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everybody will learn something watching our coverage. be showing that we can be the best international news and trust and source of stories that people actually can't find elsewhere and that's going to continue. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm sam you say that this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the leaders of turkey and russia discuss ending the fighting in syria's last rebel stronghold of live plus. my life. at the moment like to get a look at the damage. meanwhile brazil's leader
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says the french president must withdraw. before accepting g 7 a for the arms and files. the report documents the horrific experiences of nigerian women trapped in the world of sex trafficking. and i'm only a hearting with your sports arena williams is up and running at the u.s. open the american made short work of maria sharapova took place in the 2nd round. now we begin with a meeting that could decide the course of the war in syria the presidents of turkey and russia meeting near moscow landed near putin and russia talked about it too and have been backing opposing sides in syria but they say they've now discussed joint steps in tackling the fighting in the lip province the 2 leaders also talked about a major weapons deal. putin confirmed russia has delivered
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a 2nd battery of its s 400 missile defense system this mind that cooperation and said his forces would react against the syrian government if necessary civilian their fallen soldier to look at the provocation by the regime have reached an acceptable level i would like to say it is especially by our borders our right to self-defense and this leaves us no choice we have to act to protect ourselves i discuss this matter with my honorable friend the president and i perceive we are happy to work to cooperate within the spirit. of we and our turkish partners have serious concerns about the deescalation zone in it live terrorist continue to show russian positions and syrian forces they try to attack russian bases we hope that the deescalation zone will be a refuge for the rebels and should not be a platform to make attacks we discuss joint measures to neutralize terrorist
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hotbeds an adlib and to normalize the situation in this region and in syria as a whole we spoke with mr erdogan about it in detail and we found understanding on how and what we can do together to resolve these issues overburden smith standing by for us in the un talk here on the turkish syrian border but 1st a step vasant who's injured koskie where putin and others who and have been meeting so let's start with the 1st obvious questions that did that to reach any understanding over at lip. well that's a very good question as you say that new measures have now been announced to put in calls neutralize the terrorists and make sure that is and to the violence but there is no detail at all about what these new measures are going to entail in april a few months ago both leaders had a similar kind of meeting and then they sort of decided to have joint patrols which never happened but now this time around obviously and that's also something that
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really is sticking out there's no detail about these new measures what exactly the both countries can do together earlier on of course has hastily travel to moscow after this phone call he had with putin on friday describing the situation as a humanitarian disaster and a threat to turkish national security he wants to put in to rein in the syrian forces turkish troops have become under threat in the area of italy but nothing has been sad about that nothing has been said about what's going to happen is russia willing to defend the turkish troops there and also make sure that the observation post that turkey has in the area. what will be happening to them that's of course a big question erdogan had as well we haven't heard any details about that at all but both leaders stressed again that their relationship is very strong and is getting stronger and they have been discussing possible new arms deals even the
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defense secretary off turkey will be left behind here after earlier one goes home to do they discuss these possible deals so basically both nations have this stressed how important their relationship is but we have very little detail i think we can see the backend of some 29 days if i'm not mistaken at least behind you there and all of the ones been looking at military hardware. you mentioned officials be left behind to talk what exactly is on the table for russian turkish military corporation beyond simply missile cells. well one thing that i was very interested in was the news of cory 57 style fighter jet. put in has actually left him into that fighter jet and showed him
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around and they sort of joked like is this for sale so that's that's possible on the table of course auto deals are being discussed as well. as 400 booked and has now also said that the pilot training will start as soon as possible because turkey has no expertise on this new weapon system anti missile defense system so that's also happening in the in the next few months you say this will start as soon as possible so there are a lot of options but of course the situation in italy has been looming over these stocks really seriously or events thanks to fast and. let's go over now to bernard smith who's an anti can near the turkey syria border tell us a little bit about what is actually happening on the ground why it would be such a key flashpoint now. well it was the last remaining rebel stronghold in syria and asaad forces as his regime has
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a long stated ambition to take that back president erdogan of turkey and his military have a real and immediate problem in that as assad's forces push towards it live there retaking territory where there are these turkish observation posts there is now warm turkish observation post that is essentially marooned in our syrian controlled territory territory they took back last week this was in a deescalation zone on the other observation posts are in this deescalation zone but they also risk coming under syrian regime control if the syrians push further on erdogan wants an assurance from putin that his forces the turkish troops will be safe in that area but this is now not really a desk deescalation zone where the post is it syrian territories has to decide eventually how much longer it's going to stay in that area and whether he should pull the troops out of that summit and what sort of what's at stake there in the
