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tv   The Father The Son And The Jihad Ep 2  Al Jazeera  August 19, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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and that's why we're celebrating it. i'm celebrating independence day to day i'm happy i like the flag. children also celebrate with cricket calling it the great game it's a hangover from british colonization of the region yet these children are unaware of another great game played when the modern history began. in the 19th century afghanistan was caught between russia pushing south and the british expanded waste from india afghans for to retain the sovereignty that were patiently occupied by the british to the treaty was signed in 1919 decades later during the cold war afghanistan was again stuck between 2 world powers russia and the united states in 1959 eisenhower became the 1st u.s. president to visit the country both nations called it afghanistan influence leading to rapid botanizing in a more liberal afghanistan in the fifty's and sixty's. all came to afghanistan on
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christmas eve 1979 and never left the soviet union invaded and took kabul within 3 days. islamic guerrilla fighters known as the motor who dean fought back with u.s. support 1000000 people died in the fighting until the soviets withdrew a decade later a civil war intel a ban rule follows national landmarks and infrastructure were destroyed by cavil's darla man palace. and this is how it looks today president gandhi had planned to inaugurate the building for independence day sign of how far the nation had come but again conflict intervened to spurning the event after an iso suicide bombing killed dozens of people just a few kilometers from here many afghans are resisting celebration for another reason they feel this sovereignty is still compromised. the younger. son believed
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still there is lots of this since it's by the soviet union. by the united states of america or group on the us invaded in 2118 years later having spent $800000000000.00 and with $13000.00 troops in country it's negotiating its withdrawal with the taliban so far the afghan government isn't involved but those talks could mark the start of a new afghanistan the afghans hopefully they can shake their identity without the 3 civil war or interference. couple still to come here on al-jazeera we meet the victims of powerful pellet guns used by the security forces in indian administered kashmir. russia investigates foreign meddling in its forthcoming elections in moscow.
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ahead of them all rain across much of southern china quite heavy at times and strong thunderstorms and we could of course see more localized flooding but it's not just there you can see this bank of cloud any fact we've got more rain in the forecast across much of taiwan having some very saturated ground so landslides and mudslides really are quite a possibility about turning millimeters of rain is expected in the next couple of days no real change perhaps drying up for the tools the east and exist shanghai it's dry and warm with a high of 33 degrees celsius me want to cross in india we've got more of those monsoon rains there very widespread and of course some regions saying more heavy rain than elsewhere one of those particular regions has been west bengal this is rock poor village and again just look at the whole villages inundated these the shops along on the shopkeeper's all that she trying to operate. a feast of water this morning forecast overstays ago for the. next few days however the indian metal
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freezes actually eased off some of their warnings although we've got widespread rains there's no particular state that is expected to see particularly heavy downpours but it will be wet not pool 31 with some have to thunderstorms and also those rains a fairly extensive across the northern front by wednesday really pushing again into a new pool again west bengal and across into bangladesh. inmates learning from other inmates acquiring knowledge that could set them free. through legal education classes and mock tribunals their dedication has led to staggering results even in prison for 15 years is over recent and they were. teaching empowerment kenya part of the rebel education series on al-jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories this half hour a court in sudan has been told the former president omar bashir accepted $19000000.00 from saudi arabia's government he's on trial on charges of corruption the military deposed him in april after months of anti-government protests. and airstrike in support of the syrian government has narrowly missed a turkish military convoy advancing in the northwest of syria strongly condemning the strike and says the intervention was agreed under a deal with iran and russia. iran is warning the u.s. not to seize its oil tanker in open seas after it set off from gibraltar overnight the best was held there for 6 weeks on accusations of violating sanctions. the
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chinese technology giant huawei is being given a slight reprieve from the united states its total ban on access to u.s. suppliers is being delayed while way will be allowed to continue buying components from the u.s. use in its existing products the commerce secretary wilbur ross says is to give american companies time to wean themselves off way washington accuses the telecom. ahman phone maker building a back door for chinese intelligence services into its 5 g. mobile network live to washington correspondents following the story for us can really help at kimberly is this mr ross being nice to while away or being nice to american coot consumers the people who use their services. yeah this is all about the domestic audience in terms of this announcement it's not the 1st time as soon as huawei was added to the so-called entity list essentially banning or putting in place the sanctions that prevented u.s. companies from working with wall way it was immediately put into sort of
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a reprieve and now we have the 2nd one another 90 days and so essentially by november 19th now u.s. companies have time to in the words of the u.s. commerce secretary we off from doing business with while way it shows that essentially the 2 markets are so intertwined that well u.s. president donald trump has tried to make some sort of rash decisions with this announcement the concerns about while way take punitive action it's a lot more difficult than maybe the president understood when this 1st went into a fact we've been using the name or talking about well way for the best part of a year kimberly has the u.s. ever provided hard evidence that has or has of a planned to be involved ready in compromising american security american songbook security. well this gets into that fuzzy area of u.s. intelligence where unfortunately there is almost no transparency there's no
