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at times by the very security personnel charged with protecting. news that a 10 year or displaced rape victim has delivered in a few days ago has sent shock waves across nigeria we met the girl and her baby girl at one of those patrols look to educate michael help with the delivery of the 3 days of labor we need to do this is a reception because there was no we little enough for them so we don't risk much to go to munich so broad and we integrate it turned into. this social worker was one of those who brought the girl to hospital and told us that she grew up an orphan and was raised by her grandmother but was forced to flee how home when her grandmother and called tried to force her to marry a blind man that is when she fell prey to the man who raped her. despite what she's been through the young mother already has dreams for her baby. i don't want my
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daughter to go through the same suffering as i did when she starts walking both of us will go to school police say there were arrested the man suspected in her rape last december but they have this plea for families of rape victims punishments for offend us can serve as deterrents to orders intending to do the same but when family members tend to make a shit to climb to receive more nice from from suspects all to try to prevent prosecution we family members can come up to help us let the prosecution process. we conclude that. the plight of the little girl prematurely propelled to motherhood is 1st becoming a rallying cry for those seeking actual in nigeria's displaced people's camps many hope that hard case will spot the authorities to take action too and such
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horrendous crime once and for all. judy. still to come here at al-jazeera the hong kong court ruling aimed at preventing more things like this as china is accused of bullying and line staff. and un investigators warned the horrors that range of refugees fled to. still going on in . hello again or welcome back well this hour do want to take you up here towards northern asia where in the northeastern part of china we have seen plenty of rain over the last couple of weeks things have dried out but i want to show you some aerial footage of what it is now looking like across much of this area the flooding is still on the ground a lot of water is still standing it's going to take
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a while for this water to go down we have 33 bridges we have over 60000 hectares that are flooded across much of this region even with the study conditions of course you can see what the people are dealing with right now as we go towards the next couple of days it is going to be dry across much of that area so that is good news there where we are seeing the rain is over here towards parts of japan and this has been going on for several days as well osaka is going to be seeing a rainy day here on saturday going up to about 30 degrees by the time we go towards sunday and then here across parts of the western pacific we are dealing with tropical storm by lou making its way towards taiwan you can see the clouds right there by the time we get to saturday we're looking at a very close landfall here now we do expect it to stay tropical storm instead city but we do expect to see plenty of rain across much of the area that is going to lead to mudslides flooding as well as landslides so we're going to watch that very carefully and by sunday we are looking at a landfall in parts of china. 67
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with the promise for one. but disaster and. the pledge to be establishment of the jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians. the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east for seeds of discord on al-jazeera. time for us to take a look at the top stories here at out 0 the german chancellor angela merkel has now
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added her voice to calls for g 7 talks on the record fires that are burning through the amazon forest she's calling it an acute immersion see that should be on the summit agenda this weekend. iran's foreign minister is set to meet the french president emanuel macross in paris the talks which are aimed at salvaging the 2015 nuclear deal it's a reset on thursday that terror on is willing to work with european partners after the u.s. pulled out last year. the syrian army has moved into the area around the turkish observation post in marek in northern hama province turkey has made it clear that they have no intention of leaving the post on monday rebels threatened retreated from the strategic town of can shake. the new york times has reported that israel has carried out an attack on the weapons in iraq 2 senior u.s.
