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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 26, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying that iran is not immune anywhere so israel escalating these tensions so far iran and its allies have not retaliated but if they choose to do so there's no saying how the situation could spiral out of control ok zain holder and they would say no thank you. now is as a reference to israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu s threatened further attacks. if someone rises up to kill you kill him 1st in a complicated operation revealed that iran dispatched a special unit off to syria to kill israelis on the golan heights with explosive drums i'd like to emphasize this was an initiative of iran and we prevented serious attacks that we will expose any attempt by iran to attack us and any iranian effort to hide behind excuses will not tolerate aggressions against israel from any country in the region any country that allows its territory to be used for aggression against israel will face the consequences and i repeat the country will
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face the consequences still ahead on al-jazeera say by the state oklahoma's taking on a pharmaceutical giant over of the u.s. opioid crisis plus. i'm all in fisher in hampton virginia where the people here are commemorating 400 years since the 1st africans were brought to the english speaking colonies and forced to work its leaves. how the whole weekend i think the start of the coming would be characterized by slow moving but pretty big thunderstorms the most recent victim this all streets in austria 73 millimeters or in 3 houses ones on the still a significant damp or flash flooding the result they're all reserved the potential for hey a lot of these towns and quite like the lightning that tended to die out i think
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the risk during monday still going to be around the alps stretching into austria want to balkan states but it's really is launching our free from the risk and further science were local right and who was too lazy which was a risk. on sunday that the picture of temperature. this is maybe the more critical one for most places $32.00 low thirty's is the high end of normal in europe but for northern europe particularly in france in the british isles such to a thirty's furies were approaching record breaking temperatures certainly in london and that persists into tuesday as well all these oranges and reds a good late heatwave for many in those in europe and the sheraton has a lot of didaco that i want to maybe in germany but there's a developing area off the coast of spain not stretching down towards north africa so the 2 newsier hangs on to the middle thirty's in the sunshine algae isn't particularly north korea could well turn sundry.
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inmates learning from other inmates acquiring knowledge that could set them free. through legal education classes and mock tribunals that dedication has led to staggering results even in prison for. the ricin and that was saved in teaching empowerment can you possibly read the legislation series on al-jazeera. pick up the headlines for you right now and help sarah palin's currents of iran hit
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an 11 year low and it concerns about beijing's trade war with the us a short while ago president donald trump said chinese officials called up the american trade negotiator on sunday and the hope of restarting talks to resolve the dispute. and on time says the french president did speak to him about inviting the iranian. minister to the g. 7 summit. on a very it's on sunday after it's reflektor it's he tweeted saying the road ahead difficult. at 3 israeli airstrikes have reportedly had a compound belonging to a palestinian military group in the lebanese town of near syria's border that comes a day after an israeli drone crashed in the southern suburbs of beirut another exploded before landing. the u.n. says the worsening humanitarian situation in northern syria could affect at least 3000000 people russian back syrian government forces have been shelling and launching air strikes against targets in the last rebel held province of idlib since may and that's forced hundreds of thousands of people to leave and they're
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running out of places to go simcoe sailor reports some. of them how many do you see if they arrived in a clip 10 days ago after syrian government forces captured his hometown hunchy home his one of the survivors of a chemical attack in the same town in 2017 that killed 25 members of his family including his wife and their twins. after marrying again he's started over but after receiving death threats from the regime he's afraid and doesn't want us to film his wife. i couldn't even forget the pain how can i deal with losing my family and my homeland each time we say we'll stand up for something that breaks us our hearts. either in turkey or in europe it wants a better life for his family and i can share that i'm a living witness of assad's crimes i want to tell the world. with the turkish
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border to the north sealed however the displaced in northern syria have nowhere else to go as the fighting intensifies most of these vehicles carry syrian strain from the south of at the border in august the number on the move has reached at least $70000.00 the influx causes a huge traffic jam in the owner of the overloaded city and it takes hours to move just a short distance especially in the outlet refugee camp. every day there are more of these makeshift shelters under all of trees and close to the turkish border. having been displaced several times to have a family from hama only arrived today they. just came and told us to move shell a pitch my tent on the road we are displaced left everything behind tell me know what can we do. with the latest regime operations in northern how much are putting health facilities under pressure hospitals are sort of supplies and stuff to terry
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and aid is needed. it's a desperate wait for many in at the including up to wondering whether the war will catch up with them again. al-jazeera at live northwestern syria. saudi arabia and the united arab emirates have formed a joint committee aimed at stabilizing a ceasefire in the southern the many provinces of. on this particular important because it's on a major road linking szabo with it's partly held by hooty forces the saudi led coalition says the committee will begin working on monday saudi state media is reporting that coalition forces have intercepted 6 ballistic missiles fired towards the city of tucson near the border with yemen it says the missiles targeted military camps and the city's military airport a spokesperson for yemen the rebel said the operation involved 10 missiles and was the largest attack using mid range ballistic missiles since the war began in 2015.
