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and test the ease of acquiring untraceable weapons on american soil the weapon that was designed for war and it took you about 5 minutes to buy it this year america's guns of arming mexico's cartels on al jazeera congressman are you interested in stopping crime. hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up italy's prime minister resigned accusing hardline interior minister mikhail selvi of toppling the government for his own gain faces italian prosecutors ordered the evacuation of migrants from a spanish rescue ship after several jumped overboard off lampedusa and
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a major gain for syrian government forces as rebels withdraw from the key town of concha coon and live province. in doha with your sport is targeted with racial abuse after missing a penalty for manchester united and the straightest cricket team has delivered a blow its top batsman steve smith is ruled out of the food ashes test with concussion. hello welcome to the program our top story italy's prime minister just epic conti has resigned launching a bitter attack on his coalition partner matesic he branded the hardline interior minister an irresponsible opportunist and accused him of bringing down the government to force early elections has been asked to stay on as cat take a lead if and now while italy's president talks to party leaders to see if a new government can be formed so again go reports on this now from rome. as leader
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of the government jews epic contest had overseen one of the most challenging coalitions in recent times battling one political crisis after another contests aimed at being a stabilizing force between 2 vastly different political parties the far right league and the anti establishment 5 star movement it proved to be an impossible task and contest said he would be offering his resignation but there was no question over who he thought was responsible. that interior minister has shown that he is following his own interests and those of his party. in a blistering attack against any country accused him of unleashing further turmoil and in doing so endangering italy's already started to qana me but the league party leader was unrepentant. i would do again everything i did everything with the great strength of being a free man therefore it means i'm not afraid of the judgment of the italians overshadowing this impasse has been my tale own political agenda vocally anti
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migrant he's also waged war on the n.g.'s that attempted to rescue asylum seekers crossing the mediterranean and it's a tactic that has had success support for his views have increased across the country turning his party into a force that cannot be ignored. in the middle of this political drama the spanish rescue vessel hovering off the coast of lampedusa with dozens of vulnerable people on board for more than 2 weeks they have not been given permission to disembark the open arms vessels repeatedly requested permission to dock despite continued rejection someone board became so frantic they risked their own lives by jumping into the sea attempting to swim to land they were rescued by nearby italian coast guard vessels. on tuesday a local prosecutor visited the vessel and issued an emergency measure allowing it
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to dock and it was but this is one incident among many others despite tough new laws preventing such landings they still arrive desperate for safety in europe no matter the cost of reaching their. al-jazeera wrote. a when the news reached those onboard the migrant rescue ship that it would be allowed to dock in italy it sparks celebrations. the open arms rescue ship is expected to arrive at long produces harbor within the next half hour and all the migrants will be allowed off spain and 5 other e.u. nations have offered to take them in. let's now speak to lorenzo who's a visiting professor at the london school of economics also the founder and chief economist at macro advisors ltd joins me now on skype so after several weeks of uncertainty following that move by the interior minister need to withdraw from the
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coalition we have now seen the prime minister just up the continent very much seizing the political momentum by submitting his resignation yeah i think this government these at the end of the road there is no way back to days the bait. at the senate was very big mess the i would say so clearly the issue about is can not come back go back to get working together now the alternative would be a different majority. to be found in the current parliament or if there is no solution early elections now everything is in the end so president that a lot who will start consultation from our o. and with the aim probably to finish up with by the end of this week and then make a decision. as things stand at the moment does it look as though an alternative
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majority could possibly be formed to govern the country. but ima said i live would certainly try. the p.d. the center left party. the democratic party basically said quite openly to be ready for a government together with the 5 star movement and as well as the left and some of the smaller groupings the big question mark is whether the size of their movement will affect such a shift. my feeling is that the same said will be quite difficult. a stead doesn't work out the other the only other than the 3 would be early elections i think we would know over the next few days whether there's any opium any different option or any possibility to form a government but again the baseline scenario in my view at this stage is probably elections have how quickly could we see those elections take place should it
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emerged that talks between pontine to essentially fail to come up with an alternative well if president that i love holds cost of patience and debate so with that particular leaders and i think amounts. and he decides to solve parliament and called for early elections by the end of this month probably election we'll have weekend can be hailed by the end of october meaning that probably a government be in place by the end of them by him but earlier than that is close to impossible by now if it does go to elections what are the implications for meto salvini he is a very effective campaign and he does have his face sheriff support inside the country could he win and offer support to get a governing majority to be able to rule alone. well if we believe the