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officials told the newspaper that they have been at least 4 strikes on deaf ears controlled by uranium backed groups an iraqi military official confirmed a base was hit 3 people were killed including an iranian israel has launched hundreds of air strikes against iranian assets in neighboring syria during the 8 year war. japan's prime minister shinzo oddly says south korea's decision to stop sharing military intelligence will damage trust between the 2 countries south korea made the move after japan downgraded its trade status they've been embroiled in an increasingly bitter dispute over wartime labor as well but right now explains from seoul south korea says it had been hoping until the last minute to avoid pulling out of the pact blaming japan for what's now become the most serious deterioration in relations in decades young japan created
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a green change in bilateral security cooperation we have determined it would not serve our national interest to maintain an agreement to exchange sensitive military information the intelligence sharing agreement was set up 3 years ago to counter the nuclear and missile threats from north korea its breakdown comes at a time of increased missile testing by pyongyang what anymore called the south korean decision completely misjudges the current regional security environment it's nothing but a disappointment and i find it extremely regrettable disappointment to from u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o who's called for the 2 u.s. allies to settle their differences relations have soured just as regional rivals china and russia seem to be moving closer together militarily this dispute began with a south korean court ruling in favor of victims of forced labor used by japanese firms during the 2nd world war japan retaliated with the restrictions on the export
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of materials and components needed by south korea's high tech manufacturers. south korea then responded with a campaign to boycott all japanese goods and cancel holidays there. it's now started another campaign to support south korean firms hurt by this dispute this company making and fresheners had spent 3 years trying to break into the japanese market and was all set with 3 major orders which have all now been canceled i look back as citizens we need to support our government's policy given the current mood with japan will need to find an alternative solution for now exports to japan are difficult. this deepening trade dispute comes at a tough time for south korean exports is already caught in the middle of the trade war between the us and china trade figures show exports this month are down more
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than 13 percent compared to the same time last year extending a slump that's gone on now for more than 8 months many here fear the next move by either side in this continuing tit for tat will only be further deterioration robert bright al-jazeera sold. hong kong court has extended a ban on any more protests inside the territories or airport bosses went back to the high court as opposition groups prepare for more action this weekend last week thousands packed inside the main terminal forcing the airport to shut down meanwhile hong kong unions say staff that the airline cathay pacific are being targeted for supporting the protests earlier adrian brown spoke to bonnie long from the organization civil human rights front she says airline workers are being bullied. is ferry sad to see what has what is happening in cathay pacific because
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it is a very big corporation international corporation and hong kong people have one is immensely proud of it and it has a very strong union but how however we see that the workers union of one of the leader of the workers unions had been dismissed and even the c.e.o. was forced to resign from the corporation and this is how would a corporation facing the bullies by the chinese government and i urge not only corporations in hong kong but also globally to think one thing is that are you standing for this or are you standing up against these kinds of beliefs i think it is a time to make decisions hong kong's economy is hosting the actions by your group and others like you are contributing to that are you satisfied now that you have succeeded in one of your primary goals which is to basically wrecked the hong kong economy well i believe. the only thing that is hurting hong kong's economy
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generally and also including a tourist industry is starts people from around the world do not think hong kong is a safe city when they hear that property rights that personal safety cannot be protracted and if the extradition be was passed it it's what happened so what we're doing now is trying to save home calm in order to. keep this safety. u.n. investigators say the scale of sexual violence carried out by the miramar military against the ranger was so widespread and severe that it demonstrates what they call an intent to commit genocide a new report says soldiers routinely and systematically raped gang raped and sexually abuse women children men and transgender people the u.n. says those responsible should be prosecuted on charges of war crimes genocide and crimes against humanity the report also mentions sexual violence against other
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ethnic minorities hundreds of thousands of ranger living in camps in cox's bazaar that's in bangladesh stephanie decker is there. the u.n. report on the city's a sexual violence committed against the right is a reminder to the world that these are stories that people have been telling aid workers and journalists for the past 2 years they are the most horrendous stories stories of mass rapes children being raped in front of their parents of wives being raped in front of their husbands now that's coupled with stories of killings of people being chopped into pieces of babies being ripped out of their mother's arms and thrown into the fire now this is why hundreds of thousands of people fled across the border here to bangladesh in just the space of a few weeks and this is why this is now the biggest refugee camp in the world these people want justice what does that mean it means they want to go home but they want
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to go home with guarantees of citizenship and security and that seems a long way off russia and the u.s. have accused each other of risking a new arms race they faced off during a un security council meeting from there she have returned the reports. it took just over 2 weeks for the u.s. to test a land based intermediate range tomahawk missile following its withdrawal from the intermediate range nuclear forces or i.n.f. treaty in early august the agreement signed at the height of the cold war between washington and moscow in 1907 led to the destruction of thousands of missiles that long been a source of fear for europeans it was clear their countries would be the battleground in any nuclear war the u.s. maintains it had no choice but to withdraw for 2 reasons the russians had long flout of the agreement something moscow denies and china which was not a signatory has been building up its arsenal of intermediate missiles these developments by the russian federation and china coupled with their aggressive and course of behaviors are key drivers behind
