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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 27, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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we bring new friends as i crudely as possible to the fuel that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well. iran's president says the united states must 1st lift all sanctions before any talks can happen. i'm richelle carey this is out there life on doha also coming up. china says it has no record of a phone call between beijing and washington about resuming trade talks. a judge in norman oklahoma said you killed people it's time to pay pharmaceutical giant johnson and johnson has ordered to pay $572000000.00 for fueling
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a painkiller addiction crisis and oklahoma. brazil's president says no to the g 7 it's multimillion dollar aid offer to fight fires devastating the amazon rain forest. president says his country will not hold talks on any nuclear deal with the u.s. unless all sanctions are lifted his comments came a day after u.s. president said he was open to meeting the iranian leader trump was speaking at the g. 7 summit in france as that not all macron has offered to facilitate talks between the 2 sides but rouhani insists washington mistake the 1st step for talks to happen house by being. the 1st step is to remove sanctions without there won't be open old sanctions against the iranian nation must have to the all all it is.
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timid and cruel if you lift the sanctions and apologize to iran then you would be a difference to ation this government is moving forward in line with this national interest we have been open to negotiation and the word agrees with this fact i was there as i said big has more from tehran president rouhani has been speaking this morning he spoke after inauguration of a housing project area at the front and he took the opportunity to address some of the news coming out of the g 7 mainly that donald trump is willing to meet president rouhani if the conditions are right now what president rouhani has reiterated is iran's position that there will be no negotiations and no talks unless the sanctions are lifted he said that the 1st step is to remove sanctions all sanctions against the iranian nation must be lifted that are illegitimate and cruel now these sanctions have drastically reduced iran's oil exports and affected the banking sector iran refers to these sanctions as economic terrorism president rouhani said that there would be no positive developments if the u.s.
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did not correct the wrong path it was on this comes after yesterday when president rouhani had suggested that talks may be possible he said if if he had to meet someone for the to move the iranian nation forward and to mediate the people's problems he would do so in the national interest but today it's the same line coming out of iran the us longest is no sanctions relief as long as the u.s. not to states continues on its policy president rouhani will not be meeting president trump. about or has more from the j. 7 summit where france's president called on tehran and washington to get back to the negotiating table. the prospect of a meeting between the u.s. knew a new president was not unlikely outcome of the g. 7 in berates but as the summit came to an end its the french president suggested talks between donald trump and hassan rouhani were possible. at some point there has to be a meeting between the iranian president and the us president i hope that in the
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next few weeks this meeting will take place france plays a role along with the other partners who signed the iran deal trump who pulled the u.s. out of the 2015 iran nuclear deal last year and imposed sanctions said he was open to diplomacy we're looking for nuclear weapons globalist missiles and a longer period of time very simple we can have it done in a very short period of time. and i really believe that iran can be a great nation i'd like to see that happen the development came one day after the unexpected arrival of the iranian foreign minister in berates just odds are reef was invited by the french president who'd been asked by some g 7 leaders to mediate in the crisis. trust conciliatory tone was also extended to trade he said beijing and washington could begin talks to resolve the tariffs dispute going into this summit a man or mackerel said he wanted to use it to make progress on the escalating tensions
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over iran and trade help tackle the amazon rain forest fires and kill divisions using multilateral cooperation at the end of the 3 day meeting it seems the french president has succeeded on several fronts there were unresolved issues though the u.k.'s prime minister boris johnson received only a vague promise of a future trade accord with the u.s. and was no nearer to a deal breaks it with the european union i think it's the job of everybody in parliament to get this thing done what the people want by the way it's what our friends and partners on the other side of the channel want they want they want this thing done they want they want it over last year trump refused to sign the final g 7 statement this year has scrapped it replacing it with a one page summary of the meeting so with no commitments in writing the challenge will be to. compel leaders to act when the food bill promises they have made.
