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tv   Indias Hospital Train  Al Jazeera  August 26, 2019 8:33am-9:00am +03

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about 85 tests and 12 members of the security forces were killed the fighting spread in the rain just say hundreds of their homes were set on fire by the military and buddhist militias within weeks almost 300000 range of fled the violence which included murder rape and torture they crossed the border into bangladesh by mid september the un had described the military operation against the working as textbook ethnic cleansing well young here is the un special rapporteur for me and she says the conditions in the country are not sit for the rich to return they do not feel safe to go back and by saying they do not feel safe to go back is those perpetrators who are responsible of the torture the rape and the killings and the burnings and those who are responsible of course for forcibly deporting people out of ramallah they're still there i mean if you have those
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security forces police and military still there how would you feel safe 2nd video will not have any freedom of movement that is not any condition anybody would want to return to that is not a dignified return and there is. no citizenship or rights that they can enjoy that other people in them enjoy and we have to remember that many of the people in cox's had in the past enjoyed scissors and ship but it was all taken away from them in hong kong piece of used live ammunition and water cannons for the 1st time against demonstrators who staged a 3 month long protest the latest clashes happened after another launch more peaceful march to place in another part of the city adrian brown has the story. sunday afternoon in hong kong. police and protesters now well versed in each other's
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tactics this time the focus was on a large residential area in calhoun 17 kilometers from the central business district confusing and frightening for people trying to get home. this woman was wrestled to the ground after a violent confrontation with police. the protesters principle demand is for the government to formally withdraw a contentious extradition bill that has now morphed into a wider campaign for political reform a campaign that has so far failed. the one thing yeah it's cheap it's got the obvious that. you know but do you really believe that you can win at the end of the day because so far you haven't we should have a hope. yet every hong kong people was we. tear
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gas was again used and police threw fire arms and fired warning shots. and in a new 1st for hong kong water cannon was used as the night wore on the protest to split into smaller groups eventually dispersing but the violence later spread to other areas there were a number of arrests 3 months after this protest movement began the protesters don't seem to be flagging and neither does the police's determination to suppress the movement and if anything the police tactics now hardening. a tropical downpour didn't deter a protest by families of the police they say the protests are taking their toll at a peaceful gathering no some were also critical of the force urging restraint over the use of tear gas and rubber bullets. that restraint is now being tested adrian
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brown al jazeera hong kong. facial recognition software has been in the spotlight in the last week as previously concerns go round the controversial technology these some protesters clashed in hong kong on saturday as demonstrates his band allies so-called smart lampposts equipped with cameras some fear they can be used for surveillance by the big authorities well the chinese telecommunications giant who was always one of the pioneers of the technology and with the government's help promoting it abroad one of the biggest concerns is that it can be used to strengthen all to crap 6 systems aspiring e.u. member serbia plans to install a 1000 tide definition cameras in the capital belgrade rights organizations there say the law regulating this area is weak and hasn't yet been applied meanwhile the financial times says the e.u. is planning new restrictions on the technology to protect its citizens and officials from the european commission says they want to limit what they call indiscriminate use of facial recognition well doll bob is
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a former chief superintendent in london's metropolitan police he says there's a need for checks and balance for this technology to be fully embraced. all of us need to understand is that people will have surveillance going on all the time you know whether your going to supermarket supermarket can track your purchases and and determine what is the best things to sell to you so i think what this is doing is tracking people who are potentially going to do is arm and then looking at how they can try and mitigate the harm. i think it's right that we have proper checks and balances because the concerns that people are now voice in are the very very same concerns that people have always seen when d.n.a. was introduced all when tracking of individuals was 1st introduced in. the number plate readers of cars and i don't necessarily have as much faith with the private sector not abusing the data that we have we've seen that with facebook we've seen
