critical of the movements decade in power this became known as the memorandum of the 10 the letter demanded that. the group's own secretary general should have his power screwtape. was a killer. why amara. is still. out of gaza. was so mean during i mean alarm. i mean as a army list for us the real. kind
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of. that really. isn't. bad. for a. mean. what were you as the steward the minute dizzy in. the bar and. told the story so the you can a new it is law. what. let him. have reasoned with you well. what do abut a mole mean with the truth. and. we're heading for
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a political showdown the side that hasn't enough known for their. blood left a no brainer but the physio was sold to the city but. the. one. we turn in getting for the north vietnamese minimal done the same but the sad to say and all but i don't know how to do an about on for the . gotta to come for a couple of. a lot if you got the bottom of your book i'd really think that. what. you read and you robyn on have a lot more a b. to have i'll be a on when i can no i get on that. what i can about a thought out of about how tiny was the whole army was funded you can make any
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martin had i in them i had this who are allowed to read it as i want halakhah was here i know this will be another one of them colossus getting my hearing clip envelop let me see if the new year with them in the i.c. but i can. just about all want them so long i want a hug and that i'm with you to love me live in the middle of i get all bogged. down to the bubble. of a philosophy. alum already idle thought a link in the same you'll be doing i know you that made you come up and that you will open the lid of the body at the last. open up in the woman in the high the will of you are you who are a little gun whom you know didn't even the the idiots once again and to not be was put behind bars. bad for you to play monumentally karni your banality and legume can and supply are scared even yourself i asked the model.
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i should do. the model but also be a buddy. legan how the big data and how to mark. my walk. in my. mouth at the end. you put. it in the field. someone. who. will. be with. someone in the life of the
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city you cannot leave us to. move. 400. who or what will happen is. a tad bit out a little to have this at the heart or part of a. very. subtle synonymous with. the who knocked up. the last one to rob you who are lovely or who are about a war he levy. if you so that. drive you who are living at that began are you will see who will also work i or why the recent good either again i let ye to be him a see i see you before i mean what i. don't know mark up on
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a lawsuit or. that about of a way and. see as. the free bustle and i didn't have the who am i the spoke. in response and to not be formed a new grouping the popular congress party shamir immediately fosler be shot him obama shall be. is indeed the guy bill the bill and now scandal of god all female done that will go to europe will now america's ear when i hear c.s.e. . miles of the island mobile i shall be the one so ya know she has them so you know now. who how when i have. to gordon. she has an amusing feel guy who for ideal woman walked in with some of. so young they are then in us
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a coming messiah flooding many might and i've been a slug. well you know what the holocene you know when i've done it one more time us army study and we're going to see you and i said what i want to sorry to see you doing little you're not even i the one i know your. mom not. one not gonna. let me tell you when i go and when will be our nominee gonna drive being one is an aussie i'll focus on me it is out of the valar young will be your ruin your sassy as the midst of it during the let her out of the open 1111 has a lot bonnie. was a wolf asala well i'm your story and yet the mother over in america will civil war as i will have. in $24.00 teams and to not be and his popular congress party
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joins his bible president obama to be a shield in national dialogue it was a bold move for both sides in that breaking the political deadlock he got a little hamlet in the engine. and the young man as female is about was was a was but daughter and yoko and in the midst of my about the money bomb this was going to run few of for me here as well you read only the. stock up there must follow his wilma a little howdy the hellishly have me on saddle so i'm a mom who almost reality car little interlocked who are the ones that i want to visit what had been your marvie who would rather low orbit so that but the mere almost all of them more the woman who colorado had it was the new horror you will or your norfolk of or you'll know how to feel me.
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the saddam was. donna you know. the moment of the war for with the middle where bethulia and. myself that i would yell government to be helpful in the book after their long and bitter political falling outs as to dobbies sought to find common ground with the she added these were his twilight years yet as a hobby showed no sign of slowing down the thinker felt he still had more to give. her.
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what. yeah he walked up for high but hop called the it would mean so much. and. must. but the kind of there could be that all you wish for sort of the sort of the where the food was a. no miracle it was out of here gone well for one minute you're going to that side of what they would walk on. and not. and the the and the. butler yeah and if so how did you get. any camel in korea. a little subtle about budget that could be up at you know more than me at the buck.
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there with the ticket is limited so than the gather to top it yet they set about with a democracy and how to get this let me and here's why we have a. hell and a hazard and my bad that your side it hate and but i'm a sissy as. i'm not i but i'm just there with my bad out in my den by i thought i'd
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done the murder when i'm alone in a cessna and. there's a man but i am not sought out but i'll go at it even to be shaken of but be mad out of my mind. whether history will be kind to hyphenate trouble remains a matter of debate. charismatic and persuasive he certainly advocated parliamentary democracy and advanced the status of women in sudan his long periods in prison also gave him time to write many. books and islamic faults his critics view him as a shrewd political operator a man driven by a quest for power whether delivered through the ballot box on the streets. even in death the spirit of. is still very much alive.
