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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 19, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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they need to send and they're referring to the rally earlier in the day at victoria park where hundreds of thousands of people showed up and if those numbers are substantiated it means that nearly a 5th upon comes population rallied in support of these protests and the demands of the protesters now these protesters say that they will continue in the coming days in the coming weeks because their demands have yet to be met we spoke to a young man who said he's very worried about his future the reason he's out on the street is because he needs the government to hear what he has to say and setting instead of listening to what beijing has to tell them thousands of people in the bank that she capital are now homeless after a large fire swept through a slum the fire in dhaka has been a poor area took firefighters several hours to put out credibly no deaths have been reported. the challenge now looks like a wasteland thousands of shanty homes went up in flames in a few hours several people were injured and nearly $3000.00 families lost their
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homes like many others in the slums of dhaka mohammad for he is a migrant from another part of bangladesh. where displaced the river rose and we don't own any lengthy rounds any government homes we very poor we live day to day if we get some help then we may rebuild in make a living authorities say they have made arrangements so that the slum dwellers left homeless by the fire can stay in schools in the neighborhood for now john are a big and says she has nowhere to go and not much to eat. c money to get there was a fire here and we had to flee with no time to take anything with us if anyone gives astute then we can eat we just live in the street now it's not clear how many people are homeless according to the government about 750 shanties were burned down and 450 damaged. and one where a big loss to life savings modeler barrel i had 12 and everything was burned i
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barely escaped with what i'm wearing now i had some gold and around $3500.00 in cash but i couldn't bring anything with me i just managed to lock my door disaster ministry official said the government has provided $500.00 tons of rice and more than $15000.00 to help those affected but many are more concerned how they will rebuild their homes and their lives the unwanted money up with the monkey if our prime minister has some empathy for us he can help us the poor maybe we can rebuild our home here over here again. fires at factories slums and markets are common in bangladesh as there are few if any safety measures emergency services said there are about 43 fire incidents every day and more than 90 people have died in fires this year alone. most who live in slums are no wages and have very little choice as to where they can live people here said they have lost everything and they feel
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devastated some of the people have been living in the slum for more than 20 years many are trying to salvage what they can uncertain about what their future will hold and where they will live next 100 al-jazeera dhaka bangladesh. here's what we've got for you on this news hour. the u.s. president considers declaring a group of peace activists as a terrorist organization but not the far right demonstrators they were facing. green with envy an award winning a forest sanctuary in the middle of one of the world's biggest and busiest cities and he might have been one of chelsea's greatest ever players but frankly is having a tough time as the blues boss the details with someone i love late. to has denied to a u.s.
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request to seize the iranian oil tank of it's been held there for 6 weeks a supreme court judge in the british territory ordered the vessels released by the u.s. department of justice issued a warrant for its detention and as you see from these live pictures in the waters off travolta right now the tanker is preparing to leave iran says it should be on its way shortly that tank and now flagged as an iranian vessel andrew symonds is also out on the waters off gibraltar hi andrew tell us the latest. well the latest. is this that as you rightly point out it's still preparing to leave gibraltar those waters are headed to international waters destination unknown but definitely the mediterranean know shortly about half ago we were filming when a service boat came alongside the supertanker started putting supplies on board and then also on the port side of the vessel this service
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but also transferred crew we believe the engineers at least 6 of them in a what was a safety. get quite a perilous operation room. because the seas are much much higher home but the other side of the ship so these extra key members of the crew were on board and we've monitored radio communications there was one technician there who is going to be taken back on us on the service but when it returns he obviously has something to do something pretty important we heard in radio and a very much of a british voice that was it wasn't accented in any foreign way it was a british voice and he was asking for his laptop and various other equipment to be brought up so something's going on board that ship right now also the a i asked system which is the automatic identification system which everybody gets from the
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front spotters on the ship the name of the ship its identity its position its full details that are not showing up on all the equipment and you can get them or even order on a i phone app of this ship's identity as being adrian worn no longer a gray swan so really it does appear that the there's certainly movement slow movement for this super tanker to move with it's 140000000 dollars worth of cargo on board ok great information there andrew can you tell us anything more about the attempt on the 2nd attempt by the united states to actually have to tank a ceased. yes that was a a court. procedure on friday in the district of columbia court in the u.s. it did actually issue a warrant for the seizure of the ship but all of this was done under the