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stands are in council has declared a state of emergency in the city of port sudan after fighting broke out between 2 rival communities killing 17 people the council sacked the for eventual governor after 3 days of violence more than 100 others have been injured in clashes between the beni a mare and new but tribes. and sudan's new prime minister has appealed for international support as the country begins its next steps towards democracy. says his government wants an end to sanctions and sudan's pariah status economy collapsed under former president omar al bashir as 30 year will ended in april when the military ousted him after months of mass protests. for 6 years we would i salute were treated as a pariah state. we want to tell the world. we are moving away from sanctions. issues for punishment and all that to us we've done that is coming back to the fold
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of moment missions contributing to the security you know to. fit it abroad. we wanted to be seen as taken through there to the poll being human rights good governance peace security easy self and peace and its neighbors 7 people including 2 children have been killed in a midair collision between a helicopter and an ultralight plane in spain the crash it happened near and north of the popular tourist island of majorca off the coast of mainland spain 5 passengers were on board the helicopter while the other 2 victims were in that small plane because there's still not no. because wayland's are rushing to the border with ecuador before take effect ecuador is the latest south american nation to tighten immigration regulations at least 4000000 venezuelans have left the country in the last 2 years to escape the economic crisis. on the
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ecuador border. well the deadline has lapsed and there are still hundreds of venezuelans at the very least on the colombian side of the border about 200 meters in front of me who are not going to be able to come here into ecuador throughout the day or than 10000 venezuelans didn't make it through before they were required to have a visa to get into this country some of them have been taken by bus by the authorities here to the border with a route where many of them want to go with the problem is that they won't be able to get in there either without a visa there are thousands of young children babies newborns pregnant women elderly people very young people one girl was just sent back a short while ago because she's only 17 not of legal age she had to go back across into the column to the colombian side everybody has a dramatic story to tell they say they can't live in venezuela anymore but they don't have jobs they have no money most of these people no food it's freezing cold
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here in ecuador it's 3000 meters above sea level at this moment and people are just camped out here wrapped in little blankets or anything they can find towels to try to make it through the night before they take off to try to see what is going to become of their lives and of tourists have been ordered to leave hotels and after a wildfire broke out on the greek island of 70 firefighters and 13 fire engines have been deployed to put those fires out more than 50 fires have been burning nationwide since saturday separately 2 people have been arrested in southern greece on suspicion of starting fires. as president i will travel they facing a 2nd challenger and the republican primaries for the 2020 white house nomination but as hard as a caster reports and won't be an easy task to unseat a president with massive approval ratings in his own party. in the united states no one has successfully challenged an incumbent president for his own party's
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nomination in more than a century and a half and president trump with his approval rating among republicans that 80 to 90 percent has laughed off any suggestion his nomination is in jeopardy but on sunday former congressman joe walsh became the 2nd republican to announce a longshot bid to unseat trump in the primaries i'm running because he's unfair somebody needs to step up and there needs to be an alternative the country is sick of this guy's tantrum he's he's a child intraparty challenges to a sitting president are rare but have happened before ronald reagan strongly challenge president gerald ford in 1976 ted kennedy came close to winning the nomination against jimmy carter in 1980 and pat buchanan challenged the 1st president bush in 1992 each incumbent went on to lose the general election.
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while she and fellow republican presidential challenger william weld a former governor are both considered long shots against trump to call it suicide would be pretty close to accurate at this point but a lot can happen in 6 months especially with the potential economic downturn learned looming we know that the president's approval rating is very closely tied to the health of the economy and any continued problems with trade and such could really doubt the president trump has weathered a rough week escalating the u.s. china trade war labeling the chair of the u.s. federal reserve and. me and ordering private businesses to not do business with china. but the republican national committee is right behind the president and he's raised a small fortune for his campaign which make it difficult for anyone to challenge him and win. castro al-jazeera washington a judge in the u.s.
