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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 19, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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it's been held there for 6 weeks the supreme court judge in the british territory ordered the vessels release but the u.s. department of justice issued a warrant for it's to tension as we see now from the live pictures just off to the ship now renamed it was the grace one it's been renamed now under an iranian flag is beginning its departure from gibraltar. simmons with his report from the waters off gibraltar now you have a confirmation from the authorities here in the be an extension of a detention order or not so much of the extension a re re imposition of the of the detention order the court action in the united states has no application here that's really the nub of it the explanation given by the central authority here in gibraltar is this that the legal system here does not apply because the us action is based on us sanctions the
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action taken by gibraltar in the u.k. was inforced under e.u. sanctions and as far as that issue goes there is compliance now because there was an assurance that this cargo on board 2100000 barrels of like crude oil is not destined for syria so the explanation here is and forgive me if you're losing me it's pretty choppy out here the action taken before by the supreme court can't happen again so nothing short of the u.s. actually boarding this ship in international waters when it goes will will stop this process of this oil moving along the mediterranean to an unknown destination. ramana ron says a plan by the u.s. and turkey to create a so-called safe zone along series northern border is both provocative and worrisome u.s. and turkish officials agreed to establish the zone last week as a way to manage tension between turkish forces and kurdish fighters but the move
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has been rejected by the syrian government who called it a blatant attack on the country's sovereignty. is what's coming up for you on al-jazeera warnings that a no deal exit from the e.u. will leave the u.k. struggling with food fuel and medicine shortages. the u.s. president considers declaring a group of peace activists as a terrorist organization but not the far right demonstrators they were facing. very much a case of spot the difference across the middle east at the moment lots of hot sunshine in place a little bit of cloud just up towards the coaxes just pushing up across the mountains we are going to see a chance of one or 2 showers just spinning out of central parts of turkey but they will be fumin far between now falling off from the father that we saw recently in
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east down bowl 29 celsius in the sunshine there for barrett getting up into the mid forty's kuwait city back that could touch 47 degrees so some of the temperatures of course across the arabian peninsula lots of heat in place here 38 in. pulling in a little bit more of a fade from the gulf things a little more humid over the next day or so but plenty of hazy sunshine. i see sunshine down towards the south of the region but a little more cloud just around the southern end of the red sea so you could catch one or 2 hours just around the other the mountains here across southern africa was sunshine for many very high temperatures across the eastern side of south africa yet again recently we're getting up into the other low to mid twenty's here as we go through the next day or so temperatures will start to pick up a little cloud up into most big but by and large it stays fine dry and sunny.
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67. promise. but disaster. the pledge to be establishment of the jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians. the story of the british declaration the change the middle east. seeds of discord on al-jazeera. the headlines on al-jazeera this hour families in afghanistan have begun burying
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those killed in a suicide bomb attack in kabul on saturday at least 63 people are dead and 200 others injured and i saw has claimed responsibility. organizers say more than 1700000 anti-government protesters have been marching into the night in hong kong in one of the city's largest demonstrations since nearly 2000000 people gathered back in june. and thousands of people in the bangladeshi capital are homeless after a huge fire swept through a slum it began on friday evening and doctors made a poor area no deaths reported but several people were reported in. the u.k. is due to leave the e.u. on october 31st release by october 1st but according to leaked government documents if no deal is reached the country will likely crash land british citizens could face shortages of food fuel and medicine on you're going to reports from the. it paints a grim picture a leaked report in
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a sunday newspaper breaking down what the u.k. civil service says would likely happen in the event of a disorderly exit from the european union and the havoc it could entails the dossier known as operation yellow hammer offers an insight into the plans underway in the event of a no deal breaks it and the enormous feats that would have to be achieved to avoid disaster it details a vision of a country in peace time forced to undergo food shortages jammed ports and a lack of fuel and essential drugs unavailable for patients also the rio parents of a hard border on the island of ireland with a prime minister vowing to deliver breaks it by october 31st with or without a deal the line for the top is that the report is merely scaremongering and that it's now outdated as preparations have been ramped up in a bid to reinforce his promise prime minister boris johnson is set to visit french president back home in the german chancellor angela merkel his message that the
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westminster parliament cannot stop breaks it and a new deal must be agreed if britain is to avoid leaving the e.u. without one. despite the swagger the reality for johnson is that he faces a constitutional crisis more than 100 m.p.'s have written to the prime minister calling for an emergency recall of parliament to discuss the situation and the opposition leader jeremy corbyn said he would look at putting forward a vote of no confidence in the beginning of september to bring down the johnson government and avoid a no deal brix it with less than 3 months to go the political wrangling continues beyond certainty has left the once stable british economy teetering on the edge of recession and its currency sharply devalued and little respite in order to contain that turmoil. al-jazeera the operators of
