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it should be for same had expected to control. for that service officer of something from afar for a shopper i did for protect keep it in the in the homeland yeah so. what if you ask. you about the bust of the other bit of money earlier so that. we. are a certainty about our and not have here along the you're here a little more for you must be a commuter. here fuck up the. unit and as along the a c. other. caves that i was a man called the other let me up now like a. little soul a lot of pot or short but we have. the loud the. money basically. in 1917 the allies made significant military
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gains on several fronts. the british pushed into iraq and general edmund allonby lead the forces that ultimately ousted the ottomans from palestine. but alan peace continued advance towards the must has caused the french serious alarm he had expected to have complete control of the levant under the terms of the psychs pekoe agreement. that modern busker. on his own the accompanying manipulation allonby in less interest from meet. with money so small is only a key desire may only need a sheep or live also a song there aren't under topa maybe yes that the god of the minister says that cos they speak oh keeper may of course said you have a room. down in the out there it was listen all of.
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allonby and the hashemites. took the syrian capital on the 30th of september 1918 and within a week prince faisal been interesting had announced establishment of an arab constitutional government in damascus. it was. our. yeah it was that sex before the committee on sex because our let's just see a photo of the on with you will see a look at an ass of my job i will be accommodated go find your own feet to shuffle off. the 1st world war ended in stages with the ottomans agreeing to an armistice on the 30th of october and germany on the 11th of november $1800.00. troops entered istanbul and the time appeared right to implement the sykes pekoe agreement
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. but the british appear to be having 2nd thoughts as they sought to claim a larger share of ottoman arab territory in the region. the british prime minister david lloyd george met his french counterpart george came on seoul in london on the 4th of december 1900 so i. think it's over. the office said. the sacrifices should great. for us dr mother spoke sacrifice of all perhaps than any office as your joint empire is no more but that was due to your sacrifices mr prime minister and for those we are most grateful you will take some to. weakness. and know we will have to settle our claims of the end of peace talks
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we have a fortunate little claims. you would like perhaps that we modify ours we have our own most you shall have it. and perhaps something else. other stuff. you shall have that too. fancy can you read to you from before us you know a little more the whole of you know i'm on your news a lot of and i was. going to be down but a funny thing was the most solemn oath and mecarbil going all sorts i had laughed and i luckily for us in for our luck for most of them and i was to be had in just a crevasse while there and most nights because in fact. the signs of the psychs pico agreements being superseded began to emerge at the start of the peace negotiations in paris in january 1900.
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victorious allies were about to impose harsh conditions on the bankwest and the british and french to decide which of the conflicting promises they had made during the war would be implemented so. they don't have to address my marlowe views are very niggas yes you know complex i think they would be about that worked on a ball of this and i'm back to eat your best on the dollar comedian casual summers or. you hey are fed the best some days they have sound is really does not sound. i've. said been in these were being a fancy in. the no bride and has a more at heart of a when you can i'm in and dory. that head of.
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there was that out it a one year. for. us. now and. one. in april 1920 the 4 main allies britain france italy and japan met at the san remo conference they created 3 entities mesopotamia syria and palestine. the french forced faith out of damascus and to complete control of syria britain took mesopotamia and palestine including jerusalem which had been under international administration under the terms of strikes pekoe. really it's we should be talking about if we want to say what is the modern middle east look like and the striking thing is this if britain had been concerned to
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preserve relations with france right to this to go she asian right through this process they failed because the french looked at sites because they looked at about the south and they realized that they got much less than they had been promised by the british insight fico we overlook these things but in a sense i think that states fico reflects a failure of trying to negotiate a happy resolution of british and french territorial ambitions in the middle east britain came up with war and the french never forgave them. france had insisted on mosul in the fight. but had san remo they conceded it to britain despite the fact that it was known to be rich in oil. in the coup of turpin mark a member of our shores the car. and the most sort of soil is our prayers on that turkish but for the i'm company. kill.
