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strange that he's looking for more open trade in brand open borders been he's trying to parse briggs that which is the complete antithesis to what he's trying to say at the g 7 so he's got a lot to lose at the g. 7 because he needs to betray a character that the u.s. the u.k. is open for business but given the facts on the ground that he is pushing for something which is completely against what he is opposing what he's supposed to standing for is a really hard to sell the g 7 especially as you have the e.u. and germany and france being there now but at the same time. protectionism is not particularly in bars johnson's interests because currently the u.k. does 40 percent of its trade with the e.u. it's the country's largest trading partner and it will now be looking to forge relationships in trade deals elsewhere and so they need the barriers to come up to some extent with may do the same time you need to see the global picture we need to understand because well if you get into the nitty gritty of it we do the broader picture of what is actually happening we have on the son of the u.s.
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for example needs i was asking for an america 1st policy china is trying not to lose face in such a struggle with the u.s. and europe is always left in the middle not knowing where to turn they have the u.k. wanting one thing and they want the americans who are asking for something in which the you may not want to give into but it will take time for these disputes to really settle affairs but what is the impact on the new because even if that brussels doesn't agree with the new methods in the way in which the united states is going about it through. aggressive rhetoric and tariffs being slapped on goods they don't necessarily disagree with the principle behind trans policy that there needs to be a more level playing field and the way western countries trade with china will get me wrong there are a lot of agreements between the e.u. and the us for example ip theft and and stuff like this is something that they will data exactly the. things that cybercrime are things that they all agree they both
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agree that you need to challenge the china china on a unified front but that doesn't mean it's all hunky dory and they they have disputes within themselves that they need to sort out and if you don't so them are quickly there could be a lot more tensions thank you very much appreciate your thoughts on this joining us . while world leaders gather for that summit in bear it's not what's happening right now found the protests have been demonstrating in a nearby town they have called for urgent climate action and accuse the leaders of causing inequality ought. to march began in the southern french border city of die thousands of protesters including some from the yellow vests movement to spain to demonstrate against the g. 7 summit in berates protesters say global leaders and their capitalist policies are responsible for many of the world's problems says he took his seat up and it's just pretty grim to book received at the theme of this summit is the fight against an
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equality wanted them where the source of 14 equality and inequality is increasing because of them it's a false cheer provocation although thousands of police have been deployed to guard against violence during the summit officers of the protest kept a low profile french and spanish all the origins of allowed this protest on the border because it is 12 kilometers south of here it's an odd stale resort where g 7 leaders are beginning their summit the idea is to keep the demonstrators as far away as possible from the international precinct one of the main issues of the g 7 will be climate change but few people at the protest believe there would be progress some say the fires burning in the amazon rain forest yet another example of politicians failing to protect the climate about the whole myself but this isn't a confused they're obviously not interested in climate there are lots of nice promises but they rarely keep them they're not conscious that today is the big emergency we're on the edge but we just keep going. the french president who's
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hosting the summit was france to take the global lead on climate and he's called for emergency talks on the amazon short term as an innocent guarding the amazon we will not only launch recall but also actions from all the world powers present here and in partnership with amazon countries for investment their 1st to fight all these fires but also to help brazil and other countries affected. most protesters say they're fed up with what they regard as a lead politicians who are out of touch with the lives of ordinary people the image of leaders from the world's richest countries getting down to business no luxury hotel in periods is unlikely to change their opinion natasha butler al-jazeera of the french spanish border. from london for now let's get sami in doha for the day's news. and world climate more still ahead on this news hour including the u.s. steps up the pressure on miramar for its handling of the ring of crisis. taking the
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fight to the kidnappers nigeria's crime crisis where even traveling on trains isn't safe. one player is particularly excited about serena williams opening game at flushing meadows will reveal who in the sport. as we've been saying the fires that are burning in the amazon rainforest are likely to be one of the big topics at the g. 7 summit earlier french president emanuel micron called for swift action. not the arizona is our common good we are all consumed so in the amazon we will launch a mobilization between all g 7 countries together with him is only in countries 1st we need to help brazil and other countries put out these fires and then we need to invest in reforestation and allow locals to develop a bit of