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a humanitarian rescue ship carrying around 100 migrants have rejected an offer from spain to dock at one of its ports a spokeswoman for the open arms ship says there is an emergency onboard constant fights breaking out some people have even tried to swim ashore the migrants have been stranded on the ship for 2 weeks now after they were rescued off the coast of libya the crew wants to dock in italy but the government has denied that request meanwhile more than $350.00 people are still stranded on a humanitarian rescue boat off the coast of malta the ocean viking vessel is operated by 2 aid groups including doctors without borders but it hasn't been allowed to dock at ports in italy malta its passengers were rescued over the past few days. again in the waters off libya. head of mission for libya without borders and what he had to say about the conditions the migrants are facing. our team on board our medical team have conducted over 100 consultations
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already and they've seen a large number of people with injuries both nonviolent from the time that they were fleeing danger in libya but also violence related injuries where people had been struck with guns or were beaten with sticks stabbed or had hot aguy or don and. it was extremely clear amongst all of these people on board the ocean biking right now is that they have gone through a traumatic experience both during their time in libya and over the course of their time at sea many of them were at sea for days before being rescued by the russian boinking and now they've been stuck on board for over a week and an hour clearly left in limbo without a clue as to what's going to happen next. president donald trump is considering designating an anti fascist movement as a terror organization he issued that warning to members of anti for as they gathered in oregon to counter a rally by far right groups rob reynolds was there important. sporadic
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clashes between members of far right organizations and anti-fascists spread through the streets of portland hours after a far right rally concluded portland police declared a state of civil disturbance in the city. we estimate that there were approximately $1200.00 demonstrators at the peak of the demonstrations our team spent many hours monitoring the various groups as they gather splintered reformed and moved throughout the downtown core the day of tension began with a demonstration staged by far right groups led by a militant organization called the proud boys they were heavily outnumbered by. their supporters and peaceful protesters expressing opposition to far right groups a heavy police presence covered the area officer seized shields poles and bear spray from protesters many portland residents were upset that far right
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demonstrators came to their liberal left leaning city to cause trouble as far as somebody coming here and getting a group together just to fight al that's mascot a short time after the proud boys and their supporters arrived in the park tensions rose and you could see that the groups of anti-fascist protesters have gathered here underneath this bridge to the other side there cross that greenlaw on the far right and neo-fascist groups have gathered there being kept apart by the police and the hope is that the police presence will keep these 2 sides from engaging in any violence police in riot gear ordered anti fun not to crowd into the streets at one point pushing the group back then abruptly the far right crowd beat a hasty retreat the proud boys and their supporters with through across a bridge which police closed off to prevent an teeth from pursuing and i think that
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what we need to do is continue to show that we are going to fight against these ideals of fascism and nazis as much if it takes president donald trump inserted himself in the affair tweeting that might be named an organization of terror but he . had no criticism of neo fascist or far right groups proud boys leader joe big was pleased by trump's message going to try to present friends twitter we talked about the city's watching t.v. that's all we want to we want to know we got it the violence and dueling demonstrations are further evidence of a country deeply divided with a president who exploited those divisions in search of political gains robert oulds al jazeera portland chad's president has declared a state of emergency in the east of the country after days of ethnic violence president interest a.b says the order will stay in place for 3 months in a while die and see the provinces at least 50 people have been killed in fights
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between cattle herders and farmers in just the past 10 days at least 2 people have been killed and several others injured in toronto rain in india's northern himalayan states flooding caused landslides in the states of america and how much of pradesh and also damaged several roads stranding hundreds of people all up at least $270.00 people in india have died from floods and landslides so far this month. a plan has been unveiled in iceland to remember the 1st of its 400 glasses to be lost to climate change. used to cover 15 square kilometers of mountainside now barely one square kilometer it's less than 15 meters deep and 2014 it was officially declared dead the memorial now though bears the inscription a letter to the future warning that all of these are expected to disappear in the next 200 years i here's our southern man now the director of war on once which is
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a global antipoverty and climate justice organization he told us close is a critical for human beings and the disappearance will cause massive displacements in the future. if you read some of the reports now it's and i predicted that 40 percent of all the glaciers in the himalayas will melt now just to put that into context the glaciers are very very important not just in terms of regulating our environment and temperature but they're also critical for human beings glaciers provide much of the melt for freshwater and we already saw in india in the indian subcontinent this year a city is running out of fresh water it's now predicted of the $1300000000.00 people 40 percent of them will out will be without access to fresh water because what we will see is suddenly the deluge is of water as in floods as the glaciers melt and then sudden dry periods and it will impact on our food it will of course impact as sea levels increase as the melting ice flows into the cities we will see
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a sea level rise and i predicted up to 2000000000 people or one 5th of the world's population will be displaced from their homes many of them of course with nowhere to go and this is a reality that's happening it's a by $1.00 degree of warming and scientists tell us that once we reach the $1.00 these kind of trigger points will become inevitable and they will just start speed of can be reversed and the shocking news of course is that we're on it we're on a trajectory that would that will lead us to at least 3 maybe even up to 7 degrees warming. and 2 kayakers have narrowly avoided being killed after of last year collapsed in southern have a look this is the moment part of spencer grassy it caved in was just over a week ago the collapse creates a huge wave across spencer lake which sends the kayak as fleeing as fast as they could the pair did escape no injuries even though one of them probably around that