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presence of the turkish troops or withdrawal for the entire opposition in italy. well the idea of the having these turkish observation posts a dozen of them in this area was a was because it was agreed it was going to be a deescalation zone where there would be no fighting but essentially the risks of the opposition groups is that assad forces will push full tilt at it and that last rebel stronghold the real concern for turkey if that happens is that it will push hundreds and thousands of internally displaced people who are escaping the fighting towards the syrian border and another real concern for turkey is amongst those 100 hundreds of thousands of people who will push to the border are some very hardened fighters and turkey does not want them near its border or even trying to get over its border and at the same time therefore we've also seen kurdish forces withdraw
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along from the syrian from the turkey syria border in agreement with the u.s. only about 5 to 17 kilometers so far it's nothing close to what the turks wanted but it's looks like for the moment that's what they'll have to make do with sammy all right thanks so much bernard smith there from antarctica and that is the managing editor of the english language newspaper daily star bar he joins us by skype from istanbul good to have you with us so it seemed like the turkish russian dynamic was heading into some kind of spiraling deterioration because of what's going on in england has that been turned around do you think by this meeting. i mean from the get go of arrogance of royalty also we can see that. it's significantly positive between president are a lot of president who did. give you know with regards to defense.
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messages they have expressed or by that rule. and then other relations of course we are we are aware of that disagreement between the 2 of you know russia when it comes to the assad regime when it comes to developments in it. however the fact that the 2 leaders are still on the negotiating table the talks are still continuing and there's also another hearing scheduled for. mid september . on the syrian issue between russia i think it's still ticks away from not negativity and the spiral dettori getting relations so busy yes there are this it really is but i think the fact that both leaders are solid table and are willing to negotiate and willing to talk over how they can actually reach a common ground with regards to syria with regards to. i think that's very
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significant i mean from from the present meeting when president hu just started i think the fact that he you begin his talk with a very positive message saying that you know these talks. well it's significant however i've had to during his time when when he was talking you had to express the turkey's serious concern when it comes to what's happening. particularly committed to not suspect and security aspect of what's happening on the ground there b.s.d.'s talks on the civilians or be it the probations by assad regime towards the turkish forces or the observation post so these are the remeeting this agreement or disputes between mosco 22 sides however i think the fact that there is still they are still able to talk all these issues with a positive and and willing approach it is very promising and on the other hand i
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think one thing that we should highlight from that press meeting was the fact that president putin. displayed a positive approach towards the cvs on the establishment of a saves on between turkey and the united states. and in addition it will. leaders did highlight their commitment to ensuring serious territorial integrity and i think that's something that also have an option with regards to syria so there is that. you know this agreement when it comes to the when the assad regime will stop the tabs and if this continues it was a huge security threats. for turkey because there has been a place where. nearly 3000000 people who collect it from surrounding areas and they have a lot of refuge from there so if this if all this or if the regime continues
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these attacks then ultimately all these could push all things because a lot of oda with or create a new yes you know scary and crisis thank you so much to challenge that. plenty more still ahead on the news hour including a new push in the u.k. to stop or no deal breaker we'll have the latest from london. a landmark ruling in the u.s. pharmaceutical giant johnson and johnson faces a 572000000 fine after being found guilty of fueling the opioid crisis. in spalding develop new struggling business shows this italian club just why is it worth the money. now u.s. president donald trump says brazilian leader. his complaint and full support.
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is being criticized for his handling of the fires in the alanson do 7 leaders offer $20000000.00 to deal with the situation says such an offer is an attack on the country's sovereignty he says he'll only accept the money if french president. hollande for comments made. the world cannot allow brazil's government to destroy the environment. becomes even more a sovereign country and when we have major events we except international solidarity because it's a sign of friendship but above all there are 9 countries in the amazon and many other countries ask for help and it's important to mobilize it quickly so that colombia believe here and brazil in regions that are would like to have access to this international help can have it and can reforest quickly. daniel isn't part of a.o. which is one of the worst affected areas will be speaking to him in just a moment but 1st his report. looks from one side of the plane and
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the amazon is verdant pristine teeming with life too big to destroy dennis suddenly it's gone. the rate of deforestation in recent months breaking all records fires are started by speculators aiming to impose man's will on nature but they often rage out of control and the devastation is immeasurable. force this year the fires are much stronger than previous years there are very very strong affecting our visibility on work i think people took advantage of the dry season to start the fires they do it to dispose of them wanted vegetation to enrich the soil and clear the way for lucrative cattle ranches and soya plantations only from up here you get to. make. up the structure 1st for the great waves around. ready because i think that last point by the fire recent weeks.