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daylight schon on to these sort of inner workings of the u.s. intelligence agencies but the accusations repeatedly that we've heard on capitol hill even before u.s. president donald trump took office in the oval office was the concern that for a long time china and particularly wall way have been using their technology to steal intellectual property trade secrets and essentially using this is a way and a means for backdoor espionage so the concern has long been there without any evidence being provided having said that the action has now been taken and it's really important to note peter in all of this that this is become kind of a bargaining chip in the ongoing trade war between the united states and china that's been going on for some time sensually there is this concern that has not been resolved and that's why we've seen this trade war not only affecting u.s. consumers but also escalating into kind of a currency battle as well now this is
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a bit of a surprise that this reprieve has been granted because the u.s. president said that he didn't expect that he would allow companies to continue doing business for another 90 days as we see now from this announcement but the other surprise in all of this is that this is still sort of a crux of negotiations if you will we know from the economic advisor larry kudlow as he's been speaking that there is optimism still that this trade war can be resolved but they are really pressing hard with these concerns about espionage being used through technology and also there are concerns about these upcoming talks that are expected to take place next september rather in about a month's time that's what we're hearing so much about this in the news right now but we've also seen this delay it's giving room for those trade negotiator shares rather trade negotiators to try and work out some of those details in advance of those talks to believe thank you very much. russia's investigating alleged foreign interference in its forthcoming local election in moscow there are concerns that
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quote foreign meddling is encouraging. a parliamentary committee has now agreed set up a special commission the police are violently broken up big demonstrations of opposition candidates running in the election start branson has more from moscow after this emergency session here at the state duma no further evidence has been provided yet what we do know is that the deputy head of the u.s. embassy was called in last week for a notification on their website about some unsanctioned rallies basically showing a map of the route as well according to the embassy this was basically to warn its citizens not to go to that area but according to parliament members here this could be a sign to actually encourage people to go to that area another medium that's now been scrutinized as you tube because of notifications they apparently have been sending about live streaming of these unsanctioned rallies and also the dog has been
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mentioned for a tweet and which also according to look to lawmakers here they encourage people to go to this rally for we haven't heard anything we haven't also heard any proof we just interviewed the deputy of the state duma mr trotsky and he also said that this whole investigation has to provide this evidence and it is still a possibility there isn't any evidence of this foreign interference but where is this now all about of course claiming this foreign interference card is basically distracting also the attention from the real reasons because behind the protests is basically saying that these people have no real reasons to go onto the streets and that they're basically only being encouraged by foreigners and that's in the narrative that the state duma basically is now trying to play here. pakistan says indian security forces have fired across the line of control in the district region of kashmir several civilians are reported to have been killed on the pakistan administered side both countries are blaming each other for the violence but some
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of inge of aids as a story. the number of civilians have been killed in the latest elation been hearing from the pakistani military confirming that this cross border shelling started around 13 g.m.t. on just yesterday on sunday and there has been thinking that it is going to be a ongoing situation where the people have been caught up in this. not soldiers but civilian population has come under attack and they call this and discriminatory indiscriminate firing that has continued and this is quite. obvious the 1st indian government decided that it was going to change the status of indian administered kashmir and by claiming this year has been. and there's been a lot of tension on the border we've been visiting these villages and people have been telling us that it is their living under constant fear during the day and at night their children cannot go to school and they're just waiting for when the next
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bomb is going to drop. continue to blame each other it is the people in their thousands in small villages who are stuck here well the authorities in indian administered kashmir say some primary schools of reopened as happened exactly 2 weeks after new delhi revoked the region semi autonomous status the area has since been in lockdown on sunday hundreds of people marched through to protest against the recent changes over the weekend india relaxed some of the restrictions despite the easing of some of those restrictions there are concerns about human rights abuses the number of civilians say they've been targeted by indian forces during the lockdown al-jazeera spoke to 2 people who suffered life changing injuries as more now from new delhi. mohammad never regained his vision in one of his eyes he says he was hit by bullets fired by an indian soldier right after he stepped out of his local mosque. everything was normal there were no protests security forces
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chased us away and fired pellets at us one more person older than me was also injured he was discharged from hospital yesterday. mom accuses security forces in indian administered kashmir of targeting. he shows us his back with scars of what he says a pellet injuries. earlier this month thousands here defied restrictions imposed by the authorities and protested against the indian government's decision to revoke autonomy. this 17 year old was one of them i mean. we had no intentions to bed stone but the police were attacked and several boys were injured including me i was hit on the right side of my body by pellet. even though indian administered kashmir has been under lockdown for nearly 2 weeks. people have come out in protest in some cases the government
