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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 24, 2019 12:00am-1:00am +03

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with iran of course it's limited to essential humanitarian goods so this is one of the ways around all of there isn't all that much confidence in it yet it's something that could possibly work but i think the other thing that must be stressed is that we have to have a degree of trust here and that trust has been dramatically broken with the u.s. withdrawal from the deal and so i think what mr micron is trying to do here is say look we want the deal to continue saying to the iranians we want it to continue and we want you to continue working within it so we need to make it better for you and we need to make things better for you to stop this incredibly harsh u.s. sanctions biting and so that's what they're trying to do find different ways of actually operating and getting some money and and really trying to alleviate the incredibly devastating economic sanctions and the impact that those sanctions are having on the iranian people in the event that they are able to come up with some sort of agreement some sort of understanding the president is able to present to
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the g. 7 this weekend how do you think the u.s. is going to react. not particularly well to be honest i think the u.s. position is incredibly clear it's been explicit we know that donald trump has called this nuclear deal the worst deal of all time for for whatever reason be it self interest or or be at the thought that it didn't do enough to stop the iranian nuclear program or didn't do enough for u.s. interests we know that that's the u.s. position and i think it would be highly unlikely for trump and john bolton and others involved at the highest levels of the administration to actually soften their stance and so that means that the european powers to figure out a way of saving the deal without the u.s. being involved and figure out a way of allowing the iranian economy to prosper in the face of these crippling u.s. sanctions and that's where i think the united kingdom has a huge role to play here and we know that boris johnson has been playing sort of
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both sides in essence but he's got a really big role to play if he's serious about saving the deal that the nuclear deal then he has to stand up and and side with the europeans of course he's trying to negotiate brakes at the same time so that might be easier said than done really good to get your opinion in this summit thank you very much indeed for your time. more ahead on the news hour including working to refugees react to u.n. evidence revealing genocidal intent by me and most military environmentalists raised concern of disaster after russia launches the world's 1st floating nuclear plant. to almost taste that. to this this level that kind of stuff may be a blast and former heavyweight champion tyson fury opens up about his mental health crisis that's coming up in sports.
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you as president only trump is threatening further action against china after it announced a new tariffs on u.s. goods beijing says the increased duties will affect $75000000000.00 worth of goods it's in retaliation for washington's puns to impose measures and chinese imports late to this year but a whole cuts joining us now from washington d.c. i'm guessing that this response by china isn't really much of a surprise given. it's not much of a surprise but it has created quite a bit of fury in the reaction coming from the u.s. president just the last few moments the president is angry not just about the retaliatory tariffs by china but also because of the impact this could have on the u.s. economy one that's been very strong for the u.s. president really hinges on his reelection so there seems to be almost a personal reaction coming from the president so we've got these 2 stories
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intertwined right now i'll try to break them down in part with respect to the president's tweets that is just half and he's furious he's pointing out that this trade war is something that he alone feels he has stood up to china with these tariffs in place trying to protect american intellectual property theft protect the united states from intellectual property theft at the. it states alleges china has been doing for some time so the president is venting if you will in the last few moments on twitter about that and then loops in sort of another part of the story and that is interest rates here domestically in the united states very frustrated that in the last few moments the the there has not been a drop in interest rates as the president was hoping and so he's intertwined these 2 stories in just the last few moments essentially saying in a very shocking tweet who is america's bigger enemy jay powell the head of the central bank or the federal reserve responsible for potentially dropping rates
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which didn't happen or chairman she the leader of china so the president is furious right now and has just said in the last few moments he is going to give a response to both of these stories in the coming hours but of course we're going to be of course that response when it comes out kimberly but of course the u.s. and china are supposed to be holding trade talks i think only next month is there any indication that what's happening now might throw those talks into some sort of confusion. yet not just the china talks but we've got the g. 7 talks of course the president is set to leave the white house in the coming hours late this evening washington time we already know that the united states has put on the radar the sort of concerns about the true of the world's largest economies in this battle back and forth they'll be talking about that so there are those discussions going on of then yes the china trade talks where do those stand we know