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state of oklahoma 6 back to its role in a trial against a major american pharmaceutical company over the crisis the multinational johnson and johnson is being sued by the state over its role in the distribution of those drugs and the gallagher has more from norman in the u.s. state of oklahoma. over the last 2 decades officials in this state say that more than 6000 people have died of opioid overdoses those statistics nationally make for even more startling reading in 2017 alone the center for disease control say that that figure was almost 50000 which makes was when happening in this courthouse over the last few months extremely important oklahoma's attorney general is accusing johnson and johnson one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world are flooding the market with powerful painkillers a not warning people about their addictive nature but their part johnson and johnson say no laws were broken and they were simply bringing relief to people with
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chronic pain if the judge sides with the state of oklahoma that could mean that johnson and johnson is forced to pay out billions of dollars in fines money that will be used in treatment centers over the next few decades but a decision like that will also set a precedent not unlike the one in the late ninety's where big tobacco paid out almost all the states and it's also important to remember there are still 2000 pending court cases across the united states many pharmaceutical companies settling before the cases even come to court so all eyes will be on the decision made by the judge here in norman oklahoma on monday. the u.s. is marking their arrival of the 1st enslaved africans to the english colony ever genya 400 years ago a commemoration comes at a time when the u.s. president is accused of creating a culture where white nationalism and racism can flourish alan fischer reports from hampton virginia. it's the bells rang for 4 minutes. one for every century since the arrival of the 1st african sleeves in the english
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speaking colonies that would become america taken from what is knowing gola they were sold for food to the struggling colon ists the fust of hundreds of thousands that would follow creating history changing history don't let other people in the fire who we are and who we were who our ancestors busy were because when you read the bible history books it's in their version of history they do not tell you about the good things that we did they tell you about our ancestry was all about slavery and we are africans we're not slaves we were enslaved and we're here today to pick up those broken pieces and try to heal from the wounds of slavery everyone was infected slavery was an international trade and everyone profited many people profited from the slave trade and many people were broken by this is poor years ago where my ancestors came across an old boats have called pigs or service and i wanted my wife to know
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a little bit about the history of my people. even after the abolition of slavery african-americans faced open hostility brutality murder efforts to block integration attempts to stop them voting is telling all of us to feel the lose a pain in recent years they've seen the rise of white nationalism an overt racism there are those who believe that the legacy of what happened 400 years ago has never been fully addressed that there's still inequality still discrimination and until those are fixed and america will never truly be the united states of america still has a legal muscle memory towards racialism towards inequality and so after 400 years historians are now telling that truer story that more accurate story. about the true origins of our nation about this original sin that people talk about with. their weaves delivered the 20 year old sleeves as they would describe they
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would never leave the sures again and would never have imagined 400 years on their lives but their legacy would be remembered by so many people who felt connected. alan fischer al-jazeera hampton virginia 7 months after he took office the president of the democratic republic of congo felix has to carry has named a new government less than a 3rd of the 65 member team have been selected from his direction for change party arrestor from former president joseph kabila as party 3 quarters of the power sharing government are serving for the 1st time. ever shall carry these are the headlines on al-jazeera china's currency the yuan is in an 11 year low amid concerns about beijing's trade war with the u.s.
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a short while ago president said chinese officials called up the american trade negotiator on sunday and the hopes of restarting talks to resolve the dispute. you mean because they want you. there you were. the one to them but they weren't really sure whether they should have been his wife resolution is a great leader and it's going to be great and it's going to be very good between the rubio. and he's able to do things that other people already will soon. call and will be destroyed were sure. to go she will see what happens but it will be really good and says france's president did speak to him about inviting the iranian foreign minister to the g. 7 summit france has been trying to salvage the 2 $1015.00 nuclear deal that the u.s. pulled out last year that cirie met a man on emirates on sunday after the reflect there it's he tweeted saying the road
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ahead will be difficult 3 israeli air strikes have reportedly had a compound belonging to a palestinian military group in the lebanese town of qusayr near syria's border that comes a day after an israeli drone crashed in the southern suburbs of beirut another exploded before landing. saudi arabia and the united arab emirates have formed a joint committee to stabilize a cease fire in the southern many provinces of they are and what they are on is particularly important because it's on a major road linking shop with a rig that's partly held by whom the forces the satellite coalition says the committee will begin working on monday so dense are in council has declared a state of emergency in the city of port sudan after fighting broke out between 2 rival communities killing 17 people the council sacked the presidential governor after 3 days of violence between the binney a mayor and nuba tribes ecuador's become the latest south american nation to tighten immigration regulations in this way once now on the visa at least 4000000
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venezuelans have left the country in the last few years to escape the political and economic crisis. so the headlines keep it here and sad story is that next. talk to al-jazeera. what guarantees ready will you give to the people will be attending the minimal workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain college ice for someone it's also terrorizing we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter does iraq it's a summit meant to face global challenges but the g 7 gathering in france has been overshadowed by trade threats by its own members and worries of another economic recession so with all the infighting the posturing and the one on one deal what purpose does this g 7 this is inside story.
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hello i'm come on santa maria welcome to another edition of inside story if you gathered the leaders of the world's 7 biggest economies in one room and put the future of the global economy trade wars and maybe even a looming recession on the table do you think they'd be able to find some solutions while they are trying we have the leaders of canada france germany italy japan the united kingdom and the united states meeting in france the group known as the g. 7 this is the 45th time it has met in one form or another the tradition is to hold roundtable discussions led by the host in this case it is france's president emmanuel micron and for some sort of declaration or communique to be released at the end but perhaps in a sign of the times mccrone made a declaration before the summit that they would be no declaration at admission of
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sorts but trying to find global consensus in 2019 is difficult business. and so the focus shifts to the sideline meetings the one on one discussions where leaders try to do their own deals u.s. president donald trump and u.k. prime minister barak johnson were one example on sunday but they didn't always seem to be on the same page especially when it came to this u.s. trade war with china and the fears of it becoming a global problem have a listen. you know. i think the respect it really has that china is. i can only speak for itself we're dealing with. places but from the standpoint of the united states were to leave that presidential ministrations allow them to get away with taking the hundreds of millions of dollars out of every year putting it into the city here is sure to. tell me that nobody. of you on the train will be able to treat.
