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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 28, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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0. this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up. rejects an offer of international aid to fight the amazon files accusing the richer nations of treating brazil like a colony. of some of the files are slowly brought under control concern grows over the impact on the world's atmosphere. on opposing sides in the syrian conflict now turkey and russia agree to measures to end the fighting in the country's last rebel stronghold. and saddam's military has deployed us to rachel rain and floods forced
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thousands from their homes. and i'm only a harding and doha with all of your sports world number one and defending champion naomi osaka is through to this year's u.s. open 2nd round we'll have that for you and more coming up this news hour. brazil's president. says his government will find its own solution to the crisis of the amazon foz without international help he spoke a day off to a g 7 nations pledged $20000000.00 to help fight the flames and protect the rain forests of sonora has accused rich countries of treating brazil like a colony he says brazil is rejecting the g. 7 unless the french president. apologizes for recent comments. we will find a solution and we will give the world such as function even people like the french
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president. emmanuel must think twice he wants to get out of a complicated situation like this huge rejection he's facing his own country before starting with us nobody here is against dialogue with france not at all and we thank the work of the g 7. the french president criticized his brazilian counterpart for refusing to accept aid from the g 7 to fight the amazon because as the world cannot allow the amazon to be destroyed by the actions of brazil's government. country and when we have major events we accept international solidarity because it's a sign of friendship but above all there are 9 countries in the amazon and many other countries ask for help it's important to mobilize it quickly so that colombia bolivia and brazil in regions that are would like to have access to this international help can have it and can reforest quickly daniel sharma has more now from northwest brazil. it's more than just political this is got very personal
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if you remember it that she started with also now role posting a facebook page with photographs of him and his wife mccrone and his wife bridgette saying that his wife was pretty and so that was how the insults started and obviously there's a much bigger issue at les here the future of the amazon rain forest so this will get wrapped up in these very personal insults flying between one and the other in this very difficult situation when the fires are pretty much brought under control the army has been brought in but they've been dealing with the fires the rainy season has begun here present job also now has just had a meeting with the governors from the amazonian states anything he was being defiant in the face of the criticism from the international community specifically the g 7 saying some of the governors was saying they simply don't have the resources to protect the vast areas of rain forest all those was saying they need to develop the more they need to they have in some of the states 80 percent 85
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percent of the land is protected either as a nature reserve or as a indigenous land and if missouri is going to escape poverty it needs to go into these places and develop more that implies developers coming in chopping down trees setting fire to the land and if anything when the dry season comes around next year if that is the case they would likely to be even more fires and we've seen this year. in brazil is mixed reaction to news that the government is engaged in a back and forth on international offers of aid to help combat the fires in. any hope is always welcome as long as it's well intended i think we're in a moment where there's a lack of hope and a lack of credibility perhaps both in our statement wasn't thought through and was off the cuff that's probably not what he wanted to say but that's the message that was given and it will a very negative repercussions. what. cannot be linked to any kind of submission to foreign countries brazil must have autonomy over the years on we
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cannot accept this globalization of the amazon or. more we can speak now to mikhail advices she is the manager of global forest watch and she joins us live via skype from baltimore thanks so much for being with us i understand you examine the data of forest fires quite carefully what's the effect been so far of these ones. yeah so we're looking at the fire situation looking at satellite imagery and what from what we can see this year is on track to have the most fire forest fires in brazil since any year since 2010 and which i mean the 1st quarter competing evidence about whether they're actually under control would you say they are from what you've seen well we've definitely seen you know a continuation of the number of fire points that we're picking up it doesn't look like it slowed down at all since you know the military has been sent in over the weekend so what kind of information do you gather could do you can you tell us so far what the damage or the damage has been to the atmosphere and so right so what
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we can see is basically just whether or not there's been a fire within a certain pixel of the satellite image so what that doesn't tell us is how much these fires are actually spreading into for us and as you're saying you know what kind of impact they might have on the climate what we do know from previous years is that in some cases the emissions from forest fires can even be as great as the emissions from the for station so that's something that will want to keep an eye on in the future another worse in brazil than in all the countries that are part of amazon well personal has you know around 60 percent of the amazon basin so i think that's why you know the focus has been there we are also seeing fires in the south of bolivia and in southern peru as well what about the if offer of help promote the g 7 brazil's president now saying that he doesn't it won't accept it how much difference would it make if he did. yeah i mean i think it's great that the international community is interested in talking about this topic for me what i would really like to see is not just a focus you know about this one crisis in brazil but
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a recognition that forests are important for the climate we know that tropical deforestation accounts for around 8 percent of human caused carbon emissions and can be a big part of the solution as well but they only get around or even less than 3 percent of climate change financing so i'd really like to see a bigger discussion about this and i understand that in the past you worked on know looking into the effectiveness of conservation initiatives in the peruvian amazon and what were the most successful ways of protecting force yeah so definitely you know looking at protected areas and you know setting aside lands indigenous lands as well have been very effective. and how difficult is it to do that. serving if certainly a long process can take many years to get through all the administrative hurdles to do that and in terms of kind of studying the the information do you think there's anything you can tell from your information gathering at the moment that would that you know that makes a difference until in terms of how this is analyzed how it's treated right i think
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one thing that hasn't been covered a lot in the media still far is that august is really only the beginning of the fire season typically brazils these even more fires happening in september than in august so i think this is a story that's going to continue to evolve and something it will need to keep an eye on over the next couple of months michaela i said thank you very much indeed thank you patty more still ahead on news hour including. on britain or 160 m. . voted against. the u.k. opposition leader launches a bid to prevent his country leaving the european union without a deal. the report reveals the trauma suffered by nigerian women trafficked into sexual slavery and forced labor. and tiger woods is said to be out of action until october leo will tell you why in sport.