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this is a job also knocked off a strong criticism from around the world that he wasn't doing enough to fight the fires has deployed the military these hercules c. 130 s taking off from port vale to spray some of the affected areas. all the water was given on thursday and by saturday biami was supporting the operation so personal of being in the fields and steam combating the fires on sunday it rained which also helped to put out the fires. this is the beginning of the rainy season which the author it is hoped will douse the fires of the still burning there bemused by the international concern saying they are dealing with what for them is an annual but containable problem people tend to see the problem. with their own way and so. or with a lens i don't offer today and i think that we are on here right now inside of the
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problem we see so used to the problem and there we are we really it doesn't look at it as. such a big problem is solved right. people come to the amazon region believing they contain the wilderness can take control of for development from up here it looks like the only way to tame the rain forest is to destroy it. is' go live now down new york daniel dallas take us through 1st of all the statements by brazil's president doesn't sound like he's been much swayed by the international reaction to this. no i think part of his politics i mean is that he likes to defy the opinion of international opinion is also a man who came to power during his election campaign last year saying that this region was ripe for developments he saw the indigenous communities and the environmental
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lobby as an impediment to developments and he's we have now been in the meeting with these governors with governors of the amazon region with some of his cabinet ministers and very much the same message has come out of that meeting with some governors saying they simply don't have the resources to spend on the government agencies which are meant to protect this region and others for every job also not go himself saying he's frustrated brazil is frustrated that they so much of this land in this region is protected either as nature reserves or as demarcated indigenous land that they they they want to see brazil develop they want to see brazil rich and so it's a very different message to that coming out of the international community we say that feels it has a right to protect the amazon rain forest which is in brazil and it sounds like milking a fine line between saying they're on top of these fires and whether they think these 5 is a really violent will disaster or perhaps an economic gain for the country.
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well i think i think it's very much that i mean they don't see it as an environmental disaster you can see i'm standing in a burnt field now just outside port or vale they is something they do every year that environment local environment secretary you saw in the package he says it's a problem that they can contain it's a natural phenomenon here there's a culture here of burning as we mentioned the rainy season is just coming we're not going to see much in the way of fires to the next few months but almost certainly we will see massive fires next year and they broke all records this year they were twice as many as they were in 2018 next year it's quite likely given the economic given the environmental conditions that we will see even more fires because of the conditions being created by this government more people are likely to come to this region and start more fires that seems almost certain what the international
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community can do about that other than criticize if the money they're offering is being is being spurned what they can do about that is unclear the pressure is mounting but job also not on his government seem intent on define that criticism all right thanks so much daniel shrine live there in fires have been burning throughout the amazon rain forest at record levels this year 77000 flames have been recorded across brazil over the last 12 months this map from nasa shows those burning across south america right now satellite imaging also shows the amount of carbon monoxide these fires have produced this month alone in less than 2 weeks they've pushed the levels by nearly 2 thirds carbon monoxide plays a huge role in air pollution and climate change the amazon is often referred to as the lungs of the earth because of the amount of carbon dioxide it absorbs and oxygen it produces basically supplying more than 20 percent of the world's oxygen.