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the story of a friendship between a filmmaker and a 7 year old girl what is it would mean. giving over to our a future being the syrian war. in the face of deep rooted tension between the lebanese and the refugees. my syrian friend. on al-jazeera.
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pardon the pun but it's looking rather chilly in argentina at the moment we've got this area cloud just pulling away out into the south atlantic another one just starting to push its way and want to sarasota looking rather cold and over the next comes i southerly winds 11 celsius here for a sunday averages about 18 degrees average overnight temperature minimum temperature is around 8 celsius so we're looking at some really cold air over the next couple of days further north it's up to around $23.00 in cincy an area cloud here just pushing its way up towards river for much of brazil is fine dry and sunny until we get to the showers across the finals of the country and up towards the caribbean quite a rush of showers just feet in the way into the last around 2 days so it's
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a very heavy showers recently just around the right around here is this is the scene in havana cuba just wanted to show us here over the next couple of days but too bad some wet weather just pushing its way toward jamaica where to weather just easing into the western side of the caribbean process guys come back in behind temperatures in bridgetown getting up to around 31 celsius not to say some very heavy rain recently into the southeast of the u.s. the heavy showers will linger here for a time with more wet weather piling across the plains. good weather sponsored by countdown and. we're talking about ivory poachers who have decimated populations of elephants in africa they almost always ship the ivory out of a different country from where it was ok because that's where you start to search for looking in the wrong place this radio carbon dating method tell us your trade ivory is legal or not then we have a place we can focus law enforcement on take those out and perhaps choke the source of the ip from tensioning the network take no at this time and emphysema. i think
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looking at your instagram account and reading. this is a dialogue when donald trump announce his candidacy for president after that everyone has a point best chance the democrats have to beat donald trump is to nominate an exciting inspirational callus mother nominee join the conversation in your thoughts go to twitter and. find out is iraq. this is al jazeera. you're watching the news live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the
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next 60 minutes a show of defiance in hong kong as tens of thousands of anti-government protesters march in the city. it was behind an attack that killed at least $63.00 people and injured hundreds more as a wedding celebration in afghanistan. says no that's where u.s. requests to seize an iranian oil tanker at the center of a week's long diplomatic dispute. i'm going to go with the sports australia's top. his ruled out with concussion and an upset in cincinnati is the welcome one knocked out in the semifinals of the reaction to the south. going antigovernment protesters in hong kong a rallying again into the night this time in one of the city's largest
9:50 pm
demonstrations since close to 2000000 people gathered in june. to show you the latest live scenes in victoria park the rally has been approved by the police but there are fears of confrontations with the security forces on all thrice protests well the demonstration today was organized by the same group that was behind june's rallies we have 2 correspondents standing by for us on the news media is in the admiralty districts where the legislative council is based but 1st let's go to andrew thomas he's in victoria park where the protest started so andrew give us a sense of how many people are still out on the streets. here in victoria park where it all began about 7 hours ago now there are still thousands of people and that is despite almost to wrench to rain that came down for the 1st hour of this process i really thought when i saw the whole crowd on sunday that that might put people off from coming this friday when that rain began i
9:51 pm
thought at that point a lot of people would leave they didn't they stayed in this park it was absolutely packed as well all the streets around this area and cool as y. e bay on the western part of hong kong island now the place restricted the rally to this park they said that the cost of this park about a $100.00 maybe 850000 would be enough the organize the said they wanted to march they didn't think this would hold the protesters and they were determined to show that as this protest began they were calling people to get into the park to show that was a good prostate and then show that all the streets around it were full as well and they were and this march that's now going on and has been now for many hours from here in victoria park to admiralty through various of the districts of hong kong about a 4 kilometer walk that was on authorized by the place they said that would pose a security risk people would be walking a marching anyway and there has been a constant stream tens and tens of thousands of people walking for the last 6 hours despite the writing that is just about easing now but it's been going on all
9:52 pm
afternoon and all this mats is. because the number on sunday counts this organization the civil human rights front they organize to march is back in june when they got a 1000000 people on the streets one that got 2000000 on the streets and they had another on the 1st of july they had a lower number of us about half a 1000000 people they haven't had another rally since though and jury that time in july in early august they've been more and more smaller protests that increasingly turned violent well sunday matzos because the number of people coming out here these are ordinary mainstream hong kong was if you like and if the organizers of this can prove that they can still get hundreds of thousands of ordinary mainstream hong kong is out on the street in support of the protests this despite the violence that has been over the past weeks well that is a sign that they still have mainstream hong kong on their side that's why the number matters we don't know exactly how many come out on sunday but i can tell you peter is definitely in the hundreds of thousands how many hundreds of thousands
