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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 237  Al Jazeera  August 26, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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square. southie kid ok to. give. it a shot for the rainbow. and if it hadn't been. in hiding the. food she. and. pay the view. hey the. all. here you know. hey they. took. it. out of. the city in milan to keep it in the best. down 3rd of.
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it. big they're going to get it i think. not if you. have that if you can of here. are vocal. here every. thank you say no you know.
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good luck. they were hate in nick. i.
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should. she. i didn't expect. she wants. only front gradually. she became my friend too. but she. and the. spending time was she had i was a lot of fun she wanted to learn and discover new things all the time when we won't kill me it's a hidden away an exit. lehane the way ahead though saying hey i. am
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a long good didn't know how bill put it and it a thundercloud one of love 8 and not. a good. feeling we're going to get book a lot so it's. getting close. to him so i. was thinking. back to the novel gets bored i had a lot like a critic of the i let go of my hand on the house while i was on so would a stray a bit but yeah the typical had just ahead of me. to hit us and to do it one weeks ahead live and die and i've been the handsome shut
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up in the fuel to add new to this ahead with the change. to it going to highlight my mom there but she said here i. am at how are our times at so good a job exactly like to challenge. us over to my job so i had my lesson you know. yeah they. did that as a yardstick that i make to search that they don't want this or here one moment this you and i would look for some half a dick in to have us have that they don't have to work that they'd be angry that it was a hater but english telling me what is it would mean my name is shall you know what
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. it is. exactly they miss. to hear it or picture of your last book on this i mean come it's a flag. and the obvious is on the other hand we're not going to want to. know want to she could tell that is so for him but yes it will still be sensitive to him less strain and the child who was sort of the mothers who come in and my mom have had no more said mother the most up to be harder than what all this was when her. mother says you know so yesterday. but i thought. that was this was
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his interview to my question really. good woman what do you. critics of hamas work. he was. talking about when we did man. the took a madrassa look into her heart to see a woman came up to lose a lot of kids. my emotional home i don't like. whoa. my niece asked me a record i was really insured by an explosion. i was in charge. it was a car bomb by the syrian army on the 13th of october 1900 journal and i
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went to watch remove the prince of presidency. and so syrian army enters a presidential palace. and took morse areas and they kidnapped and arrested joerg men it's a syrian army also answer to our fear that somebody. during that time my prancercise meat and tornadic emigrated to sri then but they still live like many lebanese people syrian army was to or from lebanon in 2005 but the word memories have never disappeared from our lifes. so war in syria is a great strength and. the security of lebanon is the trees as the number of the syrian refugees here is a huge. specially some of them served here and fought us and know what they are back. of course many of them have been forced to leave their
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homes in c.t.r. and goes through difficult times. also my sisters have accepted that i teach to hear it out and have their daughter in school sister she was said she comes over around our house. and i understand them. so you know it's syrian and her family is syrian. but to me show here is a quick charge and had nothing to do it was always use other stories. say. when they were. there. on a phone call that said here that i would. listen.
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if they were on. the if i was. on the air if you're on the. phone. world. and.
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my wife. so you know i could not believe that she was going to. france was learning english and that her dreams changing. now she became might become a doctor a pharmacist or a teacher it as she was. my 1st fiend was so he had r.c. years ago you know she's just in school and doing greeley where she is hard and is succeeding in severed subjects think i got the integration but it's not what. if you see actually case where. i can split decision with i.
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really feel i need energy but there's. plenty of incentive so you break the chair. and then the chair lift. the guy. wants you to man woman with that young man. or she surprise and order his thoughts to make me proud of her. she has a passion for taking for those specially of me playing the card my housewife now we're. told she wants to give us for her. maybe when she grows up she will stay in lebanon. perhaps peter to see it. but she would order is to member of lebanon. and like we are those who are joining in order memories so you know we always remembered how lebanon chants her life.
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it was a big problem because it was different people admired him in the center of nightlife in beirut in the married miss universe hugh was a flamboyant character on the other hand a ruthless operative fighting for the palestinian cause some israeli intelligence sources claimed that planned the operation and knew for years that he's really trying to find him and kill him al jazeera world examines the life of ali has and salaam the hunt for the red prince.