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moment there was hit in the ribs by a piece of flying on ice. now the woodlands of mexico's chapultepec park have received the large urban park's gold award remember this is a city the mexican capital which is very polluted it is a sprawling park which is a lifeline to nature in clean air. as more. mexico city's chippie depict park is the largest urban forest in latin america. it's a massive area nearly twice the size of new york city's central park there's a manmade lake zoo there's even an 18th century castle sitting atop a hill one of 8 museums located within the park complex. is the park's administrator and is especially proud of the diversity of attractions the park has to offer the local community to keep in the move this that is the thought this park has everything from archaeological ruins to contemporary art we have an entire
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section devoted to sports and another section focused on conservation and capturing valuable rainwater for the city's awkward for years. i. one of the parks many hidden gems is a quiet reading space nestled among the trees there we met a caretaker here of more than 33 years he says the forest is rich in history but also has a unique effect on its visitors to this one of them who sometimes people arrive here emotionally charged but the energy in the forest removes all the negativity and stores. in the earth people always leave here more peace it's a place of positive energy. this summer the chap with the pick park was awarded the 2900 international large urban parks award a recognition that takes exception to a spaces environmental value to a city and after all the most important feature of the park is the forest itself the world urban parks association has referred to chip with a big park as
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a 7 square kilometer green long for mexico city walking among the more than $180000.00 trees that make up with that big forest it's easy to forget that we're one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world. mexico's dry season often means an increase in air pollution made worse by the more than 6000000 motor vehicles that transit the city of duluth there are species of trees here that actually trap contaminants from the air such as follows how organic compounds which are released when you burn fuel such as gasoline would coal or natural gas these dangerous contaminants are captured by the trees. there is even more good news coming from the world class to depict part mexico's federal government has allocated in additional one and a half kilometers of land to expand the already sprawling urban forest. but up a little under sita mexico city.
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this is al jazeera and these are the headlines hundreds of thousands of antigovernment protests as of march through the night in hong kong one of the city's largest ronnie's since close to 2000000 people gathered back in june demonstrators have kept victoria park near capacity all day that gathering was authorised by police but many also mounted without permission through the city has been tracking developments. protesters here are having a dilemma there's a core group that are saying that the. stand strong stay here they're going to face the police if they come here they've got their gas masks and their helmets ready and there are many more protesters around them saying that they were achieved their objective of the day which started off at that rally in victoria park where you have substantiated 1700000 a significant number of people showed up and that would mean a huge parts of hong kong's population still support these protesters are the
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headlines families have begun bearing the bodies of those killed in a suicide bomb attack on a wedding reception in the capital of afghanistan at least 63 people dead 200 others injured and i saw has claimed responsibility gibraltar has denied a u.s. request to seize the iranian oil tanker that's been held in the british territory for 6 weeks now. this is the ship sitting out of gibraltar and iran says it is expected to leave in the next few hours israeli forces have killed 3 palestinians at the gaza border and injured another dozens of palestinians protested in the streets of gaza or after the men were killed israel says they were trying to break through the border fence and with and fired on by helicopter at a tank and with the united kingdom's here due to leave the e.u. on all before toba 31st leaks government documents showing that it is likely to face shortages of food fuel and medicine if it leaves without
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a break the report which was leaked to the times newspaper also says ports could be jammed for up to 3 months you're up to date with the headlines on al-jazeera inside story is next. is donald trump in a rush to withdraw from afghanistan the u.s. president hints that a deal with the taliban it could in washington's longest military engagement abroad but what it in-depth ghana stands troubles this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program. the u.s. and the taliban appear to be inching closer to an agreement that could end afghanistan's 18 year war american officials say negotiators have made significant progress president donald trump his peace envoy to afghanistan zalmay khalilzad and top security advisers held discussions on friday trump tweeted that meeting was very good and said many sides are looking to make a deal if possible the taliban and the u.s. have held several rounds of talks in qatar but the group has refused to sit with the afghan government which it considers a puppet of the u.s. charlotte bellus has been following those talks she reports from kabul. the talks between the u.s. and the taliban are very nearly agree when the 2 groups the u.s. negotiators and the taliban negotiators in doha broke 2 o'clock in the morning last monday they were stuck on just a single issue and it's hard that that issue can be resolved which would lead to
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a signing of some type of agreement within the next week the americans are under a lot of pressure the taliban has told me that if the elections presidential elections go ahead here in afghanistan on september the 28th then any peace deal that has been negotiated with the americans over the last year is off the table the americans must try to get to some type of agreement over troop withdrawal and counterterrorism surance says which would allow them to move forward to what's on the stage 30 interest in talks the americans feel that it needs to happen as soon as possible because they are aware that and they are only about 6 weeks away now an intra afghan talks would involve getting the taliban and afghan leaders all in the same word to try to come up with what a future afghanistan would look like with the taliban politically involved it's unclear what that would mean for the elections but it's understood that the taliban want to make some changes to the afghan constitution so that could mean some serious discussions with afghan leaders about how to structure
