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tv   Shahira My Syrian Friend  Al Jazeera  August 26, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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and you're on the ground in spite of this fire is affecting the region this is just the latest problem but the region like this one if they feel that they the biggest one is the 4th nation brazil is not that hot lith countries that have lost tropical rain forests because of the forest station and i said before the fire is out yes do you rate the food to eat even further a still ahead on the program why it has missed wildlife is also suffering in the fight for the disputed territory. plus england's cricketers keep the ashes alive and i drum. to the test. how the whole weekend i think the start of the coming we'll be characterized by slow moving but pretty big thunderstorms the most recent victim is austria eastern
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austria 73 millimeters there in 3 houses ones under still a significant damp or flash flooding result there over serious potential for hail out of these towns and quite like the lightning that tended to die out and i think the risk during monday still going to be around the alps stretching into austria want to balkan states but it's really is launching are free from the risk and further side really co-write and towards tunisia which was a risk even on sunday that a picture of temperatures is maybe the more critical one for most places 30 to 30 is the high end of normal in europe the for northern europe particularly in france in the british isles such to a thirty's furies were approaching record breaking tariffs certainly in london and that persists into tuesday as well all these oranges and reds a good late heatwave for many in those in europe and the shuttle cars that have died out by that i want to maybe in germany but there's a developing area off the coast of spain not stretching down towards north africa so that tunisia hangs on to the middle thirty's in the sunshine algiers and
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particularly north korea could well turn sundry. talk to al-jazeera we're going to give them to the people will be attending the minimal workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing me we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter.
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and again a reminder at the top stories on al-jazeera iran's top diplomat has made an unexpected brief visit to the g. 7 summit in france he flew in for side talks with french president emmanuel michel who's been ramping up efforts to ease tensions between terrell and washington. as a loss leader has another promise as the group is in a new phase of its conflict with israel after 2 israeli drones crashed in lebanon its capital in a televised speech he called it a very dangerous development. and tens of thousands of brazilian soldiers have begun heading into the amazon to join the fight against fires sweeping through the rainforests the military's being sent to 6 states in an unprecedented response. saudi state media is reporting that it says of intercepted 6 ballistic missiles fired towards the city of near the border with yemen they added that the missiles
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targeted military camps and the city's military airport a spokesman for yemen's heathy rebels described the operation as the largest attack with mid range ballistic missiles since the war began in $2515.00 they say 10 missiles were launched. hong kong police have for the 1st time used water cannon against demonstrators staging a 3 month long protest the latest clashes happens after another large more peaceful march took place in a different part of the city adrian brown reports. sunday afternoon in hong kong. police and protesters now well versed in each other's tactics this time the focus on a large residential area in calhoun 17 kilometers from the central business district confusing and frightening for people trying to get home.
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this woman was wrestled to the ground after a violent confrontation with police. the protesters principle demand is for the government to formally withdraw a contentious extradition bill that has now morphed into a wider campaign for political reform a campaign that has so far failed. the one thing yeah it's cheap it's got the officer in the hong kong to respond us. you know but do you really believe that you can win at the end of the day because so far you haven't we should have a hope. yeah every hong kong people was we achieve this goal tear gas was again used and police threw fire arms and fired warning shots. and in a new 1st for hong kong water cannon was used as the night wore on the protest to split into smaller groups eventually dispersing but the violence later spread to other areas there were
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a number of arrests 3 months after this protest movement began the protesters don't seem to be flagging and neither does the police's determination to suppress the movement and if anything the police tactics now hardening. a tropical downpour didn't deter a protest by families of the police they say the protests are taking their toll at a peaceful gathering though some were also critical of the force urging restraint over the use of tear gas and rubber bullets. that restraint is now being tested adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong brain the refugees in bangladesh should be marking 2 years since violence forced hundreds of thousands of them to flee minimal in cox's bazaar there were protests against camp conditions and their ongoing situation by the desk as it can no longer bear the economic burden of sheltering more than a 1000000 refugees but many have resisted efforts to send them back saying their