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has responded with force even admitting that a few people have been injured in the recent crisis. they shot the nigger is a member of the biggest hindu group in india that supports the governing party he says the government has used minimal force during the last 2 weeks if you have an option to fire real bullets and if you have to fire guns then obviously we'll choose the letter and the supreme court of india was very clear that in order to control law and order situation you must use minimum force in the force instance and then use the extreme forces analyst. disagrees the question is that does use of guns blending of children blending of men is a justifiable self-defense by the armed forces against in 2016 the indian government said it would replace pellet guns with a less lethal weapon or on the ground any given on the surface means security
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forces are still using them against those protesting over new delhi's decision to revoke autonomy. the fear is that if the protests continue in the coming days or months so will the pellet injuries onshore or al-jazeera new delhi. more heavy rain is expected in many parts of india bringing a threat of flooding with that monsoon rains have been falling for weeks now more than $270.00 people have been killed around half of them the victims were in the southern state of his lower but many. first. days of heavy rain. was. among the homes destroyed was. he. who was with. his entire family is no more all the bodies were recovered except his mother and sisters body and the search is ongoing. he was just one of more than 200 people who died after
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the country was hit by heavy monsoon rains large scale flooding and scores of landslides. as the floodwaters recede rescue teams move in with radios search for bodies buried deep in the mud. and with the help of radars we just found 3 bodies and we now have 16 more to find out of the 59 people killed here we will continue our search operation into the last taken out. last year's southern india softness was flooding in the sentry a 1000000 people were displaced villages swept away more than 200 people killed at the time experts said land use was often to blame for the flooding. left by claiming about plans for other uses for that is an automated thing which.
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is on about plants what are they going to accommodate and most of those water carola has more than 50 large dams which is supposed to protect areas against flooding but the u.n. says many would nearly full before the heavy rains fell. local officials say that taken action just an example on how like there. as aid workers start cleaning up and people return more rain is expected threatening many of the most vulnerable with more hardship they're about to money out if they are. this is al jazeera these are your top stories sudan's former president omar al bashir has gone on trial on charges of corruption he's accused of possessing foreign currency and accepting bribes the court heard it received 90000000 dollars from the saudi arabian government he denies the allegations. presenting the head of
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a country to troll proves that there is rule of law in the country and that no one is above the law this message is not just for the ousted government but to the incoming government the case will resume next week we can't tell you what the outcome will be but we can say that we are assured that the case is going in the favor of the defendant an airstrike in support of the syrian government as narrowly missed a turkish convoy advancing on the northwest of syria the government in damascus says the convoy was heading towards an area near carnes shit khun province turkey is strongly condemning the strike and says the intervention was justified under a deal with russia and iran. iran is warning the u.s. not to seize its oil tanker in open waters after it set off from gibraltar overnight the vessel was held for 6 weeks on suspicion it was taking crude oil to syria in violation of e.u. sanctions no longer called the grace one that left under a new name the adrian daddio one but it's still unclear where the vessel is heading
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next. celebrations have been perspire afghanistan's 100th independence day after a bombing at a wedding reception killed 63 people at a small ceremony today the president ashraf ghani promised revenge for the saturday night attack in kabul i saw did claim responsibility most of the victims from afghanistan's shia minority mr gandhi said all safe havens for the islamic state would be eliminated russia's investigating foreign interference in its forthcoming local election in moscow there are concerns that foreign meddling is encouraging unauthorized rallies a parliamentary committee has now agreed to set up a special commission the police violently broken up big demonstrations of opposition candidates banned from running in the election. the us has given the chinese way another 90 day extension to trade with u.s. companies the commerce secretary it will be a ross says it will give firms time to adjust ahead of
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a total ban on doing business with wild way washington accuse the phone maker of working with chinese intelligence services talk to al-jazeera is next season. on counting the cost india $1.00 of the biggest defense spend days in the world but the emerging superpower ramp up its security purely on imports plus the young people tap into the world of sports and streaming services we are these pay t.v. killing off nice sports. counting the cost on al-jazeera. as the u.s. maintains the pressure on iran attention is on the rise in the gulf raising concerns of a full blown military confrontation. the trump administration is seeking an international coalition to secure the strait of homers which is one of the most important shipping routes in the world but iran is skeptical to iran has dismissed
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the naval build up as a move by destabilize the whole region and is calling for u.s. vessels to leave the area america will not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail the crisis all started when president donald trump unilaterally pulled out of the iran nuclear deal last year and reinstated sanctions targeting to herat and countries that trade with it the e.u. is still sticking to the deal offering a mechanism to bypass u.s. sanctions. but today on talk to al jazeera iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif warns while his country means committed to the landmark to 1015 nuclear deal he's patience is running out. so far as i would like to start by asking you about that he says developments the naval buildup in the area as the u.s.