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that the united states in terms of the negotiators of china and the united states were having a telephone call to work out some of the details in anticipation of china coming to washington next month now a lot of that is in doubt given these latest sort of retaliatory tariffs that we should point out take a fact and mirror the exact same time table of the united states there's a lot of concern not only between these 2 nations but also around the world we expect that at the g 7 leaders sit down to discuss this is going to be a major point of concern because the ripple concern is sort of a broader global economic slowdown something that economists caution they are already starting to see things killing us billionaire a major conservative political donor david koch has died at age 79 together with his brother chose david koch was best known for a vaastu us political donation network that became known as the coach to pose for that's why you do each he held one culture industries one of the world's largest
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privately held businesses cultures net worth was estimated to be more than $50000000000.00 making him a monk the 10 richest people in the world he died from prostate cancer. syria's army has moved into the area around a turkish observation post in northern hama state t.v. is reporting government forces are meters away from turkish troops in mordechai after capturing towns and villages in the countryside his foreign minister says the attacks must stop to allow for talks. the regime is active around our observation posts we are discussing this issue with russia and iran we start the process to have a political solution that's why these constitutional committee. the regime has to be loyal to vo this is not about our observation post but the future of syria that's why our negotiations with russia still go on let's stop the attacks and it
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is as soon as possible and focus on the main process. bernard smith has more from un takio. syrian government forces are now essentially in control of all of the towns and villages in the countryside of the province to the south of italy that leaves it countryside and the city of idlib itself still in rebel hands but clearly would be the next target for assad's forces and in the process of this takeover of this territory the syrians have come into contact with turkish observation post in what is supposed to be a deescalation zone but this is clearly become an escalation zone because of the syrians are moving in to what was once rebel held countryside the turks say they are still going to keep those observation posts there there are a dozen of them that they're in agreement with the iranians and the russians but at the same time turkey is desperate to get this safe zone along its border with syria implemented they're still in negotiations with the americans as to how big this
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saves on is how deep it would go into syrian territory about whether the turks and the americans would patrol together the americans would prefer to patrol alone turkey saying they're still having talks about form of the safe zone but no indication yet as to when it would put in place the turks are desperate for it to happen sooner rather than later fighting has been going on for decades in central nigeria fueled by ethnic and religious differences as well as the battle to secure a scarce land and resources thousands have been killed those who could escape hope to find safety in camps but as mohamed atta reports they're facing another terrifying threat. buggin accompany the city or is one of them doesn't think they're expensive bin with state in central judea its inhabitants are just a fraction 171000 displaced across the street by the violence between tribes in this battle. while the comp was supposed to be
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a refuge for the people most don't feel safe here anymore a sharp increase in rape of women and young girls is deeply wounding this community . and. i fear for my daughters there those who send their kids to go work in the city but not the current situation is too dangerous. people here complained that become so widespread that women can no longer live the compound accompanied a missed international in a recent report detailed how girls as young as 9 and 10 years were being tweaked at times by the very security personnel charged with protecting. news that a 10 year or displaced rape victim has delivered in a new it a few days ago has sent shock waves across nigeria we met the girl and her baby girl at one of mccord's hospitals look to educate michael help with the
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delivery of the 3 days of labor we need to do this is a reception because there was no we little enough for them so we couldn't risk much to me but some units of blood on the internet it turned into. this social worker was one of those who brought the girl to hospital and told us that she grew up an orphan and was raised by her grandmother but was forced to flee how home when her grandmother and called tried to force her to marry a blind man that is when she fell prey to the man who raped her. despite what she's been through the young mother already has dreams for her baby. i don't want my daughter to go through the same suffering as i did when she starts walking both of us will go to school. police say they were arrested the man suspected in her rape last december but they have these plea for families of rape victims punishments for offend us can serve as deterrents to orders intending to do the same but when
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family members tend to negotiate to plan a receipt from from suspects all to try to prevent prosecution family members can come up to help us let the prosecution process be concluded. the plight of the little girl prematurely propelled to motherhood is 1st becoming a rallying cry for those seeking action on rape in nigeria's displaced people's camps many hope that the case will spark the authorities to take action to and such horrendous crime once and for all $102.00 al-jazeera. nigeria. at least 5 people were killed in a stampede a music concert in algeria thousands were attending a show at a stadium in the capital of jews there isn't reportedly happened near one of the entrances an investigation has begun violence and
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insecurity are robbing almost 2000000 children of an education in central and west africa a report by the un children's fund the unicef examines increasing threats and attacks in 8 countries it singles out mali where attacks and schools have doubled between 2017 and this year in central african republic that figure rose by more than a 5th and school closures due to violence have gone up 6 fold over the past 2 years in work in a fast so money and. in a callous the head of unicef south africa service unit and she is the lead author of the report she says the large number of students who are not in school has a serious effect on the country's development. 1st of all i'd like to bring to you the words of a priest that i met in northern booking a fossil just a few weeks ago father arcadius so adorable who is saying that without education we have no development and when you have such
