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this is al-jazeera. i'm adrian for again this is the live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes as fighting in syria raises tensions between turkey and russia president and putin meet for talks on the conflict. iran's president says the united states must lift all sanctions before any talks can happen. a new reports documents the horrific experiences of nigerian women trapped in the world of sex trafficking. and in sports arena often the running at the u.s. open the american made short work of her old rival my shop over the cap play in the
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2nd round. case president. is in russia for talks on the war in syria bus relations between the 2 countries are under strain that's despite the signing of a deal to create a deescalation zone near the rebel stronghold of a year ago and then a strike by russian backed syrian forces targeted a turkish convoy on its way to 2 weeks ago adding to the tension. and with russian backing syria increased its aerial attacks on it lived and how many provinces in april to regain rebel held areas to support some of the rebels in the region but ankara's purchase of russia's s 400 missile defense system is a fact that's keeping relations more or less on track to 0 step and is with us now
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from chicago ski near the russian capital moscow and can tell us more that's where the meeting is taking place so what's expected to come out of this meeting step. well for now a president putin is showing off his assail salesman skills he has so shown the turkish president the latest version of the sukhoi $57.00 fighter jet and he's showing more equipment to the turkish president right now but it's not sure if the gun is in any mood for shopping right now because he has hastily travel to moscow to talk to put in about what's going on and it described the situation in a phone call last friday as a humanitarian crisis and also as a threat to turkish national security he wants put into rein in the syrian forces but put in spokesman said that he does understand the concerns of president out of gun but he also is very concerned about the rebel forces in the area which he
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describes as terrorists and there's also an increasing feeling here in russia that there is some kind of impatience with what john has been doing after he promised to rein in these rebel groups and this armed i'm joining a meeting and saatchi last year russia feels that nothing has been done so it is a big question here how much compromise russia wants to give to oregon today all right stephanie thanks indeed let's across live to pundits miss who's in antakya near the turkey syria border bernadotte a one wants russia to safeguard turkish troops observation posts in northwestern syria south of it what problems is the turkish military having in that area. well present the turkish military are in a real bind there are a dozen observation posts in what are supposed to be deescalation zones that's why
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they were established but really fighting is continuing in that area particularly as the syrian regime pushes ahead in and is attempt to encroach further on the last rebel held strong stronghold of so as one turkish observation post that is now really marooned in syrian controlled territory territory that was retaken last week so those soldiers there are surrounded on the other observation posts are essentially in areas that could come back under control of the syrian regime as the regime a regime pushes its way towards it so what good one wants to do is to guarantee the safety of turkish troops in those observation posts he wants he has said that any threat the smallest attack we will retaliate of this is a lot of dash to moscow to make sure that his soldiers are an hour protected but in the long term what decide got to decide what is going to do with these observation
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posts but attorney thinks indeed probably felgenhauer is a defense and military analyst he's also a columnist for the voyage and he joins us now live from moscow good to have you with us problems trying to interpret the body language there when we saw the other one together earlier what is the current state of the relationship between russia and turkey would you think they consider themselves to be allies. well we're not allies then close partners and both leave that both presidents have . important interest to avoid right now clash in the between russia and syrian and turkish forces us to continue this close relationship so i believe that they're going to be trying to find some kind of compromise but that's going to be
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a very uneasy compromise because they're on the ground interests of turkey and the interests of russia and the mosque us are very much at loggerheads and there's very little trust between the syrian regime the turkish regime and between the russian military and the turkish military because it's also important for russia of course to secure its air base in clean him close to attacking against rebel attacks and it's even moscow that failed to secure that that the rebels from the live province have still been trying to lob attacks using this homemade drones and that's acceptable so there's a tactical reason that puts the turkey and rob russia against each other but there's a big won't there of strategic reason for them to try and find a compromise for russia it's very important to be close to turkey it's important to
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push the rebels as far away from khamenei must possible and possibly end the syrian civil war by. a big row with from rebel forces about the same time it's maybe even more important for russia to push turkey away from america and nato and closer to russia puzzle in an ideal world what sort of relationship moscow want with turkey and is it realistic. well moscow would ideally want turkey to further their worst of us through ations with washington and the west in general if not to formally weaving nato undermining its nato connection so that the russia with its have friendly power controlling the black sea straits the bosphorus and the dardenne out and that has been the russian objective for several 100 years actually if not the millennia to have a friend to
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a regime controlling the straits russia fought many wars because of that and that's a long term very important strategic objective and what is the 11 from russia that . had a gun right once of course to show the 30 ish people that his independent policy kind of opposing the united states some different. moving closer to russia is giving fruit that russia's going to compromise it's going to rein in its soldiers and its allies and the mask a saree she and that turkey of influence in the middle east may increase using i know i and if not no i it's a close relationship strategic partnership with russia 1 the walk their dog on of course does not want to fight
