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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 23, 2019 11:00am-11:33am +03

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well the wildfires have been trending on social media here. with a roundup of the online reaction to this new story's been trending worldwide with a hash tag pray for amazonian our people are outraged how humans are mostly to blame for the wildfires in the world's largest rain forest and what they have perceived as global apathy to protect the environment i want to show you this chart because it gives you a sense of the sheer size of the wildfires that we're talking about here if you compare it to the size of brazil and you can see just in the corner there there's parts of bolivia as well and the effects are also being felt in sao paolo thousands of kilometers away from the amazon this is a still from a doomsday movie is actually some paolo plunged into darkness in the middle of the day on monday and these are huge clouds of smoke that have been posted pictures of these have been posted on social media and if you think that's bad enough we'll take
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a look at this because people have been collecting black rainwater and posting their pictures on twitter out of shock now some even said that the water had a smoky smell so it just gives you an idea of what they're seeing in sao paolo but prayed for on dunya is also another hash tag that's been changing our own don years a state it was originally home to over 200000 square kilometers of rain forest but now it's one of the most deforested places in the amazon and this was filmed there showing how far the amazon wildfires have reached in the video has been viewed more than 15000000 times and people online have mostly criticized the lack of international media coverage asking why now when the wildfires have been burning for almost 3 weeks so far some including the world wide fund charity to comparisons on twitter to the global attention that's been given to the not saddam inferno in france of course that happened earlier this year asking why there isn't the same level of outrage for what's happening in the amazon and the criticism hasn't
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stopped there because twitter users have mostly accused brazilian president diables of dismissing this is. r.e.c. of the situation including allowing loci deforestation is forcing out some of the millions of indigenous people living in the amazon and now a.j. plus team here al jazeera has put together this video why brazil's indigenous women are taking a strong stand has there been there a much better i thought actually. pretty much something i've been. going to want to look at feel that what people want what you're not that to me are not what people says but they don't you see it's all jacked up about yourself don't they don't know about these. boys are both on the lottery and gold would be a miracle plus a little dog. and if it's gets in touch with
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me all my story and i'm outside a twit say you can send me any stories that you think we should be covering here on al-jazeera. now across the border in bolivia the government has asked for a super tanker plane to contain wildfires raging in the east more than 650000 hectares have been destroyed and our mentor organizations say 500 species of wildlife are at risk soldiers have been deployed and president evo morales has created a new environmental emergency cabinet to deal with the crisis. we have plenty more ahead on the news hour including. authorities already know people plan to protest further. to resist. the immediate challenge for saddam's new government to help families cope with the loss of their homes and flash floods. and inspire the u.s. open serves up an all star 1st round tie to serena williams we'll tell you more and .
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how you tube says it's disabled more than 200 channels for spreading misinformation about the mass protests in hong kong the website says the channels worked in a coordinated manner and used to v.p.n. still high they are region the move comes days after twitter and facebook crackdown on thousands of accounts that they say a backed by the chinese government the blocked accounts likened hong kong protesters to terrorists and accuse them of working with foreign powers. now on thursday thousands of high school students joined a certain calling for political reform they threatened to boycott classes next month of the government continues to ignore their demands mass protests began in june of a controversial extradition they've gone into a broader movement against the influence of mainland china and hong kong's affairs
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. now u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o says american officials are working on securing the. of 2 canadians held in china made the comments off amazing canadian prime minister justin trudeau 2 canadian men were detained in china 8 months ago over spying charges their arrest was seen as retaliation against canada's decision to detain among joe and executive from chinese telecom giant way on a u.s. warrant from peo says monkey won't be used as a bargaining chip in the trade war between the u.s. and china. yes it was a bar it was a bargaining chip it is a legal process by the united states department of justice designed to bring someone who we believe we have sufficient information to bring back the other states under the agreement between the that it's very straightforward russia and the u.s. have accused each other of risking a new arms race at the un security council the mission was requested by russia and