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a large number of children out of school especially girls this has an extremely serious the true mental effect on the country and that's that's another thing that perhaps strikes me as well that in a situation where you have education under threats where you have the livelihoods and the lives and futures of children parents are really extremely concerned about this and you understood you see when meeting with them with the families and with the children selves how important they feel that education is so so that is perhaps you know one of the main messages we'd like to we'd like to bring forth is the voices of these children that are being prevented from from receiving like the most basic of education we're not asking for much here and also the fact that they're there their parents in some cases are you know they're risking their lives the lives of their their children when they do try to send their kids to school still ahead on al-jazeera there's renewed focus on gaza after a violent week at the border with israel. holding hands in hong kong as protesters
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continue their colleagues for change. and in sports sri lankan cricket decides it still isn't safe enough to play a test match in pakistan but says it's now open to a one day series. hello again or welcome back well here across parts of northern turkey we have seen plenty of weather in terms of thunderstorms and you can see them making their way slowly over here towards the east and that is going to continue as we go towards saturday so it's really going to be on that easterly part of the black sea that we do see most of the active weather that means southwest of russia is going to be seeing some active weather in terms of thunderstorms as well as we go towards sunday they start to dissipate a little bit but over here towards turkey the temperatures are on the rise we do expect to see omkara for the time to their 31 degrees where here across the gulf
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over the next few days expect to see the middy quite high expression in the morning but there is a chance even seeing a thunderstorm on saturday as well as into sunday evening we don't think the chances are going to be that high but that could bring some clouds across part of the area so here in doha on sunday we do expect to see a high of 40 and 40 as well and then down here across parts of southern africa the temperatures are on the rise not for cape town unfortunately going to see those temperatures stay in the high teens over the next few days so here in cape town 22 degrees is how we start here on saturday by the time we get to send it is going to be 18 degrees but take a look at durban your temperatures are on the rise we do expect to see 32 degrees few in johannesburg at 27. al jazeera explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how rivalries influenced the course of history steve jobs
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a much better marketeers then bill gates was apple was going to reinvent stuff below made software what it is today will change the world to high tech visionaries whose breakthroughs inspired a digital revolution jobs and gates face to face on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told pretty remarkable to the better we had died last week and crossing from mexico to the united states with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports we can live according to that the fish and the life it is exceptionally al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring more award winning documentaries and lightning news.
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a reminder of our top stories this hour brazil's president says he may send in the army to battle fires that are burning through the amazon forest world leaders are calling it an international crisis and they're demanding action french president emanuel mccomb wants urgent talks at this weekend's g. 7 summit. iran's foreign minister has hailed a positive talks with french president emanuel on salvaging the 2015 nuclear deal said both countries have made suggestions on how to move forward after the u.s. pulled out of the agreement last year. and u.s. president donald trump says he's ordering american companies to close chinese operations bats after beijing announced an increase tariffs on $75000000000.00
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worth of u.s. troops. while thousands of palestinians in gaza are rallying after a tense week at the border with israel that follows at least 3 incidents of rocket fire and air strikes it's the 71st consecutive great march of return rally palestine's health ministry says israeli forces have killed at least 270 people since march 2830 fawcett's joining us live now from gaza how these protests have go of course have been regular and ongoing the ones that we're seeing today any different from the ones that have happened previously. well certainly bigger than what we've seen in recent weeks there was a call from the organizing committee for a bigger protest this week because it's also the 50th anniversary of an arson attack on the arts a mosque in jerusalem there was also a call earlier this week for there to be open clashes and confrontations with
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israeli forces we haven't seen that apart from a few people trying to make it to the fence and a handful of in century balloons being sent across on the wind which is heading into israeli territory the reason that we haven't seen that is because there was a reversal from the committee which is very heavily influenced if not dominated by hamas which is in sight which is in charge of the situation here in the gaza strip because last night thursday night the qatari and boy mohammed a mighty came in had secured israeli approval for some 11000000 dollars worth of funding to be disbursed to the poorest people inside gaza and so after that at 3 o'clock in the morning there was a call for the protests while still to be large to be somewhat controlled and we did see a lot of security forces here trying to prevent people from getting too close to the fence we've heard that the most recent official toll we have this in live fire going on of live fire injuries was $27.00 but since we had that bigger resource