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a big fight in the leave that well we need 2 $100000.00 more refugees pouring over the border into turkey which would be a disaster for him internally public schools took too many thanks to you for being with us probable phil going to school. iran's president says his country won't hold talks on any nuclear deal with the u.s. unless all sanctions are lifted. his comments come a day after u.s. president donald trump said at the g. 7 summit in france that he was open to meeting the iranian leader president of money has offered to facilitate talks between the $2.00 sides but rouhani insists washington must take the 1st step for talks to happen pass. on the 1st step is to remove sanctions without it this lock won't be open all sanctions against the iranian nation must be lifted they are all illegitimate and cruel if you lift the sanctions and apologize to iran then you would be
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a different situation this government is moving forward in line with this national interest we have been open to negotiation and the word agrees with this fact. al-jazeera said beggars and i have more on rouhani speech in just a few moments but 1st the sasha butler reports from the g. 7 summit where the french president called on teh front of washington to get back to the negotiating table. the prospect of a meeting between the u.s. and iranian president was not unlikely outcome of the g 7 in berates but is the summit came to an end it's the french president suggested talks between donald trump and hassan rouhani were possible. at some point there has to be a meeting between the iranian president and the us president i hope that in the next few weeks this meeting will take place france plays a role along with the other partners who signed the iran deal trump who pulled the
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u.s. out of the 2015 iran nuclear deal last year and imposed sanctions said he was open to diplomacy we're looking for nuclear weapons globalist missiles and a longer period of time very simple we can have it done in a very short period of time. and i really believe that iran can be a great nation i'd like to see that happen the development came one day after the unexpected arrival of the iranian foreign minister in berates jihads our reef was invited by the french president who had been asked by some g 7 leaders to mediate in the crisis. trust conciliatory tone was also extended to trade he said beijing and washington could begin talks to resolve the tariffs disputes going into this summit a man or mackerel said he wanted to use it to make progress on the escalating tensions over iran and trade help tackle the amazon rain forest fires and kill divisions using multilateral cooperation at the end of the 3 day meeting it seems the french
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president has succeeded on several fronts they were unresolved issues though the u.k.'s prime minister boris johnson received only a vague promise of a future trade accord with the us and was no nearer to a deal on breaks it with the european union i think it's the job of everybody in parliament to get this thing done making it what the people want i also think by the way it's what our friends and partners on the other side of the channel want they want they want this thing done they want they want it over last year trump refused to sign the final g 7 statement this year has scrapped it replacing it with a one page summary of the meeting so with no commitments in writing the challenge will be to. compel leaders to act in the full promises they have made such a popular al-jazeera spirits are let's get back to what i said big in tehran i said you were listening to that speech by president rouhani on tuesday he sort of
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backtracked from what had originally been reported but in principle does it look like he's willing to meet president trump. well he has been speaking this morning and he's basically reiterated the previous lines that iran will not talk to the united states they will not have negotiations with the united states as long as those sanctions are in place so it does look like there has been some backtracking or changing of policies he said that all the sanctions against the iranian nation must be lifted that is illegitimate and cruel now the iran has called these sanctions economic terrorism they have resulted in the reduction of oil exports for iran the banking sector has been hit and the economy has suffered president rouhani said that he did not see any positive developments unless the united states change its wrong path now again this is something different that came from president rouhani yesterday because what he said
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yesterday gave some people hope that they could be some talks because he said if you have to enter a meeting to talk to someone to forward the iranian cause and to alleviate iranian people's problems then he would do that for the national interest at that seems to have changed for some reason but what we can't rule out is the supreme leader of iran are to the how many who do who decides the direction of all major policies here and he's always said that iran will not sit down and talk to united states as long as those sanctions are in place in fact he said to do so would be double poison meaning that you are sitting dissension sitting down with the very people that are making your country suffer given that is there any possible way forward that could result result in talks than between the u.s. and iran. well president rouhani and donald trump are set to attend the united nations in late september the new york so the
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president of france has been trying hard to work something out there has been the suggestion of suffering of sanctions or a way to compensate the iranian people but one thing that they can't possibly agree on is that donald trump says he does not want iran to have nuclear weapons will this morning president rouhani has reiterated the ring in line that iran does not want a nuclear weapons he said that the military doctrine here is not based on attaining the nuclear bomb and iran does not want weapons of mass destruction with a nuclear or chemical also the foreign minister foreign minister zarif has been speaking he's been on the asia tour and he said that the meeting between donald trump and president rouhani is imaginable unless united states comes back to the j.c. p.-o. that's in 2015 nuclear deal and joins the other countries within that otherwise would be no bilateral talks so something's changed in iran from yesterday that had given people hope that president rouhani was willing to meet donald trump or people
