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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 19, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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how to govern the country in a climate of peace time together because they haven't really known pace for a very long time have they i mean it would actually now that you sort of spell it out like that it's a completely different style of government for them almost they well there have been little windows of peace for example right after 2001 but in general this year we passed 40 years since since the coup in $97.00 well who is a noted 70 we recently passed 40 years of more or less continuous conflict and i think that afghans understand i think they almost universally want to including taliban fighters but deciding what that actually means who's in charge what kind of country is it going to be what happens to all the people who have fought and committed atrocities themselves is a really hard questions in any peace process and we're really just at the very front end result and those johnny will show in afghanistan with us on the news
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thank you for your time do appreciate it thank you. now thousands of people in the bangladeshi capital our homeless author a large fire swept through a slum actually began on friday evening and the cars made a poor area it took firefighters several hours to put it out incredibly no deaths reported and they have been a few injuries as well tanveer challenge 3 with more from dhaka. absolutely devastating scene and over 3000 family lives there nothing is left even the trees are burned many families actually where in their rural villages for the holidays now they'll be devastated when they come back some people are trying to salvage their life saving what about they out some said they will actually rebuild their home because they're not very hopeful they're going to be in rehab late they don't know if they're going to get an alternative shelter many of the slum dwellers complain to us they're not getting any food water or they don't know what to do what their future holds but most of them said that we will rebuild our home yet
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because we don't have a place to go some of them been living here over 30 years many of them moved from the island bowl of the said village on this very washed away by the sea so they are here for generation that work here as either rich or on as a day labor as a garment. all right here's what is coming a few on this news on. the u.s. president considers declaring a group of peace activists as a terrorist organization but not the far right demonstrators they were facing. green with envy an award winning at the forest sanctuary in the middle of one of the world's biggest and busiest cities. and the chelsea boss is looking for a change in fortunes after a bad start to life back at the club details in sport with some a little light. not
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a brawl to has denied the u.s. request to seize an iranian oil tanker that's been held for 6 weeks now a supreme court judge in the british territory all to divest is release but the u.s. department of justice issued a warrant for its detention iran says the tanker is now expected to leave in the next few centuries simmons' with more now from gibraltar. now you have a confirmation from the authorities here in that the be an extension of a detention order or not so much of the extension a re re in it position of the of the detention order the court action in the united states has no application here that's really the nub of it the explanation given by the central authority here in gibraltar is this that the legal system here does not apply because the us action is based on u.s. sanctions the action taken by gibraltar in the u.k. was inforced under e.u.
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sanctions and as far as that issue goes there is compliance now because there was an assurance that this cargo on board 2100000 barrels of like crude oil is not destined for syria so the explanation here is and forgive me if you're losing me it's pretty choppy out here the action taken before by the supreme court can't happen again so nothing short of the u.s. actually boarding this ship in international waters when it goes will will stop this process of this oil moving along the mediterranean to an unknown destination and so that brings it news now the united kingdom is scheduled to leave the you on all before october 31st but according to government documents leaked to the times newspaper it is likely to face shortages of food fuel and medicine if it leaves without a deal the documents say france will impose e.u. mandatory controls on u.k. goods from day one of a no deal bragg's it and is actually built computer systems to manage customs
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declarations that will happen immediately it also shows up to 85 percent of trucks which use the main channel crossings quote may not be ready for french customs that could then reduce the flow rate of up to 60 percent within a day all those trucks crossing the channel and the worst disruption to the shore channel crossings that could actually last up to 3 months according to these documents well i mean we can't a journalist in a political activists who we spoke to earlier and says the irish border issue as well will continue to be a sticking point deal or no deal. the u.k. least used them is difficult to see either couldn't be a hard bargain. there are different jurisdictions that have different customs arrangements different taxation arrangements defend regulations concerning and also the health and checking of i grew cultural projects etc etc that to monitor all this there would have to be some sort of installations across the i was part or
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were goods traveling back and forth are examined and the a odd thing about this so is that the british government on the bar has johnson says that they will not use any restrictions or any cost them as installations along the border on the u.k. side of it i and that would mean everybody european union which would have to impose a hard border and this is a chaotic situation because both sides are saying there will be no hard bar but it's very difficult for any rational observer to see how there could not be a hard bargain with all the implications that would have for politics in ireland north onsite. now the operators of a humanitarian rescue ship carrying around 100 migrants rejected an offer from spain to dock at one of its ports a spokesman for the open arms ship says there's an emergency on board with constant fights breaking out some of even tried to swim ashore the migrants have been