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polls which is a big if because polls. can change quite rapidly and we have seen the voters behavior if not longer strongly attached to party lines the us will be in the past but if we believe can and will be impulse certainly this century right overall if likely to win big at the next elections i don't think the really on its own can there actually commanded obvious majority in both he will have to rely on brother so easily or. so the other party's in the center right in order to have an outlet majority but the momentum is clearly in these favor right now and again that he can be ruled out at the stage thank you very much there is a quote danya visiting professor at the london school of economics now syrian opposition activists is saying rebels have withdrawn from the strategic importance
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town of concha couldn't in southern province the town is a main population center and was home to 100000 syrians who took shelter there before the military escalation began in april towns nearby in the northern hama countryside to fall into government forces and rebel fighters would have risked being besieged if they did not move further north. but the syrian government getting control of contracting gives access to the and 5 important economic highway that crosses the country and harder has more from beirut. homeowners back under the control of the syrian government images released by pro regime media show the town in southern italy empty of residents and fighters rebels withdrew early on tuesday after days of fighting and hundreds of air strikes its location gives the syrian government access to parts of a vital commercial highway that connects the northern city of aleppo to the capital damascus and has been a military objective for months this is
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a very important development in the course of this conflict. this is the 1st step in the 1st stage maybe. in an effort by the government to regain control of the territories along with the m 5 road between. aleppo i think the next target would be moderate to normal. the opposition didn't just lose. rebel fighters had little choice but to leave towns further south in the northern hama countryside they would have risked being besieged if they didn't move further north the opposition was hoping the presence of a turkish observation post in the area would stop the government advance but an attempt by the turkish military to reinforce that position failed when an airstrike launched by a syrian or russian warplanes on monday prevented it from reaching its destination . the syrian government and its allies have been advancing in the past 2 weeks they
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have now taken more territory than they did in the 1st 3 months of their military campaign it's not clear if the rebels who have been subjected to heavy firepower are exhausted or if the army is using better tactics like concentrating the strikes close to the front lines and on rebel supply routes but the relentless airstrikes and partment continue to force people into displacement in recent days more than 25000 are believed to have moved north closer to the border with turkey war monitors and activists say over 700000 syrians are homeless since the military escalation began in late april of. the past few days witnessed on president the bombardment that is why the people who didn't leave during the 1st months of the offensive back everything and left most of them believe that houses will either be fully destroyed or taken over by the regime. the bombardment of
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opposition held towns across southern libya continues as the syrian government presses on with its offensive there have been more civilian casualties as rebels promise to defend what is left of their last stronghold the battle is not over for their al-jazeera beirut. kelly director of the international rescue committee and joins me now from the united nations in new york and your organization is actually on the ground and working in what can you tell us about life for those caught up in this violence. thank you very much for having me on mariam and like you just shown the international rescue committee is very concerned about these individuals who are so vulnerable one of our key concerns is that these individuals have faced displacement already according to an international rescue committee survey that was conducted these individuals have already been displaced 5
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sometimes 10 times and so their needs are incredibly great they're also living in tents many of them they don't have access to clean water and so we're also concerned that when these individuals are forced to flee to the turkish border that we like so many other humanitarian organizations won't be able to meet those needs we are definitely stretched already in terms of our capacity and what we're able to give to these individuals who are coming with so many needs and so many concerns and on top of that mariam one of the key issues that we've faced is the targeting of humanitarian workers just last week our i.r.c. supported hosp. supported ambulance that was run by sams was targeted by an air strike and we lost 3 humanitarian workers which really just again shows the world what it's like to operate in these incredibly dangerous environments obviously to the people working for you there an adlib are under
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a great deal of pressure and working in very difficult conditions as you point out that were already large numbers of displaced people can you tell us about the numbers of civilians we're talking about what their main needs are and how you are trying to manage that. we're talking about 3000000 civilians in. about $1000000.00 of those are children and they're coming with so many needs we found that the children are facing so much trauma that will probably take years for them to recover they're coming to us from situations where they've been living in these tent communities where they did not have access to clean water we're having to provide them with health care with all of these basic needs and there is a real concern that if this conflict continues to go on and if these individuals are forced to flee to the turkish border that our capacity to help them will be
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extremely limited in that case the expectation is that there will be an escalation in hostilities and we could see hundreds of thousands of refugees heading towards the turkish border what happens then because turkey has already signaled that it doesn't want to accept any more effigies we are concerned about the refugee situation and we do hope that this this topic will be on the minds of those who are going to the g. 7 this weekend we hope that that will be something that will be discussed we think that she 7 members need to pressure on all parties to come to a political settlement to end this conflict and they need to address issues relating to refugees relating also to the targeting of humanitarian and health care workers as i mentioned previously which is so important and so relevant to us. well thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us today i do appreciate it
