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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 20, 2019 1:00am-1:35am +03

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many afghans are resisting celebration for another reason they feel the sovereignty is still compromised the younger. son believed. this since it's by the soviet union and by the united states of america group on the us invaded in 2118 years later having spent $800000000000.00 and with $13000.00 troops in country it's negotiating its withdrawal with the taliban so far the afghan government isn't involved but those talks could mark the start of a new afghanistan that dance hopefully they can shake their identity without the threat of war or into fair. kabul in the news ahead. funeral for one of 200 people killed by the landslides and flooding in southern
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india that and the headlines in my. head of that more rain across much of southern china quite heavy at times some strong thunderstorms and we could of course see more localized flooding but it's not just there you can see this bank of cloud any fact we've got more rain in the forecast across much of taiwan having some very saturated ground so landslides and mudslides really quite a possibility about 2 millimeters of rain is expected in the next couple of days no real change perhaps drying up for the tools the east and exist shanghai it's dry and warm with a high of 33 degrees celsius me want to cross in india we've got more of those monsoon rains there very widespread and of course some regions saying more heavy rain than elsewhere one of those to take in regions has been a west bank. village and again just look at the whole villages inundated these the
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shops along the shopkeeper's all that she trying to operate. of water this morning forecast overstays a go through the next few days however the indian metal phases actually eased off some of their warnings although we've got widespread rains there's no particular state that is expected to see particularly heavy downpours but it will be wet not pool for she will miss some have to thunderstorms and also as rains a fairly extensive across the. bay really pushing again into a new pool again west bengal and across into bangladesh. on counting the cost to india $1.00 of the biggest defense spending is in the world but the emerging superpower ramp up its security purely on imports plus the young people tap into the world of sports and streaming services we are pay t.v. killing off. counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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the top stories on al-jazeera this. syrian government forces claim to have advanced near the strategically important town of. early and strike narrowly missed a turkish military convoy advancing in the area and turkey is strongly condemning the instant a court in sudan has been told former president omar bashir accepted $90000000.00 from saudi arabia's government he is on trial on corruption charges after the military topos bashir in april following months of anti-government protests and
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iran is warning the u.s. not to seize its oil tanker in open seas after it set off from gibraltar overnight the vessel was held there for 6 weeks on accusations of violating sanctions. demonstrations in indonesia's west papua region have turned violent as protesters burned public facilities and blocked roads they're angry at what they say is police abuse against ethnic point students popular occupies the western parts of the island of new guinea and has been disputed ever since the end of dutch rule and schapelle has more. as protests spread across 3 cities and pop up thousands took part to show their anger i am an example in one of the capital of west papuan protesters blocked intersections by burning tires and brought some areas to a standstill and they set fire to the local parliament building. earlier in the day a protester named alfred explained his reasons for participating in the mini this
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is racism against pop when people pop when students were attacked and arrested only because they were willing to raise the indonesian flag or the incident he's referring to happened over the weekend on independence day rumors spread on social media that ethnic pop and students living on java island had damaged the indonesian flag. their dormitory in surabaya was surrounded by a group of people who were recorded chanting kick them out and other anti west papuan slogans. rather than disperse the crowd police fired tear gas and raided the compound on saturday. more than 40 ethnic pop when students say they were subjected to racial abuse as they were being detained. after being held for nearly 9 hours the group was released without charge but she won't be here this incident clearly disturbed the unity as a nation the government ordered
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a thorough and fair investigation of the incident and those who had violated the law we will pursue anyone who used this incident for their own interest. in the past indonesia's government has blamed separatists for stoking violence in the west papuan region which has been home to a low level armed rebellion by indigenous pop once for decades in the 1st day of a joke always doesn't he good policy by giving amnesty inside one of the prisoners however in the recency delish and forget about even the how to preserve the park as a human or human rights. the latest allegations of police abuse are likely to add to their list of grievances and or schapelle al-jazeera chinese technology is being given a slight reprieve from the united states its total ban on access to u.s. supply will be delayed while it will be allowed to continue buying components from
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the u.s. used in its current products commerce secretary wilbur ross says it's to give american companies time to wean themselves off while way washington accuses the telecoms manufacturer of building a backdoor for chinese intelligence services into its 5 g. network more from our white house correspondent kimberly hellcats. the announcement by the u.s. government has been given another 90 day reprieve now the day that those sanctions will take effect is november 19th is coming as a bit of a surprise given the fact that u.s. president donald trump said one day earlier he did not expect another reprieve to be granted now in the midst of all of this there are a number of factors that may have come into play with this decision to delay putting in place the penalties on wall way that prevent u.s. companies from doing business with the chinese telecom giant sensually it is