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the president of turkey and russia have discussed joint steps to ease tensions in the province the last remaining rebel stronghold in syria but to me putin and russia. back opposing sides in the war steadfast and has more from zukowski on the outskirts of moscow where the talks were held. we. know it was an unusual venue for the hastily organized high level meeting before the situation in syria it liberal than could be discussed turkish president wretched add a one was treated to a show russia's latest up abilities. but an it had russian ice cream then they discussed the issue of the turkish president really travel to moscow for the escalating violence in italy calling it a humanitarian tragedy one came to ask let me put in to rein in syrian forces but put in that not made any promises to raise the closure it up to let
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a terrorist continue to show russian positions and syrian forces but try to attack russian bases we hope that the deescalation zone will be a refuge for the rebels and should not be a platform to make a tux we discuss joint measures to neutralize terrorist hotbeds and adlib and to normalize the situation in this region and in syria as a whole further one angered by an attack on a turkish convoy in northern syria earlier this month and the surrounding of one of turkey's observation posts in years that the behavior of syrian forces is an acceptable. to look the provocation by the regime have reached an acceptable level i would like to say it is especially by our borders our right to self-defense and this leaves us no choice we have to act to protect ourselves russian and turkey have been fighting on opposite sides of the war in syria but the relationship has grown closer in recent years with increasing a konami and military ties during adolescence visit to britain c.s.o.
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both leaders couldn't stress enough how close their nations have become symbolizing this was in the livery of the russian as 400 anti-missile defense system on tuesday but the spyder warm words the focus was on their differences and if and if put them can make sure that at a one doesn't go home empty handed while erdogan might not have got what he wanted and it lip his host put in make sure their friendship was in good shape step last and al-jazeera. putin and also welcomed the creation of a so-called safe zone of control in northern syria kurdish led forces have begun withdrawing their fighters near the border with turkey as part of a deal between ankara and washington and the u.s. has been backing the kurdish s.d.f. a techie views the group as a terrorist organization bennett smith has more from antakya on turkey's role in syria's war ready to tie bird one's dash to moscow was partly because of the
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challenge that the turkish military now finds itself with it has a dozen observation posts in what are supposed to be deescalation zones in northwestern syria or one of those is now marooned in what is now syrian regime controlled territory because it was taken back in fighting last week and the syrian regime is pushing against other areas in this deescalation zone and these observation posts risk falling back into territory under syrian control roger type early one wants to make sure that those turkish soldiers are not threatened by a longer term challenge for the turkish president is how much longer he needs to keep or wants to keep the soldiers in those observation posts when what was a deescalation zone is now territory under syrian control similar at the same time syrian kurdish forces that they have pulled back from the turkish border up to 17 kilometers they're pulling heavy weapons and troops but only from the countryside not from the towns in the cities it's nothing close to what the turks were asking
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for they wanted them at least 30 kilometers away from the border but this is a u.s. brokered arrangement and it's something that for now turkey is going to have to live with german coronas a middle east analyst at the arab center and joins me live from washington d.c. thanks for being with us to go back to the meeting between adam one and putin over syria given they're on opposite sides of this how significant is this gathering. it was they gather to go fix the city somehow turkish observation point has been under bombardment by the syrian regime with russian consent so they had to come to some hold meet and try to manage this increase the decomp lex relation on syria so we're not sure got what he wants but maybe he got some pretty troops but they're but their interests remain in live very opposite side but they have larger interests basically to deter u.s. influence in syria and the region but on military specifically it's been for