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your. interview very well we think we all hold the u.k. . massively. reduced. our. we don't like tariffs on the whole so as you say allies or not there are a lot of differences on the table at the g. 7 before we get to our discussion let's get the thoughts about diplomatic editor james bays i was covering the summit for al-jazeera and berates france. a year ago the g 7 meeting in canada ended in acrimony particularly over climate change with the u.s. not prepared to sign up to the wording of the communique on that particular issue in many ways one year on there are even more disagreements between the 7 nations that make up this grouping that are here now in barrett there are
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disagreements on global trade and that is worrying all the leaders here because of the problems of the global economy because of the falling stock market worries about that trade war between the us and china worries about other trade wars for example even between the host nation here france and the u.s. with the french digital services tax which targets the u.s. tech companies and president trump's threats to retaliate and possibly tax very highly french wine imports into the u.s. there are other issues the issue of climate change yet again and that's high up the agenda because of those fires in the amazon and some of the other security issues in the world in particular the crisis in iran and the very different approach that you have to iran from the united states takes a very muscular tough approach with iran and this pulled out of the iran nuclear deal and the european nations that are still trying to keep that iran nuclear deal
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alive what's different this time around though is that the french chairing this meeting have decided not to have a final communique not to try and get all of the leaders here to sign up to one agreement so i think you can pretty well likely have a situation where 7 leaders with differences arrive here don't even try to reach an agreement and continue at the end of the meeting to go away with their different positions this is going to be a meeting with plenty of discussion but i don't think any action or decisions. and with that let's introduce the panel for today we're starting in washington d.c. with doug bando who is the senior fellow at the cato institute and a one time special assistant to former u.s. president ronald reagan on skype from normandy in france or is the founder and director of the center for russia europe asia studies and rounding out the panel in
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beijing is einat tang in the china political and economic analyst who advises the chinese government on development issues thank you for making the time for us today to talk g 7 to all of you look we have this. time to do some numbers 1st g. 7 meeting however emanuel mccrone decided he want to invite some other leaders so it goes up to sort of g. 10 or 11 or so it's not quite a g 20 inviting more people but it's going to be no communique because everyone knows they can't agree on anything doug let's start with you it is it just seems unnecessary unnecessarily complicated well it has gotten complicated there is a lot for them to talk about it certainly would be good if they could work through some of the trade issues the question of the approach to china the president has unsettled not only u.s. markets but his allies with his recent declarations about trade there i mean the issues of climate change the question obviously of the u.k.
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leaving in the european union all of these are issues that could use some serious discussion the problem is any gathering with donald trump you know many of these issues become problematic and that certainly reflected in the french president's you know comment that you know we we're not going to have a declaration because frankly we're not going to get one no one wants a repeat of last year of that kind of infamous photo and president trouble leaving early refusing to sign the declaration yet what do you remind us quickly for those of us with a shorter memories what happened at the g. 7 in canada. well he had you know the president disagreed very sharply over the climate change didn't want to discuss that issue left early refused to sign the declaration and there is this extraordinary photo of the president sitting with his arms crossed essentially facing the rest of the leaders of the g. 7 all of these of course are really allies of the united states longstanding partners of the united states and they kind of symbolically represented what's
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happened internationally with this relationship after president trump took office and that is something no one wants to repeat trying to bring countries together not push them further apart trees a fountain let's bring you in from normandy it's actually starting to feel a bit more like devils i wonder i've been to dallas a few times i suspect some of you have as well and that it's kind of a talk shop and people meet and greet and do deals on the sidelines and actually the guts of the thing doesn't really matter quite so much. well i think president hope learned some important lessons from what happened last at the last g 7 and it happened once don't talk on the plane he was so angry with how the communique turned out so it was and we as the biggest figure mentioned polo but it's also a reflection of how bad the situation is now in the transatlantic alliance for example i've never seen it in such
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a bad situation so we can't even get this idea of democracies are working together and solving these international problems there is no agreement not even have a communique at the end which is a barometer of how bad the relations are right now between the u.s. and the rest and you get this impression that the crown just wanted to make sure everything went smoothly everyone's kind of walking on eggshells and everyone's fearful of somehow being ms understood by donald trump were some are crossing him the wrong way so they're just holding their breath hoping they can get through this there are some side of bents taking place and if you actually look at the same time the white house it's a very different narrative than the reality of what's happening i mean donald trump described the relationship of the u.k. with britain with leaving the e.u. as. losing an anchor and so the u.s. has traditionally been an ally or a supporter of the european union but with this type of rhetoric it's clear that he's not really friendly towards europe and he's also called your foes so he has
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a multi-pronged approach and it's it's he's kind of having this terrible post not just against china but also against traditional allies many historians might look back on this period and wonder why when he was given such a good hand played it so quickly because throughout europe and the u.s. japan everyone kind of felt their eyes had opened up to china's unfair trade practices there in germany for example the b.t.i. . the german federation of industry had published a report seoul germany all these major countries were on the same page as you. was returned to china it went been far more effective the u.s. could have used all these allies and worked together to try to put pressure on china instead he. alienated even the closest traditional u.s. allies so that hasn't worked out well for us you know it hasn't had time to let's bring you in because tourism has started to talk about the trade war with with
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china and this has rightly or wrongly overshadowed everything not just of the g. 7 i think the whole news agenda or across the world has been taken over by this. i wonder the chinese deciding to put more tariffs on the u.s. and then the retaliation also is a maybe all been timed for the g. 7 as it seems like the foot had been taken off the terrace for a little while g. 7 comes along and suddenly it's all we're talking about again. well yes i think it was clearly a planned boof obviously china had to signal that it was going to retaliate against trump saying despite the fact that he said that he was going to give a christmas reprieve. and they i think they anticipated that he would react badly now he was going into a meeting of the g. 7 which he was not happy about he openly gripes about it he did his usual insulting oh most all of the leaders prior to showing up at the g.
