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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 237  Al Jazeera  August 26, 2019 3:32am-4:00am +03

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wrestled to the ground after a violent confrontation with police. the protesters principle demand is for the government to formally withdraw a contentious extradition bill that has now morphed into a wider campaign for political reform a campaign that has so far failed. the only one in the air it's cheap it's got the officer in the hong kong to respond us. you know but do you really believe that you can win at the end of the day because so far you haven't we should have a hope. yeah every hong kong people was we were actually at this goal tear gas was again used and police threw fire arms and fired warning shots. and in a new 1st for hong kong water cannon was used as the night wore on the protests to split into smaller groups eventually dispersing but the violence later spread to other areas there were
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a number of arrests 3 months after this protest movement began the protesters don't seem to be flagging and neither does the police's determination to suppress the movement and if anything the police tactics now hardening. a tropical downpour didn't deter a protest by families of the police they say the protests are taking their toll at a peaceful gathering no some were also critical of the force urging restraint over the use of tear gas and rubber bullets that restraint is now being tested adrian brown al jazeera hong kong. yemen's who think rebels say they fired 10 ballistic missiles across the saudi border the group's spokesman says they targeted airport the rebels have frequently target the airports but the spokesman said this was the largest attack since the war began in 2015. prisoners inside
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a jail in bahrain are on hunger strike saying they're being mistreated about 600 inmates began a strike 10 days ago over conditions inside job prison in the east they've complained they denied religious and visitor rights and the being kept in solitary confinement but media behind say an official investigator found the prisons managers haven't broken any regulations and there is a director for advocacy at the bahrain institute for rights and democracy is also a former inmate at the prison he says conditions in the prison have long failed to meet basic standards. i do remember my 1st job prison where i was welcomed by being beaten by the by the officers i remember one pregnant from my hand and begin to look my head toward the wall and the speck to my face and begin to slap me and said this is the place where they say to will come i think years left out and now the prison conditions and joe is in this war skin dish and since 2017 some of
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those inmates did not see their families for a single time because because that city is the started to impose a punitive measures that no longer as tolerable by the presence of things like just barriers so they cannot really even have a direct contact with their families and it's been the case for 2 years that some of those inmates did not had a single time in a visitation system i think denial or dominican negligence so there are serious disease within the prison that people can see that they don't really get even a proper treatment then i know that medications the situation with comes into 50 prison facilities and it's overcrowding you talk about a president that was supposed to have only 6 inmates it got in some cases 12 in some cases even 18 individuals day in and out of water and they had
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a bad food in many cases they do commented mess numbers of individuals being facing food poisoning just because of the poor quality of the food so in some of their own out of air conditioning and announced of water and they cannot even if left the toilet which is the 2nd death this is how bad it is and. the latest round of aid from cutter to gaza is being distributed $11000000.00 is being given out in $100.00 payments to $100000.00 families for food and utilities herefore said has more from gaza. for our garza this sunday morning there are scenes like this these people queuing up at a post office here in gaza city and it's being replicated throughout the territory they're in line for vital aid money money which came in with the pottery and boy mohammed in marty on thursday he brought $11000000.00 in cash for distribution to the $100000.00 poorest families in the territory it's an arrangement which has been in force since march which was after the most recent military escalation between
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hamas and the israelis and for people here it's absolutely vital that left open the moken the crossing so people can live with them find job opportunities open more chances and we won't want the $100.00 gaza's economy continues to be in critical condition be an informant rate running at around 50 percent the poverty rate in excess of 60 percent is contending both with the israeli blockade and the economic restrictions imposed by the palestinian authority but these monthly payments are also very closely linked to the security situation just a few days ahead of the latest transfer from qatar there was a warning from the committee in charge of the weekly friday protests that they may return to the open clashes and confrontations we've seen in previous months that went away after this most recent payment came through it is election season in israel there are accusations against benjamin netanyahu the israeli prime minister
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that he is exceeding to extortion demands in essence from hamas in the way that these payments are being made we've seen in the last month and escalation in really in security around the gaza border fence with attempts by armed palestinian men to get through the fence we've seen rockets. being fired out from the gaza territories signed into israel as well the security situation playing very delicately balanced for now these payments are coming through and they are both presumably keeping the security situation to some extent under control and they are vital for the people to continue for now to receive. also the head of al jazeera kenya take steps to address discrimination against the in the sex community we'll have all the details . over 100 years ago britain and france made a secret deal to divide the middle east between them now we can draw
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a map in the 2nd episode we explore the lasting effects of this agreement that there is a regional set to 6 because it's at those borders were drawn with consulting the people who have to live with the. psychs pekoe lines in the sand on on just. the nature of news as it breaks each week that passes angering creases and the divide the government grows deeper. with detailed coverage manic i was once known as the cold the 15 venezuela and that's why people are not used to this situation. from around the world. it's been over a decade since morphia had seen had granddaughter there she that plane.
