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tv   Teaching Empowerment - Kenya  Al Jazeera  August 23, 2019 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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and the past few months and the government that the site live about what exactly has happened people are growing increasingly suspicious that like in the time of chernobyl qualities of trying to cover up incidents of leaks radiation even though the academics. travel only to sparsely populated areas it's surely we closely watch russia's plans to sell floating nuclear plants to other countries have also run alarm bells according to greenpeace offshore reactors will be harder to monitor and they can fall into the wrong hands academic lomonosov will stay in paid back into court got for at least 10 years before going back 2 more months for maintenance and to dispose of its nuclear waste stop fastened al-jazeera mosco. that as well as the world's largest foreign oil reserves and it could be one of the world's richest nations years of under-investment corruption and u.s. sanctions have crippled its energy sector that's left many feeling betrayed by the
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government and the promises they once made to resemble has more now from the time of the mess in venezuela. has always lived beside the lake of monaco you will in the northwestern state. he's a fisherman but he says pollution from the oil industry is destroying his way of life. this is abandon completely abandoned in the past the oil and gas installations were taken care of but not anymore now are lake is filled with oil and contamination our boats are dirty or nets are dirty my family depends on this and it's killing us we're close to the town where oil was 1st discovered in venezuela in 1922 it turned this country from michael cohen coffee producing nation into an oil giant but things have not been going well in the past 2 years the bottom of the lake of what i was filled with thousands of kilometers of gas pipelines some of them are broken if you can see right there that's
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a leak i guess week this is just an example of the enormous infrastructure problems that venezuela's energy sectors has today we're told tankers i rarely see here venezuela's oil production has dropped by more than 70 percent in the past 20 years and the u.s. oil embargo is further complicating the export market. has worked for venezuela state oil company for over 30 years at one time they were producing 80000 barrels a day now not a single one. i have fought with management how is painting a pipeline red maintenance when inside it's rod and the tears. we paint a pump and then it catches fire then things blow up that's the maintenance they want us to do with what we have and we have lots of accidents. fransisco says he's paid around $8.00 a month. i'm
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a revolutionary but this is not the left i dreamt of i want to work but we have no tools no boats total deterioration in the past there were food halls not anymore we have said that until we are fed we cannot go out to work we cannot even buy food with our salaries so we are demanding a meal at least former president or chavis promised to improve people's lives when he took office 2 decades ago and their state owned company played a crucial role in his plan but experts say a lack of investment corruption and inexperience among chavez loyalists devastated the company now the government of the little with money from russia and china is trying to provide the only industry with a much needed boost so with change in geopolitics to china for example is more costly because of the cargo shipments will have to see were ends venezuela has lots of debt with china and we will have to see whether they really invest in the country and if it generates cash and how the money is going to enter the country if
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we are sanctioned it's a vicious cycle that generates lots of questions and problems many of these fisherman supported what is called the volley varian revolution and believed in the benefits it would bring now they feel abandoned by a government they say has forgotten about the promises that were once made. venezuela. still ahead in stores you just feel sorry for them really the most of. problems themselves and to see a nice his manager his back after one of his players it faces racist abuse on social media.