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kelly resolute well in all the developments turkey has to start to porting unregistered syrian refugees living in istanbul istanbul's governor set choose day as a deadline for them to return to the provinces they were 1st registered in the order could affect hundreds of thousands of unregistered syrians living in the city and can see only who has more. thousands of unregistered migrants have to stay to leave a stumble and return to the cities they are registered in turkey it is the syrians who are a fact of most by this decision by the turkish authorities because there are with these 3600000 syrians living in turkey and at these 500000 of them live in istanbul according to official sources but 1st it suggests that as a number of the syrians including the illegal it was is more than 1000000 in istanbul now and this neighborhood in istanbul. this is the area where you will see
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most of the syrians living around here but we are trying to fire the syrian businessmen and wenders here that most of the if most of the ones who are all over the registers in other cities when fast to the to those cities and now the market is quiet and their business is already going down in this but other said holmes the businesses here not only the syrians but also for the tricks they'd employed syrians now that go on and some syrians they had to shut down the businesses because they had to leave you say for someone to stay 5 years in any city you have to move in one week or 2 weeks or one month stephen it's difficult to istanbul is a central fact traction for many not all of the businessmen not only for tourists but also the migrants legally or illegally it was i think it's tricky because they believe they will have more job opportunities if they reside in turkey because it's
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stonewall has at least 15000000 turkish people living here and the city runs at these households the circus economy and the industrious here that's why many migrants whether legal or illegal they prefer to stay in istanbul and spare some money and send this money back to the cities they are registered where they have the families this is what it works for the syrians when you speak to the business syrian businessmen here they tell us the. that the syrians who are under just certain islam will most of them already went back to their cities or some of them who are still here they're afraid to go out they say it is the right of the turkish government but the syrians are cold unprepared for this implementation still ahead from london will be looking at the tactics china is using to deal with the current unrest unfolding in hong kong u.k. prime minister boris johnson insists a new way must be found to keep the irish border open but he still can't say what
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it would be. and it's for outrage for manchester united after one of their players becomes the latest target of racist abuse. sudan has finished forming the 11 member sovereign council which will run the country for 3 years until elections are held accountable be sworn in on wednesday it will be led by left handed general abdul fatah or han who headed the transitional military council which has ruled the country since the military ousted a model bashir in april morgan sent us this update from khartoum. the decision by sudan's military council to appoint a sovereign council comes in line with a power sharing agreement that was signed between the military and the opposition coalition known as the forces of freedom and change on saturday now asper that agreement the rule of the sovereign council will be largely ceremonial and it will be overseen the executive council which will be having members nominated by the
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opposition coalition and the legislative assembly which 2 thirds of it seats will go to the opposition coalition as well the sovereign council will have 11 members 5 from the military 5 from the opposition coalition and 11th member which has been agreed upon by both sides it will be sworn in on wednesday morning and after that a prime minister who has already been nominated by the opposition will be sworn in in the evening this marks the beginning of sudan's transitional period which will last for 39 months the 1st $21.00 will be headed by the military and the remaining 18 will be headed by civilians it's taken more than 8 months of protest and more than 4 months of negotiations for the sudanese to reach to this point and start a transitional period but both sides the opposition and the military say they're now optimistic that soon sudan will start its transitional phase and that the journey to civilian rule has begun. hong kong's leader kerry lamb says she hopes
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the recent nonviolent protests show the territory is on its way to peace sunday's march through 2000000 people it was the calmest in weeks of demonstrations which have often turned violent it began over proposed changes to hong kong's extradition laws but of growing into a wider movement against beijing's growing influence. i can give you this a very clear commitment as a political level that the bill is steps there is no plan there is no plan to revive the spill especially in light of the public concerns. well nick law is from the civil human rights front which organized this weekend's protests he says kerry lam is still are addressing what the protest as a must upset about hong kong needs a mechanism that can ensure democratic election so that citizens could elect a chief executive that can represent the people and also listen to voices of the people and we do not need
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a platform for dialogue in which the. bluff and we're told time with her money and of course we know a refund would take time so for the time being we carry land our t.v. executive to commission an independent commission of inquiry to really investigate what has happened in the past few weeks so that the government will win back the trust and while the protests in hong kong over the weekend were peaceful the chinese central government has continued its strategy of threats and dismissing the anti-government movement scott hina has more on that side of the story from beijing . president xi jinping last hong kong visit was 2 years ago to mark 20 years since the handover of what was a british colony to china he minced no words then about who was in control you know you rock. any attempt to endanger china's sovereignty and security challenge the