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a while now for a few years a very difficult situation where they are both on the opposite side so that putin said that the 2 leaders had agreed quote additional steps a joint steps to quote normalize the situation in libya including measures aimed at reaching out what he called terrorists that what you think those will be those measures. i mean this their slogan but magic trick in this situation says while now. russia they don't want any us which is a shame groups the turkey doesn't have full control over them. and they have their own supporters see the groups were not able to win over. and. turkey doesn't want to lose it live because 1st you have larger whiff of refugee and 2nd it was a very strong influence inside syria and also they want this area to be more on the their control rather than the syrian regime control so this is where we stand now
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we are trying to do there frank to do some cosmetic measures basically to reinforce some observation point to basically keep some forces out away from that like instigation zone like they do in the us turkey saves all but it's impossible to to do this in lieu because those forces specialists as a lot of the food a lot of the british control and the syrian regime is insisting on or a military solution so there is no way to have a military solution at this point and this though it was a political solution at this point considering the. conflicting factors on the ground so we are in this impasse now which is the how to to to manage for both sides i mean given what you said about the impasse and the lack of a political or military solution what do you make of putin saying that he in the text you to hint at emphasize that syria should remain a unified country realistically cannot happen. it's hard because they are all dividing the cake somehow they are basically this when turkey and russia took up
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all of this i specifically mentioned the issue of the kurdish the good the focal point of the syria they don't want the very autonomous or dependent. and this is where they come together against the american interest but when you go into the details this is where the issue comes the see the russia want the syrian regime to take control of the syrian turkish border the americans want more at the national like the americans of the 1st of the best of control in addition to it's good to short on so this line of syrian on the one that italy is basically the line could this problem look at the scoreboard to the syria. thank you very much indeed to have your thoughts thank you. for the nigerian government has been criticized for failing hundreds of girls and young women who were victims of human trafficking a report by human rights watch revealed an unknown number of nigerian women have
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been forced into sexual slavery and physical labor it found that the victims some of them in their teens have received little or no help despite their traumatic experiences and that existing systems either fail to help or sometimes breach victims' rights human rights watch has recommended an overhaul of the country's support system and says nigeria's government has to do more to prevent trafficking going to just reports from abuja. hundreds of nigerian girls and young women are trapped in this dusty mining village on the border between mali and guinea of asia say some as young as 13 were held against their will forced into prostitution torture and lived in desperate conditions. they lived with promises of better life but ended up a sex slaves. months after some of the more rescued activists say the girls and
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faring much better than when they were held against their will and fortunately the nightmare does not and when they come back to nigeria because many of the government services are lacking and. some of them are locked up in government run shelters where they are not allowed to leave well they're not allowed to communicate with their families almost replicating some of the conditions that they experience when they allow their trafficker activists say victims of human trafficking often face very structures and like basic needs of the returned social workers say many of the girls are finding it difficult to reintegrate because of stigma but the bigger challenge is providing job skills for them in a country already struggling with high unemployment among its young population. i do media briefing the nigerian government denied accusations by human rights watch the girls have been abundant or denied their basic rights the end terror reports.
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many figments of the imagination of the writers as the narratives fall below the standards in the operations of shelters as well as the standards for. an assistance it is important to note that the agency observes all the world's best practices in handling as enshrined. critics say the number of skills training programs run by both government and nongovernmental organizations are united great and can only take a fraction of those in need so they want to see more government action to address psychological economic and social needs of the victims of human trafficking many of whom were forced into prostitution. but with the economy strew struggling after a recent recession relief could still be a long way off for these young women. are larger.