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it but if not if. it is an. example. fronts more territory in the south along this something that is of the old become the iraq syria it got more that it got 25 percent of any oil that would be produced from mosul even though that was going to be developed as a british concern. on the international stage the league of nations now created a series of mandates it placed some new arab territories under the supervision of the british and french a kind of occupation in disguise that equal vender the lash of that s.s. if they did. a limb on the us and if you need to 1st. ask. 10
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mil in the course a says it to 10. that there. when there is a b b c said that on the say that you saw us mad that they had heard the figure of course a year not of the new. the british and the french did overcome their differences in their carve up of the middle east and agreed on concrete borders in december 1920. a joint french british committee was set up to deal with the matter. with her do it. while fasting or and as a friend see what. is going to i'm sure i don't often. see my dad adored in korea luckily the month we were credible have been.
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as well as dividing up the region into 3 new entities and implementing the mandate system britain and france further split the territories they now controlled. the french divided syria into 5 states including greater lebanon. generals have a policy i was on for everybody else year for fugitive neither of my need be active my mouth uk. foreign min. so you were it pretty much for your. son on you have now cannot afford. syria was divided into the streets of damascus aleppo the alawite state and mount
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druze. lebannon would become a republic 6 years later and. tell he didn't know that the. well at the crossing knew what they were that they are them physically for. they were different and you have your customer. well there's the. british colonial office organize the cairo conference in 1921 hosted by the new colonial secretary winston churchill drew another important line within the british area of influence separating the land east of the river jordan from palestine. churchill came to this brief without any preexisting ideas on the future of the middle east he was in a sense moving as quickly as events were to try and put in place administered
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administer to structures that could prove effective in securing britain's interests at least cost to the exchequer i mean there had been some. proposals which simply from the zionist organization which were pushing for a palestine being defined in much more extensive to include the east bank of the jordan as well but in the end jordan and palestine ended up being under the same british mandate as you know at the end of the 1st world war and then we simply had an ordering council that has stopped. if you're like it's 1st main in 1922. when the hashemites failed in their bid to establish an independent arab kingdom the cairo conference created trans-jordan wish to read hussein's elder son as a mere. iraq was created in mesopotamia with his teens younger son face some f.
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king faisal had been a commander in the arab revolt and was the deposed king of syria. if you look at their arms territorial definitions the day they were zones and visits in psych speak that cuts across it. but the actual bamber is to be truong i suppose for iraq after sykes pico the 1st wall would have been shortly after iraq being created in 1920 was the young the french convention of december 1920. in istanbul capital of the former ottoman empire mostafa command a turk successfully resisted foreign attempts to defy the turkish speaking lands he led the turkish war of independence and repelled the greeks italians french and armenians. to church united the country and didn't you turkish republic was proclaimed in october 1923 make.
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a steady progress evolve this after mark was this even more pathetic. they were. say on these that sob and cease. immediate my idea. was are there any god. on this not sound concept that if we also own a car. at least in the me it really bob doesn't that did all that it does in the national get good day was it doesn't that. the syrian revolution in 1936 finally brought about a french accent and unified the country. by the end of 1946 iraq lebanon jordan and syria had all gained independence.
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british and french forces left but now there are sometimes differing views as to whether the borders the 2 powers true we did the root cause of the problems the arab world has experienced since it's very hard to blame. regional problems in the 20th century on the ways in which the borders were drawn the the most you can say if there is a original set to 6 because it's at those borders were drawn without consulting the people who have to live with them and for never securing the buy in of those to be bussed directly involved the borders with themselves to prove unstable to have a calm do well i mean some of the initially state there i mean there would be a common you've been a form. of be i would be welcome home let me have a hell of. a commie for my pocket how well. a canadian made in here much of what you and i thought if i did the us and with a coffee for
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a lot of money i would have to add that $1.00 of the sort i'd be more we don't want us that is you cannot let that as a standard and more all the wrong mon. you don't want it no more him than stay at the. lead and you're so bad also while i know it was there this scene so in a been at war cerny and well know that is because he had been lost. in part 2 we'll ask whether the superpowers of the 21st century have ignored lessons in the week looks like speak home and start to create more division and boundaries in the middle east than ever before.