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a future political system within afghanistan ghani is being briefed along the way he was briefed before and after u.s. president trump had his meeting with mike on friday he has been very tight lipped about what has been discussed and what the u.s. negotiators have told him and what might be expected of him going forward with in traffic and talks and speaking directly with the taliban afghans themselves are very frustrated that they remain in the dark and they very unclear of what is being negotiated on behalf of them for their future with a lid on the 6 weeks away the war in afghanistan was launched in 2001 by president george w. bush in response to the september 11th attacks the u.s. led campaign. it into the rule of the taliban which had been in power since 1906 but the group remained active and u.s. and nato forces were deployed on the ground after nearly 8 years of fighting president barack obama increased u.s. troop numbers to about 100000 and pledged to begin withdrawing american forces in
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2011 but that withdrawal was slowed as the taliban increased its attacks 1800 soldiers were supposed to stay in afghanistan until the end of 2016 that figure is now around $14000.00 president donald trump 1st announced he intended to deploy more troops but during talks with taliban leaders trump hinted he would withdraw his troops from afghanistan. all right let's bring in our guests joining us from kabul enters our kadhim is director of the center for development and peace studies an independent think tank and former advisor to the afghan high peace council in belfast michael semple is professor at the institute for global peace security and justice at queen's university belfast and a former official in afghanistan and from washington barrett gopalaswami is director of the south asia center at the atlantic council welcome to the program and is our let me start with you what exactly does the taleban want to achieve with
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these negotiations and how close do you think we are to seeing a deal finalized between the u.s. and the taliban. well thank you very much i think we're so close to the deal with the taliban and i'm sure that it's a completely different thing we have to do the peace between taliban and american and the international community also the that the peace deal between the taliban and afghan government. absolutely you think is an hour by the same time we have to ensure that what we have leaving behind the peace deal are we going to make a deep peace deal or are we making too many to ensure stability in long term stability and make an inclusive peace in afghanistan this one of the fundamental question right now arises in the afghan societies that technocrats in the youngsters in sometime we are already about the future so definitely we're just moving on the right direction i am very optimistic from any other time in the past
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but it doesn't mean that our war in this in our our concern has been ended up we have to ensure and we're just appealing to the united states for the 1st time as the this is meeting with the taliban face to face in they would like to iron out their differences they would like to agree on 4 things that's fine where we are thankful for that because the next stage will be the afghan government in the taliban negotiation a peace deal but the same time we should not be doing a peace deal for the sake of peace deal we have to be learning from experiences because the peace deal is also an academy discipline plus practical experiences afghanistan is not the only country on the face of or that suffering war for the last 300 years diffidently if you look back to the history the afghan what is more complex interim of nature scope size and style and we accept that but that doesn't mean that we cannot solve it so for that reason we have to be assuring to follow some practical experience in cad to make base principles plus
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consider the sensitivity of the situation we should also ensure that what the afghan people. in this peace deal in that have to be considered consider sure we ensure stability you do that in a so-called peace all right barrett answers are there was talking about how complicated the situation is in afghanistan so let me ask you president trump definitely wants to see the u.s. out of afghanistan before the 2020 elections or how difficult or easy does that make things for some a hell of a team of negotiators. speech a few months ago at the united institute of peace he had a very sore throat and he said this is what happens when you speak to the taliban nonstop for 48 hours so you know where we began on these negotiations it's been an 18 year old war there's a lot of blood and treasure spilled there's a war fatigue in the united states there's an overwhelming sentiment in the united states as well as the international community community as well as the afghan
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people that the there must be some kind of settlement but the fundamental stumbling block of the settlement is the taliban not recognizing the presence of the the afghan government so i think those were the those were the starting points in this overall peace deal negotiation but to where we've come somewhere along this week that. meeting that we might have a deer deal i think that we made that much progress so i call the sentiments of my colleague that there are there are there are signs of some kind of a deal reaching but at the same time i also express the concerns of the worries that the deal should not be for the sake of a deal any deal that's not sustainable that compromises on the sacrifices that we have made in the last 8 years and also the progress made in the afghan society preserve at the women schools with some kind of an economy there. deal that compromises all that there's a deal that's not worth making now what the parameters in the conditions of the
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deal will have to see what the outcome of that deal exactly looks like and. this worked extremely hard in the last ever since he's taken the position taken this appointment he's traveled numerous trips to the u.s. made numerous trips to that region is made numerous internal consultations and it's not easy and as he tweeted i think it's a rhetoric but yet. nothing is finalized until everything is finalized somewhere along those lines i think i'll leave it there in broad strokes but we can go into the specific as we get into the discussion michael from your vantage point how much pressure both sides under to try to get this deal done and furthermore how would taliban fighters react if a deal is not finalised. both sides are under tremendous pressure to achieve a deal and to do it now as they have very deliberately and frankly professionally managed to hide. the details of the negotiations those are just shared to