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erica bering girl is senior biodiversity research associate at the university of oxford she joins us by skype from oxford in the united kingdom good to have you with us so let me get you in if i may to respond to the sort of messages coming out of officials in brazil that hey this is kind of like a seasonal cyclical event the fires burning but to be clear the scale of the burning this year is much bigger than usual right yes correct and one thing that i think it's really important to get clear is that these fires are not natural they don't start because of climatic conditions fires and am as in need a human guinea shin source so someone needs to put the fire somewhere for the fire to spread into why do you are seeing fires that are related to the forest station so of course the forest is chopped down then it's satellite up the few months dry
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and they're in a dry season you set a light for it to become at shows and that it's possible to put pressure on so what are you seeing this year the scale of the fires of the year is related to the forestation that deforestation that was having crease of fairly according to the number stranded residents paints agency and that is bound to be a companion about a high number of fires all right so we've got a lot of carbon monoxide being released into the atmosphere what will that mean for climate change in the environment. is a huge problem because there m.s.n. alone is stories the equivalent of 100 years of c o 2 emissions from the us that's how much carbon it's locked into them is and in a moment that it quieted down and it couldn't fire all the carbon goes to the atmosphere is there it's you to work every month oxide as you mention so of course it's going to have a huge impact into accelerating climate change what about all that smoke and rain
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for what will it do to rainfall. so we have seen the rainfall patterns change in regions with high levels of deforestation in their medicine and then dry the season becomes longer because the less rain is being generated by the forest but one aspect here about the smoke is about people's house so we see that in years of extremely high fire occurrence like 400-1000 there is you never again an increase a shoe 100 percent a hospital like the nations of children with risky or sorry diseases so this is not only an environmental environment the issue but also a social one and i wonder if you could just clear one thing of you know we often refer to the amazon as the lungs of of there are those who say no the oxygen comes that's it's kind of being misrepresented the oxygen comes from the season so warm could you clarify from a scientific or say what exactly the role that the amazon forest plays for the
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availability of oxygen and there is a definite is a lot of producer of oxygen but it consumes a lot of posh part of the oxygen it produces because of course large organise a lot of shri need to absorb a lot of carbon sorry a lot of oxygen to stay alive. but our oceans are dillard's or source of. oxygen so they are the true ones that there were so the amazon would be more like the air cause of there was something that keeps the climate and helps to fight it coming change keep they have a lock down but one aspect here is that it's not because the evidence not the minds of the world that we shouldn't protect it because it's really important for right images for different reasons for a rival it's more more about preserving the core carbon monoxide and not releasing it into the world rather than producing right got it thank you so much it's been a really interesting conversation thank you. iran's president says his country
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will not hold talks on any nuclear deal with the u.s. unless all sanctions are lifted and ronnie's comments come a day after the u.s. president said he was open to meeting the iranian leader if the circumstances are right trump was speaking at the g. 7 summit in france president emanuel craws offered to facilitate talks between the 2 sides of the honey and says washington must take the 1st step for talks to happen pass. the 1st step is to remove sanctions without that this lock won't be open all sanctions against the iranian nation must be lifted they are all illegitimate and cruel if you lift the sanctions and apologize to iran then you would be a different situation this government is moving forward in line with this national interest we have been open to negotiation and the word agrees with this fact. bank has more from tehran. president rouhani has been speaking in front this
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morning and he took the opportunity to address some of the news coming out of the g 7 meeting that donald trump has said that he's willing to meet president rouhani if the conditions are right now what president rouhani has said is he's reiterated that ring in line that there will be no talks and negotiations as long as the u.s. sanctions are in place he said that all sanctions against iranian nation must be lifted that illegitimate and cruel now iran has referred to the sanctions as economic terrorism. experts have been drastically reduced the banking sector has been affected and the economy has also been affected president rouhani said that he did not see any positive developments unless the united states change the wrong path it was on this is very different from what president rouhani said yesterday because what he said yesterday gave people some hope that he was willing to sit down and talk to president donald trump president rouhani said yesterday that if he had to attend
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a meeting with somebody or someone to. in national cause and to alleviate the people's problems he would do that for the national interest now overnight that seems to have changed and that could be because of the supreme leader ayatollah khomeini who decides all major policy directions because in the past he has said that iran will not sit down with the united states as long as the sanctions are in place in fact he's called it double poison basically saying that you are centrally sitting down with the very people that are making your country suffer so it looks like there has been a change overnight and iran is reiterating its positions that there are no talks no negotiations as long as the u.s. sanctions are in place. china insists there were no recent contacts between washington and beijing to talk about trade those comments came after the u.s. president said they did talk on the phone on monday donald trump predicted there would be a trade deal with china very soon both sides have increased tariffs on each other's
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goods in recent days has more from beijing the chinese government reiterating that has not had a direct contact with its trade delegation and that of the united states this is something that donald trump contended at the g. 7 summit meetings on monday also was reiterated again by his treasury secretary but china said no they said that late monday and also said that again on tuesday and they also took the opportunity to tell the united states that stop taking wrong actually comes to dealing with this trade war also something coming out of the g. 7 summit reacting here in china they said that this see no british agreement from 1904 at the g 7 member said that needs to be upheld in hong kong china has said no that is an outdated document and that things have moved on from that this is something the chinese government has said in the past and also took this as an opportunity to tell the international community particular g 7 some members that this is an internal matter and essentially to butt out of china's business. still