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stranded on the ship for 2 weeks now after they were rescued off the coast of libya the crew wants to dock in italy the government though has denied that request. meanwhile more than 350 people are still stranded on a humanitarian rescue boat this one's off the coast of malta the ocean viking vessel is operated by 2 aid groups including doctors without borders it has not been allowed to dock at ports in italy. its passengers were rescued over the past few days once again in the waters off libya but some turner is the head of mission for libya doctors without borders one of the groups involved here's what he had to say about the conditions the migrants are facing our team on board our medical team have conducted over 100 consultations already and they've seen a large number of people with injuries both nonviolent from the time that they were fleeing danger in libya but also violence related injuries where people had been struck with guns or were beaten with sticks. or had hot hot liquid or on
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them and. it was extremely clear amongst all of these people on board the ocean biking right now is that they have gone through a traumatic experience both during their time in libya and over the course of their time at sea many of them were received days or being rescued by the regime breaking now we've been stuck on board for over a week and are clearly left in limbo without a clue as to what's going to happen next. also turkey has stopped more than 300 migrants and refugees trying to reach the greek island of balls its coast guard conducted several operations of the western province of china. turkey says the number of people risking their lives to cross to those wells has now increased and the 700 were rescued from the mediterranean just last week and 2015 the e.u. and ankara signed an agreement for turkey to help stop people using its territory to reach europe. israeli forces have killed 3 palestinians at the gaza border and
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injured another dozens of palestinians protested in the streets of gaza after the men were killed israel says they were trying to break through the border fence and were then fired on by a helicopter and a tank carry 4 sets following this one from west to resume. well gaza's health ministry is confirming these deaths the israeli army says that it used an attack helicopter and tank fire to fire on a group of armed men near the border between the border fence between gaza and israel are reporting inside gaza suggests from hamas sources that these were 2 islamic jihad members and one member of hamas but that they weren't acting in some kind of coordinated sanctioned way that this was some kind of a freelance individual operation and that has been the narrative coming from hamas which is in control of the gaza strip a number of these sorts of incidents that we've seen in recent weeks just last weekend there were 4 armed men who were killed in a similar area near the border fence by israeli fire on or was the 1st there was
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a man who got inside israeli territory and fired on israeli soldiers injuring 3 of them he too was shot dead in the narrative coming from hamas has been that this is a case of angry armed men who are acting by themselves out of a sense of anger and frustration with the current situation inside the gaza strip now as well as this incident last night we saw 3 rockets being fired out of the gaza strip to those a deceptive one of those falling inside is ready territory that's the 2nd night in succession that we have seen rocket fire coming out of gaza so there is a sense of a worsening security situation going on and perhaps no coincidence that we are in the run up to the israeli election on september the 17th certainly ahead of the april election there was a raising of the temperature in terms of the kind of activity coming out of gaza rocket fire and the rest of it so potentially we're seeing another flare up in the
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initial stages an update on kashmir now and india's government says it will be easing more restrictions in part of indian administered kashmir a curfew and a communication blackout have been lifted in some areas restrictions have been tightened in other jamail with more now from new delhi. this is what much of srinagar has looked like for nearly 2 weeks unable to move around the largest city in the region and communications completely shut down. indeed administrators say some phone lines in the valley were reconnected on saturday with more due on sunday we have also. met. some functionality in at least 5. or. phone users and had buried reactions.
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i think it's a good thing that. people are facing a lot of issues. but for some the worst restriction is on freedom of movement. shakes i hear there's been teaching his niece and nephew at home since the shutdown began he says not being able to move around has been severe but. the kids are stuck inside this schools have been charged in 3035 years i haven't seen. my sister's only 2 kilometers of b. and i don't know her situation. despite the promise of the lockdown being loosened some are protesting in other ways have set up their own barricades in this neighborhood to stop armored personnel carriers from entering they would have a way to go to. put up these blockades so the police won't be able to come here and
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. they try to few times. the police are trying to come here but the people are resisting we've managed to keep them away many times acts of defiance even as the indian government says it will take a wait and see approach before lifting more restrictions in the region as. new delhi now the blocking of trade between india and pakistan is affecting kashmir is on both sides of the border. reports from the on the line of control which divides the country's. traffic means no flat tires to repair.
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that was because of the. payments were made. in the trade with. the trade the trucks. feed my family. and after.
