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home. form a vatican treasure a cardinal george pell returns to prison after an australian court upholds his conviction the sex. and wear in argentina for a look at a stage show that's in lightning audience is in total darkness. sudan's military and opposition alliance has settled on the makeup of a sovereign council which they say will lead the country until elections within 3 years the swearing in is you to happen within the coming hours the council will replace the genter which is known formally is a transitional military council that took power after the army falls a long time president omar al bashir from power in april it will have 11 members 5 from the military 5 from the opposition and
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a civilian who is agreed upon by both sides let's go live now to him morgan our correspondent in khartoum and hear both so effectively the t.n.c. the transitional military council which we've now become familiar with effectively becomes obsolete but its members are transferred on to the new joint council. yes indeed marquis not all of its members will be part of the governing council which will be shared between the military and the opposition coalition and the forces of freedom and change only 5 of the 10 members who are in the military council will be included in the new sovereign council now that covering council has been a point of contention between the 2 sides the reason why negotiation can talk between 2 sides a lack of real time big think about the role of that council and they disagreed about the composition how many representatives each side should have and who will headed. what this comes down to in this deal that was signed on back today is that
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for the 1st 21 months it will be headed by the military and headed by a general of the 1st $100.00 who is said to be sworn in in the next coming few minutes and for the remaining 18 months of the transitional period it will be headed by civilian nominated by the opposition coalition now that suffering council is expected to have a large disserve morning role if that's to rubber stamp on decisions made by the legislative assembly and the executive council which will have members nominated by the opposition coalition as well and run by a prime minister now there's been a huge amount of skepticism hasn't there as to whether the generals were actually get a hand over power is a much confidence now in the process from the ordinary people of sudan those in particular who were protesting for so many months. well they're saying that it's a wait and see for them there they seem to be very happy they were celebrating back today they were celebrating when the initial deal was signed in early august and
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they're saying that because it's a civilian majority in the foreign council then they're going to accept it they're also happy because most of the powers will be like in the executive council which will have at least 18 ministers and a prime minister nominated by the opposition coalition which is to implement the vision of that opposition coalition the people are saying that because the executive council will have a largely civilian and opposition members with the exception of the ministry of defense and the minister of interior and most of the power will also be in the legislative assembly which would be setting down the laws including the election law and the constitutional laws then they seem to be very optimistic but what they are concerned about martin is the 1st 21 months of the transition period that's when the military can control then they're going to have to wait and see if that transition from the military rule to a civilian in the in the program council will happen it's still a long way to go a lot of things to be to be to be seen from that program council from the
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transitional period still more swearing in we have to see the swearing in of the members of the current council and their prime minister but for the moment my scene people are celebrating they're saying that this is the 1st step down the democratic transition rule morgan live in khartoum thank you. australian causes held for the sex abuse conviction of the form of vatican treasurer a cult and. he was jailed for abusing 2 boys 20 years ago the vatican says his knowledge is the ruling adding that still has another chance to appeal alexia o'brien reports. arriving at court cardinal george pell was taken in through a door away from the waiting crowd. there was no room inside for everyone the court packed with other survivors of abuse by the catholic church and supporters on. all you. 7 really inside the hands of
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pale had failed and a 6 year jail term for abuse and to quiet boys when he was a ship of melbourne in the ninety's would stand justice maxwell and i accepted the prosecution submission but the compliant was a very compelling witness was clearly not a lawyer was not a french assist and was a witness of truth palace the highest ranking catholic worldwide to be convicted of child sex offenses he was once the vatican's treasurer and one of the pope's closest advisers probably that. his lawyers had argued that the jury's verdict was unreasonable based on the evidence and that the jury relied too much on the account of the only surviving victim through his lawyer that victim said he was relieved by the court's decision it is 4 years since i reported to the police the criminal process has been stressful the journey has taken me to places that in my darkest moments i feed i would not return from 5 we're now