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ahead on al-jazeera grieving palestinians demand israel returns the bodies of their loved ones. take it but i tell the security person that they see. how should i put my stomach tensions in indian administers kashmir take a huge toll on medical care in the region and roger federer has a bit of a wobble of the u.s. open house coming up in spring. and though there are still holes and dry across much of the middle east now we will be saying $1.00 to $2.00 bits and piece of cloud which could actually bring a shower as we head on into wednesday there possibly across into armenia and on towards 30 celsius in baquba still across much of iraq $48.00
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celsius in baghdad on wednesday and a set of $43.00 might just at that point see want to cross into pakistan but nothing particularly heavy is in the 4 causes temperatures staying high further to the south he would if he is back as well so that 39 in doha on wednesday fitting a lot hotter than that 41 across in abu dhabi and then again we have got some little areas of coastal cloud across this far south of yemen and still pushing up towards the i'm on as well so maybe just even a straight into pushing into fall southwest of saudi as we head into thursday plenty of crap pushing around the cape as we go into southern africa you can see on the satellite not a huge amount of class but enough to actually bring a few showers over the next couple days not just there but actually wrapping around that coast pushing across into durban but at these temperatures in johannesburg 26 celsius and 27 on thursday that's about 8 degrees above the average meanwhile 15 in capetown with those showers.
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it was a big problem because he was different people admired him he was the center of nightlife in being rude and he married miss universe hugh was a long buoyant character on the other hand a ruthless operative fighting for the palestinian cause some israeli intelligence sources claim that the planned operation in 4 years news really tried to find him and kill him al jazeera world examines the life of ali has a son salaam on the hunt for the red prince. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told pretty remarkable filter that over here died last weekend crossing from mexico to the united states with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports we can live according to their fishing life in a section called al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more room mood
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when documentaries and live news. you're watching out this era time to recap our headlines the presidents of turkey and russia talks near moscow they've agreed to increase coronation in the syria's last rebel held province after recent escalations they also said a major weapons deal is on track. u.s. president down trump says brazilian leader job also now has his full support g 7 leaders of $20000000.00 to deal with amazon fires also now rose says such an offer
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is an attack on the country's sovereignty. iran's president says his country will not hold talks with the u.s. unless all sanctions are lifted and some real honeys comments come a day after president said he was open to meeting with the. u.k. opposition parties have agreed to work together to try to prevent a no deal brags that they say they'll pass through legislation or hold a vote of no confidence to prevent the u.k. from leaving without an agreement this comes a week before m.p.'s return from their summer break and you prime minister johnson has vowed to take the u.k. out of the e.u. by october the 31st with or without a deal lawrence lee has more from london for months though the main criticism of the anti brics it remain in the e.u. policies has been that they spend far too much time bickering with each other and not enough time coming up with some joint position on. oppose and if it breaks it
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but eventually at this point at the end of the summer with parliament starting next week it looks as if they are trying to suggest that they've got their act together and are behaving in a in the united way so gone for the time being seems to be the suggestion of holding a no confidence vote in boris johnson his government's just on the grounds that they couldn't win because there aren't enough conservatives who would support that position because it make it look like they're in the pockets of jeremy corbin the labor party leader but instead what these opposition parties have now said is that they will do when they can see a legislate against a no deal breakers and to force a delay in the process so the u.k. doesn't end up leaving on october 31st which is what boris johnson has absolutely vowed will happen and so to that end the main calendar date looks like has to be something around september the 9th when parliament debates issues to do with northern ireland and of all governments it looks like they will try to add bits on to force that delay to no deal but it's one thing saying they will do that is quite another actually being able to do it because as we saw earlier this year parliament
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voted repeatedly against no deal and yet it still remains the option because they couldn't find anything else to vote for and so the next thing all these opposition parties have to do is to think of something else that replaces a no deal brick sets which could command a majority in parliament otherwise the threat of no deal is as they would see it remains on the table and i think at this point you'd be you'd be a fool to rule out a national election because in my end up still being the only way to break the deadlock. now muslim clerics in sri lanka are devising women to avoid wearing face veils even though a government ban on face coverings lapsed last week and the clothing that prevents a person from being identified was banned under emergency rules after the east to bomb attacks in april we were just leaders tell al-jazeera women should be able to make their own decisions well for now and has more or less from colombo. the emergency regulations being allowed to lapse after
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a period of 4 months they did kick in right after the easter bombings on the 21st of april but this was to give the law enforcement the military more teeth in terms of rounding up search operations interrogations while this has been allowed to lapse over the weekend the president has brought in a special sort of set of regulations under the public security ordinance which allows the armed forces to kind of be on a state of alert to help with public order so they are still sort of at a state of ready to be used when needed now under the emergency obviously where the muslim community was concerned one of the things that affected them was the rules that were brought in banning the use of any attire that prevented a person being identified this obviously affected a number of women. now the basically leadership of the muslim community has told women. to be cautious about going back to the way