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seeks to build an international coalition to govern freedom of navigation in the area how do you see it. this is a tiny body of water and the more poor unable vessels you have in this body of water the less secure it is for everybody. based on experience presence of the united states important neighbor fleet in the persian gulf has never produced security. all very sad memories of u.s. ships downing an iranian airliner. in 1988 killing 290 passengers so we believe that the best you u.s. can do for protection of. maritime navigation is to just leave people alone don't interfere this is. basically a hostile act against iran and i do not believe it would have any impact other than
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insecurity we have the longest coast on the persian gulf and on the sea obama and the strait of hormuz and we have historically maintained freedom of navigation and security in the region along with our neighbors and once again we call on our neighbors to come together for security but when you see the string of events that took place in the body of water over the last few months you have drones darl and you have oil tankers mysteriously attacked which is no. putting more pressure on the international committee of the americas in particular to say you know what it's about time to take action now it's about time to stop terrorizing iranian people it's about time to stop creating insecurity in the region and i think doing that will provide security i think the united states is the source of instability in this region i think u.s.
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allies on fortunately have been the source of instability who is bombing people in yemen who are fighting in aden to get it is iran involved or our friends involved or are these 2 allies of the united states fighting against each other once defense minister mr had warned against. any attempt by the israelis to step into this and join the u.s. led coalition saying that this could have this is worse disastrous can sequences is iran trying to draw a line in the sand here. we basically state opposition israel has been the source of instability and insecurity and aggression and war in this region it is very unfortunate that some countries in our region are trying to buy security of all people from israel. people who have not been able to provide security for
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themselves there i don't dome has not even been able to protect them against. organisations that are fighting for their independence how can they provide security for the countries in the region but aren't you concerned that in this particular context the potential for a full blown minister confrontation is almost there because the americans are saying for example that the revolutionary guard in iran is using g.p.s. interference till your oil tankers into wandering into the territorial waters of iran to seize them and you know a slight small incident there and there you go it could be war but obviously the per we are. protecting our shores we are protecting our water as it is close to us and it is 7000 miles away from the shores now who should be concerned and i believe the president of the united
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sates in this region is disturbing lazing and if they're concerned but instability they should move away what is very clear extremely clear is that we are not seeking war we do not want confrontation we want development for our people we want development for our region we depend on this region we depend on the persian gulf on the strait of hormuz it's our lifeline all of our oil goes through the strait of hormuz we need stability here but stability should be for everybody be cannot have stability for some instability for others we need to have stability for all countries in the region and we are prepared to protect stability for all countries in the region and for those who depend on our region the united states is the least dependent for its energy on this region it is china it is japan it is
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korea i think those are the countries who should be involved with us with the countries in the region not with people who are from outside the region and we're prepared to work with them to ensure security and stability in this region many other countries out of the view that it was biggest problem is that it's uclear ambitions it's in a pursuit to develop. ballistic missile technology and for many countries the americans in particular this is a red line well. and the americans are not in a position to draw red lines for what we do for our defense when our people are dying in iraq a chemical weapons when are we people were being killed by american awacs information reconnaissance information by the british chieftain tanks by soviet migs by french eggs or set missiles who was protecting us by german chemical weapons who was protecting us nobody came to our protection we were forced to develop our ballistic missiles our missile capability in order to defend ourselves
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that is why this issue is extremely important for iranian people because we're not going to allow another aggressor to catch us defenseless we will defend ourselves but don't you see that sometimes your neighbors particularly saudi arabia the united arab emirates your neighbors in the region the moment they see that you're trying determined to build your own military capabilities they would say we also have to do the same thing we need to protect ourselves because this is a area that could be explosive any time we were not building our military capabilities when they paid $75000000000.00 to saddam hussein to attack us saudi arabia based on their own statements page $75000000000.00 for saddam's armand's it turned out that saddam after not being able to defeat us in the war targeted those weapons against the saudis and the kuwaitis themselves so if they started
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a military arms race. a an arms buildup in this region they should not complain we're not engaged in an arms buildup we are engaged in creating the necessary capability to defend ourselves or d.p. period to bring their military expenditure to our level 60 response exchange $1000000000.00 if saudi arabia is serious at least they can spend double arm $32.00 bit you let me challenge them instead of $87000000000.00 that they spent last year they have half of our population best and half of our population spend twice as much as we spend on defense why are they complaining what is it that they're complaining about their buying the most sophisticated weapons from the united states they're buying the most sophisticated weapons that are available in the global market and unfortunately unfortunately the merchants of death are selling them those weapons will go back to your relation with your neighbors in the region. it seems that we are in
