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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 20, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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that does use of guns blending of children blending of men is it a justifiable self-defense by the armed forces. in 2016 the government said it would replace pellet guns with a less lethal weapon or on the ground any given this means security forces are still using them against those protesting over new delhi's decision to revoke autonomy. the fear is that if the protests continue in the coming days or months so will the pellet injuries arch of aura al jazeera new delhi just one other note the term for pakistan's powerful army chief has now been extended for 3 years as tension intensifies with india over the disputed kashmir region a prominent opposition leader the foreign minister and the president of pakistan administered kashmir have given their views in a talk to al-jazeera special with some of. the attack press freedoms in
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occupied kashmir i wish i was speaking from a moral ground moral high ground and i would be speaking from our high ground of my own government was not restricting some human rights and media freedoms in pakistan but having said that we can't equate our concerns about curtailment of democracy in pakistan with the military occupation by an extremist government by the man seen as the butcher of could drop my biggest fear is. the. genocide. that can take place on the inside of it we have no evidence as you. open up open up you hear did anybody stop you you went to the elysee you make people you into in people will be allow you there because why don't you attempt and try after having been here. and rick will make a request to the indian side and let them allow you to go to srinagar to meet the
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readership over there will be allowed no i doubt it so we're not going to fair we have nothing to hide is that your concern that these 2 nuclear armed neighbors could go to war because you would be essentially on the front lines if that happens that anything can happen there can be miscalculations but before miscalculations india has taken escalate 3 steps in february this year indian prime minister had threatened pakistan with the use of nuclear weapons and at that time we had said that he doesn't know what he's talking about by if he takes that step then that would mean a nuclear armageddon. and a nuclear winter not just for south asia but for the entire world. all of those interviews with some a binge of 8 on that special edition of talk to al-jazeera at these times on tuesday and wednesday. still ahead on this thousands of demonstrators set fire to
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public buildings in indonesia protesting what they call abuse of ethnic when students. hello there claire dry out of course halts across much of the middle baghdad we've seen some very high temperatures here over the last several days and it will stay warm over the next few days so people are really trying to stay as cool as they can look at this in the tigris river not a bad way to spend your day if you can if not that big of a cold drink or even head to. people enjoying having water cooler water away. from here to say the temperatures are actually said to increase over the next few days elsewhere across the region it is dry and hot 44 degrees in a city there's no sign really of any rain we could say into northern sections of
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turkey yet again so this could lead to very localized flooding of course very dry ground generally with these rains that are quite heavy at times and then the arabian peninsula more showers and possible across the southwest of yemen and then isn't a story going on into wednesday knows as hot but 39 celsius and nice again is a lot of with a high of 26 meanwhile southern africa look at these temperatures because we've had a pretty good case guys the last few days in the forecast and the temperatures are really taking a hike 18 celsius on cheese day but by wednesday 27 degrees 10 degrees above average for this time of year so enjoy it but of those sunny skies. i've been looking at your instagram account and reading the apples for this is a dialogue when donald trump announce his candidacy for president after them everyone has a voice best chance the democrats have to beat donald trump is to nominate an
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exciting inspirational charismatic nominee to join the global conversation on your thoughts to twitter and. on down to 0. you're with al-jazeera these are our top stories syrian government forces claim to have advanced strategically important town of. earlier an airstrike also narrowly missed a turkish military convoy advancing in the area turkey is strongly condemning the in. accordance sudan's been told our former president bush here apparently accepted
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$90000000.00 from the government of saudi arabia he is on trial on corruption charges the military deposed bashir in april after months of protests. and iran is warning the u.s. not to seize its oil tanker in open seas after it set off from gibraltar overnight . the vessel was held for 6 weeks of violating sanctions. now demonstrations in indonesia's west popular region have turned violent as protesters burned public facilities and blocked roads they're angry at what they say is police abuse against ethnic papa and students. the western parts of the island of new guinea and it has been disputed of us since the end of dutch rule more from anderson pale. as protests spread across 3 cities and thousands took part to show their anger and i am an example in one of the capital of west papuan protesters blocked intersections by burning tires and brought some areas to
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a standstill and they set fire to the local parliament building. earlier in the day a protester named alfred explained his reasons for participating in this is racism against pop when people pop when students were attacked and arrested only because they were willing to raise the indonesian flag or the incident he's referring to happened over the weekend on independence day rumors spread on social media that ethnic pop and students living on java island had damaged the indonesian flag. their dormitory in surabaya was surrounded by a group of people who were recorded chanting kick them out and other anti west papuan slogans. rather than disperse the crowd police fired tear gas and raided the compound on saturday. more than 40 ethnic pop when students say they were subjected to racial abuse as they were being detained. after being held for nearly 9 hours the group was released without charge but she won't be here this