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thunderstorms now of the us i mean the calendar quite tremendous the potential for rain forward would lead to flash floods that's already happened you might get some idea this cloud is connected to some degree it is so during monday big damp will seem likely anywhere from the central primaries of canada suzi midwest down towards the appalachians and southeast corner these green dots represent the center of potentially heavy rain to the west that it's all fine and dry breeze it is a dry enough for red flag warnings now there was fire season there is cloud of the coast of california but the good will come to nothing the port if you're rain maybe more obvious is this development here which could just be a hurricane that looks over the water but it's close the carolinas want to watch one rather more closely to watch i suspect is that heading towards barbados there
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is a tropical storm watch in operational environment and this thing as it heads in probably for monday night early tuesday is approaching hurricane strength in a moment heading for barbados right in the geo screen there however if you're not unless or until is your weather's fine if you follow the trade winds back towards the coast here particularly on thinking nicaragua or honduras it looks a little be windy and persistently wet. rewind returns with a new series. and brand new updates on the best down to 0 documentary think. miley's done anything illegal rewind continues with the last try secret army of the cia so it's fun to $75.00 believe in the same way that the and sisters did living in the forest in the jungle and seems
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like they're abandoned by everybody on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. with every new. millions of people across india missed out on medical but a hospital train is delivering doctors and homes to those most in need one i want to east towards india is a lot line explained on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello there i'm julie my dog this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes
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a surprise last minute visit iran's foreign minister drops in on the g 7 leaders in france to try to ease tensions with the u.s. . army deployed tens of thousands of brazilian soldiers begin the fight to bring it the allison fires so under control. survivors with no place left to go arjun calls for more help for internally displaced syrians fleeing the violence plus. i know in fisher in hampton virginia where the people here are commemorating 400 years since the 1st africans were brought to the english speaking colonies and forced to work as sleeves. there were multiple to the program iran's top diplomat has made a brief surprise visit to be a ritz which is currently hosting the g 7 summit foreign minister mohammad jevons zarif flew in for talks on the sidelines with french president manuel mccall well
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discussions were organized at very short notice but of course france has been trying to revive the 2050 nuclear deal with the u.s. last year a diplomatic i just james bay says more or less. the 1st that reporters found out about the arrival of the iranian foreign ministers plane at the ritz airport was on flight tracking websites is now clear of the g 7 leaders also got little or no advance warning of the bold invitation by president micro macro had met by hama job at serif before the chiefs haven't started on friday in paris apparently according to the iranians the final invite to brit sitcom on saturday after g 7 leaders had come to an informal dinner at beirut's lighthouse at that dinner iran was discussed but al-jazeera understands the arrival of mr zarif was not disclosed to the other leaders by president macro i saw it all with us i think it was unclear well in
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advance that mr serious was coming but it was somewhat dependent on a results of the talks last night last night we didn't develop or up map of choreographed specific next steps but we went through different options joining his visit to be rich the only pictures of the foreign ministers meetings were posted by zarif himself on his twitter account he met with macro and foreign minister joy evil adrenal. and representatives of the u.k. and germany the key question now is what president trump makes of all of this he pulled out of the 2015 iran nuclear deal and has imposed tough sanctions as part of a maximum pressure strategy do you ever foresee here you were there you. know coming president macro's invitation to zarif was certainly a bold move whether it ends up being seen as a stunt or a diplomatic coup depends on what happens next zarif and his delegation left the
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ritz off to just a few hours what new proposals if any did they make and how will the g 7 leaders respond on the last day of this summit james pays out 0 pierrots. well u.k. prime minister boris johnson has held his 1st bilateral meeting with the u.s. president at the g. 7 or so also says he and donald trump are quote gung ho about a post brit's a trade deal johnson cautioned the americans with. saying they wouldn't rush talks . trade deal for britain after it means the hear when she said had been a drag on britain's ability to cut a good deal. this is a different person and this person is going to be a great prime minister and might be worth going by and. it's very easy to get to know you. they want to work there were.
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you were. around during. the. the americans are very ambitious to get this done as fast as possible and they were really want to results you know within a year i suppose in by next june or july. to go as fast as we can bomb we want this to be a really big story going a comprehensive trade deal with a point in having a deal just in an agricultural industrial goods and so on that's where the real advantages are for the u.k. and i've been telling donald trump about some of the barriers that british service industries experience whether it's transportation or shipping or lawyers or architects not a high shimmies the director of the center for middle east studies at the university of denver and he says hard line is from both the u.s. and iran are a stumbling block for the gauche ations between the 2 hostile countries. i think.