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welcome back 8 years ago a magnitude $5.00 earthquake hit the u.s. state of virginia it was strong enough to crack the washington monument goals $20000000.00 worth of damage to the national cathedral here's one man who's repairing the stone work that was shaken. my name is sean callahan i'm a stonemason stand stone carver at the washington national cathedral in washington d.c. by basically is knocked on the door one day and asked for a job and that's how i ended up here as an apprentice and i was 987. when i 1st came here i would relish the opportunity it was very exciting and unique and over time it becomes who you are. when i came here it was the master carver i think the last one hired actually. over the years he built a breath of dollars i got
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a repertoire of shapes and skills so each piece you do will inform the next piece you worked on when we had the earthquake here it was months before even got the building back open structurally what happened to us wasn't too bad it was a lot of things on the outside but we still had to shut down and assess the damage and see what was safe and what wasn't and that took some time my part of it is i'm here on the workbench hyper focused on this one piece of stone i'm always aware of how important building is to other people it's an important as a public building and as a cultural icon i'm always aware of that so i have a responsibility to put my best effort in because it's not just my work it's part of the fabric of the building and it's going to become historic hopefully it'll be around for a very long time it's always in the back of my mind i'm working on this i have a responsibility to be faithful to the work it motivates me when i see the impression it leaves on other people when they come here and visit and see that
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building it gives me a sense of pride that i have a hand in that of giving that satisfaction to other people that touches people every day it's something that grabs you and your soul and you you want to be a part of it. it's time for the day sports news that i was told hi joey yes thank you very much a story i have one hand on the ashes after eating and collapsed on the 2nd day of the test and there were bowled out for just 67 the lowest score against their opponents in 71 years joe daley was the only english player to make double figures but he only managed 12 runs just hazelwood was the best of australia's bowlers finishing with figures of 5 for 30 australia now lead by 134 runs but lost david warner for a dark the aussies leave the series one nil so they if they win this test they will retain the ashes trophy. sri lanka meanwhile reached 144 for 6 on day 2 of their 2nd test against new zealand for rain and did play the country
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sports minister has announced that the team won't be playing test matches in pakistan later this year 2 tests had been scheduled for october but after security review her and fernando said they will now be played in the u.a.e. however he said $31.00 day matches are being planned as part of an 8 day tour it would be just the 2nd time official one day matches have been played in pakistan since the sri lankan team bus was attacked by gunmen in lahore 10 years ago there are some big names in golf tied at the top top of the tour championship leaderboard after day one and in atlanta fed ex cup points leader justin thomas started with a 2 stroke advantage in the change the format from last season but struggled on the 15th as found the water that allowed sunda shelf lee to grab a share of the lead at 6 under par. also the top is p.g.a. champion brooks kepcher who birdie 3 of his last 4 holes winner on sunday will get
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golf's biggest prize of $15000000.00. 2016 told champion rory mcilroy is a shot for the back after a super browned 66 while last year's winner justin rose almost made an eagle on the 1st he's 8 shots behind the leaders in a tie for 13. the any japanese player in the 30 man field he documents yama sits in 7th place after a very lucky break on the 7th green his boss appeared to stop on the lip but not see him was patient and it paid off 20 seconds later. it shows that good things come to those who wait. september's davis cup tie between pakistan and india has been pushed back to november because of the recent tensions over the disputed region of kashmir the international tennis federation say they are concerned about security meanwhile all eyes are on the year's final tennis major the u.s. open which gets underway in new york on monday serena williams will begin her chase
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for a record equalling 24th grand slam title against maria sharapova in the 1st round both players were battling injuries wheels has been forced out of her last 2 tournament's with back problems are sure provos been nursing a shoulder injury. i brown the men's side defending champion novak joke which could face roger federer in the semifinals of to both were put in the same side of the draw. much seen i his paul pogba is stronger after facing racist abuse on twitter says his manager only got a social proper suffered abuse on social media after having his penalty attempt saved in a match on monday he's received support from his teammates and the club is due to meet twitter to discuss how to tackle the abuse sauced it's also a 1st something must be done. people can hide behind fake identities i don't think it's. down to me to change it but there's so many only going to us on twitter and
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social media that i know it's not me and of course it's we've got to do something about it the authorities got to do something about the ones who. spread this hate and you just feel sorry for them really the most of their problems themselves when they have to have to. do this former heavyweight champion tyson fury says he tasted death during a mental health crisis that took him to the brink of suicide fury says he fought back and is now passionate about helping others who are suffering are going to take to turn my wife around from 420 pounds of weight to suicidal thoughts on a daily basis to not want to live anymore to get back to the top of 3 heavy weight champion of the world again so it's like it's almost it's a crazy story there's always a lot of people out there is a worse position than you are on about how low it gets i think about the lowest
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point in life because the only other place beyond what i was a death. on to almost taste to come back to this this level again it's definitely been a blessing that on the 2nd return journey there is much to come to help others in needy positions under as much as account to spread the word on mental health and smushed to think. india's national dope testing agency has been suspended for 6 months by wada if a not meeting global standards the lab which services all the national organizations as well won't be allowed to carry analysis of blood and urine samples any pending saw need to be sent elsewhere the agency's chief executive says they will apply to what a for reinstatement within 3 weeks while the rally championship lead to colds a narrow lead midway through the 1st day of rally germany the estonian has won 3 of
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the 4 stages held so far friday and leads terry nouvelle by 3 points 2 seconds current world champions best you know share is a further 10 seconds back in fact. all right that is all useful for now we'll have more related julie thank you joe that's it from me to this news out the back in just a 2nd with much more. after years of here and found a dramatic transformation is emerging. al-jazeera goes on a journey with what diverse ethiopia. to tell inspirational stories of nice us entering into them i was opposed to it so it was neat to see persistence i was sometimes so frightened. by ethiopia coming soon on al-jazeera.