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after years of war and famine a dramatic transformation is emerging. al-jazeera goes on a journey with 4 diverse ethiopians to tell inspirational stories and immerse us intimately into van months i was up close to my principles initiatives this truth i was sometimes the friends my ethiopian coming soon on al-jazeera. a new perspective can change the world. for one chin izzie and what began as a hobby has grown into a passion a way of life. peaching the next generation to strive for a higher level. and in-cell installing in his country a sense of freedom and strength. heights my chin is yet on al-jazeera. the ultra nationalist monks connected with one of the world's worst
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humanitarian crisis we dealt as illegally maigret joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have 2 photos of our nation what has happened to the engine that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. religion this is the politics me and mark an unholy alliance on al-jazeera. hello i'm in london with a quick look at the top stories now iran's top diplomat has made a brief and unexpected visit to the french seaside town which is hosting the g. 7 summit wild leaders are gathered in be a ritz for the annual 3 day meeting which began on saturday for mr obama jaws' the
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reflow in for talks on the sidelines with french president emmanuel macron the elysee palace says the meeting was organized at very short notice france has been trying to revive the 2050 nuclear deal that the u.s. pulled out of last year after left berates he sent this tweet saying iran's active diplomacy in pursuit of constructive engagement continues met on on the sidelines of g 7 barretts after extensive talks with the diana and finance minister followed by a joint briefing for the u.k. and germany road ahead is difficult but worth trying. as well as leader hassan nasrallah says the group is now in a new phase of its conflict with israel off to 2 israeli drones crashed in lebanon's capital as bala says one drone damaged a building housing its media office when it crashed in the area in beirut's southern suburbs another israeli drone exploded in the air and then crashed in the same area responding in a televised speech called it
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a very dangerous development and. enough is enough we will never allow israeli aircraft to attack lebanon or a targeted lebanon on the news really side will never feel safe if you israeli drones that are coming to lebanon are not coming here to collect information they are suicidal dros that killing us from now on we will face the israeli drones when they arrive in lebanon skies we will crush them we will drop them. tens of thousands of brazilian soldiers have begun heading into the amazon to join the fight against fires burning through the rain forest military is being sent to 6 states in an unprecedented response number of fisons about 85 percent higher than last year and many blame president diable scenarios policies that he says the situation is returning to normal and hong kong police use water cannon for the 1st time against pro-democracy demonstrators the latest clashes happened after another large more peaceful march took place in a different part of the city or part 2 of the sites pico program lines in the
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sand now continues but i will be back with the news hour at 2100 g.m.t. to join you then. september on al-jazeera up to gears of war and famine al-jazeera looks at the dramatic transformation emerging through the inspirational stories of 4 diversity p.o.p.o. israel elections can benjamin netanyahu to form a majority and survive another time listening post to 6 the world media how they operate and the stories they cover to succeed the late tim is in president to subsea join us for live coverage as to his units a documentary that examines the worst atrocities committed during the war in libya . september on al-jazeera.
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the league of nations mandate for palestine came into effect in september 1983. it stated that the allied powers had agreed that the mandates be responsible for establishing quote a national home for the jewish people. briefed on the joy of. what had. only a bloody. men as you'll go for your new year climate there will be a local what a year would be from the. from manhattan must learn the skill would be. just some them feely lilian would be for the skiing we're. going to a little beautiful as the men. men or rope minerals your mother cause.