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safety can't be guaranteed stephanie decker reports from could to poll camp in the southeast of the country. today's quiet calm betrays the scenes of panic 2 years ago when hundreds of thousands of ranger crossed the river nuff in a desperate attempt to seek safety they are safe now but nothing has been resolved nor has 6 children who was part of the exodus in august of 2017 are either on or are they are asked if you want to go back to burma i said no you asked me why i told them that our houses were burnt our family members were raped and killed this is why we suffered so much and came here how can we go back without knowing that we will be safe there's been a renewed effort to get some of the refugees to go back to me and maher but with no guarantee of what will happen when they get there no one has so far agreed to return the scale of this camp is like nothing you've ever seen it is the biggest
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refugee camp in the world around a 1000000 rangar are living in these camps across southeastern bangladesh but what does that number really mean well it's more or less the population of islamabad or oslo it is a city of refugees without the infrastructure needed to cope. many aid agencies work here in that sense it is a global effort but it's bangladesh that's hosting their anger and it's made it very clear this is a temporary solution and it's a population that keeps expanding this is a really dynamic population. aboard 100. that makes them probably $3000.00 political people being murdered him to you so it keeps growing the young won't remember much about what happened but the older ones know that the killings the rate the burning of homes in august of 2017 was only the latest chapter in what's been decades of persecution against their people and as
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you hussein is a camp leader this is his 3rd time as a refugee in bangladesh have brought our grandmother mobile our adult daughter my gratitude i'm 65 years old i came here as a refugee in 1978 then again in 1902 then i went back now i'm a refugee again i'm 2017 i've spent 30 years of my life as a refugee i want to go home if the burmese accept our demands will go back right away what they want is to be officially recognize israel as citizens of me and mar with rights freedom of movement and security what they want is to go back home but the reality is they are not wanted there most of their homes no longer exist bangladesh's categoric it can't hurt them forever it's not clear what or where their future will be stephanie decker al-jazeera could have a long camp cox's bizarre southeast bangladesh. amid the heightened tensions in the
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disputed territory of kashmir it's not just humans who are suffering border fencing and forest fires are putting wildlife in the himalayan region at risk some bunch of aid reports from the possible line of control which is administered by pakistan. in a backyard scared and pushed out of its natural habitat this planting leopard represents the plight of wildlife in one of the world's most militarized zone. as humans fight over the disputed territory defenses directed they were divided the habitat for animals as well as the fence stretches for about 550 of the 700 kilometer long line of control between india and pakistan. before the paines wildlife would freely move between indian occupied kashmir and. now that natural migration route has been severed the last cycle and biological requirements have been limited. i
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use dense forests are home and a source of food for many species the wild cats beer deer goats monkeys and birds only a few of these creatures can respond to these days despite conservation efforts and my life preserves on both sides this new species is called the grave it is one of the worst affected after the fencing between pakistan and india and that's right these friends are being bred in captivity. and after 15 years just 5 regular hours exist in this trailhead terrorism. because of the fanes many species in kashmir are stranded on either side the numbers have dwindled and the gene pool has shrunk small population breeding means they go through genetic changes higher population and to cross breeding makes them stronger in addition the cross border fire which results in fires also has an impact on the wildlife mountain pheasants are also vulnerable the ones being bred in captivity have to be regularly checked because in
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a varies they don't develop the natural immunity which birds acquired in the wild the speed of population growth is another threat is forests shrink wildlife is affected people use trees for firewood and construction hunting and poaching also plays a role in bringing numbers. conservationists warned that without cross border collaboration many species are at risk. such as this baby leopard which caught her trying to cross the electrified fence her last breaths are reminder to humans the fight for territory and control is destroying the very land they're fighting for osama bin job down to 0 at the line of control pakistan administered kashmir. that is wayland's a racing to the border with ecuador before new visa rules take effect at midnight it is the latest south american nation to tighten regulations at least 4000000 venezuelans have left the country in the last 4 years just
