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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 26, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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morning to discuss recent security developments comes out israel's military said it hit way back targets in syria activists say 2 members of hezbollah work killed prime minister benjamin netanyahu threatened further attacks but. if someone rises up to kill you kill him 1st in a complicated operation we revealed that iran dispatched a special unit of to syria to kill israelis on the golan heights with explosive drones i'd like to emphasize this was an initiative of iran and we prevented serious attacks that we will expose any attempt by iran to attack us and any iranian effort to hide behind excuses we will not tolerate a aggressions against israel from any country in the region any country that allows its territory to be used for aggression against israel will face the consequences and i repeat the country will face the consequences israeli authorities have had to evacuate immediately festival after walking for 5 from gaza it happened in the city
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of steadily close to the security barrier that separates the territory from israel israel israeli military says its iron dome and so set to 2 we work that were launched from gaza following that rocket fire out of the gaza strip is really more planes have struck empty fields in the north of the gaza strip but there have been no casualties reported. latest round of cuts is being destroyed $11000000.00 has been given out $100.00 payments so 100 times and families for food utilities how fossett has more. for our garza this sunday morning there are scenes like this these people queuing up at a post office here in gaza city and it's being replicated throughout the territory they're in line for vital aid money money which came into the factory and boy mohammed in marty on thursday he brought $11000000.00 in cash for distribution to
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the $100000.00 poorest families in the territory it's an arrangement which has been in force since march which was after the most recent military escalation between hamas and the israelis and for people here it's absolutely vital that left open. in the crossing so people can live let them find job opportunities open more chances and we won't want $100.00 goes economy continues to be in critical condition be an informant rate running at around 50 percent the poverty rate in excess of 60 percent is contending both with the israeli blockade and the economic restrictions imposed by the palestinian authority but these monthly payments are also very closely linked to the security situation just a few days ahead of the latest transfer from qatar there was a warning from the committee in charge of the weekly friday protests that they may return to the open clashes and confrontations we've seen in previous months that went away after the most recent payment came through it is election season in
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israel there are accusations against benjamin netanyahu the israeli prime minister that he is exceeding to extortion demands in essence from hamas in the way that these payments are being made we've seen in the last month an escalation in really in security around the gaza border fence with attempts by armed palestinian men to get through the fence we've seen rockets being. from gaza territory she turned into israel as well with critique you're going to get it rebalanced for now be famous for coming through and they are both presumably keeping our security situation to some extent under control and they are vital the people that continue for now to receive. a false reporting there they were anxious power military forces say to their finances have been killed by air strikes there were any back group says it was targeted in anbar province near the border with syria it follows multiple reports last week they have in israel for an airstrike targeting an alleged iranian
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weapons depot in iraq activists say there's been an air strike on a village in the northwest of syria government fighter jets have attacked a market in march so even if the province the area is mostly used by those recently displaced after the government claims several times one person was killed during the strike and dozens of others were also injured the u.n. says the worsening humanitarian situation in northern syria is having dire consequences for at least 3000000 people there russian backed syrian government forces have been shelling and launching air strikes against targets in the province since may now that's forced hundreds of thousands of people to leave and they're running out of places to go so one can still has more now from it live province. of them have refused to arrive in a clip 10 days ago after syrian government forces captured his hometown hunchy home
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his one of the survivors of a chemical attack in the same town in 2017 that killed 25 members of his family including his wife and their twins. after marrying again he started over but after receiving death threats from the regime he's afraid and doesn't want us to film his wife. i couldn't even forget the pain how can i deal with losing my family and my homeland each time we say will stand up there is something that breaks us our hearts. either in turkey or in europe up to have it once a better life for his family on the contrary that i'm living witness of assad's crimes i want to tell the world. with the turkish border to the north sealed however the displaced in northern syria have nowhere else to go as the fighting intensifies most of these vehicles carry syrian state from the south of at the border in august the number on the mall has reached at least $70000.00 the influx