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every day. there's nothing to eat or drink that we can afford. unloading trucks people are desperate it's a question of survival for hundreds of families no one cares about us. he hasn't heard from them since the. indian government severed kashmir from the outside world he's also a traitor and says he's lost because of his daughter's not for the hundreds of thousands of dollars stuck in kashmir after trade ended. phones of internet and landlines are blocked there is no communication traders also on the extreme
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difficulty as our money is stuck on both sides of the trade and bus service only began with the help of the international community we demand the same from them now traders estimate 25000 kashmiris have been affected in both sides. and every been associated with that trade the new more financial burden with each passing day. on the line of control to fund administered kashmir. break on the news hour when we come back who tell you why malaysia's former prime minister is in court for a 2nd trial and sport a blow for australia as their star player is forced to sit out the rest of the ashes test and no it's. very much a case of spot the difference across the middle east at the moment lots of hot
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sunshine in place a little bit of cloud just up towards the coaxes that is pushing up across the mountains we are going to see a chance of one or 2 showers just spilling out of central parts of turkey but they will be fumin far between now falling off from the flooding that we saw recently in east down bowl 29 celsius in the sunshine there for barrett getting up into the mid forty's kuwait city back that could touch 47 degrees some of the temperatures of course across the arabian peninsula lots of heat in place here 38 in. pulling in a little bit more of a feed from the gulf things a little more humid over the next day or so but plenty of hazy sunshine. sunshine too down towards the south of the region but a little more cloud just around the southern end of the red sea so you could catch one or 2 showers just around the other the mountains here across southern africa well more sunshine for many we've seen some very high temperatures across the eastern side of south africa yet again recently we're getting up into the other low
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to mid twenty's here as we go through the next a day or so temperatures will start to pick up a little cloud up into most big but by and large it stays fine dry and sunny. trust is fundamental to all our operations ships we trust banks without money talk to us without really. got what it is to trust in a world to buy out. as most decisions are made for us by these complex pieces of coax the question that comes in and can we trust out of these in the 1st of a 5 part series highly rated question when you're traveling of digital. trust me i'm an algorithm on a. week
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now. on the news i hear about 0 and these are our top stories old innocent saying more than 1700000 anti-government protesters have been marching in the streets hong kong this sunday one of the city's largest demonstrations since may 2 1000000 people marched back in june families in afghanistan have begun burying those killed in
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a suicide bomb attack in kabul on saturday at least 63 people are dead and 200 others injured and it is still the just claimed responsibility. of thousands of people in the bangladeshi capital homeless after a huge fire swept through a slum that began on friday night in dhaka has made a poor area incredibly no deaths reported although several people were injured. but u.s. president trump says he may designate an anti fascist movement as a terror organization a warm the members of anti fun as they gathered in the state of oregon counter-rally by far right groups rob reynolds with us from portland. sporadic clashes between members of far right organizations and anti-fascists spread through the streets of portland hours after a far right rally concluded portland police declared a state of civil disturbance in the city. we estimate that there were approximately
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$1200.00 demonstrators at the peak of the demonstrations our team spent many hours monitoring the various groups as they gather splintered reformed and moved throughout the downtown core the day of tension began with a demonstration staged by far right groups led by a militant organization called the proud boys they were heavily outnumbered by. their supporters and peaceful protesters expressing opposition to far right groups a heavy police presence covered the area officer seized shields poles and bear spray from protesters many portland residents were upset that far right demonstrators came to their liberal left leaning city to cause trouble as far as somebody coming here and getting a group together just to fight al that's mascot a short time after the proud boys and their supporters arrived in the park tensions
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rose and you could see that the group of anti-fascist protesters have gathered here underneath this bridge to the other side there cross that greenlaw on the far right and neo-fascist groups have gathered there being kept apart by the police and the hope is that the police presence will keep these 2 sides from engaging in any violence police in riot gear ordered anti fun not to crowd into the streets at one point pushing the group back then abruptly the far right crowd beat a hasty retreat the proud boys and their supporters with through across a bridge which police closed off to prevent anti foot from pursuing and i think that what we need to do is continue to show that we are going to fight against these ideals of fascism and the nazis as much as it takes president donald trump inserted himself in the affair tweeting that might be named an organization of terror but he. had no criticism of neil fascist or far right groups proud boys
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leader joe big was pleased by trump's message delivered from a present from twitter he talked about the city's watch and that's all the more you want to mislead the guardian the violence and dueling demonstrations are further evidence of a country deeply divided with a president who exploits those divisions in search of political gains robert oulds al jazeera portland spoke to prime levon about this the director of the center for the study of hate and extremism at california state university. he says it is the far right group signed those who marched in poland who pose the biggest threat in the u.s. those of us who were analysts in the national security community yes we have our eye on hard left but bottom line is the biggest most prominent extremist threat facing added states right now are white supremacist far right and there are others that are percolating up there might very well be some colas small groups on the
