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november of 1917 namely speaking not about palestine as a whole. but. some sort of presence in palestine on behalf of the jews which is quite different than that could convey before it how man. found it and not at all of their national. a literary if what on and call me there and look at all in national who may. not have been made. but not the the national home and i would not the national home yeah rock on only i would be fearful of the and. the committed zionists wanted to ensure the declaration was clear that the whole of historic palestine would be a national homeland exclusively for the jewish people. the
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latest draft was sent to high invites men who in turn center to the zionist movement in the united states for their feedback. there was some consultation you know during the summer of 1917 with the united states and in the early drafts. the imprint of the zionist elements in britain would have referred to palestine in its entirety as being for some sort of jewish had to be in those elements eventual we were modified before the drafting was finalized another key part of the terminology that emerged out of the drafting was in some british redrafting where sort of for the jewish people it was written the jewish race.
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eventually this was taken out but i think it's very revealing that british officials wanted to use this kind of terminology because after all this was how they understood the jews of the world as being a racial group when that world it tremendous power and also could be inspired all together as one unit behind the cause of scientism supported by britain and the allies it's striking that the existing arab people in the region were not named at all they're simply called the quote existing non jewish communities in palestine the 3 point she took but so you know with every little idea but at this point you know ma'am talk is great is out. there. but you know all these are. you know he read it. you know. or care the opportunity. by october 19th
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17 the final draft of the balfour declaration was ready and waiting only british government final approval. there was a rumor that germany was about to issue a similar declaration supporting the rights of the jews in palestine. when belfer he rushed to get his final draft discussed at the cabinet meeting on the 31st of october 19th of in teen. so when we think about the centenary of the balfour declaration everyone considers 2nd of november 19th 17 as the moment of the day creation itself but it was actually agreed to by the british cabinet on the 31st of october and this was a hugely significant meeting and in the minutes of that meeting balfour reiterate the principle reasons for supporting zionism and highlights its expected propaganda
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effects amongst jews around the world particularly in the united states and in russia the argument was was put forward most strongly by lord balfour at the meeting of october 31st and what he argued was that issuing this declaration would be extremely helpful for the british in solidifying the support of the united states and also in countering propaganda from germany the critical thing to remember about british diplomatic pronouncements is that what one individual says does not represent the views of the government as a whole and you will find many different points of view among british officials in the years 1701800 and right into the early years of the mandate but the british were very clear that they had not promised statehood to the zionist movement they had no interest in doing so the british did not support jewish nationalism they did not support arab nationalism they supported british imperialism but this is also
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the meeting where lord curzon. there's a member of the walk up and it disquiet about the possible effects of supporting zionism on the palestinian arab population and the palestinian opposition is completely disregarded lord curzon wrote a paper to the cabinet asking what was quote to become of the people of this country. there were over half a 1000000 syrian arabs a mixed community with arab hebrew canaanite greek egypt shouldn't possibly crusaders blood they in their forefathers of occupied the country for the best part of 1500 years they own the soil they profess the mohammedan faith they will not be content either to be explode jewish immigrants or to act merely is he was of wood and drawers of water to the latter. but his prescient remarks fell on deaf
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ears it's like who tells highlights that at the end of the war cabinet meeting dr it's a boy as though they witnessed the birth of an agreement to create jewish national home as a baby in the middle east. the final draft of the balfour declaration was 67 words long. his majesty's government view with favor the establishments in palestine of a national home for the jewish people and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object it being clearly understood the nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non jewish communities in palestine or the rights and political status enjoyed by jews in any other country. i should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to
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the knowledge of the zionist federation your sincerely for james balfour. in terms of international law it really has very little standing in international law you know treaties between nations have significance. but governments after an issue policy statements statements of intention about what they plan to do and those really don't have any standing. as a matter of of law for britain this was. i suppose you would say a statement of its intention as to what it would do if it were to take over belostoma which of course it had not yet done as of november of 1917 it's going to go to whether you like that. stuff she.