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right away even though the emergency has i spoke to one such leader who told me look we were following the law of the land we do want to watch the ground situation there were a lot of tensions we don't want the face will to become sort of a weapon that's going to create a sort of tensions again so we've asked women he said that women can be told what to do but it's. them to decide what they are most comfortable with gauging the ground situation. at least 5 people including a child have drowned after a boat capsized off the coast of libya the libyan coast guard says at least $65.00 people were rescued when the vessel went down near a home city east of tripoli the boat was carrying people from sudan morocco somalia and egypt flash floods of killed at least 3 people in mauritania branes hit the southern part of the country catching many by surprise people were seen trying to
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desperately save their livestock as the fast moving water swept across the region. thousands of people in sudan have been forced to abandon their homes because of heavy flooding at least 62 people have been killed in 100 injured health ministry says roads are blocked and many buildings have collapsed much of the country has been affected the military has been deployed to help the floods followed 2 months of heavy rain now the grim existence of women trafficked from nigeria is being highlighted in a new report victims of trafficking described how they prayed for death or cried until they couldn't cry anymore human rights watch says an unknown number of nigerian women have been forced into sexual slavery and physical labor many before the age of 17 the report says the support for survivors is inadequate and existing systems either fail or sometimes breach victims rights human rights watch is
6:39 pm
recommended an overhaul of the country's support system and says nigeria's government has to do more to prevent trafficking. the ambo is the author of the report she says the conditions in government shelters can almost be as bad as when they were with the traffickers. they are forced to work for long hours without rest they are confined some of them i can find in a building they're not allowed to talk to their family lives sometimes they're not even allowed to be friends with the other girls that have been trafficked there's a lot of violence you know a lot of threats when girls for a feast or say they are not able to work many of them sleep they got pregnant they were forced to undergo abortions in very unsanitary conditions and then they're why charge for those for most abortions and immediately after they have to start working and then they watch on their own so much money you know something like 20000 euros so really they remain being very traumatized and very distressed they
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come they have come back to the lot of pain and with a lot of trauma and poverty unfortunately the nightmare does not end when they come back to nigeria because many of the government services that last king and. some of them are locked up in government run shelters where they are not allowed to leave at will they are not allowed to communicate with their families almost replicating some of their conditions that they experience when they are with their trafficker and then services for mental health care you know very night equate services to help them and leaving you know make them money be able to support themselves and their families are really lacking so really that the situation is not good japan is removing south korea from its list of preferred trading partners the dispute threatens to stir up decades of animosity and destabilize security in the region brian has more from south korea's capital. this worsening tit for tat has
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taken relations between the 2 neighbors to their lowest point in recent history with japan now following through on its threat to remove south korea from the list of preferential trade partners it will restrict the export of materials and components for south korea's high tech manufacturing despite japan's denials it's thought to be in retaliation for a court ruling in favor of victims of forced labor used by japanese companies joining world war 2 even initially at the factory bank gave us a piece of bread to ate we were so hungry we ate grass we lost our here we both lived in. south korea has just commemorated the end of the 2nd world war unveiling a new statute to the so-called comfort women young koreans who were forced to work in brothels for the japanese army. this trade dispute has stirred up decades old
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animosities between the 2 former adversaries. fighting for issues that is in the past and needs to be corrected today for tomorrow to teach our children what not to do from the past simple. still drawing big crowds at movie cinemas the film roar to victory tells the story of korean freedom fighters resisting the occupation by japanese troops many south koreans believe japan has never fully apologized for atrocities committed during its occupation of the korean peninsula in the 1st half of the last century japan says that matter was settled by an agreement in $965.00 and it's time to move on and all of this is now having a destabilizing effect on security cooperation with south korea pulling out of an intelligence sharing agreement with japan set up to counter the nuclear and missile
6:43 pm
threats from north korea it comes as pyongyang intensifies its missile testing turning up the pressure in an already volatile region robert bright al-jazeera song china has formally charged in australian writer with espionage yang hung german has been detained since january he was a chinese diplomat and became a naturalized straightly and citizen in 2002 australians foreign minister says he's being held in harsh conditions in beijing. says the charges make no sense. the indian government is easing restrictions force in place in the kashmir region often new delhi revoked feel areas semi autonomous status earlier this month but that's not helping many of those who are ill or injured. reports from the city of indian administered kashmir. people are travelling to get medical treatment in any
6:44 pm
condition and by any means no matter how difficult like other patients here she has to come in 2 or 3 times a week for dialysis but getting through the security restrictions imposed since august 5th have made that difficult. when i tell the security person i have a bad. show how should i put my stomach and shoulder my bad in the 7 euros i've come for treatment it's never been like this before even medical staff say they have trouble getting to work. on showing. his difficulties indian authorities have said while restrictions have been difficult they are necessary to prevent violence but those selling medicine say disruptions to internet and pulled services haven't been able to place orders and if you can use your.