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china to discuss washington's testing of a land based nuclear capable misao the test comes after washington post out of a cold war era missile treaty she had her tonsils reports from the united nations. it took just over 2 weeks for the u.s. to test a land based intermediate range tomahawk missile following its withdrawal from the intermediate range nuclear forces or i.n.f. treaty in early august the agreement signed at the height of the cold war between washington and moscow in 1907 led to the destruction of thousands of missiles that long been a source of fear for europeans it was clear their countries would be the battleground in any nuclear war the u.s. maintains it had no choice but to withdraw for 2 reasons the russians have long flout of the agreement something moscow denies and china which is not a signatory has been building up its arsenal of intermediate missiles these developments by the russian federation and china coupled with their aggressive and course of behaviors are key drivers behind a deteriorating security environment the united states will not and cannot ignore
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this reality but russia says the launch proves what both the obama and the trumpet ministrations of long denied it's the u.s. that has been flouting the treaty with its deployment of what washington calls a missile defense system in eastern europe the missile launcher used in sunday's test is the same model that the u.s. has deployed in rumania and poland but with modifications to allow it to launch fans of intermediate nuclear missiles and moscow chided the u.s. allies for sitting quietly as washington unilaterally nullified another treaty designed to preserve international security. usually when you can you might choose to swim but do you really not understand that what you've done with the americans step by step you're returning to historical situation when missiles were targeting european cities from different sides. the u.s. allies however did stick to washington's line albeit while expressing concern about a new arms race china also stuck to its long held line its nuclear arsenal is
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defensive and dwarfed by those of russia and the us so it's not relevant to this discussion so to you that you it is not acceptable to use china as an excuse for leaving the treaty china rejects the baseless accusations by the united states in fact recently the trouble ministration has been making it pretty clear it left the i.m.f. primarily because of china the us defense secretary even expressing the hope that soon perhaps in a matter of months there will be an into media range conventional missile capability in the asia pacific region where it's unclear which asian countries would want to host such missiles and become a target just as europe was during the cold war. the al-jazeera united nations. iranian foreign minister job and survive says ted on is willing to work on french proposals to salvage the 25th day nuclear day in washington resume sanctions on iran after withdrawing from the pact last year french president says hailey the try
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to soften the impact of the sanctions or come up with a way to compensate the iranian people and return back home says iran should keep complying with the deal. another round of talks between the u.s. and taliban have begun in a couple of the 2 sides are discussing ending u.s. military intervention and of ghana's farm negotiations have been ongoing since october in a bid to end the 18 year conflict the u.s. special envoys juicer visit to kabul next week to meet the afghan government one of ghana sounds president and says that agreements made during the hard talks will have to be vetted by his government gunnies as of ghana's fan share is the u.s. goal of withdrawing troops as soon as possible but he says there will have to be comprehensive discussions before any deal is signed. yet uses him on that at this the the dhaliwal are a part of this country but they cannot determine the fate of the country election is the legitimate right of the afghan people they must decide to have
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a legitimate government i am not the want to go to break the i will negotiate with the powerful and with dignity. u.n. investigators say the scale of sexual violence against the hanger was so widespread and severe that it demonstrates what they call an intent to commit genocide a fact finding report says myanmar soldiers routinely and systematically raped gang raped and sexually abused women girls boys men and transgender people and the un says those responsible should be prosecuted on charges of war crimes genocide and crimes against humanity the report also mentions sexual violence and persecution in the states of touch and sharm targeting other ethnic minorities. the tatmadaw used sexual allan's as the 2 of of their military tactics it is very much a part of their tactics what is called the 4 cuts. but in especially in the rowing
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areas what happened is stream live extremely brutal to the point that we said badly it showed a kind of intent to destroy in whole or in part a population. so i think both were shocking the fact that it was done on some scale but there are also the fact that to one community may have been done with the intent to destroy the whole we have actually seen satellite imagery of the areas these people were supposed to return to not a building as. everything has been bulldozed not even a tree standing new structures have been built which are i would not say really worthy of habitation in that sense we have to make sure that when they return they are not only safe but they also have