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incident clearly disturbed the unity as a nation the government ordered a thorough and fair investigation of the incident and those who had violated the law we will pursue anyone who used this incident for their own interest. in the past indonesia's government has blamed separatists for stoking violence in the west poplar region which has been home to a low level armed rebellion by indigenous pop once for decades in the 1st day of. job always doesn't he good policy by giving amnesty inside. prisoners however in the recency delish and forget about even the how to preserve the park as a human or human rights. the latest allegations of police abuse are likely to add to their list of grievances and her schapelle al-jazeera celebrations have been postponed for afghanistan's 100th independence
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day after the bombing at a wedding reception which killed 63 people at a small ceremony president bush afghani promised revenge for the saturday night attack in kabul which i so claimed responsibility most of the victims are from afghanistan minority and he says all safe havens for i so will be eliminated russia is investigating alleged foreign interference in its upcoming local elections in moscow there is concern foreign meddling in their words is encouraging and authorized rallies a parliamentary committee has now agreed to set up a special commission believes have been violently breaking up large demonstrations of opposition candidates have been banned from running in the election. the french and russian presidents of met in southern france ahead of the g. 7 summit. and discuss the world's major crises from ukraine to iran and syria natasha. in for their work on zone in southern front. the
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french president a man or marco made a very clear the one of his priorities with this meeting is to try and persuade the russian president vladimir putin to take steps to end the fighting in eastern ukraine for that omar crowd there's a real window of opportunity after the recent election of ukraine's new president of the emir she lenski national scheme met with earlier this year and after that meeting my craw said that he believed that there could be a chance of reviving peace talks between russia and ukraine under the so-called normandy format which includes france and germany well president putin for his part said that he was open he talked about optimism and that is of course an issue that the 2 will discuss further then also discuss other international issues including syria and also iran with calling on putin to use his influence with tehran to try and deescalate tensions in the region that of course have been rising ever since the u.s.
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pulled out of the 2015 iran deal last year well this is a highly symbolic highly significant meeting between the russian president and him at all macros a rare visit of course at a time when tensions between moscow and paris are high but emanuel micro in a few days will host g 7 leaders including donald trump in the sun the french city of beer it's and for him this is an opportunity to put france on the international stage and also to do what he always says is very important that is key dialogue with moscow open. the chinese technology giant is being given a slight reprieve from the united states its total ban on access to u.s. suppliers has been delayed while they will be allowed to continue buying components from the u.s. which are used in its current products commerce secretary wilbur ross says it's all to actually give american companies time to quote we need them selves off washington accuses the telecoms company of building a backdoor for chinese intelligence services into its 5 g.
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network here is our white house correspondent kimberly with more. the announcement by the u.s. government. has been given another 90 day reprieve now the day that those sanctions will take effect is november 19th is coming as a bit of a surprise given the fact that u.s. president donald trump said one day earlier he did not expect another reprieve to be granted now in the midst of all of this there are a number of factors that may have come into play with this decision to delay putting in place the penalties on wall way that prevent u.s. companies from doing business with the chinese telecom giant sensually it is a bargaining chip in the ongoing trade war turned currency war between the united states and china the concern from the united states has long been. the accusations have long been that china has been stealing intellectual property from the united states using its technologies that are integrated with american systems now in
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order for this to be resolved there are still trade talks that are underway according to the white house economic adviser there will be another discussion between the trade representatives of the united states and china in 10 days time and if all goes well there is an expectation that china will come to the united states as the 2 sides try to work out their differences but in the midst of all of this what this means for american companies particularly in rural areas is that they can continue to do business with walk away for now at least and till the middle of november now in new york city police officer has been fired 5 years off that the death of eric goanna in a fatal choke hold new york police commissioner james o'neill made the announcement based on a recommendation of the department disciplinary judge daniel penciler was recorded on video wrestling on the back and 2014 let's get more details on this with.
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in new york bring us up to date. yeah you might remember this case it was 5 years ago but this was a very emblematic case for eric gardner a 43 year old father of 6 was wrestled to the ground and it was all caught on video wrestled to the ground in a choke hold by the officer daniel penta layo as as he was being choked eric gardner he was saying i can't breathe i can't breathe he was heard saying on this cell phone video moments before he was killed this led to the black lives movement in the united states and protests throughout the entire country his last words i can't breathe were put on t. shirts and banners as a symbol of police aggression against african-americans and now 5 years later finally the new york city police department has made a ruling police commissioner james o'neill ruling after this internal investigation that the police officer daniel penta lived did not follow proper procedures when
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making that arrest and therefore he will now be fired. the wheels of justice gabriel can take a while to turn in this case 5 years why so long yeah that's an obvious question and lot of people would be asking that a police officer killed someone why is it 5 years later that he's now just being fired. it's complicated but quite frankly the police union said that. the officer did the right thing and was not intending to kill or injure gardner at that gardner was resisting arrest is which which he was failed to provide his identification and so it just took a long time for the federal authorities to rule that they were not going to bring charges local authorities as well so it ultimately fell to this internal investigation that's why it took so long ok thank you for the update gabriel elizondo in new york. now several people hoping to be the next u.s.
