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he's not surprised his friend simon has been detained simon has. been in some academic related activities some of the forum some of the 6 there are of course some of those forms would have to go stands. on the constitutional reform the way. forward in terms of political development. if. it makes. you know sensitive. salman's lawyer says he hasn't been able to locate him but his case is likely to feed into the anger and suspicion among protesters who fear beijing's growing influence in the whole cocoa that hamid al-jazeera. kandice prime minister says he won't back down in the face of what he calls an increasingly assertive china the 2 countries have been locked in a diplomatic round since the arrest of monk joe and executive of chinese telecom giant
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huawei she was detained in vancouver last year and faces possible extradition to the us china and turn detained 2 canadians accusing them of crimes related to national security justin trudeau also renewed calls for restraint and the mass protests and hong kong canadians expect us to be unwavering in our commitment to human rights while upholding the paramount importance of international law as a global community we must recognize that china is a growing power and increasingly assertive towards its place in the international order. but make no mistake we will all defend canadians and canadian interests. the pentagon had on the news hour and clue day while india and pakistan lochhead me how it's impacted felt by families on both
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sides of the line of control. according legalize abortion in el salvador from a woman acquitted of homicide for giving birth to a stillborn baby. and a good day for the top state of the world badminton championships peace have a happy action and support. u.s. president all trump has defended his decision to cancel his trip to denmark because the danish prime minister now stay after mete fredrickson court his idea of buying greenland absurd agreement is a semi autonomous territory with a population of just 58000 people 80 percent of it is covered by an ice sheet a white house correspondent company health has more the remote quiet of greenland was disrupted this week when former real estate developer turned u.s.
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president donald trump confirmed he wanted to buy the danish territory but that bid was publicly rejected by denmark's prime minister i thought that the prime minister's statement that it was a jerk that was that it was absurd idea was that the i thought it was an inappropriate statement was yet to do is say no we wouldn't be addressing. trying to been scheduled to travel to denmark for bilateral meetings the hard rejection by denmark of the us proposal prompted trump to abruptly cancel his state visit via twitter on wednesday the danish leader responded to the snub this does not change the character of our good relations. and we will of course from denmark continue our dialogue with the u.s. but the public rejection outrage trump twitter he continued to chastise denmark accusing it of not fully contributing to nato to pay for shared defense trumps
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interest in greenland is the 1st time he's mixed real estate with diplomacy they have great beaches trumps repeatedly i'd north korea and its untapped waterfront property entice in north korea's leader with promised assistance developing the north korean economy if kim jong un gives up nuclear weapons so you know instead of doing that you could have the best hotels in the world right there think of it from a realistic perspective. like north korea there is a u.s. strategic interest in greenland the airbase there is part of the u.s. ballistic missile early warning system and is used by the u.s. air force space command. also not the 1st u.s. president to try and buy greenland the last time was in 104600 president harry truman and before that in 1967 right after the us completed the purchase of alaska from russia despite all of trump's last minute cancellation of his trip to denmark he says he loves the country and expects to return at another time but not until he
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says he sees improved respect shown to the united states can really help get al-jazeera the white house john robert clemenson is an associate professor at the royal danish defense college and copenhagen and he explains why the u.s. would want to make this purchase. well it would make sense for the u.s. to be very interested in greenland because as as your reporter just mentioned the u.s. has a strategic. strategic strategically important base in northern greenland that's part of the missile defense system but the u.s. has been a court napping over the past decade it has noticed that russia and china have had have looked at greenland as well and have seen a weakness in the u.s. airlines system so china has chinese companies have been investing in greenland and the fear in washington is that that will give china some leverage over the green
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agenda government which can be used to undermine the u.s. on the island at the same time russia is currently building a. in the arctic that can be used to to knock out the the us rate us in greenland and thus punching a hole in the u.s. missile defense system so there's a good reason for trying to pay attention to greenland but the whole idea of actually buying the island is nice to use the word of today in prime minister it's absurd because greenland isn't denmark's to sell greenland under danish law is considered and independent people with a right to self-determination and that means that essentially it's up to the greenlanders to decide who they they what which country they want to be part of. now the u.s. president has defended new rules which allow indefinite detention of migrant children along with their parents donald trump's called it a humanitarian the ceci he says it's to protect children from abuse the new policy