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that with the way that data was harvested with crime and in natick so so i think the private sector needs to have checks and balances and ironically there's very very few checks and balances around and i think the technology is very crude at the moment. that makes makes a valid point about saying you know that we need some more more understanding around this and ultimately this whole artificial intelligence still relies on people to put data into a system and those people who are putting data into a system we can assume that they are free of all biases so that we need those checks and balances are absolutely we need them but we also need to understand that they've been your ability to identify people who are potentially going to cause us harm can all be utilized so when we have those checks and balances when we're safe when we're confident that the system is not to be abused and i'm not sure that we're we are necessarily there then i think it will be a very valuable tool. a probation pamela has chosen
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a businessman as macos chief executive hold out saying was picked in a selection process that have no other candidates like hong kong or cows especially mistress a territory of china beijing took control in 1904 centuries portuguese will. a strain on their plans to ban online extremists content in the event of an attack like the one on 2 mosques in new zealand back in march they involved blocking sarson internet to mainz the government says it may also consider all that would require digital platforms to improve the safety of their services 51 people were killed in the christchurch massacre gunman streamed the she sing live on facebook. the morrison government is determined to keep australians safe online and we are also determined to ensure that terror terrorists. and those. advocating and supporting extreme
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violence and not i go to use the internet to publicize or win support for their causes. as the fight over kashmir continues it's not just humans who are suffering or defense and put up to dividing the disputed territory is threatening wildlife in the himalayan region some a binge of a reports from the line of control in pakistan administered kashmir. in a backyard scared and pushed out of its natural habitat this panting leopard represents the plight of wildlife in one of the world's most militarized zone. as humans fight over the disputed territory defenses they've erected are divided to have a type of animal does well the fence stretches for about 550 of the 700 kilometer long line of control between india and pakistan senselessness a belly before the pains wildlife would really move between india occupied. and. now that natural migration route has been severed the life cycle and biological
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requirements have been limited. use dense forests are home and a source of food for many species the wild cats beer deer goats monkeys and birds only a few of these creatures can be spotted these days despite conservation efforts in my life preserves on both sides this deer species is called the great it is one of the worst affected after the fencing between pakistan and india and that's right these friends are being bred in captivity. and after 15 years just 5 regular hours exist in this trailhead terrorism. because of the fanes many species in kashmir are stranded on either side the numbers have dwindled and the gene pool has shrunk small population breeding means they go through genetic changes higher population and to cross breeding makes them stronger in addition to cross border fire which
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results in fires also has an impact on the law of life mountain pheasants are also vulnerable the ones being bred in captivity have to be regularly checked because in a varies they don't develop the natural immunity which birds acquired in the wild the speed of population growth is another threat as forests trink wildlife is affected people use trees for firewood and construction hunting and poaching also plays a role in drilling numbers. conservationists warn that without for sport a collaboration many species are at risk. such as this baby leopard which got her trying to cross the electrified fence. last breaths i reminded to humans the fight for territory and control is destroying the very land they're fighting for so i live in java down to 0 at the line of control pakistan administered kashmir. england's cricketers are celebrating a dramatic victory against australia in the 3rd ashes test in leeds they were
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carded their highest ever successful 4th innings chase beating a target of $359.00 ben stokes was the hero with an on be $135.00 he put on the final wicket partnership of $76.00 with jack it was an extraordinary comeback after england were bowled out for just $67.00 in their 1st innings the victory keeps the ashes alive the series is level at all one all with 2 tests to go. you know walking off there even when you know the the whole of the you really was you know certainly looked and celebration it was it was a very special moment in. how to try and take you nothing because. moments like that don't come along very often and. you know this is the amazing going to be of to be there and so people. actually talks a lot. over in colombo tom leatham has been in pretty impressive form for new
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zealand in the 2nd test against sri lanka it was corded 154 as the black caps schools on 382 for 5 at stumps on day 4 they have a 1st innings lead over 38 champions manchester city have continued their on beaten start to the english premier league season they born with 3 nil on sunday the result mean city of 7 points from 3 games and sit 2nd in the e.p.l. behind liverpool. the penultimate round of goals and a season 2 or championship has resumed in atlanta they were suspended on saturday because of a lightning strike the left 6 people injured. all the bolted to tree just off the 16th to he it shattered the bar all the way to the bottom of the 6 spectators that were injuring have been sheltering from that same storm they were taken to hospital all of them conscious.