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within the u.s. administration something's changed overnight and they've gone back today reiterated policy which is no talks no negotiations with the united states as long as those sanctions are in place. as a big reporting live from tehran as atlanta thanks. this from our series still to come on the program. on the line. with bill but the nominee might get some of. the damage. stranded at the border venezuelans fleeing crises at home apart from entering ecuador under its new visa restrictions. and it's forced into balance do you strike that means business he shares his italian club just why he's worth the money. china insists there were no recent contacts between washington and beijing to talk
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about trade the comments came after u.s. president donald trump said they did talk by phone on monday donald trump predicted that there would be a trade deal with china very soon both sides have increased tariffs on each other's goods in recent days gone from scott heide beijing. the chinese government flat out said no that hasn't happened so i guess as you mentioned obviously there have been a lot of myths truths out there that have been stated about many different things that a lot of it about this trade war so i guess one way to maybe interpret this is maybe this is a negotiation tactic that present donald trump has deployed and existing there is a little bit of a reeling back by his officials there who are with him at the g 7 meetings saying that yes there's been contacts so he went back from 2 specific phone calls and yes there's been contact chinese government saying no that hasn't happened at all but you also have to look at from the other side maybe this is a negotiating tactic from the chinese too so there's a lot of. fog of understanding around this but right now the chinese government
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official line saying there has been no contact about moving these trade talks forward one thing that's interesting to note they were already scheduled supposedly did to go ahead in september with some meetings but we haven't heard any details about that particularly after we saw this kind of very heated tit for tat last friday and then over the weekend brazil has rejected an offer of 20000000000 dollars from the g 7 leaders to help countries affected by files burning in the amazon and president jaya both scenarios said that the idea of creating an international alliance to save the rain forest treats his country like a colony. of the reports now from port of l o one of the worst affected areas. from one side of the plane and the. pristine life too big to destroy then suddenly it's gone. the rate of deforestation in recent months breaking all records fires are started by speculators aiming to impose man's will on nature
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but they often rage out of control and the devastation is immeasurable. this year the fires are much stronger than previous years there are very very strong affecting our visibility on work i think people took advantage of the dry. season to start the fires they do it to dispose of them wanted vegetation to enrich the soil and clear the way for lucrative cattle ranches and soya plantations only from up here you get it they make. the suction 1st for the great plates and found one ready because i think that last point by the fire we simply. doesn't jive also not off the strong criticism from around the world that he wasn't doing enough to fight the fires has deployed the military these hercules c $130.00 s. taking off from portal vale to spray some of the affected areas. all the order was
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given on thursday and by saturday biami was supporting the operation so personal of being in the fields and steam combating the fires on sunday it rained would also help to put out the fires. this is the beginning of the rainy season which the author of his hope will douse the fires of the still burning there bemused by the international concern saying they are dealing with what for them is an annual but containable problem people tend to see the problem with their always ends or with the letters that offer today and i think that we there are here right now inside of the problem we have let's say very used to the problem and now we know we we really doesn't look at it as a broken or such a big problem as is so right now. people come to the amazon region believing they can tame the wilderness can take control of the 40 developments from up here looks
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at the only way to tame the rain forest is to destroy it and when now does iran what will the north west and brazil and his personal struggles to control tens of thousands of files people in peru be using brooms shovels and branches to fight back flames the government says that forests covering more than $140.00 hectares of the poor a mark region of burned down. the grim existence of women trafficked from nigeria is being highlighted in a new report victims of trafficking described how they prayed for death or cried until they couldn't cry anymore human rights watch says an unknown number of nigerian women have been forced into sexual slavery and physical labor many of them before the age of 17 the report says the support for survivors is inadequate at existing systems either fail to help or sometimes breach victims' rights human rights watch has recommended an overhaul of the country's support system and says
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that by jiri as government has to do more to prevent trafficking earlier my colleague richelle carey spoke to agnes or the ambo the author of the report she's a women's rights researcher for human rights watch she spoke with people who've been subjected to human rights breaches by traffickers and the government. so there traffic because of really come up with very crafty methods of you know reaching with these women sometimes when we men were talking to made out like a truck because we're really predators who had been preying on them and looking at the have in our vulnerability and these are we men particularly and girls who had been frustrated in their homes in that community as they were facing violence in their home or they had dropped out of school because their families could not take them to school when they were struggling to you know to make a living and so they did leave them with promises that they're going to get very good jobs out of nigeria or need to force them into forced prostitution in and
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domestic servitude so what are. once they realize that they have basically been entrapped and lied to in what are some of the experiences like for them that they that they lived through yeah i mean they have gone through horrible experiences right from through the agenda's from nigeria many of them traveling through you know. being held in places late i got days traveling through their sahara desert with no food least no war 3 women and girls were talking of old being raped by that dries was being the 10 and you know witnessing some of them dying and just you know being thrown as the vehicle is moving and then once in captivity they are forced to work for long hours without raised on fire and some of them i can find in a building they're not allowed to talk to their family lives sometimes they're not