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i think that sign is diplomacy and was brilliant in any way manipulating. british feel and tyson to take. failings at the same time because this fantasy of presenting the jews in america as the key to whether or not america would participant in the war and by presenting exaggerating the power of the jews worldwide. in the coming years palestinians would fight several campaigns from demanding independence from britain to trying to stem the tide of jewish immigration to palestine. the movement culminated in the revolt of 1936 which took the form of strikes and armed resistance. data from
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a lot of. the latine manner should. be of the brittany were lit on a. dock orm her call me out of the i love it was the and bad i should've done away one tackle radical out of the philistine. list i'm not officially who beautiful stadium of the come center what got him there the law to be in a vacuum because i mean the seine out of that you could have a lovely little bit on it a moment well of the eye then out a look at our blog of the run and how to. well in all capable of your reply me you must still be of morganatic so you know me and the british crush this revolt the zionists weren't strong enough at the time they didn't have the military capability. the british brutally put down the arab revolt and
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it's arguable and i would argue that palestine wasn't lost the 94748 it was lost in the late 1930 s. when britain would put down so far only the arab revolt and destroyed all palestinian military capability. to british mandate in palestine and did on the 14th of may 1948 as it ended david ben-gurion declared the establishment of a jewish state to be known as israel. the same team the armies of 5 arab states moved into the former british mandate the 1948 arab israeli war lasted almost a year the 1st of several subsequent major border conflicts. is really settlements beyond its recognized borders have also continued israel's expansion. to
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a total from. her her duties really. matter but war. look at the cyrillic very clear let it wash woman out of your own be a lord not a lot of them. any hossam heather said are fairly young but the amount of rain began but. how ticket has been amended as the healey we're. going to go on huckabee for we don't need your dirty history been learned yet the militia were unified sub nother. part of the leaning on has been imo so and blew all how did not a lot of them worked on the liver like if i had a cigar supreme i. the balance of power has remained in its wheels favor in 1967 it expanded its borders in the 6 day war to include the west bank the gaza strip the sinai peninsula and
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the golan heights usually only comes meat illicit meat elf was told in a sort of really you know who would be. feed there till the. used one of them talked about. a serious was that he must look well and well how the kernel cause. is that done why you know if it doesn't have the flu or be able could such a critical curse mean kabul bugs. that and john minimus the wheel of karma bill is full of the new year but the fool could well with the early obama and then most of my $1000000000.00. cut out of the workers of you were in the lemme tell you that one at the end all of it was the me with all those really you are those people in israel today like president revealing who call for a bi national state they ask they insist. on.
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civil rights for the palestinians and human rights for the palestinians equality for the palestinians in terms of economic social and cultural issues etc but not political. that these days will remain the state where jews would have the upper hand politically speaking and that by national state would be open to jewish immigration but not the palestinian immigration i mean what kind of the state is going to be it is going to be as i say the south african state without the south african solution. like palestine iraq has also been affected by the legacy looks like speak of. in 2003 a u.s. led coalition declared war on iraq believing it to possess weapons of mass destruction and aiming to oust president saddam hussein. however the
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coalition didn't tar the clear recovery plan for a post saddam iraq and secretary and ethnic armed west seriously destabilize the country. or the invasion of. their intermingle sure so he lived in the same areas they were. in fact in the early years of. iraq insists that never were too closely. but the sledgehammer smashed the society. or. did manage to instigate a conflict once the conflict starts there's a predictable cycle of violence that takes place i come i think primarily with 3
