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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 24, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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didn't the riot police and that's when the confrontations began so yes as we've seen many times before almost 2 separate incidents in a way the peaceful march that had been given permission and then a breakaway group was a very large breakaway group having said that but again it was a breakaway group of protesters who took it as a separate piece of action clearly the police were not in the mood for that ok keep in touch with us when let us know how things go there into the night in. hong kong . now an employee of the british consulate in hong kong has been released by mainland china after being detained for more than 2 weeks some in chiang disappeared or norquist 8th during a business trip to the city of shenzhen just near the border with hong kong chinese police said chang was punished for violating public safety laws his detention came as relations between beijing and london soured over the ongoing protests in the former british territory well the u.k. foreign office has released a statement. this is what it says we welcome the release of simon chang and are
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delighted he can be reunited with his family we will continue to provide support to them. in the news ahead hostage demands on the rise nigeria struggles with a kidnapping crisis that's getting worse. and a last chance to save the northern white rhino from being lost forever. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast all across thailand we have seen days a very heavy rain and that is going to continue as we go through the rest of the weekend as well so for bangkok expect to see those showers coming through quite heavy at times and we could be seeing some delays at the airport tempter wise we're going to see about 30 degrees immunity very high across much of this area as we go towards monday though expect to see the rain continuing with a temperature of about $31.00 degrees there well across the byte of australia we
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are seeing one front or front about to pushing through its cold front and this is going to bring some windy conditions as well some showers across much of the area it's not going to be as cold as our last system was so don't expect to see the snow in the higher elevations but we do expect to see plenty of rain making its way across victoria new south wales as well as into tasmania as we go through sunday now the system will move quite quickly and it's going to be pushing out here across much of the tasman sea temperatures though for britain it is going to be a very nice day for you at $27.00 degrees and by the time we get to monday we are looking at better conditions across much of the region we're temptress for melbourne at 13 and hobart at 15 degrees there and very messy conditions across the south island of brazil we're going to be seeing christchurch at 6 degrees and by the time we get to monday that temperature is going to be dropping down to about 12 . al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how rivalries
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influence the course of history steve jobs a much better marketer bill gates for apple is going to bring back stuff bill made software what it is today will change the world to high tech visionaries whose breakthroughs inspired a digital revolution jobs and gates face to face on al-jazeera. the top stories for you this hour on al-jazeera the u.s. president stepping up his country's trade war with china he has announced 2 new tariff increases donald trump also told american companies to pull out and return
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home he says no response to china which said it would impose tariffs on $75000000000.00 worth of u.s. goods donald trump just a few moments ago stepped off air force one in france where he is meeting with chief 7 leaders. earlier the president of the european council donald tusk was warning that trade was could break the trust between its members. and protesters in hong kong are trying to disrupt the transport system right police have fired tear gas on crowds who blocked roads after a large authorized march collen the rallies began in june over an extradition bill the demonstrations of widens to demand political reforms. more now in the g 7 is a senior fellow at the global policy institute who spoke to us earlier and said there is a variety of different issues on the agenda at the g 7. there is. a chance that dialogue might help. leaders to
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come up with some solution the biggest issues. that he wanted to bring was issue of iniquities may be changing that ism. because the complete isn't as american say as become sick it's really and balance that favor the very rich and is sponsoring the rest of beauticians something must be dog but love expect that to be to appen it is with the speaking and this is the folks at the g. 7 today doesn't represent the work before the g 7 started represented 70 percent of there were g.d.p. and today is only about 40 percent who were g.d.p. 20 percent of the work the commission g 7 is a bitter remnant of the past due west not digimon e of it and there's a big elephant is china isn't there so she 7 bt is not going to produce anything and many leaders arrive in the west is in disarray many
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it's like a dysfunctional family with everyone many many leaders and if you're going to position and it's difficult to see whether they're going to be able to come up with a solution to the global challenges which they will face. now one of the most prominent presidential candidates has been arrested on corruption charges. he was detained just outside tunis on friday members of his party say it is an attempt to exclude him from next month's election the candidate has been leading in recent polls the government denies the charges are politically motivated senior opposition leaders in india have been prevented from visiting the kashmir region delhi has cited security concerns earlier on friday violence broke out between people there and security forces all this anger ever since india decided to revoke the region's ptolemy as jamil reports from the capital of indian it must catch.
