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issues passports the government issues affect your tickets so you don't have to ask be and are in a minority that has of question as to to indicate my my apartment number and provide my nationality number your regular said me so you should know of my details of already details a battery i mean if this is an exercise to further build a relation between the government and the people many people are asking what's the point behind the census when in 1909 there was a crucial one but then the results were never made public it took people many many years for some of those details to trickle down in the in the media. well 1st thing to remember that as mentioned the census is required by law every 10 years to be carved out. the important thing is also that the census information is really supposed to be simply for statistics and research purposes so that the
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government can formulate policy is can know how to unlock a look at resources it is not necessary and in fact it is forbidden by law for the government to use this to directly identify people or to directly target individuals that is actually would be completely illegal by the statistics law that could be mentioned before. i think it's also important for us to recall that there's a context here that the government itself has in previous times collected people's data and then utilize it for the proper sees that it has and it was not intended so for example in the run up 227000 elections when people being asked to register. to vote in citing cases that information was taken was combined with information a government already has about mobile phone users because of go to register your
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same kind of it only get one and then they use that to try and push up. out. people registering for the vote. in particular regions where they wanted particular candidates to win you know and even in especially in the presidential election where they thought they had strongholds they tried and pushed to push up a turnout that you get a call from your local chief you know or your. i mean your local government official to tell you you know you have introduced you know go and do to vote go and do this but then you ask how did you know i have introduced. this is not data he was supposed to have how did you get my 4 number this is not information he was supposed to hop so given this context it's quite worrying that now in the census where data supposed to be anonymised that government is insisting on collecting
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idea numbers where they can then pair up what you have said in the census with who you are as an individual and then who knows what they're going to use that information for we have an election in 3 years time there again try and manipulate these data to try and affect the result of the election we don't know if that it is meant to be anonymous it should be anonymous from the beginning don't collect data that's going to identify people so in this case that is not necessarily the kenyan national bureau of statistics said it does not require this information so why they're collecting it is quite a baathist in the mouth 3rd officer point dimmer so you see that the government no is faced with a with a balancing act the need to respect the terms of the statistics act that calls for the need to respect privacy and anonymity but at the same time the government says is has the right to conduct the survey is the government willing or can it
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maintain and implement this census with respect in the start is this law. for the 1st time the census is being conducted in a digital manner. the previous census was paper based this time they're using tablets that. of things like geotagging that with everyone's house when the after after the answer the questions saw. the government 9 years to plan for this the data protection law is in parliament it is not being fast tracked so why are we collecting digital data private private citizens yet we do not have a legal framework to protect data about 3 months ago the government rolled up another program for unique identity i mean digital i dint of identification
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all this data was collected there was no there is no protection framework so it seems like there is no law there's no gentlemen we can mess by the government to protect the rights of privacy to uphold the constitution which. means that right to privacy source so far the evidence is that the government is not willing. despite all the assurances. jonathan we're talking about a country that was marred by violence to 1007 was a clear example of the violence that erupted in the country because of the hears differences over the political landscape when you conduct a survey or a census in a country like kenny adult children the risk of further stoking that sentiment there has prevailed in the past yes the thought risk i mean i recall the previous answer got so scared of the united in 1009 and i mean it nearly sparked so violence
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and i recall the result of a source where not even released so i mean the government should have learned lessons from more this you know will help with how this. person looked rough violence in. a few years ago right so the question of thinking or disease into consideration and not just why and if it was it 1st it needed to gather all this information what it had to do and i got it early on was to educate the public i mean it like you people suggested it hurt 9 yes and on to do this i suppose so between that from then until now it had all the time and i believe order of resources and the battery to educate the people says talk to people that the next census bureau will be different from the norm we'll be collecting this this or that for you as sort of and also michaud to outweighed any doubts in the
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suspicious and or from the people from human society as much of it or make sure that the data protection act before parliament that the nation about should have been passed by now that would have given. the people some confidence and again it would have a late if you feel sort of sufficient. and know that the government was trying to get that these are this a formation and a 4 put its can election for police from its can an election purposes ok though he said not that again. in the interest or security. a michigan leone that would be just your attacks that occurred in kenya and other parts of the country goodman mistral these 2 got used to it in order to be able to plan security which is to work yes but then on the other hand it's an up or diagnosed rebel just police well if you feel truly if you suspicions you know and all of the
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half of the people. patrick if the census is generally speaking about the need to. point to that please does go ahead right 1st with regard to the mansion $0.99. it's only data about one question that was not released and that was the question around makeup of ethnic groups so how or how many people that had in the 2009 census the same question was asked on that data was released and i think it with reference to 2000 and census their walk concerns prior to the census being carried out and asking that question given that we had just come out of post-election violence in 2008 that done might have sparked some. concerns that on my sort of build up tensions that didn't happen with regard to terrorism