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legislation passed in the u.s. as part of the sanctions really imposed on iran bother us now that it's procedure started in fact in the early hours of thursday and initially gibraltar said it couldn't really handle this it used a what is a beaut. body over the u.k. gibraltar and the u.s. which would liaise to see if action could be taken criminal action against the ship now we've now heard only 45 hours ago from the gibraltar government an announcement that no this can't be done because what's happened here simplifying it as best i can is that it that the court process that took place and allowed this ship free was done under the european union sanctions not the u.s. sanctions and assurances have been given legal a short says submitted to the court submitted to all e.u. institutions that this ship will not go to syria now that sort of assurance may
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have been some defiant remarks from the iranian foreign ministry since but this far as the legislature here are all of the court system here it's not prepared to help the u.s. out so the question now is what next well what next will be this huge ball behind me will set to see what time we don't know but certainly the indication is it will be sunday night then what does the u.s. do how couldn't win over could it even move in a military fashion that it seems unlikely it will be a massive. escalation of the whole affair when what's been happening here is an attempt to deescalate the crisis and hopefully people want the return of the british flag tanker this industry to hold what in the strait of hormuz is being held by iran to be released in order to deescalate the tension not inflate it's great stuff from andrew symonds on the waters of gibraltar thank you for that
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update. just one of the note on iran it says a plan by the u.s. sent to create a so-called safe zone along syria's northern borders with provocative and worsen u.s. and turkish officials agreed to establish the zone last week as a way to manage tension between turkish forces and codifying says the move has been rejected by the syrian government who called it a blatant attack on the country's sovereignty. in the united kingdom a leaked government report has predicted chaos if it leaves the european union with no deal at the end of october more on that story now in a london new center with maryam namazie that's right come on the clock is ticking with the october 31st breaks it date false approaching and still no sign of any deal now leach government documents describe the risk of a meltdown which would result in shortages of food fuel and medicine prober exit
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politicians have dismissed this is excellent and the minister in charge of coordinating no deal planning said the u.k. has scaled up those preparations since the report was written so again go has mall . it paints a grim picture a leaked report in a sunday newspaper breaking down what the u.k. civil service says would likely happen in the event of a disorderly exit from the european union and the havoc it could entailed the dossier known as operation yellow hammer offers an insight into the plans underway in the event of a no deal breck's it an enormous feats that would have to be achieved to avoid disaster it details a vision of a country in peace time forced to undergo food shortages jammed ports and a lack of fuel and essential drugs unavailable for patients also the reappearance of a hard boarder on the island of ireland with the prime minister vowing to deliver bracks it by october 31st with all without
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a deal the line from the top is that the report is merely scaremongering and that it's now outdated as preparations have been ramped up i think some of the concerns about brics have been exaggerated it's the case that there will be bumps in the road some element of disruption in the event of. the document that has appeared in the sunday times was an attempt in the past to work out what the very very worst situation would be so that we could take steps to mitigate that and we have taken steps not just to deal with some of the risks but also to make sure that our economy and our country a better place than ever to leave the european union on top of the 31st. in a bid to reinforce his promise prime minister boris johnson is set to visit french president eduard way back home and the german chancellor angela merkel his message that the westminster parliament cannot stop brix it and a new deal must be agreed if britain is to avoid leaving the e.u. without the government has been putting extra money into contingency planning not
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just a few weeks ago the transfer allocated next for 2000000000 pounds to this sort of thing so you can't really accuse them of sitting on their hands they are seriously gearing up for no deal i think the aim is to get people in the european union to take that possibility seriously. despite the swagger the reality for johnson is that he faces a constitutional crisis more than 100 m.p.'s have written to the prime minister calling for an emergency recall of parliament to discuss the situation in opposition leader jeremy corbyn said he would look at putting forward a vote of no confidence in the beginning of september to bring down the johnson government and avoid a no deal brix it with less than 3 months to go the political wrangling continues beyond certainty has left the once stable british economy teetering on the edge of recession and its currency sharply devalued and little respite in order to contain
