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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 19, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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i think it's the police brutality they have to have an investigation about it but there are still. the people who live here and they will not feel safe in the media we just feel like really. walking in the dark is really frustrating and scared journey for us to meet i cannot speak for anyone for me just feeling really lost authorities had only granted permission for a rally in the park but this by the heavy rain they marched on districts. and some took their grievances yet again to deceit of hong kong central government. laser pointers have become a sign of defiance for some demonstrators veterans of the street protests after 3 turbulent months among them ranger not his real name who says he's ready to fight if need be. our decisions are based on police moves if they prime porus protesters we will take action because we are we and we don't want anyone to be
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detained we don't confront them if they don't. want previous protests have seen clashes between activists and police but this weekend's rally ended peacefully ranger and his friends melted away with the crowd it won't be long before they're back on the streets of hong kong put up that hamid al-jazeera who called. andrew thomas was back on the streets of hong kong this morning and has more reaction to the rallies. i spoke to one of the organizers late on sunday and she told me that the rally was a huge success for one primary reason turnout at the organizers said in advance that they were hoping that half a 1000000 people would take part they say 1700000 people at some point were either in victoria park where the official rally was or was part of the throng in the streets around and that number doesn't even include those who came subsequently in march to where i am in central hong kong today i think the overall number could
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have been in excess of 2000000 putting it at a poll with one of the big rallies that they held back in june and that's despite all the violence that we have seen but smaller rallies are off a smaller rallies since the beginning of july so they would say what they are saying but that proves they still have ordinary mainstream hong kong public opinion on their side and i should say that the place for the much lower number on the turnout by say that the victoria park itself had about 130000 people in it but i don't include those in the streets around nevertheless it was a huge number and that despite 2 great to try to right the other way it was a success is the way that it ended not with bodies and now it is in hong kong that's the exception rather than the rule the organizes the civil human rights front of oncoming side of that proves that it isn't a radical element but it's cooling all these democratic reforms in hong kong for the resignation of the chief executive kerry lamb and pull the legal withdrawal of this contradiction controversial extradition law in his mind through hong kong but
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still wants the facts so that's where we're at to see where we go from here but if they can keep the numbers on the streets keep the violence down then this debate could continue in a civil way rather than the same to the by using reason. well still ahead on al-jazeera cries for vengeance against israel fury in gaza over the deaths of 3 palestinians. very didn't have much. now left with nothing thousands of people homeless after a slum fire in bangladesh. and . across the southeast of the united states this line of work its way up the east coast and again we could see a few more of those thunderstorms and also for the weather working its way through
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the midwest but as we go through monday that line of rain tends to push up tools and all that ahead of that new york with a high of 30 celsius still very nice out into san francisco 20 degrees 26 days on monday a tad warmer there as we head into tuesday 29 degrees celsius that will change across the northeast that rain caring way quite quickly 30 celsius in new york but what we have got is more rain across much of the gulf region and also into florida this not helping in some of those areas that have actually seen some flooding in the last couple of days then we had further south into the caribbean we have seen some clouds here with some thunderstorms. across into cuba but that wasn't the case 24 hours ago unfortunately the ana the celebrations actually have to be poor suspended and this is why it is some rather dangerous lightning and some pretty hefty storms as well for the next couple of days fairly unsettled we could see more than scottish. choose day it's a center weather pattern with. in havana. rewind
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to 10 days with a new series i. am playing updates on the vast amount easiness documentaries one. rewind continues we track by will compel the onion the onion the sweetest part if you. don't think we are holding on by our fingernails to the 2 state solution today it is still barely possible on al-jazeera.