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main object. the 1st is to support the administrator i'm boss. gerry brahma. in what he is doing in this transitional period for iraq. am if you look at the history of modern iraq since 2003 you might say that no leader has come through who's been able to settle iraq and govern with the consent of enough of the majority to bring iraq to a stable condition and to political security and of that of the latter uk bubble headed for a couple of the had what i ate jelly but emma you saw the head erratically and that here lesson. well is the whole i know you had a clean limit movie about the glad i can win at x. 7 many you're not really. the call my letters i was when she i was from the 1st
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yeah. well here and i believe it's in the me she has them and i have got him a new letter then one is a while back. that she's. the model for the cottage that he doesn't every kid can attest even with really. he a limb. to do it after he and bain the home john what by me . when my dad bought him a card with the. bottom share with a 2 commander 2 out of the. iraqi resistance to the us occupation increased as to terry and killings the country fell deeper into chaos causing some americans to call for the division of iraq it was almost as though they hadn't
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studied the lessons of the post sykes pekoe periods. so fail to convert our. new. era. of them with a by the. by the valley so for timely i started seen hyped at the start of. the start at the top he led a cli as a b. o. . that. here was that area. storm. leaders in iraq began to warn against the intervention of neighboring shiite iran in the
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internal affairs of their country. they feared a sectarian war which would lead the country into a spiral of violence and arguably make division the only option. around my idea of the iraq war here and i know why i what damon. and. when brady are. here why they leave the house and. if it's not part of year. to be an issue. with. sophia what do you do or did you are. why. did you hear all of that. and what. it was you know i sat down with
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at least chip bellows i want to get them all as one under the wire me so hot in here i don't have to swallow if you don't want to see the old boys here what's that for a man to feel being a billet i don't like you to bury it so it was that they were more in the. ham yet it all had me to democracy that all how muted to feeling them across is that it all the mochas you need that i hope and those they let me have sat the horde. the kurds managed to achieve autonomy in the kurdistan region of iraq in 2005. their political leadership is now pushing for a referendum on independence which could mean drawing new borders within iraq. and it is true. brocky kurds are quite happy. and salamon there where they are in their own. enclave as it were but the united states continues to look for an iraq
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which is integrity and not divided into 3 talking it goes on what sex and them to write. i mean. that we've been. outed by the what. werman helped. and took. off that can. be looked at harvard. is off your heart but sex pico say a coon she oughtn't to. become. the threat of division has also emerged in modern syria. the syrian revolution began in march 27th. the government of president bashar al assad responded by waging a fierce war against all opposition with far reaching consequences.
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it represents a major challenge facing the international community and 2016. the situation in syria was exacerbated by the intervention of both russia and iran and their support for the assad government against the rebels. what dylan as me i mean about the. on the iranian people and we have to do a story you have to sort of look. where i'm at the fact is that if you said that the the the. you know well i mean death for analysis and no he in your. new foods. has is that bottoms you're a bum pushed. one of them going to come to you after more is another in the harlequin that would have dr lee the young milat or in gone an associate will be in
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class sami according to imagine if that eastwood amjad by the thing you know when there are some new one m.b. how good it is to what i'm being on as a sick individual could win him oakum i just really mckown him what will be able to record is you all that he had already sauce that sue you just. let out of a taxi. the un stopped publishing the death toll in syria in 2014 and the numbers are now thought to be much higher than official figures. when russia and turkey the conflict on the side of the assad government in september 25th when it began bombing opposition held areas and has become a major player in the ongoing crisis. arose he added we don't know whom and shows sort. of carbonell and how for the with any and the whole. yeah. so we have had.