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causes a huge traffic jam in the old overloaded city of it and it takes hours to move just a short distance especially in the outlet refugee camp. every day there are more of these makeshift shelters under all of trees and not close to the turkish border. having been displaced several times the have family from hamas only arrived today. the landlord just came and told us to move chalet pitch my tent on the road we are displaced left everything behind tell me know what care we do. the latest regime operations in northern ham are putting health facilities under pressure hospitals are short of supplies and stuff humanitarian aid is urgent plea needed. it's a desperate wait for many including up to have me wondering whether the war will
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catch up with them again c.n.n. crew saw little al-jazeera at live northwestern syria. sunday state media is reporting that its coalition forces have intercepted 6 ballistic missiles fired towards the city near the border with yemen they added that the missiles targeted balustrade camps and the city's military airport a spokesperson for yemen's who's the rebels describe the operation as the largest with mit's range ballistic missile since the war began back in 201510 missiles were launched. g 7 leaders have agreed to help the countries affected by fires in the amazon as fast as possible tens of thousands of brazilian soldiers have become heading into the rain forest to join the fight against the fires the 3 planes have begun dumping water on the burning forest in the donya state that amber fars is about 85 percent higher than last year and many blame the policies of president gyre bolsa no. well hundreds of new farms have been reported adding to the several
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thousands across the region official day said compiled by national geographic shows the scale and intensity of the 56 percent in stays are asking for federal help and 77th i was in wildfires have been reported since january a little while brazil's president jabal sanaa expressed confidence that the situation is under control of the ridge burns are down over the last few years and are going back to normal well to resemble has more from nova. in the state of math so gross. we're here right in front of the asian way now a river in my pocket also this is one of the states that has mostly affected by the fires affecting the amazonia region and we know that the government has just announced that they're deploying to hurry cuties military planes to the states of them don't yet however several states are requesting the presence of the armed forces in order to be able to control the fires on our way here where we're able to
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see several fires right next to the road from cleared land mostly farmers are clearing the land in order to be able to have tackle or grow crops among other things but this fire can get out of control and that's part of the problem presidentially evoke another is trying to show some type of action after being heavily criticised worldwide for what is happening here with the european union threatening to call off such a free trade agreement between america through trade bloc and the european union among other things because of the situation here on the ground in spite of this fire is affecting the region this is just the latest problem that the region like this one is facing could say the biggest one is deforestation brazil is that the top list of countries that have lost tropical rain forests because of deforestation and as i said before the fires are just speed few are a thing that situation even further we're joined now by daniel try and live for us
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from port of ale in brazil hi there daniel so both on our list sent in the military today with the fires to stress give us some idea that he's been listening to the protests both locally inside brazil and globally. well i think he certainly felt the pressure to need to do something and sending in the troops is what he does he's a former military man he looks for military responses but the main criticisms still result still very strong that he is responsible in large part for the underlying problems of the fires and really just the consequences of a policy that he has encouraged allowing the prospectus to go into supposedly protected lands and to de forest as teresa was just mentioning and then to burn the vegetation to make that ground then suitable for soil farming and for cattle rearing and we've seen evidence of that around here around the state over on dole in the fire so much in the way of fires burning and what we have seen is the
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evidence of fires that have recently been put out by the roadside the big fires it seems the further into the interior much more inaccessible harder to get to and which is one of the reasons why the military with the heavy equipment the big planes have been brought in to try to deal with those more inaccessible fire has done you want conversations of where you are one else seeing in a way that you were. to be one of the worst affected. well i'm back now in the state capital over on. the port vale but we've just come back from a long river trip 5 hours up river where the indigenous community where they have been complaining for years about encroachment on their territory about land being burnt on their territory and nearby properties as well about the river being polluted and as we were going up the river we could see smoke we could feel the
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smoke in the air we could smell it we could see the ash falling onto the river and then when we got to the community they were complaining about that encroachment about the cattle rearing that goes on their territory we saw many fishermen who shouldn't have been there meant to be protected land but what job also narrow the president has done has withdrawn the funding or seriously reduce funding for the state organizations the state agencies which are supposed to be defending this land protecting this land it was always very difficult these places a very remote this is a wild west country and many it may in many ways lawless operations going on but now that that funding has been reduced and job also nowruz called indigenous people an impediment to progress really it's given carte blanche for many of these developed ways to go in to carry on burning to carry on trespassing on land and these fires as i say really just a consequence of that and the president has shown no signs that he's going to change that policy any time soon.