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president will be in iowa where in the next few days they'll be at a forum focusing on native american issues most of them are democrats but there is one of the speakers mark charles who is running as an independent and fisher has met him a native american aiming to change the face of u.s. politics mark charles hopes in 17 months he would be walking in his dining room but from the oval office in the white house he's running for president and believes america is ready to elect a native american i am running this campaign not as a protest but because of the total chain emotional a citizen of the navajo nation he launched his campaign as an independent online column i realtors my name is mark charles and since the launch he's campaigned mainly in native american areas for one very good reason native america alone has the power to put me on the ballot in our 50 states. that is incredibly empowering
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to our communities which for so many not just decades centuries has been left behind and disenfranchised by this nation and said you don't have any political or voting power and so you're going to be dismissed and 8 months journey the principle plank of his campaign the from the very beginning of the country marginalize many that the us constitution of we the people left women marginalized known whites and put power in the hands of a few i'm laying out this vision of let's build a nation where we the people truly means all the people one political expert says those who feel excluded might rally around him but not running for one of the 2 big parties makes it hard for his voice to be heard but i do think though that the constituencies he would have to win right and he knows that he's going to need all of these people who are you said marginal in our society and these are people who are becoming the majority in america so i think he has the right sensibility i mean
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i think his message of one of we the people is the kind of message that people are interested in and perhaps why people issue partisan labels but i do think the fact that he is an independent speaks to this larger issue that we have with people who look like non winners charles is only the 2nd native american to run for the u.s. presidency his campaign is small has a source is tiny but he believes he is a big message and that the u.s. is ready for something new from someone whose roots go back to before america was america alan fischer al jazeera washington and as ever plenty more online at al-jazeera dot com the latest on the corruption trial of former sudanese president omar al bashir. let's take you through the headlines here on al-jazeera and syrian government forces claim to have advanced near the strategically important. ton of hand shake
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her in earlier an airstrike narrowly missed turkish military convoy advancing in the area turkey strongly condemns the incident. me a court in sudan has been told former president it was sheer accepted $90000000.00 from saudi arabia's government he is on trial on corruption charges you remember the military deposed bashir in april after months of anti-government protests. those ruled this is a political case because people were saying that this president looted the country's money and to get out of sudan this is what the media say but we said something different in court and none of this has been mentioned iran's warning the u.s. not to seize its oil tanker in open seas after it set off from gibraltar overnight the vessel was held for 6 weeks on accusations of violating e.u. sanctions celebrations have been postponed for afghanistan's 100th independence day after the bombing at a wedding reception that killed $63.00 people at a small ceremony president promised revenge for the saturday night killing attack
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in kabul eisel has claimed responsibility for it most of the victims are from afghanistan's shia minority and he says all are safe havens for eisel will be eliminated russia is investigating alleged foreign interference in its upcoming local elections in moscow is concerned foreign meddling is encouraging and authorized rallies a parliamentary committee has now agreed to set up a special commission the chinese technology and while it's been given a slight reprieve from the united states its total ban on access to u.s. suppliers is being delayed while i will be allowed to continue buying components from the u.s. which are used in its current products the commerce secretary wilbur ross says it's to give american companies time to court we need themselves off what way. and the new york city police officer has been fired 5 years after the death of eric garner in a fatal chokehold you know police commissioner james o'neill made the announcement
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based on a recommendation of a department disciplinary judge officer daniel prince a lawyer was recorded wrestling gonna back in 24 take. those are your headlines and side story with muhammad. it may be special but the close relationship between trump and netanyahu is causing controversy the decision to bar to congresswoman from entering israel has since shock waves through both countries so what does that mean for the long term ties between the u.s. and israel this is inside story. hello
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and welcome to the program i'm homage and israel's recent decision to ban a visit by 2 u.s. democratic congresswoman has drawn a lot of controversy within the 2 allies the move to deny reseated to leave and omar in tree was condemned by top democrat politicians it's also been criticized by a pro israel lobby group to label amato had planned to visit israel and the occupied palestinian territories this weekend to leave was then allowed to make a humanitarian visit to her grandmother but she rejected israel's offer the pair are known for their support of the boycott divestment sanctions campaign or b.d.s. which aims to put pressure on the israeli government over its treatment of palestinians under israeli law supporters of the campaign can be denied entry president donald trump had called for the 2 lawmakers to be blocked ahead of israel banning them and the president has taken some decisions seem to have supported