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going to allow to be friends with the other girls that have been trafficked there's a lot of violence you know a lot of threats when girls were sistar say they are not able to work many of them say that they go pregnant they were forced to undergo abortions in very unsanitary conditions and then they're white charged for most abortions and immediately i. that they have to start liking and then go out on their own so much money you know something like $20000.00 u.s. so really they remain very traumatized and very distressed they come they have come back with a lot of pain and with a lot of trauma and poverty once they survive such a horrible thing like this what is the type of support if any of that is there for them well unfortunately the nightmare does not and when they come back to nigeria because many of the government services are lucky and. some of them are locked up in government run shelters where they are not allowed to leave at will they're not
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allowed to communicate with their families almost replicating some of the conditions that they experience when they allow the traffic up or something seems of sex trafficking in nigeria end up leaving the country al jazeera on an address has met some of them while he was reporting from libya and mali is now back in a budget from where he joins us live what today's women tell you well basically her ruling experiences for them and i've met a lot of them. teenagers some of them underage some of them as the youngest 11 who have been forced into sexual slavery some have been trafficked based on the track that they were actually going to get jobs in europe and north america and other developed societies in the world however they end up in the hands of traffickers for example the libya situation is such that these goes are trafficked forced into
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sexual slavery and also tortured in some cases they're kidnapped and then showed over to other people after resumes been paid for them now that is only part of the problem and this is we also we're only talking about migrants who travel through libya. a few months ago we were in mali argentina was in mali to follow up on a story of more than $20000.00 nigerian girls and young women who were trapped inside showed slavery in the mining fields of mali we met some of them we took a trip to that region in mali and police escort eventually we were told that the police and enough to handle the situation so we were given extra reinforcement of the military and even at that when we went to that region we were in the military was intimidated because the number of hundreds of people on motorcycles and machetes guns and all sorts of weapons emerged out of nothing and they wanted us
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out eventually we got to meet some of these nigerian girls and we were told that they cannot leave and they have to follow due process and you're talking about 20000 people some of these goals were practically young off the streets in their school uniforms and taken over to mali others in fact also trafficked based on the 5 or based on the promise that they while going to get jobs in mali some were told that they were going to mali and then all of a sudden after travelling through beneath a public across other parts of west africa into mali the she had a thing ended so they ended up in mali and they ended up in brothels and being exploited sexually and the conditions then even very horrible conditions of many thanks to address them reporting live from bhutto. a spanish capital madrid at its outskirts are recovering after rain and hail storms flooded roads and
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buildings this amateur video shows because driving in a high waters and floodwaters in public transport stations the storm course flight delays and interrupted subway services. vehicle is driving some stories floating a number of underground stations were closed due to the rain. well in just a few minutes jenny harrison will be here with a weather forecast for us so it's come on the news hour. a landmark ruling in the u.s. pharmaceutical giant johnson and johnson faces a $572000000000.00 fine after being found guilty of fueling an opioid crisis. this outrage and camber up to a straight in how to the chinese jailed for 7 months is charged with espionage. roger federer has a bit of a wobble as the u.s. open details coming up in sports
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a little later. and there we have a new developing tropical storm this is it on the satellite this will be named tropical storm paul jewell in the next 12 to 24 hours now it's a fairly large storm system this one bringing of course entrenched amounts of rain but there's some good news that come with this storm because it's actually moving very very quickly now this is you can see is it throughout weapons day right now winds sustained at about 85 kilometers an hour gusting around 100 but it's moving very quickly west northwest and so pushing away from the philippines so that is the good news because it will take away with this or the very heavy amounts of rain however it does also i mean of course as a heads across the south china sea say it will she stay formed as
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a tropical storm stay quite strong and it will also likely then make landfall almost again if you like really across into these coastal areas of vietnam so that point we can expect to say. but also some very heavy amounts of rain into these northern sections of vietnam now as well as this part of the world we're also watching tropical storm dorian this is it hail on the satellite in the last few hours it has actually made landfall headed across barbados it will. it's journey into the eastern caribbean becoming stronger as it does so on have all the details on that story for you in about 2 hours from now. the weather sponsored by catherine was. 67 words that spelled promise for one people. but disaster for another. the bled to the establishment of the jewish homeland at the expense of the
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palestinians. the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east for seeds of discord on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told pretty we might go to the better we had died last week crossing from mexico you know stay with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports we can live according to the fishing life it is exceptionally al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring more award winning documentary and light means.