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pope francis has joined international calls for action the leader of the moment catholic church prayed that efforts by all can control the fire. you are all concerned about the vast fires that have developed in the amazon let us preserve with the efforts of all controlled as quickly as possible. in forests is vital for our planet. then this whalen's are racing to the border with ecuador before news easy rules take effect is the latest south american nation to tides and regulations these 4000000 venezuelans have left the country in the last 2 years to escape the political and economic crisis where latin america edison human has more from told come on the colombia ecuador border. i am on the record or our side of the border with colombia where thousands and thousands are going as well as are rushing to get past here right behind me is the entrance to the immigration area where they're hoping to get there or their papers stamps or they go to into the
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country but there are this requisite for abuse out what they call a democratic means or goes into effect in less than 10 hours time and people here are desperate they say that if they can't get in now they don't know what they're going to do they've come many of them could only go away from that is where law and colombians sometimes working up to 25 days with no money with little children some people even on crutches to make it past before the deadline goes into effect and at another vehicle during that authorities in the meantime say that think of channel hope that there's this is turning into a real humanitarian crisis active nor are the united nations high commission for refugees is here. or there are agencies are trying to help but there's really not a lot of food to give them they're getting vaccinated but most of them are just going to try to keep reacting and walking and where they get to another major city and well another country like through and when they get there they won't be allowed
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to go in without a visa either still ahead here on al-jazeera. to call it watertown ones for the 1st time since anti government protests began. 2 years after 3 violence in me and ma the future is still far from certain jurisdictions in baghdad. thunderstorms now of the us i mean the calendar quite tremendous the potential for rain forward would lead to flash floods that's already happened you might get some idea this cloud is connected to some degree it is so during monday big damp will seem likely anywhere from the central primaries of canada suzi midwest down towards the appalachians and southeast corner these green dots represent the center of potentially heavy rain to the west that it's all fine and dry breezy because i'm
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dry enough for red flag warnings now there was fire season there is cloud of the coast of california i think it'll come to nothing the port if you're rain maybe more obvious is this development here which could just be a hurricane that looks over the water but it's close the carolinas want to watch one rather more closely to watch i suspect is that heading towards barbados there is a tropical storm watch in operational environment and this thing as it heads in probably for monday night early tuesday is approaching hurricane strength in a moment heading for barbados right in the geo screen there however if you're not unless or until is your weather is fine if you thought of the trade winds back towards the coast here particularly on thinking nicaragua or honduras it looks a little be windy and persistently wet. the story of a friendship between a filmmaker and
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a 7 year old girl what is it would mean. giving to a refugee family being the syrian war. in the face of deep rooted tension between the libyan needs and the refugees. hero my syrian friend. on al-jazeera set in the discussions for years police in cape town have struggled to reduce debt in a gallery by examining the headlines now under president putin russia is making a push to engage explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire but. it's almost 2nd nature and i also know what they see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. it
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watching al-jazeera in mind of our top stories this hour rounds top diplomat has made a brief surprise visit to the g. 7 summit. held talks with french president manuel on the sidelines 3 day. hezbollah's leader hassan nasrallah says the group is in a new phase of its conflict with israel after 2 israeli drones crashed in lebanon's capital and in televised speech he called it a very dangerous to tell. g 7 leaders agreed to help the countries affected by fires in the amazon as fast as possible tens of thousands of brazilian soldiers of them heading into the rain forest and military planes about dumping more than one
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donya state. g 7 leaders happen urged to do more to achieve gender equality in a report presented by the head of the un women and 2 nobel peace prize winners the g 7 gender equality advisory council members to adopt and promote feminist laws well the report says legislative reform is the best way for g 7 leaders to make the biggest difference is has more than 2 and a half 1000000000 girls and women around the world suffer through dimmest discriminates re lawless and a lack of legal protections one in 3 women will be the target of physical or sexual violence in their life 2 thirds of people who cannot read or write are female and girls are 15 times more likely than boys to be excluded from primary school globally the gender wage gap is still on average 20 percent and 94 percent of men work versus 64 percent of women
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a report by consultancy firm mckinsey pham closing the gender wage gap could add up to $28.00 trillion dollars in annual g.d.p. by 2025 and in terms of political representation 5 percent of the world's heads of government and 24 percent of parliamentarians who are women will capture iverson is on the g 7 gender equality advisory council she said leaders need to start by getting rid of on equal legislation. that's the gender discriminatory laws they already have on the books because everybody has them on the books and then push progress and laws invest in the implementation because it's not just about getting laws on the books it's also about getting them implemented and finance women organization that are the ones on the forefront of this and then of course keep the promises vote themselves accountable we'll also look to them to do that so we have proposed an accountability framework that will then follow the promises made but