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a deteriorating security environment the united states will not and cannot ignore this reality but russia says the launch proves what both the obama and the trumpet ministrations of long denied it's the u.s. that has been flouting the treaty with its deployment of what washington calls a missile defense system in eastern europe the missile launcher used in sunday's test is the same model that the u.s. has deployed in rumania and poland but with modifications to allow it to launch over fences intermediate nuclear missiles and moscow chided the u.s. allies for sitting quietly as washington unilaterally nullified another treaty designed to preserve international security. usually when you can you might choose to swim but that do you really not understand that what you've done with the americans step by step you're returning to historical situation when missiles were targeting european cities from different sides. the us allies however did stick to washington's line albeit while expressing concern about a new arms race china also stuck to its long held line its nuclear arsenal is
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defensive and dwarfed by those of russia and the us so it's not relevant to this discussion so. it is not acceptable to use china as an excuse for leaving the treaty china rejects the baseless accusations by the united states in fact recently the trouble ministration has been making it pretty clear it left the i.m.f. primarily because of china the us defense secretary even expressing the hope that soon perhaps in a matter of months they will be and into means your range conventional missile capability in the asia pacific region where it's unclear which asian countries would want to host such missiles and become a target just as europe was during the cold war. era the united nations russia is alleging the world's 1st floating nuclear power plant it'll be towed thousands of kilometers to provide energy for remote communities the greenpeace activists warn the plant could become
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a true novel step and ripples from. a nuclear power plant sailing the seas russia says it's one of the safest and cleanest ways to provide energy to remote areas the academic. combines both the technology of a nuclear powered icebreaker and that of a land based nuclear plant it took 10 years to design and build the power plant will be told by 3 boats for more months to the region of 2 caught 5000 kilometers away on a journey that could take up to 6 weeks depending on the ice the 2 reactor unit is one of the key projects of president putin so-called. norden sea route a fast a c. connection between europe and asia which has become accessible due to a melting arctic despite safety concerns russia's nuclear agency sas there's very little chance of a nuclear accident the nuclear station is very solid and is not vulnerable in case a tsunami or another disaster happens tests have shown that chances of
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a gigantic asteroid destroying the earth in the future is twice as high as internal damage to this reactor but greenpeace is not convinced in april 2017 the environmental group protested against a project calling a child noble on ice referring to the nuclear disaster in the soviet union in 1986 . of if the fukushima nuclear station was damaged by a tsunami we can only guess what could happen in this case the place can be flown upside down it can be thrown onto the shore or get damaged a recent nuclear accident in the north of russia which caused a spike in radiation has also raised concerns with several nuclear accidents happening in the past few months and the government that is by clip about what exactly has happened people are growing increasingly suspicious that like in the time of chernobyl your forty's are trying to cover up incidents of leak radiation
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even though the academic global north of the travel only partially populated areas its journey will be closely watched russia's plans to sell floating nuclear plants to other countries have also rung alarm bells according to greenpeace offshore reactors will be harder to monitor and it can fall into the wrong hands academic will stay in be effect into got got for at least 10 years before going back to more months for maintenance and to dispose of its nuclear waste step fasten al-jazeera moscow. to take a look at the top stories here that is there the german chancellor angela merkel has added her voice to calls for the amazon wildfires to be on the agenda for this weekend's g. 7 summit in france she's calling it an accuser emergency and threatened to block a trade deal with south america if brazil doesn't take action across the border in
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bolivia the government has called for cooperation with neighboring countries to contain wildfires raging in the east more than 650000 hectares have already been destroyed environmentalist say 500 species of wildlife are at risk. iran's foreign minister is set to meet french president emmanuel macro in paris for talks aimed at salvaging the 2050 nuclear deal jeffords or he said on thursday the terror on is willing to work with the european partners after the u.s. pulled out last year the syrian army has moved into the area around a turkish observation post in more a that's in northern the hama province turkey has made it clear they have no intention of leaving the posts the new times has reported that israel has carried out in attack on a weapons depo in iraq 2 senior u.s. officials told a newspaper that they have been at least 4 strikes on depp is controlled by israeli
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unbacked groups and the iraqi military official confirmed a base was hit and 3 people were killed including an iranian israel has launched hundreds of air strikes against iranian assets in neighboring syria over the course of the war there the japanese prime minister shinzo of a says he expects south korea to work to rebuild trust between the 2 nations after a soul ended an intelligence sharing agreement amid a dispute over compensation for south koreans who were forced into wartime labor by the japanese the pact was aimed at sharing information about north korea and its missile program. hong kong causes extended a ban on further protests inside the territories airport managers went back to the high court as opposition groups prepare for more action this weekend last week thousands packed inside the main terminal forcing the airport to shut down for a truck today those are the latest headlines coming up next inside story.