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hello again adrian forget here in doha with the news from al-jazeera the headlines turkey's president wretch of top of the water is in russia where he's meeting with president vladimir putin they're expected to discuss the war in syria moscow and ankara back opposing sides in the conflict. iran's president says his country will not hold talks with the u.s. unless all sanctions are lifted or some rouhani is comments come a day after president toppled trump said that he was open to meeting with him and china insists there were no recent contacts between washington and beijing to talk about trade the comments came after the u.s. president said that there had been a telephone call between the 2 sides. israel appears to be massing troops on its borders with lebanon and syria it follows a warning by prime minister benjamin netanyahu against iranian backed groups in the region over the past 2 days israel is believed to have conducted strikes in lebanon
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syria and iraq where the u.n. says that it's gravely concerned and this call for calm on all sides. over the last few days we have seen in the broader middle east reports of drone attacks missile attacks and air strikes. all over the region israel and gaza lebanon syria iraq as well as saudi arabia and all since since friday i think all of these reports or of concern to us we're continuing to follow this situation closely and i think as as the secretary general has said and we consistently maintain the middle east region cannot afford any additional turmoil prime minister netanyahu has told the leader of lebanon's hezbollah to calm down after he threatened retaliatory attacks against israel on monday israeli drones bombed the palestinian base in eastern lebanon near the border with syria that came a day after
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a suspected israeli drone crashed in a hezbollah stronghold in beirut damaging the iranian backed groups media office lebanon's president michel aoun cold israel's actions a declaration of war that justified a military response. thousands of people in sudan have been forced to abandon their homes due to heavy flooding at least 62 people have been killed and 100 injured health ministry says that roads are blocked and many buildings have collapsed a lot of farmland is underwater the military has been deployed to help the floods followed 2 months of heavy rain and while there i was situation here is very difficult almost 7000 houses have been completely destroyed the sudanese people here are in dire need of clothes and medicine we also need more tense because a number of tents we have isn't enough to accommodate all the families hong kong's leader caroline is rejecting calls for her to step down police used water cannon
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fired a live warning shot over the weekend that some protesters the barricaded streets of the 12th week of demonstrations activists are calling for a controversial extradition bill to be not just suspended but scrapped completely and for land to resign they're also demanding democratic reforms went hey reports now from hong kong. this was a regular weekly media briefing given by carrie lamb the chief executive of hong kong but it was the 1st time we have heard from her since the weekend when we saw what could probably be described as an escalation in the violence both on saturday and sunday we saw preapproved marches taking place in different parts of the city and what's becoming a patch in some protest is breaking away towards the end of those marches blocking roads out resulting in the police taking action in the form of firing many rounds of gas in this media briefing there was again no sign whatsoever that carrie lamb is going to bow to the demands of the protest is even though she did say she's open
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to talks with them one of the key demands of the protest is is for an independent inquiry to be set up into the crisis specifically into the conduct of the police and carry lampa said time and time again that the time is not right for an independent independent inquiry while there is violence still going on on the streets she was also asked again whether she would resign and she said that a responsible chief executive at this time should continue to hold the force china has formally charged an astronomy and rights with espionage yang hang june has been detained since january he was a chinese diplomats and became a naturalized citizen in 2002 story his foreign minister says that he's been held in harsh conditions in beijing and jones lawyers says that the charges make no sense. what we're trying to do with the assistance of the department of foreign
1:37 pm