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a perfect impasse and that the very heart of this whole crisis is the landmark 2015 year clear deal the c p a a can it still hold mr foreign minister i believe so i believe it's the best deal that was possible it wasn't the best deal for every put because you cannot have a perfect date there is no perfect it was the best deal that was possible and if. president trump is given corrected weiss he would be able to. basically accept the reality that this is the best deal possible and we can move forward but the deal can go on if the other participants if the remaining participants in the decide to simply fulfill their commitments we don't expect them to do anything for us. all we want from them is to fulfill their own commitments the commitments they
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made in the deed and the commitments they made after the u.s. withdrawal if they believe the commitments they made in the deed was contingent upon us being a part of the deed what about the commitments that they made after they knew that us had been through what we want them to do and what we expect them to do is to stay committed and we will stay committed as long as they are now the europeans of the same time are saying that we're expecting the iranians to give us more signals that they are willing to engage i'll give you an example you said that you you've issued warnings that you might. remove some of the restraints when it comes to the nuclear deal particular when it comes to enriching uranium be beyond the threshold of $3.00 or 7 percent is a still the case are you determined to go forward well you see when we negotiated the nuclear the it was not based on trust it was based on mutual mistrust and that
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is why in the we have provided provisions remedies if the if one side or the other while it's the deed we are using that exact remedy in paragraph 36 of the nuclear the so we're not while waiting the we are implementing the deal we are trying to safeguard the i can make a general statement for you we will be committed to the. as much as and as long as europe and the rest of the participants are committed president trump has repeatedly said the 2015 year clear deal was a bad deal. and if he decides it's an it's a turn chapter what would be the options left for iran a deed is a deed it is an agreement it's an agreement that a us government a us president elected by the people endorsed we did not have
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a revolution in the united states we just had an election and it cannot simply say that the agreements of previous administrations do not hold so if we take this statement seriously there are 2 years left of the 1st term of president trump less than 2 years of that and then. we will have a new president or maybe president trump reelected so it's then that you will decide how no no no no no even if president trump is there for another 6 years are we supposed to reach another deal with president trump that can only last 6 years that can only last 5 years that can only last a year and a half is that the type of international environment that president trump wants to create for people for countries who want to engage with the united states i see a rational from your perspective the bottom line here is do you have any deadline
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like in 2 years from now if the there is no attempt for any genuine the negotiation of the deal we're going to put off from the deal we don't need to pull out from the deal as long as others are in the deal we will be in the deal but we have options within the deal because as i said this deal was negotiated based on mutual mistrust and even distrust and that is why we have put mechanisms in the deal in the in the j.c. pure way to make sure that the deal would outlast anybody as the diplomatic crisis unfolds your neighbors in the region are produced and sent. saudi arabia in particular and for this would like to ask you how would you describe now your relations with the saudis well not not good. but saudis relations with qatar are not good. now i don't know what's happening to their relations with the u.a.e. in in aid and of course we're happy that there is
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a cease fire in aden but there's been conflict the situation in libya the situation in the sudan. all of these are where they are really popular not involved in libya or this or that but they are involved unfortunately what we have called for and repeat is that our neighbors all of us belong to this reach we cannot leave this region others believe this region others may not secure us others will not provide us with the security umbrella that we need we can provide each other with that security umbrella we extend our hand and our hand remain extended to all our neighbors we are very happy that we have extremely good relations with cutter we have extremely good relations with a man we have extremely good relations with kuwait and we want to have good relations with the other 3 countries in the press but you know what the saudis and the americans for example have been saying over the last few years that iran is
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never has never been genuine about reaching out to us and they would give you examples they would say you are spreading a radical ideology in the region yet you use proxies in yemen for example you are building the capabilities of the who these to destabilize the region you have been involved militarily in a place like syria when you should have come to that and and looked into different scenarios like a diplomatic way out of the crises that let me ask you a question are our proxies fighting each other in aid or are our proxies fighting each other in libya. are proxies fighting each other into sort that did really provide $75000000000.00 to saddam hussein did we imprison the prime minister of another country for 3 weeks who has done all of this we have been on the receiving end of their aggressions of the money they spent in order to