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is the united arab emirates playing a game of double bluff in yemen's war it's accused of helping separatists in the south while fighting to keep the country together how long can it remain part of a sandy left coalition battling who through rebels this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. saudi arabia and the united arab emirates are
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supposed to be on the same side of the war in yemen but tracks are appearing in the coalition the united arab emirates has been accused of helping southern separatists who want self rule the u.a.e. trained fighters in the southern transitional council there is to see to fight her fears rebels but earlier this month the s.t.c. took control of other than the seat of assad backed yemeni government and it has taken over a government metric amp's in nearby at the u.n. the u.n. special envoy is warning that yemen could fall apart the government is blaming the u.a.e. for triggering the crisis. and the model of malkuth knob what the temporary capital in aden and the government institutions witnessed in the past few days was an armed rebellion against the digital my government but what is called the southern transitional council and its security bill forces with financial they just stick and media support of the united arab emirates. the yemeni government has
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called on the u.a.e. to stop backing the separatists ministers have also been demanding an end to the wall in the sandy led coalition states minister abdullah and he's a mere tweeter that latter would be sent to president i'll double down so handy requesting just that the government has denies backing or funding the secessionists . let's bring in our panel in samarra we have truthy journalist salable haiti and in the u.s. state of nebraska via skype. a professor of the university of children in london a yemeni political analyst of the middle east north africa case for the international and reprieve welcome to you all still behind he would like to ask you . how do the truth is see the latest deepening rift between
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the of the bubble so has the united arab emirates. head of the house he. has said in a speech a 3 days ago that what's happening and hayden is exactly what. partitions and has been saying from the beginning of the war and it's a clear case as he said to what really the saudi coalition and wanted from yemen and for me i can see it actually it has actually finally expose the so-called legitimacy which actually did not exist before then we know that had the government is mainly around as well. from. the other hotels and most of the time there are not allowed to operate in the south we remember when the former prime minister of haiti visits across the island he was forced to by the united arab emirates forced to leave to qatar so what happened actually is not new
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. collages has been happening in aden between those sides before but now it has been actually clear as well for the international community that this war and the coalition war against yemen and the blue k. that have killed hundreds of thousands of yemenis their main goal of that i believe is to separate yemen and i just want to add one thing that the. most of the people actually there are blaming united out of him or that than they are forgetting that the saudi is the lead in this coalition and so you could actually have stopped what had been the day then so you could have actually. had it to go then because it's called that the ability. c of yemen but i believe that united minute and so he again they do this actually at the get the because they want separation of yemen as we say is a ok kind of u.k. policy would say divide and conquer when those party will keep fighting and then
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this means that the united out of him it will have the time to control strategy like scott island by them and that's today and others. as well as focusing on a government. is of the view that the growing political divide in the south exposes the fact that. government is just a window dressing that the real power lies in the house of the saudis and the embassies who have different political agendas in yemen what i think he faced obvious we all know that from the get go had he was you know just a cover just you know something as a smokescreen that conceals real politics that the saudis and the united arab emirates he was never a player like an independent one he cannot come with an independent position or stand these or be anything that has to do with yemen other than repeating what the
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saudis have been telling him to do so means like the joke to be honest and now are what won i disagree with that with the shaky that the saudis were actually on board i think it was the united arab emirates who drove this blue and the saudis have to kind of comply with it because they need the collison. the united arab emirates they can't afford to be isolated in all before the international community so a. united arab emirates is driving everyone and this part of the world and yemen and then we know the objective is to petition the emeritus of lobby in particular. the crown prince mohammed and say he wants to separate southern yemen to be an independent country so that he can control it live the saudis have a different jet tips so i would say that what we witness and madden right now is