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and security again i really have to insist that the census data being collected is not to be used to target individuals you know it has to be anonymous by lloyd has to be anonymised so the idea that the government is collecting id numbers so that it can target a few porn whether they be suspected terrorists or not is itself illegal you know that the i mean that the act would be an illegal one this is simply so that government can know how many people are inside but people are places for the purpose of our locating resources not for the purpose of enforcing the law against them and in fact the. noise clear that. the data cannot be used for any other purpose so they cannot share aid or they're not allowed to show for example with law enforcement. forces or security forces they're not allowed to and a lot of shit with prosecutorial forces you know so i think jonathan is wrong that
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you know there is no proof reason why at least in the context of the census why government should be allowed and should go out to be hoovering up data that can allow it to specifically target individual citizens. demaris when it comes to a government that has been saying that is being coming and attacks by armed groups therefore installed the new issue of the right for people to pass on information. intelligence gathering to the government the massive surveillance platform that was put into place but then when you go to a a census why would you ask people questions that would raise no many suspicions among them. in fact when i'm most international fast to raise the alarm about why you are asking for a passport and id numbers the government. responded by saying that they wanted to
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know how many people have genuine. i.d.'s of documentation however if you look at the statistics are that is totally bogus that is the amount beat of another department of registrations it's not a mind it or they can a national bureau of statistics saw from the what their suspicions are raised and you find that it's it looks like the government has its own ideas on what it wants to do and it is not really perhaps following the law. we agree that kenya has a security challenges however the measures that we have taken already in terms of surveillance intelligence or all done within the law is enough. to do. such as terrorism jennifer this is a recurrent issue across africa i mean the the censuses and the key issue of the political ethnic and tribal divides african union has established
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a vision to 20 or 30 ways says that we need to have sensors to be able to make projections about the shifting demographics and what kind of resources we have to put in place but when you come and ask me and a quantised a question like about me own ethnic affiliation. what kind of purpose is he going to set development in a country like kenya africa before our eyes on this question let me recently gave to the other guy's response what that area what i said what i said and i just tried to play the devil's advocate and all with what i said previously about it got information to fight. the french arizona and for screech of the country i'll just play try to play the devil's advocate but the other question look trouble is i'm annoyed and candace's exists in most countries but immoral in its intent it's just more so in august and 0 and one in some countries like the others
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i make onion and. we have tribes about the uk least 12 tribes in the country but it's a guess or tribalism and ethnicity is taught as pronounced as it is an i'm sorry to see it in kenya right so i do not know how this problem of ethnicity attendances as sort of what. could be tackled but. some of this believe i'm not an economist but for disallowed offical economics such as made to know how many people you know live in reeking one week into area b. areas see a right not to. have the government and locate resources to these areas to restrict it to venture a guess but invariably a good like i said any of them might did mr b. public information campaign i see a question you know to try to to try and change the people's mindset that
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look such stuff is being not for. any differently or purpose right but to have to go bent on the good resources for example to have to go bent develop in another country effectively which sure how you start in reality more often than not in all of the. use in our more concisely sinister done and or noble patrick this is going to be my question to patrick with we know how it works in in a country like kenya where a predominant ethnic group goes to an election than strikes an alliance with the king maker and come to power it's been historic is there any concern that new findings in the new census that could change the demographics show new realities could upset the prevailing political order in kenya and this is why many many
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people anxious. don't expect that it well but again you're right in the sense that the way the data the way it is utilized and how it's manipulated does get people worried in the 2009 census there was. sort of incredible numbers being reported from particular areas of the country that were then found out to be completely untrue. and it's this sort of manipulation that is worrying and i think even in 1909 it was the same issue where the government did not like what the data said about. ethnic composition of the country so i think that yes there are people who are concerned around this mostly for me it is the politicians who might cause trouble around the numbers because they use. ethnic groups as bargaining chips and the more
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people you can claim and your i'm beat that. and the more you can claim thank you thank you very much indeed patrick. i really appreciate your contribution to the program and thank you for watching you can see the program again and its time by visiting our web site. for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for was last a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our 100 is a j inside story from a hotshot about on the whole team here by phone. and new perspectives can change a wild. for one chin is even began as a hobby has grown into a passion
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a way of life. teaching the next generation to strive for a higher level. and ensoul installing in his country a sense of freedom and strength. heights my chin is here on al-jazeera. the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crises we doe as. my grand joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have to protect our nation what has happened to the engine that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. religion this is the politics me and mark an unholy alliance on all jews. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to
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a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than 12000 structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available. new yorkers are very receptive. because it is such an international city they are very interested and that global perspective that al-jazeera provides. brazil now agrees to accept international aid to fight the amazon forest fires but insists it will decide how to use the money.