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al-jazeera spirits a judge in the u.s. state of oklahoma has found pharmaceutical giant johnson and johnson helped fuel an opioid epidemic that killed more than 400000 people is one of the company to pay 570 $2000000.00 in damages over its aggressive marketing of addictive painkillers out of there is any gallagher reports from norman oklahoma. oklahoma sets out to take on a pharmaceutical giant and after 7 weeks of evidence judge found bachmann's ruling was blunt and found that johnson and johnson is culpable in fueling an opioid crisis that's claimed more than 6000 lives in this state the crisis has ravaged the state of oklahoma in the s.b. and made it a bit immediately for this reason i'm interested in a big plan that consists of cost hauling 572000000 102028 dollars to a media leading really a nuisance the case is being seen as a landmark ruling in dealing with
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a health crisis that's claimed tens of thousands of lives across the u.s. the centers for disease control and prevention say that in 2017 alone close 250000 people died from opioid overdoses lawyer reggie witten was part of his legal team and lost his firstborn son to addiction i feel like i'm always looking their. protest no but i think my sanity lost and they're celebrating the day we got to get help. he says the kids lawyers for johnson and johnson say they'll appeal the decision calling it legally floored the state's lawyers were asking for $17000000000.00 from the company but only got a fraction of that is the amount of money that johnson and johnson has been ordered to pay may not be what the state of oklahoma wanted but the message it sends is clear the judge in this case was unequivocal in blaming big pharmaceutical companies in their role in an opioid crisis has blighted the lives of so many and
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with fountains of other cases across the country this may set an important precedent to what the pharmaceutical companies put do and tiva settle before this trial got under way with monday's ruling oklahoma now has close to a $1000000000.00 for treatment and this is being seen as a huge victory by those that work on the front lines fighting the epidemic a war very very happy this is a good day for the say. of oklahoma we took on a giant major pharmaceutical company and a judge in norman oklahoma said you killed people it's time to pay the case was being closely watched across the u.s. in ohio alone there are 2000 pending cases but after monday's ruling pharmaceutical companies may now be forced to pay out billions and go across to 0 norman oklahoma brazil has rejected an offer of $20000000.00 m g 7 leaders to help tackle fires burning in the amazon present terrible sonora says the idea of creating an international alliance to save the rain forests and be trading as a country like
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a colony and live reports on parts of a one of the worst affected areas. look from one side of the plane and the amazon is verdant pristine teeming with life too big to destroy then this suddenly it's gone. the rates of deforestation in recent months breaking all records fires are started by speculators aiming to impose man's will on nature but they often rage out of control and the devastation is immeasurable look up mice this year the fires are much stronger than previous years they are very very strong affecting our visibility on work i think people took advantage of the dry season to start the fires they do it to dispose of all wanted vegetation to a rich the soil and clear the way for lucrative cattle ranches and soya plantations only from up here you get to say something here that makes the of the album the day
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of the destruction 1st of all the great waves of crown. ready because i think it's a rock point by the fire of recent weeks. this is a job also the auto off to strong criticism from around the world that he wasn't doing enough to fight the fire as has deployed the military these hercules see what thirty's taking off from. spray some of the affected areas as a bit of salim you see all the water was given on thursday and by saturday biami was supporting the operation so personal of being in the fields and steam combating the flies on sunday it rained which also helped to put out the flyers. this is the beginning of the rainy season which the author of his hope will douse the fires of the still burning there bemused by the international concern saying they are dealing with what for them is a natural but containable problem people tend to see the problem with their own lands. with the lens i don't offer today and i think that we there are
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here right now inside of the problem we have let's say very used to the problem and now we know we we really doesn't look at it as a problem or are such a big problem as is so great. people come to the amazon region believing they can tame the wilderness can take control of the 40 developments from up here it looks like the only way to tame the rain forest is to destroy it and when now it is iraq what do they north west of brazil. thousands of people in sudan have been forced to abandon their homes because of heavy flooding at least $62.00 people have been killed $100.00 injured they also ministry says roads are cut off and many buildings have collapsed a lot of farmland is also under water after 2 months of heavy rain the military has been deployed to help unload on the situation here is very difficult almost 7000 houses have been completely destroyed the sudanese people here are in dire need of
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clothes and medicine we also need more tense because the number of tents we have isn't enough to accommodate all the families still have on al-jazeera. risking their lives another journalist is killed in mexico as the u.n. urges better protection of reporters. on a 107 israelis have been protesting against ecuador's emigration authority. hello there whilst we have the heat wave across central areas of europe we've also seen some pretty ferocious storms in the last 24 hours doesn't look too bad here but you can see this mass working its way across into the southwest of europe and in particular we've had some very heavy downpours into madrid have a look at these images my goodness the force of this water as well this is one of