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on the turns of the existing legal ruling which baal's children from being held in custody for more than 20 days the regulations are part of a wider crackdown on undocumented migrants and will come into effect and 60 days ahed challenges are expected very much diet the children of my mind it bothers me very great people make this horrible 1000 mile journey one thing that will happen when they realize the borders are closed and the only thing built with building numbers of miles of being right now in different locations it all comes together like the beautiful. one of the things that's happening but they can't get into the united states or when they see if they do get in the united states they will be brought back to their country won't matter if they get in or not we're doing that they won't and many people will be say. alan or was annoying the 1st wise president
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of the american immigration lawyers association and he says trump doesn't have the children's welfare in mind. it's a political issue at this time just because of the election coming in 2020 we don't have a walls that what he's looking to create is brown faces in prisons across the united states to show he's tough on immigration with regards to the safety of the children there are number of lawsuits that are currently pending against the different various agencies of immigration and force in the united states against the health conditions that they're having in these facilities so it's absolutely positively not for that effect this family detention doesn't address this how many days these people are actually being detained the government saying it's not indefinite it's 50 days but actually from my practice and my understanding it's around $131.00 days that people are actually being detained that these families are and it's very expensive to do this which is funding private prisons and basically another profit area 5 european union nations have agreed to taken nearly 100 refugees and migrants
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were stranded for weeks on a crowd and rescue boat they disembarked on the italian island of lampedusa on tuesday night after an italian prosecutor ordered the ships asia and evacuation nearly $150.00 people picked up by the spanish chatty ship off the libyan coast earlier this month they spent 19 days on board. brazil's president is dismissing criticism of his environmental policies job is being blamed for a record number of wildfires in the amazon rainforest the cea maybe 73000 have been detected this year alone a release on by the polls fires engulfing large swaths of the amazon rain forest the smoke is traveling far and wide it darkened the skies over sao paulo which is more than 2000 kilometers south of the burn area the scope of the fires is massive these satellite images from nasa show how the smoke has covered most of the
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northern half of brazil which is larger than the whole of europe. the amazon produces 20 percent of the world's oxygen and is home to more than 3000000 species of plants and animals fires in the amazon are a natural occurrence often started by lightning strikes but that doesn't explain the sudden increase in fires this year which environmentalist say has been exacerbated by cattle ranchers and sorie farmers clearing forest at an increased pace enforcement of amazon burning has been scaled back under president bush not of a long time skeptic of environmental concerns both scenarios slashed government funding to environmental agencies and on tuesday suggested the fires were being staged by n.g.o.s to embarrass his government. under the impression that it could have been set by the n.g.o.s because they had asked for money what was their intention to bring about problems for brazil when fires burn in the amazon the area
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is so large there's nothing firefighters can do to put them out when these fires finally do go away environmentalists say that damage will have been done you know it is really much of the east permanently wasted and in a sense. ages to recruit forest and it can never be recruiting the original wave the amazon rain forest often called the lungs of planet earth now filled with smoke and fire and choking one of the world's most diverse ecosystems gabriel is on doe which is either. now across the border and bolivia the government descending songs to contain wildfires in the east more than 400000 heck there is a far grassland have been destroyed environmental organizations say 500 species of wildlife are at risk well amazon is known as the lungs of up planet it is the world's largest tropical forest covering an area a 5 and
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a half 1000000 square kilometers that isn't. biodiversity is unique with a quarter of the earth species found there the forest absorbs a large quantity of carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen which helps rein in global warming but deforestation is reducing this capacity for absorbent carbon dioxide and the last 50 years nearly 20 percent of the forest has disappeared and the world wildlife fund warns that it's getting worse now in the years to time former finance minister and a senior leader of the opposition congress party. has been arrested the 73 year old was detained amid high drama in new delhi on charges of corruption and money laundering he is accused of illegally clearing foreign investment worth millions of dollars to a media group in 2007 when he was the finance minister earlier in the day than bottom said he would respect the law i should respect the law even if it is
