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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 27, 2019 10:00am-10:33am +03

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al jazeera. iran's president says the u.s. must lift sanctions were for talks on a nuclear deal can happen earlier donald trump said he would be willing to meet us on rouhani. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. a judge in norman oklahoma said you killed people it's time to pay us health care giant johnson and johnson is fined $572000000.00 for fueling a painkiller addiction crisis in the state of oklahoma. on what a lawyer will what the common like you get from a local lawyer at the shopping mall. stranded at the border hundreds of venezuelans
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protest against new immigration rules to make it harder for them to enter ecuador. iran's president says his country will not hold talks with the u.s. unless all sanctions are lifted on ronnie's comments came a day after president donald trump said he was open to meeting rouhani trungpa speaking at the g. 7 summit and france president federal background offer to facilitate talks between the 2 sides tehran and washington have been at odds ever since trump pulled out of the nuclear deal that gave her on sanctions relief and exchange for curbs on its nuclear program corresponded and iran will have more on rouhani speech and just a few minutes 1st though a toss about war has more from the g. 7 summit where france's president called on tehran and washington to get back to the negotiating table. the prospect of a meeting between us who were
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a new president was not am likely outcome of the g 7 in berates but as the summit came to an end its host the french president suggested talks between donald trump and hassan rouhani were possible. at some point there has to be a meeting between the iranian president and the us president i hope that in the next few weeks this meeting will take place france plays a role along with the other partners who signed the iran deal trump who pulled the u.s. out of the 2015 iran nuclear deal last year and imposed sanctions said he was open to diplomacy we're looking for no nuclear weapons no ballistic missiles and a longer period of time very simple we can have it done in a very short period of time. and i really believe that iran can be a great nation i'd like to see that happen the development came one day after the unexpected arrival of the iranian foreign minister in berates jihads our reef was
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invited by the french president who had been asked by some g 7 leaders to mediate in the crisis. trust conciliatory tone has also extended to trade he said beijing and washington could begin talks to resolve the tariffs dispute going into this summit a man or mackerel said he wanted to use it to make progress on the escalating tensions over iran and trade help tackle the amazon rain forest fires and kill divisions using multilateral cooperation at the end of the 3 day meeting it seems the french president has succeeded on several fronts there were unresolved issues though the u.k.'s prime minister boris johnson received only a vague promise of a future trade accord with the us and was moved nearer to a deal on breaks it with the european union i think it's the job of everybody in parliament to get this thing done making it what the people want by the way it's what offerings and partners on the other side of the channel want they want they want this thing done they want they want it over last year trump refused to sign
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the final g 7 statement this year has scrapped it replacing it with a one page summary of the meeting so with no commitments in writing the challenge will be to. leaders to act promises they have made. al-jazeera spirits are going our correspondent who joins us live from tehran so our president rouhani has been speaking this morning does it look like he will meet donald trump . yes he has been speaking this morning he was speaking at an inauguration of a housing project here in iran and he took the opportunity to address some of the news coming out of the g. 7 about this possible meeting and he's reiterated iran's position that there will be no negotiations there will be no talks as long as the u.s. does not remove the sanctions he said the 1st step is to remove sanctions all
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sanctions against the iranian nation must be lifted and illegitimate and cruel now these sanctions have drastically reduced iran's or the exports is affected iran's banking sector is something that iran refers to as economic terrorism rouhani went on to say that there would be no positive developments if the u.s. would not correct the path it is on now this comes after yesterday where there was some glimmer of hope that maybe president rouhani would meet with donald trump because there are jujubee at united nations at the end of september yesterday president rouhani said that if he had to meet someone that would forward the cause of the iranian people and to the problems of iran he would do so in the national interest but very much today it's it's business as usual here in iran is the same line as long as the sanctions are not removed president rouhani will not meet with donald trump but also we can't forget what the supreme leader here how many has said that he decides all major policy directions he has said that