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looks ugly it sounds ugly in scares people from america's high streets to mexico's on the world's record for just the side and who controls the other side people in power follows the smuggling route and test the ease of acquiring untraceable weapons on american soil the weapon that was designed for war and it took you about 5 minutes to buy it from those you tube america's guns arming mexico's cartel on al jazeera congressman are you interested in stopping crime. in the next episode of techno the teen travels to the part of the amazon. where we are now should be trained for years to investigate illegal gold mining mercury has a very unique characteristic of finding the goal for a miner it's almost like magic and the technology being used to expose its devastating impact and so what we end up doing is imaging the 1st in very high fidelity 3 d.
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techno on all just 0. 000 s. . where every. a crisis for the whole world record fahd's burning through brazil's amazon forest is set to force their way on to the g 7 agenda.
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hello again i'm julie went on the this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up iran's foreign minister says nuclear talks with the french president have been productive. but countries where attacks on schools are robbing almost 2000000 children of an education. in hong kong called willing aimed at preventing more scenes like this as china's accused of bullying airline staff. brazil's president may send in the army to battle fires burning through the amazon forest but the disaster unfolding there is already being labeled an international crisis that needs global action french president a man well mccollum wants argent talks at this weekend's g 7 and he's now been joined by germany's angela merkel in the case boris johnson how did joe castro experience. dramatic video captures the fury of the flames eating away at the
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world's largest rain forest this is just one of several 1000 fires currently consuming swaths of the brazilian amazon and the world is watching we're very concerned about these fires both for the immediate damage that they're causing and also because sustained force is crucial in our fight against climate change the amazon produces 20 percent of the world's oxygen that's why it's called the planet's lungs but environmentalist warn if the burning continues at this rate the rain forest will transform to a landscape resembling the african savannah and rather than produce oxygen the antidote to global warming the former rain forest will humid carbon instead in brazil sister e. was soon difficult situations but for the 1st time we have this kind of situation that was created almost with official encouragement from the government
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environmental groups a rancher's and log or started the fires to clear the land. they were playing brazil's president. as a candidate he promised to give businesses access to natural resources to restore the country's economy as president he's gutted funding for brazil's environmental and forstmann agency and he now says without offering evidence that environmental groups set the fires themselves. or now the amazon is bigger than europe how can you fight criminal fires in such an area it is clearly criminal how can you do it you need to catch them in the act otherwise there's nothing you can do now non-governmental organizations are losing money money that came from germany and norway they are unemployed now so they are trying to overthrow. the hash tag pray for amazonas has been trending on twitter. and other world leaders have reacted as well our house is burning literally tweeted french president emanuel
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macron it is an international crisis he's called the members of the g. 7 summit to discuss the amazon fire at their upcoming meeting this weekend. castro al-jazeera washington. our correspondent daniel swine now is in brazil and he has this something to wail these are the people who voted for the job also now to become the next president because he promised them that they would be able to carry on developing this area the state of around on you which is the capital already 70 percent of the forest of it has been deforested. says it's right for further development so life here goes on we've just seen several trucks go past carrying huge logs to the logging industry is very big cattle rearing is very big so they really won't be listening to that international condemnation yet we're told that just a few kilometers from here the fires are raging we'll be going out to see those in
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a little while so the devastation will be hitting this area but this is where people make money this is an area right for development so whether they're listening to that those messages coming from around the world is really up in the air increasingly that international condemnation condemnation for within brazil itself is growing he is trying to let that with russia slide off his back. really now remains to see how much that international and national condemnation will grow and when the job also noddle will be forced to take note of it and do something concrete to try to do with this this problem which is threatening to get out of control. iran's foreign minister has hailed closet's of talks with the french president a man while mccall on salvaging the times of 15 getting a deal speaking with the forces after his meeting with mcconnell sorry said both countries have made suggestions on how to move forward after the u.s.