6:45 pm
next 2 weeks. several protesters have been injured in clashes with security forces but few are going to hospital for treatment medical staff have told us they've been ordered to report anyone with pelican injuries to the authorities that's why many protesters with less serious wounds are boarding hospitals but some of the most serious injuries have been inflicted on those caught in the middle. 2 weeks ago we finish the year was struck in the eye by a glass marble her family says was thrown by security forces when she and her uncle were. heading home on his motorcycle is going up but hell what i know it's horrible she's 6 years already there with not only glass not stored turned israeli military has long been resolutely silent on this easter certainly they gave no comment to our inquiries or the families of the activists say the motivations for keeping the bodies a clear one collective punishment against the relatives to store up political leverage
6:46 pm
if you to negotiate it's a tactic also used by hamas in gaza it's holding on to the remains of 2 israeli soldiers killed in the 2014 war palestinian campaigners say israel is withholding more than 300 bodies most in numbered graves most dating from the violence of the 2nd intifada in the early 2000 that's when julie son amine was killed a fighter in hamas is arca son brigade he was attending what he thought was a secret meeting with other factions at a school near the city of janine he was one of 5 killed when israeli forces attacked. i wish i could just lay my eyes on him one last time i wondered to hand his body over so we can bury him according to islamic law but the prospects are slim especially in the absence of talks between the palestinian leadership and the israelis more likely that she and the other families will be repeating their demands in another year's time how we force it out in the occupied
6:47 pm
west bank. a judge in the u.s. state of oklahoma is found pharmaceutical giant johnson and johnson helped fuel an opioid epidemic that's killed more than $400000.00 people he's ordered the company to pay 572000000 dollars in damage over the aggressive marketing of addictive painkillers. gallacher reports from norman oklahoma. oklahoma set out to take on a pharmaceutical giant after 7 weeks of evidence judge that bachmann's ruling was blunt he found that johnson and johnson is culpable in fueling an opioid crisis that's claimed more than $6000.00 lives in this state the crisis has ravaged the state of oklahoma in the s.p.l. made it a bit immediately for this reason i am interested in the big plan that consists of cost. 572000000 102028 dollars to alleviate
6:48 pm
really the nuisance the case is being seen as a landmark ruling in dealing with a health crisis that's claimed tens of thousands of lives across the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention say that in 2017 alone close 250000 people died from opioid overdoses lawyer reggie whitten was part of his legal team and lost his firstborn son to addiction i feel like i'm always looking down. but i think the last are celebrating the day we got to get help. he says of his lawyer johnson and johnson say they'll appeal the decision calling it legally flawed the state's lawyers were asking for $17000000000.00 from the company but only got a fraction of that the amount of money that johnson and johnson has been ordered to pay may not be what the state of oklahoma wanted but the message it sends is clear the judge in this case was unequivocal in blaming big pharmaceutical companies and
6:49 pm
their role in an opioid crisis has blighted the lives of so many and with fountains of other cases across the country this may set an important precedent to the pharmaceutical companies put do and tiva settle before this trial got under way with monday's ruling oklahoma now has close to a $1000000000.00 for treatment and this is being seen as a huge victory by those that work on the front lines fighting the epidemic a war very very happy this is a good day for the state of oklahoma we took on a giant major pharmaceutical company. a judge in norman oklahoma said you killed people it's time to pay the case was being closely watched across the u.s. in ohio alone there are 2000 pending cases but after monday's ruling pharmaceutical companies may now be forced to pay out billions to go across this era norman oklahoma. so had south africa named their squad for the rugby world cup will tell you who will be leading the springboks in japan.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
welcome back lee is here now with all the smiles news thanks sammy this year's final tennis grand slam the u.s. open is started in new york the opening day was a big one with serena williams taking on maria sharapova so how much like has more . it was one of the most anticipated 1st round matches in u.s. open history 6 time champion serena williams taking on 2006 when a maria sharapova. but despite the billing it wasn't even close i maybe that should
