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going to qualify for any peace talks so bad again it's not going to have any sort of impact on the ongoing peace process but of course there are other issues and hendrix's as raised by the president as well the president has been saying that the taliban struggled for a while as an umbrella to not only i as what our son but many other groups that have been operating in afghanistan for folk white a while so i don't see this one impacting the current process that have been process proceeding ahead except that there are other issues that can challenge the progress but not this one particularly ok it may not have an impact on the talks with the taliban or genuine when they say we are engaged with the peace process that's been taking place wrapped up in these discussions here in council where we are does that mean that there is a space into which is trying to move a space of violence inside the country. this is a significant good son among the analysts and general public by and large people
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who think that once the taliban joins the peace process it is every possibility that they were trying to jump in and try to fill the vacuum and and take the lead in spreading while it's also in the other concern is that there might be some elements among the taliban fighters at the foot soldier level and at the mid command level they'd be might not be happy with the peace process and they would want to have a 2 military conquest and they may also choose to join the taliban because in the past some of the taliban leading figureheads in the eastern part of afghanistan the giant i sell. what our son from that acts of taliban and they're joined the. this group so did it get out definitely concerns connected to this that once the taliban joined the peace process or if everything goes according to the plan and according to the expectations the icily be and that the group there was
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a threat but in the meantime did is an expectation that considering the size of the sun and considering the more diverse that they have. those are do not match the local contacts so divorce to be able to penetrate as widely as a taliban have been so there are concerns but there are expectations that there would be that such a such a big project as it is currently being conceived by many but does this increase the pressure on mr gunnies government to not do a deal with the taliban clearly that's a complete nonstarter but move the pace of the discussions the peace talks increase the speed of those negotiations if only because of what has done what is claimed responsibility for and what it may yet be capable of. can you come again i lost to ice in between does this increase the pressure on mr
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gunny to do more with the taliban because of what might be capable of yes it does i mean since yesterday there have been a lot of pressure being put on the avalon security yet but it is off course such kind of attacks 7 to get to that soft targets it's difficult to really stop them especially when there's a suicide attacks but 8 there is pressure being exerted on the afghan government by the politician by the general public to really join the peace process expedite the process and sort of really putting the conditions forward so yes these kind of incidents are definitely make the government consider expediting the process putting more. speed and leaves through the process in order to get it concluded quickly and as such at least reduced pressure from the taliban and so they're big and really concentrated on the basis of the i.s.o.
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card i support us on there i thank you so much. still to come here on the news hour for you. we'll have the latest on the fire that's gotten a big part of a slump in the bangladeshi capital dhaka thousands of people have been left homeless. and a warning about the dire situation the u.k. could face if it leaves the european union without a deal and we'll show you the shot up to gold for take charge of the b.m.w. championship that's coming up in sport in about that. has denied a u.s. request to seize an iranian oil tanker that's been held there for 6 weeks a supreme court judge in the british territory ordered the personal release but this time yesterday the u.s. department of justice issued a warrant for its detention the ship was accused of trying to break sanctions al-jazeera as andrew symonds joins us live here on the news hour again from gibraltar and this issuing of the detention order and then the rejection of it in
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real terms does this change what the tanker will or will not do at all. probably not in fact 99 percent not because now you have a confirmation from the authorities here in that there won't be an extension of the detention order or not so much of the extension a re re imposition of the of the detention order the court action in the united states has no application here that's really the nub of it the explanation given by the central authority here in gibraltar is this that the legal system here does not apply because the us action is based on u.s. sanctions the action taken by gibraltar on the u.k. was inforced under e.u. sanctions and as far as that issue goes there is compliance now because there was
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an assurance that this cargo on board. point $1000000.00 barrels of like crude oil is not destined for syria so there's another issue to it as well which is explained in the statement from gibraltar and it's this that the u.s. action revolver surround the actions of the islamic revolutionary guard corps the i r c g that is a listed terrorist organization in the us it isn't in the you it isn't in gibraltar and of course the u.k. as well so they are not able to take action on this so the explanation here is and forgive me if you're losing me it's pretty choppy out here the action taken before by the supreme court can't happen again so nothing short of the u.s. actually boarding this ship in international waters when it goes will will stop this process of this oil moving along the mediterranean to an unknown destination