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a lie with an army. by the investigating agencies in the name of freedom i can only hope and pray that the investigating agencies will also respect the law in the present circumstances respect for the law can mean only one thing over it the decision of the supreme court. well 2 people have been killed in india the minister made in the 1st gun battle between separatists and security forces since you delhi revoked its autonomy indian police say an officer and a rebel fighter were killed and bottom of the district the region special status was swept earlier this month and many areas remain under lockdown. when there's also been violence along the line of controllers and dia and pakistan accuse each other of ceasefire violations but as they trade blame people on the frontlines are suffering asama been job reports from the capital of pakistan administered kashmir
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. the. 7 year old had dreams and ambitions his family says he wanted to join the forces which protect his village he was killed in the latest cross border shelling in pakistan administered kashmir as usual india and pakistan accuse each other off what they call unprovoked aggression and violation of the ceasefire pakistan's military spokesman tweeted that retaliatory fire killed 6 indian soldiers. the day after the shelling from the indian side we witnessed more shells landing on the civilian population in that the piney sector of district courtly a few homes were damaged the sea life comes to a standstill every time tension escalates on the border. the lie still fighting an indiscriminate firing continues from india they target civilians and kill innocent people as you can see we are a few kilometers from the border and. you can still hear their guns. people rush to
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see what happened to their property even the fighting so excited. here is a farmer who refuses to move because he would lose his land and livelihood damage. there was no way to run on the heavy shelling from the indian side who was scared and tried to hide in the basement when mortar shells were living every where. this yr at least 33 civilians have been killed in artillery and mortar shelling in pakistan ministered to schmear and indian officials also say civilians have suffered on their side it's difficult for villages near the line of control the dividing line between the 2 sides every day activities such as going to school or the shops becomes impossible on the border we started to work we were coming from culturally town which was better on the line of control we had there was heavy shelling from the indian side so we took shelter in the basement of a mosque the foreign minister says pakistan will be taking case to be international court of justice but people here have their doubts that there will be any out from this mounting anger in pakistan administered fish lead not just against the
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shelling across the line of control but also about the plight of kashmiris stranded on the indian side it's all a big job it out of there with africa. still ahead on the newshour the presidential campaign and afghanistan kicks off in the shadow of violence. it might take a 2 to tango but all eyes are on only one dancer and his line $990.00 s. out. to former world series champions of length to one of the caribbean's biggest drug trafficking networks peterbilt have the details in sport. hello there clear skies across the eastern sections of china but still those rains keep coming along the southern and western sections in fact the rain is really all
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the way from you know right of across into guangdong probably staying dry in hong kong as we go through thursday there's always the child's this kind of thunderstorm and the rains also quite extensive across taiwan on thursday by friday you'll see this which is a good picture goal is clear skies which is just as well we all watching a storm developing at least the philippines that is the key. be heading towards taiwan as we head through the weekend the rain is quite extensive as well across into much of northern vietnam and as i say the philippines have been seeing quite a bit of rain as well lately and you can see quite a blanket of cloud here you know those sections of borneo as well will see the rain over the next couple of days dry further to the south and really relatively clear and draw across much as and also the man i put in slept a little bit more in the way it's got a child as we head into friday and of course that does come with those off the noon thunderstorms and then into india the rains still by have a central and eastern sections as well it is that made a little bit drier and care out across these more western states in the last few days but still we've had some very heavy deluge is want to accept into the pradesh
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region this is over the ganges which burst its banks and there is more rains that in the fall cause we head through thursday with the vice in the picture by friday. sponsored by i can tell right away. it looks ugly it sounds ugly in scares people from america's high streets to mexico's on the wound's we control the seaside and who controls the other side people in power follows the smuggling route and test the ease of acquiring untraceable weapons on american soil the weapon that was designed for war and it took you about 5 minutes to buy a. america's gun is mexico's cartel on al jazeera congressman are you interested in stopping crime. al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how rivalries influenced the course of history steve jobs a much better marketing than bill gates apple going to reinvent the wheel made
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software what it is today. to high tech visionaries whose breakthroughs inspired the digital revolution jobs and gates face to face on al-jazeera. on the. top stories this hour sudan's new leaders have been sworn in after months of political uncertainty and violence general. will have the sovereign council for the 1st 21 months new prime minister says he's ready to tackle the economy. the us president has defended new which allowed the indefinite detention of margaret children along with their parents the policy overturns an existing legal