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left but but the bigger risk is from actually loners or small cells and not these groups to begin with but yes if we can find groups for instance like rise above movement does a criminal predicate where or some other groups. possibly so but i'm very i'm very worried that in this highly politicized environment that these laws if it acted could be used in a way to violate civil liberties on either the left or the right but the right is the biggest risk right now and that's where the fatalities have been although going forward who knows very volatile political season and we see hate crimes of political violence rise going into these kind of seasons. i didn't hear his treasury minister is resigned after a week of economic turmoil triggered by the defeat of president would he see a mockery in a primary poll nikolaus to form their lead the i.m.f. loan negotiations and implemented a sturdy measures his resignation letter quote significant renewal in the
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government's economic policies last week polled 15 points behind his center left opponent alberto fernandes chad's presidents declared a state of emergency in the east of the country after days of ethnic violence it says it will stay in place for 3 months in the die and see the provinces at least 50 people have been killed in fights between cattle herders and farmers in just the past 10 days. malaysia's former prime minister is to return to court for the 2nd of 4 trials involving money that prosecutors say was stolen from a state investment fund but is accused of using his position to obtain money totaling 500 $50000000.00 between 20112014 foreign story has more from kuala lumpur . he was once considered untouchable but formal asian prime minister najib razak now faces the 2nd of 5 trials this time to answer $25.00 criminal charges of money
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laundering and abuse of power in relation to more than half a $1000000000.00 that prosecutors say was stolen from one end of the state investment fund he set up in 2009. not job is already on trial involving the transfer of $10000000.00 from s.r.c. international a former subsidiary of one m. d. into his personal accounts he has denied any wrongdoing saying the money was a donation from saudi arabia most of which has since returned allegations of nuggets involvement in losses at one end d.b. surfaced when he was prime minister but he was cleared by the police at the time and that then attorney general the case was reopened when a new government led by mahathir mohamad came into power in may 2018 over you represent a fulfillment of for example. an arab. electoral promise to the voters of malaysia then. go to the bottom of this.
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series of irregular very easy sense can those not troops home and other properties linked to him and his family were raided last year police said they seized cash jewelry and handbags and watches worth up to 270 $1000000.01 m. is also being investigated in other jurisdictions including the us it isn't just those with direct. links to one m.t.b. has been charged prosecutors in malaysia and the u.s. have filed criminal charges against to form a executive of goldman sachs malaysia is also going after the investment bank itself which it helped to issues 6 $1000000000.00 in bonds meant to finance development in the country prosecutors allege money intended for $1.00 and was instead used on extravagant purchases including a luxury yacht by one of associates last month malaysian prosecutors charged
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stepson. a co-founder of a hollywood production firm with money laundering alleging he misappropriated $240000000.00 linked to one and. the malaysian government meanwhile is also seeking to recover $5000000000.00 worth of assets that it believes were bought with money stolen from $1.00 m. de florence 3 al-jazeera. in may in maher an ambulance driver has been killed by rebels in shan state the volunteer rescue worker is reported to have been fired on as he tried to escape fighting between ethnic rebels and government forces the rebels have been fighting for decades for greater autonomy at least 2 people have been killed and several others injured in toronto rain in india's northern himalayan states flooding caused landslides in the state of. schmidt's also damaged several roads stranding hundreds of people
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least $270.00 people in india have died from the floods and landslides so far this month a wildfire in the canary islands has forced least 2000 people to leave their homes more than 250 firefighters are working to tackle the blazes on gran canaria the regional government says they began on saturday could spread to at least 6 towns the spanish island was hit by another devastating fire just last week. now the woodlands of mexico tepic pock have received international recognition much of the capital is struggling with pollution but the sprawling park has provided proved a lifeline for nature and clean. as. mexico city's top to pick park is the largest urban forest in latin america. it's a massive area nearly twice the size of new york city's central park there's a manmade lake there's even an 18th century castle sitting atop
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a hill one of 8 museums located within the park complex. is the park's administrator and is especially proud of the diversity of attractions the park has to offer the local community to keep in the move this that it was not this park has everything from archaeological ruins to contemporary art we have an entire section devoted to sports and another section focused on conservation and capturing valuable rainwater for the city's aqua fairs. one of the park's many hidden gems is a quiet reading space nestled among the trees there we met them cardinals a caretaker here of more than 33 years he says the forest is rich in history but also has a unique effect on its visitors. this one of those who sometimes people arrive here emotionally charged but the energy in the forest removes all the negativity and stores it in the earth people always leave here more peace it's
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a place of positive energies. this summer the chap with the pick part was awarded the 2900 international large urban parks award a recognition that takes exception to a spaces environmental value to a city. after all the most important feature of the park is the forest itself the world urban parks association has referred to chip with a big part as a 7 square kilometer green log for mexico city walking among the more than one huh . 180000 trees that make up with that big forest it's easy to forget that we're one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world. mexico's dry season often means an increase in air pollution made worse by the more than 6000000 motor vehicles that transit the city. there are species of trees here that actually trap contaminants from the air such as volatile organic compounds which are released when you burn fuel such as gasoline would coal or natural gas these dangerous contaminants are captured by the trees. there is even more good news coming from the world
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class to depict part mexico's federal government has allocated it additional one and a half kilometers of land to expand the already sprawling urban forest but under zita mexico city now a plot has been unveiled in iceland to remember the 1st of its $400.00 glasses to be lost to climate change will used to cover 15 square kilometers of mountainside now it is barely one square kilometer and less than 15 meters deep it was officially declared dead back in 2014 but now we have this moment memorial which bears the inscription a letter to the future warning that all of those classes are expected to disappear in the next 200 is we're talking about this now director of war on want a global antipoverty and climate justice organization works about the u.n.