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destabilize us from day $1.00 after the revolution they were hoping to undermine the revolution they have not succeeded isn't 40 years enough isn't 40 years long enough for them to come to their senses that by paying terrorist organizations by financing terrorist organizations by financing aggressors they're only creating enemies for themselves look at what they've done in syria they finance darvish they are diversion they armed the nostra what did it what did it do to that by the same time there was say you could have also stepped in it's place like syria where you have a huge political and mr leverage and convince president bashar assad to negotiate a peaceful way out of the crisis that's exact with the syrian people that's exactly what we're doing look at the situation in syria yeah it is it is unfortunate but that's exactly what we're doing that's what that's exactly what we have done with
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russia and turkey for the last 3 years that's exactly what we're doing but they came to syria not to unseat president bashar assad but to push us out they have to recognize that iran cannot be excluded from this region we're a part of this region we are a part and parcel we have been here for millenia we have 7000 years of history in this region we did not come from outside or like others we are from this region we remain in this region and that's a historical fact we need to live together. we want to live with our neighbors we have no choice but we have serious bonds we have historical points cultural bonds religious bonds and as all muslims are coming back from mina. to finish their hatch we call on our neighbors to come back to what joins us
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together rather than to what. pulls us apart yemen for example you have good relations with her theories of this particular issue how can you step in and offer a way out of this crisis in yemen you could you could talk to the health is that convinced that if he was in april 25th seen a few days after the war had started we offered. at that time. and the united states administration agreed to have a cease fire. and we offered our help unfortunately saudi arabia at that time believed that it could win militarily within weeks that is why it rejected the offer our offer is still on the table cease fire immediate humanitarian assistance yemeni intra yemeni dialogue and an inclusive government that is still on the table they should stop fighting they should stop fighting each other they should stop
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putting all of this burden on the innocent yemeni people come to didn't allow yemenis to come to the negotiating table and i can assure you we will do what ever we can in order to make that happen there's been a meeting between the senior iranian official and in the red fish about maritime security do you see this as a 1st step towards normalization with united arab emirates well we certainly hope that we can have normalization with all of our neighbors and we certainly hope that all of our neighbors can have normalization with each other there is no reason for the u.a.e. and saudi arabia and bahrain to try to strangulate gutter and we make it very clear to them this region is too small and too all the time for these games to be played talking about a very complex political landscape in the region which also brings again the same question could these problems that we've been talking about the blockade imposed of
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your strained relations with the saudi arabia and with the night out of and the rest of the own going crisis could be. conducive to a genuine. debate between the other side is because when we face reality ultimately in the foreign minister saad is consider themselves to be the leader of the sunni islam you consider yourselves to be the leaders of islam and people are saying that after all these years calamity is disaster civil war bloodshed it's about time for a new chapter it's long over it's long overdue we need to do it we're prepared to do it my proposal for a regional dialogue forum is on the table that's exactly what you do when you have dialogue you don't discuss about niceties you discuss about your differences and i made that proposal 6 years ago i restate that proposal there is
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a security council resolution 598 which was adopted in 1987 it has a paragraph in it based on the iranian suggestion that we need to have a regional security arrangement we call on our neighbors in the region to join us in trying to secure our region the problem has been that some in our region particularly in saudi arabia have believed that they can purchase security from outside that they can secure themselves by relying on the worst enemy of the stomach worlds and that is israel they have done that they continue to do that it pains me when i see netanyahu saying that saudi leaders are his friends netanyahu is never going to be a friend of the muslim world his hands are bloodied with the blood of muslim people
11:44 pm
look at what happens every friday in the occupied territories. this is the reality of the situation while you are the relying on netanyahu since you're talking about right a premise a bunch of it doesn't you know i had a lot of time in iran's supreme leader describe the us middle east plan as a humanity as a crime against humanity which is which prompted a tough response from year u.s. secretary of state mike pompei of d.c. the mid middle east peace plan something that could possibly see the daylight. i believe the palestinians are the final judge of that and if you look at the situation right now the palestinians are rejecting that and they have every reason to reject it because it basically it basically legitimises the status quo this is what they have said publicly. this is what. i said publicly
11:45 pm
this is what others have said publicly that we have to accept reality underground reality underground is aggression reality underground is occupation reality underground is an expression reality on the ground is why lation daily why elation of human rights of all palestinians i do not believe that the palestinians are prepared to accept this reality on the ground and the us should stop legitimizing aggression why they should have human rights and occupation even sanctions after the client. has a trump chat invitation is this something that could further impede your work as a foreign minister i mean would you be able to travel to the u.s. meet with senators potentially even meet with the president trump if this circumstances are different you see i'm doing my work. i had the pleasure of meeting my counterpart and i'll be meeting with his highness the emir i'm