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the suburbs of the city and is that what is doing to the cause and as you can imagine there were all sorts of metro station closures and many of the roads were also closed now the good news is that storm system has continued to clear away out of the picture but there is still likely to be some rain and some thunderstorms around this general area pushing across into the valley erikson eventually on the tools and costco there's still some warnings in place as well choose day across that northeastern section of spain for again more rain and also more strong winds and also some hail here's the temperatures across this northern section of mainland europe that beginning to come down by wednesday certainly in london this is next bank of pushing in this is a front bringing the rain with it but it's going to be clearing out across the southwest and actually pretty good across much of eastern europe as well as a bit cooler still in moscow with a high that of 17 when it should be dry on wednesday and then what we have got again is the chance of a few storms into the far north of africa could see some thunderstorms and algis there with a high of 31. whether sponsored by cats already. this
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is a dialogue let us decide not to have children to say that it's what the stake is really human survival everyone has a voice but a start with our community because of course this is a debate and it's a heated one this is a little be patient literally be able to do a ph and ideally join the global conversation with people i think if only they knew what is happening to we were muslims they will be with us and they will be outraged on mt is iraq. you're watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now iran's president says his country will knock hold talks with the unless all sanctions are lifted his
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comments came a day after president said he was open to meeting on an. estate in the a judge rather in the u.s. state of oklahoma has found pharmaceutical giant johnson and johnson helped fuel an opioid epidemic that has killed more than 400000 people the company has been ordered to pay $572000000.00 in damages and brazil has rejected an offer of $20000000.00 a firm burgeon ca from g 7 countries to help tackle fires raging in the amazon brazil's president said an international alliance to save the rainforest to be a form of colonization. china says there was no recent contacts between washington and beijing to talk about trade comments came after the us president said there had been phone calls between the 2 sides monday donald trump predicted there would be a trade deal with china very soon the 2 sides if it increased tariffs on each other's goods in recent days let's go to scott heiler in beijing for reaction so i
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mean scott just for context president trump has to told dozens if not hundreds of documented lies mistruths whatever you want to call them so when he says something yet you do have to take it with a grain of salt and now china is saying that what he said isn't actually true tell us tell us what they're saying. that it's really very interesting you know this coming out of the ministry of foreign affairs daily press briefing here in beijing and this is something that's actually a reader reiteration of something that has already come out of the central government fairly soon after president's made those claims about contact direct contact with the trade negotiators in the united states from the united states and from the china delegation involved in these trade talks the chinese government flat out said no that hasn't happened so i guess as you mentioned obviously there have been a lot of mistruths out there that have been stated about many different things that a lot of it about this trade war so i guess one way to maybe interpret this is
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maybe this is a negotiation tactic that present donald trump has deployed and existing there is a little bit of a reeling back by his officials there who were with him at the g. 7 meetings saying that yes there's been contacts so he went back from 2 specific phone calls and yes there's been contact the chinese government saying no that hasn't happened at all but you also have to look at from the other side maybe this is a negotiating tactic from the chinese too so there's a lot of a fog of understanding around this but right now the chinese government official line saying there has been no contact about moving these trade talks forward one thing that's interesting to note they were already scheduled supposedly did to go ahead in september with some meetings but we haven't heard any details about that particularly after we saw this in a very heated tit for tat last friday and then over the weekend show ok so there's also been a reaction about the violence in hong kong as well. yeah there is a reference in the g 7 to
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a joint see no british agreement back from 1904 and this is kind of the mechanics if you will the agreement of the mechanics of how hong kong was going to be handed over from british colony to chinese control and there are mechanisms that were put in place and right now it's an autonomous region this goes to that one country 2 systems idea but what's very interesting is china over the last couple of years has said that that document is a historical document that is no longer to date that it's outdated so their reaction was that yes the g. 7. meeting meetings and leaders said that this they need to uphold this 984 agreements china says that's outdated we don't need to do it and pretty much telling the g. 7 mind your own business this is an internal matter so obviously that's a rebuff to what came out of the g. 7 summit but this is kind of a similar theme that china has had about how other nations have commented on what's going on in hong kong that this is an internal matter for china ok scott tyler with
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the latest in beijing scott thank you and i'll consider kerry lamb as refusing calls to step down despite how the rest glacial of violence in the anti-government protests and hong kong police use water cannon fire to live warning shot over the weekend as some protesters barricaded streets in the 12th week of demonstrations activists are calling for a controversial extradition bill to be scrapped for carry a lamp to resign there also demanding democratic reforms plane has more from hong kong. this was a regular weekly media briefing given by carrie lamb the chief executive of hong kong but it was the 1st time we have heard from her since the weekend when we saw what could probably be described as an escalation in the violence both on saturday and sunday we saw preapproved marches taking place in different parts of the city and what's becoming a patch in some protest is breaking away towards the end of those much is blocking roads resulting in the police taking action in the form of firing many rounds of