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protesters in srinagar throwing stones the response from indian security forces tear gas and pellet guns. the protests began at one mosque where friday prayers have taken a defiant tone this month since the region's autonomy was revoked by new delhi it's one of the few ways locals have to vent their frustrations. the restrictions have been imposed on the use of the internet and mobile phones and they're finding it difficult to move around the city and beyond the years subsample it's easy if you play by is the loser you're going to be like oh this is a bad team for almost 3 weeks we've been under the restrictions and we're not happy about it. ought to know me and put us on because you know one is going out of the neighborhood. unlike in previous weeks security was tightened on fridays to curtail potential unrest. whether restrictions are eased or reimpose for friday prayers protests have followed and this time is no exception it's not just restrictions
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that's angering locals it's a long term consequences of the region losing its autonomy one consequence of that is that people from outside indeed administered kashmir can now buy property whereas before you had to be a permanent resident. many here worry that will change the makeup of the region will dismiss the head full of people who would not sell land i don't think but if you see how the government i think it has put us under military control they might try to make colonies of outsiders here that would change the demographic that's what they want. some analysts say that's in line with the government's hindu nationalist ideology falsely erroneous notion we do have been selling to the people that is the birth place off. and they have to reclaim. what they will do forcibly. model false
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a belief they will make settlements and be. the good indian government officials say the removal of fish mir's autonomy will bring development to the region but that's not how many of the people here see the situation and the protests are likely to continue as jimmy al-jazeera indeed administered kashmir. ukraine is celebrating the 28th anniversary of its independence from the soviet union. the festivities however won't be his ground on previous occasions because the president wants to spend some of the $11000000.00 the amount for the big day in bonuses to the armed forces instead. the kidnappings have become common in parts of nigeria thousands of people are falling victim to a rise in the duction zone and find they're having to pay ransoms totaling millions of dollars going to joe with this report from an area known as a kidnapping hotspot. taking the fight to the kidnappers these offices of
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nigeria special into robbery squad are responding to a tip off that kidnappers have been sighted at this port on the can do no highway. the sick forest nearby serves as a cover for the guns this highway has been a popular sport for the kidnappers to our top potential victims the police say they're making gains against the kidnappers were over 200 reporters. were showing to do a whole lot in the last 2 weeks we parted i was summoned in and kidnapped suspects . traffic on the highway tells a different story. this was once one of the busiest highways in the country the border could not highway links the muslim states of the country to the other parts of nigeria now feel more troops are brave enough to travel and. many are choosing not to drive when instead use the train yet even on the trains
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a squat is a must as the kidnapping guns get bolder and more sophisticated few places appear say. abdul-malik mccumber the senior government official who was abducted from his home in the city of could do. then they begin to say ok i should give the money as a coupon you have it because we resold cars in your house country sell those cars we need money you have to give up but if you don't you are going to kill you after 7 days in captivity of the malik was released after paying a ransom but not before being told to deliver a message to the world for 2 years. there wasn't they give me work that i should be able to tell the government that most of them only poit they are graduate dimity plumet if they are not employed or people kidnapping people. but it's not just frustrated you threw a ton into kidnapping it's now a free for all with more pity and 100 criminals joining in. rubber and i.