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you're watching out just to remind our top stories this hour the iranian oil tanker held for 6 weeks off the coast of japan has set sail formally the grey swan it is now known as the adrian davia one ship role to refused a request from the u.s. justice to seize the vessel. families in afghanistan have begun burying those killed in a suicide bombing at a wedding in kabul on saturday at least 63 people died 200 others were injured i saw has claimed responsibility for the attack the deadliest in the afghan capital in more than 18 months. old denies in hong kong say more than 1700000 anti-government protesters rallied through the night it was one of the biggest demonstrations the territory has seen in recent weeks police say the number was significantly smaller. now sudan's military and opposition coalition are expected
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to confirm the members of the sovereign council in the coming hours the 2 sides signed a historic power sharing agreement. on saturday following a military coup in april that ousted president manuel bashir. will appear in court on monday he's facing corruption charges head of morgan reports from khartoum on the political challenges still lie ahead. the queue outside this little bakery in sudan's capital hard to means there's more pressure on safety. the baker says flour isn't as cost as it was my months ago so people don't expect a shortage but because of other reasons there is a shortage of usual mocksville. there is a shortage of fuel and we don't know why it has resulted in a shortage of bread produced we have had to cut of a sack on bread we bagged and sell bread shortage in december sparked a protest that quickly became a nationwide call for the country's long time president obama to be sure to step
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down he was deposed by the military in april after months of demonstrations the military and protest leaders have now agreed to form a transitional government. a final power sharing agreement was signed on saturday after months of talks paving way for what's many sudanese hope will be a new start. but the upcoming transitional government has 39 months to function as per the deal and many issues to tackle before elections are held at the end of its term. here and was never our 1st of all and that we have put the transitional government is accountability for all those who did wrong to the people of this country no one should be about accountability and there should be a free and fair to carry to deliver justice. the notion of a geisha was our shot at that in a lot needs to be done the government needs to work on delivering health care and education economy is important because we're suffering we can't get food or transport easily we want better services and those are just among the many issues
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facing people here the transitional government will have to deal with the various conflicts around the country. and the armed groups waging them some of those groups who are also part of the opposition coalition have rejected the agreement it will need to work on to dance kremlin constitution as well and hold elections all in a government that's just hours between the military and civilian. the talks to form the transitional government weren't always smooth they broke down several times before the deal was reached some analysts say how the 2 sides work in their partnership will have an impact not just within the country but in its relations with other countries. sudan is on the u.s. list of states sponsoring terrorism and to lift it a lot of issues need to be resolved with regards to internal politics like the issues of war and peace in the country the main problem between the 2 sides who begin issues related to conflict and security with
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a deal signed many like safe will be looking to see what changes come their way sudan is now a nation waiting to see if its new government will be able to fulfill the demands of millions of its citizens morgan argues the khartoum at least 20 people are feared dead after a fuel tanker exploded in western uganda the explosion happened when the tanker overturned and burst into flames firing golf to buses and destroyed nearby buildings. israeli forces have killed 3 palestinians at the gaza border and injured another mourners took to the streets of northern gaza calling for a tally ation howry force it has more from west jerusalem. was thousands on the streets of baker here in northern gaza calling for revenge against israel this was a mass funeral for 3 palestinians in the early twenty's mohammad. mahmoud oh well a day and mohammed abu normal's targeted by the israeli army late on saturday night
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. while it was. one of i demand the palestinian fighting groups retaliate against the israeli crimes either in we spank or from gaza. israeli military says it used tank and helicopter fire on the group after spotting armed men near the border fence it comes a week after 4 armed palestinians were killed in similar circumstances in a month that has seen a surge in attempts to break through the fence. hamas and islamic jihad according them unsanctioned individual actions carried out by angry youth. there is anger among the palestinian youths over israeli aggression and crimes including their crimes in dealing with palestinian prisoners arrest and attacks on west bankers and the siege on gaza all israeli aggression created this kind of anger among the palestinian youths for a 2nd night in a row on saturday rockets were fired out of gaza one of them landing on
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a terrace in the israeli town of steroids increasing in security around gaza in recent weeks is being seen in israel as at least in part related to the upcoming elections in september before the recent polls in april there was an upsurge in rocket fire out of gaza seen here as a way of trying to increase pressure on israel at a politically sensitive time. in recent months rocket fire as long as it resulted in no injuries or loss of life has typically been followed by israeli airstrikes on evacuated bases in camps inside gaza these attempts to break through the gaza fence though are being met immediately by deadly force there's little doubt the temperature is getting higher again in and around gaza but the chances of another military escalation are also on the rise. al-jazeera of west jerusalem. restrictions remain in some parts of kashmir nearly 2 weeks after india revoked the region's all ptolemy hundreds of march through srinagar on the indian administered
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side to protest against the continued lockdown india has lifted some curbs reimpose some restrictions on movement in srinagar after violence over the weekend between locals and police. the blocking of trade between india and pakistan is a vague thing kashmiris on both sides of the divide are sam a binge of aid reports from chad coffee and the line of control that splits the countries. the traffic means nor flat tires to repair. and the. 550. that was because of the.