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enough. food and. raise. the you know what the doctor. had the journey. the sharia the leo how to live. with a russian intervention which is to guard russian interests in their own just our own ally that russian intervention makes russia or stay closed so has to be brought into the talking that needs to proceed as does iran with hizbollah as a proxy in syria and as does the european interest in the form of the flow of
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refugees from syria into europe the interest of the europeans in the stable near east to middle east and america in that row also of global stability with a particular interest on top of that in the security of israel. the international community is still trying to bring the parties together to find a solution to the syrian crisis but we don't want to divide the state dividing the country this part of the debates way whenever it's up to the syrians. now on the question of whether the country will be. divided or not. it seems to me that it is already divided in a very real way with the elements of the christians and the other is occupying a certain amount of territory and the sunni majority occupying the others and i'm. not very hopeful that syria would be a. re put back together again. where in the study but the
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rush not know if enough to walk the heart of. the. cut out is still left to us our. men. and about in the we use in the above are less sure the mission and no. rule will live up to being the only he. has asserted that only a need to stand then. the conflict in syria has become increasingly sectarian it has caused internal displacement of hundreds of thousands of people and the international exodus of refugees on an unprecedented scale in the modern world. some think that's a form of such a ration is the only solution. danny is
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a set of the young do it takes the a minimum could only i should do while i sit on that dual hazel's act and no and no . technology to slip back as a passenger. it could be sent. to the cave we took libby and we shot at the mouth about it but the can with us so we are doing well i hope and i will apply for that only. if it is there near me. and i'm at that the at the head. than back not only more heidi which i thought of i but if you did any. of that seem . like it ended with a corn dolly will solve the and if you did really get that. the outbreak had the lead in the neck of the. larry. and that. is about the. america i don't even really.
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i think that. the controls the country might should better the interest of israel because he will be sort of the legitimized ruler. after such a civil war after such a carnage the worst scenario is that this integration of the net of the of the country into uncontrollable 5th dumbs as it were now so i think that $11.00 syria complete with a regime that is not particularly legitimate in the eyes of the international community is something that would suit i think the current role is of israel. to islam extent of iraq and the levant isis has also complicated the situation in syria and has proclaimed the creation of the state in parts of syria and iraq. while american planes were bombing i saw in syria the also enabled kurdish groups
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to take control of certain areas of northern syria in october 25th teen and proclaim a kurdish province there. this could be seen as encouraging the idea of a federal division of syria as well as causing alarm bells for neighboring countries. in syria they are trying to get some kind of control with the help of russia united states and other iranian regime and account on like has been lost in the one on the facto hobby tutt where internationally they may not be recognized but defacto they will operate all of that and continue to talk at all create kinds of problems in the region. in mid. 15 there were armed clashes in turkey between the government of friendship to widen and the p.k. came. the kurdish peaky key founded in 1978
5:44 am
once a political entity of its own independent. in there has been a model put this on and on. just the middle feet intifada. danny. the father. i had the home and there will. be lot of the. north. that's me a feeling med that is her with me. out. be doing the n. . yet the how. hard done is show tiny that no human can know and you will hear from them is better model could discern it has it into father mother tongue language as a being or office in language in schools. is
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a legitimate demand and it could be expressed in the critic society so i don't see any legitimate and logical. demand for any kind of autonomy even if it was theirs it is going to be p.j. case demands and we are not in place to all debate or negras shade that kind of autonomy with on the be whole for all shows or towards. the ultimate legacy of the psychs pekoe agreement was to establish the rights of outside powers and interests to intervene and influence the politics of the middle east. the sense of instability and constant conflict it has engendered seems even more complex to address now than it was a 100 years ago. how