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welcome back it's not just humans who are suffering in the fight over kashmir tertiary border fencing and forests. in the himalayan region. reports from the part of the line of control administered by pakistan. in a backyard scared and pushed out of its natural habitat this panting leopard represents the plight of wildlife in one of the world's most militarized zone. as humans fight over the disputed territory defenses directed divided the habitat for animals as well as the fence stretches for about 550 of the 700 kilometer long line of control between india and pakistan. before the pains wildlife would freely move
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between indian occupied kashmir and. now that natural migration has been severed the life cycle and biological requirements have been limited. i use dense forests are home and a source of food for many species the wild cats beer deer goats monkeys and birds only a few of these creatures can be spotted these days despite conservation efforts in my life preserve them both sides this new species is called the great it is one of the worst affected after the fencing between pakistan and india and that's right these friends are being bred in captivity. and after 15 years just 5 regular hours exist in this. year workers of the fanes many species in kashmir are stranded on either side the numbers have dwindled and the gene pool has shrunk small population breeding means they go through genetic changes higher population and the
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rate of cross breeding makes them stronger in addition to cross border fire which results in fires also has an impact on the wildlife mountain pheasants are also vulnerable the ones being bred in captivity have to be regularly checked because in a very they don't develop the natural immunity which birds acquired in the wild the speed of population growth is another threat is forests shrink while life is affected people use trees for firewood and construction hunting and poaching also plays a role in drilling numbers. conservationists warned that without cross border collaboration many species are at risk. that is this baby leopard which got her trying to cross the electrified fence. last bread i reminded to humans the fight for territory and control is destroying the very land they're fighting for the taliban job down there they are at the line of control pakistan administered kashmir. so the new prime
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minister says the country needs at least $10000000000.00 in foreign aid over the next 2 years to rebuild the economy. said another $2000000000.00 of foreign reserves were needed in the next 3 months to stop the currency falling further sudan is in talks with the i.m.f. and world bank about restructuring debt. the kenyan government is conducting a historic senses this weekend it's the 1st in africa to recognize intersex people welcome webb went along with workers in the capital. james kuranda has tried to kill himself 3 times when he was born he wasn't clear to doctors or his parents if he was male or female and so he says a childhood of misery began but he says some things have since improved for intersex people here in kenya. the government's now conducting a census is the 1st in africa to recognize intersex people turn it into typical
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males and females there was a realisation that intersex cauldron of being killed most of these children cannot even access simple government services then there was a need. to have policies that put on into 6 years. another group to be recognized for the 1st time in this census of people with albinism it's now listed as a disability we are excited because it really makes us to count. it will make us to be seen to be kenyans it is valid it's us that we are actually a demographic body of will we be in that most of the current population. the government hopes most of the data can be collected in 2 evenings so used. in the last census 10 years ago some officials were accused of rigging politics in kenya who are often contested wrong tribal lines and census data determines the
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allocation of state resources that we are. trying to do some funny games asking to move this way or that we we are watching you will. you meet with the law. collecting accurate data is a challenge about 10000000 kenyans and their magic herders who regularly cross borders to neighboring countries millions more live in slums like this one is no official list of addresses so the government has ordered bars and pubs to close and told everyone to stay home and wait for the enumerators to come and knock at the door. and push the data collection takes days processing it takes much longer will disown her son's national. results might contain some surprises or be contested kenyans will have to wait
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months to find out. malcolm webb al-jazeera nairobi kenya. well that said from me for this news hour back with another full bulletin from london stay with us. perception is a validation we believe want to be seen but in one life time we cannot see everything but we will lie on experiences of others and the legacies of previous generations. of that testimony we but you know very little.