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the the people directly involved but both sides have been telling their own people that we are on the brink of success they would have to close a deal now or the process rapidly loses credibility now it's a very good question what will they the taliban fighters make of this deal i think a lot of people have worried that taliban fighters really haven't been involved they haven't been kept informed dealings inside the taliban are really being kept restricted to no more than 6 people only 6 people in the taliban movement understand what is going on there's been an assumption that many of the taliban fighters want to continue the war regardless because they reckon that with departure of u.s. troops they can achieve complete victory so there's a you know there are some worries that they might actually not fall into line behind the deal of late i've been hearing some other pictures that actually there's been so much talk of peace and frankly such heavy casualties on both sides that
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many of the taliban fighters no longer even really care about the details of a deal they want to see something which actually stops the fighting ironically we could be in a situation where the taliban fighters now have more expectations of the deal than their leaders are able to produce in the coming days and times are on saturday there was a brutal reminder that violence continues even with these talks going on as a backdrop you had a horrific attack on a wedding party in kabul dozens of people died as a result and eisel claimed responsibility for this attack in light of this attack and other recent attacks can the taliban credibly a guarantee that afghanistan would not be a sanctuary for violent groups to expand to plot new attacks if u.s. troops were to fully withdraw. let me tell you that the recent attack in kabul just daymond optimism for hope it was really
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attacking you personally so on a different afghanistan no one in afghanistan remain untouched but such casualties it has been one of the horrendous attack but it's not the 1st it's not the last the afghan casualties in the afghan daily water is it's not a miracle it's not a very absolute complexity but some more about the modern day docs in the the international community negligences in the war for the last so many years you may have witness that we have been launch of iran war started gee we were just showing mixed messages far enemy and friend infos in the same time we're just changing or started you from war to peace and from peace to war you just remembered the obama time and he was just telling that we would leave afghanistan in 2014 in the taliban become bolden and they just fart fine other 23 years and finally did the entire mission just things in. the nation. no wind colludes out say that until
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everything is finalized nothing is finalized it seems fancy it it's seems logical in nature but it's not logical because when you ask taliban that when we make a deal there should not be any danger posed to the american interest to the american allies into the american nation what the truly means in how that danger can be targeted how the taliban will be able to ensure that there is no threats posed to the american interests and by the way with american interests how we can define it how you contextualize that and for example in there is in 125 countries of the word american have a presence there or at least they have a friendship that so if anywhere something better happens indeed again taliban or blame to american and then to this community will be coming back so for that reason i think such attacks in afghanistan that's warning signal for the taliban and for the buffet with the americans and they have to ensure that dickon not turn taliban
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to ensure that the afghanistan government after a peace deal will not be a stronghold for terrorism end yesterday's attack is a very very clear sign that still afghanistan is a have for terrorism that's why it's important that what it where we are just agreeing in this peace deal between all sides we have to be ensuring that we're going to the details if anybody is quite clear on their rooms in responsibilities in the future let me ask you more specifically about i saw just how large is eisel footprint in afghanistan and how concerned is the taliban of isis reach in afghanistan. i mean you know from from various reports that we can glean i think we do recognize there is that is some kind of. the there is a relatively significant footprint of eisel in afghanistan and that's you know that as concerned as in the past and that is still the still
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a worrying concern and the major concern is the further expansion or the potential to expand of missile footprint in afghanistan and i think that that's predominantly where the american thinking on this issue lies and you know the issue of how we monitor any finances potential finances to help this grow how would it all harm the american interest and these are some of the broad concerns that lay that is that has always been a part of the thought process visa view regarding eisel the ice of footprint in afghanistan. regarding our concerns i think you know if if the lessons elsewhere if the experience itself so as being sort as a lesson then. that those lessons are learned and are still being learned about how to address this threat in afghanistan michael what about afghanistan's president ashraf ghani would a deal put him on a stronger footing or would it make him more vulnerable politically. well
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in reality nobody quite knows how it will all fade outs are a president gunny has argued that to reach the right political deal with the taliban and that is a deal which happened after the us signed up the on the issue of the troops and we moved towards political talks to get the right deal and that ronnie has said that there should be a strong afghan president who can mandate a negotiating team who can reach reach the right deal now. as others have been working on this idea that early on in the political process there will actually be an agreement in the amongst the negotiators for an interim government which would essentially replace ostrog ronnie's government now i mean those are 2 totally different vision visions of how they the political talks will play out so i think i think we should be very clear here that although it is