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power of central government and the basic law of hong kong or to use hong kong to conduct. and against the mainland is an act the cross the red line but the past 11 weeks of mass protests in hong kong seem to cross that red line the government even calling some of it here terrorism however there's been not a single word from sheik himself unlike his u.s. counterpart president donald trump who personally involved himself on topics big and small including these protests in hong kong present she rarely engages on specific issues focusing more on the big picture but some say don't confuse the lack of face time as lack of direct involvement on hong kong. anything that china will do involving hong kong will be a decision directly up to president xi jinping and the top leadership very closely at his disposal he has lots of things to take care of and hold on probably is just
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one of them one tactic that top chinese leadership has decided on this information . twitter and facebook have taken steps to block hundreds of accounts with ties to the chinese government twitter said the accounts were an orchestrated attempt to undermine the legitimacy and political positions of the protest movement and through lower level officials the government has accused western nations of meddling. a strong visual warning from beijing coming several times over the last 2 weeks propaganda video of armed police amassing in training just across the border from hong kong a not so subtle reminder of mainland might the stakes are high for the central government and. if they can't handle the hong kong situation properly it means a failure for its one country 2 systems it will affect their rule greatly china wants to unify taiwan with the same one country 2 systems but if it fails in hong kong it won't work with taiwan is
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a threat for the future all this just 6 weeks before the big celebration marking 70 years since the founding of the people's republic of china will be a big military parade here in beijing and a showcase speech by she looking into the future but a simmering situation hong kong could cast a shadow over that future it's got hotter al-jazeera beijing. meanwhile the u.k. foreign office says a missing member of staff from its hong kong consulate is being detained in china after attending a business event simon chang is reported to have sent a message to his girlfriend saying pray for me before trying to travel back from shenzhen on august 8th china insists it has no information on his whereabouts the british government says it's extremely concerned about his disappearance. politicians and business leaders in ireland have rejected calls to renegotiate its exit from the european union u.k. prime minister johnson has insisted
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a new way must be found to keep the irish border open but he still can't say what that plan might be aren't seeing reports now from the irish. bank that is going to challenge the house without a brick 1st as a hotel outside dublin in the small business owners are being taught how to fill out piles of customs papers if bricks it means a border going up across ireland they'll have to and it's an expense many can barely afford this is what people mean when they say the irish economy could suffer because of brics is do business is no do you know what the british government's plan is. i don't i don't see why the commentators at the start of this whole process don't watch the inches watch the miles so if you're trying to think if you try to follow brags that step by step would be incredibly frustrating because it's not a logic that most people are familiar with. ever since he became prime minister boris johnson has said the u.k. will leave the e.u. before november in his letter to the european union he also insists
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a new deal can and must be found to free his country from being stuck in a customs union because it's been rejected by the british parliament but neither here nor in brussels to they believe him we've no idea how alternately the latter didn't go into much detail but he keeps referring once again to the so-called alternative arrangements the problem with these alternative arrangements is they don't exist none have been given to us as an example in operation anywhere in the world the haven't been laid a properly so that's why we really do need the box on germs policy. the sharp end of all this is in irish border towns like dundalk where free movement in and out of the u.k. is crucial to their livelihoods there is no overstating the anger they hold towards the british government so the one thing that we've learnt about irish history over the generations has been that britain gets bored and wanders off from the topic problems or rights and then it's only when the problem that we can show up and we can bring them back into looking at it instead of looking at it in the camp
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situation where there isn't a security or anything it's on the line the issue. so imagine a scenario in which this motorway crossing the border has customs posts and queues of traffic with all the contingent security risks to the place might not be far away the dread fear in our land is that any physical manifestation of a border could lead to dissident republicans attacking not only british but irish customs officials britain says it's just scaremongering there will never be a border on the island of violence but in his letter to the european union boris johnson cannot say how he could guarantee is in a sense of dundalk a sculpture was erected after former u.s. president clinton helped finalize the good friday peace deal and addressed a 100000 people in celebration the sculpture is called dialogue and celebrates the art of compromise how times have changed enormously al-jazeera on the border. still
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ahead on live his life a journalist trying to report house of lockdown and in at mystic cash man. she was raped and then charged with murder after giving birth to a stillborn baby bought a salvadoran woman facing 14 years in prison has now been acquitted. and in sport the dak tennis player has just made history on the a.t.p. till. hello again welcome back to international weather forecasts will have seen plenty of severe weather over the last few days here across parts of europe extend the anywhere from spain across france as well as over here towards western russia now some of those storms have caused some very large hail as well as some gusty winds