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7 and then proceeded to kind of dominate things by claiming after he's isolated himself that somehow he's being isolated by everybody else a so it's a it's a very difficult situation china anticipated that i think they deliberately released their tariff news just before things i think in the past donald trump thought that he could push the buttons of china and i think he's finding that china is pushing back now what's new about this is that you know he after all of this kind of turmoil everybody in essence in unison turning against him. he said oh well i have 2nd thoughts i always have 2nd thought people thought that perhaps he was signaling that he had gone the wrong direction but at this point he's reversed that again and he said oh i should have put them up higher so this is classic donald trump he can't say sorry he has to figure out some way of doubling down the thing
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is stay with you just for now and what is happening between china in the united states affects the whole world it will have a knock on effect and you would think at something like a g. 7 meeting at the 7 biggest economies in the world would be able to start working together i think when we need to mitigate these effects that there are concerns of a recession even if the us president says it's not going to happen surely that is something where they can be some consensus and cooperation. absolutely but it would take donald trump to admit that the u.s. economy is in trouble that the rest of the world is under threats and he's not willing to do that and what one hand he's saying that he's demanding that the fed lower the or lower rates in order to increase the economic activity he's threatened to lower the dollar and then he stands up and said nothing to worry about everything's going great economy is strongest as ever under donald trump so he has this duality he's painted himself an essence into
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a corner where he cannot admit that this much vaunted economy that he gave the sugar high to with these tax cuts is actually a paper tiger that is fast fading away i'm going to go on a slight tangent here don't do this with particular thing as you're in the united states the talk of recession if there is a recession in the u.s. it will affect the rest of the world we know that but internally at the moment it seems to be this argument with the chairman of the federal reserve in the united states jay powell in fact if i remember rightly donald trump even tweeted who's the bigger enemy is that is it jay powell or is that chairmanship jinping. well among other things trump of course is a real estate developer so he's always wanted low interest rates so this really goes back to his business i mean if you're a real estate developer you want them as low as possible obviously as he has been said he doesn't accept blame for anything you know economists figure in the next
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year or 2 the u.s. is likely to hit into a recession the president certainly doesn't want that before november of next year when he's up for reelection and the fed i mean the talk about a sugar high monetary policy can give that the problem is the fed has to think longer term you know it's had lower interest rates coming out of the financial crisis it can't keep those forever it has to take this longer view trump doesn't like that at all and from his standpoint and his supporters he always wants an enemy he wants to play off of somebody and the fed will do it's an institution that it's easy to demonize and he's going to use it so if there's a recession in america he doesn't want to be his policies that are blamed is going to go after somebody else the fed is a convenient target ok let's try not to talk about donald trump for a moment because i think inevitably he comes into every comfort station but there is a fellow let me come to you i think being from the center for russia europe and asia
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studies you're well placed to talk about this emanuel mccrone he wanted to change the structure of this g 7 he said let's invite some of the latest let's bring in india let's bring in a straight a let's bring in african leaders what is the purpose of that. and unfortunately again are they going to get left behind because everyone's talking about all these other issues we've discussed. well i think that was my khan's way of kind of giving a positive spin to the fact that there will be no communique at the end and this idea of almost a year ago it was idea of the alliance of democracies we haven't really seen much of that happen we also have the largest city to picture in the pacific what's happening with that downtown and micron have talked about bringing russia back but there's been a great deal of resistance to that because nothing has really changed where we are to sanction russia and then haven't come back to the polls not you know they're still in crime yes so and i don't think that's that's kind of a nonstarter everyone has wants and. so then the next g.