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a political and economic crisis that latin america and us embassy in yemen has more from to come on the colombia ecuador border. i am one that occurred to our side of the border with colombia what thousands and thousands of the israelis are rushing to get past here right behind me is the entrance to the with racial area where they are hoping to get there but there are papers that say that they were to enter the country this. requisite one of these are what they call a democratic leader goes into effect in less than 10 hours' time and people here are desperate they say that if they can't get in now they don't know what they're going to do they've come many of them put all the way from going to israel or colombia and sometimes walking up to 25 days with no money with her with children some people even on crutches to make it past before the deadline goes into effect and then the ecuadoran authorities in the meantime so they think just cannot cope with this this is turning into a real humanitarian crisis active nor are the united nations high commission for
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refugees is here other other agencies are trying to help but there's really not a lot of them to give them they're getting vaccinated but most of them are just going to try to keep walking and walking and where they get to another major city and another country like through and when they get there they won't be allowed to go in without a visa either the u.s. is marking the arrival of the 1st and slave africans the english colony of the junior 400 years ago the transatlantic slave trade database says nearly 400000 people were sent to north america over more than 2 centuries around 10000000 and set up in south america the caribbean the commemoration comes out of time when the us president is being accused of creating a culture where white nationalism and racism can flourish. there is an officious life for sin hampton in virginia and allan tell us more about exactly what is being
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commemorated that. you can hear just over to my right part of the ceremony that has been ongoing no for a couple of days but just this part of the ceremony just for the last. it began with the ringing of a bell for 4 minutes to mark the 4 centuries since the ship carrying the 20 or africans came up the chesapeake bay it must have been a horrific time for them they'd already been kidnapped in their home country of what would know be angola and packed onto a ship and then that ship was hijacked by a british privateer flying under a dutch flag when we see privateer of course we're centrally mean private and he arrived here at the jamestown colony with the 20 and odd africans and traded them for food and the people here at the colony decided that they would enslave them that they would put them to work in many cases it was the africans who actually save the colony they taught the colonists how to farm how to raise animals how to
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plant certain seeds and it was those people and their ancestors that really made james tone survive and over the years we've seen how the africans were enslaved for more than 200 years until the emancipation proclamation but there are many here who are marking this occasion seeing that the united states still hasn't really addressed the inequities of what happened 400 years ago that when you talk about a constitution of we the people it excludes people of color it never mentions women it doesn't talk about native americans and so those things have to be addressed if america truly is to become a united state you know i mean alan have to say the commemoration is is quite timely i guess you could say given the 400 years later there are particular concerns right now about the state of race relations in the u.s. . well a couple of the people i've been speaking to say who would have thought that 400
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years on would be marking the sleeves arriving and 200 years since the emancipation that would be talking about threats to the black people and many people here see that the african-americans and gramberg when the people arrived here on the ship they aware of the 1st african-americans even though america at that point didn't exist that's what they went on to be the see that it's incredible that they still feel under threat from the guy with of voice supremacy from white nationalism from people saying that they want to remove black people from this country was that the president has even used remember he said they should go back to where they came for so they're determined to mark this date and make sure that it's not just the date in history of the market but it's also a call to action for the future and hanson in virginia thank you. finally england's cricket has also liberating a dramatic victory against australia in the 3rd ashes test they recorded their highest ever successful 4th innings chase facing the target set of 359 and