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particular here across parts of germany now as we go towards wednesday we're still going to sing a threat of weather in terms of heavy rain across poland as well as here into northern italy we're going to be watching that very carefully flooding could be a potential across some of those areas but as we go from wednesday and into thursday notice here across the area a lot of those rain showers begin to dissipate and we are going to be left with mostly cloudy conditions anywhere from kiev over here towards vienna as well down towards the south though it is going to be the heat we're talking athens with plenty of sun at $33.00 degrees and up here towards parts of the u.k. northern u.k. we are going to be seems to be very windy conditions into scotland as we go towards the end of the week we have crossed into the part of africa it is going to be plenty of sun across many locations robot is going to be a nice day few at $25.00 degrees algeria $29.00 but over here towards tunis one of the harder places at $34.00 degrees there and as we go towards thursday the temperature sticks at $34.00 in tripoli it's going to be a nice day at 29 degrees. i
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was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents and this is mean. by them both my sis and us on. this 2nd of a 2 part epic tale of the remarkable simon. the father the son
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and the jihad. on al-jazeera. welcome back a look at the headlines stories now italy's prime minister just epic auntie has handed his resignation to the country's president earlier he accused the hardline interior minister materiel vini of putting his policy before the country by taping a confidence motion in the government. a rescue ship stranded off the island of lampedusa for almost 3 weeks has finally been allowed to dock on the orders of italian prosecutors around 15 desperate migrants jumped overboard in an attempt to
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swim to land and syrian opposition activists say rebels are withdrawing. from the strategically important town of concha coon and southern province. now there are calls for an investigation in iraq after more than 30 bodies were buried in karbala province without identification they included women children and elderly people in rights groups are accusing the government of covering up evidence of possible sectarian violence especially getting reports from baghdad. beneath the shrouds or the faces of men women and children their families longed to see again longed to know what happened to them. last week 31 husbands grandmothers and daughters were buried in an unmarked grave in the cemetery in iraq's karbala province the morgan neighboring babil province gave the bodies to a local charity saying they were on identified and and claimed the. acoma
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there is negligence on the part of the government the government should have announced to the public the existence of these bodies deny to use must be conducted to determine their identities so that they can be returned to their rightful relatives. human rights groups are accusing the government of covering up possible sectarian violence about 250 bodies have been given to the same charity for burial since 2016 the governor of baba province says they're from the area and their cause of death range from what he calls terrorism to murder. suspicions have been raised because witnesses say the bodies are likely from a sunni dominated town called jurf else so hard it was once controlled by eisel during the battle to defeat it she got paramilitary groups are accused of killing civilians and forcibly displacing the population the iraqi high commission for human rights is calling on the government to investigate reports of additional
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bodies scattered beneath the soil in babel province government denies there is anything suspicious going on. there has been a lot of negative media coverage in order to take a sectarian turn these bodies were stored at the morgue to be identified after the investigation was over they were buried because the bodies were not claimed by their families but with so many families in the area still living in displacement camps that might explain why no one came forward to identify the 250 bodies. for also now who dared knows her son could be among the family is from joe hart she hasn't seen her son since 2015 when she says our group accused him of being an eyesore member and arrested him her family was later driven out of their home they're afraid if they return they'll be killed. he did nothing wrong if he had i
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would testify against him but his god is my witness he did nothing wrong who dared like so many iraqis never know what happened to our loved one the answers could be buried deep in the soil of her country natasha going to name. baghdad a large explosion has hidden arms that belonging to an iranian backed militia faction north of baghdad it's the latest in a series of mysterious loss at military bases and munitions depos around the country in recent weeks the explosions of all happened in bases and warehouses belonging to militia groups under the umbrella known as the popular forces the yemeni government has said that it holds the united arab emirates responsible for the coup in aden 10 days after a u.a.e. bank separatist effectively took control of the port city on tuesday the southern separatist sees many yemeni government security and military bases they took over
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the military police special forces and military brigade camps in zinjibar which is around 60 kilometers east of aden effectively giving them control of the town which is the capital of the province. u.s. president donald trump is his how to jewish americans who vote for the democratic party trump made these comments reporters at the white house while defending israel's decision to block a visit by the muslim congresswoman as she did today and. i think any jewish people that vote for a democrat. i think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or a great disloyalty or it. august own says it will take its dispute with india of kashmir to the international court of justice the indian government has eased some restrictions in indian and mr kashmir which has been in lockdown for more than 2 weeks given some response to people in the capital as well as journalists trying to report on the decision to strip the region of its autonomy for has more now from
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new delhi. 10 days after a complete information blackout the indian government set up 4 computers with internet access for more than 200 journalists in a media center it controls in srinagar the reporters wait patiently until it's their turn. some on latif who writes for the indian daily the tribune says sometimes he queues for hours just to email his story and if he's lucky chat briefly with his editor. you have to stand in the queue and read for them and then when you send a story. then you have to go back to the same computer and see. the indian government has issued press passes to most journalists in the past few days but access to the internet is tightly controlled and freedom of movement largely restricted to within city you know got itself.