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was kidnapped and held in a forest by a group armed with machetes he says they tortured him until his family paid an awesome of $200.00 they were drinking they said i want to give it a thought for her life or soon those who are for or through a good hearted church will i simply can i was. given at the back of my rock i had a quick last one give me slap on iraq and it was all is well up. until now kidnappers in their jihad to get the public officials that a litigant through work is often in the oil industry what is worrying most nigerians about the current wip of kidnappings in their country is that no one and nowhere feel safe anymore how about the world is either on the bridge or could do no highway. now 6 e.u. countries have agreed to take in refugees and migrants have been stranded at sea for nearly 2 weeks more than 350 people were on board the ocean viking when it
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docked in malta had been rescued from the mediterranean sea off the coast of libya malta and italy had initially denied requests for the ship to dock. spanish warship is arrived at the italian island of lampedusa to collect 15 migrants from the charity vessel open arms they are being taken in by spain under an agreement with france germany portugal and luxembourg once again a 1st the vessel wasn't allowed to dock in italy as part of that government's closed ports policy but an italian prosecutor overruled the decision. by russian spacecraft carrying a robot the size of an adult human has failed to dock at the international space station problems with the automatic docking system caused the failure so russia's flight control center will attempt it again on monday the robot has been sent to help astronauts working on board space station. coffee farmers in indonesia are expecting a bumper crop this year which should be good news but with prices at such a low some growers are actually warning they'll go bankrupt if things don't improve
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florence louis has the story from jakarta. over. the harvest time at this coffee plantation in sumatra and it's plenty for farmers would normally celebrate but not this year they are the world's 3rd largest grow as of the robots to a variety of coffee beans but the market price their fetching is at an 8 year low. if the price of coffee stays like we can't continue we might not attend our plantations anymore because we can't afford fertiliser we don't have enough money to pay our workers in my case i still have to pay for my son's high school. robusto is used mainly in instant coffee and demand has been increasing but prices have dropped this year because of the success of the 2 largest producers brazil and vietnam. while indonesian fama struggle to make money there's a growing demand domestically as more indonesians get a taste for what they produce growing affluence and urban ideation are driving the
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rise of the so-called coffee lifestyle and many more coffee shops are opening up some are part of a chain others like this one in jakarta independence i mean i come here 2 or 3 times a week the price of coffee for what i get is well worth it not cheap but not too expensive. indonesia is one of the top 5 fastest growing coffee retail markets and has the lowest coffee consumption per person in southeast asia so there's plenty of room for growth to serve much confidence in the industry that one coffee chain received $28000000.00 from venture capital firms in the past year for its expansion plans the music industry the local market can absorb a large amount of the men. stickily grown coffee only 30 percent of coffee grown here was exported but if the price of coffee keeps dropping farmers will stop planting coffee and i will be
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a huge loss for everyone who would. demand from indonesia coffee drink as it has so far helped cushion the blow from falling export prices back at his plantation owner is hopeful the price of coffee beans will recover in the meantime he's planted other crops just in case florence leary al-jazeera jakarta now scientists in kenya say the northern white rhino is one step away from being saved from extinction on thursday they successfully harvested eggs from surviving rhinos in a process they describe as groundbreaking explains. the. new gene in fact 2 of the only 2 northern white rhinos left in the world they live under 24 hour protection in all projects of conservancy in kenya and that's because both females are the last and only hope of saving the species from disappearing forever . with the help of science sperm was saved from the last little northern white
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rhino male called sudan and a few others he became famous around the world when he featured on a popular dating app to raise money for an in vitro fertilization procedure since his death the team of international scientists has been racing against time to fertilize eggs from the gene and fast to. using pioneering technology and millions of dollars later on thursday they successfully extracted 5 eggs from each female. the eggs couldn't be frozen and were immediately flown to a fertilization lab in italy. thank you it's already in the locker room i believe that in moderation starts and if everything goes well then he also says it will be more likely it was likely on sunday. to go to him go well we have some embryos. for health reasons and the gene and fats
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you can't give birth so once the embryos a fertilized they'll be implanted into a star great southern white rhino instead. demand for rhino horn in traditional chinese medicine as well as things like dagger handles in yemen fueled poaching in the 19 seventies and eighties largely wiping out the northern white rhino population in africa but if a surrogate southern mother can produce a baby northern white rhino then these beautiful creatures that have roamed the earth for millions of years may avoid what seemed like certain extinct. that. this is our desire and these are the top stories the u.s. president is stepping up his country's trade war with china announcing 2 new tariff increases donald trump also told american companies to pull out and return home