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several more such injuries here at this location one of 5 up and down the border a hairy part of the backdrop or 2 all of this is that we're heading towards elections in israel in the next few weeks is there any concern that we're going to see an uptick in the intensity of the protests. well there certainly could be an uptick in the intensity of the protests there also concerns that there could be more general violence and instability given that the 2 situations that we have both here in gaza and politically in israel here in gaza. hamas is concerned that israel has not made good on what it understood to be its commitments after the most recent round of escalation just before the last election in april the easing or the the lessening of some of the israeli restrictions that had been promised hamas says has not borne fruit at least not to the extent that it wanted in terms of seeing more electricity coming in more jewel use items being
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allowed in in terms of the economic restrictions that israel impose on imports here on the other side we have the israeli elections coming up on september the 17th that is often a time when pressure can be exerted and we have seen an uptick in both rocket fire and attempts by armed men to get through the fence in recent weeks not something that israel is blaming on palestinian islamic jihad one of the armed factions but it says it's up to hamas to control that area thanks very much indeed. let's go back to our top story the unfolding fires disaster in the amazon which is being labeled an international crisis we can now join our correspondent daniel porter vale in brazil's northwest daniel give us an indication of where you are exactly at the moment. well robot how she in the middle of nowhere i mean the state of her own dawn you know which is very much a front here state i'm standing in a bunch field this field is for sale it's not clear whether this land was burned
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deliberately whether it was accidental or whether it was a natural phenomenon that is unlikely to be investigated as i say this is a frontage town the kind of people who come here they come here to the forest to cut to do cattle ranching to make money out of the timber industry and this is where president jive also not as word is law these people generally voted voted for him to become president at the beginning of this year he has said that the kind of crimes that kind of fires are being set illegally are unlikely to be investigated he sees the environmentalist indigenous community as an impediment to further development of this area which he says is right for development 70 percent of the state the state over on dawn you say 5 hours flying time from stop our little another 2 hours drive to get from port of a year to where we are now a long way from everywhere very difficult to police unlikely that any any crimes are likely to be investigated and that is partly the problem that has been raging
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in and around this region the neighboring state of amazon as you can spot these from satellites satellites up in the sky but that doesn't really help the policing down on the ground so what goes on here is unlikely they're going to be aware of the international condemnation that you just mentioned about not going on about other people speaking about this they have to make a living they're here to try to develop this region and that is continuing with or without the flames and you know the president has been saying that he may send in the military to try to contain some of the fires perhaps a reaction to some of the international pressure but his policies are being blamed for being at least partly responsible for the fires being started in the 1st place who is the president's political future looking at the moment in brazil. well rove is very much playing to the people that elected him and i say it's regions like this where they did elect him he is mocking to some degree the international condemnation he's talking about
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a plot against brazil he's accused the ngos environmental n.g.o.s of starting the fires saying that they were trying to undermine brazil's reputation in the world he said that was a feeling only speculation on his part he didn't have any evidence to back that up so he is aware obviously as government is aware of the international condemnation which is getting stronger the condemnation with him brazil there are marches going on today and on sunday in cities around the country but it must be said it is a long way from where the fires are raging people there are well aware of the environmental implications for what's going on this is the region where people are making money they've come here to develop the region they're far less likely to be listening to be taking heed of that internet international condemnation done is wrong the reporting to us from some parts of thank you very much indeed japan's prime minister shinzo abi says south korea's decision to stop sharing military intelligence will damage trust between the 2 countries south korea made
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the move on after japan downgraded its trade status been embroiled in an increasingly bitter dispute over wartime labor robin wright reports from seoul south korea says it had been hoping until the last minute to avoid pulling out of the pact blaming japan for what's now become the most serious deterioration in relations in decades young japan created a green change in bilateral security cooperation we have determined it would not serve our national interest to maintain an agreement to exchange sensitive military information. the intelligence sharing agreement was set up 3 years ago to counter the nuclear and missile threats from north korea its breakdown comes at a time of increased missile testing by pyongyang what anymore because the south korean decision completely misjudges the current regional security environment it's nothing but a disappointment and i find it extremely regrettable disappointment to from u.s.