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a bargaining chip in the ongoing trade war turned currency war between the united states and china the concern from the united states has long been. the accusations have long been that china has been stealing intellectual property from the united states using its technologies that are integrated with american systems now in order for this to be resolved there are still trade talks that are underway according to the white house economic adviser there will be another discussion between the trade representatives of the united states and china in 10 days time and if all goes well there is an expectation that china will come to the united states as the 2 sides try to work out their differences but in the midst of all of this what this means for american companies particularly in rural areas is that they can continue to do business with weiwei for now at least and till the middle of november. now russia is investigating alleged foreign interference in its
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upcoming local elections in moscow there is concern court foreign meddling is encouraging unauthorized it's a parliamentary committee has now agreed to set up a special commission lisa violently broken up large demonstrations of opposition candidates banned from running in the election. after this emergency session here at the state duma no further evidence has been provided yet what we do know is that the deputy head of the u.s. embassy was called in last week for a notification on their website about some unsanctioned rallies basically showing a map of the route as well according to the embassy this was basically to warn its citizens not to go to that area but according to parliament members here this could be a sign to actually encourage people to go to that area another medium that's now been scrutinized as you tube because of notifications they apparently have been sending about live streaming of these unsanctioned rallies and also the weather has been
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mentioned for a tweet which also according to look to lawmakers here they encourage people to go to this rally for we haven't heard anything we haven't also heard any proof we just interviewed the deputy of the state duma mr trotsky and he also said that this whole investigation has to provide this evidence and it is still a possibility there isn't any evidence of this foreign interference but where is this now all about of course play in this foreign interference card it's basically distracting also the attention from the real reasons behind the protesters basically saying that these people have no real reasons to go onto the streets and that they're basically only being encouraged by foreigners and that's in the narrative that the state duma basically is now trying to play here. india's prime minister narendra modi has spoken on the phone with us president donald trump 2 weeks after new delhi revoked the autonomy of indian administered kashmir details
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of the conversation have a devoted to trump and modi is said to have discussed increasing trade and preventing what they call cross border terrorism india's also some restrictions in india on minister kashmir but concerns about human rights abuses remain a number of civilians say they have been targeted by indian forces during the lockdown has more from new delhi mohammad may never regain his vision in one of his eyes he says he was hit by pellets fired by an indian soldier right after he stepped out of his local mosque because. everything was normal there were no protests security forces chased us away and fired pellets at us one more person older than me was also injured he was discharged from hospital yesterday. mom of the qs a security forces an indian administered kashmir of targeting. he shows us his back with scars of what he says a pellet injury. earlier this month thousands here defied
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restrictions imposed by the authorities and protested against the indian government's decision to revoke autonomy. this 17 year old was one of them. we had no intentions to do and what the police attacked and several boys were injured including me i was hit on the right side of my body by belin. even though indian administered kashmir has been under lockdown for nearly 2 weeks. people have come out in protest in some cases the government has responded with force even admitting that a few people have been injured in the recent crisis. is a member of the biggest hindu group in india that supports the governing party he says the government has used minimal force during the last 2 weeks if you have an option to fire real bullets and if you have to fire guns then obviously we'll
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choose the letter and the supreme court of india was very clear that in order to control law and order situation you must use minimum force in the force instance and then use the you know extreme forces analyst. disagrees the question is that does use of guns blinding of children blending of men is it a justifiable self-defense by the armed forces against in 2016 the new government said it would replace pellet guns with a less lethal weapon or on the ground any given this means security forces are still using them against those protesting over new delhi's decision to revoke autonomy. the fear is that if the protests continue in the coming days or months so will the pellet injuries on al-jazeera new delhi. more heavy rain is expected in many parts of india bringing a threat of flooding there monsoon rains have been falling for weeks and more than
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$270.00 people have been killed around half of the victims in the southern side of carola or about manly has. the 1st soldier killed in. the days of heavy rain. among the homes destroyed was. he. who was with the indian army his entire family is no more all the bodies were recovered except his mother and sisters body and the search is ongoing. he was just one of more than 200 people who died after the country was hit by heavy monsoon rains large scale flooding and scores of landslides. as the floodwaters recede rescue teams move in with radars search for bodies buried deep in the mud.