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stokes was the hero with an unbeaten $135.00 that included 8 sixes. a final hit partnership of $76.00 with jack it was an extraordinary comeback after england were bowled out for just $67.00 in their 1st innings with a victory it had nearly keeps the ashes alive series is now level at one all with 2 tests to play and of course you can find out much more sports and news stories by going to our website usually dress up as their dot com under their dot com. and reminder of the headlines on al-jazeera iran's top diplomat has made an unexpected brief visit to the g. 7 summit in france well the leaders are gathered in berets for the annual 3 day meeting which began on saturday iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif flew
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in for talks on the sidelines with the french president emanuel michel france has been ramping up efforts to ease tensions between tehran and washington as the loss leader hassan nasrallah says the group is now in a new phase of its conflict with israel off to 2 israeli drones crashed in lebanon's capital has been lost says one drone damaged a building housing its media office when it crashed in the mo water area in beirut's southern suburbs another is ready to explode in the air and crashed in the same area responding in a televised speech nasrallah called it a very dangerous development and. enough is enough we will never allow israeli aircraft to attack lebanon or a targeted lebannon on the israeli side will never feel safe the israeli drones that are coming to lebanon are not coming here to collect information they are suicidal drones that aim at killing us from now on we will face the israeli drones
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when they arrive in lebanon skies we will crush them we will drop them and us are also promised retaliation after an israeli airstrike killed 2 hezbollah members in syria hours before those drawings came down in beirut israel says the strike in the damascus area targeted an arm of iran's revolutionary guards which was planning to attack it using a kilo drone a senior iranian commander denied it's the cities were hit. tens of thousands of brazilian soldiers have begun heading into the amazon to join the fight against fires burning through the rain forest the military is being sent to 6 states in an unprecedented response number of fires is about 85 percent higher than last year and many blame president jiah both scenarios policies but he says things are already returning to normal hong kong police have used water kind of a 1st time against demonstrators the latest clashes happened after another large more peaceful march took place in a different part of the city on kong has been undergoing 3 months of turbulent
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demonstrations. and those are the latest headlines coming up next talk to al jazeera mali tripes there's an update for you in hell for that. deep in central mali children are dying of starvation. dulled by hunger it is a slow and agonizing death. molly's health ministry says so far hundreds of people
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have died from what it describes as a manmade famine. this is happening in the central region of mali. what was supposed to be harvesting season for villagers has been a season of death and destruction. here farmers and herders are fighting over land. it is an ancestral conflict that takes place at the height of the dry season on one side are the traditional farmers and hunters known as doggoned. on the other side the semi nomadic herders of the sahara the full on these. dual domes accused of over stepping on their farmland to feed their animals. accused of killing and stealing their cattle. now they're killing
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each other. the violence is not limited to mali one neighboring countries for lonnie's have been in conflict with other tribes as well. fuelling this conflict are armed groups stepping in. in taking sides some have been fighting in the war in libya. and al qaeda affiliate is calling on full on these to join their ranks in exchange for protection. so is the slum mixtape in the greater sahara who are gaining a foothold in the region and into burkina faso. despite 14000 u.n. troops known as menu smoke among them british canadian in german soldiers and 4000 french combat troops and the regional force g 5 hell made up of armies from the region the violence is spreading spiraling out of control not further down this road is where g 5 the hell officers are stationed people here want to see them out
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of this neighborhood and also out of this country this is a feeling that many millions have towards the security forces whether it be the u.n. peacekeeping force the security forces or that he flies to help they're not a source of protection but a source of danger. this is because insurgent and rebel groups are targeting security forces launching suicide attacks and car bombings. has become the deadliest u.n. peacekeeping mission more u.n. troops are dying in mali than anywhere else for at any time before. president. says the country is being torn apart with its unity at stake who profits from the state of instability and how can the violence be brought to an end this week talked to al-jazeera meets with dawn and full on the leaders to try to understand this complex conflict.