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a tease that will preserve this forest the president has ordered the military to help put out the fires he's been criticized for his handling of what some leaders call an international crisis blames unusually warm temperatures for the unprecedented blaze that the reports from the states have run the near one of the worst affected regions. forest fires happen every year in brazil but it was the sheer scale this year that shocked the world the so-called world's lungs were on fire strong criticism firstly from within brazil and the rest of the world forced president. to respond. forest fires happen all over the world so this is no reason to impose international sanctions brazil will continue to be as it is now a country that is friendly with everyone and is responsible in protecting its amazon forest. he's been accused by many of creating the very conditions he's now
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trying to control but there's a defiance from the president and resentment from his supporters of other countries telling brazil what to do yes. i don't agree that other countries should come here to presume we don't go to other countries to upset them you don't see brazilians they're causing problems only working to seen money home to invest here this is pioneering country distant from brazil's made population centers also nardo had a message that resonated here. i'm 63 years old and never seen a president as honest as this one who confronts the problems and says what has to be seed is defending brazil. these are people who came to tame the forest to cut a bird to carve a future from what they consider to be a wilderness this particular blaze may not be huge but is one of tens of thousands burning across brazil some control some not some illegal some legal what's clear is that few will be investigated but the consequences will eventually be felt around
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the world. the fires are being put out what's left is this black and devastation which will take many years to recover. 70 percent of the state of the year has already been developed the forested for lucrative timber then burned to create land for cattle rearing and sawyer production the rest is up for grabs and no one it seems is stopping them at the moment if you burn the forest you are backed up by a president and then you do exactly as you want to do because you know nothing will happen and that's a problem and we have seen statistically when this law enforcement fires in deforestation goes down when we don't have it it goes up the fires are still burning but will bolster naro bend on the heat of international pressure or bow to the ambitions of some his strongest supporters that there are ground on your state
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northwestern brazil. is an amazon campaigner for greenpeace brazil he says the fires are being caused by widespread deforestation. if you go for the think top 10 cities where you have or haven't graze of the islands of the forestation last year you have 8 or a fungus fires come together with different stations in the arsenal set on the speech of the government. that he's there for the last 8 months and we see no any kind of measure of that they need to protect their muscle or to stop the fires and take it a step further because there's a lot of criticism of the president is this a direct result the deforestation is a direct result of government policies or are they also a victim they cut their money for them for spending surveillance in the feud less than 50 percent of the actor that he usually happened there happened their muscle
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happened easier he said he had been told since the election that you stop the industry of finds of the environment agency this guy that was doing they work. and defines for those that are doing things that it's against the environmental or giving impression for those who want to do is illegality is environmental crimes that they will be impunity and this is only the result of it isn't environment but it's that they have. turkeys defense minister says a joint control center with the united states is operational in northern syria it's part of a plan to create a so-called safe zone the 2 sides were locked in months of talks over the depth of the zone and who would control it but it's meth has more from antakya and the turkish syrian border. the turkish and u.s. military have been discussing for a long time now what exactly
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a safe zone along the turkish syria border would comprise of how deep into syrian territory would go whether it would be joint patrols with the u.s. and turkish troops or just the u.s. troops patrolling on their own the turkish defense minister believes that at least the opening of this joint operations center is a significant step on the way to getting the safe zone up and running one of the. most this is a joint operation center has been established fear they continue the work the 1st drone flew on august 14th and now as of 4 30 pm we have a joint helicopter the helicopter including both americans and members of our armed forces is now in the year the 1st flight has started syrian regime forces are now pushing against the last a major rebel held area in northern syria that's been the province and as they do that more internally displaced syrians fleeing the fighting yet again and they're
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heading north towards the turkey syria border as many as half a 1000000 people heading that way according to the u.n. turkey is not going to let those refugees in and it doesn't want them amassing along the border that is why turkey wants to get this saves own up and running as quickly as possible the challenge for the turks is how big is that say save zone going to be they want it 30 kilometers into syria the americans want a much narrower save zone and that the turks wanted a lot deeper because they also want to push back syrian kurdish fighters they consider them allied to terrorist. turkish kurdish groups in turkey the americans though working with the syrian kurds and they don't want them pushed as far back. the fighting has restarted in yemen between the u.a.e. back southern separatists and government forces both sides of center reinforcements to szabo and southern central yemen violence has also broken out in the city of