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a pathway to citizenship and there are all these framework of very discriminatory laws which we call appetite like should be removed. shortly before that report was released attempts to repatriate thousands of refugees were unsuccessful transporter range to start sending some people back stood empty nearly 300 to hang the families told un and bangladeshi officials that only return of a safety and citizenship a guaranteed bangladesh says repatriation will only go ahead if families a willing stephanie decker has more farm cox is bizarre. the 2nd time that authorities have tried to repatriate to send back some of the rangar refugees the 1st time was in november of last year no one wanted to go back then and it seems for now at least that remains the case. when you interview 295 listed families none of them expressed their willingness to go back to their country at the moment this process will continue and anyone who says they want to go back we will facilitate
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their return to myanmar now one of the core issues is trust part of that press conference was a member of china's embassy here also a member of me and more as diplomatic representatives i also them why they weren't allowing journalists particularly the united nations access to the areas where these people would be returning to because that of course is crucial even the united nations cannot give the guarantees to people here of what they will be facing on the other side. to saddam now where flash flooding has killed at least 50 people and forced thousands from their homes have been morgan reports from the region north of the capital so many people have nothing to return to. this used to be his home and the shop that provided him income. now all that and it's on what has left. his house collapsed after a flash floods hit his town in sudan's heart of doom state on monday the water destroying most of their belongings. this shop was the only means i had to support
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myself and my family and the house was the only place we had to live all of that is gone now and there's nothing i can do but say it's god's will the floods have destroyed at least 700 houses here according to the town's disaster response committee leaving more than 300 families displaced so the needs of the rains and flash floods in the past 2 weeks have destroyed over 12000 homes across the country most of the damage is in poor neighborhoods with shodi drainage infrastructure basic services have also been affected. life is. there is no electricity the water lines have been affected there are no shops working no by crease working everything has become. more rain and a rise in river water levels are expected in the coming days adding to concerns of more floods to come but that's not all flash floods have not only destroyed homes here in and they've also turned roads like this one into rivers and because it can
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take days sometimes weeks for them to dry out it's feared stagnant waters will bring diseases. over the past few years health workers have recorded an increase in the number of malaria and cholera fatalities due to stagnant waters during rainy seasons affected residents blame the former government ousted in april of neglect now opposition leaders say steps need to be taken to ensure that what happened in chile doesn't happen again because we only know having yes we use rationing players we need some deeds we need to be a new new. law to prevent floods coming from the far east. it is more than having legislation in place it is about political will it is about the restructurings area coming as new ideas to prevent any flux in the future. for imus who has to pick up the pieces to rebuild his home starting over won't be
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easy and with the rainy season not hit over he hopes no more flash floods come to take away what little he has left he morgan al-jazeera. still ahead on the news hour. that a gas leak. at the dilapidated state of venezuela or than gas industry that's left many people without power. and at least on messi is in a race against time to be fit for boss a line of 1st time the game will have more of a sport. hello again more heavy rains across central and western areas of china some deadly mudslides because across into sichuan province you can see in the south where the
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activity has been and this is the often off of one of those mudslides 9 people died but a 5 people are still missing and there's more rain in the full cost carol out towards these eastern sections but we're also watching taiwan for the next couple days on the northern philippines and it's because of this this is tropical storm by lou it is heading in that general direction we've got winds at about 85 kilometers an hour gusting to $100.00 it is expected to continue to strengthen but it will continue to impact the philippines over the next couple of days i will keep a very close eye on the forward progress of this storm meanwhile across borneo emotion and thunderstorms and they'll continue to the west through much of sumatra and a lot of generally through much of the may peninsula and then to india the rain still very heavy those monsoon rains but that beginning to dry in across much of the north and the west however the rivers continuing to spill. we have seen scenes like this you can see this just huge outer limits people who calls are being able to get about by boat more rain in the full cost the next
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couple of days quite heavy again through the central areas so we're looking at a very wet couple of days in our poor. twenty's. sponsored town. the story of a friendship between a filmmaker and a 7 year old girl what is it would mean. giving to a refugee family being the syrian war. in the face of deep rooted tension between the libyan needs and the refugees. my syrian friends. bisect on al-jazeera.