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this is in response to china which said it would impose tariffs on $75000000000.00 worth of u.s. goods meanwhile trump has just in the last 15 minutes arrived in france where he will be meeting g 7 leaders earlier the president of the european council john a warned trade was could break the trust between its members but think a stop to trade wars trade deals and the reform of the beauty oh better than trade wars trade wars will lead to recession while trade deals will boost the economy not to mention the fact. that trade among g 7 members will lead to eroding the already weakened trust among us protesters in hong kong are trying to disrupt the transport system riot police fired tear gas on roads after
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a large authorized march in condren rallies that 1st began in june over an extradition bill but have widened to demand political reforms also an employee of the british consulate in hong kong has been released by mainland china after being detained for more than 2 weeks simon chang disappeared on the 8th of august during a business trip to the city of shenzhen near the border with hong kong chinese police say chang was punished for violating public safety laws. sudan's former president omar bashir has appeared in court for a 2nd week to face criminal charges supporters chanted slogans as he entered the courtroom bashir faces charges of corruption and money laundering investigators say they found a 130 $1000000.00 in his house after the military deposed him back in april. and a russian spacecraft carrying a robot the size of an adult human has failed to dock at the international space station there were problems with the automatic docking system russia's flight control center will attempt to talk again on monday the robot has been sent up
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there to help the astronauts working on board the space station. that's not for today thanks for your company there is more news on al-jazeera right after inside story. forced out of school violence robs nearly 2000000 children of an education west and central africa why armed groups attack in that schools and what come be done to ensure kids learn and thrive this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm hashim. summer holidays are almost over for children in the northern hemisphere but many kids won't be returning to class in west and central africa the u.n. children's fund says armed groups eyeing targeting schools teachers and students unicef says more than 9000 schools in the region have closed due to violence 3 times the number of the end of 2017 which means nearly 2000000 children are missing out on an education the unicef report examines increasing threats and attacks in 8 central and west african countries nearly half of the schools closed in cameroon where more than 600000 children are not going to classes in mali attacks on schools doubled between 2017 and this year in central african republic the number rose by
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more than a 5th and school closures due to violence have gone up 6 ford in book in a fossil molly and nisha. let's bring in our panel in johannesburg patti nachle chief of the unicef africa services unit and the lead author of the report in akra ghana. executive director of the west africa network for peace building and in my degree nigeria my. teacher based in borno state welcome to you all better we're talking here about an increasingly alarming situation but what about the name cause is it instability of the violence or a combination of different other factors. well basically we have 1900000
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children being pushed out of their education being pushed out of school across 8 countries in western central africa for in security reasons for violence as well as threats of violence i myself for instance visited to put in a fossil a few weeks back and there the what we see is that the reasons most of the schools are closing is because of threats of violence they see that that schools have been attacked in other villages there are rumors that are coming through that this school will also be attacked so basically children are kept home and in often is the case as well obviously you know entire villages are being displaced because of that fear of attacks so we have a combination of think the root cause is insecurity and it is fear and that is making parents keep their children at home rather than sending them to school to clinica why is this fear gaining momentum in different parts of the west and central. africa i think the 1st thing is to upload it that is the cycle when you
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have the levels of. the standard of education that we have in west africa especially you look at the increase number of militants and violent extremists then you begin to now make a connection between what has happened in the past and what is happening today so if you look at. region like the not east and part of nigeria we have elite literacy level is over 65 percent little wonder why we have the issues relating to volunteer stream is in the diary 2 john and now what happens is that when you have a level of illiteracy that we have which increases the number of out of school children especially be male children they go on fact all these laws and then the education of banda continue to go down on daily basis so the next was between these what happens within the disaster. curity. is what you begin now to imagine
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not just about today but even about tomorrow so if you look at what has happened over time dems of the standard of education on what is happening today need to wonder why we have what we hope. my do in my jugglery an area that has been targets as many times in the past by book a how to give us an idea about challenges you face and daily basis to convince families to send their kids back to school and do not if we know we have been challenge and our target then was teach us about 2 thought on 500 teach us our being cute wearing 2 stadia trying to study here in the open 50000 a cup down there we have to run for our lives where you migrated to the rural areas in different areas let's extend it to ride it out a way to start it attempting killing teachers there we need to come back to about it where we showed the little mall security personnel coming about to be rear up on fantastic schools who are being burnt on daily basics teach school been attacked in