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payments were made. of the dividing line between. opportunities for profit. and. the trade with. the trade the trucks. feed my family. and after. 35. every day.
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and. there's nothing to eat or drink that we can afford. for laborers loading and unloading trucks people are desperate it's a question of survival for hundreds of families no one cares about us. you haven't heard from them since the. indian government severed kashmir from the outside world he's also a traitor and says he's lost because of his daughter's not for the hundreds of thousands of dollars stuck in kashmir after trade ended. phones of internet and land lines are blocked there is no communication traders also on the extreme difficulty as our money is stuck on both sides of the trade and bus service only began with the help of the international community we demand the same from them now
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traders estimate 25000 kashmiris have been affected and both sides. and everyone associated with that trade go to no more financial burden with each passing day. on the line of control like a fun administered kashmir. now a devastating fire has left thousands of people homeless in the bangladeshi capital the blaze swept through a large slum in that poor area and took several hours to put out a number of people were injured but no deaths were reported as turn their child or hoards of many people have lost everything. now looks like a wasteland thousands of shanty homes went up in flames in a few hours several people were injured and nearly $3000.00 families lost their homes like many others in the slums of dhaka mohammad for he is a migrant from another part of bangladesh. where displaced due to river erosion we don't own any land iran's any government homes we very poor we live day to day if
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we get some help we may rebuild in make a living authorities said they have made arrangements so that the slum dwellers left homeless by the fire can stay in schools in the neighborhood for now john are a big and says she has nowhere to go and not much to eat it was sort of c money again there was a fire here and we had to flee with no time to take anything with us if anyone gives us them we can eat we just live in the street now it's not clear how many people are homeless according to the government about 750 shanties were burned down and 450 damaged. one where a big loss to life savings modeler barrel i had 12 and everything was burned i barely escaped with what i'm wearing now i had some gold and around $3500.00 in cash but i couldn't bring anything with me i just managed to lock my door disaster
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ministry official said the government has provided $500.00 tons of rice and more than $15000.00 to help those affected but many are more concerned how they will rebuild their homes and their lives the unwanted money up with the monkey if our prime minister has some empathy for us he can help us the poor maybe we can. we build our home here over here again. fires at factories plums and markets are common in bangladesh as there are few if any safety measures emergency services said there are about 43 fire incidents every day and more than 1000 people have died in fires this year alone most who live in slums are no wages and have very little choice as to where they can leave people here said they have lost everything and they feel devastated some of the people have been living in this slum for more than 20 years many are trying to salvage what they can uncertain about what their future will hold and where they will live next. al-jazeera dhaka
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bangladesh. has confirmed reports he's interested in the u.s. buying greenland the island between the north atlantic and arctic ocean is a semi autonomous danish territory denmark's prime minister has said greenland is not for sale calling the idea of selling it to the u.s. absent but the u.s. president says it could be bought for strategic reasons. a lot of things could be done sensually it's a large real estate deal a lot of things could be done. hurting denmark very badly because you're losing almost $700000000.00 you're carrying so they carry it at a great loss and strategically for the united states it would be nice. now 2 kayakers had a lucky escape after a glazier collapsed in southern alaska the video shows the moment part of the spencer glazier caved in just over a week ago the collapse created
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a huge wave across spencer there which sent the kayakers fleeing as fast as they could the pair escaped with no injuries despite one being hit in the ribs with a piece of flying ice. plaques been unveiled in iceland to remember the 1st of its 400 places to melt away due to climate change. used to cover 15 square kilometers but it's been reduced to a small area of ice on top of the volcano was officially declared dead in 2014. and let's take you through some of the headlines here now this year and now the iranian oil tanker held for 6 weeks off the coast of gibraltar has set sail formally the grace one it is now known as the adrian duddy one earlier gibraltar refused a request from the u.s.