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artwork tens of thousands of people have been killed in yemen civil war and millions of starving the u.n. has called it the world's worst humanitarian crisis. derrius culture minister has resigned after being criticized for her handling of a concert were 5 people were killed in a stampede dozens were injured in the panic at the packed stadium in the capital of algiers on tuesday mariyam of the city was stated for the way the concert was organized and how she handled the aftermath more than 30000 people attended the concert the u.s. state department is calling for more action by me and mars government to address the issue of the rangar it's been 2 years since violence in iraq and state led to more than 740000 rainbow to flee the country in a statement the department said the lack of accountability and civilian oversight of the military means abuses continue today in iraq and state as well as in shan
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states and elsewhere and me and mark goes on to say we encourage me in march to create the conditions that would allow for the voluntary safe dignified and sustainable return of refugees to their places of origin or other places of their choosing also in jordan has more from washington d.c. . 2 years after the medium our military started attacking or hang residents and rock kind state sending at least a 1000000 of them into neighboring bangladesh the trumpet ministration is calling on the international community to do more to protect the rights of the ethnic rohingya and to try to get them to return to their home country with full citizenship rights as they desire this is a precarious situation for the trumpet ministration even though it has taken actions to show its and tense and increasing displeasure with the way that the military leadership has been treating they were hangup the u.s. has imposed sanctions on the top 4 military leaders of the country meaning that
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they can't come to the us neither can members of their immediate families and they also aren't allowed to have access to any funds that they might have deposited in u.s. financial institutions the u.s. however is in a difficult position because they can't put too much pressure according to officials on the civilian leader aung san suu kyi who herself has been criticized for not doing enough to stand up for the rights of the ethnic and to watch trying to push for them to get full citizenship in their country this is because of some groups a. buddhist and other types of discrimination against the rohingya but the trumpet ministration also wants to maintain relations with the government and young goan so that it can try to put more pressure on officials to change their policies regarding the rohingya and to try to make it possible to improve their status both
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politically and economically. so they had an al-jazeera opposition activists try out new tactics as they battle the police in hong kong indonesia's coffee growers are in for a bumper crop but yet some fear they may go bust. they and keys go lodge in los angeles action for major league baseball coming up in sport with leah. hello again it's good to have you back where across we have seen a lot of a clear skies to the south but we have seen some storms up here towards turkey making their way towards the east so around the black sea particular across the eastern part of the black sea we will continue to see more heavy rain showers over the next few days we'll be watching this very carefully temperatures are up though
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here across parts of syria we're going to be seeing aleppo about $39.00 degrees on sunday maybe dropping down to about 30 degrees by the time we get towards monday well here across the gulf it has been very very steamy in the morning the relative humidity has been quite high temperatures only getting into the high thirty's but that's all you really want because the heat index feels more like 43 to 44 degrees so expect to see an average about the high thirty's but maybe making to 39 degrees by the time we get towards monday and then very quickly across the southern part of africa we are seeing some cooler air across much of cape town of the next few days but it is going to be quite hot as we go towards durban 31 degrees is expected high here but that's all we could be last in one day the temperatures are going to be dropping by the time we get to monday so $31.00 as we go towards sunday by the time we get towards monday $24.00 degrees here by the time we get to tuesday well we're going to be more like average for this time of year and possibly some passing showers as well with a low of about 16. inmates
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learning from other inmates acquiring knowledge that could set them free. through legal education classes and mock tribunals their dedication has led to staggering results you've been in prison for in the us is all recent and that was. teaching empowerment kenya part of the rebel education series on al-jazeera live. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told pretty remarkable too to valerie a died last weekend crossing from mexico to the united states with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports we can live according to the fishing life is just shipped to al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring in more award winning
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documentaries and live news. come back time to recap our headlines now sideline meetings are taking place at the g. 7 summit in france host emmanuel might call met with u.s. president donald trump germany's angela merkel while canada's justin trudeau met the u.k.'s prime minister boris johnson. world leaders are calling for action to put out fires raging across the amazon brazil's president insists it does not need international help the sort of the military to put out the fires. of u.s.