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also in in last year's g 7 where we also have the gender equality council and then we will look at it will measure it and because the president next year is open his you know country and on to the big plus $25.00 the 25th anniversary of the big conference with a big push called generation equality that would be a good moment to take stock and that was also what the leaders discussed today what are they going to go home and do and how will they look at it next year and hold each other accountable that it's done. the u.s. is marking the arrival of the 1st and slave africans to the english colony of virginia 400 years ago the transatlantic slave trade database says nearly 400000 people were sent to north america over more than 2 centuries around 10000000 ended up in south america the caribbean commemoration comes at a time when the u.s.
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president is accused of creating a culture of white nationalism and racism can flourish allan fisher has more from homs and virginia where he attended a commemoration event. it began with the ringing of a bell for 4 minutes to mark the 4 centuries since the ship carrying the 20 ordered africans came up the chesapeake bay it must have been time for them they'd already been kidnapped in their home country of what would no be angola and packed onto a ship and then that ship was hijacked by a british privateer flying under a dutch flag when we see privateer of course we're centrally mean private and he arrived here at the jamestown colony with the 20 and ordered africans and traded them for food and the people here in the colony decided that they would enslave them that they would put them to work and over the years we've seen how the africans were enslaved for more than 200 years until the emancipation proclamation
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but there are many here who are marking this occasion seeing that the united states still hasn't really addressed the inequities of what happened 400 years ago though when you talk about a constitution of we the people it excludes people of color it never mentions women it doesn't talk about native americans and so those things have to be addressed if america truly is to become a united state. poor saying yes president johnson will be facing a 2nd challenge in the republican primaries for the 2020 white house nomination but it's highly jocasta reports it will be an easy task done since a president with massive approval ratings and his own posse. president trump recently bragged that 94 percent of republican voters believe he's doing a good job in office independent polling shows that number closer to 80 percent which is a strong showing all the same and pretty consistent throughout his presidency that
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has all but quieted the so-called never trumper as a former republican rivals who once ridiculed trump during his 1st campaign but then fell in line after he took office but now there are 2 republicans who have announced that they will formally challenge trump to become their party's next presidential nominee. in the united states no one has successfully challenged an incumbent president for his own party's nomination in more than a century and a half and president trump with his approval rating among republicans that 80 to 90 percent has laughed off any suggestion his nomination is in jeopardy but on sunday former congressman joe walsh became the 2nd republican to announce a longshot bid to unseat trump in the primaries i'm running because he's unfair somebody needs to step out and there needs to be an alternative the country is sick
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of this guy's tantrum he's he's a child intraparty challenges to a sitting president are rare but have happened before ronald reagan strongly challenge president gerald ford in 1976 ted kennedy came close to winning the nomination against jimmy carter in 1980 and pat buchanan challenged the 1st president bush in 1992 each incumbent went on to lose the general election. while she and fellow republican presidential challenger william weld a former governor are both considered long shots against trump to call it suicide. it would be pretty close to accurate at this point but a lot can happen in 6 months especially with the potential economic downturn loom looming we know that the president's approval rating is very closely tied to the health of the economy and any continued problems with trade and such could really
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don't the president trump has weathered a rough week escalating the u.s. china trade war labeling the chair of the u.s. federal reserve an enemy and ordering private businesses to not do business with china. but the republican national committee is right behind the president and he's raised a small fortune for his campaign which make it difficult for anyone to challenge him and when going forward much rests on how the u.s. economy will perform in the next few months this week ended with stock prices tumbling over uncertainty about trump's handling of the u.s. china trade war but overall gains in the economy and job growth have been robust under trump's presidency also members of his party have rallied behind the president for his picks of conservatives to the u.s. supreme court all of which is to say that trump still enjoys immense support among
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his republican base and any challenge coming from within his own party to become the next presidential nominee is very unlikely to succeed prisoners inside a jail in bahrain are on hold a strike saying they're being mistreated about 600 inmates began a strike 10 days ago over conditions inside job prison in the east have complained they're denied religious visits or rights and are being kept in solitary confinement the media in bahrain say an official investigates if the prisons managers haven't broken any regulations. still ahead on al-jazeera a surveillance shut down in hong kong protesters goes to extreme edges to keep trying eyes away. on a sporting them keep the ashes alive in a dramatic end to the 3rd test all that and more when we come.