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secretary of state mike pompei o who's called for the 2 u.s. allies to settle their differences relations have soured just as regional rivals china and russia seem to be moving closer together militarily this dispute began with a south korean court ruling in favor of victims of forced labor used by japanese firms during the 2nd world war japan retaliated with the restrictions on the export of materials and components needed by south korea's high tech manufacturers. south korea then responded with a campaign to boycott all japanese goods and cancel holidays there. it's now started another campaign to support south korean firms hurt by this dispute this company making and freshness had spent 3 years trying to break into the japanese
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market and was all set with 3 major orders which have all now been canceled i think . as citizens we need to support our government's policy given the current mood with japan will need to find an alternative solution for now exports to chip pan are difficult. this deepening trade dispute comes at a tough time for south korean exports is already caught in the middle of the trade war between the us and china trade figures show exports this month are down more than 13 percent compared to the same time last year extending a slump that's gone on now for more than 8 months many here fear the next move by either side in this continuing tape for tat will only be further deterioration robert bright al-jazeera sold. on protesters are forming a human chain across the territory the so-called hong kong way is inspired by the same tactic used in the baltic states in 1909 calling for independence from the
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soviet union protest organizers say the chain of people will go on the sidewalks of 3 main subway lines it's expected to spread from hong kong island to the new territories hong kong courts has extended a ban on any more protests inside the territories airport airport bosses went back to the high court as opposition groups prepare for more action this week and last week thousands packed inside the main terminal forcing the airport to shut down meanwhile hong kong unions say staff at airline cathay pacific are being targeted for supporting the protests earlier edin brown's spoke to body learn from the protest organization civil human rights front she says cathay pacific employees are employees are being bullied. is ferry sad to see what has what is happening in cathay pacific because it is a very big corporation international cooperation and hong kong people have one is immensely proud of it and it has a very strong union but how however we see that the workers union of one of the
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leader of the workers unions had been dismissed and even the c.e.o. was forced to resign from the corporation and this is how would a corporation facing a bully by the chinese government and i urge not only corporations in hong kong but also globally to think one thing is that are you standing for this or are you standing up against these kinds of beliefs i think it is a time to make decisions hong kong's economy is hosting the actions by your group and others like you are contributing to that or are you satisfied now that you have succeeded in one of your primary goals which is to basically ripped the hong kong economy well i believe. the only thing that is hurting hong kong economy generally and also including a tourist industry is starts people from around the world do not think hong kong is
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a safe city when they hear that property rights that personal safety cannot be protracted and if the extradition be was passed it it's what happened so what we're doing now is trying to save home calm in order to. keep this safety. university teachers say the scale of sexual violence by the men more military against that was so widespread and severe that it demonstrates what they call an intent to commit genocide a report says soldiers routinely and systematically raped gang raped and sexually abused women children men and transgender people the un says those responsible should be prosecuted on charges of war crimes genocide and crimes against humanity the report also mentions sexual violence and persecution in the states of cashion and shunned targeting other ethnic minorities hundreds of thousands of living in camps and cox's bazar on the bangladesh mean more border stephanie decker is there
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. the un report on the cities the sexual violence committed against the right is a reminder to the world that these are stories that people have been telling aid workers and journalists for the past 2 years they are the most horrendous stories stories of mass rape children being raped in front of their parents of why is being raped in front of their husbands now that's coupled with stories of killings of people being chopped into pieces of babies being ripped out of their mother's arms and thrown into the fire now this is why hundreds of thousands of people fled across the border here to bangladesh in just the space of a few weeks and this is why this is now the biggest refugee camp in the world these people want justice what does that mean it means they want to go home but they want to go home with full guarantees of citizenship and security and that seems a long way off a wildfire in california has prompted evacuations in the u.s. states nearly 4000 people were ordered to leave their homes after the fire started
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in shasta county state officials say strong winds helped spread the wildfires but it's now been partially contained wildfires in the same region last year destroyed more than a 1000 homes and claimed 8 lives. and a wildfire has raged next to homes in a motorway in the spanish region of the lithia emergency services say that at least 40 houses were evacuated near the southern town of my bad some 2000 people who spent the night outside their homes it took all night for the run $75.00 fighters to control the blaze. a ship carrying 350 migrants is set to dock in moulton up to 6 countries agreed to take them in maltese military vessels taking them to get on migrants to shore the ocean viking had been stuck at sea after malta and italy initially denied their request to lunde. russia is launching the world's
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1st floating nuclear power plant it's going to be towed thousands of kilometers to the east to provide energy to remote communities but greenpeace activists say there are about safety risks and the plant could become a channel on ice that bussin reports from moscow. a nuclear power plant sailing decease russia says it's one of the safest and cleanest ways to provide energy to remote areas the academic lama knows of combines both the technology of a nuclear powered icebreaker and that of a land based nuclear plant it took 10 years to design and build the power plant will be towed by 3 boats 4 more months to the region of chukotka 5000 kilometers away on a journey that could take up to 6 weeks depending on the ice the 2 reactor unit is one of the key projects of president putin so-called northern sea route a fast the sea connection between europe and asia which has become accessible due to a melting arctic despite safety concerns russia's nuclear agency sas has very little