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ruling which bars children from being held in custody for more than 20 days. brazil's president is dismissing criticism of his environmental policies after being blamed for a record number of wildfires of the amazon rain forest to this year nearly 73000 have been detected so far this year but. the jesting that n.g.o.s are to blame. have gone as far as heading to polls to elect the next president new president next mom 16 candidates vying for the job including currently the ashraf ghani but there are concerns that violence may derail the vote shallop balance reports from kabul. president boy by his status the front runner just a month from afghanistan's presidential elections this campaign really is targeting the private sector. are here is played a role in the battleground but the 500 financial freedom and independence through
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the private sector the private sector is fighting this fight. it's gone these 6 through one have been inside this highly secured building is the loya jirgah taint of 16 candidates fewer. campaigning openly because of security threats. the campaign season started on july 28th within hours the taliban launch an attack on the office of gandhi's running mate. more than 20 people die because that was that the taliban has warned people they may also target campaign rallies calling the vote a sham talks between the us and tell of a pitch to stop such attacks. a threatening elections if the deal is agreed many candidates are skeptical elections will go ahead so they're not spending much on the campaigns this is one of the few streets in kabul with campaign posters being
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put out. a tool in the be a liz opposing gani and as a form a national intelligence chief he worries an election will further divide afghan politicians when they should have a united front of potential talks with the taliban but really only the very rich can marginalize the government really they have very divided fissions that was why you see if you don't march the election property. in maine. which. many afghans are also skeptical in a recent observer survey nearly 60 percent of afghans sick they would boycott the bush election commission is charging for mall and put them on house hold the elections must take place it is a red line for us we are fully prepared afghans really need peace so we are going forward small tenuously but unfortunately the peace process is overshadowing the election and may affect voter enthusiasm. voter through z s m is
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not a problem for president gunning being hit in the polls he could very well be closing in on another 5 years undeterred by taliban peace negotiations or their tax. shut down list. karpal. now british prime minister boss johnson is getting mixed messages from european leaders on brakes that french president a man your crown says europe want to be held hostage to brush and democratic crisis warning that in no dale breaks that was the most likely outcome but german chancellor angela merkel was more optimistic given johnson a 30 day deadline to find a solution dominic a has more. in coming to meet angela merkel in berlin boris johnson brought a message one of her desire to compromise where possible if his host would do likewise we in the u.k. want a deal we seek
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a deal and i believe that we can get what we can do this up in the us i think is that is the phrase but clearly. they clearly we cannot we cannot accept. the current withdraw agreement. unfazed by hearing her own catchphrase used to her angle america went straight to the heart of the matter the contentious irish border backstop the banks of the backstop has always been a fallback position if one is able to solve this conundrum if one finds the solution and we said we would probably find it in the next 2 years to come but we can also maybe find it in the next 30 days then we're one step further in the right direction and we obviously have to put our all into the darkness and balance constraint that's his word but another question for the german government is what
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sort of prime minister they are dealing with one analyst says ministers here question boris johnson's sincerity that his journey to berlin was more about posturing than politicking we are talking about a blame game he's coming here to demonstrate at home once he returns ok i did everything i offered. our willingness to negotiate to renegotiate i made clear this is not acceptable and i got just the know and then he will follow up on what he started already to blame it all on the e.u. on brussels berlin and france. and then we and most likely no deal scenario to avert that the prime minister will have to give ground boris johnson's brags that mission is very clear take it to the key european capitals where the decision makers in his opinion are based in on wednesday and anglo-american 1st day the french capital and president mike hall and of course mr johnson is clear he
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wants movement on the backstop dominic cain. now thousands of people have been marching through the streets of the czech capital prague there protesting against the government as well as commemorating the 51st anniversary of the soviet led invasion into for. former czechoslovakia demonstrators are demanding the resignation of prime minister barbour she is a billionaire businessman turned politician who's accused of fortunately obtaining billions of dollars in european union subsidies denies any wrongdoing. now we're all drinking micro plastics in our water but the world health organization says there's no evidence so far that this poses a health risk it's a new report says more research is urgently needed though and to how micro plastics affect the environment and our health the w.h.o. awards that very small plastic particles may be absorbed into our organs and they