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7 you've got happening actually in the united states that will be interesting adem isn't it because if mccrone is the host of this one is set the agenda. it would be . donald trump who would set this next to jennifer's you know of a amend the whole issue of russia comes back into it again yes it'll be. election year for donald trump if you want to say that you used. the genesis of the bill for more at home and not worried about gotcha questions but. i think you lose europe on this there really a been steady on sanctions that we held on to them but it's the idea of bringing russia back without any sort of you know leave by all of these international rules and norms and then we want them by bringing them back into the g. 8 since when the principles meant so there are other areas where they can work with russia but not at the g 7 that's how i think many european leaders and i want to
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ask was very clear in his opening remarks day before the summit took place. i know let's bring you back and i mean this is going more broadbrush than just china but well china is a an ally of russia sent in places like the security council doesn't it just show us again that no matter where the summit happens or how it happens it's about all these one on one alliance as i hate using this whip bilateral stuff which actually decides it absolutely i mean things have descended i mean this is what donald trump wanted he does not like multilateral institutions where he has to deal with a consensus and overcome that he likes bilateral where the u.s. can use its military economic and political my to get the best deal but i want to react to something that traces said she said you know if russia has violated all of these conventions and rules and things like this but i mean if by that standard the
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u.s. would be in a real pickle because i think donald trump i think everyone would agree as violated pretty much all of the rules and conventions going forward and the united us has in the past especially with a number of these wars and actions withdrawing from you know the international. human rights council you know denying access i mean denying the jurisdiction of the i.c.c. et cetera shown that it is in fact an outlier so it'd be a little bit. odd. hypocritical to be calling other countries that now i'm not defending what russia has done i think it needs to be censured but you have those who are doing it need to be in the clear about their own actions there is a do you want to answer to that before i go back to doug. sure 8 donald trump it seems to have broken every taboo before the election and after the election he is
4:41 pm
breaking many other international norms and rules. she can bring out a standing ovation a double as because everyone was fearful when donald trump or actions would take protectionism is terrible all these other issues so i agree but still the situation of the international. market following rules this idea of what about is well what about this what about that i think that we have a situation now that sovereignty issues even people's republic of china did not recognize what. russia did and they're considered kind of frenemies and friends with benefits right now so sovereignty issues are very cheap to the international. so if we just are looking other way when other countries take bits and pieces of other countries i think it sends a very dangerous message drug an entire international system is like pulling a thread. piece of fabric the whole thing will start to unravel and i don't think donald trump is helping him right now i think. it's he's very much consonant stress
4:42 pm
and danger but i don't think that is a reason to not rush she's ok folks we're starting to run down the clock so i just want to get a final thought going to go back to the numbers that i started with. in fact if you go back to 2008 remember the g 20 meeting in the middle of the global financial crisis and it was sort of decided then right g. 20 is going to be the premier world body for decision making on cooperation and economic recessions and all these sorts of things and yet here we are still discussing a g. 7 with a few extras the so-called elite countries are the ones who are here supposedly making all the decisions doug shouldn't we really be worried more about what the g 20 has to say something that is actually more representative or actually does that just splinter even more and you get even less chance of an agreement. well i think that's the challenge is the more countries you involve the harder it is to get agreement i think there's a good argument for getting together democratic allies industrialized countries
4:43 pm
that generally share values that generally share our military security interests that have a long history together and that's what these countries do and getting together and talking about issues me what is the proper response to china i mean this is clearly an issue that matters to the europeans as well as america the president's trade or is not in my view going well what would be a better response i think teresa was right you want to use the europeans work with them japan as opposed to push them away so the g. 7 has an opportunity you know what is the u.s. relationship with europe and the u.k. these these are important issues that america should be supportive of both so i think that this the g. 7 could be very useful in this regard more useful than the g. 20 simply because you get a certain intimacy of decision making the g. 20 is useful as well i think it's a different function to research a 7 g. 20 g. one plus ones what's the best way it's true the more cooks the difficult make
4:44 pm
brought up the idea of the g. 7 i think to work with allies even if you look at the us at the white house statement it sounds like donald trump wants who are those elements and components create the current economic issues if this is a turning point that would be absolutely amazing is this right or more hyperbole remains to be seen but i think that europe feels under attack we see right today japan and korea 2 very important u.s. alanson it's a fixed appends member of the g. 7 they're having a falling out so the alliance structures are really calm and i think if the g 7 can't even come up with that statement it's a really we're parameter of the international system right now i don't believe the final word to you not just on which party is the right thing but also you know just thoughts on the next 6 to 12 months with china in the u.s. . the next 6 to 12 months will probably not bring about a deal simply because donald trump is an unpredictable and unreliable i
4:45 pm
noticed my my 2 fellow colleagues didn't mention the obvious statement that there can be no consensus where donald trump is involved he is not a consensus person he has not reached a consensus with anybody on anything since he started his presidency so let us not gloss it over this is just simply somebody who is isolated himself and that is why quite frankly there will be probably no trade deal prior to it because it doesn't make sense to make a deal with somebody who you do not think will carry it through and this is something that both mexico and canada are experiencing as we speak. well thank you to all of you. and i say doug to reason fallon and i met tang and thank you and may as well that's for thank you for watching there is always more few online inside stories in the show's section at al jazeera dot com if you want
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to see this episode dora any of our others again we're also at facebook dot com slash a.j. inside story for more discussion we're on twitter at a.j. inside story and i'm at come on a.j. if you want to get in touch with me directly thanks for joining us and we'll see you concerned. perception is validation can you believe what i'm seeing but in one life time we cannot see everything that we would lie on experiences of others and the legacies had previous generations. i think testimony if we let you know very little . with this documentaries that open your eyes on al-jazeera.