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over your. elizabeth ron and on hard days the top stories this hour the amazon rain forest and brazil is burning at a record way threatening the lives and livelihoods of the endogenous community there prosecutors in brazil have started an investigation president also dollar says farmers could have illegally set forests ablaze. the un investigators say the scale of sexual violence against the head shows genocidal intent
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a report on sexual and gender based violence and myanmar reveal that the military routinely used for a as a weapon against ethnic minorities. japan has described south korea's decision to withdraw from an intelligence sharing agreement as the progress of the 2 countries along kind of bitter round of trade and japan's wartime atrocities and the last century but let's get more on this now we're joined by robert kennedy professor of international relations at tucson national university and he's joining us from busan and south korea mr kelly always a pleasure to have you with us on the as they are told let's talk us through what you think this latest decision by salt told us about how it views japan and its so how it views north korea right now yeah this is sort of been a while and coming from the americans help sort of twist the arms of south korea and japan especially south korea into this i'm about a decade ago there's a lot of lingering historical animosity in south korea because of the way japan
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behaved in south korea during the war this is sort of been papered over to a certain extent by american alliance management the trump ministration doesn't really put much stake in that has really got involved in this very much and so these sort of tensions that have been below the surface for a while sort of erupted here is accelerated by the fact that you have a sort of left wing nationalist administration in south korea which is wants to be tough on japan on the other hand you have a right wing nationalist administration in japan writes you've got sort of like the worst of both worlds if you will and it's the sides and that's just sort of at its fuel to the fire and while south korea and japan dispute continues as north korea the when they hear i mean what could saul end this intelligence pact mean for. nuclear program. yeah i mean most important thing probably is that it means for the japanese it means less direct information from the south koreans immediately about what the north koreans are doing right i mean what exactly is exchanges and under wraps i don't really entirely know we have sort of vague sense of it but i mean the
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really the important issue with us who's the winner is the big winner is north korea but beyond that really it's china right i mean it's you know north korea is always sort of like very far behind economically right it's nuclear weapons change that a little bit but you know north korea is fundamentally a pariah state and isolated it's really china that's on the rise out here right and you see this discourse in the united states with a trade war and if we're going to actually sort of counter chinese have gemini or domination or whatever in the next 20 or 30 years we're going to need coordination among allies out here and that means from the center korea and japan so in the short term the winner is north korea but in the medium term it's china the meetings between the south korean and japanese foreign minister taking place in beijing do you expect them to get in any way here not at the moment i mean this is another step forward or another step backward this will worsen relations on the japanese are going to see this is sort of a hardening a south korean attitudes and the japanese will probably respond in kind i the thing this is going to go on until there's some kind of american intervention that allows the 2 of them to make a concession to washington as opposed to each other right in dealing with each
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other it looks like a 0 sum competition so it's easier to consent to the americans but trump has an interest in my sense is probably going to drag on until these christmas and there be some kind of partial tepid resolution in the new year that's to carry thank you as always for your time on that as well but kelly thank you live and south korea thank you. now un human rights experts are condemning the internet and telephone shutdown and indian administered kashmir and they say the blackout unfolds by the indian government is like a collective punishment on the people of the disputed fanchon it has been more than 2 weeks since and day of the vote so talk to me has jimmy reports from one neighborhood in scene of that which is putting up a famous resistance to the security crackdown. it's an act of defiance people living in the sewer a neighborhood of srinagar have erected these barricades unlike the ones put up by security forces to control the movement of local people these have been put up to keep the security forces out. of the common violently
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the night before last week they blocked us in from 4 directions and didn't let us pray in our main mosque they've also autistic boys and girls from other areas so we have closed off the entrance here. this neighborhood has been a flashpoint of several protest since restrictions were imposed on movement and communications after the region's autonomy was revoked people here worry that makes them a target and if we look at the present situation it looks like they're going to at least every one of us. going to the same. brother was detained on august 9th while returning home from work spam lee only learned of his arrest the next day since then their frustration has only grown. police i just heard a case against him the cops tell us to come in the morning and they will release him men to be do they tell us to come in the evening this is what we have been dealing with security forces remain in the city and region in large numbers indian
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officials say there has been some unrest in the past few days but it's been relatively minor. except. restrictions have been eased this week with some people in vehicles moving around however most businesses in srinagar remain closed and in sora open defiance remains . in the sky above we've seen drones watching for protests which have been spontaneous in different parts of the city but here in authorities already know people plan to protest further and locals tell us they plan to resist as long as they can there's dremiel al jazeera indian administered kashmir. now just days after the open arms of rescue ship was allowed to disembark and italy another