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gas in this media briefing there was again no sign whatsoever that carrie lamb is going to bow to the demands of the protesters even though she did say she's open to talks with them one of the key demands of the protest is is for an independent inquiry to be set up into the crisis specifically into the conduct of the police and carry land he said time and time again that the time is not right for an independent independent inquiry while there is violence still going on on the streets she was also asked again whether she would resign and she said that a responsible chief executive at this time should continue to hold the force. you pray for you cry until you cannot cry anymore because one of the chill chill in quotes from human rights watch report on the experiences of trafficked women from nigeria the documents the physical mental social and economic impact of trafficking survivors many many were forced into physical labor and sexual slavery before the
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age of 17 the report says the support for survivors is inadequate and existing systems either fail to help or sometimes breach victims rights rights watch has made a list of recommendations for the nigerian government that it says will help prevent trafficking and proved support systems. is the author of this report she is a women's rights researcher for human rights watch she joins us from the vision we appreciate your time so much so that the victims of trafficking who are they where are aware and how are they being targeted. so the traffic has of really come up with very crafty methods of you know reaching with these women sometimes when women were talking to me it felt like the traffic because we have really predators who had been preying on them and looking at gavin our vulnerability and these are we men particularly young girls who had been
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frustrated in their homes in that community as they were facing violence in the home or they had dropped out of school because their families could not take them to school in their are struggling to you know to make a living and so they deceive them with promises that they're going to get very good jobs out of nigeria or need to force them into forced prostitution into and domestic servitude so what are. once they realize that they have basically been entrapped and lied to what are some of the experiences like for them that they that they live through. yeah i mean they have gone through horrible experiences right from through the agendas from major area many of them traveling through of you know. being held in places like gardez traveling through the sahara desert with no food received no war. women and girls who are talking
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about being raped by their driver was being beaten and and you know we can i think some of them dying and just you know being thrown as their vehicle is moving and then once in captivity they are forced to walk for long now as without rest they are confined some of them i can find in a building they're not allowed to talk to their family lives sometimes they're not even allowed to be friends with the other girls that have been trafficked there's a lot of violence you know a lot of threats when girls for sistar say they are not able to work many of them say they got pregnant they were forced to undergo abortions in very unsanitary conditions and then they're white charged for most abortions and immediately after they have to start working and then they watch on their own so much money into something like 20000 euros so really they remain being very traumatized and very distressed they come they have come by rebel lots of pain and over a lot of trauma and poverty so what once they survive such
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a horrible thing like this what is the type of support if any that is there for them. well i'm fortunately that night man does not and when they come back to nigeria because many of the government services than lucky and. some of them i looked up in government run shelters where they are not allowed to leave will be an all time low to communicates with the families almost triplicated some of their conditions that the experience when they were there traffic cuts and then services for mental health care you know very night declared services to help them and then leaving you know make some money be able to support themselves and their families that are really lacking so really that the situation is no good and is not and thank you for the report and for spending some time talking to us about it we appreciate it. anderson is wayland's our protests in colombia at the border
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with ecuador demanding to be allowed in there were blocked up for new visa controls when into effect on monday to limit the number of them as wayland's flaying economic and political turmoil at home let's see a new man has more from talk on in ecuador. monday morning at the entrance to immigration at the ecuador colombia border. 12 hours earlier more than 10000 venezuelans had managed to enter ecuador with their identity documents before midnight deadline went into effect requiring them to hold a valid consular visa but hundreds more arrived too late for. this family has been told that they must go back because they missed the midnight deadline. thousands who did get in the majority with no food and almost no money spent to freezing night outdoors hoping that a daybreak they'd receive a helping hand. that is when the once opened its doors to so many migrants from all
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over the world all we ask is they have solidarity with us in our time needs. but those were different times ecuador has already received more than $300000.00 venezuelans and says it can no longer absorb more migrants now it is demanding they pay $50.00 for a visa a fortune for the average venezuelan who's monthly salary has plunged to $2.00. jonathan mendis his wife and 3 small children made it into ecuador just in time for more than 2 weeks with no money and i think. we tried to make the children think that this is an adventure that they're able to travel night and day. jonathan goes to see if the u.n.h.c.r. can give them food before continuing on to peru which he knows they will be stopped because they don't have the required visa to enter but they feel lucky to at least have got this far behind us is the colombia border and we've seen at least 200