11:46 pm
interviewing you so much i mean in today's world you cannot shut anybody you can't shut them up you cannot prevent a point a minister from doing his job i never request any meetings in the u.s. i respond to requests now if they continue to make requests from me i will respond positively why don't you see the opportunity people would say that well it wasn't so this was just going to be a photo op with no substance who knows it could be also an opportunity for you to at least listen to the man in person and then see how how you can come up with some concessions when you say. really. mean really busy people i spend days and nights negotiating a deal why should i spent again the same time if that is going to hold only for one and a half or 5 and a half years. you said you're a very busy person you've been iran's chief diplomat for almost i think 6 yes you
11:47 pm
go through the marathon talks to for the land back to 1015 nuclear deal there's been the spring war in syria war in yemen the own going crisis with the trump administration isn't this a tough job for you mr foreign minister trying to build bridges with the world that does not trust iran well. they mistrust is mutual not with the world with a few countries. and i think the rest of the world don't trust might but it's a tough job but it's. it's a sweet toughness to be trying to serve your people this is going to be my last question to you so. much as if iran's foreign minister how do you see the future deep in your heart when you look at the situation when we see that the next months could be really decisive in the in the region do you have any hopes that we
11:48 pm
might see a peaceful political way out of the crisis with the us or are you concerned that the potential for a war is also there i'm certainly concerned but as a diplomat i always need to look for a peaceful way out and that's what we are trying. to do as if iran is for him as a thank you very much if you have to. this is al-jazeera. this is the news hour from al-jazeera
11:49 pm
a cotton sudan here is evidence that former president bashir received millions of dollars from saudi arabia also in the news turkey condemns a government strike in north with syria near its army convoy in children rebel command we made the victims of powerful pellets guns used by security forces in india administered kashmir all of that plus. the on this rock is the entrance to a german owned cave here in southern chile where for nearly half a century residents were enslaved and abused now 117 of the survivors are suing the chilean state puts a ledger sponsibility. so we're starting with sudan where a court has been told the former health former president all about the sheer accepted $90000000.00 from saudi arabia's government bashir is on trial on corruption charges he is accused of possessing foreign currency and accepting
11:50 pm
bribes the military you will remember removed bashir from power back in april after months of anti-government protests he is also wanted separately by the international criminal court for war crimes and crimes against humanity in darfur but. this is a political case because people were saying that this president looted the country's money and took it out of sudan this is what the media say but we said something different in court and none of this has been mentioned morgan reporting from a cartoon for us on the story high here but what do you take us through what happened in court today. well come out who are worth of cash and overhearing session between former president ahmed in the shoe and his defense team as well as prosecute the prosecutors and the judge now prosecutors have listened to the investigating team let's not forget that in june there was a procedural hearing between the prosecutor investigated and the former ousted president in which the president apparently admitted according to the investigators
11:51 pm
that he received at least $19000000.00 from the kingdom of saudi arabia as well as millions of other dollars as well from the united arab emirates now he also said that he doesn't know what happened to that money and how it was spent that some of it he gave to charity but did not exactly follow up on how it was spent by those charities and by the other people who gave it to them so prosecutors are saying that these are legit charges that they need to know why he was given that money why it was not into these coffers and why he doesn't know where it went and they think that these all amounts up to corruption but his defense team which compromise which conference comprises of more than $1000.00 lawyers say that this is the case that they're very confident the president will come out with the former president will come out with without without being charged as guilty as everyone everyone watching this really closely there in sudan are just i think about these charges that he's up on but there's so many other things that he's accused of as well some of which
11:52 pm
led to his his downfall. yes indeed so in maine the prosecutor also charged him with that in men's and being behind the killing of protesters now under article $130.00 of this next constitution that is that punishable by death penalty if found guilty but that charge is not being brought up during this time and we're not sure if we want the transitional government is formed which is now in the process of being formed if those charges will be brought up again the other thing people are asking about is what about the war crimes that happened in what about the the. crimes that happen in nuba mountains and you're now in the southern part of the country they think they want to know why are they focusing on corruption charges why they are focusing what are they charging especially with charges from the international criminal court. that you've been accused of work crimes against humanity and genocide in darfur get a really good point thank you have a morgan in. for us thank you for that now as how did omar al bashir actually get
11:53 pm