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with this documentaries that open your eyes on al-jazeera. setting the discussions police in cape town have struggled to regain steadily down by examining the headlines now and a president who to russia is making a push to engage explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire but. it's almost 2nd nature and i also know what they see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera this is a dialogue let you decide not to have children to say that it's what the stake is really human survive all everyone has a voice but a start with our community because of course this is a debate and it's a heated one this is a horrible creation literally be able to do a ph d.
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and ideally join the global conversation with people i think if only they knew what is happening to we were muslims. they will be with us and they will be all 3 to 0 is no one way of telling the story keeping is to the right and to be respectful there is a great chance to get to know the person fully tell the story. iran's foreign minister briefly drops into berates where g 7 leaders a holding mess summit what is being described as positive talks. well of their own for the state bar and you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up has been largely decides that now in a new phase of conflict with israel after 2 israeli drones crash in beirut.
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as brazil's militaries deployed to battle the fires sweeping malice and president both n.r.a. says the situation is returning to normal. police used water cannons to disperse protesters in hong kong for the 1st time in 12 weeks of demonstrations. we begin in france where iran's top diplomats made a brief and unexpected visit to the seaside town which is hosting the g. 7 summit weld leaders are gathered in barrett's the annual 3 day meeting which began on saturday iran's foreign minister had a job as a wreath flew in for talks on the sideline with the french president emanuel might call the least a palace as the meeting was organized us very short notice france has been trying to revive the 2050 nuclear deal that the u.s.
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pulled out of last year last as a reef left berates he sent this tweet saying iran's active diplomacy in pursuit of constructive engagement continues met emanuel on sidelines of g 7 berates softer extensive talks with little man and finance minister followed by a joint briefing the u.k. germany road ahead is difficult but worth trying. as natasha butler has been following the day's developments in berets. donald trump in a somber mood as your rifle talks at the g 7 the u.s. president facing hostility from some leaders over differences on several international issues but as the meetings began it seemed common ground on iran was achieved the french president who so sting the summit said g 7 leaders agreed that he should talk to iran on their behalf a year and discussion we had a discussion of the wrong with 2 common lines 1st no member of the g 7 wants iran
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to obtain a nuclear weapon 2nd every member of the g. 7 is profoundly attached to stability and peace in the region so we don't want to take any action which could harm this push i listed. and in an unexpected twist iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif arrived from tehran for talks 2 days after meeting in paris. emmanuel markov has been trying to mediate in the iran crisis since the us pulled out of the 2015 iran nuclear deal last year and we imposed sanctions it wasn't long before the apparent g 7 unity on iran was broken mr clinton did. to iran a message to iran that president mccraw insists he's going to deliver on behalf of all of the g 7 countries no i haven't discussed. the presence of the iranian foreign minister at this summit sony adds a new dynamic but it's unclear how much notice of any u.s. president was given about his arrival but when he was almost about it by reporters
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donald trump simply said that he had no comment to make trump was also it also with some g 7 leaders over trade with concerns the u.s. terrorist war with china is responsible for the slowing world economy positions were clear in trump's 1st meeting with the british prime minister trump threw his support behind briggs's and boris johnson and promised an attractive trade deal if the u.k. leaves the e.u. . is the right. michael will undoubtedly the unshared jeweled invitation to iran's foreign minister could be a step to deescalating tensions in the region natasha butler just 0 pierrots. diplomatic at us or james bays joins us now from the summit in barrett so that was a very quick visit there by zarif what exactly did he do while he was there. well it was a very short visit as well and it took literally everyone by surprise certainly here the reporters in this press center 1st found out about it of flight tracking
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apps showing that the iranian foreign minister's plane was in town and it's now emerged that most of the delegations didn't get much sure in some cases they're saying they didn't get any advance notice that this was taking place so if that is the case it was a very or day move by the french to arrange this of course prism mccraw met with zarif on friday in paris and i suspect that's when this idea was 1st suggested to the iranians we're told though the iranians didn't get a final invite until saturday evening and there was earlier on the suggestion that perhaps that's because there was an informal meet dinner of the g 7 leaders on saturday evening and that's where the idea was 1st floated that's not the case we hear from delegations we hear that it was not brought up at that dinner even though there was a big discussion about iran at that stage even though he had this in the works the