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all that is it from each of them went almost for this news hour i'll be back in a moment with much more of the day's news but by. september on al-jazeera up to gears of war and famine al-jazeera looks of the dramatic transformation emerging through the inspirational stories of for diversity p.o.b. tunes israel elections can mention and netanyahu to form a majority and sometimes another town listening post to 6 the world media how they
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operate and the stories they cover do not succeed been made to his him president budget cuts a subsidy join us for live coverage as tim is you know it's a documentary that examines the worst atrocities committed during the war in libya . september on al-jazeera the for. the 1st century. on the course this week we check the pulse of the global economy that age
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a populist government says the independence of central banks comes of the threat and be unintended consequences of trump's trade off plus the i.m.f. was on the missteps of briggs's and trade. counting the cost on al-jazeera. a surprise visit iran's foreign minister drops in on g 7 leaders in france to try to tensions with the u.s. . all of them given what's all this is al-jazeera live from doha also coming up as well as leader valves to do whatever it takes to stop israel from sending more troops to beirut. an army deployed tens of thousands of brazilians soltis begin the
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fight to bring the amazon fires under control. a rush to the border for venezuela migrants hoping to be visa rules about coming to force in ecuador. iran's top diplomat has made a brief surprise visit to be a ritz which is currently hosting the g. 7 summit foreign minister mohammad jevons serif flew in for talks on the sidelines with french president manuel mccall the discussions will organize a very short notice or france has been trying to revive the 2015 nuclear deal which the u.s. pulled out of self last year a diplomatic editor james bass has more now from beirut. the 1st that reporters found out about the arrival of the iranian foreign ministers plane at the ritz. port was on flight tracking websites is now clear other g 7 leaders also got little
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or no advance warning of the bold invitation by president macro macro had met the hammer job at serif before the chiefs haven't started on friday in paris apparently according to the iranians the final invite to brit sitcom on saturday after g 7 leaders had come to an informal dinner at beirut's lighthouse at that dinner iran was discussed but al-jazeera understands the arrival of mr zarif was not disclosed to the other leaders by president mackerel it i think it was an advance that mr serious was coming but it was somewhat dependent on of his outs of the talks last night last night we didn't develop our a map of choreographed specific next steps but we went through different options jury his visit to beer it's the only pictures of the foreign ministers meetings were posted by zarif himself on his twitter account he met with macro and foreign
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minister joy evil adriel and representatives of the u.k. and germany the key question now is what president trump makes of all of this he pulled out of the 2015 iran nuclear deal and has imposed tough sanctions as part of a maximum pressure strategy to your forces here you were ministers you. know current president macro's invitation to zarif was certainly a bold move whether it ends up being seen as a stunt or a diplomatic coup depends on what happens next zarif and his delegation left the ritz after just a few hours what new proposals if any did they make and how will the g 7 leaders respond on the last day of their summit james pays out jazeera pierrots. well ukase prime minister boris johnson has held his 1st bilateral meeting with the u.s. president at the g 7 or a stone says says he and don't jump or call gung ho about
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a say coast brix it trade deal but johnson cautioned the americans were tough to go shoot as saying he wouldn't rush the talks chum promised a big trade deal for britain now certainly the european union which he said had been a drag on britain's ability to cut a good deal. this is a different person and the person that's going to be a greek prime minister might be worth going by and. thank. you very. much. they want to thank you there were. they were. very anxious for. the americans a very ambitious to get this done as fast as possible and they were really want to results you know within a year i suppose in by by next june july what. goes fast as we come back we want this to be a really big story going
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a comprehensive trade deal with a point in having a deal just in in agriculture in industrial goods and so on that's where the real advantages are for the u.k. and i've been telling donald trump about some of the barriers that british service industries experience whether it's transportation or shipping all noirs or architects hezbollah's leader hassan nasrallah says the group is now in a new phase of its conflict with israel after 2 israeli drones crashed in lebanon's capital as blessed as 1 july a building has in its media office when it crashed in the mall area they would southern suburbs exploded in the air and crashed in the same area at a televised speech nasrallah called it quote a very dangerous development. enough is enough we will never allow israeli aircraft to attack lebanon or a target in lebanon in the israeli side will never feel safe the israeli drones