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and with communities most affected by climate change nice to have you with us again . just on this particular issue it's incredibly poignant isn't it i read that they put this plot here is a letter to the future and basically said to the people who ever find it in the future you'll know whether we succeeded or not. it is and it's an extremely worrying sign actually should be a letter to our president because of course this glacier melting is one of the predicted outcomes of increasing temperatures and the reason why the glaciers and generally ice at the arctic and the antarctic is sort colton says it reflects the sun's rays and as the ice melts the heat is then absorbed into oceans. triggering a greater ice melts and we seeing this played out if you look incredibly in the arctic circle as the something heat wave in europe we've had a heat wave also in the arctic circle in a never 100 wildfires being on fire at the moment in the uk to circle and this is
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really shocking and devastating news because this is not predicted to happen in the time scale it's happening and it's a real wake up call and other places too i've been reading about the the himalayas how about is that there. well it's absolutely incredible i mean if you read some of the reports now it's and i predicted that 40 percent of all the glaciers in the himalayas will melt now just to put that into context of glaciers are very very important not just in terms of regulating our environment and temperature but they're also critical for human beings glaciers provide much of the melt for freshwater and we already saw in india in the indian subcontinent this year a city is running out of fresh water it's now predicted of the $1300000000.00 people 40 percent of them will out will be without access to fresh water because what we will see is suddenly the deluges of water as it floods as the glaciers melt and then sort of dry periods and it will impact on our food it will its course
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impact as sea levels increase as the melting ice falls into the sea we will see a sea level rise and it's not predicted up to 2000000000 people or one shift of the world's population will be displaced from their homes many of them of course with nowhere to go and this is a reality that's happening it's a by 1 point one degree warming and scientists tell us that once we reach the 1.5 these kind of trigger points will become inevitable and they were just starting speed of can be reversed and the shocking news of course is that we're on it we're on a trajectory that will that will lead us to at least 3 maybe even up to 7 degrees for one thing though aside and this is as much responsibility of us in the media or as well as that i think the discussion around climate change has changed it is being reported a lot more it's being reported as an current issue as an emergency issue in many places as well do you think the importance is getting through to people now.
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well i think there has been a definitely a sea change in in how the media reports and i think there's a recognition that climate change is of course an extremely serious issue needs not an environment issue in the sense of something abstract from people it's our it will affect every person on this planet one way or another it. but i don't think we've really got through to real of the policy because i think the policymakers are still saying that we can continue to business as usual and tweak around the edges and something will happen that will prevent the worst impacts of climate change i think the evidence as we see around the world of killer floods droughts farming's sure that that's not happening actually these impacts are happening now fortunately most of those are impacts happen to the poorest people 1st so the ones who are the least responsible so i don't think that the countries most responsible for the economic. powerhouses of the world that are most responsible are the ones that are really serious at this moment about trying to make the drastic changes the positive
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news and i think increasingly we're seeing this with ordinary people recognizing that by tackling climate change we can all sorts akhil many of the world's problems i just read your piece earlier about mexico and here at pollution where we talk about the fact that you know half the world's population live on less than $5.00 a day or you know a 3rd of the will still suffers from food issues we can solve all of those by having good policies on sprint guaranteeing the right to food and and fixing our broken economic system so actually all of us can have a dignified life we can actually live in a much cleaner sahr and a better world the problem of course is there are large powerful corporations that are making a lot hell of a lot of money a mormon from the fossil fuel economy and from our seafood industry we don't want to change and until we as ordinary citizens are mandates in our politicians and political leaders to act with more urgency i think it could be too little too late it's. always great to talk to you know i thank you arthur one joining us sir today
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for always our oil imports you go. just what we're talking about as 2 kayakers narrowly avoided being killed after a glass cea collapse this was in southern alaska have a look at the video showing the moment part of the spencer classic caved in just over a week ago it creates this massive wave bang across spencer lake which sent the kayakers fleeing as fast as they could the pair did escape incredibly no injuries though one of them was hit in the ribs probably about moment there by a piece of flying it's. extraordinary stuff right still ahead for you on this news hour sport when a man who calls himself the best player in major league soccer backs up his claim once again from this woman. scholar and lawyer. thinker. and politician.