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conditions however have improved a little since the 1st days of the lockdown imposed earlier this month after a new delhi's decision to revoke indian administers autonomy. what we're doing is trying. to finding out what's happening on august 13th the editor of the kashmir times filed a petition in india supreme court against the communications blackout the government is saying that the people are happy everything is fine people are coming out on the lord let them tell us. that they are indeed happy desperate but if you read the global the newspaper's lawyer and human rights activist says media journalists have had a particularly tough time even in the silencing and crippling of media what we see is the dog a bit silencing of the media journalists we do not hear that why. it's been difficult for journalists to report from strain about the capital of indian
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administered kashmir for the past 2 weeks a minute on one of the phone booths opened by the government was considered a luxury and although some restrictions have been lifted making it relatively easier to file stories from the city the rest of the rally remains mostly out of bounds. al-jazeera new delhi. well in the southern indian state of carola thousands of people have lost their homes and their livelihoods after weeks of heavy rains a monsoon triggered floods and landslides across india killing at least 270 people alexi a prime reports. venue phillips says his famine carol is once known as the garden of eden because it was so beautiful but his plantation is now a wasteland. it was supposed to win the farmer of the year award for a region from farming practice but in just one hour the entire thing was washed away nothing is lived. every year the monsoon brings life giving rains to farms
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across india but they can also leave devastation and their wake. there were huge tree trunk floating down followed by a lot of trees and morning water in the entire area was covered with tree trunks. the heavy rains triggered landslides nearby and the swollen charlie rose so high it's worked its way through the villages along its banks but. we've been living here for 36 years and never seen any flooding like this. this was home to marion about 12 members of her family she's grateful they're alive but still feels lost. you know who we are. we're not able to build or buy a new house on our own i don't know what to do or where to go this is our only land . they're now living in a relief camp like many others across india the rains have forced more than a 1000000 people from their homes they don't know when they can go back or think
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anything's left one in peace is more preventative measures and needed to help save lives and property the government has to see this the other member leave would leave a good is an aftereffect. for north to happen the flare to be how to have a lot of. you know for 3 days to be provided before passed. people here say their villages and farms are now on recognizable. but is hopeful if he can get the money together he says he'll go back to farming and his land will again smell of spices and coffee and be a garden once more elixir brian al-jazeera. firefighters on the spanish holiday on end of gran canaria say they're making progress battling a series of huge wildfires that are forced 9000 people to evacuate their homes the wind has now dropped in the canary islands and firefighters say some evacuated
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residents can return home but the fires are still a long way from being completely extinguished as reports. shock and disbelief in gran canaria these villages were forced out of their homes as large wildfires burn out of control across the spanish island they started spreading across mountainous areas on saturday as high temperatures strong winds and low humidity fuel the flames this headline reads the unstoppable catastrophe that only they told me i had to move accommodation and to get out immediately because the fire and especially the smoke was descending it was so so hot. i think the risk you team saved me because i did exactly what they told me on the one hand it's good news because they contain the fire in the town on the other hand it's bad news because of the disaster that is happening. one of the biggest deployments of firefighters in recent spanish history is on the way a crew of 1000 is working around the clock to control the fires the flames as high
12:44 am
as 50 meters have made their jobs harder. preventing water dropping planes from operating in some areas. the fire is still beyond our extinguishing capabilities when the weather conditions start to change that's when we can start to control it. gran canaria in the canary islands is popular with tourists millions visit air. every year to enjoy its mountains and beaches more the spanish government has assured them the wildfires are only confined to higher grounds environmentalist concerns that spain could lose some of its most important nature reserves so to hide it. a man has been shot dead by brazilian security forces in rio de janeiro after he hijacked a commuter bus or than 30 people were on board the bus which was stopped on the. bay bridge for over 4 hours according to passengers on the bus the hijacker threatened to set the vehicle on fire and was armed with
12:45 am