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possible in coming days we will see the sign off on a and an initial deal between the u.s. and the taliban the really the really difficult issues are those ones which will be addressed between the taleban delegate ssion and the and the afghan delegation which you know which may involve they hear the setting up of an interim government or may in indeed volved a deal essentially between the kabul government on the taliban or a date they simply might not reach agreement and says are when it comes to women's rights in afghanistan there is a growing amount of concern by women's rights activists about what the taliban might do going forward if a deal is struck if they are somehow sharing in power i want to ask you specifically has the taleban officially changed any of its policies with regards to women with regards to women being allowed to work or study i mean there have been
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some signs some indications that perhaps they've softened some of their policies but it doesn't seem that anything official has actually emerged from the group. well security analyst in historians are singling the american would not been able in the last 1000 years to connect with the people that's why i thought it on or so far fighting with the international community even though there have been $48.00 of them in afghanistan that taliban understand that sensitivity it in their understand that if they would like to fight with the whole nation they will not be able to to defend their position you're in for a day or so for the last 20 years now it's a whole new generation people who came from east and west and they're graduated from harvard in your city and then now they're part of the afghan society and now you see that omens are part of the afghan society if they would like to riff them off from liftin write ins doesn't that did they cannot work and they cannot go to
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these schools i think the that would not be a possible option on table for taliban leadership in taliban leadership i understand that a few afghan activists in leaders who was with the taliban in moscow in qatar for so many times they sneakily transform this message or flexibility in the position of taliban the government right so you see now enough in kabul that a number of very vocal ohman are joining the growing chorus of human rights in that fundamental we again does not go back to the 1990 s. where all men would be just like chalk in their houses but the same time it's afghanistan we cannot go to new york style and right so that they don't have to be a moderation in taliban or did you actually known that so no number 101 is not the taliban of 1990 s. and they're exposed to word and words exposed to them sick and all men are part of
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the in indivisible part of afghanistan so if taliban would like to have a united front a united nation they have to be having ohman part of the political process so also i think there is no clear statement. even though it's so far there's no time because the 40 usually there is this meeting taliban in americans so these women's rights are not part of that but i'm sure if a gun government is talking that could be part in taliban will have their clearance and that borrow it from your perspective what would president trump be hearing now from his advisors with regard to the pros and cons of a deal of these negotiations. i mean i think president compass. in my view president trump as is is not would easier but the question that he is are always asking is when can i get my get the boys out of afghanistan and what would happen if i got the boys out of afghanistan and what likely make loads of this telling him. in our conversations and one of the earlier conversations of
2:42 am
michael's up was you know there does not have to be one solution that can be multiple solutions and the solutions can be a hybrid of each of these subsect subject of problems for example the subject of the thinking along these lines was what is the what does an architecture of a peace deal look like maybe this looks like peace maybe this looks like peace and if this looks like peace what are the necessary peace enforcing agreements were the parties that could enforce peace and who are the likely parties how durable is the sustainable it's theirs and could we make a hybrid solution out of all these things that's available in our basket to say this is the best out of the various options that we could look like and president trump as i would understand his probably hearing thinking saying how fast can i get the troops out of afghanistan what is the peace deal look like who are the contributions to this peace deal who are the enforcers how sustainable is this where is the money going to come from for this sustainability what is the role of roles and responsibilities of each purdy's the borders the worst option worst
2:43 am
scenarios and the best scenarios that will affect the united states' interest like a just as my colleagues pointed out the united states has so many allies and bases across the world and france what are the likely ramifications what are the cut what i'm icons and i'm willing to pay and you know how long and how how deep is my in-wall meant and how and more than import more than anything else remember we are going into an election scenario what is the victory speech that i'm going to give and what is the contours of that victory speech this is what is president these are the kind of questions that i believe president trump for be asking zol michael barrett was just talking about presidential elections in the u.s. i want to ask you about presidential elections in afghanistan they are scheduled they're supposed to happen in september what is the status of that and do you believe they will go ahead as planned. the official position is that presidential elections will happen on the 28th of september i know in my my time in
2:44 am
kabul recently i talked to an awful lot of political actors their. opinion was completely divided there was a wide swathe of opinion who said that we must give prioritize a priority to achieving peace now to spy on the elections push ahead with these negotiations where as those largely allied with the president were saying no we must get the elections are over on time produce a legitimate government and not government can monday the negotiating team for the peace opinion is split frankly i don't think anybody knows where these elections are really going to happen or not i know that there are people who are working hard to get them to spoke and they the way they would get them disposed would be through a recommendation from the 1st round of the political negotiations but equally particularly supporters of the president are trying hard to go ahead with the elections to get him reelected to
2:45 am
a 2nd term and then push ahead to peace talks and it's a really ironic that we're 5 to 6 weeks out from the elections and even the main players do not know if they will take place or not are i we have run out of times we are going to have to leave it there thanks so much to all our guests into our kadhim michael semple and barrett gopalaswami and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a j inside story for me mohammed jim jones and the whole team here bye for now.