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tarantula rain and floods have killed more than 60 people in sudan hundreds of thousands have been forced to abandon their homes because of heavy flooding affecting almost every state in the country sudan's military has been deployed to help the un says more than 37000 homes have been destroyed or damaged and more fresh ones are expected to morgan as this update from what wrongly north of the capital khartoum floods from the river nile waters here in woodrum which is about 50 kilometers from sudan's capital had to have displaced at least 2000 families now according to the u.n. over 200000 people have been affected by floodwaters nationwide and sudanese authorities say at least 62 people have been killed due to flash floods and rains houses have also been destroyed many houses have been submerged a completely collapse due to rain want to and flooding and the authorities say tens of thousands of houses have been destroyed most of them in neighborhoods where
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people earn low income and now here in wood rumbly the people have largely left their homes and their properties they've displaced to a nearby camp and there's thing that they're waiting for government authorities to deliver aid as well as better living conditions now most of them don't have places to sleep as well as no electricity no food and no clean water and they're worried that this flood will cause a health crisis they've been pleading with the government to try to deliver aid and to give them some attention but right now the government is focused on the political development they're trying to form an executive council asked for an agreement signed so people are saying that they are concerned with the government focus on politics they will forget the humanitarian aspects. a spokesman for the taliban delegation in qatar says talks with the u.s. and now in their final stages on monday president donald trump said there was no timeline to reach an agreement which could end the 18 year conflict in afghanistan but taliban delegate so hale shaheen told rogers era a deal is close. it's
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a good progress if the decision if we had also progress in the last hour and we progress in this stuff so we are finalizing. that remaining part we are looking at that as soon as the remaining point or to finalize so they diminish something which involved is remaining the last fight. so says close to the lebanese group hezbollah say it's preparing a strike against israel after drones crashed in beirut but it doesn't want a new war israel has not claimed responsibility for the drones but in a speech on sunday is but only to side hassan nasrallah described it as the 1st israeli attack in lebanon since a month long war in 2006 israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says there should quote be careful so much. i've heard what now the dollar said i suggest he come down he knows well that israel knows how to defeat itself and pay
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back its enemies i want to tell him and leave it alone which hosts this organization that aspires to destroy us and also to the chief of iran's quds force be careful what you say and even more what your reactions. iran's president says his country will not hold talks on any nuclear deal with the u.s. unless all sanctions are lifted a son rouhani is comments came a day after u.s. president donald trump said at the g. 7 summit in france he was open to meeting iranian leadership president has offered to facilitate discussions between the 2 sides but rouhani insists washington must take the 1st step or said break has more from tehran. president rouhani has been speaking in front this morning and he took the opportunity to address some of the news coming out of the g. 7 mainly that donald trump has said that he's willing to meet president rouhani if the conditions are right now what president rouhani has said is he's reiterated the
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iranian line that there will be no talks and negotiations as long as the u.s. sanctions are in place he said that all sanctions against iranian nation must be lifted that is illegitimate and cruel now iran has referred to the sanctions as economic terrorism. experts have been drastically reduced the banking sector has been affected and the economy has also been affected president rouhani said that he did not see any positive developments unless the united states change the wrong path it was on this is very different from what president rouhani said yesterday because what he suggested a gay people some hope that he was willing to sit down and talk to president donald trump president rouhani said yesterday that if he had to attend a meeting with somebody or someone to forward in national cause and to alleviate the people's problems he would do that for the national interest now overnight that seems to have changed and that could be because of the supreme leader ayatollah khomeini who decides all the major policy directions because in the past he has
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said that iran will not sit down with the united states as long as the sanctions are in place in fact he's called it a double poison basically saying that you are centuries sitting down with the very people that are making your country suffer so it looks like there has been a change overnight and iran is reiterating its positions that there are no talks no negotiations as long as the u.s. sanctions are in place. families of palestinians whose bodies have been withheld by israel have been marking an annual national day demanding their return campaign to say israel is holding 51 bodies in mosques 4 of him died in custody and they're also holding 253 in so-called numbered graves the majority of whom had carried out attacks during the 2nd intifada in nearly 2003 fourths it reports. it is tending the grave of his aren't she died in 2017 at home in gaza having spent the previous 26 years hoping and working for the return of her son paris by road
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was captured by israeli forces in 1901 he'd killed an israeli settler he died in prison in february his body is still in israeli morgue and which was the name of what his mother is dead he has no immediate family in gaza but we're not letting it go we are waiting we know it's not easy to get his body back every year activists and family members stage a day of protest in gaza and in the occupied west bank to remember their loved ones and to renew their demand that they be returned israeli military has long been resolutely silent on this issue certainly they gave no comment to our inquiries or the families of the activists say the motivations for keeping the bodies a clear one collective punishment against the relatives to store up political leverage 6 if you to negotiate it's a tactic also used by hamas in gaza it's holding on to the remains of 2 israeli soldiers killed in the 2014 war palestinian campaigners say israel is withholding