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that are coming to lebanon are not coming here to collect information they are suicidal drones that they may killing us from now on we will face the israeli drones when they arrive in lebanon skies we will crush them we will drop them israel security cabinet mess on sunday morning to discuss recent security development that comes after israel's military said it back targets in syria had to say to members of hezbollah we're told prime minister benjamin netanyahu threatened further attacks. if someone rises up to kill you kill him 1st you know a complicated operation we reveal that iran dispatched a special unit off to syria to kill israelis on the golan heights with explosive drones i'd like to emphasize this was an initiative of iran and we prevented serious attacks that we will expose any attempt by iran to attack us and any iranian effort to hide behind excuses we will not tolerate a aggressions against israel from any country in the region any country that allows
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its territory to be used for aggression against israel will face the consequences and i repeat the country will face the consequences israeli authorities have had to evacuate in the success because for fire from gaza it happened in the city of close to the security barrier that separates territory from israel israeli military says it's on dome intercept 2 of 3 workers that were launched from gaza. following that rocket far eyes of the gaza strip israeli warplanes have struck empty fields in the north of the gaza strip there are no reported casualties. iraq's shia paramilitary forces say 2 of their friends has have been killed by air strikes the iranian backed group says it was targeted in anbar province near the border with syria it follows multiple reports last week blaming israel for an airstrike targeting an alleged iranians weapons to pull in iraq. activists say
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there's been an airstrike on a village in the north west of syria government fighter jets have attacked a market in ma sharif in the province areas mostly used by those recently displaced after the government claimed several times one person was killed during the strike dozens of us were injured tens of thousands of brazilians soldiers have become heading into the rain forest to join the fight against the fires military planes have begun dumping water on burning forests and running donya state the number of fires is about 85 percent higher than last year and many been the policies of president john bolton although. hundreds of new fire as have been reported adding to the several thousands across the region official data compiled by national geographic shows the scale and intensity of the fires 6 brazilian states are asking for federal help and 77000 wildfires have been reported since january alone brazil's president jabal sanaa expressed confidence though that the
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situation is under control because of the ridge burns are down over the last few years. are going back to normal. and it's reasonable has more for nova band they ran tests that's in the state of muscle growth so all. we're here right in front of the way in a river in marble beautiful news one of the states that has mostly affected by the fires affecting the amazonia region we know that the government has just announced that they're deploying to hurry cuties military planes to the state of from the new however several states are requesting the preference of the armed forces in order to be able to control the fires on our way here we are able to see several fires right next to the rolled on cleared land mostly farmers are clearing the land in order to be able to have cattle or grow crops among other things but this fire can get out of control and that part of the problem residential you will see when i was
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trying to show some type of action after being heavily criticised worldwide for what is happening here with the european union threatening to qualified a free trade agreement between us to trade bloc and the european union among other things because of the 3 to 18 here on the ground in spite of this fire is affecting the region this is just the latest problem but the region like this one is facing the same the biggest one is deforestation brazil is at the top list of countries that have lost tropical rain forests because of deforestation and as i said before the fires are just the fear a think the situation even further. has more now from port to dale in brazil. the president job also now has responded to much of the international criticism of his handling of the fires still raging across the amazon region in the north of brazil i'm here in the state capital over and don't. know whether the worst affected
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regions and we've been seeing the big military planes the c. 130 s flying in to the local airport this is going to be a base from where the planes and the soldiers are going to be sent out to the inaccessible areas around this region to try to deal with the fires as i say which is still raging in. in this region we've seen evidence of many fires mostly by the roadside we've seen the charred and blackened vegetation we can still see smoke in the distance in many areas but around the state capital it seems most of the fires have been brought under control what hasn't changed the underlying reasons for these fires being started in the 1st place which is developers being allowed to go out into these regions of the state agencies designed to protect. the land having their funding reduced by the government a job also no role encouraging these developers to go out and de forest burn their lands to make it ready for cattle rearing and soya production that hasn't changed the fires are still raging in many areas well pope francis has joined international
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calls for action the leader of the roman catholic church prayed that efforts by all controlled by. the you are all concerned about the vast fires that have developed in the amazon let us pray so bad with the efforts of all they are controlled as quickly as possible that long of forests is vital for our planet. still ahead here on hong kong's police deploy water cannons for the 1st time since anti-government protests began. no place left to go arjun calls for more help for the survivors of syria's.


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