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venezuelans like these who've been stopped not allowed to come into ecuador because they no longer have the right papers but many of them have told us that they have no intention of returning to venezuela that if they can't come into ecuador legally they'll try other methods like in. legal crossings for example the river that you see here that separates colombia from ecuador. we will increase police vigilance along the border to ensure that illegal immigration does not take place but as he spoke we spotted 2 undocumented venezuelans bypassing immigration all together was like they were joined thousands more heading south than lucky ones like these make it a lift. others will continue walking as they have for weeks hoping to find any child they can to help them survive. to gun at loud at least 2010 journalists have been killed while doing their jobs in mexico
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this year a new u.n. report is criticizing the government for failing to protect our borders and activists. in the capital mexico city. there's a war on press freedom playing out on the streets of mexico. a sharp increase in violence nationwide over the past 2 years has also meant an increase in attacks against journalists. the death of never had a meal of mexico state over the weekend brings the total number of journalists killed this year to at least 10 hundreds turned out to attend his funeral. thank you on august 3rd another journalist out also drew media attention this time it was soliciting ovaries a newspaper reporter from the state of it accrues before being gunned down so listing all received death threats at his home you know i want someone to do something and i want them to leave me and my children alone i don't want anything
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else he was everything to me and now he's gone what else do i want to do was one of the 3 journalists killed in mexico in the same week. the continued killings of journalists has sparked protests in vera cruz currently one of the most dangerous states in the country for media professionals. i love this point that we want those responsible for lacerating journalism in vera cruz to be captured the ones who harm another family we are journalists but also citizens by hurting or killing a journalist it ends up affecting a family. célestin it wasn't rolled in a government program that aims to provide protection for journalists and human rights defenders a recent report by the united nations however says the mexican government has to step up its commitment toward the protection of freedom of expression. legions and we are calling for a national campaign to prove the visibility of journalist and human rights defenders led by the president in the more than 900 journalists and human rights
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workers are currently enrolled in the government's protection mechanism program mexico ranks among the world's most dangerous countries for journalists more than $150.00 have been killed since the year 2000 despite the establishment of the protection mechanism for human rights defenders and journalists in 2012 attacks against press freedom have continued unabated but it up and i'll just go to mexico city. take out the headlines for you on al-jazeera president says his country will not hold talks with the u.s. unless sanctions are lifted. his comments came a day after president donald trump said he was open to meeting rouhani trump was speaking at the g. 7 summit in france about rouhani and says washington miss take what he called the 1st step for talks to have the house. to do it in the 1st step is to remove sanctions without that this lock won't be open all sanctions against the
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iranian nation must have to they are all illegitimate and cruel if you lift the sanctions and apologize to iran then he would be a different situation this government is moving forward in line with this national interest we have been open to negotiation and the word agrees with this fact china says there were no recent contacts between washington and beijing to talk about trade comments came after the u.s. president said there had been telephone calls between the 2 sides a monday predict that there would be a trade deal with china very soon it is size of increase tariffs on each other's goods and recent days. a judge in the u.s. state of oklahoma has found pharmaceutical giant johnson and johnson helped fuel an opioid epidemic that is killed more than 400000 people the company's been ordered to pay 572000000 dollars and damages brazil has rejected an offer of 20000000 dollars of emergency aid from g 7 countries to help nations tackling fires raging
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in the amazon fields presidential you're both sonora said an international alliance to save the rain forest to be a form of colonization thousands of people in sudan have been forced to abandon their homes because of heavy flooding at least 62 people have been killed 100 injured the health ministry says roads are cut off and many buildings have collapsed a lot of farmland is also under water after 2 months of heavy rain the military has been deployed to help. carry lamis refusing calls to step down despite another escalation of violence during anti-government protests activists are calling for a controversial extradition bill to be scrapped and for kerry lam to resign. so the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera and other bulletin is coming up in the meantime the strain is that next. what guarantees ready will you give to the people who will be attending
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a workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone it's also terrorizing me we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter. welcome to the stream i'm femi oke a a group of atomic scientists warns that the world stands at 2 minutes to midnight that's their way of showing how close the world is to nuclear war kind of anti-nuclear activists stop the doomsday clock send off thoughts through twitter. the recent test of a u.s. missile has heightened alarm among anti nuclear activists that a reckless new arms race threatens humankind the launch of the modified tomahawk missile on august the 18th came just 2 weeks after the u.s.
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formally withdrew from a missile treaty with russia that was after 32 years but the actions of other countries are.


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