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with the help of radars we just found 3 bodies and we now have 16 more to find out of the 59 people killed here we will continue our search operation into the last audio is taken out. last year's southern india sucked it was flooding the sentry a 1000000 people were displaced villages swept away more than 200 people killed at the time experts said land use was often to blame for the flooding left by claiming about plans for other uses for that is an automated thing which is another way. about plants. morsels of water carolina has more than 50 large dams which is supposed to protect areas against flooding but the u.n. says many would nearly full before the heavy rains fell. local officials say they have taken action.
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as aid workers start cleaning up and people are turning more rain is expected to threatening many of the most vulnerable with more hardship about a manly out as there are several people hoping to be the next u.s. president will be in iowa in the next few days at a forum focusing on native american issues most of them are democrats one of the speakers there will be mark chiles who is running as an independent alan fischer met the native american i mean to change the face of u.s. politics. mark charles hopes in 17 months he won't be walking in his dining room but from the oval office in the white house he's running for president and believes america is ready to elect a native american i am running this campaign not as a protest but a way. to try to change. a citizen of the navajo nation he launched his campaign as an independent online my realtor's our name is mark charles and since
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the launch he's campaigned mainly in native american areas for one very good reason native america alone has the power to put me on the ballot in all 50 states. that is incredibly empowering to our communities which for so many not just decades centuries has been left behind and disenfranchised by this nation and said you don't have any political or voting power and so you're going to be dismissed and. journey the principle plank of his campaign the from the very beginning of the country marginalize many that the us constitution of we the people left women marginalized known whites and put power in the hands of a few i'm laying out this vision of let's build a nation where we the people truly means all the people one political expert says those who feel excluded might rally around him but not running for one of the 2 big parties makes it hard for his voice to be heard but i do think though that the constituencies he would have to win right and he knows that he's going to need all
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of these people who are you said marginal in our society and these are people who are becoming the majority in america so i think he has the right sensibility i mean i think his message of one of we the people is the kind of message that people are interested in and perhaps why people issue partisan labels but i do think the fact that he is an independent speaks to this larger issue that we have with people who look like non winners charles is only the 2nd native american to run for the u.s. presidency. this campaign is small tiny but he believes he is a big message and that the u.s. is ready for something new from someone whose roots go back to before america was america alan fischer al-jazeera washington. let's take you to the headlines now on al-jazeera syrian government forces claim to have advance near the strategically important town of can share who in earlier an
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air strike narrowly missed a turkish military convoy advancing in the area and turkey is strongly condemning the incident in other news sudan's former president omar bashir is gone on trial on corruption charges he's accused of possessing foreign currency and accepting bribes the court heard he had received 90000000 dollars from saudi arabia's government the share denies the allegations. presenting the head of a country to trial proves that there is rule of law in the country and that no one is above the law this message is not just for the ousted government but to the incoming government the case will resume next week we can't tell you what the outcome will be but we can say that we are assured that the case is going in the favor of the defendant iran is warning the u.s. not to seize its oil tanker in open seas after it set off from gibraltar overnight the vessel was held for 6 weeks on suspicion it was taking crude oil to syria in violation of e.u. sanctions no longer called the grace one it is now the adrian daria one but still
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unclear where it's actually had it. celebrations have been postponed for afghanistan's 100 independence day after a bombing at a wedding reception killed 63 people at a small ceremony president musharraf and he promised revenge for the saturday night attack in kabul eisel claimed responsibility for it most of the victims are from afghanistan's shia minority and he said all safe havens for the so-called islamic state will be eliminated russia's investigating foreign interference in its upcoming local elections in moscow there is concern foreign meddling is encouraging an authorised rallies a parliamentary committee has now agreed to set up a special commission police been violently breaking up large demonstrations of opposition candidates who are banned from running in the election and the u.s. is given chinese firm weiwei another 90 day extension to trade with american