affairs and try and with the foreign affairs minister is to determine the foundation of that charge one would assume it would be more than simply being a democracy activist it seemed conceivable that he could be charged simply because of a political view that he minded spouse as to the nature of the the political structure in china australia has foreign minister says the young has been held in harsh conditions and that a government has some serious concerns for his welfare we have heard those reports and we are deeply concerned. and disappointed to learn that that is the case he was he was formally arrested in china. in the last few days a judge in the u.s. state of oklahoma has found pharmaceutical giant johnson and johnson helped to fuel an opioid epidemic that's killed more than 400000 people is out of the company to
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pay $572000000000.00 in damages over its aggressive marketing of addictive painkillers i was serious at the gallica reports from norman oklahoma. oklahoma set out to take on a pharmaceutical giant and after 7 weeks of evidence judge found bachmann's ruling was blunt he found that johnson and johnson is culpable in fueling an opioid crisis has claimed more than 6000 lives in this state the crisis has ravaged the state of oklahoma in the s.b. and made it a bit immediately for this reason i'm interested in a big plan that consists of cost hauling 572000000 102028 dollars to a media living really a nuisance the case is being seen as a landmark ruling in dealing with a health crisis that's claimed tens of thousands of lives across the u.s. the centers for disease control and prevention say that in 2017 alone close 250000 people died from opioid overdoses lawyer reggie witten was part of his legal team
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and lost his firstborn son to addiction i feel like i'm always looking down. the street protest no but i think must stand fast and are celebrating the day we got to get help. he says of his lawyers for johnson and johnson say they'll appeal the decision calling it legally floored the state's lawyers were asking for $17000000000.00 from the company but only got a fraction of that is the amount of money that johnson and johnson has been ordered to pay may not be what the state of oklahoma wanted but the message it sends is clear the judge in this case was unequivocal in blaming big pharmaceutical companies in their role in an opioid crisis it's like the lives of so many and with fountains of other cases across the country this may set an important precedent to the pharmaceutical companies put do in tiva settle before this trial got under way with monday's ruling oklahoma now has close to
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a $1000000000.00 for treatment and this is being seen as a huge victory by those that work on the front lines fighting the epidemic a war very very happy this is a good. day for the state of oklahoma we took on a giant major pharmaceutical company and a judge in norman oklahoma said you killed people it's time to pay the case was being closely watched across the u.s. in ohio alone there are 2000 pending cases but after monday's ruling pharmaceutical companies may now be forced to pay out billions and they go across this era norman oklahoma hundreds of venezuelans of protested in colombia at the border with ecuador demanding to be allowed in they were blocked after new visa controls went into effect on monday ecuador has joined peru and chile and trying to calm the number of venezuelans fleeing economic and political turmoil at home in america editor lucien newman reports from talk in ecuador. monday morning at the
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entrance to immigration at the ecuador colombia border. 12 hours earlier more than 10000 venezuelans had managed to enter ecuador with their identity documents before midnight deadline went into effect requiring them to hold a valid consular visa but hundreds more arrived too late for the. families being told that they must go back because they missed the midnight deadline. 1002 did get in the majority with no food and almost no money spent to freezing night outdoors hoping that a daybreak they'd receive a helping hand. that is where the once opened its doors to so many migrants from all over the world all we ask is they have solidarity with us in our time need. but those were different times ecuador has already received more than $300000.00 venezuelans and says it can no longer absorb more migrants now it is demanding they
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pay $50.00 for a visa a fortune for the average venezuelan who's monthly salary has plunged to $2.00. mendis his wife and 3 small children made it into ecuador just in time for more than 2 weeks with no money. to make the children think that this is an adventure they're able to travel night and day. jonathan goes to see if the u.n.h.c.r. can give them food before continuing on to peru which he knows they will be stopped because they don't have the required visa to enter but they feel lucky to at least have got this far behind us is the colombia border and we've seen at least 200 venezuelans like these who've been stopped not allowed to come into ecuador because they no longer have the right papers but many of them have told us that they have no intention of returning to venezuela that if they can't come into ecuador legally they'll try other methods like illegal crossings for example the river that you see