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radical and prisoner in a 2 part series al-jazeera world tells the story of one of the most enigmatic figures in sudan's turbulent history. whose influence is still felt on events in the country today sit down i'll to robbie's life and politics on al-jazeera. building a new life on an entirely beach living off the sea and. a dream shared by so many that so few make it a reality. a family business led by a mark of a woman with a flair for cooking and disaster than if. i didn't catch it on al-jazeera.
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it's getting surprisingly exciting in the cricket sun what's up i think you have given themselves a chance of claiming an unlikely victory in the 2nd ashes test at lord's is the final day and it looked like it would surely be a draw off to england set australia a victory target of $267.00 but australia have already lost some wickets the aussies are currently on $46.00 for 2 well one thing that will give indian some extra hope is they don't have to deal with australia's star batsman is steve smith he's out of the match it with a delayed concussion australia's former captain was hit on the head in the 1st innings by 148 kilometer now a bowl of from a draw for well he's also
12:41 am
a doubt for the next test match which starts at having it on the test day. lanka's cricketers are celebrating a historic home when all the new zealand in the 1st test chasing a tug a stealth 268 captain for now at not provided the bat with his 1st sentry in 23 innings sri lanka storming to a 6 wicket when is the 1st time any team has chased down a 3 figure score to win a test in call. tennis now an assault at the cincinnati masters world number one novak djokovic was knocked out in the semifinals by medvedev david stokes has a story. of ok don't know where but i've had shot novak djokovic shipment to carlo back in april but there seems little chance of a repeat as joke of its breeze through the opening set taking it 6 games to 3 but.
12:42 am
the defending champion had dropped to set all week but medvedev decided to go for broke in the 2nd set adding extra spice to his 2nd serves to put just a bit on the back foot and it worked the russian one seed squared things up one set of peace i carried that momentum into the deciding set a joke of it just couldn't find an answer which. after getting the break of serve it wasn't too long before much point arrived. i joke which clearly impressed with medvedev who's now which we stood straight a.t.p. final after runner up finishes in washington to montreal i beat you to the number 10 to be in the final and i mean that means that i deserved to be in this place. i'm just so happy today. i didn't lose a tennis match but i didn't do too much wrong and i lost to a player that was playing. amazing but that's hard court for has been outstanding he's won 30 matches on the surface 10 more than anyone else on tour but to claim
12:43 am
his 1st masters title he'll have to beat the man who knocked him out of wimbledon last month fun the belgian is in. his 1st masters final after beating which i guess skate in straight sets. in the women's tournament madison keys won an all-american semifinal against safina ken and producing some stunning shots on the way to a straight sets victory have to 1st round exits in washington and toronto she seems really fired up this week. kees will face for his net supposing some base final the resurgent russian has been out injured for most of the season but she upset ashley party in the 70s denying party a return to the top of the world rankings it means that i mean osaka will head to new york as top seed for the u.s. open title different takes note of his era to the english premier league now or telsey boss frank lampard is looking for his 1st win since that coming back to the club chelsea are currently taking on leicester southard bridge it follows them
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losing the earth super cup midweek to liverpool in istanbul and for nothing thrashing the by manchester united in their opener well they currently lead one nil . to major league soccer and once again any galaxy relied on their star strikers law time to bring home with it to get them out of trouble there were a goal down at home and had the man sent off against seattle sounders but flattened levelled things up but with a header then scored the penalty to put the galaxy ahead but finished all square after a mix up between the galaxy keeper and defend your going so they can be replaced shows it bounced off the keeper hit sheldrake on the head and he could do nothing to stop it going and slightly unlucky but nevertheless the game ended 2 all. you have to star daniel courneya is considering retiring after losing his heavyweight championship on saturday the former 2 division champion was stopped at deep in the
12:45 am
4th round by fellow americans to. crimea had been champion for just over a year having. in the 1st title match phil mickelson the might miss his time at the b.m.w. championship because his hotel was hit by lightning or he tweeted that he was on top floor when it happened and then he was evacuated because of a fire mickelson was struggling to get back to his room to fetch his clubs and clothes but he's now confirmed he has made it to medina on time justin thomas is the man way out in front to at the championship and he had an incredible 3rd run going 11 on the paul for $61.00 the broke the course record included a pair of eagles that helped him take a 6 top lead going into the final round this one came on the 16th. when a would put thomas top of the fed ex cup rankings are heading into the 2
12:46 am
a championship next week and that's it for me come on so and i thank you for that will sit on our game later with more sports in the use our 1800 g.m.t. on the back and as well and i'll be back in about 2 and a half minutes time and the full bowl of the news on al jazeera the headlines and video on demand as ever are down to 0 dot com. their own energy crisis is now in its 2nd year more than $700000.00 and it's placed
12:47 am
and stateless after fleeing military led massacres in me and and they still don't think it's safe to go home follow their plight with special coverage and reports on al-jazeera. well if we cannot have palestina my government was suddenly not allowed britain to control the french palestine would be an outrage but then we need to find another solution before we come to blows over a century ago britain and france made the secret deal that changed the shape of the middle east and so. now we can draw a map. sikes pekoe lines in the sun on just the. al-jazeera says it's sweat and.