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should have done you are if. you could be so though because your mind. show you off your royalty only 2 years after the declaration a church leader in jerusalem wrote to british prime minister lloyd george about jews in palestine trying to control holy sites. lloyd george's office had said that high invites men didn't want to do anything affecting the rights of arabs it said he simply wanted to be involved in a council to help provide refuge to jews russia and eastern europe. this exchange suggested that britain felt it had not promised a jewish state but simply a place for them to live alongside the arabs. when the league of nations set out the british mandate in. palestine in 1923 it made britain responsible for
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implementing the balfour declaration. as a result jewish immigration to palestine increased as did arab opposition to it expressed in a series of palestinian protests against britain in the 1920 s. understood the people of palestine to be muslims and christians but did not imagine that they would constitute a national community that would seek national independence and after the war very quickly when it becomes clear that palestinian arab nationalists immobilizing against zionism. the british government a quick to see a major problem the balfour declaration had put in train a series of events that began to signal its deep flaws arab descent built to the 3 year evolved between 193619398 was a nationalist uprising against the british administration demanding arab independence and the end of jewish immigration it was on the pill commission of
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$937.00 that the british 1st recognized that instead of balancing communities they had certain motion a rivalry between incompatible national movement jewish and palestinian arab. and it was at that point that they try to solve the problem by dividing palestine into 2 states arab and jewish through a partition plan and i think there you have the 1st recognition or admission from british officials of the failure of the balfour declaration. in maine 1939 the british government published a policy document on palestine called a white paper it abandoned the partitioning of palestine into 2 states and called instead for an independent palestine in which arabs and jews would share government . it limited jewish immigration to $75000.00 for 5 years and said that the arab majority should determine future immigration levels. it's also said that balfour
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had not meant to create a jewish state at the expense of the arabs any more than the mcmahon his team correspondent 24 years before had promised an arab state to shareef hossain of mecca but the white paper met opposition and was dropped. the british government a quick to see a major problem but there's no way that they can back away from support for zionism because this becomes the basis for their justification for being in the holy land their commitment to supporting the movement in the balfour declaration which becomes in shrines in international law in the terms of the mandate for palestine so the british stuck with zionism they didn't believe that scientists wanted independent jewish state hood and after the war became very clear that actually the vast majority of scientists didn't only want statehood they expected. i think if
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we're trying to assess whether or not britain's policy towards zionism in the 1st world war served british interests or not the 1st thing we have to appreciate is the key reason they supported saddam was based on an incorrect idea they believed that they could mobilize something that they saw as jewish power around the world behind their light course so 1st of all that was entirely wrong and didn't happen because the jewish power is fake is false. in september 1939 german expansionism led to the 2nd world war over 60000000 people died including between 5 and 6000000 jews the majority in nazi concentration camps. the british mandate ended at midnight on the 14th of may 1948 and immediately the formation of the state of israel was announced
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justified by the terms of the balfour declaration issued 31 years before. while israelis celebrated the birth of their nation 700000 palestinians were forced into camps and exile the family done a lot of damage you not just with your needs are and were going to be done you know they're coming. for palestinians the balfour declaration represents the moment an imperial power promised their land the way to another people. this is the. whether the regime is complete. that's what they hold bell for responsible for their expulsion displacement and occupation.
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hello there some more rain in the forecast across the united states. you can see there's a line of activity here working its way towards the south and the east meanwhile out towards the west it looks fairly clear even on the satellite just off the coast there in baja california however this is a situation this is. coming from the tropical storm ivo it is not going to be heading any close to shore but it. brings some very heavy amounts of rain with it some fairly gusty winds along the coast so saturday it doesn't look really that
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different you can see him or cat across the south and then we've got that line of rain showers working the way across into the south pushing east and seaboard but a nice couple days in new york 25 degrees few. and then on sunday a little bit cooler but very nice to 23 in d.c. not too hot at 26 even faith. with that high there of 25 with the rain and you can just see on the map here this area that is that tropical storm ivan has a say not a threat to land but it is certainly bringing perhaps a little bit more in the way of rainfall plenty of showers across much of the caribbean areas of cloud as well it's actually a dry couple days generally across much of central america still we've got those thunderstorms quite a bit of cat in southern mexico 24 the high there in mexico city on saturday and by sunday but a great deal of changed my sunshine in cozumel. french . filmmaker and 7 year old girl.