1:43 pm
here that separates colombia from ecuador. we will increase police vigilance along the border to ensure that illegal immigration does not take place but as he spoke we spotted 2 undocumented venezuelans bypassing immigration altogether like they will join thousands more heading south as the lucky ones like these may get a lift. others will continue walking as they have for weeks hoping to find any job they can to help them survive. gun. at least 10 journalists have been killed while doing their jobs in mexico this year a u.n. report is criticizing the government for failing to protect reporters and activists are serious manuel appollo reports from mexico city. there's a war on press freedom playing out on the streets of mexico. the sharp increase in
1:44 pm
violence nationwide over the past 2 years has also meant an increase in attacks against journalists. the death of nabby how to me of mexico state over the weekend brings the total number of journalists killed this year to at least 10 hundreds turned out to attend his funeral. on august 3rd another journalist out also drew media attention this time it was soliciting ovaries a newspaper reporter from the state of it accrues before being gunned down so listing all received death threats at his home you know i want someone to do something and i want them to leave me in my children alone i don't want anything else he was everything to me and now he's gone what else do they want solicitor was one of the 3 journalists killed in mexico in the same week. the continued killings of journalists has sparked protests in vera cruz currently one of the most dangerous states in the country for media professionals. we want those responsible
1:45 pm
for lacerating journalism in better crews to be captured the ones who harms another family we are journalists but also citizens by hurting or killing a journalist it ends up affecting a family célestin it wasn't rolled in a government program that aims to provide protection for journalists and human rights defenders a recent report by the united nations however says the mexican government has to step up its commitment toward the protection of freedom of expression. and we are calling for a national campaign to prove the visibility of journalists and human rights defenders led by the president. more than $900.00 journalists and human rights workers are currently enrolled in the government's protection mechanism program mexico ranks among the world's most dangerous countries for journalists more than $150.00 have been killed since the year 2000 despite the establishment of the protection mechanism for human rights defenders and journalists in 2012 attacks
1:46 pm
against press freedom have continued unabated but it up in mexico city an investigation by the reuters news agency says that the cia doesn't spy on the government of the united arab emirates something that critics say is a dangerous blind spot in washington's global monitoring the report quotes former cia agents with one calling the agency's failure to adapt to the political and military ambitions a dereliction of duty it also says the lack of monitoring puts the emirates on a very small list of countries where the cia conducts a hands off approach the u.a.e. has played a role in numerous regional and international issues including the blockade of cassava as well as the conflicts in libya and yemen graham calm as a former cia officer he says he'd be surprised if the u.s. is no longer paying attention to the u.a.e. . the u.s. is one of the or the cia is one of the few intelligence services with global
1:47 pm
capability and interests no one can debate whether that should be the case or not but that's the truth and since the u.a.e. is a critical player in the middle east and beyond i would be surprised i wouldn't really believe that the u.s. is ignoring the u.a.e. the cia and the u.s. government will very consciously weigh what are the potential costs and the potential benefits from any operation and human ones and. especially and may decide well anything we could get will could not could not be good enough to counterbalance or outweigh the risks of if something goes wrong now that doesn't mean we're norrington the u.a.e. or anything else but the decision could quite conscious be made that the costs of trying to develop human sources away the benefits when for example they're lation
1:48 pm
ship is close already and above board or their relationship is tense or the priorities are low or the priorities are so high that adding a problem would probably not worth the risk all those are factors that go into this kind of the city. just ahead. we'll tell you who would be leaving the springboks in japan south africa squad for the rugby world cup.