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more than 300 bodies most in numbered graves most dating from the violence of the 2nd intifada in the early 2000 that's when sun i mean was killed a fighter in hamas is arca son brigade he was attending what he thought was a secret meeting with other factions at a school near the city of janine he was one of 5 killed when israeli forces attacked. i wish i could just lay my eyes on him one last time i won them to hand his body over so we can bury him according to islamic law. but the prospects are slim especially in the absence of talks between the palestinian leadership and the israelis more likely that she and the other families will be repeating their demands in another year's time for sit out in the occupied west bank and more still ahead on there including women are advised to avoid wearing
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face veils in sri lanka as religious tensions on the island. and restrictions in kashmir hit medical supplies putting the region's most vulnerable at risk. and 2 english teams face expulsion from the football league it will be here to explain in sport. hello again to welcome back here in a national weather forecast across europe we have seen plenty of storms really over here towards the western part of the med over the last few days in madrid of course you have seen a lot of street flooding over the last few days the storm system that caused it is slowly making its way towards the east we're still going to see quite a bit of activity here across much of the central area as well as into southern parts of france as well but temperature wise they are coming down finally not for paris though here in paris 30 degrees expected high on wednesday london you are
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coming down so good news there as we go from wednesday into thursday though that is where we're going to be seeing a big drop in temperature across much of these western areas so for paris expect to see about 27 degrees there still quite warm out here towards the east warsaw on thursday we do expect to see a high for you of 32 in still quite warm down here across much of the balkan peninsula well across parts of algeria and tunisia we see quite a lot of rain there as well we're still to be seeing some very active weather here across parts of northern tunisia as we go towards wednesday that also includes parts of tunis and you attempt to there at about $34.00 degrees by the time we get towards thursday though that temperature does drop but we still could be seeing a few active showers across much of the region over here towards morocco rain could be a problem with a robot at $26.00 degrees. the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crises
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we don't know as to any gaily maigret joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have to flow to our nation what has happened to the engine that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. this is not religion this is a politic me in my heart an unholy alliance on al-jazeera. for the nomadic jacka tribe survival is about reaching their destination a little if we don't hurry well never be able to get the top up in the storm we follow the mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration. can trace dangerous the ices of them as they strive to preserve their traditional way of life in the legislature sometimes luser cattle there will die of cold war because of the storm risking it all mongolia on al-jazeera.
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armont of the top stories here now to syria brazil's president has rejected an offer of $20000000.00 from g 7 countries to help fight fires in the amazon rain forest sharia also narrow says his government will find its own solution to the crisis without international help. the turkish president richard to have added one has met his russian counterpart vladimir putin in a moscow but today just discussed how to end the fighting in syria is province as well as future weapons deals. a human rights watch report into trafficking in nigeria says the government's support for survivors of sexual slavery and forced physical labor is inadequate it added that more needs to be done to prevent
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trafficking. you can position parties have agreed to work together to find a way to legislate against a new deal breaks it is also not ruled out using a confidence vote to bring down prime minister burris johnson who is committed to leaving the e.u. on october the 31st with or without a deal parliament returns from its summer break next week and opposition leader jeremy corbyn has been contacting m.p.'s of all parties to drum up support on britain or 160 and he's voted against no deal to ask if they would recognise the importance next week of supporting a legislative approach which would be an all party approach to ensure we don't crush all the problems that will create. has more from westminster in central london. for months now the main criticism of the anti breck's it pro remain in the e.u. policies has been that they spend far too much time bickering with each other and
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not enough time coming out with some joint position on how to oppose and defeat brix it but eventually at this point at the end of the summer with parliament starting next week it looks as if they are trying to suggest that they've got their act together and are behaving in a in the united way so gone for the time being seems to be the suggestion of holding a no confidence vote in boris johnson his government's just on the grounds that they couldn't win because there aren't enough conservatives who would support that position because it make it look like they're in the pockets of jeremy colvin the labor party leader but instead what these opposition parties have now said is that they will do everything they can see a legislate against a no deal breakfast and to force a delay in the process so the u.k. doesn't end up leaving on october 31st which is what boris johnson has absolutely vowed will happen and so to that end the main calendar date looks like it'll be something around september the 9th when parliament debates issues to do with northern ireland and of all governments it looks like they will try to add bits on