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removed. and we have now. the glory for us to survive as advocates say the catholic church still needs to prove its taking clergy abuse seriously. who are abused. crimes committed on the beaches and children's homes and. they will. never get the. pal maintains his innocence and can still appeal to the high court he is going to rot in a cell he will then rot in hell and offsite farewell. he won't be eligible for parole until 2022 when he's 81. brian al jazeera. their professors in hong kong and started to gather in front of the british
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consulate to appeal for the release of a man detained in mainland china earlier china's foreign ministry confirmed that simon chiang who's an employee of the u.k. consulate is in custody saying he's violated the law the ministry added that he'll spend 15 days in what they call administrative detention chain went missing when he failed to return from a business trip on august the 9th to the city of shenzhen the u.k. says it's extremely concerned that's go live to beijing now our correspondent there is scott. and scott so give us the details and as to what administrative detention is what else we know about the case of simon chang. well martin we know that this administrative detention can last as long as 15 days possibly can be an extension but we know right now they've said it's going to be 15 days this is the spokesman for the ministry of foreign affairs here in beijing know what this is it's public security administration detention and what that is it's
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not criminal the person who is being detained isn't charged with with a criminal case they also mention the spokesman of the ministry of foreign affairs they said that this is not a diplomatic issue and it's very interesting he said that you know any details about this specific case with simon telling needs to be addressed to police because they're the ones who detained him they're the ones who know the details that's what the ministry of foreign affairs are saying and also he said that this is since he is a chinese national this is an internal chinese matter needs to be dealt that way and it was interesting we heard some rhetoric that we've been hearing a lot from the ministry of foreign affairs spokespeople over the last several weeks when it comes to dealing with hong kong and they said the united kingdom needs to stop pointing the finger and stop making irrational statements also he went on to say that western countries are meddling in the situation in hong kong that's a theme we've heard time and time again but bottom line from here they confirmed that he is in and this detention administrative detention down and change and by
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the police down there and he said very distantly on tuesday he said he had no information when asked about something 10 but then today he said i have to have this information because you guys asked yesterday so in other words the way he put it if he was in question about the situation he would have been able to talk about it today all right scott thanks for that. one and in beijing let's get ahold to abdul hamid now who is that because correspondent in hong kong and. so quite clearly we can see that people are starting to gather outside the british consulate in hong kong so the case of simon chang is really feeding in to the grievances that many people that have against the chinese authorities. well absolutely actually i was just spoke to speaking to one of the young protesters here in us telling me that that goes exactly to prove why it's so important to for them to keep on the pressure to keep on demonstrating it to making
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sure that that extradition a law is actually officially withdrawn and not just dead carry the chief executive keeps on saying now that said simon chen was actually detained on the other side in mainland china the west station according to his family who has issued a statement they say that he was. 8. on a business trip. and on his way back at around 10 pm he actually sent a message to his girlfriend telling her that he was about to cross that border and at that point and it's after that that he disappeared all right now. live in hong kong thank you very much we've got a lot more to come here it is here including a report from the strait of hormuz where a tanker is still being held by iran and the challenges of reporting on life under
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lockdown we speak to journalists in indian administered kashmir. hello rain still falling in the philippines and if anything it's circulation is hinting at forming just in the east here but as you say it's not much the south it's right for this time of year it shouldn't really be anything but the dry season start internees evocation which has a really good northern born years getting covered in the green stuff which in this case means rain probably thunderstorms the line does extend further west but the forecast for thursday keeps care in the dry weather in singapore still likelihood of afternoon showers and the drifting around sumatra as well but you see the philippines are the focus really of the heavy stuff and improvement in the weather
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in tasmania has happened and i think it will stay this was windy cold and pleasant weather that went through but the forecast you had a few hours there not very was at least bright it was not in hobart and the winds dropping the edge of it just catching i think the southeast corner of australia melbourne's 12 is in the sunshine which could be windy weather east of victoria it's a new south wales even a.c.t but an improvement to quarter and warmer weather is on the council friday we have to 15 in hobart this time the sun is out search australia and perth so beautifully want $22.00 in a couple days ago is now down to 14 with a breeze coming up from the south. building a new life on a beach living off the sea and. a dream shared by so many but so few make it a reality. a family business led by a mark of