1:49 pm
i know we're going to have to support his son thank you very much adrian while the
1:50 pm
u.s. open is on the way in new york the opening day saw the 2 former champions that face off a serina williams that call an old rival my. helmet has more along with some of the other major highlights from day one. it was one of the most anticipated 1st round matches in u.s. open history 6 time champion serena williams taking on 2006 when a maria sharapova. but despite the billing it wasn't even close and maybe that should have been expected with williams beating old rival 18 time straight going into this one was on top of the williams looked like she had a point to prove off to her infamous loss to naomi osaka in last year's final. the american completely dominated sharp over who looked a shadow of the player that's won 5 tennis mage's was
1:51 pm
williams finished her off inside an hour taking the match in straight sets 6161. was that $24.00 grand slam title is now one step closer she's such a good player you know it when you play or you have to be super focused so every time i come up against her i just bring out some my best tennis. sharp overs not the only former champion going home 2016 winner angelica but is out to the german crashed out in 3 sets to france's christina latin over prepared as good as they can and of course it's no blood but disappointed that. i was not able to play it good match like i was practicing roger federer took a little time to get going in his opener against sumeet you know god i need to qualify one 1st successful but any thoughts of pulling off
1:52 pm
a major ops it was pretty short lived federer of found his form and dominated the next 266162. before sealing the full 64 to take the match. tough 1st set for me. so i had the lead so things were looking good to me but he came back and play very strong so credit to him defending champion novak djokovic got his title defense off to an impressive start unlike bedrock he took little time to find his stride joke of each beating roberta in straight 67 that took the serbian showing just why he's the number one ranked player in the world so he'll mallett al-jazeera. we're going to who has already found his form in italy scoring on debut as into crash newly promoted legit for nail in syria the belgian striker who joined the italian club for man united the 4 record deal of $19000000.00 that
1:53 pm
is the 3rd goal of the my tatt the san siro to 6 year old has now scored in his 1st league games for each of his last 4 clubs i was also antonio conti his 1st game in charge. today show what kind of player used me and why our club want to sign him go to the pool i'm very glad i knew him as a player but not as a person and i was very pleasantly surprised he dived into the reality of been there with great humbleness and made himself available for his team mates in south africa have named a squad ahead of the 21000 rugby world cup in japan as they aim to lift the cup for the 1st time since 2007 forward. who made a successful return from his knee injury would leave the box in the 1st major rugby tournament on agents saw oil. are fresh off winning the rugby championship coach rusty says that the team will try and keep the good spirits up as they aim for
1:54 pm
their 3rd world cup. you want to go next week to japan and play against japan and try and end of it and of that i can go and and that makes me nervous and then the 1st game against all that and but it also makes me out of it but how do you know because we've got this opportunity but you know it it's something that doesn't come out aren't a lot especially as it coach so you know it gives you stevens likes much you know this and. and also notes that doesn't stay there for a long time you know. and we working really hard and for us it's all about rugby baseball now and it was a night of heavy scoring in kansas city the oakland that had excess maxed a season high in 1000 runs and 22 hits to beat the kansas city boy is 984 the win is a major boost to the a's as they battle cavan and tampa bay up for the 2 american league is wild cards. that's it for me agent somebody thanks dave now afghanistan is
1:55 pm
marking 100 years since it gained independence from britain some afghans are using to express what that means to them today bonus chance that journey with us from kabul. was a picture of afghanistan 100 years after independence from britain the treaty was signed this month the $919.00 by king. graphic artist converted his image into stick a couple motorists would have jobs one mission to. be here things to show. other canvases a blast was falsified concrete slabs placed information down most of the series they made to block explosions from suicide bombings they also offer a visual commentary. today where there are celebrations or more political state it's about corruption or the killing of civilians. afghanistan's art scene has
1:56 pm
flourished since the fall of the taliban in 2001 with literacy rates among adults around 30 percent it's a language all afghans understand real painting true lives today and every single to that is one of the victims of wars. and his team have painted 10000 sort their goal is 34000 to represent the number of civilians killed since 2002 sharifi founded the award winning. a group of social activist. he is celebrating independence but not necessarily afghanistan's as a nation i think i have my independence i have this art this gives me the voice and this gives voice to millions of. sarkari me has a more traditional canvas she's making a short historical movie for the anniversary. this short film is just short the way
1:57 pm
for the history of off on this song through that path back to the past to call today. and just give them like a kind of clue that what we did the wrong and what we did draw i. creamy is the 1st female director of the afghan film institute and has been vocal in advancing women's rights in afghanistan we exist as a as a country as a nation so some point of view we are in the plan then and what we reify to be more independent. does being a turbulent century for afghans with independence defined as vastly is the canvasses it is recorded on. a couple rachelle back with you just moments to bring you up to dates with the latest news i'll see you again thanks for watching.
1:58 pm
until now the coverage of latin america and most of the world was about covering khuda taz tragedies of quakes and that was it but not how people feel how they how
1:59 pm
they think and that's what we do we go anyway 5 and a half months of demanding it when it's occasional system that was introduced. in latin america as europe has come to fill a void that needed to be filled. rewind returns with a new series. and brand new updates on the past about using music documentary think it. needs to be doing it to remind continues with the last try secret army of the cia so it's down to 75000000000 in the same way that the m sisters did living in the forest in the jungle and it seems like they're abandoned by everybody on al-jazeera.
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a syrian government forces backed by moscow battle to retake the last marble stronghold turkey's president is in russia. i'm richelle carey this is al-jazeera live from doha also coming up iran's president says the united states must 1st lift all sanctions before any talks can happen. a report documents the horrific experiences of nigerian one minute trapped in the world us.


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