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netanyahu is power. trump has recognized drusilla as israel's capital and move the u.s. embassy there he's also recognize israeli sovereignty over the occupied golan heights he's announced the so-called deal of the century to resolve the israeli palestinian conflict the political details of the plan are yet to be revealed but palestinians believe it will be fair to their cause the president has ended u.s. funding for the u.n. agency providing basic assistance to palestinian refugees and troops increase pressure on iran is believed to be in netanya whose favor the u.s. has pulled out of the 2015 nuclear deal with the country and labeled its revolutionary guards terrorists. all right let's bring in our guests from west jerusalem floor hussen the whom is deputy mayor of jerusalem and a member of the likud party in washington d.c. ariel gold is national co-director of activist group code pink her organization is
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banned from israel in tel aviv gideon levy is a columnist at ha'aretz newspaper welcome to the program floor i'd like to start with you could you tell us the sequence of events when it comes to the decision to deny entry to receded to leave but we'll have no more because there's been a lot of back and forth about this when exactly was the decision made by prime minister netanyahu was only after donald trump tweeted that now infamous tweet. look it's impossible to really know what created the situation for the banning we know a few things we know that a couple of months ago i think even a month ago. israeli ambassador to the us round said that they would not ban and tree of the 2 congresswoman to israel for respect for the congress as an act of respect for the congress and then we see a tweet from trump and then we will see the banning having said that i'm not sure that the treat from trump was the definitive factor i think in my opinion once
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anybody any normal person saw the actual itinerary the agenda for the trip you saw that this trip was not a trip done in good faith to understand the complexity of the conflict most trips of people come and most politicians the want to really inform themselves come on an agenda that is that is seemingly to be balanced when you have in the 1st page of the i 10 your e of the agenda visit to palestine you know on your landing in israel you already know the trip is not in any way possible a balance. and it has already a preexisting agenda and the agenda is the demonization of israel these 2 women the congresswoman who try to pass through. law in the congress now we all know that b.d.s. is a destructive organization that 61 thing that is part of the state of israel now people can talk about the fact that b.d.s.
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equally equal rights its own founder barghouti makes understood to everybody who speaks to him that b.d.s. is actually essentially a movement to destroy the fate of his or to destroy the jewish state as we know it and so one of the agenda became clear it's very easy to understand why the government decided that they should ban these 2 these 2 women remember we passed a law 2 years ago. that bans anybody who wants to incite a boycotts to israel one of your other guests ariel gold is banned from israel we're talking about we're in a country that normally allows everybody to come in even people who disagree with us but when you invite somebody to your house and the person already tells your ahead of time that they want to burn your house down i think it's pretty logical to ban those people from coming into our country areal floure already mentioned your status when it comes to israel you of course are jewish you are a supporter of the b.d.s.
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movement what as far as you are concerned is your status when it comes to israel now. well israel has told me that i am not allowed to enter without explicit permission from the government last time i tried to come in i did get permission from the government i secured a vista in advance but they still did not allow me into the country you know as she spoke about balance and she spoke about 8 the met the trips that members of congress take and she described them as balance they are quite the opposite you know 2 thirds of the travel that u.s. members of congress take is to israel and it is almost exclusively through the lobby group apac these are not balanced trips at all peter beinart correctly described them as disneyland trips these are one sided trips that hide the occupation and have
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a specific agenda and that agenda is to continue and increase unquestioned u.s. financial and diplomatic support for israel ignoring the human rights abuses that palestinians suffer under pressure to leave an ill one omar were clear from the very beginning that they were coming to see the situation they were coming to see the exact places that apec doesn't take members of congress to go for example to the west bank city of hebron where violent ideologically extreme settlers live within the community now balance would be more members of congress travelling to see the full situation seeing the situation in gaza seeing hebron seeing the checkpoints this is not what happens on these apec trips getting a new britain that the u.s. lawmakers in one of them are in rashida to leave have helped reveal the truth about
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israel to their country and to the world could you explain to our viewers what you mean by that. it's very simple for a few years now israel is betting people according to their political views those who believe in the world that israel is a democracy should know it because there is no democracy in the world which bans people because of their political views israel does and here if if the 2 congress women would have been allowed to enter israel israel could continue to claim that we are so open minded we had the mark or see we let anybody come no we don't even know if it's a congresswoman even know it because someone who is stronger than all of us president donald trump. but told us to do so i mean the description that we heard before was quite ridiculous i mean it was very very clear. to those say they will
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be allowed to is the president tweeted then 2 hours later everything was very clear and i don't complain a days only prime minister is not in a position to say no to donald trump but what really matters is to cold the blood of the lady from tourism just say that we don't let's people enter those who want to disown our country no it's not only your country i'm afraid those ladies wanted to go to palestine but a sign is not ours and the palestinian territories belong to the palestinian people and israel cannot ben guests or who wants to go to meet their followers their colleagues their family members i think that if a country in the world would have prevented members of these very parliament to enter because of their political views if it wouldn't be an arab state who doesn't