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chance of a nuclear accident the nuclear station is very solid and is not vulnerable in case a tsunami or another disaster happens tests have shown the chances of a gigantic asteroid destroying the earth in the future is twice as high as internal damage to this reactor but greenpeace is not convinced in april 2017 the environmental group protested against a project calling a child noble on ice referring to the nuclear disaster in the soviet union in 1986 . of if the fukushima nuclear station was damaged by a tsunami we can only guess what could happen in this case the place can be flown upside down it can be thrown onto the shore or get damaged in a recent nuclear accident in the north of russia which caused a spike in radiation has also raised concerns with several nuclear accidents happening in the past few months and the government that this type lived about what
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exactly has happened people are growing increasingly suspicious that like in the time of chernobyl your forty's are trying to cover up incidents of leaks radiation even though the academic i don't know if off will travel only to sparsely populated areas its journey will be closely watched russia's plans to sell floating nuclear plants to other countries have also rung alarm bells according to greenpeace offshore reactors will be harder to monitor and it can fall into the wrong hands academically awful stay in effect and you've got got for at least 10 years before going back to more months for maintenance and to dispose of its nuclear waste step fasten al-jazeera mosco still ahead in al-jazeera you just feel sorry for them really the most of. one of his players faces a. social. it's
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time for the sports his live thank you rob well it's looking very likely australia will retain the ashes they dismantled england's batting order for just 67 on friday in the 2nd test in leeds this is england's lowest score against their opponents in 71 years just hazelwood finishing with figures out of 5 for 30 australia now lead by 200 runs the ozzies lead the series one nil so if they win this test they'll retain the ashes trophy sri lanka meanwhile reach
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144461 day 2 of their 2nd test against new zealand before rain ended play the country sports minister has announced that the team won't be playing test matches in pakistan later on this year 2 tests had been scheduled for october but after a security review herron fernando said they will now be played in the u.a.e. however he said $31.00 day matches are being planned as part of an 8 day tour it would be just the 2nd time official one day matches have been played in pakistan since the sri lankan team bus was attacked by gunmen and lahore 10 years ago. there are some big names and golf tied at the top of the tour championship leaderboard after day one in atlanta fed ex cup points leader justin thomas started with a 2 stroke advantage in a change to the format from last season but struggled on the 15th as his ball went into the water that allowed. it to grab a share of the lead at 6 under par also at the top is p.g.a.
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champion brooks kept 3 of his last 4 holes the winner on sunday will get golf's biggest prize of 15000000 dollars. 2016 tour champion rory mcilroy is a shot further back after a superb round of 66 while last year's winner justin rose almost made an eagle on the 1st he's 8 shots behind the leaders in the tie for 13. september's davis cup tie between pakistan and india has been pushed back to november because of the recent tensions over the disputed region of kashmir the international tennis federation said that they were concerned about security there meanwhile all eyes are on the year's final tennis major the u.s. open which gets underway in new york on monday serena williams will begin her chase for a record equalling 24th grand slam title against maria share in the 1st round both players have been battling injuries though williams has been forced out of her last 2 tournaments with back problems has been nursing
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a shoulder injury over on the men's side defending champion novak djokovic could face roger federer in the semifinals after both were put in the same side of the draw manchester united's paul pogba is stronger after facing racist abuse on twitter that's according to manager ole gunnar sol shire suffered abuse on social media after having his penalty attempt saved in a match on monday he's received support from his teammates and the club is due to meet twitter to discuss how to tackle the abuse or says that something must be done . people hide behind fake identities i don't think it's. down to me to change it but there's so many only going to show us on twitter and social media that i know it's not me and of course it's we've got to do something about it the authorities got to do something about the ones who. spread this hate
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and you just feel sorry for them really the most of their problems themselves when they have to. do this former heavyweight champion tyson fury says he's tasted death during a mental health crisis that took him to the brink of suicide fury says he fought back and is now passionate about helping others who are suffering. going to take to turn my wife around from 420 pounds of weight to suicidal thoughts on a daily basis to not want to live anymore again back to the top of 3 to have you a chunk of the world again so it's like it's almost it's a crazy story there's always a lot of people out there is i was a physician and you are on about how low it gets i think about my lowest point in life because the only other place beyond what i was it death. to almost taste death to come back to this this level again it's definitely been a blessing. on the 2nd return journey there is more to come to help others and
12:43 am
needy positions under as much as a counter spread the word on mental health and smushed. india's national dope testing agency has been suspended for 6 months by water for not meeting global standards the lab which services other national organizations as well will not be allowed to carry out analysis of blood and urine samples and the pending samples will need to be sent elsewhere the agency's chief executive says that they will apply to watch out for reinstatement within 3 weeks. world rally championship leader autonomy holds a narrow lead midway through the 1st day of rally germany dystonia has won 3 of the 4 sage's held so far on friday and leads terry nouvelle by 3.2 seconds current world champion sebastian of here is a further 10 seconds back in 3rd. that's it for me back to you rob thanks very much indeed now scientists in kenya say the northern white rhino is one step away from
12:44 am
being saved from extinction on thursday they successfully carried out a groundbreaking procedure of harvesting eggs from surviving rhinos so that explains the. new gene in fact 2 of the only 2 northern white rhinos left in the world they live under 24 hour protection in all projects of conservancy in kenya and that's because both females are the last and only hope of saving the species from disappearing forever. with the help of science sperm was saved from the last little northern white rhino male called sudan and a few others he became famous around the world when he featured on a popular dating app to raise money for an in vitro fertilization procedure since his death the team of international scientists has been racing against time to fertilize eggs from the gene and 5 to. using pioneering technology and millions of dollars later on thursday they successfully extracted 5 eggs from each female.