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in march 160 follow on the villagers were killed in a massacre in. no. claimed responsibility. barri was hiding while his village was torched and his family killed. he called the un peacekeepers known as for help. but they. would. yeah. these villagers say the un came but a day too late for the un peacekeeping force says it sent to patel the ins and helicopters on the day of the attack this is an idea if the head of the mission
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have you failed your mission to protect the civilian population there. and the law protection d.c. or civil or civil voyeur mandagi loveliness. distin your problem nor. if you need apply you know if you want i mean any prosecutor pos on or documents obtained by al-jazeera show that the un were documenting villages being torched before the hugo sagal massacre and yet they failed to intervene and don't know militia groups continue to attack for lonnie's mahmud togo is the chief representative of mali's doggone people. attack. is not grown. on hunters the embassy geisha is still going on so who is behind these attacks some things that the neighbors
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even do for learning something. that people came from somewhere because. the person of the here speaking they were speaking english but isn't it easy to blame outsiders rather too to look at the reality that there is tension between the full loni and the do go on community that's right i agree that there was tension there is still essentially but then imus i will made it clear ration. from this. but that do go militia group has added fuel to the fire has attacked fall on you villages. why they have attacked villages no you're saying they haven't they haven't done any attacks they're not responsible for any attacks so who is attacking them what i know religious or what
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i know and i said to the president of the republic to diminish that to the prime minister and to everyone i say. people never go and attack a village person but when you know the people. and attack the dog and. they retaliate so there are tax led by the dog by your dog on militias is that right which at that you're saying that they retaliate when they do don't retaliate when they get attacked who did they retaliate and you're admitting that it took only those that are involved in those violence who come to attack them and i myself used to tell you what it sees here we cannot sit. and watch people come and kill us
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and go back. without anything he said no this is on. when they come. on people the hunters or the people in the village. the run after them and if they come to see one they kill. that's normal i think that's normal to kill they did a kind of a. humility when you come to kill me. and i am not dead but in sense if i can i would kill you. that's normal. we've seen videos where they're gone hunters have to capitated heads a full on these holding them like hunting trophies do you know feel that is exacerbating the situation rising the tension between the 2 communities the videos
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you see. where you feel any themselves what. is. more than a lot of the dog and to do to people for instance. they kill a dog. and. they put mines and the board of the go on. wednesday or the dog runs come. to try to take. the day. and it was just. and given that 1020 and so on. that's what you need to do. why are you taking justice in your own hands far the dugongs arming themselves you say to defend
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himself what is it that the government isn't doing the government say they would do the it was that. but i will government has not yet. foully done what he should do. we had a talk with the prime minister. and we told him. first of all. we need say clearly key in the country. the security is not enough. seconds we need food the dogon people who remain in the villages they have nothing. and food have been. stolen. or. their
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cattle. stolen and even what they have in their houses. as something so as you're saying this is all in the millions of purity forces are not providing security not enough. not enough. this is what is left of a doggone village of savannah down where 100 of dawn villagers were killed in another massacre an apparent revenge attack although no one claimed responsibility for this an al qaeda affiliate. one was lee mean has called on for mani's to rise up against the militias and the state. mama diego is a full on e. and a powerful leader of the high islamic council the accuse the philosophies for being behind the attacks if a man is accused the doggoned behind the other attacks how these 2 communities have lived side by side for centuries how do you explain this mistrust. more should
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government keep. in your books or force and busy both skills. from all of the stability plus. the disability. numbers. to be a liberal don't before you just feel the gamble on some epperly libby fellow. it. signals a set of views on you and probably a month of the liberal. home early. on to move. on the liberal side to the liberal a lot. of 1st convert. it to comment in the why you didn't listen let's say the amount of momentum to the one we kill somebody. when
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mechanism portability to them to move. forward to bring in felicia was a problem. in april the government faced countrywide protests. demonstrators carrying signs calling for president bush back arcade to leave office in response the entire government of mali resigned in a serious accusation mama diego accused the prime minister of supporting the doggone militias. we asked a leading member of the government the foreign minister to explain how the government is responding to the violence which is not limited to mali but is present in neighboring countries as well you're for yourself far from the center of the country an area that's been hit by ethnic tensions that we spoke to some of the villagers both in. they say that they called for the 1000000 forces to come and