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a woman with a flair for cooking and disaster when if. i didn't catch it on al-jazeera. prime time for us to take a look at the top stories here it is there a sedan is set to swear in a new sovereign council later today that's wednesday the military and civilians will share power until elections are held in 3 years the council replaces the military jointer that took power in april. china's foreign ministry has confirmed
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that a missing employee of the british consulate in hong kong has been detained on the mainland beijing says simon chang is being held for 15 days under administrative detention he went missing when he failed to return from a business trip on august the 9th. form of vatican treasure a cardinal george pell has lost an appeal against his criminal conviction in australia it was jailed in march for abusing 2 choir boys 20 years ago. almost $100.00 refugees and migrants and spent their 1st 19 weeks on dry land after their rescue boat docked in italy a prosecutor had ordered it be seized fast and did a standoff between the spanish charity which operates the ship and the italian government hard line migration policies are at the heart of italy's leadership crisis which forced prime minister tzipi conte to resign sonia has more from rome. as leader of the government jews epic contest had overseen one of the most
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challenging coalitions in recent times battling one political crisis after another contests aimed at being a stabilizing force between 2 vastly different political parties the far right league and the anti establishment 5 star movement it proved to be an impossible task and contest said he would be offering his resignation but there was no question over who he thought was responsible. that interior minister rini has shown that he is following his own interests and those of his party in a blistering attack against any country accused him of unleashing further turmoil and in doing so endangering italy's already started to con a me but the league party leader was unrepentant. i would do again everything i did everything with the great strength of being a free man therefore it means i'm not afraid of the judgment of the italians overshadowing this impasse has been my. own political agenda vocally anti migrant
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he's also waged war on the engineers that attempted to rescue asylum seekers crossing the mediterranean and it's a tactic that has had success support for his views have increased across the country turning his party into a force that cannot be ignored. in the middle of this political drama the spanish rescue vessel hovering off the coast of lampedusa with dozens of vulnerable people on board for more than 2 weeks they have not been given permission to disembark the open arms vessels repeatedly requested permission to dock despite continued rejection or someone board became so frantic they risked their own lives by jumping into the sea attempting to swim to land they were rescued by nearby italian coast guard vessels. on tuesday a local prosecutor visited the vessel and issued an emergency measure allowing it to dock in lump it was but this is one incident among many others despite tough new
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laws preventing such landings they still arrive desperate for safety in europe no matter the cost of reaching their. al-jazeera rome. the case of a british. seized by iran a month ago is making its way through the country's courts there's been speculation that the sterner in paris could be freed after gibraltar which is an overseas british territory released in the iranian tanker but the iranians say the 2 cases are linked meanwhile australia has joined the u.s. led mission to protect shipping in the strait of hormuz as a big report. on the strait of hormuz. the stent in peril was seized by a during a revolution in gaza back in july 19th 2 weeks after british royal marines seized the iranian tanker off the shore of gibraltar now iran says this wasn't true although it's widely believed it was iran says the stand in peril was violating international maritime regulations they say the ship was turned off its track is to
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avoid iranian forces they had changed direction in the strait but also had collided with a fishing boat now there have been some indications from the rain in the thirty's that that vessel could now be released after the iranian vessel was released by the gibraltar authorities now the foreign ministry spokesperson said that the courts are looking at the issue and he hoped that it would be released soon now that will go some way in reducing the tensions between iran and the united kingdom but there still is that issue of the u.s. led naval coalition which has said it will join the you know the strain in prime minister scott morrison has said that didn't concerned about recent incidents in the gulf including those tankers that were mysteriously attacked that the united states and its allies blame iran for iran denies this you also said that there was this a destabilizing behavior that threatens the interests australian interests in the region now iran will be opposed to this they've been opposed to foreign intervention and foreign presence in the region they believe that the country's