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a meeting with the united states would not be possible under current conditions in fact he said if they did meet under these conditions it would be like a double poison so considering iran's position is there actually a possible way forward that could eventually lead to talks between the u.s. and iran. well president macron has been working hard there has been suggestions of some sort of sanctions relief or a way to compensate the iranian people now donald trump has said that he doesn't want iran to have nuclear weapons and iran has already stated that they don't want those but president rouhani did say today that iran does not want to nuclear weapons that iran's policy military policy is not based on acquiring weapons of mass destruction nuclear or chemical so that a starting point but also divides the reef has been talked of this morning he's on a asian tour and he said that
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a meeting between president rouhani and donald trump is unimaginable unless unless the united states rejoins a-j. c.p.o. aid that's the nuclear 2015 nuclear deal and joins the other countries as part of that deal otherwise a meeting isn't going to take place so that's of the latest news coming out of iran that a meeting isn't likely to take place unless there's some movement on those sanctions are at us a big life for us in tehran thank you a judge and they are state of oklahoma has found pharmaceutical giant johnson and johnson helped fuel an opioid epidemic is one of the company to pay $572000000.00 in damages over its aggressive marketing of addictive painkillers cases the 1st of its kind it is seen as a test for the thousands of other trials pending across the country and agalloch are reports from norman oklahoma. oklahoma sets out to take on a pharmaceutical giant and after 7 weeks of evidence judge found bachmann's ruling was blunt and found that johnson and johnson is culpable in fueling an opioid
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crisis that's claimed more than 6000 lives in this state the crisis has ravaged the state of oklahoma in the s.b. and made it abated immediately for this reason i am interested in a big plan that consists of cost tolling 532000000 102028 dollars to a media leading really a nuisance the case is being seen as a landmark ruling in dealing with a health crisis that's claimed tens of thousands of lives across the u.s. the centers for disease control and prevention say that in 2017 alone close 250000 people died from opioid overdoses lawyer reggie witten was part of his legal team and lost his firstborn son to addiction i feel like i'm always looking down. the street protest no but i think my sanity lost and we're celebrating the day we got to get help. it he says of his lawyers but johnson and johnson say they'll appeal
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the decision calling it legally floored the state's lawyers were asking for $17000000000.00 from the company but only got a fraction of that is the amount of money that johnson and johnson has been ordered to pay may not be what the state of oklahoma wanted but the message it sends is clear the judge in this case was unequivocal in blaming big pharmaceutical companies in their role in an opioid crisis it's like the lives of so many and with fountains of other cases across the country this may set an important precedent to the pharmaceutical companies put do and tiva settle before this trial got under way with monday's ruling oklahoma now has close to a $1000000000.00 for treatment and this is being seen as a huge victory by those that work on the front lines fighting the epidemic were very very happy this is a good day for the sake of oklahoma we took on a giant major pharmaceutical company in a judge in norman oklahoma said you killed people it's time to pay the case was being closely watched across the u.s.
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in ohio alone there are 2000 pending cases but after monday's ruling pharmaceutical companies may now be forced to pay out billions to go across this era norman oklahoma. brazil has rejected an offer of $20000000.00 from g 7 leaders to help tackle fires burning in the amazon present airball sonora said the idea of creating an international alliance to save the rainforest and be treating his country like a colony and finally reports on porto of a whole one of the worst affected areas. look from one side of the plane and the amazon is verdant pristine teeming with life too big to destroy then this suddenly it's gone. the rates of deforestation in recent months breaking all records fires are started by speculators aiming to impose man's will on nature but they often rage out of control and the devastation is immeasurable. force this year
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the fires are much stronger than previous years there are very very strong affecting our visibility on work i think people took advantage of the dry season to start the fires they do it to dispose of them wanted vegetation to enrich the soil and clear the way for lucrative cattle ranches and soya plantations only from up here you get to the rest of the album the day of the destruction 1st of all the great waves of round one ready i think thank god for by the fire of recent weeks. this is a job also the auto off to strong criticism from around the world if he wasn't doing enough to fight the fire as has deployed the military these hercules c. 130 s taking off from port oviedo to spray some of the affected areas it's a bit of salim you see all the water was given on thursday and by excessive day biami was supporting the operation so personal of being in the fields and steam combating the flies on sunday it rained which also helped to put out the flies.