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have a clue diplomatic relations israel i think israel would have taken measures and i really hope that the americans were at least in your administration we'll take measures and we'll draw the consequences if israel treats like this members of the american congress the united states has the 4 right to return to to react in the same language because i'm afraid that's the only language it is or will understand floor it looked to me like you wanted to respond to what gideon was saying i would let you do that but i also want to ask you more specifically about a pact because that is something that ariel was mentioning of course we're talking about the powerful pro israel lobby organization it's the american israel public affairs committee now they have sponsored many trips for u.s. lawmakers to come to israel. but beyond that there was a pretty powerful statement from a package issued after the decision to deny entry to a congresswoman to leave and omar they criticized the decision they said every
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member of congress should be able to visit and experience our democratic ally israel 1st hand that is pretty significant wouldn't you say. absolutely and that shows that a park is more balanced that our real gold is letting people believe i've i've been at the receiving end and i've hosted many many missions to jerusalem and apec missions or come to jerusalem or east jerusalem and they meet with activists in east jerusalem they go to ramallah they meet with politicians in ramallah they go to the west bank they meet nonprofit organizations but i'll tell you what the differences the difference is that the people that apec meet are bridge builders the people who want to solve the conflict now the people who were receiving the 2 congress women and not bridge builders they have 0 interest in solving the conflict and bringing peace to our region they are an organization a radical organization that was set up by an afro we called miffed that this is an
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organization which has put out anti semitic blood libels saying that the jews are still using christian children's blood to make them up some this is what this organization has put out then off to was of course they try to erase it untrue to erase their record this is an organization that is constantly looking to ways to discredit is wrong but also anti semitic organization they have terrorist sympathizers sympathizers of the p.f. opi so there's a big difference between coming with an organization i'm not against these women coming with a palestinian organization that is into building bridges that is into solving the conflict what i will not allow is a rabidly and is a mythic a terrorist sympathizing organization to bring people to do a 5 day wrote show of hatred and do to my station in our country yes there's other people living here we have the west bank which is supposed to be the autonomy of
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the palestinian authority and one of the palestinian authority done the barrel tommy created terrorist bases we have they want to go to palestine it's very simple let them land in egypt let them cross the border. then ruff off and go to gaza who stopping them but when you go to london ben-gurion airport and you're going to have and anti semitic organization with terrorist ties showing them around it's our sovereign right to say we're not letting these people come to our country a real to those who accuse you of being anti israel because you support b.d.s. what do you say to that accusation the land of israel is incredibly holy and important to me my ancestors lived there in the late 1400 in the town of soffit i have family there my children have traveled to israel with their summer camps and it pains me very deeply not to be
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able to go there but upholding my jewish values which are the values of most american jews of freedom and dignity and equality for all people is much more important to me and to you know it that she spoke about me getting denied entry so you know we should talk about when i was in ben-gurion airport being interrogated and they were discussing denying me entry not at one time did they ask me about the b.d.s. campaigns that a run what they said was why would you have friends with arab names why do you spend time with palestinians in hebron why would you file a which i did a restraining order against a settler when you were there last this isn't about diligent i'm izing or destroying the jewish people this is about maintaining a 52 year long military occupation
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a crippling sea denying people basic human rights. gideon how concerned are you that this is undercutting israel's democracy and also i want to ask you more specifically about the fact that there are jewish house democratic members in the united states that are that are worried that this is going to empower critics of israel and that will actually fuel support of the b.d.s. movement what do you think about that 1st of all let's. challenge your assumption that israel is or the mocha seed is and is a democracy for its jewish citizens israel is a kind of in the mocha sea for its palestinian citizens but israel cannot be considered the book receiver while in its dark becky there is one of the most brutal tyrant nice on earth today i mean the military occupation of the west bank the siege on gaza may be one of the most really brutal and totalitarian regimes
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in the world today how can this define israel as a democracy that's really a big question mark and i really suggest that we will start to see israel as one entity as it is was having syria regimes one of them is a brutal tyrant me now. those steps are all part of a much bigger plan. bending some ective east in bangor your that does not define israel as a democracy oh no it's not this by itself but if you see the picture as a whole you see the picture i mean i can recall one regime which did ben guests who opposed this regime of getting into the country and this was the apartheid system in south africa if you where resisting their part that system you
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couldn't get into south africa very similar very same motivations and the same arguments again they want to destroy us so did the racists in south africa say again the world wants to destroy israel those who criticize are anti semites those who criticize us wants to exterminate us all those old propaganda cheap arguments which have nothing to do with reality and reality is very simple there is a brutal occupation which no country in the world is recognized which is a brutal violation of the human rights end of the international law it takes now 52 years that nothing change about this occupation just gets stronger and stronger people with conscious around the world have not only the right they have the duty to oppose it to resist it and the only way for people from the outside to resist it