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fully capable of providing security and stability in the location of the strait of her most where 20 percent of the world's oil and just between its most narrow point between iran and oman is just 33 kilometers wide and the and the shipping lanes are 3 kilometers wide and iran said that they oppose the u.s. presence there the u.s. 5th fleet is here that u.k. has 2 warships and a straight yes committed to a frigate a surveillance and patrol plane as well as military personnel and europe is fundamentally opposed to europe to join this coalition in fact germany said everything should be done to avoid escalation in the region and that's because europe is trying to save the 2050 nuclear deal which united states unilaterally pulled out of last. against iran and the fear is that the increased military presence in the region could lead to a miscalculation and a conflict. turkey has extended the deadline for unregistered refugees to leave in
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stamboul they were initially given a month to leave the city or risk being expelled back to their original place of registration refugees now have until october 30th to comply interior minister says they realize the original deadline didn't give families enough time. a rebel fighter has been killed in a gun battle with security forces in the indian administered kashmir this isn't the 1st such death since new delhi revotes the region's autonomy earlier this month some parts of the area still under lockdown pakistan opposes india's actions and the valve to take the case to the international court of justice meanwhile some of the lockdown restrictions imposed in indian administered kashmir have been and that's given some rest bides to the people of the largest city as well as some of the journalists who've been trying to report on the situation there and reports now
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from new delhi. 10 days after a complete information blackout the indian government set up 4 computers with internet access for more than 200 journalists in a media center it controls in srinagar the reporters wait patiently until it's their turn. some are letty who writes for the indian daily the tribune says sometimes he queues for hours just to email his story and if he's lucky chat briefly with his editor. or stand in the queue for them and then. the response of. the new had to go back into the same computer and. the indian government has issued press passes to most journalists in the past few days but access to the internet is tightly controlled and freedom of movement largely restricted to within stina got itself. conditions however have improved a little since the 1st days of the lockdown imposed earlier this month after new
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delhi's decision to revoke indian administrators autonomy. is what we're doing is trying of setting of the trouble finding out what's happening on august 13th the editor of the kashmir times filed a petition in india supreme court against the communications blackout the government is saying that the people are happy everything is fine people are coming out on the lord let them tell us that they are indeed happy desperate but if you read the global the newspapers lawyer and human rights activist says journalists have had a particularly tough time even in the silencing and crippling of media what we see is the targeted silencing of the media journalists we do not hear that were used at all today it's been difficult for journalists to report from strain ago the capital of indian administered kashmir for the past 2 weeks
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a minute on one of the phone booths opened by the government was considered a luxury and although some restrictions have been lifted making it relatively easier to file stories from the city the rest of the rally remains mostly out of bounds of war are al-jazeera new delhi. has been a large explosion at an iraqi arms depo that belongs to a paramilitary group it happened in northern baghdad this is the latest in a series of blasts at military bases a militia in separatist around the country all of sites linked to the iranian backed popular mobilization forces. politicians and business leaders in and of rejected british. breakfast deval stale the u.k. prime minister boris johnson wants to scrap provisions concerning the irish border but so far hasn't come up with any alternative proposals from that border laurence leamer reports challenge. breakfast hotel outside dublin and the small business
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owners are being taught how to fill out piles of customs papers if it means a border going up across ireland they'll have to and it's an expense many can barely afford this is what people mean when they say the irish economy could suffer because of brick says do business is no do you know what the british government's plan is. i don't i don't see why the commentators at the start of this whole process don't watch the inches watch the miles so if you're trying to think if you try to follow bragg said step by step be incredibly frustrating because it's not a logic most people are familiar with. ever since he became prime minister boris johnson has said the u.k. will leave the e.u. before november in his letter to the european union he also insists a new deal can and must be found to free his country from being stuck in a customs union because it's been rejected by the british parliament but neither
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here nor in brussels to they believe him we've no idea how old movie the latter didn't go into much detail but he keeps referring once again to the so-called alternative arrangements the problem with these alternative arrangements is they don't exist none have been given to us as an example in operation anywhere in the world to haven't been laid a properly so that's why we really do need the box on germs policy. the sharp end of all this is in irish border towns like dundalk where free movement in and out of the u.k. is crucial to their livelihoods there is no overstating the anger they holds towards the british government so the one thing that we vent about irish history over the generations has been that britain gets bored and wanders off from the topic problems or rice and then it's only when they hit a problem that we can shop and we can bring them back into looking at it instead of looking at it in the camp situation where there isn't a security or anything else on the line the issue. so imagine a scenario in which this motorway crossing the border has customs posts and queues