to this point where he is in court well the demonstrations began last december over the rising cost of living which of course turned into that wind of movement calling for an end to his 30 years in office has been under house arrest since april when the military said bashir was being investigated for money laundering after more than 130000000 dollars was found at his home it's also been charged with incitement and the involvement in the killing of protesters and as he was talking about there as well the international criminal court has a warrant out for his arrest on accusations of war crimes in the darfur region but say the thoughts of total now a lecturer in international security at the university of bath in the u.k. he says there are other questions around whether there is sufficient evidence for this case to continue. the question here really is whether or not there is a sufficient evidence for days trials to continue. if
11:54 pm
these trials would prove to be a chef and a fossil as many commentators are the arguing it's highly probable that the trial will continue precisely on the basis that bashir allegedly took money when he was president of sudan and as is lawyers are currently arguing he was called 3rd by immunity during that time right now what we are seeing is a contrast between. 2 opposing views of what justice should look like. whether or not this would be the case we'd be saying the few at the right now with there is a problem that we need to discuss which is. should we issue around some arrest against the problem of court precedents if these in p.s. the dissolution of the conflict that is ongoing in the council. we move to other
11:55 pm
news and turkey has condemned a syrian air strike that hit its convoy in the north of the country the turkish foreign ministry says the attack violated agreements with russia president bashar al assad's powerful ally this report from beirut. a syrian or russian warplane is believed to be behind this air attack close to a turkish military convoy it was making its way through the opposition controlled province of idlib turkey says it was heading to one of its observation posts. that in the have a town of more ak and like the rebel controlled town of hunch a horn a few kilometers away it could soon come under siege and syrian government forces and their allies advance the syrian foreign ministry is accusing turkey of trying to stop the army's advance and providing support to what it calls terrorist groups turkey's local allies the so-called syrian national army were recently seen heading
11:56 pm
to the front lines to help fight the government's military push the nation and army were sent in massive force amounts to the front lines and and the 2nd we have seen today morning the mess of calm war 200 order to established there and. cutting the highway that highway will allow the syrian government to clean their cities under its control and revive trade but me population centers like. along the road the town used to shelter up to 100000 syrians before the military escalation started in april many of them had been displaced from nearby hama province it's now empty as government troops and their allies are a few kilometers from reaching its center. syrian regime did not enter khalid shaikh leon and fighting continues in the vicinity of the city the
11:57 pm
turks have said. and reinforcement to prevent the syrian regime from entering koncz a clean and as usual the syrian regime targeted the turkish convoy turkey is a key carrying tool in this region as part of the deescalation equipment and we do not expect it to give up the airstrike may have been a message from syria to turkey whose defense ministry has condemned it as a violation of existing agreements and cooperation with russia and turkey's deployment of troops seems to have been its own message to syria and its backer russia not to advance any further but many are asking are both sides just posturing or will the sharp escalation and tension turn the proxy battle in into a different kind of war. beirut ok here's what's coming up for you on the soon some russian politicians playing this protest in moscow on foreign interference we'll tell you what they're trying to do about. my realtor's our name is mark charles
11:58 pm
a man of the people the native american who wants to be the next u.s. president. in the sport of football or swapping. son over here with the details a little later. while iran is warning the united states not to seize an oil tanker in open waters are threats from gibraltar overnight the vessel was held for 6 weeks on suspicion it was taking crude oil to syria in violation of international sanctions it's no longer called the grace one as we knew it left under its new. one but it is still unclear where the tanker is actually going this report from andrew symonds. yes. lifted and underway at last in the darkness heading east into the mediterranean. a few hours before the departure supplies had been loaded on the
11:59 pm
adrian daria warm in the choppy waters a specialist engineer had been winched up along with at least 5 new crew members the engineer was brought on board to attend to a technical issue planning to return to shore later nightfall on the swell of the sea is getting worse yet the technician has yet to return to the supertanker the ai asked systems that automatic identification systems are now showing the adrian real war they to the technician had finished his work and returned to shore but who will end up with $140000000.00 worth of crude oil this is obviously going to be one of the nice tracts vessels either the next few days and therefore we have a very clear idea of where it goes and we have a very clear idea of any vessels that come alongside in order to try and ship the cargo. last thursday gibraltar the supremes court lifted the detention order on the ship after assurances from iran that it would not deliver its cargo of crude oil to
12:00 am
syria complying with the european union sanctions on that country an attempt by the united states to reimpose the detention under its own sanctions was dismissed by the court on sunday as the reflagged rename ship prepared to leave your proto announced it couldn't follow up on a subsequent u.s. district court warrant the detention of the ship and the full faith of her cargo. it was 6 weeks ago the super tanker was captured off the coast of this tiny british territory at the tip of the iberian peninsula it's overlooking the african coastline and it's the gateway to the mediterranean a british frigate docking here but destined for the strait of hormuz to take over escort duties serves as a reminder of the tension there it has escalated with the ongoing detention of a british flag tankards in peril this is the.


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