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department of justice to seize the vessel families in afghanistan have begun burying those killed in a suicide bombing at a wedding in kabul on saturday at least 63 others died and 200 wounded i saw as claimed responsibility for the attack the deadliest in the afghan capital in more than 18 months organizers in hong kong say more than 1700000 anti government protesters rallied through the night in one of the biggest demonstrations the territory has seen in recent weeks under thomas has more from hong kong. the other way it was a success is the way that it ended not with bodies and now it is in hong kong that's the exception rather than the rule the organizers the civil human rights front of one kong side of that proves that it isn't a radical element but it's cooling all these democratic reforms in hong kong for the resignation of the chief executive kerry lamb and paul the legal withdrawal of this contradiction controversial extradition law it is mainstream hong kong but
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still wants the banks so that's where we're at will see where we go from here but if they do keep the numbers on the streets keep the violence down then this debate could continue in a civil way rather than the dissent in the way we've seen recently. restrictions remain in some parts of kashmir nearly 2 weeks after india revoked the region's autonomy hundreds of march through srinagar only in india and i have minister of side to protest against the continued lockdown india has their food some kurds but 3 impose some restrictions on luthern to srinagar after violence over the weekend between locals and police. at least 20 people are feared to have died when a fuel tanker exploded in western uganda the tanker overturned and burst into flames a fire and golf 2 buses and destroyed nearby buildings those are your headlines the news continues here now just after rewind stay with us.
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we understand that different. cultures across the world. hello and welcome to rewind and come all sense of area here in rewind we delve deep into the al-jazeera documentary archive to bring you some of the best and most influential programs of the past decade as well as news of how the stories of moved
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on since jerusalem it is a holy city to all 3 major abrahamic religions jews muslims and christians have co-existed within its walls for centuries but it is only the jews who lay claim to it as their exclusive capital and that is a position that's been given added force since donald trump came to power in the united states and in the face of international law recognize the city as israel's capital as well as announcing he would relocate the u.s. embassy there from tel aviv and in recent decades israeli settlements have been springing up in east jerusalem previously recognized as palestinian it is a process that has been developing for many decades but in 2009 jackie rowland went to the front line of what can only be described as a battle for the right to live in a city that is the beating heart of the holy land from 2009 this is holy land grab . jerusalem the photo that dreamt about washington for hundreds of years. the most recent conqueror was israel it's
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captured the eastern part of the city in 1967 bringing the whole of jerusalem under its control in defiance of international law. since then israel has been working with determination to weild the 2 parts of the city into its eternal indivisible capital by building houses for jews and destroying houses in the meantime our ups. israel's project isn't nearly complete within a year or 2 if no one intervenes the invisible line dividing jerusalem into jewish and arab parts will be erased. the palestinian village of city one clings to a steep hill side
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a single voice of the old city in the valley below lies al gore style neighborhood it's a setting resonant with meeting for muslims christians and jews. that will stand a boat is situated in the most important one of the most important areas in jerusalem right next to the walls of the intensity situated wide where the temple mount is is observed very very closely so it is one of the most important areas in journalism and maybe maybe in the entire war so the israeli authorities have plans for a woodstock they say the houses in these narrow alleyways were built without permits they want to flatten the whole neighborhood and tun it into open parkland 6. it's a tourist development plan that would wreck the lives of an entire palestinian community the municipality has slapped. you know what is on 88 houses which would
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make 1500 people homeless. or her or her. mom is one of them he's the local him and he lives with his wife and children in a street proudly decorated with c.d.'s from the old city. in the local 1000000000 age with donovan in the middle in a thought of peace. and the. thought. of will that annoy them little bit of the we are merely because you're on the other can't move or this mean well you know you can live for me i thought i mean me and shaking. a little house well. for us yet the. saw the neighborhood is changing dotted around the hillside houses away