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and also to do something not only to pay some bleeps service is to join b.d.s. or any active east group who are ready also to do something exec you like vegetarians who would band butcheries exactly like people who would band. sweat shops in ne. asia there is the for right to boycott is to boycott go through patient because it is more floor when u.s. president donald trump yes i'll let you jump in in just a 2nd but i want to also get this question in donald trump has accused democrats of having become an anti israel and an anti jewish party do you believe that 2 other members of the likud party believe that rhetoric. no either i don't believe it i think that omar entirely but actually french members of the democratic party i
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think most democrats understand the complexity of this conflict i think a good one and all real present a very black and white picture of what's going on here i do agree with good on one thing there is a brutal regime in the west bank but the brutal regime is the advent of the palestinian authority the palestinian authority were given autonomy over the west bank 15 years ago they had one election one election 15 years ago who the brutal dictatorship and who's a brutal regime so i was not supposed to give them autonomy what are we supposed to do we give the palestinian authority autonomy they abuse that autonomy they don't have a democracy never tonally only yesterday they banned l g b t q activities in the west bank and with the brutal regime we have 20 percent of our country are are busy they have the 4 rights of every single citizen of this country they are citizens of this country i live in jerusalem 37 percent of jerusalem arab east jerusalem i think have every full right that they can have here in this city so one of they
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talking about they're talking a very dark reality that they've created for themselves i'm not saying that we're perfect i'm not saying things have to change but they're talking as if we haven't tried to make peace 3 times we could have been celebrating 20 years of a palestinian state it's our fault that our father rejected it it's our fault that mahmoud abbas is rejected it's awful that every single generous offer to share this side of been rejected that's also what else can you blame honestly tell me somebody this is the other day somebody was talking about kashmir being awful old and this i can and you know i appreciate that our real gold has jewish values but please jewish values come and live in israel see what's going on every day i work with arabs every single day i encourage people who want to build bridges. we help and we work together to build a better society a shared society none of these women miffed at is not interested in
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a shared society mr is interested in a jewish judenrein here not having jews at all well i'm not i'm not going to allow this to happen to my country and neither the likud party in either the government of the state of israel and yes there's always things to improve and yes we have to constantly strive for peace and yes you have to develop the morals of a shared society but to have a group which is claiming the jews are using christian blood for making their bread to have that group be the hosts of them are anti eve and to then have the cheek to say that this is trying to redress the balance please listen after the whole debacle when when. a grandmother she was given a humanitarian entry for her grandmother to come and visit her grandmother she wrote a letter the letter was approved and then she says no no no go in because you know our i hate you more than i love my grandmother we're never going to have peace with
2:43 am
people who hate more than they love i can tell you people in israel want peace most people want peace i have children and believe me i don't want them when they're 18 years old to have to put on a normal uniform and go and fight i don't want that as a mother and i'm sure there are real gold lived here she think a little bit differently nobody wants to live in conflict but who do we make peace with a brutal anti l g b t anti women dictatorship that are throwing gays from the rooftops these are the people that we're supposed to be making peace with a government of the palestinian authority that has another election in 15 years mahmoud abbas a leader that gives himself a salary of $300000.00 a month or while his people don't have money this is were supposed to be making piece of police work bring me some better partner. rigorous about about i'm sorry interjection is that we're starting to run out of time so i want to give ariel a chance to respond to what you mentioned about her in ariel i also want to ask you
2:44 am
to speak more specifically about changing attitudes from american jews their stance toward israel is there a generational shift in the attitude by american jews towards israel. a shunda to say such a racist thing as to accuse rashida to leave of not loving her grandmother shame on you for that and i just want i'm quite curious here i heard fleur ask me did invite me into to see the situation did you invite me to come and see with my own eyes because i would love to ok back to the real question i got in the division there again i don't this is our family and there again democratic views on israel so in the last us election around 80 percent of american jews voted democratic so when we talk about the democratic party we are by and large talking about the positions of american jews and recently over the past few years we have seen major
2:45 am
shifts in american jewish opinion towards israel especially among young people we have seeing massive growth and rise from american jewish youth we could talk about the group if not now and all the incredible changes that they are making. american jews by and large support at least partial dismantling of the settlements oppose the occupation many american jews support at least a boycott of settlements and we are seeing cracks in what used to be unquestioned bipartisan support for israel after ms to leave and ms omar were denied presidential candidate bernie sanders himself a jew mentioned that perhaps if israel is going to be denying members of u.s. congress perhaps they don't want the entirety of the 3 point $8000000000.00 that
2:46 am
we give as real every year i think this is something that we as americans and that the u.s. congress needs to start exploring all right well we have run out of time so we're going to have to end it there thanks to all our guests floor house in the home ariel gold and gideon levy. and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story for me and the whole team here i for now.