a pistol which was later established to be fake hijacker never explained the reasons for his actions which were broadcast live on television. a salvadoran rape victim at the center of a controversial abortion trial has been acquitted of all charges evelyn hernandez was charged with murder after she gave birth to a stillborn baby the case has drawn international criticism of the country's strict anti-abortion laws as catch as her diane reports. a celebration after being cleared of all charges evelyn hernandez has become the face of a card to decriminalize abortion and el salvador she faced up to 40 years in prison in a retrial after giving birth to a stillborn baby prosecutors accuse her of aggravated homicide the 21 year old said she was raped and didn't know she was pregnant but that you know there is always the. today there was justice i want to thank all the countries an international
12:46 am
organization the support of me i also want to thank my mother who stood by me i know it was difficult for her to see me being accused of something i didn't do her case has been fought in court for years evelyn was 1st sentenced to prison and 2017 but was released 2 years later while she awaited a ruling in her retrial with 17 other woman behind bars under similar circumstances her legal team says the work was far from over. the way there are women who have been in prison for 10 years for something that isn't a crime we will keep fighting for their release. the case brought international attention to a salvador strict abortion laws a full ban was implemented in the central american country in 1998 including in cases of rape or incest women who go to public hospitals after a miscarriage are sometimes accused of murder and charged with aggravated homicide . we cannot allow this to continue we have to change the law we have to change the
12:47 am
enforcement of the law and we have to free the women who are still in prison. after spending nearly 3 years in prison evelyn says. she's ready to move on with her life out of. this will be gone al jazeera. still ahead on the program is building the. stadium will tell you what it's made all of. us and we visit the revolutionary argentinian. keeping its audiences completely in. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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now with. marion bank you very much australia star batsman steve smith has been ruled out of the 3rd ashes test with concussions he watched training but has failed to recover sufficiently of the being hit on the head by england bona jaw for archer at lord's it raises further questions as to why doctors allowed him to continue betting just 40 minutes after the incident on saturday monosyllabic shame eventually came out of the concussion sub and hit 59 is most likely to replace smith for the 3rd test which starts in leeds on tuesday in the end of the day it was really a no brainer the. he felt a bit better yesterday but he's not have time enough to to take off everything needs to do to be ready apply all the other guys are saying applies and the younger players will step up and fill all my stand for local shows because the best player
12:50 am
in the world but we've talked the whole talk about squad mentality being ready and then things come out like they always do in this guy because whoever it is and i'm confident now do that well i suppose if you take it the best. better in the world that's probably the case. because reached as his replacement showed last in the last match is more than capable so. you know we'll lose the winners of this is it's not going to get down to this is really one player on the the sort it's. yes you've got you could play as one to do well but it's a team effort. majestie united has called on social media companies to act after paul pogba was racially abused online following his penalty miss against wolves on monday it's the 3rd time in the last week that a player in british football has been racially abused for missing a penalty and he racism charity kick it out says reported racial abuse increased by
12:51 am
43 percent last season united issued a statement saying everyone at the club is disgusted by the racial abuse aimed at poor pogba last night and we utterly condemn it we will work to identify the few involved in these incidents and take the strongest course of action available to us we also encourage social media companies to take action in these cases former player and in the women's national team coach phil neville says a social media boycott should be considered. come off social media 6 months let us see the effect that it has on these social media companies whether they're really going to do something about it it's a problem not just in football it's a problem is society in the us st louis missouri is about to get a major league soccer team of their own it's the 1st majority female lead ownership group in m.l.s. history the city is better known for their baseball team the st louis cardinals but in time maybe that could change the franchise doesn't have
12:52 am
a name yet but the program will start in 2022. also in 2022 the world cup in qatar where officials recently broke ground on a new stadium the inspiration for this latest one is sainted around sustainability and with the 1st fully reusable fee for stadium the harding went to the building site in. this report. rising from the sand and the sea tars latest world cup stadium is coming to light one shipping container at a time sustainability is the main focus for those building the last couple of wood stadium in doha all its components are recyclable and a life sized building blocks are right into port filled with all the materials that will eventually hold them together inside the stadium do you know that it's container stadium can you tell from the inside on the inside they were north of.