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to force that to late in the deal but it's one thing saying they will do that is quite another actually being able to do it because as we saw earlier this year parliament voted repeatedly against no deal and yet it still remains the option because they couldn't find anything else to vote for and so the next thing all these opposition parties have to do is to think of something else that replaces a no deal brick sets which could command a majority in parliament otherwise the threat of no deal is as they would see it remains on the table and i think at this point you'd be you'd be a fool to rule out a national election because in my end up still being the only way to break the deadlock. the u.k. prime minister has told european commission president. that britain will leave without a deal unless the backstop that's designed to prevent a hard border on the island of ireland is quote abolished but our lives foreign minister says measures proposed by london to replace the backstop do not come close to what's needed speaking of wrong side his check counterpart in prague simon
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khomeini said arland is open to further pressure suggestions and wants to find a deal but make no mistake. if there is no do you have the right or. you need be because the british government of the 1st to. work day with its e.u. partners trying to get. all your bases station trysts every bit of. the talent present soldier matar law has started the 2nd round of consultations in party talks to form a new government after the resignation of prime minister jews it because a week ago after earlier setbacks talks between the anti establishment 5 star and the center left democratic party appear to be back on track u.s. president donald trump has weighed into the crisis saying he hopes conte will be reinstated to head any new coalition. italy's interior minister moto salvini has banned another mediterranean charity ship from entering italian waters the german
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a vessel is carrying 101 people rescued making a crossing from north africa to europe meanwhile at least 5 people were killed and around 40 more missing after a boat bound for europe capsized 15 kilometers off the coast of libya the united nations refugee agency says around $65.00 people have been rescued and taken to the coastal city of homs. indian government is easing some restrictions put in place in the kashmir region after new delhi revoked the area's semi-autonomous status this month that's not helping many of those who are ill or injured. in indian administered kashmir. people are travelling to get medical treatment in any condition and by any means no matter how difficult like other patients here a builder she has to come in 2 or 3 times a week for dialysis but getting through the security restrictions imposed since
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august 5th that made that difficult to. take it but i tell the security person i have a bad guy they say show us how should i open my stomach and show them my bad kidney in the 70 s. i've come for treatment it's never been like this before even medical staff say they have trouble getting to work on in their. own on showing off his guard. his difficulties indian authorities have said while restrictions have been difficult they are necessary to prevent violence but those selling medicine say with disruptions to internet and phone services haven't been able to place orders in weeks if you can use. the shortest question in the next 2 weeks. several protesters have been injured in clashes with security forces but few are going to hospital for treatment medical staff have told us they've been
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ordered to report anyone with pelican injuries to the authorities that's why many protesters with less serious wounds are boarding hospitals but some of the most serious injuries have been inflicted on those caught in the middle. 2 weeks ago when we finish the year was struck in the eye by a glass marble her family says was thrown by security forces when she and her uncle were heading home on his motor. michael. it's horrible she's 6 years. old playing going on everyone was moving smoothly. it's still difficult for many for to see properly the security forces and neighbors have offered to paper her treatment but it could take up to 10 months before doctors can attempt surgery on her many patients here say they don't know when or if the lockdown will end so for now they'll continue to try and get the medical help they need any way they can as jamil al-jazeera indian administered kashmir. journalists who gathered in the
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indian capital demanding the government restore press freedoms saying they've been restricted from reporting on the kashmir crisis and they're also calling for limits our internet use to be lifted. reports. several. of the 1st video demanding. access to. the crisis in. the come on you. certainly have. expected the government's line. that had international media not reported on the protests this is me it would have been very hard for india to even find out about them the government of the. it's preventing journalists from doing their duty. in being able to report freely what is happening. and
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in the valley in particular the government believes you know don't want to see believes in the freedom of expression would be. a low the maybe you're too hung from property how do you put this in but john this unless the government has intentionally made it hard for them to follow the story and especially that this media journalist because it wants to fight the flu this say that the government wants to show to the world that everything is fine in india not in sickness mean but there's really no way to find out less journalists from here and on the part of the country as well as those in india not in this need to get free access to the streets is all that so we can i through a. muslim clerics in sri lanka advising women to avoid wearing face veils even though a government ban on face coverings lapsed last week any clothing that prevents a person being identified was banned under emergency rules brought in after the east to bomb attacks in april that killed 259 people but now fernandez has more
12:41 am
from colombo. the emergency regulations being allowed to lapse after a period of 4 months they did kick in right after the easter bombings on the 21st of april of this was to give the law enforcement the military more teeth in terms of rounding up search operations into. while this has been allowed to lapse over the weekend the president has brought in a special sort of set of regulations under the public security ordinance which allows the armed forces to kind of be on a state of alert to help with public order so they are still sort of at a state of ready to be used when needed now under the emergency obviously where the muslim community was concerned one of the things that affected them was the rules that were brought in banning the use of any attire that prevented a person being identified this obviously affected a number of women. now the basically leadership