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help them and they didn't see any 1000000 soldiers now until 24 hours of the attacks why aren't your soldier able to stop the violence in the center of the country and not able to call for these reports what of his thoughts of nice of defunct was sent on the sports to coordinate forces action in the villages and between villages. to appease the situation to get stability between villages this is extremely important this is why able to tell you today that a number of people have been put into august by. police but also by armed forces who are supported by and equipped is in order to be in swansea's 2 villages and 2000000
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people living in verse something they know that this state is not far from the state is a present to its forces that you think you've arrested people does that mean that you know who is responsible for the violence in this area the forces out as the people. suspects and. brought before the general this is just before just this in order to. conduct an investigation in order to know who are responsible for this criminal actions of the full learn is that we've spoken to say that the government backs these doggone militia groups that are active in attacking forlornly villages is your government supporting dogan militias you know that we have a new government in this country from may 5th following the
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signing of a political agreement which will call on may 2nd we have a new government we a new political agreement we think there will be. the 1st point of march is to organize a national conference to give you opportunities to mullions political forces civil societies but all 6 of the population to discuss about the burning issues the country is confronting is facing the 2nd issue is the implementation of a priest agreement signed 4 years ago you know i'm coming now to refer point which interests you is the situation of a center of a country in terms of stability and security zetia this is extremely important for us. to deal with visitation and to treat the situation over something
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in terms of getting more stability in this case no one can imagine our government siding with one part of the population against another so you're not the government is not supporting any any militia groups the governments of the political agreement is a sitting to find a solution to what is going on in the summer of a country and it cannot side waif somalians against of the state until you know you said that strong measures are in place in the material what are the strong measures in place that would prevent the violence because just a few days ago there was another bout of violence you know that the root of the problems of this crisis in the sumter of mali started. from because of the patients of northern mali by totally a school bus. you one group ritual completed go known has
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mojo the movement for one just is except in west africa and it extended it. to part of the stunt and it recruited local people. and get the venom to be with it the violent sector and to learn to use. guns in the mullion traces is a bag the link to the situation in libya. to the collapse of libya into forbes and 11 what they would like to stress is the key that the link between. the little these groups which occupy the miley. in 2 forms in play and 14 and.
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the situation in the some type of country this is very clear who profits from this situation. say that. those who profit from the situation. that are some mighty ends. that most of the. people or country that profit over this situation is france. france why but the the why france why i'm coming i'm coming the government and government members. will not tell you the truth about this one. france and once the 2. recall a nice they get. discounts.
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because of a do. on the ground. why do you say that i mean france came to the rescue in 20122013 when there was an invasion of the country at the french forces were not here maybe look. nation wouldn't exist as i now see. i agree with you you see. when you want to exploit. a person. you start by being friendly to him. and. you try to end his 10. his mind and how he's doing. once you have got. all of these. and you ex to each. what you also have.
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france stuff they get is in the can. all the money ends up road. or none. but now what is going on what is going on. we believe or not and france. but it's not france's role to ensure security in mali. democratic republic of do. that's not france but it's a culture bed here. since 1961 . there there. the united states and this. is so you. there but but what about the efforts put forward such as the algiers peace accord that were signed
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yeah i'm coming through there are efforts to bring back east by the internet and we think i would have friends i'm coming the people who are in l.t.c. united. nations soldiers. from 19 to 61 today they are there. because of the wealth that is in that fund. the europeans they have nothing though they're finished. what they have to do is to come back and they require a nice. african it fits where they know there is something. moment to go he says the u.n. and what he calls the international community is failing mali what bothers you with
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this u.n. mission that is helping those that are displaced in areas where the government cannot access. the dollar was a money making business a problem. did a lot. for over. will suffer you see that. the. girl. no i'm using for live work or maybe. this one out in protest so everybody. can if i didn't. know. about the middle east. on the phone with. the people couldn't. possibly 30 we've even done the sunday schools get hit by doing this then that 3 minutes
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we're going to be in the hamster. i mean it's my little slightly depressed over the smaller. amount of positive work on the tube but it was. just going to move you on deposit a 1000000 little or looking for a vision and i'll take your ruler people ms on available use all knowledge. let live i could release your quote. here but let's play bill mears also we redouble its efforts with actually a level of a nickel to do a little political matter but i have. seen over 100000000 put up at least in the world even if you. disapprove of being too many. people give us a semester of the school was already most of the same detachment. the thumb up us is a thing. we've done the national can but up to this.