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that turmoil. al-jazeera. migrants onboard the charity open arms rescue ship anchored off the coast of italy for more than 2 weeks now have attempted to swim ashore 4 men in life jackets made a break for the coast before being chased down by crewmembers italy won't let the rescue ship dog and the captain has turned down an offer from spain because of what he's calling an emergency situation on board a ship is carrying 107 people rescued from the mediterranean maybe from africa on saturday italy's interior minister met salvini made a concession for children on the boat to disembark. the presumed miners the presumed refugees fleeing a presumed your presumed no i'm alone against everyone the prime minister wrote to be to let people get off the boat do i need to end up in jail because i defended the border and the security of this country i will do so if need be. we'll hear more of your stories only when you've been calling for burley's people jumping into the water of great violence or panic anxiety crisis what else do we need dead
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people or is it going to those who do not die so you have to die here on board open arms if not all to the turks. is good i hope the public prosecutor or police are going to act now we're going to see something sustainable. it comes as the turkish coast guard a stop more than 300 people making the eastern mediterranean crossing to the greek island of boss 7 coast guard operations of taken place in the past 24 hours people rescued come from syria afghanistan iran and iraq turkey says the numbers risking their lives are surged with nearly 700 seized off its west coast last week numbers a drop since turkey signed a deal with the e.u. 4 years ago to take more control of the sea crossing all in all the stories are following a wildfire in the canary islands has forced at least 2000 people to leave their homes or and 250 firefighters are working to tackle the places on the ground canaria regional government says they began on saturday and could spread to at
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least 6 towns around 1700 hectares have been burnt forcing the closure of 11 roads spanish island was hit by another day of a devastating fire last week. well to iceland now a plaque has been unveiled to remember the 1st of the country's $400.00 glasses to be lost to climate change or used to cover 15 square kilometers of mountainside and was 50 meters thick now it's barely one square kilometer in 2014 it was officially declared dead when morial bears the inscription a letter to the future orning that all of iceland's glasses are expected to disappear within the next 200 years. the director of global antipoverty and climate justice organization war on want assad read month says the situation is alarming this glacier melting is one of the predicted outcomes of increasing temperatures and the reason why the glaciers and generally ice at the arctic and the antarctic
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is sort of cold to it reflects the psalms rain is another's the ice melts the heat is then absorbed into oceans. triggering a greater ice melt and we're seeing this part of played out if you look incredibly in the arctic circle as the summer heat wave in europe we've had a heat wave also in the arctic circle and we have 100 wildfires being at the moment of the arctic circle and this is really shocking and devastating news because this is not predicted to happen in the time scale it's happening and it's a real wake up call. we'll have more news from london later on now let's get back to come on ok thank you mary and we'll see you later on still ahead as well on this news out some restrictions will be lifted in india don't miss it kashmir but the tension remains between india and pakistan we'll also look at why malaysia's a former prime minister is heading to court for a 2nd trial and a man who calls himself the best player in major league soccer banks up his plane
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once again the details in sport with santa a little later. however very much a case of spot the difference across the middle east at the moment lots of hot sunshine in place a little bit of cloud just up towards the coaxes just pushing up across the mountains we are going to see a chance of one or 2 showers just spilling out of central parts of turkey but they will be fumin far between now falling from the fire that we saw recently in east down bowl 29 celsius in the sunshine there for barrett getting up into the mid forty's kuwait city back that could touch 47 degrees so some of the temperatures of course across the arabian peninsula lots of heat in place here 38 c. in pulling in a little bit more of a feed from the gulf things a little more humid over the next day or so but plenty of hazy sunshine. i see
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sunshine down towards the south of the region but a little more cloud just around the southern end of the red sea so you could catch one or 2 sal's just around the other the mountains here across southern africa well most sunshine for many we've seen some very high temperatures across the eastern side of south africa yet again recently we're getting up into the other low to mid twenty's here as we go through the next a day or so temperatures will start to pick up a little cloud up into big but by and large it stays fine dry and sunny. talk about ivory poachers decimated populations of elephants in africa they almost always shipped the ivory out of a different country from where it was ok because that's where you start your search to look in the wrong place this radio carbon dating method tell us your trade ivory as well then we have a place you can focus law enforcement on take those out and perhaps the source of
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the ip from entering the network take you know at this time on and. a society's progress is dependent on the quality of its experts we need more in finding professionals a top priority is to why do you wait given your generation just satisfying new teaching methods are infusing thai students to become the agents of change taking them out of the classroom to solve problems in their local communities ready level education inspiring science timeline at this time.