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now i spoke to a maritime lawyer not long ago on the phone who explained that this is probably the most monitored and watched ship in the world for some considerable time so everyone will be tracking it not just the media like us so there is going to be a lot of tension around this but then using the word tension this is posed to lift the tension in the strait of hormuz where another british flag tanker has been taken by iran and the hope is that this there will be a reciprocal action from iran at some point so the temperature on this crisis in the strait of hormuz is it's hoped it will lift but that depends on the u.s. on what if anything they do next in terms of trying to seize this valued $140000000.00 worth of light crude oil and this renamed and reflagged the iranian flags there right now ship so basically we're expecting according to
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radio transmission. for this ship to leave sometime on sunday probably in the evening but way this whole case has been playing out nothing is predictable and when it comes to the predictability of that part of the departure and rigorous the next key question is where does she go to because she's not supposed to sail to syria but the iranians seem to be saying actually it's our ship we'll sell it where we choose. that statement was made by the foreign ministry the interpretation diplomatically of it was that it is in the character of iran to make a defiant statement against the united states to to paint this as a victory for iran and they made their reinstated basically what they were saying in the 1st place but they were a written diplomatic. translate translated diplomatic
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correspondence that was submitted to the court it is evidence that was enough for the gibraltar and the u.k. to take the assurance on not just face value but also legal values so it is it is an open question as to where this oil is bound. and so really you'd be sticking your neck out if you will say it would never reach syria but according to cyprus according to the u.k. they have gone through all the right moves to impose the sanctions the united states may not agree with that publicly but privately should i say but this is the situation in terms of the law gibraltar is and is shore and so is the u.k. that they can't do anything now can the americans do something in international waters again the maritime lawyer i spoke to said that would be extreme it would elevate tension to a very high extent those are legal terms those are basically the political judgment
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if you want to board this ship in international waters that have to be very good reasons to do so because it is now legal it's a rainy and registered it is has the iranian flag and the cargo on board has been declared in the ownership of the of iran will certainly a company in iran so as far as the legal system here goes and the use the legal system this ship is legal this ship is free to leave the united states about it and they would not agree and many thanks. thousands of people in the bangladeshi capital dhaka homeless today after a big fuss swept through a slum began on friday evening in the city's me a pool area to find 5 to several hours to extinguish no deaths were reported some people would injured. 3 has more from dhaka absolutely devastating scene in this slum over 3000 family lived there nothing is left even the trees are burned many families actually where in their rural villages for the
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holidays now they'll be devastated when they come back some people are trying to salvage their life saving whatever they are some said they will actually rebuild their home because they're not very hopeful they're going to be rehabilitated and they're going to get an alternative shelter many of the slum dwellers complain to us they're not getting any food or water or they don't know what to do what their future holds but most of them said that we will rebuild our home yet because we don't have a place to go some of them been living here over 30 years many of them moved from the island bowl of this said village homes very washed away by the sea so they are here for generation that work here as either rich or as a day laborer or as a government worker. leeds u.k. government documents are warning of serious disruptions if britain leaves the minus a deal on top of the 31st or before that the cabinet office dossier code named operation yellow hammer was given to the times newspaper it says serious shortages
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of food fuel and medicine would be likely the report also warns of a return to a hard border between northern ireland that's the province of course in northern ireland and island i.e. the irish republic let's talk again to a macand he's a journalist and political activist join us on skype from londonderry in northern ireland immigrates have you back here on the news are not just a quote from the leaked bits of operation yellow hammer if this goes ahead and it's a hard crash out that would mean a hard irish border after plans to avoid checks in effect fails and then crucially it is talking as well about the possibility of protests in northern ireland is that the reality that you're anticipating as well. well that is the reality and date. by the many say there might be or might not be ready a hard border across the ready island of ireland it's very difficult i find it very difficult to see how there could not be a heart partner if there are 2 u.k.