6:52 pm
have been expected with williams beating old rival 18 time straight going into this one was on top of the williams looked like she had a point to prove off to her infamous loss to naomi osaka in last year's final. the american completely dominated sharp over who looked a shadow of the player that's won 5 tennis majors was williams finished her off inside an hour taking the match in straight sets 6161. was that 24th grand slam title is now one step closer she's such a good player you know it when you play or you have to be super focused so every time i come up against her i just bring out some of my best tennis. shara pope was not the only former champion going home 2016 when angelica to the german
6:53 pm
crush down to 3 sets to france's christina blasted movie i prepared this good as i can and of course it's a little bit disappointed that. i was not able to play it good match like i was practicing. roger federer took a little time to get going and is open again soon it's not gonna. need to qualify one of the 1st 6 holes but any thoughts of pulling off a major ops it was pretty short lived federal found his form and dominated the next 266162. before sealing the full $64.00 to take the much. tougher set for me. so i had the lead so things were looking good to me but he came back in play very strong so credit to him defending champion novak djokovic got his title defense off to an impressive start unlike pedro he took little time to find
6:54 pm
his stride joke of each beating roberta in straight $67.00. the serbian showing just why he's the number one ranked player in the world so. what a good set of matches will remember who has already found his form in italy scoring on debut as enter crèche newly promoted for nail in syria the belgian striker who joined the italian club from man united for a record deal of $90000000.00 netted the 3rd goal of the match at the san siro the 26 year old has now scored in his 1st league game for each of his last 4 clubs it was also antonio conte's 1st game in church. what. does this mean that it today should work on a player used and why our club one of the signed i'm very glad i knew him as a player but not as a person and i was very pleasantly surprised he dived into reality into with a great humbleness and made himself available for his teammates to rugby south
6:55 pm
africa have named their squad ahead of the 2019 world cup in japan as they aim to lift the cup for the 1st time since 2007 forward who made a successful return from his knee injury will leave the box in the 1st major rugby tournament on asian soil the springboks are fresh off winning the rugby championship resi a rest must says the team will try and keep the good spirits up as the aim for their 3rd world title. to baseball now and it was a night of heavy scoring and kansas city the oakland athletics smashed a season high in 1000 runs and 22 hits to beat the kansas city royals 1000 to 4 it's their best effort since downing the angels last season when they number 21 and 22 respectively they are battling cleveland and tampa bay for the american league's wild card spot. and soccer celebrations are among some of the most dramatic and
6:56 pm
exciting take brazilian midfielder wandered one percent for example he's scoring this goal then ran off to find his wife so excited to have put up a point for his team only to find out that the goal didn't count thankfully back to still get. well that's it for me had a back to me i think someone's well that's it for me for this news i'll be back in a moment with another voice and so do stay with us. new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international
6:57 pm
city they're very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides. a new perspective can change a wild. one chin is ian what began as a hobby has grown into a caution a way of life. teaching the next generation to strive for a higher level. and in so instilling in his country a sense of freedom and strength. new heights my chin is yeah on al-jazeera. the.
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al-jazeera. where ever you are. a nation where corruption is endemic embroiled in a battle to hold the powerful to account. how has this radical transformation occur. to me that if you want to shedding light on the romanians pressing for change and the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remaining people on al-jazeera. the leaders of turkey and russia agreed to additional measures to end the fighting in syria as the last rebel stronghold.
6:59 pm
on sami's a than this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up iran's president says the united states must 1st lift all sanctions before any talks can happen. brazil's president says he wants an apology before he accepts aid from the g 7 to combat the amazon fire as. i recall documents the horrific experiences of nigerian women trapped in the world of sank straffing.


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