12:48 am
rewind returns with a new series. and plain updates on the fast amount dizziness documentaries one. long rewind continues we land back by with compelling the onion the onion the sweet it's the heart. of the old city we're holding on by their fingernails to the 2 state solution today it is still barely possible on al-jazeera. hundreds of thousands of people defy the weather and the government in hong kong and staging a legal march through the city. but
12:49 am
once again from doha everyone i'm kemal santa maria with the world news from out just euro eisel says it is behind the attack that killed at least 63 people and injured hundreds of wedding celebration in afghanistan. says no to a u.s. request to seize an iranian oil tanker at the center of a week's long diplomatic dispute. and a shortage of food fuel and meds and leaked u.k. government documents reveal the likely impact of a no deal breaks it. just got midnight in hong kong. organizers say more than 1700000 anti-government protesters have been rallying now 4 hours despite the rain it was one of the largest demonstrations since nearly 2000000 people marched back in june police k. from mission for the gathering in victoria park but did not authorize the march
12:50 am
through the city the protest is organized by the same group that was behind june's big rallies in fact organize a young has been calling for an end to violence in the city. it looks like it was like. that. the testing that they had no way to protest except it was rather. actually how at least that spam was. excessive follow up at least that's the. rest. of the sites that. also i was with all that stuff a lot less than text while so they will not ask to have the whole day they will explain how yellow ballots will get. the bullets libya
12:51 am
released today a lot about that it would give you a good pollen joining us from hong kong officially monday morning then i'll give you past midnight and doesn't look like anyone is going on. indeed come on actually the protesters here are having a dilemma there's a core group that are saying that they're going to stand strong stay here they're going to face the police if they come here they've got their gas masks and their helmets ready and there are many more protesters around them saying that they have achieved their objective of the day which started off at that rally in victoria park where it's substantiated to 1700000 a significant number of people showed up and that would mean a huge parts of hong kong's population still support these protesters so these protests are at the moment discussing whether they will stay or whatever they will leave and another factor that may make their decision is that transportation is going to shut down the train station which is just behind me is going to close in just a few minutes so whether they're going to stay or go it's is the big question but
12:52 am
behind me i'm standing right in front of the government headquarters behind me there's a huge chorus of police standing by webbie to clear them out at any point so it's just a matter of time or a you know we'll just have to see what happens with that just clear something up for me if you wouldn't mind if you you talked about victoria park that was allowed to go ahead by authorities is that correct and the people behind you technically would be in defiance of the government. the the rally that wasn't allowed. that is right come all the victoria park rally was sanctioned by the police they were given permits the problem was the numbers were so huge it spilled out onto the streets in fact the police had assisted some of those who were marching or the protest to move down the streets but at this point this is definitely illegal what they've done is barricaded these roads is the main artery in hong kong a main highway and in just
12:53 am
a few hours and rush hour work starts this is going to cause a huge problem for the city so the protesters are now deciding whether they are going to continue with this but chances are the police will clear them out because they don't want to disrupt the city any further we've seen in recent protests i just want to make a point about these protests that most of these people here he left here are very young people they're in their twenty's in their teens they say they're here because they're worried about their future the protests advertorial park we saw a cross-section of democratic from the older generation to families so the people here now are the ones who are saying that they're standing strong and they're not concerned about defying police because it's their future that's at stake ok. that progresses through the night in hong kong. moving to other news and celebrations of turns to mourning in afghanistan's capital as the bodies of those killed at a wedding reception on saturday night are buried this was one of the worst attacks
12:54 am
in afghanistan this year 63 people killed nearly 200 injured by a suicide bomb most of the guests members of the minority. community as far as claiming responsibility well it's actually i saw which says it was behind the attack however earlier president ashraf ghani said the taliban cannot escape blame for destabilizing the country in the 1st place but most of. the targeting of our people in such events like wedding parties schools mosques markets and public places indicates the atrocity of a terrorist group who is determined to kill the innocent people the taliban cannot absolve themselves of blame for they provide a platform for terrorists more now from sean bell us who has been to the hospital in kabul where many of the injured being treated. were outside emergency hospital in central kabul where dozens of people are waiting for any years of loved ones people are being firies here all night the wounded and also to date people caught