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this is the beginning of the rainy season which is hoped will douse the fires of the still burning they'll be amused by the international can. samael dealing with what for them is an agile but containable problem people tend to see the problem with their own lands or with the latest on offer today and i think that we there are here right now inside of the problem we let's say are very used to the problem and there we are we we really doesn't look at it as a broader or such a big problem as it's sold right. people come to the opposite region believing they can tame the wilderness can take control of for development from up here it looks that the only way to tame the rain forest is to destroy it and what now does iraq what do they feel northwest of brazil. still ahead on al-jazeera are you an expert
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condemns the sri lankan government's response to the easter bomb attacks i will show you the creative way afghans are using to celebrate 100 years of independence from british royal. heather there we've got this many heat wave across central areas of europe in fact on sunday and london 33.3 degrees celsius the hottest on holiday ever recorded but we have a cloud around and also some rain but let's have a look 1st of all at those temperatures across this particular region so as we go through tuesday 35 celsius in paris 32 in london and 33 in berlin say this is really the main area where the temperatures are well above normal for this time of year however it is set to change you can see all this cloud in the shallows down across the southwest this is a system working its way into the west
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a med so that will bring some cooler air and certainly some fat and as a say so right is also system working its way across the northwest of europe and at the same time another avenue of pressure working its way through more western and on towards central areas over. brush aside that will certainly bring the temperature down as we go from shoes day into wednesday so just 16 degrees celsius there in moscow meanwhile 25 in london on the wednesday 31 in paris and the same across in but in some nice sunshine of course across the central and eastern end of the mediterranean now that same system which is pushing through the west a med that will also just trails and work its way through morocco and also on towards algeria so we could see some clouds sunny would even want to coastal 10 inches and already affected you can see there $29.00 in algiers on wednesday.
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watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now iran's president says his country will not hold talks with the unless unless all sanctions are lifted also romney's comments came a day after president said he was open to meeting rouhani a judge in the u.s.
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state of oklahoma has found pharmaceutical giant johnson and johnson helped fuel an opioid at jet make that has killed more than 400000 people the company's been ordered to pay 500 $72000000.00 in damages. brazil has rejected an offer of $20000000.00 of emergency aid from g 7 countries to help tackle fires raging in the amazon herself president or so morrow said an international alliance to save the rain forest would be a form of colonization. israel appears to be massing troops on its borders with lebanon and syria at all is a warning by prime minister benjamin netanyahu against iranian backed groups and the region over the past 2 days israel is believed to have conducted air operations in lebanon syria and iraq the u.n. says it's gravely concerned and has called for call from all sides. over the last few days we have seen in the broader middle east reports of drone attacks missile attacks and air strikes. all over the region israel in gaza lebanon
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syria iraq as well as saudi arabia and all since since friday i think all of these reports or of concern to us we're continuing to follow the situation closely and i think as as the secretary general has said and we consistently maintained the middle east region cannot afford any additional turmoil hundreds of venezuelan migrants held a protest at the ecuador colombia border demanding may be allowed to leave the country and they were stranded out their new visa controls went into effect on monday ecuador is the latest south american country to try to curtail the flood of venezuelans escaping economic and political turmoil at home say a new man has often spoken and ecuador. monday morning at the entrance to immigration at the ecuador colombia border. 12 hours earlier more
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than 10000 venezuelans had managed to enter ecuador with their identity documents before midnight deadline went into effect requiring them to hold a valid consular visa but hundreds more arrived too late for the. families being told that they must go back because they missed the midnight deadline. thousands who did get in the majority with no food and almost no money spent a freezing night outdoors hoping that the day break they'd receive a helping hand. venezuela once opened its doors to so many migrants from all over the world all we ask is they have solidarity with us in our time needs. but those were different times ecuador has already received more than $300000.00 venezuelans and says it can no longer absorb more migrants now it is demanding they pay $50.00 for a visa a fortune for the average venezuelan who's monthly salary has plunged to $2.00.