12:42 am
of the muslim community has told women. to be cautious about going back to the will right away even though the emergency has 9 i spoke to one such leader who told me look we were following the law of the land we do want to watch the ground situation there were a lot of tensions are we born want the face will to become sort of a weapon that's going to create a sort of tensions again we've asked women he said that women can be told what to do but it's for them to decide what they are most comfortable with gauging the ground situation. hong kong's leader kerry lam is rejecting calls to step down police used water cannon fodder live warning shots over the weekend some protesters barricaded streets in the tough week of demonstrations activists are calling for a controversial extradition bill to be not just suspended but scrapped and for to
12:43 am
resign they're also. democratic reforms plane has more from hong kong. this was a regular weekly media briefing given by kerry lam the chief executive of hong kong but it was the 1st time we have heard from her since the weekend when we saw what could probably be described as an escalation in the violence both on saturday and sunday we saw preapproved marches taking place in different parts of the city and what's becoming a pats in some protest is breaking away towards the end of those marches blocking roads resulting in the police taking action in the form of firing many rounds of gas in this media briefing there was again no sign whatsoever that carrie lamb is going to bow to the demands of the protest is even though she did say she's open to talks with them one of the key demands of the protest is is for an independent inquiry to be set up into the crisis specifically into the conduct of the police
12:44 am
and carry lampa said time and time again that the time is not right for an independent independent inquiry while there is violence still going on on the streets she was also asked again whether she would resign and she said that a responsible chief executive at this time should continue to hold the force. japan has removed south korea from its list of preferred trading partners the dispute threatens to stir up decades of animosity and destabilize security in a region where the bride has more from south korea's capital seoul. this worsening tit for tat has taken relations between the 2 neighbors to their lowest point in recent history with japan now following through on its threat to remove south korea from the list of preferential trade partners it will restrict the export of materials and components for south korea's high tech manufacturing despite japan's denials it's thought to be in retaliation for
12:45 am
a court ruling in favor of victims of forced labor used by japanese companies joining world war 2 even initially at the factory bank gave us half a piece of bread to 8 we were so hungry we ate grass we lost our here we were slaves. south korea has just commemorated the end of the 2nd world war unveiling a new statue to the so-called comfort women young koreans who were forced to work in brothels for the japanese army. this trade dispute has stirred up decades old animosities between the 2 former adversaries. is fighting for issues that is in the past and needs to be corrected today for tomorrow to teach our children what not to do from the past simple. still drawing big crowds at movie cinemas the film role to victory tells the story of korean freedom fighters
12:46 am
resisting the occupation by japanese troops many south koreans believe japan has never fully apologized for atrocities committed during its occupation of the korean peninsula in the 1st half of the last century japan says the matter was settled by an agreement in 965 and it's time to move on i don't have this is now having a destabilizing effect on security cooperation with south korea pulling out of an intelligence sharing agreement with japan set up to counter the nuclear and missile threats from north korea it comes as pyongyang intensifies its missile testing turning up the pressure in an already volatile region robert bride al-jazeera. the regulator global wildlife trade has decided to implement a near total ban on sending african elephants captured from the wild to zoos the decision has been hailed by conservationists as mum met momentous but was met with
12:47 am
strong opposition from zimbabwe at the site his conference in geneva $87.00 countries voted in favor of the bill securing a 2 thirds majority which it needed to pass. residents of dawson and other caribbean islands are bracing for tropical storm dorian with the u.s. national hurricane center warning it could approach hurrican strength pusher reka residents of stockpiling in anticipation of the storm after the un's governor declared a state of emergency storage is forecast to bring heavy rains there will be about 360 shelters open across the island. so i had to on al-jazeera the afghan celebrates the country's turbulent 100 years of independence. find out why this unlikely athlete landed a quick kiss and he has more. business
12:48 am
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afghanistan is marking 100 years since it gained independence from british colonial rule celebrations of ranged from solemn gatherings to street processions all those years it ought to tell a story of afghan identity reports from kabul. what a picture of afghanistan 100 years after independence from britain the anglo afghan treaty was signed this month the $919.00 by king. graphic converter to his image and to stick it to kabul motorists to have jobs one mission here in afghanistan to
12:50 am
hear things to show. other canvases a blast was falsified concrete slabs placed information down most cities 3 they meant to block explosions from suicide bombings they also offer a visual commentary on kabul society today where there are celebrations or more political statements about corruption or the killing of civilians. afghanistan's art scene has flourished since the fall of the taliban in 2001 with literacy rates among adults around 30 percent it's a language all afghans understand the real painting true lives today and every single to that is for one of the victims of wars oh much refin his team have painted 10000 sort of the goal is 34000 to represent the number of civilians killed since 2002 her sharifi founded the award winning awards
12:51 am
a group of social activist graffiti artists he is celebrating independence but not necessarily afghanistan's as a nation i think i have my independence i have this art this gives me the voice and this gives voice to millions of. sarkari me has a more traditional campus film she's making a short historical movie fully anniversary this short film is just a short day for the history of afghanistan through the path that to be passed to continent today and i just give them like kind of crude. what what we did wrong and what we do draw. creamy is the 1st female director of the afghan film and stitchers has been vocal in advancing women's rights in afghanistan we exist as a country as a nation so from some point of view we are independent and what we fight to be