12:45 am
the eggs couldn't be frozen and were immediately flown to a fertilization lab in italy. that is already in the laboratory i believe so the moderation starts and everything goes well and he also says it will be. pretty lively but it was likely. to go to we don't know whether we have some embryos. for health reasons and the gene and fats you can't give someone c. ambrose a fertilised they'll be implanted into southern whites rhino instead. demands for rhino horn in traditional chinese medicine as well as things like dhaka handel's in yemen fuelled poaching in the 1970 s. and eighty's largely wiping out the northern white rhino population in africa but
12:46 am
if a surrogate southern mother can produce a baby northern whites rhino then these beautiful creatures that have roamed the earth for millions of years may avoid what seemed like sets an extinction. of disease. and i'll be back in a couple of minutes with some more children but i. after years of war and found a dramatic transformation is emerging. al-jazeera goes on a journey with 4 diverse ethiopia. to tell inspirational stories the most us
12:47 am
entering into van lines i was forced to turn to a position to persist and i was sometimes frightened. by ethiopia coming soon on al-jazeera. rewind returns with a new series. and dates on the best of al-jazeera documentary. reality rewind continues with the last try secret army of the cia it's down to 75 delivering the same way that their ancestors did living in the forest in the jungle and it seems like they're abandoned by everybody on al-jazeera.
12:48 am
donald trump tells us companies to get out of china after beijing announces new tariffs on american goods. i know i'm not matheson and this is a live from doha also coming up a global crisis of record breaking fires burning through brazil's amazon forest
12:49 am
problem calls for urgent action from world leaders. iran's foreign minister says nuclear talks with the french president have been productive. and the last chance to save the northern flight line owners from being lost busy forever. donald trump's telling us companies they should get out of china after beijing announced her out of hikes on $75000000000.00 worth of american goods and to deepen the trade war between the world's 2 biggest economies the us president fired off a volley of tweets here's some of what he posted our country has lost stupidly trillions of dollars with china over many years they've stolen our intellectual property at a rate of hundreds of billions of dollars a year and they want to continue i won't let that happen we don't need china and frankly would be far better off without them the vast amounts of money made and
12:50 am
stolen by china from the united states year after year for decades well and must stop great american companies are hereby ordered to email at least start looking for an alternative to china when he added that he'd be responding to the new tariffs in full later on friday markets are already taking a how morning kristen salumi is standing by at the new york stock exchange live to her after we speak to white house correspondent kimberly halted in washington d.c. kimberly this response by china wasn't really a surprise given what the u.s. had been doing before was that. it wasn't a surprise what is a bit of a surprise is how the u.s. president has reacted typically he lashes out at china and he did that but he took it a step further and is also lashing out simultaneously against the hair head of the central bank here in the united states the chair of the federal reserve jerome
12:51 am
powell in one tweet he says that who is our bigger enemy jay powell or chairman she now why is the president doing this why is he linking his demand for lower interest rates which would stimulate the u.s. economy he believes with china well essentially as this trade war ask and continues on the blowback is going to affect consumers here in the united states not just china and donald trump reelection hinges potentially on the success of the strong u.s. economy staying in place if that doesn't happen donald trump needs a scapegoat and it appears that rate at least right now that he is pointing the finger at the federal reserve chair at the same time with respect to these talks between china and the united states the concern at all this is that they may not happen there is a sort of a tentative schedule for the chinese delegation to come to washington next month but in light of the retaliatory tariffs that have been put in place by china the
12:52 am
fact that it mirrors the schedule of the u.s. tariffs on 300000000000 in chinese goods certainly sends a very strong and loud message that perhaps china is not in the mood for negotiating right now and of course as well as those talks we have the g. 7 summit which is coming up this week and one can only assume that this is going to be a key talking point there as well. key fear because the concern is the spiraling effect for the global economy we do know that already economists here in the united states are signaling concerns about that we know that the u.s. president. is talking with global leaders at the g. 7 about this in fact the united states in a preparation call with reporters said that they had requested this be on the agenda we're talking about the world's 2 largest economies right now but in the midst of all of this every other nation is caught up we also know that right now
12:53 am
the the the chair of the federal reserve says that much of this uncertainty points to the trade war that this is in his view uncharted territory so yes this is a concern for global leaders the u.s. president leaving late friday local time in washington to head to bordeaux france and again we do expect that the u.s. president may according to his tweet say something sooner than that but certainly he is very angry right now and lashing out there with the phones very much i want to go to chris and soon because of the stock exchange in new york christine bring us up to date with how the markets are reacting to those. well they're not reacting well rob the markets have been turbulent all month on fears of a possible global recession and the possibility of this trade war with china and now i've got the double whammy today from the announcement from the fed chairman that he would not be cutting interest rates and also the follow up to that from