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emanuel not crawl has been having extensive one on one discussions with donald trump but also with other members of the g 7. leaders to try and. chara way open chart a pathway forward toward negotiations and away from war so this is. i suspect has occupied a lot of time among the g 7 leaders will fundamentally wants relief from sanctions so they can sell its oil on the global market roughly 90 percent of iran's oil exports have been sanctioned have been blocked i think iran is economy is hurting i think is partly explains why zarif was so eager to come to the g. 7 meeting. you know the official iranian position is they don't want negotiations that that's largely for domestic political consumption within iran to satisfy you iranian hardliners so you're on wants you know sanctions relief because its economy
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is in freefall it's very difficult i think to make. you know those leaps of judgment i think it's also important to highlight that we are a long way away from any sort of serious negotiations between the 2 countries and that's largely because within both countries there are hardliners who don't want negotiations and you know favor this form of confrontation i would argue that both on the iranian side and the american side there's more than one foreign policy that's at play here which you know just highlights the complexity of trying to bring the 2 sides together around a negotiating table. hezbollah's leader hassan nasrallah says the group is now in a new phase of its conflict with israel 2 israeli drones crashed in lebanon's capital has blessed says one drone damaged a building housing its media office when it crashed in the more wide area and beirut's southern suburbs another israeli drone exploded in the air and crashed in
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the same area in a televised speech nasrallah cold of course a very dangerous development and. enough is enough we will never allow israeli aircraft to attack lebanon or a target in lebanon in the israeli side will never feel safe the israeli drones that are coming to lebanon are not coming here to collect information they are suicidal drones that they may killing us from now on we will face the israeli drones when they arrive in lebanon skies we will crush them we will drop them. wherever they list professor of political science of florida atlantic university and he said it's not a matter of when but his bluff will choose to retaliate. it's an escalation mainly based on israel's a policy that according to the prime minister at the end he would like to make sure that iran does not allow its proxy mainly in iraq and syria and lebanon to have sophisticated weapons or to poor
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a threat to israel so mainly when i look at it i see it as it consistent with his policy but i would add it becoming more dangerous because 1st it was in syria but then it's build over into iraq and now into lebanon and this is why to day it's it's it's the reason it's inching closer toward a war which some saying i hope it will not happen hezbollah is are. mainly the leader of hezbollah according to his speech and i read it very carefully he will retaliate now based on that that are off. i don't think they are going to retaliate have we missiles a lot of that in israel i think they are going to tell you that in the golan heights or hitting it convoy israeli cawnpore like when they didn't couple of years ago this is what i think the way they are going to retaliate and i'm going to do
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that yet in a way so as that is sort of yeah we'll ask a question whether to go ahead and launch that italian at tax against that on or amount so it's going to be a very regulated attack but say will retaliate. israel's security cabinet met on sunday morning to discuss recent security developments comes after israel's military said it hit winnie and back targets in syria activists say 2 members of hezbollah work killed my minister benjamin netanyahu threatened further attacks but . if someone rises up to kill you kill him 1st in a complicated operation we revealed that iran dispatched a special unit of to syria to kill israelis on the golan heights with explosive drones i'd like to emphasize this was an initiative of iran and we prevented serious attacks that we will expose any attempt by iran to attack us and any iranian effort to hide behind excuses we will not tolerate
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a aggressions against israel from any country in the region any country that allows its territory to be used for aggression against israel will face the consequences and i repeat the country will face the consequences israeli authorities have had to evacuate a music festival after workers were fired from gaza it happened in the city of steadily that's close to the security barrier that separates the territory from israel israel intimate military says it's on intercepted 2 of 3 workers that were launched from gaza or following that rocket far i was of the gaza strip israeli warplanes have struck empty fields in the north of the gaza strip there have been no casualties so far reported. the latest round of aid from qatar is being distributed $11000000.00 has been given out and $100.00 payments to $100000.00 families for food intimacies are ethos that has more. fraud
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garza this sunday morning there are scenes like this these people queuing up at a post office here in gaza city and it's being replicated throughout the territory they're in line for vital aid money money which came in the factory and boy mohammed in marty on thursday he brought $11000000.00 in cash for distribution to the $100000.00 poorest families in the territory it's an arrangement which has been in force since march which was after the most recent military escalation happens when hamas and the israelis and for people here it's absolutely vital that left open the most in the crossing so people can live let them find job opportunities open more chances and we won't want 100 dollars dollars economy continues to be in critical condition be an informant rate running at around 50 percent the poverty rate in excess of 60 percent is contending both with the israeli blockade and the economic restrictions imposed by the palestinian.


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