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well if we cannot have palestina my government was suddenly not allowed britain to control french polish time would be an outrage but then we need to find another solution before we come to blows over a century ago britain and france made the secret deal that changed the shape of the middle east and so. now we can draw a much. sikes pekoe lines in the sun on all just. the latest news as it breaks. out. with detailed coverage no one is willing to return home to me on my own without
2:47 am
sort of the ship papers and security guarantees from around the world the talent is facing the new prime minister and minutes to negotiate a new bricks that deal in 90 day a deal the e.u. says cannot be renegotiated. i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents and this is mean. by them both isis and the us on. the 2nd of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable simony. the father the son and the jihad. to on al-jazeera. what is resistance. in akra. people are grabbing social and political issues by the horns.
2:48 am
and time to sing creativity parody and protest to challenge and change ideas. a gun a controversial witness documentary on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. followed from john harvey one up on kimmel santamaria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera. says it is behind the attack that killed at least $63.00 people
2:49 am
and injured hundreds of wedding celebration in afghanistan also in the news hundreds of thousands of people to fight about the weather and the government in hong kong to stage an illegal march through the city and they didn't have much to start with now they're left with nothing thousands of people on the softer a slum fire in the bangladeshi capital. hello i'm maryam namazie with all the news from europe including breaks it personally government report predicts shortages of food fuel and medicine if the u.k. crashes out of the e.u. in october without a deal. so an explosion at a wedding in afghanistan's capital has killed 63 people and injured 182 up as this is the deadliest attack in kabul in more than 18 months and i still ask. and responsibility for the suicide bombing which targeted afghanistan's shia minority
2:50 am
the supporters from charlotte else. awaiting that a suicide bomber turned into a massacre these people are waiting to hear with that their relatives and friends survived stephen was going to go what is it that i'm here to find out about my son to find out if he's ok some people say that his neck is injured some people say his hand is injured he's not answering his phone i don't know what to do. i more than 1000 people at the waiting for a young couple from afghan shia muslim minority that has zahra the marriage certificate had just been signed when i saw suicide attacker wearing a vest packed with explosives detonated them near the stage. muslim office so they were done with. i was at the back of the waiting hole when suddenly a big explosion happened i fell down and when i stood up i saw titles and people scared on the ground the scene was awful my brother was injured and most of my
2:51 am
friends were killed i didn't know at that time what to do who should i help 1st in shock saki hasn't moved from the spot all night. at another hospital we found cerise 14 hours after the explosion he worked from his karma as we filmed he was the lead singer in keyboard player in the wedding band with us i mean the most wonderful nobody was being opened up when he was being when we leave our home in the morning we don't know if we'll come back to life if we send our children to school we do not know their fate we don't trust any security even at a wedding this can happen i do not know if i'll be alive in an hour or not. so respond was made up of 7 family members his brothers and cousins they were on stage preparing to play during the waiting dinner when the bomb went off so race is the only survivor. and this is what he would have place. at the wedding hall staff cleaned up they mopped the ground not the spilled drink but the spilled blood they
2:52 am
lost colleagues too with dozens killed in nearly $200.00 injured this was the deadliest explosion in kabul in more than 18 months of the series family brought us to hill overlooking the city here is where the band's drummer mohamed haneef was buried just hours earlier on a one mile course and to go to mars why should we be killed it's for nothing what is our sin what have we done wrong we feed our children and killing others without committing a crime we ask the government why they aren't stopping them. i saw has claimed responsibility for the attack it often target shia minority in this neighborhood with elections just 6 weeks away president danny is under pressure and has called an emergency security meeting for the taliban also commented calling the attack barbaric to deaden and unjustifiable. well afghan leaders in the taliban lay blame children lay on their relatives graves too young to understand
2:53 am
the forces that turn to dave joy into one of tragedy dallas al-jazeera kabul. well this violence in afghanistan comes against the backdrop of talks between the u.s. and the taliban the 2 sides have held regular meetings here in doha since october as they try to end the 18 year conflict have also been talks between afghan and taliban representatives happening as well but they go sharon's are complicated and then further complicated by these frequent attacks the presence of isolate philly ated fighters and a presidential election which is planned for september as well we're going to talk to the barbers a senior fellow at the atlantic council and a former afghan ambassador to both france and canada nice to have you with us so much just on this particular attack which has happened 1st i saw has claimed responsibility how much of a threat how strong is eisel in afghanistan because we obviously usually are quite i saw with iraq and syria. that is a very good question and that is
2:54 am