12:53 am
boxes which will have the finish of the. the containers will be used to make up everything from the stadiums bathrooms offices and restaurants but always with an eye on sustainability what we have considered from the very early stages and the design that the very single component of the stadium without its content of all of this structure that's when the whole the content of what. we consider from then if it is in the design of these can be used. the project is expected to be finished by the end of next year once completed it will be the 1st fully dismantle fifo world cup stadium and one of 7 being built just for 2022. these are the 1st containers to arrive $92.00 of them just came in from china and a 1000 are expected in total after the world cup this stadium will be disassembled and these containers will be used to build another stadium somewhere else in the world it's truly
12:54 am
a case of thinking outside the box. part of guitars bid for hosting the 2022 games involved a plan to help another country develop its sporting facilities the 40000 seat stadium can be moved and split into 2 or made into an arena could be good for $24.00 of those countries to. the whole of us and i think that's we've got a. guitar has already delivered one of its world cup been used this year the new stadium and i walk up those behind the asked abruptly would project say it will cost 20 percent less than other traditional c.d.'s and piece by piece along doha's waterfront it's starting to come together hard in al-jazeera doha. the winston salem tennis tournament and the mary wasn't the only noteworthy athlete south korea's leader he became the 1st player to win a main draw match on the a.t.p.
12:55 am
tour he has been there since he was 2 and relies on signals and gestures instead of verbal calls from the judges. and that's where we leave it most for coming up again later marion back to you in london thank you very much peter now close your eyes if you can and imagine a theater of the senses all the senses except the one we most associate with vision argentina's. blind theater puts on shows in complete darkness many of the actors musicians and other staff are blind or partially sighted and they say not being able to see puts us in touch with our other senses. or ports now from when as iris. a society. we think we know what it's like to be in darkness but we don't look complete darkness where all the lights have been extinguished the blind in the extreme weather cyrus provides that experience in the stream that. we put
12:56 am
the audience in a situation which normally the main stimulus is visual so this person is now disconnected from their phone another source of information for more than an hour having to concentrate solely on what is happening in front of them. but what does the one osiris theater going public to get from the darkness. it surprised me it was unique a sensation i hadn't expected it. simulates all your senses fabulous it wakes everything up smell hearing imagining things you can't see but can understand many of the actors no other theater staff are blind or partially sighted. the further work is perfect for people with impaired vision i'm partially sighted for instance but 1st it was difficult to get used to total darkness but you do. we saw a production crew luce's la revolution on all lights the revolution a story of the big love during argentina's 19th century fight for independence
12:57 am
there was plenty of sound the movement i felt the wind of my things and small herb's took place. you have to learn how to live in darkness. complete darkness 2 is the theater slogan goes see what you can't see and then emerging into the light try to see life with different eyes. there is also a show for children and the pure musical experience of blowing gourmet meals singing in the comedy on saturdays 6 different shows how you feel the work there is a feedback from the audience you feel the development of their perception not just from their emotion is but you feel their movements busy their palpitations even though you can't see the relationship is still there it's surprising what you can find in total darkness illumination perhaps to the senses that don't see. i'm sure there are jews era one osiris all. and we're back
12:58 am
just like that it's the end of a news hour but will be back after that in just a couple of minutes. the leaders of the 7 most powerful economies in the world meet in paris this august but the climate of course is high on the agenda. but trade walls breck's it on the tension with iran will be vying for their attention how much progress and i might follow the g. 7 summit on al-jazeera. is resistance.
12:59 am
in akra people are grabbing social and political issues by the horns. and time to sing creativity parity and protest to challenge and change ideas. a gun a controversial a witness documentary on al-jazeera. newsstand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the. al-jazeera. 67 words that spelled promise for one people. but disaster. the pledge to the establishment of the jewish homeland
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at the expense of the palestinians. the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east for all seeds of discord on al-jazeera. today's prime minister resigns accusing hardline interior minister mattel's selvi of toppling the government for his own gain and off to 19 days marooned at sea dozens of people disembark from a mediterranean rescue ship off to local authorities overruled the italian government. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up on the program i'm a chick gay and.


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