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president is defending his decision to further increase tariffs on chinese imports in response to china's latest moves which more terrorists will be imposed on $75000000000.00 worth of u.s. goods. economist and senior fellow at the global economy program at the center for international governance innovation he says the u.s. china trade war may escalate beyond tariffs. the u.s. has been holding a reasonably well but china has appears to be slowing down very very much now if you go by the. not by the g.d.p. statistics but by electricity usage the chinese economy is almost a stall speed right now and we also have the uncertainty that's been hanging over the global economy is undermining investment companies are wisely in the circumstances waiting to see how things will turn out so they're sitting on their
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cash as opposed to investing maybe buying back their own shares and so europe itself is also now teetering on the brink of recession the story on germany appears to be that in fact it will be you technical recession in the next quarter numbers are released so at the moment this is pointing towards an accelerated decoupling of the u.s. and chinese economies the unusual animals molests where the way president tries to ordering u.s. firms out of china that seems very threatening markets can he and will tariffs these are price increases but they can't handle all out destruction of established business models so at the moment this is pointing to an accelerated steep and intensify conflict because going beyond the cheer of war. indeed opposition leaders have been prevented from entering the disputed kashmir region congress party leader a whole gandy led a group from several political parties but it was turned back on arrival at
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srinagar airports through a protest in the city friday afternoon festival reports from the capital of indian administered kashmir. protesters in srinagar throwing stones the response from indian security forces tear gas and pellet guns. the protests began at one mosque where friday prayers have taken a defiant tone this month since the region's autonomy was revoked by new delhi it's one of the few ways locals have to vent their frustrations. the restrictions have been imposed on the use of the internet and mobile phones and they're finding it difficult to move around the city and beyond the years subsequent sees it was levi's doing so you're going to be like oh this is a bad scene for almost 3 weeks we've been under the restrictions and we're not happy about it. ought to know me and put us on to cause you know one is going on out of the neighborhood. unlike in previous weeks security was tightened on fridays
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to curtail potential unrest. whether restrictions are eased or reimpose for friday prayers protests have followed and this time is no exception it's not just restrictions that's angering locals it's a long term consequences of the region losing its autonomy one consequence of that is that people from outside indian administered kashmir can now buy property whereas before you had to be a permanent resident. many here worry that will change the makeup of the region will dismiss her full of people who would not solenn i don't think but if you see how the government i think it has put us under control they might try to make colonies of outsiders here that would change the demographic that's what they want . some analysts say that's in line with the government's hindu nationalist ideology falsely erroneous notion we have been selling to their people that is the birth
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place off. and they have to reclaim. what david forcibly does gaza model false a believe they will make settlements and be a. good indian government officials say the removal of fish mir's autonomy will bring development to the region but that's not how many of the people here see the situation and the protests are likely to continue because jimmy al-jazeera indeed administered kashmir. britain is sending another warship to beef up its presence in the gulf region tensions have risen in recent weeks after a british flag tanker was seized by iranian forces it led to the deployment of 2 british ships to the coast of oman a 3rd one day defender will join them soon. protesters in hong kong have been throwing bricks at police in the latest round of violent demonstrations to rob the city hundreds of black clad protesters 4 with riot police following
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a march against so-called small sparks surveillance fears the chaotic scenes unfolded outside a police station in nearby shopping mall with protesters setting up makeshift street barricades. has more from hong kong. after a week when the police in hong kong appeared to adopt a different tactic seemingly standing back allowing the protest to happen without intervention on saturday it seemed that they were in no mood to muck around the riot police very quickly moving into this area of cow loon to clear the protesters away using tear gas the day it started peacefully there was a march through this part of cow loom the protesters had asked police for permission for their march to take place the permission was granted by the police but as we have seen before a large group of the protesters then broke away approached a police station near the route of the march erecting barricades that the that we
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have seen them do so many times before and it seems that when the police lost patience and formed up and that's when the confrontations began which lasted perhaps one to 2 hours this came on a day when kerry lamb the chief executive of hong kong someone whom the protesters want to resign held who 1st round of dialogue with representatives from different sections of society in hong kong around 28 representatives of different sections of hong kong society met with her to start the process of dialogue the ultimate aim to end this crisis but crisis but significantly there were no protests leaders who were involved in those talks in the protests where they show no sign of dying down . an employee of the british consulate in hong kong has been released by mainland china after being detained for more than 2 weeks simon chang disappeared on the 8th of august during a business trip to the city of shenzhen near the border with hong kong chinese