a question that many afghans are asking asking of their government who is responsible for their safety and who is miserably failing to provide the adequate security that is needed. i saw which in afghanistan in the context of our region is called i escape and province is sort of a enigma meaning that it's not quite sure to what extent it has linkages to i still central in the middle east and to what extent it's driven by regional crosser to home issues some of the fighters that belong to i so they may number no more than a few 100 at the most 1000 or 2. used to belong to that tariq a taliban of pakistan the pakistani branch of the taliban which does not fit in the same order the afghan taliban they also are members of other radical groups that felt that they preferred to raise their eyes or i escaped the flag in afghanistan
2:55 am
along the border with pakistan so there are still a lot of questions about this group their ties to other terrorist organizations that obviously the motivation behind these attacks especially on soft targets such as the one in kabul right so then it sounds like from what you're saying that and i put this in the context of what the president ashraf ghani said he said the taliban has to bear responsibility for this as well simply because of the the instability they create there is that is that a fair assessment. well people would question that because we have to have proof we have to have evidence to say that it was described versus the other group i mean i still claim responsibility for this one again we do not know to what extent which faction of the taliban may or may not have some linkage is to i so what is the linkages to the regional terrorist groups that are mostly based in pakistan for example or along the border with afghanistan but i think that it's premature to say that the taliban are responsible the taliban have vehemently denied this claim but
2:56 am
the taliban in the past have also carried out attacks that have hurt civilians at the same time there's a war going on in this war is taking a huge toll on afghans on all sides including security forces as well as civilians and those who are intolerable in territory as well as government 3 which leads us to the point that there are to be fair efforts going on to bring about peace to afghanistan u.s. taliban top taliban afghan talks do you think they are going some way that we will see something tangible out of them i don't know when but do you think we will. yes well that's the question their colleagues are the ambassador the u.s. ambassador just tweeted of an hour or 2 ago that he obviously denounced the attack and he said that now is the time to accelerate and sort of move forward with the peace initiative and make sure that all sides come together and talk about all sides meaning the taliban the afghan state per se and all afghan political
2:57 am
stakeholders including members and representatives of the current government and move that process forward but before that happens mr after the meeting that took place if you days ago with president trump in his senior officials has to also work on the bilateral issue between the u.s. in the taliban on issues of withdrawal timetables counterterrorism assurances by the taliban and so there's a lot there are different balls up in the air right now in this it has to sort of move forward given new instructions that he has been provided by washington to aim for certain objectives in benchmarks long this is not going to be an easy piece bread or an easy piece path but even now has an endorsement from the white house to push things forward in a certain manner making sure that there is that the whole afghanistan issue does not unravel while the americans find
2:58 am
a way out of some out of pleasure talking to you thank you for your time thank you we move to other news and organizers say more than 1700000 anti-government protesters joined the latest rally in hong kong on sunday despite the rain it was one of the largest demonstrations since nearly 2000000 people marched back in june police did give permission for the gathering at victoria park in hong kong but they didn't authorize the march through the city the protesters organized by the same group that was behind june's big rallies the organizer bonnie was calling for an end to the violence in the city. people at least thought it was to get an answer to call or at least that arrogance that makes a lot of young voters to feel that they have no place to protest except to do the radical. actions we see that just am always been beaten.
2:59 am
the victims excessive politics at least the little that these young people that day the rest till today we emphasize the peace and also what we call that's the theme you split on the stand as well so they will not tell us what happened peaceful day but they will only strengthen the self so no doubt that will fall to the gas pumps knowing that the bullets live the released today. the protests have continued on into the night and gopalan has been amongst the protesters and. this is the final stop for the protesters it's a major highway right in front of the government headquarters earlier there were thousands of young people wearing hard hats and gas masks saying that they were ready for a confrontation with the police but the police did not show up they're said to be behind the government headquarters in the compound there but as you can see many of the protesters have left of their own accord they say that send the message they
3:00 am
need to send and they're referring to the rally earlier in the day at victoria park where hundreds of thousands of people showed up and if those numbers are substantiated it means that nearly a 5th up on comps population rallied in support of these protests and the demands of the protesters now these protesters say that they will continue in the coming days in the coming weeks because their demands have yet to be met we spoke to a young man who said he's very worried about his future the reason he's out on the streets is because he needs the government to hear what he has to say and setting instead of listening to what to beijing has to tell them. thousands of people in the bangladeshi capital are now homeless after a large fire swept through a slum the fire in dark has been a poor area took firefighters several hours to put up credibly no deaths have been reported as more. the challenge now looks like a wasteland thousands of shanty homes went up in flames in a few.


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