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leads. that was difficult to see either couldn't be a hard bargain for a different jurisdictions that have different customs arrangements different taxation i raise funds different i regularly since concerning it always at the house and checking of cultural projects etc etc but to monitor all this there will have to be some sort of installations across the i respond or were goods travelling back and forth are examined the. odd thing of i think is that is that the british government on the bar has johnson says that they will not use any restrictions or any close them since donations along the border on the u.k. side of it i and that would mean that about the european union which would have. a hard border and this is a chaotic situation because both sides are saying there will be no hard bar but it's very difficult for any rational observer to see how there could not be
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a hard border with all the implications that would how for politics in ireland or on signs boris johnson wasn't in high office when the good friday agreement was put together by the tony blair government 19971908 is if this happens and if this comes to pos ok it's guess a realistic doomsday scenario what does this do to the the good friday agreement that you know law actually brought peace to northern ireland. well the difficulty is that if the goalie and knowing sort of what is going to happen given sort of the contradictory assertions being made and also the general chaos a surrounding issue but i'd say this but it's not a question of whether there are no data brags it would contradict the letter of the good friday agreement in fact it was never the less important a hard border that would contradict that of the spirit i suppose of the good friday
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agreement but in some practical terms if i bargained installations are erected if there are customs hosts to check people goods travelling across the barber and his direct it's direction if that happens and it's pretty difficult to see how that is not going to hop if there's a no did break said than be assured that there are people in ireland north and sites own small number for ops who will shoot those costumes post oral history at 8 counts of that and i many people does it take 2 are going to raise it should customs post only a restart or 6 it can't only a tiny number of people might support starts action but it doesn't take any more than a tiny number of people to do it and then what events on thought ok as far as northern ireland's concerned when boris johnson the relatively new u.k. prime minister meets european leaders over the coming days and he kind of repeats what his predecessor to reason may was going on after how will that go down with
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people like for example the d u p in belfast because for them primacy is the the the the keeping together of the u.k. . oh absolutely and i mean that on the face of it logically there is no way you can reconcile reckon say the position of the d u p sort of what the e.u. is saying or indeed even what some people in the british administration the saying that the u.k. are simply saying we will not even contemplate sort of any i can ario and which northern ireland part of the european union started as a part of the united kingdom signed which northern ireland part of the united kingdom become separated and any way whatsoever from england scotland and wales but it's difficult to see how dr beat on either that if there are a country preserve the good friday agreement and also to preserve free trade
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arkansas i think ira that cannot be done it's absolutely contradictory to any notion of a heart barter so there are comparable here so i would suggest that one of the side of the other must be bluffing somebody is going to have blinked and it's ready to call to see which side can blink and at the same time and pains of any credibility given the position they have already taken up and a macand there and i thank you very much thank you. time the weather is over to find very much part of an absolutely lovely across much of southern europe as as it should be but not everywhere that is the southeastern corner you can see where we've seen some rather lively showers in east downpour a little area cloud here just pushing its way across the black saying now i'm going to say live a this is what resulted to have to eat through and get down here and you can see how the water's just running straight down the street this is the ground bizarre actually in some pretty bizarre weather here causing some problems and some on the
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ground shopping centers also badly affected how much rain to because we got hundreds because we had 67 millimeters of rain in 24 hours in the space of just 6 hours 53 millimeters of rain when you consider that the orchestra average is 24 millimeters that is well over twice the average rainfall so hence the problems that we've had clear skies do come back in behind him pleased to say as we go through the next couple of days with a chance of wanted to showers having said that but always a chance or somewhat to weather up towards the northwest particularly now spilling away from the british isles but particularly across a good part of france when areas of by pushing up into the low countries that's in the process of sinking its way further southwards at least was and it will gradually make its way across central parts. everton thanks very much still to come for you here on the news i will tell you why malaysia's former prime minister najib razak soon court to face