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jonathan mendis his wife and 3 small children made it into ecuador just in time for more than 2 weeks with no money. to try to make the children think that this is an adventure that they're able to travel night and day. jonathan goes to see if the u.n.h.c.r. can give them food before continuing on to peru which he knows they will be stopped because they don't have the required visa to enter but they feel lucky to at least have got this far behind us is the colombia border and we've seen at least 200 venezuelans like these who've been stopped not allowed to come into ecuador because they no longer have the right papers but many of them have told us that they have no intention of returning to venezuela that if they can't come into ecuador legally they'll try other methods like in. crossings for example the river that you see here that separates colombia from ecuador. we will
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increase police vigilance along the border to ensure that illegal immigration does not take place but as he spoke we spotted 2 undocumented venezuelans bypassing immigration altogether like they will join thousands more heading south as the lucky ones like these may get a lift. others will continue walking as they have for weeks hoping to find any they can to help them survive. later kerry lam is refusing calls to step down despite another as collation of violence and anti-government protests play shoes water cannons and fired a live warning shot over the weekend as some protesters barricaded streets and the 12 week of demonstrations activists are calling for a controversial extradition bill to not just a suspended but be scrapped and for kerry lamb to resign also demanding democratic reforms away in hey has more from hong kong this was
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a regular weekly media briefing given by kerry lamb the chief executive of hong kong but it was the 1st time we have heard from her since the weekend when we saw what could probably be described as an escalation in the violence both on saturday and sunday we saw preapproved marches taking place in different parts of the city and what's becoming a patch in some protest is breaking away towards the end of those marches blocking roads resulting in the police taking action in the form of firing many rounds of gas in this media briefing there was again no sign whatsoever that carrie lamb is going to bow to the demands of the protesters even though she did say she's open to talks with them one of the key demands of the protest is is for an independent inquiry to be set up into the crisis specifically into the conduct of the police and carry lamb to sit time and time again that the time is not right for an independent independent inquiry while there is violence still going on on the
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streets she was also asked again whether she would resign and she said that a responsible chief executive at this time should continue to hold the force china has arrested an australian writer held in jail for the last 7 months is accused of being a spy john was a chinese diplomat and became a naturalized australian citizen in 2002 australia's foreign minister says he's been held in harsh conditions in beijing since january a study in government said it seriously concerned for yang's welfare. thousands of people are fleeing english speaking areas in cameroon a separatist threatened to escalate violence separatist say they're discriminated against by the french speaking majority and are calling for protests and urging businesses to close to bring the region to a standstill that's after a military court sentence a separatist leader to life in prison plans to reopen schools this week have been suspended.
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thousands of people in sudan have been forced to abandon their homes because of heavy flooding at least 62 people have been killed 100 injured the health ministry says roads were cut off and many buildings have collapsed a lot of farmland is also under water the military has been deployed it to help the rising waters are caused by 2 months of heavy rain a little bit on the situation here is very difficult almost 7000 houses have been completely destroyed the sudanese people here are in dire need of clothes and medicine we also need more tents because the number of tents we have isn't enough to accommodate families as prosecutors say a man charged with killing 11 people in a pittsburgh synagogue should face the death penalty if convicted they argue that robert bauer showed no remorse for the attack and wanted to instill fear in the jewish community the 46 year olds accused of firing on worshipers and october of
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last year ours has pleaded not guilty to a 63 count indictment it's been 4 months and sure long as easter sunday church bombings and the u.n. is now calling on the government to do more to restore religious harmony some members of minority muslim communities say they are facing increasing suspicion and discrimination since the attacks with chilled 259 people now fernandez reports from colombo. immoderate shafi is struggling to cope she says her world turned upside down after her husband was arrested earlier this year it happened at a time of heightened tension shortly after muslim fighters launched attacks in and around sri lanka's capital colombo on easter sunday the family says he's a rest as part of an orchestrated campaign i didn't have my job i i don't have a place to stay and so less my children out and i'm going to school i had to face all these problems and. i have to play interventions for them for those problems
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has been less than eager i've been looking after the legal aspect of my husband she doesn't want to show her face because she says the family has received threats her husband who is a doctor has been accused of master allays ition of seeing him these women he was arrested in a case that police admit had no basis he has since been released on bail. the scandal followed weeks of and it was dim sentiment after the easter attacks which targeted churches and killing more than $250.00 people. it also led to a spate of anti missile in violence targeting homes and businesses as these events were on the agenda of the un special rapporteur on religious freedom during his levon day visit here lack of preemptive response is something everyone notes and then there are many cases in which either because of mismatch of the of the police