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jewish settlers have moved in they built extra rooms sometimes extra floors but the chef doesn't recall any of these houses being demolished. at the same time a battle for historical the chitta missy is on the way archaeologists digging at several sites in east jerusalem with a clear political agenda to uncover evidence of ancient jewish life that would strengthen israel's claim to the whole city we haven't been allowed to go in and film what you think that is where this character arises in this present stage of archaeology here and see which is archaeology behind fences and it seems they want to keep things under wraps to prevent people from from hearing it and what about you have you been able to get inside i can't get into any of these sites bird from visiting that it seems that the antiquities authority doesn't want criticism like a sort of her work. one reason for that the antiquities authority which is
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a state body has handed over some of the sites to a private organization called an ad which is run by israeli settlers. and lerma who runs the national or has taken the interpretation associating with fragmentary names with him very very has made it a corner so very tired protesting the site so that really history for them begins with and when in fact archaeological remains can be directly associated with very bitter almost nonexistent. so there's a definite conflict of interest there between their role as stewards of the ancient heritage and their role as surplus and as people who want to actually dispossessed the palestinians and see the world meet one such settler area a king. armed only with a motor scooter and a crash helmet he wants to evict palestinians from east jerusalem and replace them with jewish families he's on
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a crusade to extend jewish ownership over the whole of the city. if i would compare it to an onion if we haven't the onion the. heart and this is the temple mount this is the city we are trying to put a layer of more live in order to protect the heart of the onion because it was a time when we know what is happening when you try to cut the onion usually feel in your eyes and our aim is to not to get to this situation of. 2 after you because somebody is trying to cut. the layers he's talking about a jewish settlements in sin one in the mount of olives and in russian a mood. israel is gradually connecting the settlements and the archaeological parks to form a belt around the old city danny suydam and is a lawyer who keeps
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a close watch on the settlements he's come to look at some apartments for jews that have been built in the palestinian neighborhood of job and. now there are as a rule 2 kinds of settlements in east jerusalem one kind are the settlements sponsored by the government and the the other kind of settlements are ideologically motivated messianic settlements and you can see that there's one like that you see that really. knowing the difference between just because he stopped for what was it was a mask and now we have a republic over here. it is like a child's coloring book connect the dots and connecting the dots is basically the and circle meant of the old city by a ring of settlements and a settler unformed narrative in the public domain. is worried the people from the
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municipality have been back this time with heavily armed police to hand out more demolition notice me how the. an order was. so so do we in you who would be in yeah i did. in. the i was the mean well messy yin and then. the whole cords. on the hilltop overlooking sawan is among the street built close to the spot where the disciple judas iscariot is believed to have killed himself. judas betrayed jesus for 30 pieces of silver and treachery still lurks in the valley. mohammad mullah admits that the several years he conspired against his fellow palestinians he says israeli police coerced him into helping the settlers grab
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property in sin why they ran a simple scam 1st find a victim then make problems for him mother used to operate as a go between a con man who tricked bribed and smooth talk palestinians into parting with their property i'm sure mama or no or a. far off would sell it cert recordable or grass or. i'm sure for him to shift to taba so the effort. after all of the rusher and all of the enabling what it was. more of share more mom figure out on his scam. on the road again with the settler area king another man trying to separate palestinians from their homes but he insists that he's working within the law.


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