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police said chang was punished for violating public safety laws his detention came as relations between beijing and london soured over the ongoing protests in the former british territory. japan says north korea has fired what appears to be 2 short range missiles into the sea off its east coast accord is out korea's military they were fired from sundog in south i'm gong province japan says they cause no damage it's the 7th such test in a month u.s. president of trump says he's not concerned by the test. no i don't think so i think we have a very good relationship we'll see what happens i get over it again but we'll see what happens kim jong un is been. pretty straight with me i think. we're going to see what's going on with the what's happening he likes testing missiles but we never restricted short range missiles we'll see what happened many nations that. we
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just had a very big one the other day as you probably know. so dan's former president omar bashir is appeared in court for a 2nd time to face criminal charges supporters chanted slogans as he entered the courtroom bashir faces corruption charges and money laundering during his $3.00 decades in power investigators say they found $130000000.00 in his house after the military deposed him in april is court appearance comes a day after members of his new government transitional council were sworn in. nigeria is in the grip of a kidnapping crisis thousands of nigerians are falling victim to a rise in the crime and having to pay millions of dollars in ransom or that are reports from kaduna in an area known as the kidnapping hots for. taking the fight to the kidnappers these officers of nigeria special into robbery squad are responding to a tip off that the kidnappers have been sighted at this port on the do not highway
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. the thick forest nearby serves as a cover for the guns this highway has been a popular spot for the kidnappers to attack potential victims the police say they're making gains against the kidnappers were over 200 reporters. were showing to do a whole lot in last 2 weeks we parted i was summoned in and kidnapped suspects. traffic on the highway tells a different story. this was once one of the busiest highways in the country the border could not highway links the muslim states of the country to the other parts of nigeria now few more troops are brave enough to travel and. many are choosing not to drive when instead use the train yet even on the trains a squat is a must as the kidnapping guns get bolder and more sophisticated few places appear
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say. abdul-malik mccumber the senior government official was abducted from his home in the city of could do. then they begin to say ok i should give them money as i don't have money they keep on asking are you have it because we saw cars in your house country sell those cos we need money you have to give a body if you don't you are going to kill you after 7 days in captivity of the malik was released after paying a ransom but not before being told to deliver a message to the world for 2 years then as if they give you all that i should be able to tell the government that most of them only poit they are god did they need employment if divot employed or people kidnapping people. but it's not just frustrated you threw a ton into kidnapping it's now a free for all with more pity and 100 criminals joining in. reverend who was kidnapped and held in a forest by a group armed with machetes he says they tortured him until his family paid or not some of $200.00 were drinking he said i want to give it
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a thought for her life. through a good passive charge so i think we can i was. given to go back with my my work i don't. want to give me a slap on the record it was well up. until now kidnappers emerge and you have to get the public officials there are a litigant through work is often in the oil industry what is worrying most nigerians about the current we were kidnapped in their country is that no one and nowhere feel safe anymore how about the world is either on the. way ukraine is celebrating the 28th anniversary of its independence from the soviet union. the festivities won't be as grand as on previous occasion that's because the president wants to spend some of the $11000000.00 earmarked for the big day to pay bonuses to be armed forces
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instead. of coffee farmers in indonesia are expecting a bumper crop this year but with prices at a low some growers a warning they'll go bankrupt if things don't improve for as slowly as the story from jakarta. the. harvest time at this coffee plantation in too much and it's plenty for farmers who would normally celebrate but not this year they are the world's 3rd largest growers of the replaced overwriting of coffee beans but the market price their affection is at an 8 year low. if the price of coffee stays like this we can't continue we might not attend our plantations anymore because we can't afford fertiliser we don't have enough money to pay our workers in my case i still have to pay for my son's high school. robust is used mainly in instant coffee and demand has been increasing but
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prices have dropped this year because. with the success of the 2 largest producers brazil and vietnam. while indonesian fama struggle to make money there's a growing demand domestically as more indonesians get a taste for what they produce growing affluence and ebonite they sure are driving the rise of the so-called coffee lifestyle and many more coffee shops are opening up some are part of a chain others like this one in jakarta independence i mean i come here 2 or 3 times a week the price of coffee for what i get is well worth it not cheap but not too expensive indonesia is one of the top 5 fastest growing coffee retail markets and has the lowest coffee consumption per person in southeast asia so there's plenty of room for growth the so much confidence in the industry that one coffee chain received $28000000.00 from venture capital firms in the past year for its.


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