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of traffic with all the contingent security risks to the place might not be far away the dread fear in our land is that any physical manifestation of a border could lead to dissident republicans attacking not only british but irish customs officials britain says it's just scaremongering there will never be a border on the island of islands but in his letter to the european union boris johnson cannot say how he could guarantee is in the sense of dundalk a sculpture was erected after former u.s. president clinton helped finalize the good friday peace deal and addressed a 100000 people in celebration the sculpture is called dialogue and celebrates the art of compromise how times have changed enormously al-jazeera on the irish border . now imagine going. without being able to see anything something completely in the dark well that's argentina's blind
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theater which puts on shows in complete darkness many of the at his insistence another staff are blind or partially sighted. has paid a visit to. the society. we think we know what it's like to be in darkness but we don't look complete darkness where all the lights have been extinguished the blind here to him whether cyrus provides that experience. we put the audience in a situation which normally the main stimulus is visual so this person is now disconnected from their phone another source of information for more than an hour having to concentrate solely on what is happening in front of them. but what does the one osiris going public to get from the darkness. it surprised me it was unique a sensation i hadn't expected it when you're in there it stimulates all your senses
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fabulous it wakes everything up smell hearing imagining things you can't see but can understand that many of the actors know the theater staff are blind or partially sighted. the work is perfect for people with impaired vision i'm partially sighted for instance at 1st it was difficult to get used to total darkness but you do. we saw a production crew luce's la revolution on all lights the revolution a story of the big love during argentina's 19th century fight for independence there was plenty of sound the movement i felt the wind of my face and small herb's chocolat you have to learn how to live in darkness complete darkness to a theater slogan goes see what you can see and then emerging into the light try to see life with different eyes. there is also a show for children than the pure musical experience a blind bomb
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a male singing in a comedy on saturday 6 different shows how you feel about there is a feedback from the audience you feel a development of their perception not just from their emotions but you feel their populations even though you can't see the relationship is still there. it's surprising what you can find in total darkness illumination perhaps to the senses that don't see. i'm sure there are 201 osiris. right time for us to take a look at the top stories and breaking news with her within the last few minutes saddam has begun to swear in its new sovereign council the outgoing head of the military genter has now been officially installed as the head of the sovereign council other members are due to be sworn in later the military and civilians will
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share power until elections are held in 3 years time the council replaces a millage region to power after the ousting of omar al bashir from office in april . this is a scene live outside the u.k. consulate in hong kong as china's foreign ministry confirms that a missing in ploy of the consulate is been detained on the mainland beijing says simon chang violated the law he went missing on all the c 8 whilst on a business trip to the city. the highest ranking official of the roman catholic church has been found guilty of child sex offenses and has lost the appeal against his conviction in australia former vatican treasurer cardinal george pell was jailed in march for abusing 2 choir boys 20 years ago. the vatican knowledge the ruling and said pearl may still
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have legal options as the proceedings continue to develop the holy see recalls that the cardinal has always maintained his innocence throughout the judicial process and it is his right to appeal to the high court dozens of refugees and migrants who were stranded on a rescue ship off the italian island of lampedusa for almost 3 weeks have now come ashore prosecutors ordered the boat to be allowed to dock and for it to be seized spain and 5 other european union nations have offered to take them in a rebel fighter has been killed in a gun battle with security forces in indian administered kashmir it's the 1st such death since new delhi revote the region's autonomy this month some parts of the area are still under lockdown pakistan is about to take the case to the international court of justice all right up to date coming up next here it out there it's my tunisia. after 25 years of affording the world's waist
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china through the global recycling industry into chaos. the growing pressure of agreement skies eaves resulting in change we bring you the stories of the shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. to news i will be do this from the. opening of the power. nist.
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