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available and the mobs in question that some of these mobs wearable to rampage on addressing the media on monday shahid said he had heard complaints of double standards by law enforcement authorities and about the failure of the state to protect people against hate crimes groups like the buddhist power force or sina have been accused of carrying out organized violence against the muslim community a charge. we have never spoken against the muslims in an organized manner to put about us you know on every occasion spoke against muslim terrorism that has no connection to the ordinary muslim community. referring to the recent violence the un special rapporteur says sri lanka's government must do more to protect minorities in order to challenge extremism and create inclusion. you know rule of law very protected very rule of law is not protected then then the vehicle
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communities are vulnerable to attacks and the majority feels that they can exploit that space to the to their advantage shahid says reforming the education system to teach respect for all religions is important showing it says sri lankans should work towards creating a common identity beyond religion and race given the country's violent past moshe lankans are likely to agree if politicians will let them in their finance. afghanistan is marking 100 years since again independence from british colonial war some afghans are using. to express what that journey means today charlotte bella shares that journey with us from kabul. what a picture of afghanistan 100 years after independence from britain the anglo afghan treaty was signed this month the $919.00 by king. graphic converter to his image and to stick it to kabul motorists would have jobs one mission in afghanistan
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he's going to show. other canvases a blast was falsified concrete slabs placed information down most cities 3 they made to block explosions from suicide bombings they also offer a visual commentary on the size and today where there are celebrations or more political statements about corruption or the killing of civilians. afghanistan's art scene has flourished since the fall of the taliban in 2001 with literacy rates among adults around 30 percent it's a language all afghans understand real painting true lives today and every single true that is for one of the victims will force. in his team have painted 10000 sort the goal is 34000 to represent the number of civilians killed since 2002 her sharifi founded the award winning. a group of social activist
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graffiti artists he is celebrating independence but not necessarily afghanistan's as a nation i think i have my independence i have this art this gives me the voice and this gives voice to millions of. sarkari me has a more traditional canvas she's making a short historical movie for the anniversary this short film is just a short day for the history of afghanistan through the path that of the past to call. today. i just give them like kind of clue that what what we did wrong and what we did drive. creamy is the 1st female director of the african film institute and has been vocal in advancing women's rights in afghanistan we exist as a as a country as a nation so from some point of view we are in the plan then and what we reify to be
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more independent. does being a turbulent scene treif afghans with independence defined as vastly is the canvasses it is recorded on. a couple. and we shall carry these are the headlines right now on al-jazeera president says his country will not hold talks with the u.s. unless all sanctions are lifted assad ronnie's comments came a day after president said he was open to meeting rouhani france's president has offered to facilitate talks between the 2 sides. i don't know the gentleman i think that i think i know him a little bit just by watching over the last number of years what's happened tell you one thing is great negotiator but he i think he's going to want to meet i think iran wants to get this situation straightened their economy is tanked entirely the
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sanctions are absolutely hurting them horribly i don't want to see that i don't want to see that they're great people i don't want to see that we can't let them have a nuclear weapon. so i think that there's a really good chance that we would be a judge in the u.s. state of oklahoma has found pharmaceutical giant johnson and johnson helped fuel an opioid epidemic that has killed more than 400000 people the company has been ordered to pay 572000000 dollars in damages it does plan to appeal brazil's or checked it help from g 7 countries to find to help fight the fires raging and amazon world leaders agreed on $20000000.00 in emergency aid the president also nora said in an international alliance to save the rainforests to be a form of colonization israel appears to be massing troops on its border with lebanon and syria at all is a warning by prime minister benjamin netanyahu against iranian backed groups in the region over the past 2 days israel is believed to have conducted operations in
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lebanon syria and iraq hundreds of venezuelans are protested in colombia at the border with ecuador demanding to be allowed in they were blocked out their new visa controls went into effect monday. refusing calls to step down despite another escalation of violence and anti-government protests which has water cannons and fire to live warning shot over the weekend as some protesters barricaded streets in the 12th week of demonstrations activists are calling for a controversial extradition bill to not just be suspended to be scrapped and for the chief executive carolan to resign so the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera more news to come inside story as that next. al jazeera. swear every.
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3 attacks in 3 countries israel is said to have hit targets linked to iran in syria in lebanon and in iraq so why is benjamin netanyahu escalating tension with terror all will iran respond and if so how this is inside story. hello i'm dennis welcome to inside story not israel being blamed for a string of attacks against a rainy and allied forces in 3.


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