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companies commerce secretary wilbur ross says that will give firms time to adjust ahead of a total ban on doing business with the way up to date with the headlines and back in a few moments with this week's edition of counting the cost. hello i'm come on santa maria and this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week india it is one of the biggest defense spending in the world but it doesn't for imports you know if that's really the way for an emerging superpower to ramp up its security especially as
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tension over kashmir continues to rise. also televised sport but on which screen younger people are increasingly tapping into the world of streaming services not to mention even sports so where does pay t.v. face him is it still the savior of cash strapped stoltz or is it killing off the nation. and will take you to bangladesh to see how traditional farming practices are offering solutions to the modern problem of climate change. you have seen in the past few weeks the increasing tension between india and pakistan 2 nuclear powered neighbors. this was of course after india's prime minister narendra modi ended 7 decades of autonomy in kashmir we're actually not looking at that this way but rather india's defense spending because any unrest over kashmir does give us pause let's go through this bit by bit the last time the 2 nations clashed a pakistani war plane blew up an aging indian mig 21 out of the sky one which had
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been updated with western technology modi has been criticized for delaying the delivery of new planes a deal to acquire 126 jets was about to be signed off back in 2015 but he cancelled the order instead he struck his own deal for 36 referrals with $8700000000.00 a deal which led to allegations of corruption the shooting down of the make there raise other questions about india's aging arsenal most notably because of the way india is seen particularly by the us as opposed to rising china but the problem is india isn't spending as much as china on defense and probably with good reason it's got other priorities things like poverty reduction education and health care so let's pause there and think about india and china side by side on this defense spend now beijing's defense budget is huge 175400000000 dollars and 2019 and some analysts actually reckon it could be higher if you take into account the
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acquisition of your equipment in contrast india's defense budget just a 3rd of beijing's coming in at 62000000000 however india has been rapidly spending money in the past few years to update its walky or at least in 2018 it was the world's 4th biggest spender. exactly what is india spending on well here are some of the big ticket upgrades currently underway india wants to order $140.00 new aircraft worth $15000000000.00 and it's ask the likes of boeing and lockheed and saab to make a pitch at the 5 percent of the aircraft are to be made in india as it steps up security in the indian ocean the governments in the market for 6 missile warships and other vessels worth $2200000000.00 and washington one like this one but india spending $5000000000.00 on buying russia's s $400.00 missile defense system plus another $5000000000.00 on helicopters warships and other gear but here are the thoughts of some defense analysts is it really in india's interest to buy equipment
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from the likes of the united states and russia to maintain an independent military style should it not ramp up its own industry as part of making india campaign which really is pretty much been a failure so far remember india does have an independent space program for example and it's a successful one it's about to make a controlled landing on the moon so the money and the will to spend are both there so let's get some answers to some of these questions we've raised joining us on skype from chennai is arjun srikumar he is a senior aerospace and defense consultant at frost and sullivan and it's nice to have you with us out of june you know i think about say india's space program which has been massively successful and it put a lot of money into it for it to be successful i wonder if defense needs to be sort thoughtful of in the same way you got to throw some more money into it. toiling a lot of money to do it is absolutely necessary. you know budget documents art and
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art all the various indicate their thoughts any effect of this so you need to go beyond the quantum of money you don't need to weigh into defense and look at how much money is what that puts capital acquisition and also look at the m. on the underspend that's there in the us by objects so if you look at the capital expenditure component of india the defense budget is usually haulers at around 3436 bust and judge and if you look at the understand it has been steadily increasing or the year us up so this sore points to the fact that there are deeper problems especially that stress big do procurement processes that needs to be corrected or gets to become more effective. also if you look at indian defense budgets and after all the revenue
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expenditure component the pensions and that go on for inflation you find that the cruel a what the last few years has not been all that much to be honest i just want to look at some specifics with you very near the deal for the with the original deal for the. jets i think it was $126.00 of them and the majority of them would actually be built in india. that's not happening and you can you think about narendra modi's famous made in india pledge which he wants the the 2 things don't don't go together. that's true to an extent but. you need to look at this in a couple of us bit of better busy of the 1st question here is that op just using the procurement numbers to just 6 from hungary and greenness 6