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trust is fundamental to all our relationships we trust banks with our money talk to us without really small talk what is to trust you know well to buy and. as more and more decisions are made for us by these complex piece of code the question becomes . can we trust. the 1st of a 5 part series great question of the neutrality of the trust me i'm an algorithm on a. 67 word that spelled promise for one people. but disaster or another. the pledge to the establishment of the jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians. the story of the british declaration the change
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the middle east bound for seeds of discord on al-jazeera. this is up to. the very me where there. is a little. this is al jazeera. from doha everyone i'm. this is the news hour from al-jazeera turkey condemns
2:49 am
a government airstrike in northwest syria that hits near its army convoy killing a rebel commander in new york city a new york city police officer is fired over his deadly handling of an unarmed man which led to the black lives matter movement accordance with and here is evidence that former president omar bashir received millions of dollars from saudi arabia. with the latest from europe including an opportunity for peace the french president sits down with russia's vladimir putin and calls for an end to the conflict in ukraine. turkey has condemned a syrian airstrike that narrowly missed its convoy in the last rebel held province in the north and its foreign ministry says the attack violated agreements with russia president bashir al assad bashar al assad's powerful ally damascus as the
2:50 am
convoy was headed towards to protect rebels which is an accusation ankara denies regime forces claim to have taken control of a checkpoint as well. which would give them access to that strategically important town all the details not with. a syrian or russian warplane is believed to be behind this air attack close to a turkish military convoy it was making its way through the opposition controlled province of idlib turkey says it was heading to one of its observation posts. that in the harbor town of more ak and like the rebel controlled town of hunch a horn a few kilometers away it could soon come under siege and syrian government forces and their allies advance the syrian foreign ministry is accusing turkey of trying to stop the army's advance and providing support to what it calls terrorist groups turkey's local allies the so-called syrian national army were recently seen heading
2:51 am
to the front lines to help fight the government's military push the nation and army were sent in massive amounts to the front lines and and the 2nd we have seen today morning the mess of calm war 202 established. and. cutting 5 highway that highway will allow the syrian government to clear their cities under its control and revive trade but many population centers like lie along the road the town used to shelter up to 100000 syrians before the military escalation started in april many of them had been displaced from nearby hama province it's now empty as government troops and their allies are a few kilometers from reaching its center. syrian regime did not enter khalid shaikh leon and fighting continues in the vicinity of the city the
2:52 am
turks have sent reinforcement to prevent the syrian regime from entering college and as usual the syrian regime targeted the turkish convoy turkey's a key current tour. in this region as part of the deescalation that we meant and we did not expect to give up the airstrike may have been a message from syria to turkey whose defense ministry has condemned it as a violation of existing agreements and cooperation with russia and turkey's deployment of troops seems to have been its own message to syria and its backer russia not to advance any further but many are asking are both sides just posturing or will the sharp escalation in tension turn the proxy battle in a glimpse into a different kind of war senator beirut for more on this we turn to joshua landis director of the center for middle east studies at the university of oklahoma it's always good to see you joshua there are a lot of parts we need to pick apart here with this story i want to start with the
2:53 am
syrian government forces saying that they have taken control of a checkpoint going into a contractor and explain to me explain to us why that matters quite so much it matters because the major highway connecting damascus to aleppo the north of the country runs right through this area and whoever controls can shape who is going to be controlling the highway as well this is vital for the national government to reestablish connections with aleppo rebuild the country otherwise aleppo is really quite cut off and will never be revived so this is a major struggle and it's very important to both sides and once they get hold of. fully is that basically it endgame it's got all control back that it needs. you know unfortunately that's just the beginning because. syria and assad demand that they're going to insist that they're going to take control over all syrian territory and restore sovereignty to damascus that means taking away this area big
2:54 am
area of italy a province which is still under rebel control supported by turkey northern aleppo cars controlled by turkey and ultimately the regions in the northeast that are controlled by the united states and kurdish forces. ok now i want to move to this sort of tremble right that we've got of syria of turkey and of russia as well turkey says syria has hit one of its goal narrowly missed one of its convoys and that sort of thing violates agreements with russia how do all these things come together and we talking about the a stunner agreement here. you know that the stunna process in which these these agreements were hammered out is falling apart to a degree here and it lead because. originally turkey had agreed that it would withdraw rebel forces particularly jihad us forces away from conch a coon and and this and a buffer zone they've been unable to do that because the jihadi forces aren't listening to ankara so this it really raises the question of you know there isn't