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while the $1000000000.00 a year u.n. peacekeeping mission was renewed by the security council for another year molly's government is calling for the creation of a coalition force like the one seen in iraq and afghanistan to intervene in mali. at stake it says the stability of a region and the survival of mali and its people. the story of a friendship between a filmmaker and
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a 7 year old girl what is it would mean. giving over into a refugee family being the syrian war. in the face of deep rooted tension between the binny's and the refugees. my syrian friends. on al-jazeera. news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different people and you need to be part of back you need to be able to reach people wherever they are and that means being across all social media platforms this is where our audience lives as well as in front of a t.v. they're on their smartphone they're on the tablet they're on the computer. and that's the way al-jazeera is of all into a true media network. this is a dialogue that you decide not to have children to say that it's steak is really
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human survive all everyone has a voice that must start with our community because of course this is a debate and it's a heated one this is it will be asian literally be able to do a ph i believe join the global conversation with people i think if only they knew what is happening toiba muslims they will be with us and they will be outraged on al-jazeera. hello i maryam namazie and on then with a quick look at the top stories now iran's top diplomat has made a brief an unexpected visit to the french seaside town which is hosting the g. 7 summit wild leaders a gathering barretts for the annual 3 day meeting which began on saturday iran's
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foreign minister javad zarif flew in for talks on the sidelines with the french president and as russia but there has been following the day's developments from barrett's. donald trump in a somber mood to see of roy for talks the g. 7 the u.s. president facing hostility from some leaders over differences on several international issues but as the meetings began it seemed common ground on iran has achieved the french president too so sting the summit said g 7 leaders agreed that he should talk to iran on their behalf giving discussion we had a discussion on the wrong with 2 common lines 1st no member of the g 7 wants iran to obtain a nuclear weapon 2nd every member of the g. 7 is profoundly attached to stability and peace in the region so we don't want to take any action which could harm this push. and didn't unexpected twist iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif arrived from tehran for talks 2 days
4:50 am
off to meeting in paris a matter markov has been trying to mediate in the iran crisis since the u.s. pulled out of the 2015 iran nuclear deal last year and we imposed sanctions it wasn't long before the apparent g 7 unity on iran was broken mr president did. say to iran a message to iran that president mccraw insists he's going to deliver on behalf of all of the g 7 countries go ahead and just as. he had the presence of the iranian foreign minister at this summit said. he adds a new dynamic but it's so clear how much notice of any u.s. president was given about his arrival but when he was almost about it by reporters donald trump simply said that he had no comment to make trump also it all with some g 7 leaders over trade with concerns the u.s. tariffs war with china is responsible for the slowing world economy positions were clear in trump's 1st meeting with the british prime minister trump threw his
4:51 am
support behind briggs's and boris johnson and promised an attractive trade deal if the u.k. leaves the e.u. . is that. my call will undoubtedly be unshared jeweled invitation to iran's foreign minister could be a step to deescalating tensions in the region natasha butler just 0 pierrots as well as leader hassan nasrallah says the group is now in a new phase of its conflict with israel after 2 israeli drones crashed in lebanon's capital as well as as one drone damaged a building housing its media office when it crashed in the area in beirut's southern suburbs another israeli drone exploded in the air and crashed in the same area responding in a televised speech called it a very dangerous development meanwhile israeli authorities have had to evacuate and music festival after rockets were fired from gaza this happened in the city of so drought the israeli military says its iron dome intercepted 2 of the 3 rockets that were launched from gaza saudi state media is reporting that it's coalition forces
4:52 am
of intercepted 6 ballistic missiles fired towards the city of jism near the border with yemen spokesperson of yemen yemen the rebels describe the operation as the largest attack with mid range ballistic missiles since the war began in 2015 they claimed 10 missiles were launched. tens of thousands of brazilian soldiers have started heading into the amazon to join the fight against fires burning through the rain forest military is being sent to 6 states in an unprecedented response the number of fires is about 85 percent higher compared to last year and many blame president jr bolzan or his policies for that but he says things are already returning to normal. and hong kong police used water cannon for the 1st time against pro-democracy demonstrators the latest clashes happened on to another large well peaceful march took place in a different part of the city of course hong kong has been ongoing some 3 months of