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given to refugee families this year. in the face of deep rooted tension between the libyan needs and the refugees. my syrian friend. on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. hello and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from my headquarters in doha with me and of the problem coming up in the next 60 minutes brazil is sending its army to combat the amazon wildfire as as president bolton are blames dry weather for the blazes that have sparked international concern. protesters gather and what
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is its embassies in several countries denouncing president also dollars and mentor policies. raising tariff rates and warning american businesses against operating in china donald trump escalates the trade war. north korea fires 2 suspected missiles at 7 weapons test and a mom and russia showcases the world's 1st floating nuclear reactor environmentalists say it's a potential chernobyl on eyes. brazil's president has given the green light for the army to try and contain the fires raging through the world's largest rain forest jabal sonars government has been under pressure to stop the blazes he says unusually warm temperatures led to the spike it's estimated that more than 2 and
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a half. 1000 fires burning so far this year satellites have detected at least $76000.00 wildfires that's an 82 percent and craze from the same time last year now european leaders emanuel back on and anglo-american say the situation must be discussed at this weekend's g. 7 summit calling it an international crisis but also our has accused the 2 of meddling for political gain adding that the fires should not be used as a pretext for international sanctions. for timid you were going to act firmly in order to contain it and control the fires in the amazon it is a person it is the other to act with the realty not disprove that mrs is in brazil abroad as they do not help solve the problem they only learned themselves to political propaganda now hundreds of people have taken to the streets across latin america to protest against the amazon fires they gathered outside the brazilian embassy in buenos ayres denouncing president abbas and now and calling for greater
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action and combating the fire sweeping parts of the rain forest others rallied and colombia's capital but with our and in perversion. all those fires in the amazon a wreaking havoc a neighbor in bolivia to the government there has hired the boeing 747400 plane after failing to escape the sting was fires fires have destroyed more than 7000 square kilometers of the eastern province of santa cruz for the past month the boeing at least for a us company can carry 150000 liters of water. but libya has neighbors power and brazil to take account of measures to prevent the spread of fires along their common border. let's move on to other news now and u.s. president donald trump is raising planned tariffs on chinese and ports by an additional 5 percent the latest escalation in the trade war comes hours after beijing announced it will impose tariffs on $75000000000.00 worth of american goods
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cost or has more from washington d.c. . the trade war between the world's 2 largest economies just boiled over in the span of 280 characters on friday just after u.s. stock markets closed u.s. president donald trump announced via twitter starting on october 1st the $250000000000.00 of goods and products from china currently being taxed at 25 percent will be taxed at 30 percent additionally the remaining $300000000000.00 of goods and products from china that was being taxed from september 1st at 10 percent will now be taxed at 15 percent this was trump's retaliation after beijing announced a few hours earlier that china will tax an additional $75000000000.00 worth of u.s. goods also starting next month that came at the end of an already tumultuous day
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earlier friday the u.s. president tweeted in order to american businesses move supply chains out of china immediately trump does not in fact have the power to command u.s. businesses to leave china but he does have leverage he can encourage them he cannot give them government contracts for example if they're buying things from the government or striving to sell things through the government but no he can't he can't stop the tweets still spooked investors the dow jones closed more than 2 percent down the tech heavy nasdaq index was off by 3 percent both sides. minds of the importance of the chinese market to u.s. companies all of this comes at a particularly vulnerable time in terms presidency a growing number of economists forecast a u.s. recession on the horizon driven partly by the white house trade policies trump has responded by blaming everyone but himself i think the word recession is
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a word that's inappropriate because it's just a word that the. the certain people are going to be current certain people in the media are trying to build up because they'd love to see a recession trump also took unprecedented aim at the chairman of the u.s. federal reserve the central bank lowered interest rates last month but not as much as trump hoped that earned its chairman this comparison from trump who is our bigger enemy jay powell or chairman c. the chinese leader president trump will spend the weekend in france at the g. 7 meeting with fellow leaders of major industrialized nations the white house has asked concerns of a global recession to be front and center and no doubt the u.s. china trade escalation will dominate those discussions castro al-jazeera washington. say as the chief executive of the financial and a former u.s. commerce department official on the president charm and he blames china for the