12:52 am
more independent. does being a turbulent scene treif afghans with independence defined as vastly as the canvasses it is recorded on. a couple. actually and sport. thank you lorne world number one and defending us open champion naomi osaka is through to the 2nd round of this year's competition at flushing meadows in new york the japanese was up against russia's and a blink on tuesday she took the 1st set 64 but the world number 84 surprised osaka in the 2nd set by taking it 76 the deciding set was a lot more comfortable for osaka as she took it 6 to. world number one got to be. had a day to forget in the 1st round she was defeated in 3 sets by american allison risk much to the delight of home fans the world number 36 taking this match to 66163. 2 time wimbledon winner petherick witold had no troubles
12:53 am
on tuesday though the czech faced her countrywoman denise tova defeating the qualifier in straightforward fashion 62 and 64 to reach the next round. you know interpret the law. for me it was a 1st round for her it was like a 1st sequel it so definitely i mean she was playing well. we played kind of similar game. to each other and she wanted to put pressure on me and i wanted to put pressure on her so. i was the 1st one whom do. i think i sort of parallel to those wellstone brother got that. i think good much today. on the men's side there was an upset result as greece's world number 8 stephanos it to pass crashed out russia's andre rieu blair would be his conqueror in the 1st round winning 64677675 during the match sits across his anger got the better of him as he
12:54 am
lashed out at the umpire. part. of. your weird. weird. human we're. all moving on from that 15 time major golf champion tiger woods will not be on the course for several months after having knee surgery ward said the procedure was to fix what he described as minor cartilage damage the world number 8 hopes to be back for the zozo championship in japan at the end of october the legend has won $81.00 p.g.a. tour title tour titles so far and he has done it with several injuries along the
12:55 am
way this off. aeration is the 5th surgery he's had to his left knee alone his 1st was in 1904 he's also had 4 surgeries on his back and on top of all of that he's also had injuries to his shoulder neck and achilles tendon at 43 he still bounce back though from every single one of those complications to english football clubs are facing a very uncertain future bolton wanderers have missed a deadline for someone to buy them out they used to play in the premier league now they are on the brink of liquidation also in trouble is burry a football club the club appeared to find a new owner just a few days ago but that deal has now fallen through both barry and bolton now face expulsion from the english football league the last time a club was expelled was in 1902 the league says it will have an update soon for other teams its play as usual premier league club aston villa had a great night in the 2nd round of the english league cup on tuesday below were an
12:56 am
action against crewe alexandra a club 3 divisions below them and they showed no mercy at all connor hurry and scored twice in a 61 victory not all the premier league teams did well against lower league opposition though crystal palace were knocked out by cole chester united in a penalty shoot out and north city were embarrassed away from home the premier league club going down one nil against crawley town both crawley and colchester play in the 4th tier of english football. to baseball now and it was a night of heavy scoring in kansas city the oakland athletics smashed a season high 19 runs and 22 hits to beat the kansas city royals 1000 to 4 it's their best effort since downing the angels last season when they number 21 and 22 respectively the a's are battling cleveland and tampa bay for the american league wild card spot. and it was one way traffic in milwaukee on monday night but not
12:57 am
the way the home fans would have liked it the brewers were crushed by the st louis cardinals 1222 the cardinals hitting 6 runs along in the 2nd any st louis are top of the national league central division. and soccer celebrations are among some of the most dramatic and exciting take brazilian midfielder wander sin for example he scored this goal then ran off to find his wife of course so excited to have put up a point for his team only to find out that that goal actually didn't count thankfully though that kiss still did. how sweet well that's it for me back to lorne in london. well i thank you very much indeed and a quick reminder you can catch up with your sport and of course for news on our website address that is there dot com a details there of that meeting between putin and add a one. as if you mean aren't tennis news out on the back in a moment with another full round up i was watching.
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after years of war and famine a dramatic transformation is emerging. al-jazeera goes on a journey with 4 diverse ethiopians to tell inspirational stories and immerse us intimately into them honest i was forced to change the position of subsistence i was sometimes right. my ethiopian coming soon on al-jazeera. 67 words that spelled promise for one people. but
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disaster or another. the pledge to the establishment of the jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians. the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east for seeds of discord on al-jazeera. rewind returns with a new series. and brand new updates on the best of down to 0 documentary. rewind continues we have to be announced another for the president i've read about and this is the other the proudest day of my job my life that was a real turning point because that gives them a lot of confidence that they can beat any team in a shoe on al-jazeera. so
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narrow rejects an offer of international aid to fight the amazon fire as accusing richer nations of treating brazil like a colony and some of the fossils slowly brought under control concern grows over their impact on the world's atmosphere. and their entire lives is al-jazeera live from london also coming up on opposing sides in the syrian conflict now turkey and russia agreed to measures to end the fighting in the country's last rebel stronghold. sudan's military is deployed as torrential rain and floods forced thousands from their homes. and.


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