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french president did not disclose it to his counterparts when zarif finally came here he had 3 and a half hours of meetings half an hour of those was with president macro himself and then departure is now the big test of all of this bold move whether whether it's a stunt or whether it's a diplomatic coup is what happens next yeah and how is the trump administration reacted to the fact there's a rift did drop in to be or it. was. and of course that is a big part of what happens next because in the dynamics of the leaders here the fact that france is talking to iran is nothing new they've continued the diplomacy they were involved in the iran deal and there in the other european countries are still hanging yong to the iran deal whereas the u.s. of course was the truck pulled out of the 2015 deal it went to tougher sanctions a policy of maximum. what does he make of all of this he was asked once by reporters today and he simply said no comment so we need to watch very very closely
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what the americans make of it we need to watch what the iranians might have offered in this meeting and in the final day of the last day of this summit we need to watch how the g 7 then response james and berets thank you. hezbollah's leader hassan nasrallah says the group is now in a new phase of its conflict with his run off to to his ready drones crashed in lebanon capital has been lost says one drone damaged a building housing its media office when it crashed in the more wide area in beirut's southern suburbs and now they say drone exploded in the air and crashed in the same area responding in a televised speech nasrallah called it a very dangerous development and. enough is enough we will never allow israeli aircraft to attack lebanon or a targeted level on the israeli side will never feel safe that israeli drones that
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are coming to lebanon are not coming here to collect information they are suicidal drones that aim at killing us from now on we will face the israeli drones when they arrive in lebanon skies we will crush them we will drop them on us while also promise retaliate after an israeli airstrike killed 2 has members in syria hours before those drawings came down in beirut israel says the strike in the damascus area targeted an arm of iran's revolutionary guard which was planning to attack it using a kilo dry a senior iranian commander tonight it's the cities who hit israel rarely acknowledges operations in syria but prime minister benjamin netanyahu has praised his military's efforts and threatens further attacks. if someone rises up to kill you kill him 1st in a complicated operation revealed that iran dispatched a special unit of to syria to kill israelis on the golan heights with explosive
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drugs i'd like to emphasize this was an initiative of iran and we prevented serious attacks that we will expose any attempt by iran to attack us and any iranian effort to hide behind excuses we will not tolerate. the aggressions against israel from any country in the region any country that allows its territory to be used for aggression against israel will face the consequences and i repeat the country will face the consequences israeli authorities have evacuated a music festival after rockets were fired from gaza it happened in the city of there ought close to the security barrier that separates the territory from israel the israeli military says its iron dome shield intercepted 2 of 3 rockets that were launched from gaza tens of thousands of brazilian soldiers have begun heading into the amazon to join the fight against fires burning through the rain forest the military is being sent to 6 states in an unprecedented response the number of fires
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is about 85 percent higher than last year and many blame president jabal sonars policies well hundreds of new fires have been reported he's adding to the several 1000 across the region official data compiled by national geographic shows the scale and intensity of the blazes 77000 forest fires have been reporters since january alone 6 percent of the states are asking for federal help the president also already says things are already returning to normal. ridge burns are down over the last few years and are going back to normal. as there are stories about who has more from the abandoned run tests in the states of matter grocery. we're here right in front of a huge way now a river in marble good awful news one of the states that has mostly affected by the fires affecting the amazonia region we know that the government has just announced
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that they're deploying to hurry cuties military planes to the states of from the one you however several states are requesting the preference of the armed forces in order to be able to control the fires on our way here when we are able to see several fires right next to the rolled. mostly farmers are clearing the land in order to be able to have grow crops among other things but this fire can get out of control and that's part of the problem president when i dos trying to show some type of action after being heavily criticized worldwide for what is happening here with you opie and you and you're threatening to call affect a free trade agreement between. trade block and the european union among other things because of the 32 h. in here on the ground in spite of this fire is affecting the region this is just the latest problem but the region like this one is facing the say the biggest one is deforestation brazil is that the top countries that have lost tropical rain
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forests because of deforestation and as i said before the fire is just the rate think the situation even further a still ahead on the program why it. is also suffering in the fight for the disputed territory. plus england's cricketers keep the ashes alight and i. test. the whole weekend i think the stars the coming we trust parceling we think are pretty big suns to reach the most recent victim. true.


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