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pulled out of a deal last year president mcchrystal has previously said leave the child to something the impact of u.s. sanctions or come up with a way to compensate the iranian people when the team joins us live from paris and so getting kind of positive signals and team as to how this meeting went. will julie we are from the iranian side zarif himself. in comments put out by the iranian embassy here in paris called the talks with emmanuel michael constructive he's also met the foreign minister even rio but he's also he's at the same time reiterated that the so-called j c p a way the nuclear deal struck in 2015 cannot be renegotiated that's not a surprise iran has always said that it sticks by a deal and in fact so has france and its european partners yukos signed the deal
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in 2018 of course the u.s. withdrew from the deal and reimposed economic sanctions which of really started to have an effect on the iranian economy this week president michel has said he'd propose steps. which would allow the arabian people to live a better life possibly involving allowing countries. to buy iranian crude oil for a limited period possibly opening up credit lines to the iranian government we haven't heard any details after the talks here in paris but the iranian foreign minister made it clear that. what they've been doing recently which is involved fame ignoring the limits. the amount of enrich uranium they can produce a substance which intentionally could be used in a nuclear weapons program such measures could be reversed but he says that that's dependent on all sides meeting their obligations under the deal. you know.
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we may negotiated and accepted the nucular d.-o. we did it with open eyes iran negotiated it based on distrust that's why in article 36 we predicted some ways to compensate illegal acts of the other sides and now we are taking those measures but it was crucial for us to show that we are looking for solutions still looking for solutions and based on the other side's commitments we are committed to the deal. so. the french president clearly hoping that he will have something to take it to the g 7 starting this weekend in the of it she's got support on friday from an unnamed british diplomatic source reiterating that the british government senses that they fully supports the nuclear deal is the best way to stop iran acquiring a nuclear weapon the big unknown is how will the u.s.
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react of course they've been ramping up the pressure and we've seen heightened tension in the gulf in recent months some of those g 7 allies will be hoping for some kind of acceptance by the u.s. that something needs to be done in terms of sweeteners to iran to get them but around the negotiating table but i don't think anyone is daring to say that president trump and his security advisor john bolton are ready to bite just yet. but they're him paris and. the new york times is reporting that israel carried out an attack on a weapons step on iraq to senior u.s. officials told the newspaper that there have been at least 4 strikes on deathless control by iranian backed groups and iraqi military official confirmed a base was hit and 3 people were killed including and rainy and israel has launched hundreds of air strikes against iranian assets in syria during the a.t.o. or. 17 year old girl has israeli girl has died in an explosion in the occupied
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west bank the blast was near door left that's an illegal settlement northwest of jerusalem israel's army says it suspects a palestinian was behind the attack and i sent more soldiers to the area. house that means a gathering in gaza so organizers called for an increased turnout at the weekend border protest hamas which controls the strip had warned of a return to more direct confrontations but it's now saying the demonstration will be control follows the arrival of a cutter in boyle thursday bringing $11000000.00 into the territory. fossett joins us live now from gaza hi there how re so how's that pavan in some way made for a quieter friday than we might otherwise have seen. we're certainly hamas have been talking about a return to some of the previous measures that we've seen at these protests in months past such is the use of incendiary devices potentially getting closer to the
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fence and so on they've been talking in that language earlier this week now that this payment has gone through this $11000000.00 which is destined for some of the poorest families inside gaza the committee which organizes these protests in which of course hamas has an extremely large voice it came out at 3 o'clock this morning saying that it wanted to ensure that people stayed back from the fence that we know such use of incentive devices and that's why they wanted a large turnout because this is to mark the 50th anniversary this process is to mark the 50th anniversary of the fire that was set in side the mosque in jerusalem by an australian christian who believes he was trying to bring on that the 2nd coming of jesus christ they want large numbers but they don't want to see major confrontations today and that seems to be how things are playing out certainly there are large numbers of hamas security around. they had been trying to prevent
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people getting through into this well the israelis term a buffer zone in front of the defense of course we have now seen hundreds of people go in to that area but they're not getting too close there has been some use of life we hear that there have been 9 injuries so far at the various sites up and down the border but here we haven't seen a large amount of life and relatively limited use of tear gas as well from the israelis so so far the seams are relatively controlled and in relative terms quiet event. it's been amongst to some degree of heightened tensions hasn't is there a chance to think things could escalate. certainly always a concern and particularly at the moment given 2 things really one is as you say a number of events since the 1st of august there have been a number of attempts by armed palestinian men to get through the fence and they have been shot and killed there's been helicopter and tank fire used in at least
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one instance instance by israeli forces those attempts have been talked about by hamas is sort of rogue element.


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