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a 2nd fraud trial. and the u.s. president considers tough action against an anti fascist movement. and we'll tell you why and there was a buzz around this football match in brazil that's coming up with in the sports news in about 15 minutes. i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents and this is mean. by them both isis and us on. this 2nd of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable simony. the father the son and the jihad. team on al-jazeera rewind returns with a new scenery. and playing updates on the past about his anus
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documentaries one that. rewind continues with holy land back i will compel the onion the onion the sweetest part of the heart of this is that the city we're holding on by their fingernails to the 2 state solution today it is still barely possible on al-jazeera. welcome back. you're watching the al-jazeera news hour let's just recap your top stories hundreds of thousands of anti-government protesters marching into the night in hong kong as one of the city's biggest demonstrations since close to 2000000
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people gathered in june. i saw has claimed responsibility for an attack on a wedding reception has killed at least $63.00 people in the afghan capital kabul that's one of the worst attacks in afghanistan this year. and gibraltar has denied a u.s. request to seize an iranian oil tanker that's been held there for 6 weeks a supreme court judge in the british territory had ordered the brussels release of the west justice are stopped by issuing a warrant for us to tension. israeli forces have killed 3 palestinians at the guards a border and injured another dozens of palestinians protested on the streets of gaza or after the men were killed israel says they were trying to break through the border fence and were fired on by helicopter at a tank or a force which is following that story from west jerusalem. well gaza's health ministry is confirming these deaths the israeli army says that it used an attack helicopter and tank fire to fire on a group of armed men near the border between the border fence between gaza and
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israel are reporting inside gaza suggests from hamas sources that these were 2 islamic jihad members and one member of hamas but that they weren't acting in some kind of coordinated sanctioned way that this was some kind of a freelance individual operation and that has been the narrative coming from hamas which is in control of the gaza strip a number of these sorts of incidents that we've seen in recent weeks just last weekend there were 4 armed men who were killed in a similar area near the border fence by israeli fire on or was the 1st there was a man who got inside israeli territory and fired on israeli soldiers injuring 3 of them he too was shot dead in the narrative coming from hamas has been that this is a case of angry armed men who are acting by themselves out of a sense of anger and frustration with the current situation inside the gaza strip now as well as this incident last night we saw 3 rockets being fired out of the
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gaza strip to those a deceptive one of those falling inside israeli territory that's the 2nd night in succession that we have seen rocket fire coming out of gaza so there is a sense of a worsening security situation going on and perhaps no coincidence that we are in the run up to the israeli election on september the 17th certainly ahead of the april election there was a raising of the temperature in terms of the kind of activity coming out of gaza rocket fire. and the rest of it so potentially we're seeing another flare up in the initial stages the operators of a humanitarian rescue ship carrying around $100.00 migrants have rejected an offer from spain to dock at one of its ports a spokeswoman for the open arms ship says there's an emergency on board with constant fights breaking out some people even tried to swim to shore the migrants have been stranded on the ship for 2 weeks now after they were rescued off the libyan coast the crew wants to dock in italy but the government has denied that
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request. meanwhile more than 350 people are still stranded on a humanitarian rescue boat off the coast of malta the ocean viking vessel is operated by 28 groups including doctors without borders but it has not been allowed to dock at ports in italy and malta its passengers were rescued over the past few days in warsaw as of libya. the indian government says it will ease more restrictions in parts of the kashmir region it controls a curfew and a communications blackout well they've been lifted in some areas but restrictions have been tightened in others meanwhile the blocking of trade between india and pakistan is having an impact on kashmiris on both sides of the line of control osama bin jawad reports from chuck coffee on the pakistani side. the traffic means no flat tires to repair. and the.
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550. that was because of the. payments were made. of the dividing line between. opportunities for profit. and. the trade with. the trade. feed my family.