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the sun's out again in a good part of southeastern australia including tasmania still a cold wind from the west and the sunshine you'll achieve no more than about 13 degrees which i suppose is acceptable enough when it's not that strong except maybe in tasmania and usually warmer in perth up to about 9. degrees i mean there's the lack of cloud in most places we have a promise of decent right in east new south wales and certainly a hint from sydney inland that a bit for some showers of your spell of rain developing heaving the temperature at 13 but could do with rather more than that new zealand briefly precious drop to get
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in the south on you can see the clouds streaming in and catching the higher ground it's pretty obvious and even this far up in space and so that suggest ranger was a case of one the fact showers were destroyed a record breaking out for the north island as well but it does suggest the day after we find again that 211 in wellington but the sun again the main weather type in both lines. now rain is courses the story is time there in japan china and south korea and here's the latest frontal system it's still the seasonal front there's a long way north in china but where then these shanghai drifts into the south of south korea and hits honshu once again. perception is validation. but in one life time we cannot everything. we rely on experiences. and the
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legacy of previous generations. of that testimony we let you know very little. documentaries that open your eyes. millions of people across india miss out on medical but a hospital train is delivering doctors and hope to those most in need one i want to east towards india is a lot flying explained on al-jazeera. this is. hello i'm marianna mozzie this is the news hour live from london coming up in the
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next 60 minutes iran's foreign minister surprises g 7 leaders briefly dropping into the b.r. it summit where president emanuel like one is trying to ease tensions between washington and tehran. hezbollah's leader says they are now in a new phase of conflict with israel after true israeli drones crash in beirut. as brazil's military is deployed to battle the fires sweeping the amazon president also naro says the situation is returning to normal. and a new and keeps the ashes alive with a dramatic end to the test. hello welcome to the program we begin this hour in france where iran's top diplomat made a brief and unexpected visit to bear its which is currently hosting the g 7 summit foreign minister zarif flew in for talks on the sidelines with the french president . they were organized at very short notice taking many leaders by surprise france
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has been trying to revive the 2050 nuclear deal which the u.s. pulled out of last year our diplomatic editor james bays has more now from barrett's. the 1st that reporters found out about the arrival of the iranian foreign minister's plane at the ritz port was on flight tracking websites is now clear of the g 7 leaders also got little or no advance warning of the bold invitation by president micro micro had met bahama job at serif before the servant started on friday in paris apparently according to the iranians the final invite to brit sitcom on saturday after g 7 leaders had come to an. formal dinner at the ritz lighthouse at that dinner iran was discussed but al-jazeera understands the arrival of mr zarif was not disclosed to the other leaders by president mackerel i thought it over to us i think it was unclear one advance that mr serif was coming but it
5:51 am
was somewhat dependent under results of the talks last night last night we didn't develop or up map of choreographed specific next steps but we went through different options juri his visit to be rich the only pictures of the foreign ministers meetings were posted by zarif himself on his twitter account he met with macro and foreign minister joy evil adriel and representatives of the u.k. and germany the key question now is what president trump makes of all of this he pulled out of the 2015 iran nuclear deal and has imposed tough sanctions as part of a maximum pressure strategy do you ever foresee here you were ministers you. know current president macro's invitation to the reef was certainly a bold move whether it ends up being seen as a stunt or a diplomatic coup depends on what happens next zarif and his delegation left the
5:52 am
ritz after just a few hours what new proposals a fairly did they make and how will the chief 7 leaders respond on the last day of this summit james pays al-jazeera pierrots or u.k. prime minister bars johnson held his 1st lateral meeting with the u.s. president at a g 7 johnson described donald trump as quote gung ho about a pro trade dale but he also cautioned the americans would be tough negotiators saying he wouldn't be rushing talks trying to promise a big trade deal for britain after innings the which he said had been a drag on person's ability to cut the deals. this is a different person and this person is going to be a green prime minister and might be forced to live by a. very very. very bigoted. they want to work there were. they were. around during.