2:55 am
an agreement that's operative right now so both sides are claim the other side is violating the agreement and they're there get moving towards an out outright battle russia is trying to sit in the middle of this it's very important to russia that it get along with turkey at this point. the mists that we saw in turkey by from russia the 400 s. 400 missiles are still in the balance america says they won't put sanctions on turkey if turkey doesn't activate those missiles so russia has a lot at stake in maintaining a good relationship with turkey it will not want to push this battle too far and ruin that relationship unsetting to fail familia sort of feeling from you know let's go back a year or 2 years ago where we would basically say that russia was the most important player in syria and still even at this late stage if you like of the war from what you're saying russia is pretty much the most important player. absolutely
2:56 am
it's the russian air force that controls all the air over this and nobody is going to make a move without airpower air power is the decisive element in all of these wars so russia really holds the keys to this very delicate situation joshua landis it's always a pleasure talking to you really it's thank you for your time today. to a developing story out of the united states a new york city police officer whose deadly handling of an unarmed man led to the black lives matter movement has been fined new york police commissioner james o'neill made that announcement based on the recommendation of a department disciplinary judge eric bana was the man in question he died in a chokehold back in 2014 officer daniel plan to layer was recorded on video with his arm wrapped around donna's neck. gebre legs on the following this one from new
2:57 am
york gabriel this whole story brings back 3 words i can't breathe. that's exactly right because those were the last words uttered by eric gardner as he was being choked by the police officer daniel penta layo now an ex new york city police officer since he's now going to be fired those were the last words by eric gardner as he was being choked and on the ground it was all captured on cell phone video and it became a flashpoint for these nationwide protests and this black lives matter movement that started was over 5 years ago july 2014 that this all happened what it all came down to and why it took so long is it was really this chokehold that really was the point of contention on one side you had eric garners family and his lawyers saying it was clearly the choke hold that killed eric garner and he said he can't breathe i can't breathe as you mentioned there his last words but then on the other side
2:58 am
you had the police union and daniel penta laos lawyers who basically said no he was just trying to take down and rest the suspect eric gardner and was not intending to even hurt him let alone kill him this is what the police commissioner james o'neill said at a press conference a short time ago about that chokehold shortly before announcing that the police officer would be fired n.y.p.d. court ruled that while certainly not preferable that hold was acceptable during that brief moment in time because the risk of falling through the window was so high but that exemption circumstance no longer existed the court found that officer panta busy lay on mr garner moved to the ground as mr grant a balanced himself on the sidewalk on his hands and knees deputy commissioner of trials rosemarie maldonado found that officer panda layo consciously disregarded a substantial you know unjustifiable risk of maneuver explicitly prohibited by the
2:59 am
department. he found that during the struggle officer panta layo had the opportunity to readjust his grip from a primitive choke hold to a less lethal alternative but did not make use of that opportunity. said the last hour but you know the wheels of justice can turn quite slowly but in this case 5 years it's seems a long time for an investigation a police investigation into one of their own. the police commissioner said that that was a regret that this drug on so long it was so painful for the family for this to go on so long painful for everyone involved including the department as well why did it go on so long there's a whole host of reasons but number one 1st there had to be a local grand jury that had to look into this to see if there were any criminal charges they ultimately declined any criminal charges it also went all the way up to the federal government the department of justice was looking to see if there were any human rights violations that could be brought against the police officer
3:00 am
they ultimately the department of justice ruled there was not to nay we're not going to press any federal charges and then it went to this local i'm sorry the new york police department internal trial or internal investigation and that didn't get under way to late last year they ultimately found that the chokehold was inappropriate procedure didn't follow procedures and that they officer should be fired and that's what the commissioner alternately ruled as well and that's why he will be fired but boy it took a long time to get to this point and the commissioner said they have to fix the system they need to address these things much faster than simply it dragging on for 5 years i will say the family of eric gardner just spoke a few minutes ago they said that they are pleased with the decision but they will continue to fight they say for what they claim and what they continue to see as the unjust killing of their father eric gardner who was a father of 6 children.


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