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hello michelle without is there a life and also coming out. there after 3 of his is killed in suicide attacks linked to eisele. lazio's former prime minister najib razak court accused of stealing hundreds of millions of dollars. and the end of their american dream we meet migrants forced to go home because a plan for help in mexico just isn't working. brazil now says it will accept international aid to help fight. fires ravaging the amazon as long as it can control how the money is spent president diable sonar earlier rejected an offer of $20000000.00 from g 7 nations accusing them of
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treating brazil like a colony but despite the environmental concerns the brazilian president is pushing ahead with plans to develop and farm protected indigenous reserves which is illegal under a law that has more now from port of valeo in brazil the amazon region subdivision president job also nardo says the situation is under control he sent in the army in the rainy season has arrived brazil he says will solve its own problems well look after the amazon. god willing to go there will find a solution through these fires and give such as faction to rest of the world and people who think like mr micawber should think 2 or 3 times before wanting to get out of a complicated situation like he finds himself with an enormous rejection rate in his country and wanting to damages. after meeting in brazil here with amazon state governors ball scenario even suggested there should be more developments in the
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amazon region hours later a congressional committee approved in the memo to allow commercial agriculture on indigenous reservations something that is currently prohibited. yeah sure we're winning this war with the support of you all to show what the amazon region is to show its potential and the benefits of can bring to all including our brothers dean d. and also has the support of the u.s. president with whom he has a close relationship and the shared love of tweeting. reaction in brazil to their president's handling of the crisis has been mixed in games. no one can leave completely alone no one grows alone any help is always welcome as long as its well intended. cannot be linked to any kind of submission to foreign countries. brazil must have autonomy over the amazon we cannot accept this internationalization of the amazon any further development of the amazon will be met with strong opposition
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from around the world however it's the indigenous communities who live in the forest those with the most to lose who will react the strongest but for the people who live here in the amazon region this is normal natural they burn and they will burn again next year because they believe with the backing of their political leaders that this is the best way to develop this land. also nora believes this is brazil's land to develop and resents foreign interference but the international community feels it can simply watch as the so-called lungs of the burn down which when al-jazeera. northwestern brazil where we've been speaking to day out a guy out who's director of inside institutional strategy and intelligence at arco advise the public affairs firm he explains why president bush has changed his mind about accepting aid. what changed his mind is that his position to reject some of
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these offer wasn't coordinated with other members of the brazilian government and of the brazilian state. the speaker of the house he expressed this morning that this is money that brazil needs because a few days ago president bush for not has said that there isn't enough money to more knitter and combat these fires at the amazon so although brazil is a very wealthy country the location of money is a very bureaucratic procedure and in this particular area there wasn't enough money so we had several. on coordinated responses about this help from france and from the g 7 which at the end of the day allowed president also not to make this commentary that didn't resonate well with other peers in the brazilian government i think that this is rhetoric towards the internal brazilian. public because it's obvious that the usage of this money would be determined by the brazilian
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authorities it would be impossible for any of this help to come and this for the g 7 to determine how to employ this money during the past decades and many years we had the amazonian fund which was funded by norway and germany and not in a single moment germany and norway decided how this money would be used it was always 100 percent a decision of the brazilian government on how to use so this comment is more towards the brazilian public there wants to see this demonstration of independence in the usage of money than anything else. well neighboring village here is also battling wildfires there threatening the world's largest wetlands area president ever more dollars join firefighters in santa and also to help tackle the flames about a millionaire tears have already burned with the fires doubling in size since last
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week. hamas has declared a state of alert in garza after 3 police officers were killed in 2 separate suicide attacks the 1st blast hit a police checkpoint where 2 officers died less than an hour later there was a 2nd explosion as another checkpoint killing a 3rd officer is sought the attacks were carried out by groups linked to eisele. most of these events only serve the israeli occupation which tried to stab the palestinian resistance in the back what the occupation could not achieve by launching walls on gaza not be achieved by such bombings. right now we can speak to move abu sada is a professor of political science at university he's joining us live from garza thank you for talking to us and how serious a problem is it then for the authorities of hamas groups in the guards are there to profess to be affiliated to eisele. with thank you martin for having me
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in this program of well let me start by saying that still the incident which happened last night is still under investigation and us security services have been oakland ducting severe investigation and they have rounded up hundreds of icily have in the gaza strip overnight and this morning to try to investigate who is responsible for the bombing or the suicide bombing which killed 3 members of hamas police last night most indications indicated that it's i solute was behind this. suicide bombing which killed as i mentioned to the police of officers and it seems to me that when we look further into what is happening here is that definitely these incidents or these. i think tied. to the security cooperation that is happening between hamas security services and the