5:53 am
the 3rd. world the americans are very ambitious to get this done as fast as possible and they were really want to results you know within a year i suppose in by and by the next june july. to go as fast as we can bob we want this to be a really big story going a comprehensive trade deal with a point in having a deal with justin in agriculture in industrial goods a song that's where the real advantages are for the u.k. and i've been telling donald trump about some of the barriers that british service industries experience whether it's transportation or shipping all noirs or architects. let's discuss today's event with richard dalton he's a former british ambassador to iran joins us via skype from the english town of laban. president trump is usually the want to catch his counterparts off guard at
5:54 am
the sort of meetings but here today the big news is foreign minister mohammad javad zarif making a sudden and unexpected appearance at berets how would you characterize this base of diplomacy from president. well i think mrs merkel got it right it was a parallel event it was 3 hours of detail talks with the french foreign minister and half an hour with president macron an intensive phase of a diplomatic exercise that the french have been conducting with the support of britain and germany for several weeks now to try and reduce the tensions over the iran nuclear agreement and there has been talk of possibly iran back to the limits on its enrichment activities which it has slightly disregarded recently. and in return for that at getting some of its oil that
5:55 am
is currently blocked still on international markets but we don't know whether that is what was discussed and we don't know what the bottom lines are either united states or iran both of whom would have to talk to the french frankly if the french are to pull off a new phase in these difficult discussions but what was today likely to have accomplished. well there are 2 scenarios one unlikely and one lightly the unlikely one is that they made excellent progress but some form of agreement is in mr serry pocket and he needs of course to check that with his leader ayatollah ali the leaders of other countries were present in beer it's that of course you're a new leader was
5:56 am
a better think is unlikely i think there's far too much work to be done on the details of that to be true and take an interim what missouri treaty is namely that it's going to be difficult but it's worth a try and that confirms me and my repression that the idea that there could be an early agreement is far fetched so i think the likely scenario is further detail discussions that it may have made some good progress still a lot less only when you speak about further detail discussions. saying diplomacy efforts on the part of president emanuel macron to try and deescalate tensions particularly those that we've seen in the gulf between the u.s. and iran but at the fact remains that they couldn't be more odds in terms of their positions iran saying that the nuclear deal is not up free renegotiation and
5:57 am
president trump exerting his maximum pressure policy saying that any talks need to include iran's ballistic missile program and their activities in the region i mean that's never going to be acceptable to attack iran. we don't know. how much of all of the blood donors both in terror and the united states that both of your iran and the united states might want to add to the french initiative the iranians and the united states would be best advised to stick to something limited at the moment which gets iran back into compliance with the j.c. and enables the iranian population to get access to the food and medical supplies which they are currently being denied by the all out unjustified economic war waged by the united states well thank you very much former british ambassador to iran so
5:58 am
richard dalton joining us there thank you thank you. now hezbollah's leader hassan nasrallah says the group is in a new phase of its conflict with israel after 2 israeli drones crashed in lebanon's capital as one drone damaged a building housing its media office when it crashed and a mile wide area in beirut's southern suburbs another israeli drone exploded in the air and crashed in the same area responding in a televised speech called it a very dangerous development and i have learned enough is enough we will never allow israeli aircraft to attack lebanon or a targeted level in the israeli side will never feel safe israeli drones that are coming to lebanon are not coming here to collect information they are suicidal drones that they make killing us from now on we will face the israeli drones when they arrive in lebanon skies we will crush them we will drop them. well nostrils i promise retaliate after an israeli airstrike killed 2 has members in syria hours
5:59 am
before the drones came down in beirut now israel is saying the strike in the damascus area targeted an on of iran's revolutionary guards which is planning to attack it using killer drugs a senior iranian commander denied its facilities were hit well israel rarely acknowledges operations in syria but the prime minister benjamin netanyahu has praised his military's efforts and threatened further attacks. if someone rises up to q you kill him 1st you know a complicated operation revealed that iran dispatched a special unit off to syria to kill israelis on the golan heights with explosive drums i'd like to emphasize this was an initiative of iran and we prevented serious attacks that we will expose any attempt by iran to attack us and any iranian effort to hide behind excuses we will not tolerate a aggressions against israel from any country in the region any country that allows
6:00 am
its territory to be used for aggression against israel. the consequences and i repeat the country will face the consequences. and israeli authorities had to evacuate a music festival after rockets were fired from gaza and how this happened in the city of sadr ought to close to the security barrier that separates the territory from israel israeli military says it's intercepted 2 of 3 rockets that were launched from gaza. is a professor of political science at florida atlantic university and author of a book on syria israel and lebanon joins me via skype now in the last 24 hours we've seen attacks on targets in syria now in beirut how do you explain this. escalation by israel well it's an escalation. may only be used on israel's policy. according to the primer.


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