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escalation in the trade war between the world's 2 biggest economies. it comes down to who the real culprit is here who has been the bad actor in this trading relationship between the united states and china all signs point to china frankly it has been china who is engaged in intellectual property theft in forced technology transfer subsidizing state owned industries to make unfair competition really the norm between the free market traders that trade with them this is an imbalanced trading relationship that president trump has been frankly the 1st in history to try to correct it diplomatic talks unfortunately have not worked and if we look at president trump's trade tariffs threats in the past he's followed through on those terror threats and so i think it's very clear now that the gloves are off and the president will follow through on those tariff threats but frankly it's not the trade uncertainty that is leading to this this this type of negative reaction in the markets it's the fact that really we're not getting any support
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from the fed which is which is supposed to be acting in the u.s. is interest that's what the president was elected to do to look out for not just wall street but also look out for main street what's really going on here is what we really have to be concerned about it's the national security it's whether or not we allow china to continue to take advantage of the american people to take advantage of american businesses and frankly as a free market nation who we pride ourselves we pride ourselves on this free market system where you can compete fairly. let's get more on this now we're joined by of all that scott senior international economist at the economic policy institute and he's joining us from north. and then very good to have you with us on alan is there i say friday's events caused i guess by china announcing tavris what did you make of that of the timing ahead of the g. 7 summit this weekend. i think china certainly want to use to make a statement to the g 7. that this is
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a growing problem for china and for the world i think it's largely have a political statement i think it's quite clear that both china and the u.s. are digging in for the long haul i think china has decided to wait out the trumpet ministration and hope to deal with his successor in 2021 after the u.s. elections the chinese president isn't of course as vulnerable i guess to. how the economy's doing how voices and people in china will respond to him depending on how the economy is doing president trump as do you think that he really and for steve karratha favor will hurt the u.s. economy which he needs to be strong going into the presidential election but i think that trump has shown that he actually has a bark which is often worse than his bite he threatened tariffs in many cases for example certain to impose big tariffs on mexico one week and then they he walked
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back from that threat in that particular case and involved concerns about the surge of. refugees coming across the border so he in that case you didn't follow through on the terror threat so i'm not at all certain he will actually impose these very large tariffs that he is certain and part of that box that we saw on friday mr scott was president trump ordering american companies to stop operating in china i mean he can't lose legally do this can hand if he can't can he compel them to. he absolutely cannot compel them to leave china there's no question about that he doesn't have that power however for example if he wanted to really get serious about this issue he could order the u.s. government to stop funding the purchase of for example rail cars is a big issue in the united states who were purchasing real cars from the chinese
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rail car company is actually controlled by the chinese government and the chinese military and i think this is a serious security concern but it's an area where trump does have the authority and the idea is a failed to take action in that particular area. what he is taking a lot of action on was attacking the head of the federal reserve the chairman jeremy pal what did you make of that i mean is he as he said saying mr palliser being a fall guy he has the economy does suffer i think there's no question trump is not the 1st president to try and jawbone the the chair of the federal reserve to convince him to lower interest rates and simply goose the economy in the run up to the election next year trump would like nothing better than for chairman thousands do that i don't think he will given typically federal reserve chairman guard their independence very very carefully so i don't think it's going to work but
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a chunk of trungpa certainly looking for scapegoats he's worried that the economy's going to slow down and frankly he doesn't have a lot of tools at his disposal at this point in the business cycle this is scott thank you very much for that for now and that is robert scott live and north pushing back marilyn thank you now as the tide warns knology 7 leaders are gathering in france this weekend for their annual summit of global challenges on the table range from the economy to climate change and diplomatic editor james bays brings us the details from garrett just hours before the g. 7 started in the iranian foreign minister was in paris mohammed job it's a reef met with president mackerel new pictures of the meeting released properly so it's not anger.


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