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september on al-jazeera up to gears of war and famine al-jazeera looks at the dramatic transformation emerging through the inspirational stories of for diversity p.o.b. times israel elections can benjamin netanyahu form a majority and sometimes another town listening post to 6 the world's media how they operate and the stories they cover do not succeed been made to his him president to succeed join us for live coverage as to his united's a documentary that examines the worst atrocities committed during the war in libya . september on al-jazeera. and the next episode of techno the team travels to the heart of the amazon. where we are now i should say rain forest to investigate illegal gold mining mercury has
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a very unique characteristic of finding the goal for a miner it's almost like magic and the technology being used to expose its devastating impact and so what we end up doing is imaging the worst in a very high fidelity stream. techno on all just 0 dollars. and 3. says he does not want regime change in iran a day after the iranian foreign minister made a surprise visit to the g. 7 summit in france.
4:49 pm
and we shall carry this is out to 0 live from doha also coming up china's currency falls to an 11 year low amid beijing's trade war with the u.s. and worries about a global recession and. lives lost homes destroyed or abandonware in syria to meet the families caught in the line of fire. and ecuador changes its immigration rules making it more difficult for thousands of venezuelans playing hardship back home. as president donald trump has once again insisted washington is not looking for regime change in iran and made the comments on men day a day after iran's foreign minister zarif made a surprise visit to the g. 7 summit where imette france's president maddrell macron president did not meet cirie saying it was too early but president mccrone did tell him about the visit diplomatic editor james joins us now so james you're getting
4:50 pm
a little more context for this surprise visit from zarif and more more thoughts on what donald trump asked about iran tell us. you know i think it's significant donald trump seems to be pretty positive about. and the foreign minister of iran coming here to the ritz he spoke to reporters at the start of a meeting with president sisi of egypt a very he had lots of questions and seemed to keep president sisi who didn't look entirely comfortable and wasn't asked questions waiting and it gave us quite a clear view from him on the situation with iran he said that the u.s. wants to make iran rich again that's the sort of thing we have heard from president trump before but what i think is significant is that he supported this diplomacy we've had previous reporting from a number of delegations that had little advance warning of the zarif arrival of
4:51 pm
misery from from an invitation president trump making it clear no he had spoken to president my craw and president michael had asked for his approval he was asked about the next steps we'll see what happens it's all very new said the u.s. president these sort of comments and i think you have to bring in also some of the comments. by president rouhani in tehran who's talked potentially about a 2 month window for diplomacy this is opening the door i think for the europeans to try and do some diplomacy with iran to try and find a way to get iran back to the negotiating table and it's a long way away from the maximum pressure policy that has been pursued by the u.s. a window of diplomacy is opening for now at least and i think that is significant so i measured president did take a lot of questions and made a lot of comments he also talked about china saying that the negotiators from china
4:52 pm
had reached out to u.s. negotiators last night do we have any any confirmation of that what does all that potentially mean. well certainly potentially yes it's another very good piece of news relying just at the moment on what president trump is saying to reporters but clearly if you look at all the issues and there were so many different issues and problems and crises facing the world leaders here among the top 2 were iran and the trade war between the u.s. and china president trump saying he had 2 calls from china he won't say whether he spoke directly to president xi but the chinese want to come back to the table to negotiate so in some ways the 2 issues are pretty similar we have not got any breakthrough we've not got any great deal between both sides either on the iran file or with regard to china but once again we've got it looks like diplomacy and
4:53 pm
negotiation starting again so i think for the organizers of this cheese serve and for president mark rohr this looks like good news i mean there are still other issues to talk about in the coming few minutes they're going to stop talking about climate and that's the fires in the amazon there also as i speak is discussing libya and syria 2 of the main crises what looked like very early because we've only got the side of president trump but what looked like positive developments ok a parade of some parents thank you what's going to stop heiler now who is. there the asian markets have really been having a pretty difficult time once things get going in europe and north america what do we think is going to happen throughout the day. yes we're selling hammering on the asian stock markets today down sharply now that was anticipated
4:54 pm
because before what came out and what james was just reporting on we had a pretty bad couple of days when it comes to the fronts in this trade war between the united states and china very bad then friday introduction of new tariffs by china increase of tariffs by the united states and we saw futures for the markets really going down south over the weekend before the markets open and we saw them go sharply down here in asia what's going to be interesting you know some of those futures for american markets were down over the weekend they softened a little bit just at the later part of the weekend on sunday but what's going to be interesting now these comments from president trump coming out of the g. 7 summit and things seem to be for the 1st time in a while with this trade war going forward at least they say according to president trump that they're going to start negotiating again that's a step forward we knew that they had meetings that they were supposed to sit down for in september no confirmation that but some coming out and what might be kind of interesting you know the markets haven't opened in america yet so maybe these comments from president trump could be by designed to be times now before the