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university it is hard to be closed down and shouldn't do not have access to scoot over time before the introduction of distorted i could use to be on duty if we fall we now have to duck to send out some of the militant into bach to put it down knowing the obama sent us to i was done when we started at work it started at work and started calling but today that see the education cannot wait that we have to come back to school that we're not the root cause of these incidents like this because it's just you chief. because if it literally if the photos to reduce it to didn't used to come back to school i did get one cannot which. i broke at an air party your reporter walks about groups like booker how i'm saying that western education kababs islamic value is that it begs the question about the mammoth task you face in the future to convince local communities that that argument advanced by
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those groups doesn't hold ground. yes we know this this is across the countries that we have been looking at that education what is perceived as western style education is at the bottom or the core of some of the conflicts in those countries which is why as unicef we try very much to work hard with the local community with the local community and to come up with local solutions because unless the local community is with us and feels that the education is coincides with their values then you know these these solutions are not going to work we have introduced for instance in nigeria we basic education skills and education curricula in koranic schools we work with local community elsewhere as well to make sure that that parents are involved in the education of their children this is not a solution that had that can be imposed from from the exterior we work very much
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with with community based solutions and that is really one of the solutions that we have to scale up and work harder at as we move forward if we are to respond to this very concerning situation as as one of your guests was previously saying education is very much key i spoke to one priest in northern in northern book in a fast saw a few weeks ago who was telling me that without education there is no development and this is these are in many cases parts of the world that are severely underdeveloped that have a huge issue with children not accessing school to begin with out of school the number of up to school children for instance in in mali and elsewhere is very high and you that you add to that the attacks on the schools and the attacks on the education and you see how that situation is actually compounding in the ripple effect of that is not only going to be felt today in the current situation for these children but also for their families and their communities moving forward if you don't educate
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a child today what's going to happen to that child when he or she grows up as an adult and therefore. family and their community and their countries so this is really something that we have to take into consideration and the solutions really have to be long term. aren't we here talking about failure of governments because it's their argument goal which is to provide security. for its own citizens and protests schools if you look at the investments in education our system over the years by many of the african leaders this will confirm exactly the report the lower level investments in education has created some of these challenges we're seeing today and it begs to question the whole idea about the africa continent our free trade zone we are we are looking at the the youths and the leaders of tomorrow then the production engine for that for to make that africa
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continent that 3 trips on excel but if you look at the quality of education compounded now by the issues of peace and security which is not allowed to keep going to school at the moment we have over. 300 are something to keep that out of school and making the teacher asked redundant most of them are not going to school because they cannot teach and then he keeps are also out of school so it gives you a whole idea about everything around what we have to do to our compound then it read of the issues of governance defeat and leadership challenges that we have on the continent to some a does this is the talking here about raising awareness you live in a state that was suddenly the headlines all over the world in 2014 with the chibok schoolgirls kidnapping since that kidnapping have you seen a change in the mentality of the people the way the government is reacting to
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address this particular problem. in your own area. in 2000 photos of 30 insurgents i don't know about the kidnapping of each book yes then there was an in my squad in my school just look at it i did not is time cannot do state that extreme and cannot escape and i missed several attacks in that area does call khalidi name are being spread kind of a community and i've been through an attempt to school before you need to have had an intervention in the school and it seemed teach us a world. that culturally diverse. and u.p.s. is that the psychosocial support to teach us does the best at least it is best to does it where using money to an hour to get a new start beauty and not a thought brought us that is to teach us the most of our teachers found it that if we how did very hard that is to share in our say what that in meant to in our
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social relationship or to put an artificial so we teach what we bet in congress on what it would to money our school and it shouldn't and we have development plan we know how to stitch on the security personnel around the school we have their contact. i know also we also say. we have also stepped down to fit into the community we involve the community members that in the larger community and we have their contact that everything mean anything to the party and i would advise to denote how to walk in that impeaches to school not in doing this on who could remember that in 2 years it doesn't know them but to tell us they would think they have an attempt in my school that he just could not be attempted i would have city so one blast about for just about 200 meters away from what we did infusion of this chain and by unicef which it would to come down our students and not least load them down on to school very different get out and had been very helpful and betty.


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