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and new perspective can change a world. for one chin is even what began as a hobby has grown into a caution own way of life. the next generation to strive for a higher level. and in so installing in his country a sense of freedom and strength. new heights my chin is yeah on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every.
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thousands of for him to refugees marking what they call genocide remembered stay. it's 2 years since more than 700000 people were forced. their homes and me and ma live in densely crowded camps of bangladesh thousands of people were killed u.n. investigators say myanmar's military leader should be prosecuted on charges of genocide war crimes and crimes against humanity stephanie dowrick has more from could go to law camps in the southeast of the country. today's quiet calm betrays the scenes of panic 2 years ago when hundreds of thousands of rango across
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the river now in a desperate attempt to seek safety they are safe now but nothing has been resolved nor has 6 children who was part of the exodus in august of 2017 really rather. they are asked if you want to go back to burma i said no he asked me why i told them that the houses were burnt our family members were raped and killed this is why we suffered so much and came here how can we go back without knowing that we will be safe there's been a renewed effort to get some of the refugees to go back to me and mark but with no guarantee of what will happen when they get there no one has so far agreed to return the scale of this camp is like nothing you've ever seen it is the biggest refugee camp in the world around a 1000000 rangar are living in these camps across southeastern bangladesh but what does that number really mean well it's more or less the population of islamabad or
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oslo it is a city of refugees without the infrastructure needed to cope. many aid agencies work here in that sense it is a global effort but it's bangladesh that's hosting their anger and it's made it very clear this is a temporary solution and it's a population that keeps expanding this is a really dynamic population. aboard 10200 warning we did that makes the world cup to 3000 police in front of people being murdered him to you so it keeps. the young won't remember much about what happened but the older ones know that the killings the rate the burning of homes in august of 2017 was only the latest chapter in what's been decades of persecution against their people and as you hussein is a camp leader this is his 3rd time as a refugee in bangladesh have or are grandmother not bored i don't doubt a mother i did with i'm 65 years old i came here as
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a refugee in 1978 then again in 1902 then i went back now i'm a refugee again in 2017 i've spent 30 years of my life as a refugee i want to go home if the burmese accept our demands will go back right away. what they want is to be officially recognize israel as citizens of me and mar with rights freedom of movement and security what they want is to go back home but the reality is they are not wanted there most of their homes no longer exist bangladesh is categoric it can't use them forever it's not clear what or where their future will be stephanie decker. long camp cox's bazaar south east bangladesh . well let's take a closer look at the crisis unfolded on august the 25th 2017 fighters from a range on attack dozens of me in march please post and then there were an army base about 85 tests and 12 members of the security forces were killed the fighting
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spread in the rain just say hundreds of their homes were set on fire by the military and buddhist militias within weeks almost $300000.00 range of fled the violence which included murder rape and torture they crossed the border into bangladesh by mid september the un had described the military operation against the working as textbook ethnic cleansing well young here is the un special rapporteur for me and she says the conditions in the country are not said for the ranger to return they do not feel safe to go back and by saying they do not feel safe to go about it is those perpetrators who are responsible of the torture the rape and the killings and the burnings and those who are responsible of course for forcibly deporting people out of ramallah they're still there i mean if you have those who.


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