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could carry disease causing bacteria a global study last year by the w w f and the university of newcastle found that on average we ingest around 5 grams of plastic every week that's about the size of a credit card the w.h.o. says the answer is to eliminate plastic pollution and tiley but for now it's calling on drinking water suppliers to do more to treat water. well let's get more on this now we're joined by paul harvey he's of research scientists and the owner of environmental science of the oceans that's a research organization focusing on pollution and contaminants in the environment and he's joining us live from sydney very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so this aims to be good news but with caution good news being no evidence so far that these micro plastics pose a risk to humans but more research is needed because we're not clear on on it's
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completely. yes that's exactly right so the research at the moment shows that we might possibly have a risk to human health in the report has done a great job in compiling all of the existing very search data but we don't actually have quite enough yet to draw strict clear conclusions as to whether or not the health impacts do exist in regards to consuming drinking water with market prices in them and so in the meantime the reports also pleading with the world at large to rein in plastic pollution plastic production though is said to double i.c. by 2025 and many countries have introduced legislation around the use of single use plastic so what more want needs to be done. so we really need to be now focusing on the supply of plastics into the environment
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as you rightly just said a lot of countries around the world are reducing their plastic. production which is great and they also need to understand how those plastics migrate through the environment we need to understand how they degrade in the environment and how they might be acting in various different ways whether that's through the degradation of the plastics as they enter into the body of organisms into shamans whether that's whether they're acting as vectors for disease movement around. so pathogens bacteria and the lack and just simply how they are going to reside in the environment how they might transfer through the environment now and into the future and so again this to have a you know what needs to be done who's doing well and limiting plastic use and what lessons can we learn from those who are doing well. so it's got some great examples around the world from various different
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corporations that are moving away from single use plastics in their production processes so whether that's bottled drink companies for example shifting away from single use plastics a surge of plastics or a sark plastics and moving to other forms of bottles there are other packaging companies as well that are moving away from the traditional petrochemical hydrocarbon based plastics i moving into say biodegradable forms or easily recyclable forms of plastics other companies are also looking at more nonconventional packaging approaches so perhaps they might be using some products that can be sourced from plants for example and again easily degraded or recycled or composted at the end of their work life mr harvey thank you very much for your time on this that is paul harvey live in sydney thank you now feed off a roy thought that resembles
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a human body is now making waves in russia moscow is flying it to the international space station and for 2 weeks it will be working alongside russian crewmembers this step lawson has more on moscow's plans to claim the lead in the space race. he has the looks and most of a science fiction movie star if you do push ups drive a car and pick up small objects but the human like robot has a serious task ahead of him for the next 16 days he will be working in space as a cost monarch crew member 1st on the human guidance but his creators hope eventually independently. aiming for him to be able to prepare the customer notes work in space so the customer not only needs to spend one and a half hour outside instead of tell robert will clean up afterwards to this is how he helps the customer not and decrease his time and there's not an oxygen environment which is potentially dangerous the project was nearly lost in 2017
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after a futile was put trait shooting to guns foreign partners stop sending components as a result and russian scientists were forced to complete the robot on their own evgeny due to office at the birth of fewer and sas is nothing to fear. we wanted to demonstrate how quickly this robot can combine the operation of his vision and the movements of his hands it was a technological task but people looking at this as a non-experts didn't see the technological side which was of course a bit of miscalculation on our part futa has become quite a celebrity in russia on his own twitter account we can follow his preparations for his 1st space mission 38 years after he became the 1st human to enter space has big shoes to fill. been struggling to keep its space program up to speed the human eye to robot as the basis and raising the way for humans to settle on the
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moon on mars and put russia ahead in the space race but before future manages to do all of that you 1st needs to prove himself as an assistant on board the international space station step fasten al-jazeera moscow. now nigeria's president mohamed the bihari has sworn in a new 43 member cabinet 3 months after starting his 2nd term behind he has kept the key petroleum portfolio to himself for yet another term lige area is africa's top producer of crude oil. a south african court has barred the display of the apartheid era national flag and public saying that such gestures amount to hate speech and harassment the ruling follows a petition by the nelson mandela foundation.


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