12:55 am
up in this explosion at about 1040 last night it was awaiting born on the street by waiting in southwest was his are awaiting which is the shia minority here in afghanistan we understand that the suicide bomber at the wedding and decimated himself near the front near the stage in the main section causing many many casualties this is one of the deadliest explosions in kabul this past year we talked to one man who has sat outside this hospital oh no i waiting to him he feared people back and forth all night and he was in shock here's what he said. i was at the back of the wedding hall when suddenly an explosion happened it was very big i fell down where i was when i stood up i saw tables and people were. scattered everywhere the scene was awful my brother was injured most of my friends were killed traditionally these type of the techs claimed my eyes so the story target
12:56 am
shia that his are a minority afghanistan in these areas the violence in afghanistan comes against the backdrop of talks between the u.s. and the taliban to science which have held regular meetings here in qatar since october as they try to end the 18 year conflict have also been talks between afghan and taliban representatives happening but negotiations are complicated by things like these attacks by the presence of fighters and a presidential election planned for september spoke to johnny walsh on the news hour he's the senior program officer on afghanistan at the united states institute of peace he says these peace talks are the best chance though to tackle the conflict. these atrocities are almost continual enough to become the most bloody conflict in the world in the last 2 years again. i think that the peace talks are the best chance to resolve this war the existed since 2001 though it's extremely
12:57 am
complicated as you say the presidential election the existence of groups that will reject the peace agreement very much on klute isis makes it hard but the best thing that could happen to stop these atrocities is to end the war and this is the most realistic way to do it branches about myself and many other countries across the arab world but also outside of it one of the most significant and it turns out most enduring of those branches is the one in afghanistan it's now mostly concentrated in the eastern part of afghanistan the same areas where al qaeda once holed up what it was stronger there and today i still remains capable of launching these atrocities and it does so regularly it is also at the same time at war with the taleban very intensely on the ground and at war with the united states and afghan forces so it's likely strong enough to be a threat for quite a while still. peace agreement which we'll talk about can help deal with the
12:58 am
taliban problem but this is likely to be an ongoing threat because i still isn't immediately going anywhere. to has denied a u.s. request to seize an iranian oil tanker that's been held for 6 weeks a supreme court judge in the british territory ordered the vessels release however the u.s. department of justice issued a warrant for its detention iran says the tanker is now expected to me even the next few hours more from ender's simmons out on the waters off. now you have a confirmation from the authorities here in that there won't be an extension of the detention order or not so much of the extension a re re imposition of the of the detention order the court action in the united states has no application here that's really the nub of it the explanation given by the central authority here in gibraltar is this that the legal system here does not apply because the u.s. action is based on u.s.
12:59 am
sanctions the action taken by gibraltar in the u.k. was inforced under e.u. sanctions and as far as that issue goes there is compliance now because there was an assurance that this cargo on board 2100000 barrels of like crude oil is not destined for syria so the explanation here is and forgive me if you're losing me it's pretty choppy out here the action taken before by the supreme court can't happen again so nothing short of the u.s. actually boarding this ship in international waters when it goes will will stop this process of this oil moving along the mediterranean to an unknown destination thousands of people in the bangladeshi capital homeless after a large fire swept through a slum it began on friday evening and has made a poor area and took firefighters several hours to put out incredibly no deaths reported though there have been injuries. israeli forces have killed 3 palestinians
1:00 am
at the gaza border and injured another mourners took to the streets of northern gaza calling for blood and a force that has more from western them. was thousands on the streets of baker here in northern gaza calling for revenge against israel this was a mass shooting for 3 palestinians in the early twenty's mohammed. mahmoud. and mohammed abu normals targeted by the israeli army late on saturday night. it was. called i demand the palestinian fighting groups retaliate against the israeli crimes either and we spank all from gaza. the israeli military says it used tank and helicopter fire on the group after spotting armed men near the border fence it comes a week after 4 armed palestinians were killed in similar circumstances in a month that has seen a surge in attempts to break through the fence.


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