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a kind of it kinds of diction between 2 agendas 2 objectives the yemeni the saudis now the united arab emirates have had the upper hand simply because of this and afford to be left alone in this coalition of. he's had to moving now to distance himself from the u.a.e. and would that be possible i think. most officials within the imminent government have been pressuring towards that direction now if he distanced himself from the u.a.e. which i mean i think the statements the the yemeni embassador to then a nation's made very clear it will need to be carefully coordinated with the with the kingdom of saudi arabia because the main conflict with the who sees stand still exists now it's had 02 guests this situation on the ground is not that quite that quite simple. you need everyone in yemen even for
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a political solution we need the yemeni government to preserve itself until a solution comes comes forward and that's simply because even if you view the latest statements by the world bank by the i.m.f. all of them have said that there has been a positive improvement in the anomic measures towards the repayment of salaries so as to the delivering of of services now 70 percent of the public sector has are being paid by the by the yemeni government and you need for that to improve yes it is a not the perfect government yes there is a lot of. discrepancies and a lot of problems facing. facing that but i think the cost of the collapse is much much higher than the ability of anyone inside yemen at the beginning. to hold and then even for the saudi arabia to hold the you know the to bury the
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consequences and the fallout of such a such a such a such a collapse now i think maybe in the discussions right now is can they find the last man. deal with the u.a.e. satisfy the needs of the us yet preserve the presence of the government maybe but definitely the the relationship between the u.a.e. . i think it made a turn that i don't think it can recover any time soon ok for saying the truth is control a huge area that stretches from side on the border with saudi arabia all the way to the oscars of. the had an intense in 2014 or 15 to further extent that influence to work south of the country from the truth of perspective do they see what is happening now in the yemen as the beginning of the end of an era of the
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beginning of a new one yemen would never be the same again it would be a fragmented country yes this is exactly how they see it because at the beginning of this war a. gun does all the coalition has been saying that they want yemen unity they security council 2216 insisted in yemen unity of the world. the gulf initiative insist on yemen unity and always in any told saudi. government always requested that here a part of this is an must accept at respect u.n. security council on as well the goal for initiative but on the other hand it's clearly what's happening now in yemen is the beginning of this. game to separate yemen to seize yemen a key area and this is exactly what the saudi wanted from the beginning and i can just add that if the saudis really think and the government think that what the.
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united arab emirate is doing in the and south of yemen is against the main goal of the coalition which is better they can't just exclude a night out of it or they can. was it heidi as you requested the war to come into yemen to do to restore what he called his legitimacy to fight what he called the coupe why he is not doing the same about what's happening in aden he doesn't come with even a single statement this show her that the saudi actually is will behind on have given a lie to united out of image because they believe it could they could have stopped that with a phone call tonight out of image but. actually we have seen yemen has been destroyed and mr but i say bad actually is not but. saying who is to blame is it the saudi but most of them actually are you know when i say united. with we go into the blame issue we would never be able to stop him because everyone is
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being the other for committing atrocities of making mistakes and this brings me to ask has said about the confusion that he has been talking about which is you don't really get a sense of clarity about what the key players have in mind or the end game when it comes to yemen if the saudis are saying we'd like to have a united yemen the emirate is seen as supporting the secessionists in the south would like to break away from the north which is in contradiction with the saudi agenda of they on a collision course saudi arabia the u.a.e. oil is just a carefully manipulated political gamble by the 2 countries i think they are they have. very beginning different.


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