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will find out but that's why the number matters and many things let's cross to me it who's in the admiralty district that and who was talking about to a so i know you've been talking to protesters on the streets to they feel they can sustain this this demonstration movement. yes absolutely actually anyone i spoke to said that they will continue. being under streets until basically the government gives in to their 5 demands i'm sure was talking about that march from victoria park to here where we were among the protesters walking here it was jam packed you could barely breathe i have to say and i spoke to many of the protesters during that walk when i asked them of these 5 demands which is the most important at this stage well it's not any more de withdrawing the extradition bill you know there's some problems with the semantics
9:54 pm
because kerry lamb said it was dead which many for that's just think he's know that . by and large everybody said that the investigation into police brutality what they perceive as unprovoked police brutality is the number one issue at this moment many said that they were standing in the rain despite the heavy downpour because that's the minimum they can do considering what happened to some of the protesters who got tear gas they all was mentioned to guard. bean bag round in her eye and last decided in one of the eyes it was ruptured they also mention about more than 700 protesters who have been detained and will have to stand trial so those under street today were saying that that's the minimum they could do to rebuild some sort of trust between hong kong people and the police one girl said if that doesn't happen i will never feel safe in my city again all the
9:55 pm
sensitive to the potential reaction to these big big protests not so much by kerry not so much by the executive there in hong kong but by the government in beijing. well they seem to brush away any time you mention beijing they seem to brush that away of us many times about the troops that are security forces rather that are on the other side of the border in chains and. no one seems to fear the fact that they could cross that border and come here this is the one answer you get all the time is that vision would have more to lose then to win by doing that so that doesn't seem an issue that said now where we are here is i'm just going to give you a little description that building behind me here is actually the head fortress of the central government in hong kong and just behind it is the office of the people
9:56 pm
liberation army in hong kong and then further to the left you have the legislative council and then on this side you have the headquarters of the hong kong police so choosing this location is certainly as try t.j. choice by the protesters bringing their voice right here right at the foot of the presence of the central government here in hong kong and i have to say that some of them were also carrying an american flag we so we and the strain of flag something that was sort certainly angered to your thirty's in beijing thanks very much a suicide bomber targeted a parents' wedding hall in kabul on saturday nights it's one of the worst attacks in afghanistan this year 363 people were killed and in the 200 were injured most of the guests were members of the minority has community i saw has not claimed responsibility for this attack but earlier the president so the taliban cannot
9:57 pm
escape blame for destabilizing the country. at the hospital in kabul where many of the injured are being looked after. we're outside emergency hospital in central kabul where dozens of people are waiting for any years of loved ones people have been firies here all night the wounded and also they did people caught up in this explosion at about 1040 last night it was at a wedding born on the street by waiting in southwest kabul it was his are awaiting which is the shia minority here in afghanistan we understand that the suicide bomber at the wedding and detonated himself near the front near the stage in the main section causing many many casualties this is one of the deadliest explosions in kabul this last year we talked to one man who has sat outside this hospital oh
9:58 pm
nice waiting to hindus he feared people back and forth all night and he was in shock here's what he said. i was at the back of the wedding hall when suddenly an explosion happened it was very big i fell down where i was when i stood up i saw tables and people were scattered everywhere the scene was awful my brother was injured most of my friends were killed traditionally these type of the text claims by isis is stork we target shia his are a minority we're going to stand in these areas ok let's take a listen to what president danny had to say. that matters to the bush he targeting of our people in such events like wedding parties schools mosques markets and public places indicates the atrocity of a terrorist group who is determined to kill the innocent people that the taliban cannot absolve themselves of blame for they provide a platform for terrorists well the violence in afghanistan comes against the
9:59 pm
backdrop of talks between the u.s. and the taliban the 2 sides have been holding regular meetings in castoffs since october as they try to end the 18 year long conflict talks between afghan officials and taliban representatives of also taken place but the negotiations are complicated by frequent attacks the presence of isolate philly aged fighters and the presidential election planned for september let's talk now to much talk about he needs a political and regional security analyst and former member of the board of directors of the afghanistan affairs unit that's a kabul based think tank he joins us on skype from kabul mr rahim does this damage the potential for the the peace talks have been displaying here in doha. well as far as the peace process is concerned i don't think it will have any data impact on the ongoing process and the reason is that. islamic states hurt us on out i escape that is operating in afghanistan they have been at loggerheads with the taliban they've been fighting them as well and that enemy to every other group that
10:00 pm
is here including the state a part of to security about to so they have been fighting everyone and they have been declared as a group that is not going to qualify for any peace talks so dad again it's not going to have any sort of impact on the ongoing peace process but of course there are other issues and hendrix's as raised by the president as well the president has been saying that the taliban struggled for a while is an umbrella to not only i as what our son but many other groups that have been operating in afghanistan for folk white a while so i don't see this one impacting the current process that have improved proceeding ahead except that there are other issues that can challenge the progress but not this one particularly ok it may not have an impact on the talks with the taliban or genuine when they say we are engaged with the peace process that's been taking place wrapped up in these discussions here in council where we are does that
10:01 pm
mean that there is a space into which is trying to move a space of violence inside the country this this is a significant.


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