12:54 am
president trump basically saying that u.s. suppliers needed to look for a new supply chain that really sent the market tumbling the day started flat and then tis a patient with the lingering knowledge that the announcement was coming from powell in the day and now it's gone down more than $400.00 points. on this news more than one and a half percent and that's because the united states does so much trade with china obviously it imports some $558000000000.00 in chinese goods earlier in the week we had reports that corporate earnings were not so strong ironically retail was one bright spot retailers like target and wal-mart doing well now with news that this trade war with china is intensifying retailers exactly like that are also going to see problems in their profit and their bottom line so when the president says it's time to look for alternatives in terms of trade you see what happens with investor
12:55 am
confidence it's just been shattered in plummeting since that since those tweets earlier in the day. the stock exchange a new york finest person. brazil's president says he may send in the army to battle fars burning through the forest but an unfolding disaster is already being labeled an international crisis that needs global action french president emanuel luck wrong once urgent talks at this weekend's g. 7 summit c 7 summits and he's been joined by germany's i'm glad merkel in the u.k. has boris johnson we begin our coverage with the latest. dramatic video captures the fury of the flames eating away at the world's largest rain forest this is just one of several 1000 fires currently consuming swaths of the brazilian amazon and the world is watching we're very concerned about these fires both for the immediate damage that they're causing and also because sustained force is
12:56 am
crucial in our fight against climate change the amazon produces 20 percent of the world's oxygen that's why it's called the planet's lungs but environmentalist warn if the burning continues at this rate the rain forest will transform to a landscape resembling the african savannah and rather than produce oxygen the antidote to global warming the former rain forest will humid carbon instead in brazil sister e was seen difficult situations but for the 1st time we have this kind of situation that was created almost with official encouragement from the government environmental groups say ranchers and log are started the fires to clear the land. they blame brazil's president. as a candidate he promised to give businesses access to natural resources to restore the country's economy as president he has gutted funding for brazil's environmental
12:57 am
and forstmann agency and he now says without offering evidence that environmental groups set the fires themselves. now the amazon is bigger than europe how can you fight criminal fires in such an area it is clearly criminal how can you do it you need to catch them in the act otherwise there's nothing you can do now non-governmental organizations are losing money money that came from germany and norway they are unemployed now so they are trying to overthrow. the hash tag pray for amazonas has been trending on twitter. and other world leaders have reacted as well our house is burning literally tooted french president emanuel macron it is in international crisis he's called the members of the g. 7 summit to discuss the amazon fire at their upcoming meeting this weekend. castro al-jazeera washington ok let's get more from our correspondent who is near port
12:58 am
a very you and brazil's wrongdoing instinct i'm standing in a bunch field this field is for sale it's not clear whether this land was burnt deliberately whether it was accidental or whether it was a natural phenomenon that is unlikely to be investigated as i say this is a frontier town the kind of people who come here they come here to the forest because they do cattle ranching to make money out of the timber industry and this is where president diable sinatra's word is law these people generally voted voted for him to become president at the beginning of this year he has said that the kind of crimes the kind of fires are being set illegally are unlikely to be investigated he sees the environmentalist indigenous community as an impediment to further development of this area which he says is right for development 70 percent of the state the state of around on your say 5 hours flying time from stop paolo another 2
12:59 am
hours drive to get from porto vale your to where we are now a long way from everywhere very difficult to police unlikely that any any crimes are likely to be investigated and that is partly the problem that been raging in and around this region the neighboring state of amazon us you can spot these from satellites satellites up in the sky but that doesn't really help the policing down on the ground so what goes on here is unlikely they're going to be aware of the international condemnation that you just mentioned about mark on about other people speaking about this they have to make a living they're here to try to develop this region and that is continuing with or without the flame. iran's foreign minister has hailed positive talks with french president emanuel knock on salvaging the 2015 nuclear deal speaking to reporters after meeting the crown said both countries have made suggestions on how to move forward after the u.s. pulled out of the deal last year mccomb has previously said he will either try to soften the impact of u.s.
1:00 am
sanctions or come up with a way to compensates the iranian people that he has more from paris with iranian foreign ministers describe his talks with the french president here in paris is constructive but at the same time he's reiterated that it won't be possible to renegotiate what's known as the j.c. the nuclear deal signed between iran and 5 powers back in 2015 in which of course the u.s. withdrew from unilaterally last year since then they've reimposed sanctions on iran and countries that do business with it now the french have been making it clear that they want to offer on something possibly. ways to soften the impact of those sanctions credit lines to the government possibly temporarily allowing certain countries to buy iran's crude oil.


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