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tv   Whos Killing The Elephants  Al Jazeera  August 19, 2019 7:33am-7:59am +03

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lower taxes play the new game for let other gonna want to let it go in all you know . what is resistance. in akra people are grabbing social and political issues by the horns. and harnessing creativity parity and protest to challenge and change ideas. garner controversial a witness documentary on al-jazeera. we
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understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current of friends that matter to you. al-jazeera. i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents and this is meaning. by them both isis and the us of. this 2nd of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable sami. the father the son and the jihad cartoon on al-jazeera trust is fundamental to all our relationships we trust banks with our money talk to us without really. stop what it does to trust in a world to buy out. as more want to citizens of us by these complex piece of the
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question that comes. can we trust. the 1st of a 5 part series great question of the neutrality of digital. trust me i'm an algorithm on a. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian figure and this is the user live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes iranian oil tanker that was seized off the coast of set sail after a u.s. request to have it held again is denied. we have been very good discussions with. the taliban were having very good discussions with the afghan government u.s.
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president on the trump says that progress is being made in afghanistan talks and gives a clearer picture of how many american troops will stay there. hundreds of thousands in hong kong defy the government and the weather to stage of the protest. and an urban oasis we visit an expensive park in the heart of one of the world's most polluted cities. the iranian oil tanker held for 6 weeks off the coast of japan has set sail earlier gibraltar refused a request from the u.s. department of justice to seize the vessel a supreme court judge in the british territory ordered the tankers released let's go live that around to simmons who's in gibraltar forest so andrew the vessel is under sail but where is it going. just looking at the
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tracking devices now it is at the moment it's taken off from its and courage has been heading slowly navigating the shipping in the approach to gibraltar is not in the strait of gibraltar yet remember this is a tiny british territory here and it's very very of the tip of the barrier in peninsular with north africa just a short distance away it looks as if it's heading east and that is towards the mediterranean. could join quite soon the international shipping lanes in the strait of gibraltar this had been a long affair preparation for this ship we saw the loading of supplies several hours before darkness and the boarding on the ship using a rather interesting basket and navigate a special safety basket of. device winched up by crane to bring up a technician brought in flown in to fix something we don't know what at least 5
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other crew members now this technician was there only temporarily something like 4 to 5 hours before going back to shore once he was off the ship it then raised it sank 80 meets a depth a big process and then slowly moved off we've heard radio transmissions between the. portal thoughts is and the ship port authority is asking it to step on it effectively and navigate around other shipping this is a colossal super tanker with its 1200000 barrels of like crude oil with one $140000000.00 where it's heading to the. destination unknown it just says on the transponder mediterranean and that appears to fit with the tracking so far physical tracking hasn't been possible because of the heavy swell of sea of waves around this. ship safety
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a real problem out there for smaller craft but this ship is underway and adrian daria one renamed with an iranian flag now heading in the direction of the mediterranean and why was the u.s. request to continue this vessels detention tonight. that is a really quite a long and complex issue but try to put it simply i will simply that the united the the united states approach was based upon sanctions reintroduced against iran much much broader than the european union sanctions now when with the as it was grace one known back 6 weeks ago when it was seized by the royal navy marines from britain and the gibraltar job role tarion security forces it was actually set said to be bound for syria and so under
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a you sanctions it was in contravention now wants an assurance was made to the supremes court legal documents given in diplomatic talks at the iranians made it a solid commitment that they would not go to syria however later the foreign ministry said that they never were going there in the 1st place but the point is this that as far as gibraltar is concerned as far as the european union is concerned and the united kingdom this ship is no longer in contravention of any laws and it's already registered now perfectly legal with an iranian flag and there is assurance insurance in place there's a new crew on board a transponder is working we can see that and the crew are all on board obviously and she's been renamed and the lettering is on all the right parts of the ship of course the united states wanted to pursue this but we heard on sunday from the
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gibraltar government but they they could not take the request any further from the united states because it wasn't in the joint jurisdiction and furthermore the i.c. argy that sees the mic revolutionary guards corps are registered in the us as being a terrorist organization that's not the case in europe and. so really you have a reflection here of the politics of it all europe wanted to go softer on iran post nuclear deal being diminished completely because of donald trump's actions and the u.s. want to go harder what happens next is unclear where will this ship go to that's the point where will it go no one is quite sure right now the u.s. is pretty foxed on what to do next i was there as anderson and reporting live from draw to andrew many thanks u.s. president of trumpets giving a clearer picture about the number of u.s. troops that will remain in afghanistan saying that around 13000 will stay in the country his announcement comes eisel claimed responsibility for one of the
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deadliest attacks in the last 18 months in kabul trump also said that he'd had very good talks between the taliban and the afghan government. we're talking to afghanistan oh about the government and also talking to the taliban have a very good discussions we'll see what happens we've really got it down to probably 13000 people and we'll be bringing it down a little bit more and there will decide whether or not we'll be staying longer and we have been very good discussions with the taliban who have a very good discussions with the afghan government i think it's very important that we continue intelligence there in all cases because it is somewhat of a nest for her to get us and we have things under control very well with this ball force we could probably make it a little bit smaller and then we'll decide it will depend on the taliban it will depend on the afghan government but there is
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a case to be made and the case also is that we're going to be leaving very significant intelligence behind for just the reasons i stated in afghanistan families have begun to bury those who were killed in saturday's attack eisel claimed responsibility for killing 63 people who were attending a wedding reception just a warning you may find some of the pictures syncellus bonuses reports to stopping. awaiting that a suicide bomber turned into a massacre these people are waiting to hear without their relatives and friends survived this is the image on the link i want to stick that's the big i'm here to find out about my son to find out if he's ok some people say that his neck is injured some people say his hand is injured he's not answering his phone i don't know what to do. more than 1000 people at the waiting for a young couple from ask and shia muslim minority to his zahra the marriage certificate had just been signed when i saw a suicide attacker wearing
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a vest packed with explosives dessen a ship in near the stage. muslim officer were done with. the figure i was at the back of the waiting hall when suddenly. a big explosion happened i fell down and when i stood up i saw titles and people scattered on the ground the scene was awful my brother was injured and most of my friends were killed i didn't know at that time what to do who should i help 1st in shock saki hasn't moved from the spot all night. at another hospital we found cerise 14 hours after the explosion he worked from his coma as we filmed he was the lead singer in keyboard player in the wedding band in the us i mean the most wonderful nobody was being opened up when he was being when we leave our home in the morning we don't know if we'll come back to life if we send our children to school we do not know their fate we don't trust any security even at a wedding this can happen but i do not know if i'll be alive in an hour or not. so
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respond was made up of 7 family members his brothers and cousins they were on stage preparing to play during the waiting dinner when the bomb went off so race is the only survivor and this is what he would have plays at the wedding hall stuff cleaned up a mop the ground not the spilled drink but the spilled blood they lost colleagues to with dozens killed in nearly $200.00 injured this was the deadliest explosion in kabul in more than 18 months. series family brought us to hill overlooking the city here is where the band's drummer mohamed haneef was buried just hours earlier on a person's and you're going on why should we be killed it's for nothing what is our sin what have we done wrong we feed our children and isolates killing those without committing a crime we asked the government why they aren't stopping them. i still has claimed responsibility for the attack it often target shia minority in this neighborhood
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with elections just 6 weeks away president danny is under pressure and has called an emergency security meeting for the taliban also commented calling the attack.


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