4:53 am
demonstrations sparked by a now shelved extradition bill. that lines more news later bye for now. between november 915 and main 1916 britain and france agreed a secret deal for dividing the ottoman empire to the european allies when the 1st
4:54 am
world war and so. now we can draw a. very young british politician sir mark sykes and the french lawyer turned diplomats. drew borders that best suited their own interests the psychs pekoe agreements. it's cut across to a separate deal the british had already made with sharifa saying of mecca to support him in creating hashemites arab kingdom in return for his leading an arab revolt against autumn in. the south of anatolia eastern turkey and the syrian coast down to beirut were put under direct french control while basra and best does were placed under direct british control. mosul and de muskets were under french protection and called area 8 the rest of mesopotamia and
4:55 am
the southern levant were put under british protection and called the area being. jerusalem was designated as an international zone. but some. after the deal was struck some voices in london began expressing dissatisfaction with what britain had agreed in the secret negotiations. as a belief. in. what i thought. just see their figure general hoar. had been a fuckwit you were feeling lost and. given a. bit not of us you could have a. few who. had you hold the year before think well if we cannot have palestina my government was suddenly not allow britain to control my government would take the same view. could not agree over the
4:56 am
future of palestine when they did their deal at the end of 1950 and they agreed it would have an international ministration but neither side light as a an outcome and the british didn't like him back to killer because it left the east bank of the series canal exposed to an administration that could be governed by. so the british immediately start to think of a way to get round the sights pito agreement so the facts almost immediately before the ink of france for short because signature is dry. go starts talking to this bizarre innes to movement grew up in the late 19th century with the ultimate aim of establishing a jewish homeland in palestine. the jewish lobby was growing in britain and the british government took its aim seriously. the british might also use the port for
4:57 am
the jews to persuade the american government which included several jewish figures to join the war or. other factors may also have been at play the zionist movement itself and its leader high invites. were political zionists and there ain't from the very beginning the ultimate aim was an independent jewish state in palestine there in these early days they didn't say that because it had only evoked hostility to their project paper the effect of that on bush. would have not studied. not only i fancy be formal had. a 5th also you know john you hold your quote in an aggrieved and you're going to wouldn't feel so you data traffic but i thought. amount of eric or
4:58 am
not but they'll make will now because of something your philosophy and no hope for must see him in france in the last minute if you don't have not the psychs because we've got to bottom out a failure. i want to push ahead of you new year to start off but if i knew how to fix. on the 2nd of november 19th 17 the british foreign secretary there are 3 both for road to the leading jewish figure walter roth's child to say that his government viewed with favor the establishment in palestine of a national home for the jewish people and would use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this project. a month before the balfour declaration the new bolshevik government in russia following the revolution had made public the details of the site's pekoe agreement as it sought to distance itself from decisions made by its sorrows to produce
4:59 am
hazards. for fatherhood. for cutler a feller can have more idea only a limited i barely. hear. her or her. father have. to fuck up. i live in fear hack. i schall believe. it or care at that lee step or a star matilda shore star all the revelation from the russians came while the hashemites were fighting alongside the british in the levant so they realised the british were playing a double game. their british also recognised france's right to determine the future of large parts of the area that should be for same had expected to control. correct
5:00 am
answers off of some of the month after i showed up i did forget that keep. in the in the homeland yeah so. what if you ask. but some of the other bit of money earlier said that it was so benign where their behaviors are a certainty about our not have here a little tick up here here a little more film stock the arm of your commuter men are here fuck up the. unit and there's a lot on the a c. other. caves that i wasn't called that like. like a faster walk home. and you also must get a little solar the thought of a pot or shot but we've either been allowed the journey of a sort of clear well money basically in alaska. in 1917 the allies need
5:01 am
significant military gains on several fronts. the british pushed into iraq and general edmund allonby lead the forces.


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