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and after. every day. 300 people. the day. to day and. there's nothing to eat or drink that we can afford. for laborers loading and unloading trucks people are desperate it's a question of survival for hundreds of families no one cares about us. he hasn't heard from them since the. indian government severed kashmir from the outside world he's also a traitor and says he's lost because of his daughter's not for the hundreds of
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thousands of dollars stuck in kashmir after trade ended. phones of internet and landlines are blocked there is no communication traders are also on the extreme difficulty as our money is stuck on both sides of the trade and bus service only began with the help of the international community we demand the same from them now traders estimate 25000 kashmiris have been affected and both sides. and everyone associated with that trade the no more financial burden with each passing day. on the line of control than administered kashmir sudan's protest leaders have named their candidates for seats on the newly formed sovereign council and this comes a day off they signed a power sharing deal with the military to pave the way for civilian rule is in khartoum. after 18 months of protests and 4 months of negotiations sudan's ruling military junta and the opposition coalition known as the forces of freedom and
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change into a final power sharing deal with marking the start over 39 months transitional period you know there always a mammogram. for whom what is there as i stand before you with pride after we've overcome the stage of preparation and progress to the stage of construction we chant together with honest hearts that the focus now is on the nation a nation that is proud of you and you of it a country that has produced people who have raised its name with their generosity and achievements. the final agreement includes a transitional period led for the 1st 21 months by the military and for the remaining 18 months by a civilian from the opposition coalition. it also includes members for an executive council nominated by the f.f.c. and they will also have control of 2 thirds of the seats in the legislative assembly. but the coalition that has negotiated the deal has other challenges some of its own members have refused to recognize the agreement saying it doesn't
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address the core issues of conflict in the country other members say bringing peace will be one of the top tasks of the transitional government. that the issue of war and peace is one of the most important priorities of the coalition and we work to tie the issue of peace to the issue of democratic transformation because we believe in the right to live in peace we believe in the rights of the martyrs the displaced people and. we affirm if she made a name for comprehensive peace in all areas of conflict. outside the hall people celebrated the hope for a new phase in sudan's history but with cautious optimism the signing of the agreement on saturday may mark a landmark on the road to civilian rule but many sudanese say it's not the end of the revolution they say the struggle will have succeeded only when the military hands of a power and justice and accountability begins. more than 250 deaths have been
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recorded since the start of the protests in december with at least one who would tend to kill jews in the military raided the pro-democracy army headquarters which had become the symbol of the revolution. the next step we are waiting for is the justice for the nautilus before power is handed to the civilians and before the economy improves justice for those who sacrificed their lives so that the whole country can be happy but we haven't been for the past 40 years. we don't expect the road ahead to be easy but hope to reach the end together the things people lost their life support the demands must be met it's a 1st step and that's what we're celebrating not the end of our revolution. on the day of the signing hundreds arrived in the capital from us but where the protests began in december before spreading across the country the chance reflected their optimism about sudan's future but also included are minded to the new transitional government that they are ready to keep the flames of their revolution burning till
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all their demands are met he will morgan al-jazeera out of town. and the u.s. president donald trump says he may designate some anti fascist movement as a terror organization he won the members of and as they gathered in the state of oregon to come to a romney by far right groups reports now from portland. sporadic clashes between members of the far right organizations and anti-fascists spread through the streets of portland hours after a far right rally concluded portland police declared a state of civil disturbance in the city. we estimate that there were approximately $1200.00 demonstrators at the peak of the demonstrations our team spent many hours monitoring the various groups as they gather splintered reformed and moved throughout the downtown core the day of tension began with a demonstration staged by far right groups led by a militant organization called the proud boys they were heavily outnumbered by.
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their supporters and peaceful protesters expressing opposition to far right groups a heavy police presence covered the area officer seized shields poles and bear spray from protesters many portland residents were upset that far right demonstrators came to their liberal left leaning city to cause trouble as far as somebody coming here and getting a group together just to fight al that's mascot a short time after the proud boys and their supporters arrived in the park tensions rose you could see that the groups of anti-fascist protesters have gathered here underneath this bridge to the other side there cross that greenlaw on the far right and neo-fascist groups have gathered there big kept apart by the police and the hope is that the police presence will keep these 2 sides from engaging in any
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violence police in riot gear ordered anti fun not to crowd into the streets at one point pushing the group back then abruptly the far right crowd beat a hasty retreat the proud boys and their supporters with through across a bridge which police closed off to prevent an teeth from pursuing and i think that what we need to do is continue to show that we are going to fight against these ideals of fascism and nazi as much as it takes president donald trump inserted himself in the affair tweeting that might be named an organization of terror but he had no criticism of neo fascist or far right groups proud boys leader joe big was pleased by trump's message going to trump.


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