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isn't going to affect the operation of the fit to this off india air force that yes op but. i think that's just one part of the story here there's a lot of book here and that's going to be especially for eric clapton's in the future due to cater to all these deficiencies in terms of number of platforms addressing the 2nd part of your question jericho mug on whether it's in line with it make in india. if you analyze the detail up there is a clause that says that there is 0 there's an offset process but since the $50.00 cent of the contract value has to be invested in procuring defense. items that so this is from an indian company you are going to want to bring a bit of geopolitics into this now and i'm going to leave kashmir out of it for now
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because i think that's a whole a huge issue on its own but just more widely you know i think the united states for example would like to see india as some sort of counterweight in the region to the likes of china that would involve again a lot of spending from india wouldn't it. bell exactly you're spot on gama if you look at the chinese spending in the us military it's more than 3 days of work. and yes pants up but. and the u.s. is planning to use india as a go and of aid in its ship this extract she bought for it to be capable of going to of it india has to foster back its arguments and reduce our in obsolescence that its in its forces. india can no art gone to china by a number of us but what it can do is it get modernized its forces
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it knowledge and one step knowledge of that act as force multiplier is a trend that we that we see in global defense is that there is a lot of commercial off the shelf technology that be migrated from commercial do defense to improve operational efficiencies to improve into intelligence surveillance reconnaissance tactic and then books etc and india has a very poor fish and id industry and a large number of technology driven small and medium enterprises that can be leveraged deadlock spoke bitch taste defense systems that can multiply operational capabilities and at the same day keep up costs and offer dependencies no and just pushing things out a little further india has this long held relationship with with russia going back to cold war times and now you have the purchase of the famous case 400 defense
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systems how does that sort of play into things further again i have to bring the united states back into it because of all the geopolitical tensions between all these players it doesn't border better for any nation especially india to create a dependency trap and it comes to defense of your arguments. so it's a vice meanwhile yes sparky it's open and all busy. so. unself maximizing what it can get however it's so up india is going to be here sheesh defense market over the next 56 years it already it's 5 a lot more defense programs will be signed in the future and there's going to be a lot of competition between the u.s. and russia in the market and i don't think what the indian forces loyal is to get the best of all was. busy not being locked into
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dependency traps or gin it's been a pleasure talking to you thank you so much for your time. moving on now and the trumpet ministration unusually has taken a step back from imposing more tariffs on china they were due on september 1st but washington doesn't want to see price increases in the run up to christmas and i know it's meant finally that u.s. consumers are bearing the brunt of the trade war but the collateral damage from the trade war is also being felt globally chile for example regarded as latin america's most stable economy has actually seen a shop rise in unemployment and latin america editor listen newman has been looking at the impact from santiago. for nearly 3 months 55 year old. has been going out every day looking for a job the joins the queue of disemployment agency hoping like the rest to secure
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work as a housemaid a job that used to be easy to find but no longer nothing call about on me if i don't work i can't pay for my rent my bills my food without a salary how can i survive for me it's essential to have been a good director of the agency says the number of chileans looking for work is skyrocketing. last week i was that employment fair before 85 percent of candidates were immigrants now it's 5050 that means that a lot more people are looking for this kind of work for the 1st time so we are trying to train in places with. the sharp rise in unemployment is just one of the direct consequences of the escalating trade dispute between the u.s. and china. the price of copper chillies main export has fallen 17 percent this year the value of the chilean piss off regarded as one of the most stable in latin america has dropped to its lowest level in more than 3 years making imports more
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expensive. chile's export based economy is particularly vulnerable to what it clown a missed call external shock so what affects its main trading partner china has a direct impact on words for. the. price. paid. to the early days but the who have. grown. up perhaps know when it is being more impacted by this crisis and the people there to see here tens of thousands of migrants have come here to chile just this year alone the majority of them from that this way and they're here at the immigration department hoping to get their papers in order so that they do the jobs that are becoming harder and harder to come by the world economy minister tells al-jazeera that he remains cautiously.


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