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egyptian security approach this is which i have been going on for about more than 2 years now i started in june of 27th in fair the cicada to coordinate an uncooperative has taken place between us and the egyptian security services which have resulted in further tension between hamas and radical groups like isis and the other in the gaza strip and tell a small then explain if you can a bit more about why you think that it is the security cooperation with the gyptian that he's leading to more people. if spouse the affiliation to groups like i so. well if you will if you want to go back of obama right off to morsi was ousted the situation. there was tension between hamas and the egyptian or thought of these but after the election of yes in law the leader of hamas in the gaza strip hamas and the egyptians to get at the services
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signed their fist security coordination in june 27th in which has led to of further security cooperation and as a result of the hand mass was a bill to block the entrance of some of this between girls on sinai and as a result of that i believe that many salafist when i handed to the egyptian security services in egypt and also had us blocked the into of many side effects from sinai into gaza as a result of that we have seen over the past 2 years a lot of tension a lot of. bad relationship between had us on the ice india and gaza in which many some of this were rounded up over the past 2 years even we have seen incidents in which a son of his tried to explode themselves in an us members or even engine
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of our markets in gaza but generally speaking as we are seeing right now that is our high security that again live by our him wished on who is a member of how must political butyl he has been visiting egypt for the past 2 days and maybe there are a fair that understanding between us and the egyptians which i have resulted in this tension between hamas on awesome and i some in gaza even though they are small groups they are not allowed as a group here in gaza but they have tried and they are kid of been over. making hamas security or have us control over gaza a nightmare as we have seen last night look i'm abu sada thank you very much. that of the malays are where the former prime minister najib razak is in court for his 2nd corruption trial the 66 year old faces $25.00 charges including of money
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laundering is accused of using his position to steal $500000000.00 from a state investment fund via lopez had a yacht has more. malaysia's former prime minister najib razak is expected to face 5 trials this one could be the most significant it involves more than half a $1000000000.00 linked to a one m.b.d. state fund that allegedly ended up in his bank account but in this case he faces $25.00 counts of money laundering and abuse of power none of the people in charge of corruption of the all region they have been put in jail and people are waiting to see whether this government can deliver the promises they made in the last election which is the mission. and people are asking will go to jail or would this massive corruption. corruption allegations have been weighing on a g.e. bennis inner circle for years as prime minister he set up the state investment fund
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in 2009 to stimulate malaysia's economy but eventually it amassed billions and debt and now the united states and other countries are looking into alleged cross border embezzlement in 2016 a jihad was cleared of criminal activity after $10000000.00 were reportedly funneled to his personal account he denied any wrongdoing saying the funds were a donation from the saudi royal family but other charges followed. the trials are largely seen as a test on the country's political transparency malaysia's current prime minister mahathir mohamad has promised to crack down on corruption and to pursue all charges against the former leader now jeeves legal team insists the accusations are politically motivated and baseless while the political career of the former prime minister is over the focus now shifts to his fate in court. katia little this is
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a yawn al jazeera los was a common hear it out there including russia and jackie agreed to new measures in an effort to end the violence in syria's last rebel stronghold. and the heavy flooding in sudan forces thousands of people to abandon their homes. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast here across europe we're still looking at a lot of rain across much of central europe and that's going to be the big problem we've seen a lot of thunderstorms pushing across parts of italy it is still going to be an issue all the way down across the central part of the med good watching that very carefully we're going to be seeing some flooding across the area over the next you days but in terms of temperatures we do have a split situation here down here towards the southeast we're talking about
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temperatures that are still into the low thirty's for many locations all the way up here towards warsaw now remember we were talking about a heat wave situation just a few days ago but out here towards the west the temperatures are coming back down london back down to about normal for this time of year 22 degrees is the expected type paris you'll also be down into the mid to high twenty's right there for zurich it is going to be a rainy day with a tempter of $28.00 degrees where across the northern part of africa we did see a lot of activity here across parts of algiers as well as into tunisia now those with thunderstorms that push through the area we're still going to see some disturbances just off the coast winds are going to be a little bit of a problem here as well to an issue expected high here on wednesday of 34 degrees but really dropping down to 29 degrees by the time we get towards thursday and over here too it's been guys it is going to be a feeling i stay few with plenty of sun in the forecast the temperature of 30. sponsored. rewind returns with
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a new series. and brand new updates on the best about using these documentaries. to. rewind continues we have to be announced and that is the president and this is the proudest day of my job my life that was a real turning point for those that give them a lot of confidence that they can beat any team in a shoe on al-jazeera. take a look at the top stories here it is there a brazil says it will now accept international aid to help fight fires ravaging the
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amazon president diable sonata had initially rejected the offer of $20000000.00 from g 7 leaders hamas has declared a state of alert ingalls after 3 police officers were killed in 2 separate suicide attacks it's thought they were carried out by groups linked to ice on malaysia's former prime minister najib razak is in court for his 2nd of several corrupt.


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