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here on the news hour here at al-jazeera these are our top stories families in afghanistan have begun burying those killed in a suicide bomb attack in kabul on saturday at least 63 people are dead nearly 200 others injured and also has claimed responsibility. organizers say more than 1700000 anti-government protesters have marched into the night in hong kong it is one of the city's largest demonstrations since nearly 2000000 people gathered in june. and thousands of people in the bangladeshi capital are homeless. after a huge fire swept through a slum it began on friday evening in the poor area incredibly no deaths reported although several people were injured. israeli forces have killed trade palestinians at the gaza border and injured another mourners have since taken to the streets of northern gaza calling for revenge and a force that has more from west to resume. thousands on the streets of here in
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northern gaza calling for revenge against israel this was a mass funeral for 3 palestinians in the early twenty's mohammad. mom. and mohammed abu normals targeted by the israeli army late on saturday night. for the full so i saw a lot of them said the one called i demand the palestinian fighting groups retaliate against the israeli crimes either and we spank all from gaza. israeli military says it used tank and helicopter fire on the group after spotting armed men near the border fence it comes a week after 4 armed palestinians were killed in similar circumstances in a month that has seen a surge in attempts to break through the fence. hamas and islamic jihad according them unsanctioned individual actions carried out by angry youths. there is anger among the palestinian youths over israeli aggression and crimes
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including their crimes in dealing with palestinian prisoners arrest in attacks on west bankers and the siege on gaza all israeli aggression created this kind of anger among the palestinian youths for a 2nd night in a row on saturday rockets were fired out of gaza one of them landing on a terrace in the israeli town of steroids increasing in security around gaza in recent weeks is being seen in israel as at least in part related to the upcoming elections in september before the recent polls in april there was an upsurge in rocket fire out of gaza seen here as a way of trying to increase pressure on israel at a politically sensitive time. in recent months rocket fire as long as it resulted in no injuries or loss of life has typically been followed by israeli airstrikes on evacuated bases and camps inside gaza these attempts to break through the gaza fence though are being met immediately by deadly force there's little doubt the temperature is getting higher again in and around gaza and that the chances of another military escalation are also on the rise. al-jazeera of west jerusalem.
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chad's president has declared a state of emergency in the east of the country after days of ethnic violence president idriss deby says the order will stay in place for 3 months in the sea the provinces at least 50 people have been children fights between cattle herders and farmers in the last 10 days a u.s. president donald trump is considering designating an anti fascist movement as a. arizona's ation he issued the warning to members of. as they gathered in oregon city council or a rally by far right groups rob reynolds reports from portland. sporadic clashes between members of far right organizations and anti-fascists spread through the streets of portland hours after a far right rally concluded portland police declared a state of civil disturbance in the city. we estimate that there were approximately $1200.00 demonstrators at the peak of the demonstrations our team spent many hours
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monitoring the various groups as they gather splintered reformed and moved throughout the downtown core the day of tension began with a demonstration staged by far right groups led by a militant organization called the proud boys they were heavily outnumbered by. their supporters and peaceful protesters expressing opposition to far right groups a heavy police presence covered the area officer seized shields poles and bear spray from protesters many portland residents were upset that far right demonstrators came to their liberal left leaning city to cause trouble as far as somebody coming here and getting a group together just to fight al that's mascot a short time after the proud boys and their supporters arrived in the park tensions rose you could see that the groups of anti-fascist protesters have gathered here
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underneath this bridge to the other side there cross that greenlaw on the far right and neo-fascist groups have gathered there be kept apart by the police and the hope is that the police presence will keep these 2 sides from engaging in any violence police in riot gear ordered anti fun not to crowd into the streets at one point pushing the group back then abruptly the far right crowd beat a hasty retreat the proud boys and their supporters with through across a bridge which police closed off to prevent an teeth from pursuing and i think that what we need to do is continue to show that we are going to fight against these ideals of fascism and the nazis as much if it takes president donald trump inserted himself in the affair tweeting that might be named an organization of terror but he . had no criticism of neo fascist or far right groups proud boys leader joe big was