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vessel carrying $356.00 refugees and migrants mostly from sudan is near a tally and waters looking for a safe port on board a 900 unaccompanied minors libya has offered to take the ship at its crew have refused the offer because of the potential dangers in libya signing a guy who govern ports from lampedusa. they were pulled from the sea as they attempted to reach land in europe we were told to stay on board but some were so desperate they jumped into the water to be rescued. they could not have imagined the journey from libya would have taken this horrifying turn 2 but what they feared most was being forced back they had. they would be taken back to libya where they have been exposed where randall's abuses and that to be ready that the engine many of them did that to flee libya more times but have been intercepted the by the
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europeans boarded the libyan coast guard and forces back to the danger for nearly 2 weeks the ocean viking operated by doctors without borders has been circling the same spot in the mediterranean sea the italian island of you know as close to lampedusa it was refused entry to malta and the italian authorities have ignored 2 appeals by the vessel to dock safely. just days before another drawn out standoff between italy and a ship run by a spanish charity open arms it came to an end when a local prosecutor visited the vessel and after witnessing the conditions on board ordered it to dock overjoyed at finally reaching land they suffered days of distress at sea with no way of knowing if they were going to be able to stay alive just like for us. to see how it's possible that the differing government are can produce. all the international notion we doubt until now you know consequences this
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monument known as the gate to europe is a symbol of how that has been a welcoming people seeking refuge over the years but italy's antiviolence interior minister my fear any claims that the ngos have helped me do that and nothing more than taxis the people smugglers its critics say that he is playing politics with vulnerable people's lives and in framing the charities as the enemy many on lampedusa say it has not resolved the problem. everyone thought the immigration program would be solved by so vini. banning the entry. of a book from arriving everyone just pretends they don't exist. as the ocean viking continues to wait for a port of safety and immigration voices will continue to use their plight as a call to control the charities that rescue them while those on board already bearing the scars of a brutal journey continue to wait for refuge in europe if and when your thirty's
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finally allow it. al-jazeera it was a. the president of somalia semi autonomous state of jubal and has won another term in office. secured turf of the regional parliament the result as being disputed by has rival and it's been rejected by the federal government the southern state is at the forefront of the fight against. catherine sawyer reports. supporters of a med my daughter jubilance president celebrates his reelection he won the backing of 56 of the 74 members of parliament his main opponent got just 17 votes but albers victory is however contentious with some somalis saying he influenced the selection of m.p.'s by clan elders the central government in mogadishu has vowed not to recognise his leadership insisting the electoral process was flawed and
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marred by irregularities. in the. land as one of the states of somalia and i fully support its allegiance with the federal government of somalia and when it comes to any and all political disagreements it only makes sense to resolve such disagreements internally. there's also concern over the state of security after last month's attack on a hotel in the port city of smile when gunmen killed 26 people and is important in the war i guess the armed group al-shabaab it's also one of the richest states in somalia with good fam and grazing land and a busy and important ports kismayo is close to the indian ocean which has vast oil and gas reserves and which are being claimed by both somalia and kenya some analysts say the central government in mogadishu wants to control regional states by imposing its preferred leaders competing interests between kenya and ethiopia who both have troops in the region and they just sling for influence by some gulf
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states is not making things any easier disorder in juba and would place in jeopardy not only gains made in that member state but also many critical national priorities including preparations for the 20202021 elections the fight against al shabaab and the development agenda. my daughter who once led fighters who are opposed to al-shabaab has not had an easy stay at the home of politics he's presidency has been clouded by becoming an interference from the central government and regional states in this poor but many people who live here are afraid that his reelection could potentially lead to violence catherine. now while venezuelans are struggling to cope with an economic and political crisis president nicolas maduro and some of his close associates have been accused of money
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laundering through the global financial system investigators say some of that money ended up in the u.s. state of florida would have andy gallagher reporting from miami on how most of the cash was used to buy real estate but 1st we'll look at the alleged source of much of the laundered money venezuela's oil sector tori's a boy reports from the town of us on how the industry has crumbled and a country with the world's largest oil reserves. has always lived. in the northwestern state of. he's a fisherman but he says pollution from the oil industry is destroying his way of life. this is abandon completely abandoned in the past the oil and gas installations were taken care of but not anymore now are lake is filled with oil and contamination our boats are dirty or nets are dirty my family depends on this and it's killing us we're close to the town where all was 1st discovered in
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venezuela in 1922 it turned this country from a coffee producing nation into an oil giant but things have not been going well in the past 2 years the bottom of it was filled with thousands of kilometers of gas pipelines some of them are broken if you can see right there that's a leak i go. last week this is just an example of the enormous infrastructure problems that venezuela's energy sectors has today were told tankers i rarely seen year venezuela's oil production has dropped by more than 70 percent in the past 20 years and the us oil embargo is further complicating the export market.


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