4:55 pm
markets open in america right now that's left to be determined but what we can say market sharply down also the yuan the chinese chinese currency against the u.s. dollar is down to its 11 year low now this is something a slide that we've seen over the last couple of weeks that's because the chinese government has allowed it to soften the yuan against the u.s. dollar what this could possibly be attributed to is that they want to make their exports less expensive to markets of abroad because of what's going on with the trade war but again it's kind of bet on the steady slide but hitting a benchmark today the 1st time in 11 years at this mark against the u.s. dollar and horses all reaching far beyond here less in china. absolutely and it will be very interesting to see how the american and the european markets react to what we saw initially with the trade war statements and tariffs a came out of the trade war but now with president trump statements coming out of
4:56 pm
france will that change things it will it reverse the the downward trend we saw here in asia is europe going to be a little bit better is it is america going to be better or are they going to continue this slide this kind of downward trajectory in the markets and also what investors are doing a lot of is they're going to say for bet's gold the price of gold has gone up because of the volatility in the market and this all is around economic slowdown globally so when you have this big trade war going on it's kind of a 12 punch that's really been the concern be interesting to see how the markets continue to go for the rest of the day across the world based on what president trump said based on what we saw over the last couple of days which ok the latest in beijing scott thank you resales presidential you're both in are as facing increasing pressure to accept international help as fires burn out of control in the amazon rain forest g 7 leaders agreed to help countries affected by the fires that brazil's leader has rejected the offer they sent the military to help fight the fires and return you state that critics say his government has been too slow to
4:57 pm
react. 3 israeli airstrikes have reportedly had a compound belonging to a palestinian groups position and lebanon israeli forces targeted the town of his say and near the border with syria causing some damage but no reports of any deaths the strikes kemah day after 2 israeli drones cause damage in the southern suburbs of beirut one hit a building housing the media office of hezbollah as leader hassan nasrallah says the group is now in a new phase of its conflict with israel and i have enough is enough we will never allow israeli aircraft to attack lebanon or a target in lebanon in the israeli side will never feel see the israeli drones that are coming to lebanon are not coming here to collect information they are suicidal drones that they may killing us from now on we will face the israeli drones when they arrive in lebanon we will crush them we will drop them center has more from beirut. the palestinian faction the p.f. l.p.g.
4:58 pm
knowledge in that one of its positions has been hit it is blaming israel even though israel did not claim responsibility for targeting that position which is close to the syrian border it's a position in rugged mountain terrain largely made up of tunnels it does connect lebanon with syria the p.f. l.p.g. see is an enemy of israel israel has attacked that pace in recent years but this is seen more as a message to hezbollah the p.f. l.p.g. sea is an ally of hezbollah it's an ally of iran and hezbollah does control territory on the other side of the border in the reported strikes just hours after hezbollah promised to shoot down any israeli drone that violates lebanese airspace it is blaming israel for sending 2 drones to it stronghold in the southern suburbs of beirut one of those drones exploded according to the hezbollah leader they were on a suicide mission but there were no casualties in that attack the drone attack just hours after the israeli army knowledge ing that it carried out air strikes near the
4:59 pm
syrian capital damascus hezbollah acknowledging that its bases was hit and in fact 2 of its fighters were killed and while i was addressing it was was giving a speech late on sunday yet another drone attack reported in iraq close to the syrian border there have been a series of drone strikes in iraq targeting groups backed by iran paramilitary groups that the government calls popular popular mobilization forces so israel is believed now to be operating against iran and iran backed groups in 3 countries in the region syria and iraq and clearly this is a sharp escalation so far iran and its allies have not retaliated they are now threatening retaliation the words of the hezbollah leader hassan nasrallah were quite strong he's saying that these drone attacks will not be left. addressed and we can't allow israel to continue violating lebanese airspace so
5:00 pm
a sharp escalation if those retaliation if the if those groups start to retaliate then the situation could spiral out of control israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu us threatened further attacks but. if someone rises up to kill you kill him 1st in a complicated operation revealed that iran dispatched a special unit off to syria to kill israelis on the golan heights with explosive drones i'd like to emphasize this was an initiative of iran and we prevented serious attacks that we will expose any attempt by iran to attack us and any iranian effort to hide behind excuses we will not tolerate a aggressions against israel from any country in the region any country that allows its territory to be used for aggression against israel will face the consequences and i repeat the country will face the consequences still had on al-jazeera by migrants from venezuela to get into ecuador late on sunday. i know in
5:01 pm
fisher in hampton virginia with the people here commemorating 400 years since the 1st africans were brought.


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