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pleased by trump's message going to trial so the president chose twitter he talked about the city's watching t.v. that's all we want to we want to sell to china we go to the violence and dueling demonstrations are further evidence of a country deeply divided with a president who exploits those divisions in search of political gains robert oulds al jazeera portland. treasury minister has resigned after a week of economic turmoil triggered by the defeat of president morsi a mockery in a primary poll you can ask who won the lead at the i.m.f. loan negotiations implemented austerity measures his resignation letter a significant renewal and the government's economic policies. 15 points behind his center left opponent. this india and pakistan are accusing each other of ceasefire violations in kashmir earlier india's government said it would ease more
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restrictions in parts of the indian administered territory as reports as this report now from new delhi this is what much of srinagar has looked like for nearly 2 weeks to schmear he's unable to move around the largest city in the region and communications completely shut down. indeed administrators say some phone lines in the valley were reconnected on saturday with more due on sunday we have also opened up. by the internet. some functionality in at least 5. all the. phone users in srinagar had buried reactions. i think it's a good thing that. people are facing
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a lot of issues. but for some the worst restriction is on freedom of movement. shakes head that's been teaching his niece and nephew at home since the shutdown began he says not being able to move around has been severe but. the kids are stuck in this schools have been charged in 3035 years i haven't seen restrictions so. my sister has only 2 kilometers of and i don't know her situation. despite the promise of the lockdown being loosened some are protesting in other ways have set up their own barricades in this neighborhood to stop armored personnel carriers from entering they would have a way to go to we've put up these blockades so the police won't be able to come here in a risk they try to few times. the police are trying to come here but the people are resisting we've managed to keep them away many times acts
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of defiance even as the indian government says it will take a wait and see approach before lifting more restrictions in the region as jamil al-jazeera new delhi. the trade between. that was because of the.
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opportunities for. the trade with. the trade. and after. 35. people. many people here.
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and. there's nothing to eat or drink that we can afford. we're for laborers loading and unloading trucks people are desperate it's a question of survival for hundreds of families no one cares about us. these children went to see their grandma 1st summer holidays. he hasn't heard from them since the indian government severed kashmir from the outside world he's also a traitor and says he's lost because of his daughter's not for the hundreds of thousands of dollars stuck in kashmir after trade ended. phones of internet and landlines are blocked there is no communication traders also stream difficult the money is stuck on both sides of the trade and bus service only began with the help of the international community we demand the same from them now traders estimate
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25000 kashmiris have been affected in both sides. and every been associated with that creed or more financial burden with each passing day. on the line of control. or. at least 2 people been killed and several others injured in toronto rain in northern himalayan states flooding caused landslides in the states of. pradesh it also damaged several roads stranding hundreds of people all at least $270.00 people in india have died from floods and landslides so far this month. malaysia's former prime minister is to return to court for another trial involving money that prosecutors say was stolen from a state investment fund. is accused of using his position to obtain money totaling $550000000.00 between 20112044.
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he was once considered untouchable but former prime minister najib razak now faces the 2nd of 5 trials this time to answer $25.00 criminal charges of money laundering and abuse of power in relation to more than half a $1000000000.00 that prosecutors say was stolen from one end of the state investment fund he set up in 2009. knots of his already on trial involving the transfer of $10000000.00 from s.r.c. international a former subsidiary of one m. d. into his personal accounts he has denied any wrongdoing saying the money was a donation from saudi arabia most of which has since returned allegations of nuggets involvement in losses at one end d.b. surfaced when he was prime minister but he was cleared by the police at the time and that then attorney general the case was reopened when a new government led by mahathir mohamad came into power in may 2018 or you read.


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